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Norwich Evening Sun (Newspaper) - August 13, 1962, Norwich, New York 2 the evening Sun monday August 13, 1962 yes a it s taxpayers Money it has been suggested and rightly so that the people be educated to better understand where the Money comes from when the term a Federal funds is used in any government supported project. One of the Points made is that when we write or talk about government spending we use the phrase a a taxpayers Money rather than a Federal it is unfortunate but True that there is a need to emphasize this distinction. Numbers of people seemingly do not relate government Money to the Money that is taken from them through taxation. Consciously or not they assume that government has some other and magical Means of obtaining funds. Government whether it be local county state or Federal does to earn Money and it does to create wealth. It Isnit supposed to. Government can spend Only what it first seizes from the people a and this includes the As yet unborn taxpayers who will be paying the Bills of the past for Ages to come. So a done to just think of Federal funds. Think of taxpayers Money a your Money when you read or hear about the next big Federal supported project. These Days Hal Boyle the Poorman ? philosopher new York apr things a columnist might never know if he did to open his mail some 22 million americans have Teeth except those put in by dentists. This includes two thirds of those Over 75 years of age. Here a a Little known historical fact president Abe Lincoln paid s750 for a substitute. John Summerfield Staples of Stroudsburg pa., to take his place in the army duping the civil War. Many draft free or disabled patriots made this gesture to emphasize their support of the Union cause there when needed a lifeguard looks like he a got an easy Job. By he makes an average of three rescues during the swim season. Tip to cafeteria patrons or. Carlton Fredericks nutritionist advises you to eat Early. He says the prolonged heat of steam tables can Rob foods of from 60 to 80 per cent of their vitamins. Nicotine news production of chewing tobacco has fallen off sharply but snuff is As much in demand As it was to years ago. Did time wonder remedies to cure chapped lips according to Early american Backwoods lore. You kissed the third rail of a five rail Fen. Our quotable notables a the average child is brought up to be Happy that a it successful Happy a and on Monroe. It was hard work for grandma to boil the weekly Wash but . Department of agriculture tests indicate her method probably got rid of More harmful bacteria than today a washing machines do. Hie Price of tension about 49,-000 americans Are away from their jobs each Day because of ulcers. Pet lore among dogs just As with mosquitoes the female is deadlier than the male. A Survey showed that lady dogs bite people Good be Good for 50 per cent More often than do male dogs. Worth remembering a a crime has the strongest Union in the world. But its members dues attend few meetings carry cards and Are automatically retired if they Are caught sometimes originality does to . A girl showed up for a bathing suit contest at the Westhampton Bath and Tennis club in a frogman a suit. She did twin. The Sweet smell from Money americans now spend $200 million annually on antiperspirants and deodorants. Prosperity note a private investigator estimates that 250.000 . Husbands Are leading a double life. Wisecrack of the week a a its the smooth character who usually gives a girl a rough Homolka. Who is the worlds greatest land owner Uncle Sam it was recently estimated the Federal government owned 769 million acres including 360 million acres in 109 other countries valued at nearly $72 billion. How Long does it take you to shop in a supermarket the average family shopper spends 27 minutes. Help wanted new York City is the place for you if you re a Barber Silversmith costume jewelry expert or Diamond worker. There a a labor shortage Here in these trades. Nature notes an octopus is a Sissy it actually turns Pale at the approach of an intruder bigger than itself. A Polar Bear can sniff a Seal a mile away. The australian Kiwi never takes a drink of water in its life. It was Henry David Thoreau who advised a be not simply lest we forget Cuba in the welter of nationalism with a Hundred nations or More demanding attention Castro scuba seems to have been forgotten. This is a communist base in the Western hemisphere from which Fidel Castro and his associates Are trying to develop Caribbean Lake designed to damage the United states. There can be question As to Castro