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Oak Park Oak Leaves (Newspaper) - April 9, 1953, Oak Park, Illinois Editorials members audit Burean of circulation National editorial association 100 South Kenilworth Oak Park Illinois # <8> the Public press no less than Public office is a Public Trust leaders of tomorrow Oak Park and River Forest citizens will be eligible to vote saturday for election of Board of education members for three school districts. They Are the Oak Park and River Forest elementary school districts Oak Park River Forest consolidated High school District and school township 39, which embraces other communities also and has largely to do with allocation of school moneys. The candidates Are unopposed. They were nominated by and have the endorsement of the general a to Council. They were chosen for their competence and interest in constant improvement of educational facilities and methods. These elections will not have the popular Appeal of the recent Village township Park District elections but the Long Range implications will be of vastly greater significance. The material and economic emphasis of the last half Century gave Rise to tremendous advances in the realm of physical science. Mankind has been assured of a Richer happier and longer life if Only a Way can be found in which he can live in Amity with his fellow Man. The Law of survival demands that civilization if it is to endure find a Way to conquer the fears hatreds and distrust that have contributed to the present state of world chaos. The schools Are the Well Springs from which must come the inspiration for zealous application of the Best minds for development of a science of social organization. That science would probably give less attention to the processes of the universe and More to its purpose. The leaders of the next generation Are in the Public schools today. Never did Oak Park and River Forest in common with the rest of the nation have a greater responsibility to education in its broadest aspects than right now. The it Over letters v readers the people s editorial column opinions expressed in these columns to not necessarily constitute the opinions of the paper ii Gina of All tetters printed Are retained in our flies Only letters bearing signatures and addresses will be published. No Anonymous letters will be considered cd entity of the writer will be wit Haid if so specified. Letters should be Brief and contain not More than 300 or 400 words getting in the mood for their forthcoming Spring party amidst Spring Flowers at a. Lange Florist inc., 909 North Harlem were these members of st. Giles Guild of the Tabernacle which will sponsor its annual Spring card party and of amp Shion show May 8 at the Conrad Hilton hotel. Shown from left Are mrs. Harold a Beard 851 Linden party chairman mrs. Charles p. Urbain 1011 North Euclid grand award committee chairman mrs. Patrick j. Leen 643 North Elmwood fashion show chairman and mrs. Fred g. Factor 1007 Forest table prize chairman. The party this year will raise funds to help furnish Kitchen and dining room at st. Giles events Cale Darone foot in the door Chicago s insatiable appetite for Money and More Money to pay expenses of City administration has inspired an audacious decision. Like it or not the suburbs in one Way or another Are going to have to help foot the Bill. They Are putting it As boldly As that. One foot already is in the door. Three Chicago senators have introduced a Bill in the legislature that would permit the City to increase by one third the Price at which it Sells water to the suburbs. And that includes Oak Park. Village water Consumers now pay something Over $600,000 a year in water Bills. A one third hike would mean $200,000 More. This in spite of the fact that in August 1951, Chicago upped the Price of water to Oak Park 50 per cent. When the Chicago sanitary District was chartered by the legislature in 1889 opposition developed from the suburban area. To overcome this an agreement was written into the Bill. It provided that water be furnished to the suburbs at the lowest metered rate charged Consumers within the City of Chicago. Whether that condition is legally binding today is a matter for judicial determination if that becomes necessary. Certainly the pact is morally binding. Oak Park Consumers Are entitled to water on the same basis As Chicago users. The Issue transcends the amount of Money involved in the increased water rates. The proposal to tap residents of Oak Park River Forest and other suburbs for Money to ease Chicago s financial plight is a step toward a greater Chicago metropolitan authority the very mention of which causes the Chicago politicos to gleanings from the columns of the Community newspapers Cardinal Stritch will be Honor Rev. Armando Pierini provincial guest at a banquet april 20 Spon supervisor of the missionary a sorted by italian Catholic churches there of st. Charles under a a those and the Scalabrini league. It is direction the first unit of the pro to be held in the Conrad Hilton act was completed in 1951, re hotel and will be a Benefit for ports the Home is filled to capacity Villa Scalabrini the italian old with 96 residents and there is a people s Home in Melrose Park. Waiting list of about 100. Today thursday Park District easter and Spring Flower show in conservatory 621 Garfield open daily 8 . To 4 30 ., and until 9 Friday saturday and sunday. Continues through sunday. Quot Jenny kissed me Quot senior play presented by Blac friars Guild Fenwick High school 8 15 ., in Lowell school theatre Lake and Forest. Performances also Friday and saturday evenings. Quot the terrible two s and trusting three a Quot film shown at mental health forum 8 ., at Christ lutheran Church 1101 Sutti East. Saturday voting in school districts election in Oak Park and River Forest. Polls open noon to 7 Sunday dedicatory ceremonies for River Forest school construction projects 2 30 ., in memorial Hall Roosevelt school 7560 Oak. Or. Clark Kuebler speaker. Open House at Roosevelt Willard and Lincoln schools follows until 5 30. Lecture by Edward Mcfaul 7 30 ., at Willard memorial methodist Church. Harvard and Euclid. Sponsored by Church men s group. Showing of film Quot i beheld his glory Quot 8 ., at Christ evangelical lutheran Church Harvard and East. Tuesday Square dancing at Beye school 230 Ontario at 8 