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Norwich Evening Sun (Newspaper) - May 15, 1970, Norwich, New York I the evening Sun Friday May 15, 1970 it Sun editorial Call to duty is Call to peace there ire so Many a a causes in today s restless society that Many Are tempted to drop everything to run to support one or More of them. Others fed up by the unrest certain a a causes cause Are ready to run for the Hills with fish pole in hand. The reaction by both groups is understandable. Neither likes much of what they see in the modern world. On the one hand you have students skipping classes or closing Down colleges altogether by strikes or workers leaving the Jot to demonstrate. On the other there Are those who spend much of their working time planning a weekend trip or annual vacation a to get away from it All. What has happened to the Call to daily duty each person has a certain function to per form. The students responsibility is to study to learn a and acquire Wisdom a so that he will develop his talents and tap All his latent abilities making him that much More valuable to society when he leaves the Campus. The professional and nonprofessional worker each has a Job to do and shirking that re. A possibility Only detracts from the world they May already be dissatisfied with. Of americans can renew the traditional spirit of doing an honest Days work of doing ones daily duty we feel that much of the impatience much of the unrest in modern times would be healed. Peace is not wrought by trading textbooks for picket signs nor a Tim clock for a score. Card. The Way to real peace is for each to do the Job he is assigned to do and do it Well. Puce must Start at Home before it can come to a Distant Battlefield. By each of us doing his Job and doing it Well Are Are already putting our nation on the Road to peace. Thanks for the moral support and the life Saver would be helpful also Quot 1hud4y i 1> in Norwic Hites attending College ask support for student strikes by Elizabeth Thorton hour a Kuco leg and Andrea Foster and Anne Blaisdell both of South col Togo we Are students at two Western Massachusetts colleges Smth and i. Holyoke which joined the National student strike on May 5. We Are writing to the evening Sun to explain the reasons for this strike and to ask for your support. During the past month there has been an increase in Domestic repression of minority groups and in United states intervention in Southeast Asia. We Are shocked at the expansion of the War into Cambodia and at the arbitrary pow. A of our president to order this movement without consulting his advisors Congress or the american people. We Are appalled and frightened by the in. Creasing political repression of dissenting voices within the country and the growing list of congressional Bills aimed at curbing the civil liberties of americans. The president is elected by the people and should be willing to listen and respond to their desires. As concerned americans we feel that these actions threaten the democratic principles and institutions at our country. This situation demands our immediate attention. This nation wide student strike la not a negative protest against education and democracy but rather it is a positive move for Justice and Freedom. On our campuses it is a constructive nonviolent Effort on the pert of both student and faculty to charge National policy through the established channels of communication. We Are educating ourselves on our present political situation through discussions workshops and seminars. Most importantly we Are using this Educa. Ton in our letter writing canvassing and lobby. Tog to More effectively present our views to our parents friends and legislators. Far from a disrupting the academic com. In Unity a the strike has opened and United the Community in an Effort for peace. It is sad that Only the violence like that at Kent state makes the news. This Over representation of violent protest distorts the truth. Our campuses Are typical of most of the striking american colleges where the strike Means constructive action and above All eduction. Though Many students have been losing Faith in the ability of our political system to answer citizen demands they Are presently trying very hard to work through this system. We feel that the limitation of Freedom for minority groups and the escalation of the War Are setting our country on a disastrous course. As americans we want to Stop this. We students do not want this to remain a student movement. We want your help. We implore you to look around yourselves and recognize the critical state of our country Ippich prompted this Spiker whether or not you agree with out stand of these issues we ask you to Lee our actions not As revolutionary but 1 As part Motif. American youth is trying to re affirm its Faith in the democratic ideals of our country. We need your help if this is to be accomplished. Death comes to a Glenn Lake re i was born a Over a year a go a on feb. 15, 1969. Time marches on and Progress and change must come about. Many people never heard of Pratt Road and How much easier it is for them to locate Glenn Lake when the town Board erects a sign Reading Glenn Lake Road. The people who through hard. Ship and vision were directed towards the creation of