a purpose. As far Back As october 1961, a joint statement issued by Liu Shao Chi chairman of the chinese people s Republic and Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado president of the Republic of Cuba included the statement a the two parties noted with great pleasure that the strength of the socialist Camp has increased rapidly and is becoming the decisive Factor in the cause of defending world peace and human Progress that the revolutionary struggles of the oppressed nations and Peoples of the world have become an irresistible torrent which is sweeping away the sys terns of imperialism and colonialism and that the process of the disintegration and decline of imperialism is accelerating. The world situation is becoming More and More favourable to the cause of the people of the world who Are striving for peace democracy National liberation and socialism and More and More disadvantageous to imperialism and All the further the statement said a both parties agreed that the policies of aggression and imperialism and especially of u. S. Imperialism Are the chief factors threatening world peace and causing International tension. U. S. Imperialism is the most vicious enemy of the people of the whole world. To carry out aggression and expansion abroad it has organized aggressive military blocs such As nato Seato and Cento signed bilateral or multilateral aggressive military agreements and established its aggressive military bases on the territories of Many countries. It has further used the so called Berlin crisis As a pretext to step up its arms expansion and War preparations and aggravate International tension. All this requires that the peace Loving countries and people of the whole world maintain constant in a word the enemy of peace and Progress is the United states. Everything this country has done or is doing is wrong. Castro joins the worry clinic by George Sokolsky with the enemies of the United states to denounce this country. The surprising fact is that there Are still americans who believe that Castro might not have been a communist had the United states been More Friendly to him. This is disproved by the record. Even More in this joint statement with the red chinese appears this paragraph a the two parties exchanged opinions on the present situation in latin America and were agreed that the great Victory of the cuban revolution has set a Brilliant example for the other latin american Peoples that the struggles of the United latin american Peoples in defense of National Independence and for democracy and Freedom Are developing on a wide scale and intensively and that u. S. Domination in latin America has begun to collapse. However the United states of America will never give up its colonialist policy of controlling and enslaving latin America. The Kennedy administration is stepping up its machinations to isolate Cuba and strangle the cuban revolution and to suppress and wreck the National and democratic movements of the latin american Peoples. The two parties noted with satisfaction that in order to combat their common enemy u. S. Imperialism the latin american Peoples Are strengthening their Solidarity and Mutual support More and there it is a the enemy a. S. Imperialism it is astonishing that All the United states has done for China and Cuba is forgotten in this misery of intensive a grocery list answer to previous Puttie Ira across i seasoning 5 food fish a ice Cream drink 9 hebrew measure to masculine nickname la dry 19 Young cats 21 place 23 tidy 25 drive Down 26 bread spread in move furtively 27 ventilated 20 wished 28 food re8imc 22 food Container it Quot a i sir of 31 skin disorder 32 observes 12 above 13 exist 14 general Bradley 15 Cornbread 16 butter serving 17 biblical name out our Way by j. R. William 24 kind of Salmon 25 browned 29 membrane 33 or. Baba 34 uttered 36 hurry 37 French seas 39 title 41 chemical suffix 42 mails 44 fencing thrusts 46 kind of roast 48 vegetable 49 holds together 52 giant 57 tropical Plant 58 greek letter 60 Zero 61 Coin receptacle 62 mythical Bird 63 sea Eagle 64 millinery 65 still 66 act Down 1 pacifiers 2 shakespearean River 3 unas pirated 4 special foods 5 bottle lid 6 southward 7 restrain 8 firmer 43 knights title 45 precipitated 47 Small fruit 49 ready Money 35 Coffee grind 38 thoroughfares 50 wine Jar 40 encounter 51 owl s cry 52 Oxford 54 ripped 55 British Princess 56 require 59 month a i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 hh20 ii Chi 23 �24 25 26 ii 28 a 30 31 32 33 34 35 37 39 41 42 45 46 46 49 50 is 63 54 it 66 6? w 66 61 62 63 a 66 66 >13 newspaper Enterprise Assn. Lesson