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Northwest Florida Daily News Newspaper Archives Aug 29 2015, Page 5

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Fort Walton Beach Northwest Florida Daily News (Newspaper) - August 29, 2015, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Log on to a of broking new i video i Biog Nufi i Market watch aug 20 2015 ii a 16 643 of Dow Jones industrials Nash a composite Standard amp poor a 500 Russ 2000 a Neu him 4 826 33 1.11 1 988 87 a 31 1 162 91 nose diary advanced 2 064 declined y q9�, unchanged 79 volume j9b Nash a diary advanced i 867 declined 936 unchanged 144 volume i 9 b mss no Tux Sis Kai Mac Rosa to tips is is my or a to is a am no no in Haj Aav Jal a am Casa is sap it is Samc leg ass Wmk aau is in ?3 or Caa Obj a be n Sims a a As ass a a a a ass by is is in my in or no my pm Sita Star is in to 8� a a cd cd Cace is pm in is Csc Macc my to Cap to be cd is Taca is to be cry to tot to is Csok Caa is Cace so Sci Ca Cap is Isa Sci is Cmok cab it to Ca to to is Cut Caen Cha Sai proc tout metals new Vert Tea pnc0> Gold 1133 80 8 30 s4�r 14 60 008 platen 1021 cd 1700 foreign tic hang in o5 pm is n . $100 a Canadian $13200 $1 of Pas 16 753 . $100 a �,08940 $100-�06492i n mkt the allocated Prats new Yor Ashby Madison ceo stops Down in Wake of hacking the ceo of adultery website Ashley Madison is stepping Down in the Wake of the massive breach of the company is computer systems and Outing of millions of its members avid life Media inc Ashley Madison a Parent company said Noel hide Man s departure was a Mutual decision and in the Best interest of the company Hac kers originally breached avid life a systems in july and then posted the information online a month later after the company did t comply with their demands to shut Down Ashley Madison whose slogan is a life is Short have an affair purports to have almost 40 million members business Contact us. Dusty Ricketts 863-1111, ext 1448 Trickett it wait news com saturday a fast it 2015 Alt. Cd 0at fining 4 a pm t1 a. It Diirr a a or a h a it mull to mural by Justin Lyons. Belew mural by Sara Lierly. Grand Boulevard murals to be removed Pielet Ieese Ieie la de Newt by Shelby Desoto 5s46$mwbis�smb, so sate 4 Oumou of san Destin a the cultural arts Alliance find grand Boulevard recently announced they Are m the process of removing the murals that were painted by three local artists during arts quest in May while the exhibit was shown during the months since they were painted the murals were Only meant to stay for two weeks. Scud Stacey Brady director of marketing and Public relations for i Rand Boulevard at san Destin the three murals were created by artists Sara Liberty. Justin Lynns and Juan Francisco Adam who also is the 2015 South Wilton artist of the year due to the4 positive feedback from the Public Brady said grand bouk4 Vard decided to keep them up Ion Ger than anticipated because a they did such a Beautiful Job promoting arts Ici est a Quot we were not ready to prime that Brach said Quot they had to come Down for future growth we decided to leave them up As King As the weather was Good. We Are cur Renth working to remove the4 murals and keep them intact. Quot grand Boulevard is currently pricing lumber for the removal of the murals and coordinating with Caa. A it made a great Impact on the weekend a a Caa axe Cutie director Jennifer sleek said about arts quest a a we re hoping that is stirs something near to us. Uke having Public Art in South Walton Quot a instead of destroying them we have paid to Haw the panels replaced and keep the murals Sara i jetty is a featured artist this year at the Joa songwriters festival so her mural might be a said sleek4 although most murals Are temporary because of outdoor elements salvaging them has been discussed among the Caa and grand Boulevard Hissink ideas for the future include showcasing them at Public events Aid even using them in a bawling Art exhibit a omunds an meant fir others Quot said Adair a was a muralist when i was in Argentina you know that they Are meant for the Public i knew going into painting the Mund that it was temporary and the Caa was land enough to cover the costs of painting them murals Are not really created to by sold or kept they re meant to be enjoyed while they an up Quot Brady said she expects the murals to be removed in the next month or two the murals will then be kept in the Caas Possession after they Haw been removed the associated pre . Stocks edged lower in afternoon trading Friday at the end of a volatile week for the Market Sticks fell heavily in the first two Days of trading this week on concerns about the health of China a Economy. The Market then rebounded sharply Over the next two Days As investors decided the sell off was overdone Quot of Hoople Are taking a Little bit of a pause Quot said Paul Spring Meyer. Senior portfolio manager at the private client Reserve at . Bank a we re finally winding Down Here where maybe we re seeing More rational behaviour Quot the Dow Jones Industrial average fell 40 Points or 0.2 percent to 16.614 As of 3 05 p m Eastern time Friday the Standard amp poor s 500 Index slipped three Points or 0.2 percent to 1,983 the Nash a composite Rose two Points or less than 0 i percent to 4.815. Despite recovering their losses from earlier in the week stocks Are still pm course for their worst monthly performance in More than three years the sap 5<x is Down 5 7 percent in August and the Dow is Down 6 i percent. Markets have been volatile since4 China decided to weaken its currency earlier this month a move that investors interpreted As an attempt to bolster a Sag Ging Economy