Glenn Lake have been the oldest inhabitants of this Road a Way Back to 1950. They did not dig a mud Ole As stated by Leo Marvin but a Beautiful clean Lake. Just imagine a it has 22 acres of pure clean a Ter. Not one motor boat has touched its Waters. There Are Rainbow Trout in there As big As 18 or 20 inches now a Glen Lake recreational area of 350 acres has always been open to the Public on a seasonal membership basis. The Phetteplace Golden marvins the Pratt Reader Sall know this even though their let. Ter stated that a the Loc Ai rest. Dents do not really know whether this is a resort since they have never been encouraged to look in to whatever facilities May be the new Pavilion that was erected will be finished off this year and will have a Kitchen and bathroom facilities. The swimming Here is so clean and located so that it warms up nicely after Only two hot Days. Every cottage renter is so pleased with this place and the peace and Lack of population it offers. Way Back in 1963, the sentels named this Lake in Honor of col. John h. Glenn or. He has been a Pioneer in space a going out into orbit for the first time a quotes you can t live with that tension and the Federal aviation authority mini mum standards leave also a lately no margin for error mechanical or human that s what the issues Are in this walkout. Not Money. In William Koehler of Detroit a former air traffic controller who quit after a near occident in midair a caused him to pass out. I this has a powerful effect Ion the Borders of Many a countries and acts As a sort of diplomatic visa a Orson Welles noted actor commenting that there a no Law against filling in president Nixon a name on your passport where it asks whom to notify in Case of death or Accident you be got 18 hours left. Go out there and kill some Charley a col. Paul brat. A regimental commander in the United states army a first infantry division to his battalion commanders on their last Day in the Field before withdrawal from Vietnam and now we have sent several men to step on the surface of the Moon. We Here at Glenn Lake have been pioneers of the land a creating a 22 acre Lake out of a Ravine and pastureland a named the first in the state of new York to be granted funds for such purposes. Glenn Lake has even been men. Toned in a Book entitled, i listened to your heartbeat by the John Glenn correspondence of 1962.63. In there will be found parts of the semis latter to col. John Glenn asking him for permission to name this Lake in Honor of him. And now a the minority few on this Road deemed and press used the town Board to create my death a when they should feel proud and honoured to be Given the Opportunity of living on a Road named in Honor of our first Pioneer into space. A the Glenn lakers Berry a world by Hal Boyle new York apr husbandry remarks that wives get tired of bearing a yes i Beard every word you said. The trouble is that ave heard them All 10,000 times a nagging will get you a Well Bow can i take you out when you say you have absolutely nothing to Wear a this meal looks awful familiar. Did no to you Cook it before i done to mind Ordinary leftovers by i done to like leftover leftover a if you wanted to live like a Rich woman Why Dikki t you marry a Rich Man a a you pick up after the cell Amsso we a do you Boller so Mac web a Boot tricking up Ager me a a what on gods Green Edith do women know about politics anyway they never vote for the Man they vote for or against his a How Many times have i told you not to phone me at the office unless ifs a real emergency i done to feel that the fact you be just found your first Gray hair is that kind of an a what if Junior does t want to go to College maybe he can become a plumber or a television repair Man and keep us All in a you run the borne Pii run the office. A lower your voice Bert. Here comes my Battle a and she s got ears like three microphones. A go on a second honeymoon Are you out of your mind do you know what our first honeymoon Cost and what did we really get oat of it a i would t mind of your Mother just visited As now and then but does she have to try and haunt our House on a per Man ant basis Why Don t you just invite her for next halloween a All right now that ave got a firm grip on my Martini Calm 9 i the evening Sun established March 16, 1891 Public and monday Friday by the to Sun mc., a Ltd a1 x fica of 7 aaa., Harwich . Vijh 5 phone 334-3276. Ithe j alter a Moo j. Mcmahan a Blihar and Ganral manager Jasaph Quinn Monona b. Cha a managing Ditar Shirlay 0 Crandall two ingot Lay most a $ Cantar Adaar timing manager Nonon Brandon pro a Mongo _ due to on Mon opa r. J represented neti poely by the Julies Mathew. Special Agency k second class fasten at Harwick h y. 13815 i q h7c or no. La Quot do you think it would look too con Terr at Ive to change our hiring practice so Thot people who Bove never been to College get preference once in lifetime Down and Tell my what happened. Did one of the kids lose a front tooth or the car have Kittens in the Shower. A ii i ran my Job the Way you do this House the whole family would be in a breadline by the end of the a Okay of you have to get it off your Chest get it off your Chest. But when you finally run out of breath let me remind you of one thing there Are Laws now about creating noise a pm not knocking marriage but looking Back All in All i had even More fun in the soviets tighten grip in Mideast by Leon Dennen United nations. N y. According to Secretary general u Thant. Russia s Delegate at the United nations formally denied to him that soviet pilots were engaged in combat fighting in the Middle East. Thant who frequently gives Moscow the Benefit of the doubt did not indicate whether he was convinced by ambassador Malik but some u n diplomats recalled that in october. 