in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say a either of these three packages will be a a either Means one of two. Therefore say a any of these three to onanism overlaid by the bitter j packages will be Ness of marxism. We who a few often mispronounced years ago were the Friend Are macabre. Pronounce Mah Kaw bar now the enemy and we Are a rated enemy. Let us not fool ourselves that is our present status both red China and Cuba. Those who have tried to sell us something else have been belied by the Castro cubans and red chinese. For the United states communism must be regarded As principally an external question As accent on second syllable. Often misspelled epitaph inscription on a Monument. Epithet a descriptive name. Synonyms renounce reject abjure disclaim disown forgo disavow deny quit resign abandon recant relinquish repudiate. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by a Factor in the cold War As per j mastering one word each Day. To haps the most vital instrument Days word vitiate to con Tam of the cold spoil corrupt. Pronounce it is essential that our minds be1 Vish i Ait accent first syllable devoted to those communist de j a the sewer Gas vitiated the Velo ments outside the United a states which affect us. Among them Cuba is outstanding. It i if Vou Are 65 or older apply for would be a National error to for-1 so Cial Security benefits now. If get what harm Fidel Castro has do Lay applying you could lose done to the United states. You can fix it by Gene von whatnot shelves Here is a simple plywood and Dowel Assembly for making some very attractive whatnot shelves or room Corners. Two three or More plywood shelves Are Cut at the same time to insure identical size and shape. Drill the aligning holes while the shelves Are clamped together and when assembling glue and Brad each shelf to the dowels As illustrated. Ordinarily v4-Inch plywood and dowels can be used if the shelves Are to hold Small Bric a Brac but for larger objects use correspondingly heavier Stock. Some benefits. Brainy believers hit Moscow ii a deploring the trend a soviet publication says that Many professional people in Russia Are not Only baptized christians but a openly practice religion. The periodical science and religion adds regretfully that a University diploma is a guarantee of the atheism of its a of i agree this is just the thing to meet a Man in. Now lets see something to meet his family in a by or. George w. Crane ph.d., . Alley top by v. T. Hamlin Donna is the Type of girl that our lives As Young people often most men look for when they seek confess. My a wife. And those who pick the other Type soon come to us marriage Counselor for help in preventing unfaithfulness and divorce. For selecting a wife is More important than picking a Job or a j business in which you invest your total savings looking backward to years ago 20 years ago ten years ago new York state crime probe has Cost $800,000 and it s not Over. Government announces Southern Ohio site for new billion Dollar atom bomb fuel Plant. Senate investigators reveal communist attempt to infiltrate boy scouts. Nixon invades Home town of Stevenson Calls him captive. United states marines beat Back second red attack on Bunker Hill in Western Korea. Lou the toe Groza Cleveland Brown Star to appear in Syracuse Benefit game on september 6 communists attempt to throw Iron curtain around Colgate glee club in Austria. Norwich common Council asks weeds be Cut to help a Hay fever sufferers. More than 50 kiwanis league baseball players have dinner a on the House last night at annual league banquet at Canasa Acta country club. Common Council members to study copies of Resolution to float $15,000 Bond Issue for Purchase of new Aerial truck for fire department. St. Louis cardinals slate tryout dates at Oneida Field. Twenty years ago heavy damage inflicted on three Axis War ships by americans huge bombers. State Chambers of Commerce join National association of manufacturers in urging sales tax. All girl Candy makers to be Given War Plant jobs. Dispute Over steel wages taken up by War labor Board governor Lehman orders Check of Saratoga gambling. Secretary Stimson announces Complete reorganization of Public relations agencies of army and War department the ambassador wins hambletonian. Rationing of fuel Oil May be ordered in Eastern . Any Day. Petitions circulated Here to use Cannon and shot on West Side Park in War Effort. Harry Adams named acting town superintendent of highways for Oxford. Coast guard submerges Navy Cage team 39-25 in playground basketball league. Farm Bureau says menace of japanese Beetle increasing in City of Norwich. Scintilla workers at Sidney to form travel systems. Two hour parking limit adopted on East main Street. I a vying Suni Only Pally Chwmin cd car newspaper member of associated press nub York state publishers Fork associated dailies a Creed at the to toffees at Ito Rikli nyx to second Elan a mall aul tier _ March 16, 1801 published daily except Leidal holidays and sundays the Norwich publishing company inc. Owner and publisher Ronald tarwaters. I. I editor and the address of the officers or company managing editor is the company s office Spany a a a of Norwich . A a of of business. 