Public invited. Americanization and citizenship classes for foreign born 7 45 ., at Oak Park River Forest High school. Classes also wednesday evening. Wednesday Oak Park River Forest symphony orchestra final concert of 21st season 8t15 ., in auditorium of Oak Park River Forest High of school for mentally retarded children to the editor in response to the recent interest shown in a school for mentally retarded children May i offer the following information. There is just such a school just outside of Glen Ellyn 111., Whin is called the fhe Bonaparte school. Boys and girls from six years of age and up attend the school. They come from the various Western suburbs and Are from families of modest Means. As their teacher let me assure you that we Are trying to meet the social and academic needs of these children and have met wit a considerable Success. The need is indeed great a great Deal of help is necessary to give these children a fair Chance. Further let me add that our teen agers Are Well organized into a club that meets the first sunday of each month. For further information regarding the above phone mrs. William Weiss Gladstone 3-1681, and come out to see us in our work. Mrs. Lydia m. Brink 1123 North Lombard replies to Letteron increase in controls to the editor the following is an open letter to or. D. Davidson if you Are being satirical in your letter in Oak leaves March 26 regarding governmental controls i applaud your efforts. If you Are serious your thought is alarming. In your letter you treat the increase of control by government As an inevitable necessity of greater civilization. You also seem to think that with growth of interdependence comes passivity on the part of the civilized. Is that what civilization Means a vege Tabilisma ? yet what alarms me is that having had perception to see an element of passivity a fact so apparent in american society you can put yourself in the same category by saying with regard to controls. Quot i Don t see How we can Stop this Fie or. Davidson would you eliminate the possibility of resistance you also seem to imply that passivity should be the Correct attitude. You state in the latter part of your letter Quot. All tax supported activities Are communistic and even though Freedom Loving persons object yet the controls come and Are accepted. Even the Public schools were once denounced As communistic yet now Are accepted without question by Fie again or. Davidson. You first of All confuse the difference Between useful and harmful governmental control. You imply that everything vouched for As Quot right Quot by the government should be accepted. You further seem to feel that criticism of what is accepted Quot by All Quot is wrong. You of course must have overlooked the fact that not All accept Public education and not All accept taxes. Criticism of administration is not necessarily criticism of institution. But what is most alarming of All or. Davidson is your dangerous attitude of mind. Defeatism is the first step to Quot socialism and supposedly the Corner Stone of our system is the right to difference of opinion. You demonstrate this belief by writing your letter. Yet in it you advocate the dismissal of this belief. But or. Davidson do you think for instance inventions would be made or books written if the creators did not differ from the main current Are you not confusing Equality with standardization the import of your message of defeatism is ? cry for standardization. Is it this attitude of passivity that created this Quot great country of Ouis Quot you Overlook the fact that perhaps it is the very attitude of mind which your letter expresses that has led to greater control. If the intelligent electorate is not willing to fight for its Quot Freedom Quot it certainly will not be preserved. Nothing in this world is Ever secured easily. But one of the easiest is succumbing to comfortable vegetable Security. Audrey l. Madse Cummings Square lights not always on to the editor several years ago we who use Cummings Square fat Lake and Harlem daily were gratified when lights were installed on the pathway through this Park. However our gratification turns to disappointment so often since then As one or More of these four lights Are either out of order or unlit. Surely this is the result of carelessness or inefficiency on someone s part. At the present time april 2 Only one of these four lights is lit and it has been this Way for several weeks. One of the lights has been unlit for Over a month. We who use this pathway nightly deplore this condition and wish something could be done about it. The parking lot adjacent to this pathway also had four lights installed and these Are rarely out of order and then Only one night at a time. What a contrast As night after night we go through the Park and see the parking lot with one or two cars in it lit up and the path that so Many of us use in Semi or Complete darkness. Before the lights were installed we had a series of robberies in this Park. The lights when lit have made it comparatively Safe. We wish that these lights would be put and kept in operating condition. River forester Tomb lawmakers Abe United states Senate Paul h. Douglas. Senate office building Washington. . Everett m. Dirk sen Senate office building. Washington. . House of representatives Richard w Hoffman. House office building. Washington. . General Assembly Springfield ill for Oak Park state Senate senator William j Walsh state House of a representatives. Representatives William g. Thon. Walter j. Reum or. Stanley Hawick. General Assembly Springfield. 111. For River Forest state Senate senator. Arthur Bidwill state House of representatives representatives. Bernice t Van der Vries. Arthur Sprague. And Joseph j. Lelivelt All state senators and representatives May be addressed at Capitol building Springfield. Oak Park and River r Orest Are in the 10th congressional District Ltd. Soak Park is in the 23rd and River Forest in the 7th state it senatorial District Illinois Indk la j i a a e boy scout news.25, 51 Church news .52 collegians.18, 71 death notices.54, 55. 70 girl scout news.22 hello world.8, 14 movie news.59 our men in service.59 sidelights .16 sports .56. 58 student days.20 the Camp fire girls.12 the villagers.30. 32 weddings .39. 44 women s activities.38, 50 pm i 3

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