1962. Soviet foreign minister Gromyko spent two hours in the White House assuring president Kennedy that there were no russian offensive missiles in Cuba. The missile crisis a is now history nine Days after Gromyko a denials. Premier Nikita Khrushchev because of Kennedy s bold diplomacy was forced to withdraw his missiles from Cuba he subsequently lost his Job As a result of his a adventurous polity Quot now it is Khrushchev successor. Communist Boss a come Brezhnev who is promoting an adventurous policy in the Middle East despite Moscow s official denials there is evidence that soviet pilots Are flying operational missions Over Egypt there have been no reports so far that the pilots have made any offensive Contact with israeli airmen but u s. Military intelligence has confirmed their presence even in the Suez canal area independently of israelis disclosures Why is Brezhnev risking a major confrontation in an area that is v Tal not Only to the United states but to the entire Western Alliance even for Moscow this is an unprecedented adventure. It is the first time since Lenin s bolsheviks seized Power in 1917 that russians Are engaged directly in military operations beyond the Borders of their immediate sphere of influence in East Europe and the far East in the View of some specialists on Russia the dispatch of soviet pilots to the Middle East is an Extension of Brezhnev a doctrine of limited sovereignty a for communist states. This doctrine first gained prominence in 1968 when the Kremlin leaders tried to justify their military invasion of Czechoslovakia it proclaimed their right to intervene with armed Force in any socialist country ostensibly threatened by imperialism Egypt it is now Clear is regarded by the russians As such a socialist country they consider president Nasser As the key Arab Leader in their design to dominate the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Moscow thus had to intervene More effectively or admit that it was unwilling or unable to protect its egyptian client from Israel another egyptian defeat would have meant the total collapse of Russia s position in the Middle East but the Kremlin s marxist Leninist Are believed to be playing their usual double game their immediate aim is to bolster Nasser a shaky regime. At the same time. They seek to restrain Nasser s enemies among the younger officers and terrorists from plunging Egypt into a new full scale War with Israel this moderate a policy is no Surprise to those versed in communist strategy from Lenin to this Day. Undermining of existing systems and subversion rather than War has let Een regarded by communists As the most effective prelude to the seizure of Power thus As East european diplomats see it although the situation in the Middle East is explosive a the prospects for some diplomatic negotiations Are not yet hopeless Brezhnev s inept foreign policy and Domestic economic failures Are increasingly attacked by his opponents in the Kremlin and in the red army the escalation of the soviet cheese War of nerves in the far East might yet induce the russians to reduce their presence in the Middle East and agree to a negotiated set the intent no doubt the intervention of soviet pilots in the Arab israeli conflict has changed the balance of Power in the entire Mediterranean area this is a problem president Nixon and his advisers Are now evaluating Nixon is always in a position to restore the strategic balance by speeding up the Sale of phantom jets to Israel. Carroll right or s Horoscope for tomorrow general tendencies considerable confusion exists until noon. The Best course for you to pursue would be to make no decisions until after that tune but study All phases of any plan of interest to you. However the afternoon is splendid for using your Good judgment and finding answers to your questions Aries i mar 21 to apr. 19 if you get into new interests in the morning you can then Rush through routine work and get it done fast too. Your co workers Are not in the right mood for new ideas from you. Wait for a better time. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 done to try to mix business with pleasure this morning. Keep Busy with the practical and then tonight you have a delightful time at recreation. Some expert does not give the proper help Early but later he comes through gemini May 21 to june 21 you have to be tactful in order to get More understanding from others especially at Home get into fundamental matters Early. Be As pleasant As you can with Kin in the evening. Moon children june 22 to july 21 morning hours Are Fine for shopping and keeping important appointments. Later go out to recreations you like with congenial. Please friends. Get the information you need later in the Day. