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Northern Ireland Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1944, Page 1

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Northern Ireland Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 15, 1944, Belfast, Ulster Northern Ireland edition the is daily newspaper of of. Armed in the european theater of operations vol. 1. No. 85. New York Northern Ireland. Wednesday March 15, 1944. A common sight these Days on Many English streets puts russian armies 20 i. From new Yori times photo powerful . Trucks Are seen nearly everywhere these Days hauling invasion cargo from English ports to bases in toe Eto Here a Load of fighters get their first peek at an English Street halting traffic As they Roll toward an Assembly Plant. We must isolate Eire Churchill tells commons it s Security move alone to protect second front troops he asserts by William Smith White associated press War correspondent the allies Are going the whole Way to isolate Southern Ireland from the outer world during the critical period which is now period of opening the Western front minister Churchill told the House of commons yesterday in a grave declaration which denied the Irish problem As entirely one of Security for Gen. Eisenhower s troops and plans virtual suspension of travel into Eire already ordered Churchill announced was but one of several Steps taken to place under quarantine not the Irish people but German and japanese agents still operating in that Neutral country because of Eire pre Mier Eamon de Valera s refusal to oust them. Refers to tanks in Ulster primary menace of this cold enemy surveillance Churchill emphasized was to american troops who stand in Large numbers in Northern Ireland. Aside from its own interests he pointed out that Britain was accountable to the people of the to do everything possible to safeguard american soldiers. The prime minister in word and manner was Friendly but firm. He declined sharply to enter discussion of the suggestion raised in commons that if Eire agreed to Friendly re lations now Britain might agree after the War to reopen the Issue of an Irish All aside save considerations of effective Security Compromise. Soldier vote Bill passed by Senate after debate Washington March a bitter debate in which majority Leader Alben w. Barkley hinted at a possible veto by president Roosevelt the Senate adopted the pending com Promise Soldier vote Bill yesterday As Maryland Virginia and South Carolina advanced legislation of their own to provide troops with Absentee ballots. The controversial vote Bill Center of a legislative tug of War for four months was passed in its final revised form at the end of two Days debate in which sen. Tom Connally recommended it As the Best legislation possible of Connally. Chairman of the powerful foreign relations committee threw is support behind the measure which would restrict use of a Federal ballot to troops overseas and then Only when states made no provision or Absentee voting or failed to get heir ballots to the Serviceman or woman in time. If the present Compromise were re acted the texan said he could see 10 Hope for passage of other voting for forthcoming rations " military Ope painful action by Britain i need scarcely he slowly said " How painful it is to us to take such measures in View of the Large numbers of irishmen who Are fighting so bravely in our armed forces and the Many deeds of personal heroism by which they have kept alive the martial Honor of the Irish or. Churchill stated that he wished to confine himself to a statement in general terms in answer to a question by sir William Davison a London continued on Page 4. Theta today ninth air Force u attack tar gets in France without opposition Allied Day bombers inactive. Says Eire must isolated for Security of . Troops in the Eto. It file general mud holds italian lines gun duels continue in beachhead sector. Advance mile an Kherson. Approach Black sea. Troops kill japs at tempting to capture two . Air Fields in Empress Augusta Bay area. Rome raid kills fascist editor Gayda was Duce s expert in propaganda mud bogs All fronts Signor Vireinia Gayda editor of the Rome Gior Nale d italia and once known As the mouthpiece of was killed yesterday in an Allied air raid on the italian capital Rome radio said last night. Gayda who was in his studio at his desk. Was found dead under the debris after an air attack by several Waves of enemy bombers the broadcast said. Gayda gained prominence in world newspaper circles in 1926 when he took Over Editorship of a Rome newspaper in which he attacked Britain Russia Germany and the league of nations for years. Weather hampers operations a week of dry weather is needed before the ground on any of the three bogged Down italian Battlefront will be hard enough for effective operations. That was the View at Allied head quarters in Italy yesterday. More Snow fell in the mountains and Rivers still Are swollen. Mud is liter ally Waist deep in places on the eighth army front. Gun duels continued in the Beach head in two patrol skirmishes British troops destroyed a machine gun Post while americans took 13 German prisoners. Ninth s p47 s hit coast of France unchallenged ninth air Force Thunderbolt fighters swept two sections of the Northern French coast yesterday and for the sixth straight Day no enemy fighters went up to Challenge Saaf formations. Allied Day bombers were Idle. The Thunderbolt sweeps followed heavy night attacks by Raf Hal faxes on railway targets at be mans and Mosquito forays into Western Ger Many All at a Cost of two aircraft giving further indication the Luftwaffe is saving its resources possibly for an invasion Day. A Small Force of hit run German planes dropped a few bombs on eng land s South coast monday night White House lift collapses Washington. March Early president Roosevelt s Secretary said yesterday or. Roosevelt had remained away from his office and worked in his study because the ele Vator at the White House had broken Down. Legislation. Maryland plans mail ballot it is my Earnest he said that More soldiers and sailors will a enabled to vote under the pending than under any measure proposed or possible of in Maryland. Gov. Herbert r. O Connor signed legislation enabling citizens in the armed forces the merchant Marine. Red Cross and Uso and at work on War projects overseas to vote by mail. The South