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Northwest Florida Daily News Newspaper Archives May 25 2015, Page 2

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Fort Walton Beach Northwest Florida Daily News (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Page a2 daily news monday May 25, 2015 news of t Timothy Bontrager ult Aas Adatan Prats Sarasota mkt burglar Brocks into boost als asleep on Cooch police i Sarasota Haw arrested a Man they say broke into a Home then fell asleep on the Couch. Timothy Bontrager. 29, was arrested saturday morning plaice said the resident woke up and found Bontrager sleeping on her thing room Couch when she asked Bontrager what he was doing in her House he apologized and left after she told him she was calling police officials said the resident told them Bontrager entered through an unlocked sliding Glass door in the Hack of the Bouse. The resident thai noticed her Wallet Drivers License credit and debit cards As Well As checks were missing from the table in the living room Bontrager was arrested a Short time later. Its unclear if he has a lawyer Hartland township s cow costume rustled As employee uses bathroom a Michigan restaurant says a cow costume it uses to boost business was snatched after a worker left the two piece outfit outside a Gas station while using the bathroom the Black and White suit which some employees affectionately refer to As a my disappeared last weekend the costume has been used by Black Rock bar amp Grill since it opened several years ago an employee dons the suit a few times a week and stands outside to help promote the restaurant s specials. The cow also makes appearances at Community events restaurant manager Kristy Kessler says its the second time the suites been rustled new Yor squatters evicted 40.000 bees removed rom nyc Home it Wasny to a monster making a ruckus under the floor of a new Bra City bedroom but it was still a by scary an expert called to find the source of a loud. Buzzing noise found about 40.000 bees in a Queens Home retired nah detective Anthony Pia nauts known As Tony bees was the Man for the Mission. It took him More than two hours to extract the unwanted residents on monday night Honey dripped Oft the massive honeycomb As it was putted piecemeal from beneath skiing and plywood the Colony is getting a new residence upstate police personnel approach an Sun with a Large stuffed Tiger on its roof in Camas Wash. The sight of it lashed to the top of the Sun cruising around a Southwest Washington Lake was enough to generate a 911 Call from someone who apparently thought it was real. Cat Call Large stuffed Tiger atop suy generates 911 Call Camas Wash. Apr the sight of a stuffed Tiger a a very Large stuffed Tiger a lashed to the top of an Sun cruising around a Southwest Washington Lake was enough to generate a 911 Call from someone who apparently thought it was real. Connor Zuvich Saki he was by Lacamas Lake in Camas on monday with some friends when a truck came by and dumped some trash and the giant Tiger. Zuvich tied it to the top of his vehicle then he and his friends started cruising around the Lake in the enhanced suy officer Henry Scott was sent to investigate the Tiger 911 Call described by Camas police As an a animal the 19-year-old Zuvich said he and the officer traded jokes and photos then parted ways other Drivers also got the joke honking and giving him a thumbs up sign. As Zuvich said a the thing looked really acts try out for by subway spots in new York apr ifs a rite of Spring performers auditioning for the privilege of doing their thing in Grubby noisy subway stations. Seventy showed up tuesday at grand Central terminal vying for permission to set up their underground acts for tips. They appeared before a jury of musicians and transit employees in the elegant Vanderbilt Hall above the train tracks. This years Motley musical Crew from countries around the world soon will find out who won the right to be part of the music under new York program run by the metropolitan transportation authority which operates the nation s biggest mass transit system a i always dreamed of arriving in new York City Quot said Oliver Dagum a philippine bom uj5. Air Force sergeant stationed in new Jersey who left the military last week. A i always believed that there a something Between me and the City. Its amazing. Its grandiose. I feel he said playing in the subway system is a gauge of How Good he is. A if you re Able to convince one or two Rushing people to take the time to listen to you that s the biggest acknowledgement. Orlando Disney world tells riders to Stop using Selfie Sticks Disney world is looking to crack Down Ai guests who use Selfie Sticks on rides at the Park. A spokesman said monday guests can bring Selfie Sticks on the rides but must securely store them. Disney policy forbids visitors from using the Sticks which can be used to extend cameras out up to 3 feet one ride. Thunder Mountain has had a number of incidents in which the ride had to be stopped because of Selfie Stiek use on Friday Disney world workers posted