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 be careful you do not invest in some crazy scheme that could Cost you heavily. Be More concerned with the sane and practical. Rely on advisers. Plea them and ail is Fine for you. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 a your own Good ideas instead of relying on Tho of Kin who Are not thinking very clearly. Do whatever will improve your health. Be your most charming of socially this evening. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 being thoughtful of others is most important today especially with persons who Are ill or unable to go out. Get Busy at routine chores that make your Home More charming and neat. Be Happy with mate. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 get routine work done without expending too much Energy in the morning so that you Are at your Best this evening at some social event. Show that you Are a courteous person. Make right contacts. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 the morning should be spent Clearing up Bills. Then out with bigwigs to Start an uptrend in your future. One in particular could be most helpful to you. Avoid the social tonight and study instead. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan 20 anything you do to gain the favors of Tho out of town is Fine now so think carefully and then carry through. You get Fine ideas for advancement after lunch. Be More Nous in social life this evening. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 you hardly know what to do since a Friend gives you one kind of advice and Kin just the opposite. Listen to what a prominent person has to say and All is Fine. Do More Modem thinking. Pisces feb. 20 to mar 20 plan the future More intelligently and a talents you did not know you Poss a make big strides Forward. Some person you know who is an expert can give you excellent advice now. Be Clever and follow it. If your child is born today. He or she will know intuitively what is the Best Cour to follow and will avoid the wrong one. Your child can be of great help to the Public in general since there is a great humanitarian nature Here. The Field of investigation Laboratory work etc., is Fine. College work May be necessary Here for Fine results give Fine ethical training a the stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you �octori8 mailbag heat gentle Massage help in osteoarthritis by Wayne g. Bran St Adt my. A a according to my a Ray report i have a congenital Lumbar nation of my Lumb sacral joint. What does this mean is it related to Spina Bifid a a a in Lumbar nation the first segment of the sacrum a normally one solid one is not fused to the second segment. This is an oddity not a disease it is not related to Spina Bifid. A a what is cervical Spondyl Osis is there any cure for it a this is a degeneration of the disk Between the vertebrae of the neck a form of osteoarthritis. It is usually an accompaniment of aging although there is no cure the application of heat and gentle Massage Are helpful he neck should not be moved forcibly. If the pain is severe and persistent it May be necessary to Wear a Brace qui am terrified of bees. A Man in the next Block has a Bee farm so there Are always lots of bees around. How can i protect myself when i go out a bees w ill not bother you if you done to bother them unless you Are wearing perfume or scented cosmetics or a flowery printed dress Plain Light colors will not attract them if you have previously been stung you May be sensitive to Bee venom so. To be on the Safe Side you should have your doctor give you desensitizing shots a a last fall i was stung on the Arm by a Wasp. The severe aching lasted for two or three Days but a Dull aching has persisted what do you advise a although the pain of a Wasp sting is severe it should not last More than a couple of Days. Some other cause for your present pain should be sought. Qui have Beard that Tak ing Vitamin b will keep mosquitoes from biting. Is Thi True a very doubtful but mosquitoes prefer skin that a a temperature Over 90 de Grees that is Why Sony persons appear to be in mime to their bites thei skin temperature hovers by tween 87 and 89 degree mosquitoes also prefer to bit persons with alcohol in thei blood probably because Thi increases the skin temper Ture heavy breathing Alf attracts them they show preference for Black Dai red and dark Blue and Ter to avoid White yellow a Light Green fabrics. A got repellent for external use Deeth. Photo Muj your Quai on i it comments to Vav of a g Blankiet to in Cor of thit to Par i or bronc Stout cannot Ontwon it Oduol totters to will Ontwon lot of toners interest in Mare Colon Quick quiz a a How Many stars were in the Flag that flew Over it Mchenry when the National Anthem was written a the Flag preserved in the smithsonian institution Washington do. Has 15 stars Tor the original 13 states plus Kentucky and Vermont. Quin what language Are the dead sea scrolls written a in addition to the testament books Watt i hebrew they also my parts of some books of apocrypha written in i Maic and greek a a when did Colun first set fool on the n american Mainland a in 1502, when he Lar in Honduras the Lan took place on his fourth last trip to the new wort

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