traders also Are jittery about the Outlook for interest rates the Federal Reserve has signalled it could raise its key interest rate for the first time in almost a dec Ade later this year the recent Market turmoil has thrown into doubt expectations for a rate increase next month with most economists now saying ifs off the talk for now Federal Reserve vice chair Man Stanley Fischer Sud Friday that before the recent turbulence in financial markets there was a a pretty Strong Case Quot for starting to hike rates in september Microsoft got it right with windows to last week i promised to give my perspective on windows to and discuss some of its new features so. If you Haven to pulled the trigger and installed this free upgrade yet. This Issue May be of particular interest to you let me first say that windows is Back what i mean is that win to is a version of windows that i can appreciate and even like it is what Many of you who got lost in the quagmire of win amp 8 i have been waiting for in a not sure Why it took Microsoft so Long to get so much right but i be More pleased if they continued support for win up often times when Reading other geeks reviews of a new version of windows the Takeaway is. At Best cautious optimism and at worst somewhere Between Quot of few Quot and a Stinker of Quot not this time there seems to be a general consensus that Microsoft finally got it right. Lets look at a few highlights the Overall feel of the interface is much Darker than previous versions of windows that a Only because Microsoft chose a Black default theme instead of one with Bright colors and vivid contrasting hues you Are of course free to change it to anything you like Many of the visual effects that people liked in the win 7 Aero interface Are Bac k in win to. Those horrid windows 8 Bottomer that caused stuff to cover your work with every errant mouse movement Are blessedly gone and a new feature called the action Center serves the dual purpose of providing a Central location for alerts from running applications and providing Quick Access to system settings love it or hate it the Start menu has returned to its rightful place on the win to taskbar despite All the criticisms of it in earlier versions of windows there was quite a bit of complaining when it was removed in windows 8 a spate of 3rd party utilities to put it Back soon followed but they Are unnecessary with windows Ioas Start is Back on the left Side of the task bar that Means that win to also boots to the actual desktop rather than a confusing morass of tiles Microsoft has attempted to strike a balance Between the former text Only Start menu and the graphic intensive live tiles of win 8 what you la find in win to is a hybrid of the two with the live Hies now incorporated right into the menu rather than commanding the entire screen All the typical features you remember Are also tucked inside application launch the hibernate restart shutdown group settings Etc its All custom Zable with the ability to pin frequently used items to the menu super Handy jump lists that can quickly take you to the most recently used of Whf Btu Iii Geek to it and More then there s win 10 s new web browser rather than Call this new Microsoft authored web browser internet explorer 12, they re branded it As Fiig in a sure this was intended to evoke an image of something on the bleeding forefront of technology and someone in marketing probably got paid big Bucks for that but on the surface no Pun intended this newest browser seems to have Little More to offer than Microsoft a previous browsers the interface is simple and clean As you might expect a streamlined version of if to be. And Page loading is reasonably ast but to a Point it runs much like a re packaged if 11. And there remains some compatibility issues to be resolved for those occasions internet f explorer is still on Board and accessible there Are two real claims to Lime for f dec and they Are the ability for you to Mark up websites and then share them with co workers or Friend although the actual usefulness of this capability has yet to be proven to this Leek and the integration of Microsoft a intelligent assistant co Tana having a live in assistant in your desktop or Laptop is just a natural Extension of the Way most of us have files of your favorite applications become conditioned in our use of handheld devices such As smartphones and tablets of you re not familiar with assistants such As co Tana and apples sin you re in for a Nice experience co Tana does no to just live in the f de browser but in the operating system itself and feels rather like an Extension of the Start menu like apples sin you can ask her questions and she will serve up answers she finds online she is context aware As you perform web searches. And you can even enable an option that allows you to simply say a they Cortanat to activate her like Sui. Cortanat a Power lies in the Cloud but unlike sin co Tana is not chained to a single device she keeps everything she learns about you in an a tillable virtual notebook so you can trim out stuff you done to want her to remember you can download a co Tana App for android and in the future for apples ios and get the same features to go there a a lot More to this new version of windows than i can possibly Hope to put in my Little column hopefully you la go and get your copy and enjoy All that this new version has to offer you can bet 1 11 be doing the same. And doing my Best to get ready when the win to questions Start willing in the door it i View Erff Howel cadent comment on article or Tubell a question it Yew Awn Vita net come

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