a a no Selfie Sticks Quot sign at the magic kingdoms Thunder Mountain Railroad. Potential subway Musit tan Jacinta Crusellas a Tel Pajaro Azul Quot or Bluebird warms up before auditioning for judges in grand Central terminal s Vanderbilt Hall in new York. He Saki Dagum switched his military uniform for a Woolen Cap and guitar at grand Central a Long Way from the battlefields of Ink and Afghanistan where he once served. He Sang a Mellow a sunday morning Quot by Maroon 5 drummer Louis Conselatore an Ivy league Law school graduate who worked As an ordained unitarian minister played his five minute stint with two other musicians who Call themselves the Viva Allenato bad ass accordion band. A it Avo of us Are italians one of us is puerto rican and we re All from new Jersey and we fell in love with colombian Musk Quot said Phil a Felipe Quot Passantino. The accordionist. A it has a rhythm that a very infectious and makes people dance and laugh its a peasants music poor Peoples music that Springs from the three Hundred performers entered the music under new York contest months ago to even be selected for tuesdays live six hour contest. The jury picks about two dozen winners who la Rake in up to hundreds of dollars a Day when they re dispersed at subway spots around the City. Its illegal for unapproved artists to perform in the subway system. Traverse City in scuba gear gets warning after causing restaurant stir police say a belligerent Man dressed in scuba gear caused a stir at a Northern Michigan fast food restaurant the traverse City record Eagle and report the Man who had been drinking showed up tuesday morning at a downtown Mcdonald s workers called police who found the 48-year-okl Man nearby police said they warned him that management did t want him at the restaurant. Police did t know Why the Man was wearing scuba gear regardless detective sgt James Bussell said that a Mai far As wearing scuba gear and having a couple of Beers that Slegal Quot Selling ii straight h is the policy of the daily nows to promptly Correct ail errors that appear in news stones of you wish to report an error or clarify a news Story please direct your Call to 8626397 am corrections or clarifications will be published on Page a2 uniter the heading of Quot setting it straight Mot the we St f Loi Ida daily news to Northwest fiends deity news n 4 by 98,290 people each us 69th year no. 114 circulation its easy to make the Mertta est fiend daily news part of Yew a. A nos Delvery Tim Dotty new Oher option to fit your needs and budget a customer who Lake advantage of Espey to autom Hucaby pay their us cart pts of will tee on the monthly credit card or Barth statement that Penewit has been Mere to Heiter melt be fiend a Ohne Dezeery Tab the Daly hews with Yow when you a a out of town. Or go Green by sub in by of to in online replica edition of the daily hews to Start your tube when cab 863-1212 or to boo at 600 755-1185 the Daly now Aho n a Amable it More then of Stere end new Reck throughout of Aleea Walton aul Santa Roe counties did we gals Yea we want to co erect Tho o alright. Cal our customer Terne a Center 863-1212 or 800 755uss hero Ere our hour of Ager Orion a monday through Friday 6 am to to am a saturday end sunday 7 a m Tati am single capias a Didy to cads suntan Suo subscriber my be charged an adds Tiu a at $1.001or the Ned sunday retail nit la a theefs Sgeng Day i Otter pwn is a dimes a s495 Emmlee my Start Art ebon let Ai by a Adeti year pm a a a it r fed writ leach____m31t1 us. Crib. Hoo 7551185 2 Efon partway Nihi in. 2949 fed Waken Leach Al 12549 fax numbers accounting a. _ 862 5230 add ring. We 8639341 no 8637834 cles Edwd _3147108 a new Bureau at Crestview Aeau a. 682-4524 631n Fenton bad Ferine f1 32536 a 682 2246 advertising i a act Daplayan cad id j Jih monday through fonday la he 5 pm in maw a daubed and. Cal 864-0320 newsroom directory Dud 863 ttt1, then the a Tong Ertemio weedy Vutera. 1471 interim editor deistooe_1433 online editor ten she hut .1407 Pomon Page Edder ditty itched .1441 bennets Edmer bread 5 bettas 1430 features Edda Seth Strayer .1421 sped Edder Marge Leaai fms ital i Oduane lied big Foi be Mil librarian management mane publisher Lee Knaps com Iso-364301 ave dump director ii amp Mit Dynia amp a am 850-364340 Laten editor weedy Vutera a act of it director Nashu amp a late Bride Weri Burnet manager Leal be blood com foe trite to our icons Mas histone of caul 863-1111, Eit. 1433 foe Outt Nom about rut i mini eau 680-8233 copyright a the entire Content of the Northwest tier Trio deity news inc hut my the Logotype Era Kris protected by copyright Anir Gist y end cannot be reproduced in any torn for by purpose without the espresso permission i the North wed Florida Deiy Newt a put the a daily by Tho Northwest Florida copy nows Assn 0896-168x Leo bos 2949,2 Jfhn parti Way it fort writer Beech Al 32549 a Pecox Tori postage pud it fort Walton Beech Al 32548 a postmaster Send address Cheng loth Northwest fiend a Ady nows Pobo 2949, fort write Beech it 32549hp�?

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