7 i cos Wanna ave., Norwich. N y. Telephone a. Business office. 324-3276 editorial office. 334-6631 subscriptions 5�iven cent8 per copy. By Carrier 42 cents a week $21 yearly. By mail 11.25 per month $7.00 for 6 months $12.00 per year strictly in Advance. National advertising the Julius Mathews special Agency National advertising representatives monday. August 13, 1962 Case m-491 Donna n., aged 20, is a University senior. Recently mrs. Crane and i were Riding on a train which was so crowded we did to get seats together. So mrs. Crane sat Down beside Donna and got acquainted. At the next Stop scores of passengers got off so mrs. Crane and i then got a double seat. A did you notice that coed sitting beside me a mrs. Crane asked. A yes Why a i replied. A Well take another look at her a suggested my wife. A do you think our younger boys might be interested a so i surveyed Donna More critically. She was a very attractive looking girl. A she does to smoke a mrs. Crane began. A and she does to have stained fingernails. A besides she is the oldest of 5 children and the other four Are Brothers so she should be Able to stand the horseplay and teasing of boys. A she is also a Church member. And does to use Slang. She is Friendly too and a College senior. What do you think a Well i told mrs. Crane to wait till the girl got off so i could size her up As to height general physical build Etc. When Donna left the train mrs. Crane was also impressed by the fact that her brother met her who is a student at a different College. A and he is an attractive looking boy a mrs. Crane added As she surveyed them through the train window. A the looks much like her and seems pleased to see his sister so the family must be a congenial Happy one done to you think a Well i told mrs. Crane i would be glad for one of our younger boys to meet her if we could figure out a Way to set up the Date. That a one of the serious problems parents face for whenever they show initial fondness for a prospective mate for their son or daughter the latter usually veers off. This is possibly due to the natural dislike of having adults a run so we parents must lean Over backwards and almost act indifferent if not actually hostile to get our children to show a romantic interest in a Young person whom we adults deem a a suitable. From mrs. Cranes comments you readers can guess the Type of girl she figures our sons would prefer. Such a girl must be Spunky and have enough Independence to resist the sheep like or a a Herd behaviour of a lot of american youth. Smokers Are sheep like so obviously a girl who uses Cigar ets get a second glance from either our sons or mrs. Crane and me. Nor would an excessively Slang liquor Swilling affected or irreligious girl. Tomorrow ill discuss in More detail the ways modern coeds ruin their chances for Romance usually unknowingly. For most of the errors of women both before As Well As after marriage Are due to ignorance of male psychology. Things like liquor profanity or excessive Slang undue Mascara and heavy make up plus bloody fingernails usually cause girls to be written off As unsuitable by the usual smart Young Man. Always write to or. Crane in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long 4c stamped addressed envelope and 20c to cover typing and printing costs when you Send for one of his booklets copyright by the Hopkins Syndicate inc freckles and his friends by Merrill Blosser i Pont like cards attitude when he leaps cer. Priscilla s pop by Al Vermeer a barbs by Hal Cochran i Auto mechanics make things run smoother by using plenty of Elbow grease. % in a cafe in the South to a room where business men can take a Nap after lunch. We take ours while waiting for service. And Here s a ran uncut aclae s eaten non a is Captain easy by Leslie Turner some dads take a youngster apr grab a Nursery rhyme Book and read themselves to sleep. A Why do people think that Strong words will help a weak argument

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