Carolina Senate approved a Bill which would provide servicemen and women with ballots that would list Only those candidates whose parties polled at least 15 per cent of the vote in the last election the proposal apparently ruled ou1 All but the democrats since in the 1942 election there were no Republican ballots cast for governor and Only two write in votes cast against Democrat Burnet r. Maybank Tor . Senator. Virginia passes three acts in Virginia the general Assembly passed three Bills to expedite voting by servicemen and women one of which would allow members of the armed forces to vote in the National election without payment of a poll tax and without registration. Another Bill extended the same opportunities in state and local elections. A third measure described As Backstop legislation for use if the other two were nullified or declared unconstitutional would create a state All equal today under theory of relativity Princeton n.j., March prof. Albert Einstein sat in his three dimensional study in a four dimensional quandary. The Shadow of to Morrow s income tax dead line was creep ing into the Good professor s study like an eclipse across the Sun. So like millions of Ordi nary americans the Good pro Fessor called on a tax expert to help him prepare his form. Asked for his reaction to the Maze of queries on the form prof. Einstein replied that is a question too difficult for a mathematician. It should be asked of a Rumania finn armistice pots coming to boil Bucharest peace envoy Cairo bound Helsinki decision soon seen fund from servicemen which might written request. Poll taxes of be Oaid upon peace negotiations to take Rumania and Finland out of the War before nazi withdrawals expose them to the full might of the red arms reported in Neutral capital yesterday to have advanced to the stage where either satellite migh drop out of the Axis quickly. Finnish censors permitted correspondents in Helsinki to forecast dramatic developments As Fin land s parliament met in Secre session and widespread reports that Russia had Given the finns Only a few More Days to come to terms. Prince Barbu Stirbey 71-year-old former rumanian and oppo nent of the exiled King Carol neared Cairo on what was described in some Neutral capitals As a peace Mission. Turkish dispatches said he was Given a special pass to enter Allied territory sign that British authorities were paying him serious attention. Ports suddenly cleared at the same time Istanbul relayed reports from Sofia Bulgaria that All ships in Rumania s Black sea ports suddenly left Harbor saturday apparently for move that might have been prompted by nazi fears they would fall into Allied hands i Case of an armistice. Prince Stirbey exiled to Switzer land by Carol in the latter s Stormy reign was said to have Strong sup port among the rumanian people. Before leaving for Cairo tuesday morning he spent several Days in Ankara talking with British and continued on Page 4. Red units Cross Bug River in Uman area soviet tank spearheads advancing at a mile an hour Pace from captured Kherson drove within 10 Miles of the Black sea port and naval base of Nikolaev yester Day in Pursuit of great streams of German motorized forces falling Back in confusion toward Nikolaev and Odessa. At the same time German radio revealed the russians had succeeded in crossing the upper Bug River and forming several Bridgehead Southwest of Uman the German Strong Point 115 Miles South of Kiev which the russians overwhelmed late last week. Last night s soviet communique announced several enemy divisions were trapped at sing Revka 25 Miles North of Kherson and after several futile attempts to breakout of the encirclement about officers and men were killed. Capture rail town the communique also announced capture of the railway town of gum Nnaya ten Miles Southwest of Vinnitsa indicating that the German stronghold now had been ringed on More than three sides from Southwest to East. The Ukraine fighting appeared to be approaching a decisive Point As red bombers hammered at nazi transport and soviet Advance units kept up the ground attack relent Lessly giving marshal Fritz von Manstein s army no Chance to Dis engage and regroup. With Kherson s fall the red army was in sight of the whole of its lost Black sea coast. Nikolaev appeared Likely to topple soon and the result ant withdrawal of the nazi lines shortly thereafter would put the red in position to blockade the great port of Odessa and make it almost useless to von Manstein. Bug defences threatened general Rio Dion Malinovsky s thrust Southwest of Uman and across the 3ug, coupled with marshal Gregory Zhukov s slow but steady Progress in the Tarnopol Prokurov sector 150 Miles to the West threatened to out flank the enemy s Bug defense line and Force a Retreat All the Way to the Dniester marking the Bessarabia 3 Western states Are hit by Gale and heavy snows Salt Lake City March a storm which swept Utah Southern Idaho and Eastern Nevada today gave Northern Utah its fiercest March Gale since 1884. More than 12i inches of Snow fell. Farther East a cold wave superseded the Spring like weather in Wyoming and Montana where temperature ranged from 26 to two degrees. Pfc bucking for a discharge gets it at the Ripe old age of 14 Fred c. Bennett a 14-year-old private first class is leaving the army and going Back to school. His application for discharge has been approved by army authorities Tousa Headquarters announced yesterday. Bennett whose Home is in Atlanta. Ga., is a member of a negro general service Engineer unit doing construction work in England. He earned his pfc Stripe just last month. He entered the army March 12, 1943, at fort Benning at the age of 13 when other kids his age Are bucking for first class scout. He Board saying he was 18 years old. Before his unit left the states pfc Bennett had decided that the United nations could win the War without him and had sent Home for his birth certificate. He applied for a discharge and the papers finally caught up with him in in Eland. He is Only 5 feet inches tall and weighed Only 109 pounds when he entered the army but army food has added another 21 pounds he is one of the most popular members of his company and a Gooc worker and the army s had registered with his local draft announcement of the discharge said. Boundary. Moscow had Little fresh information about Zhukov s front but Moscow radio said the germans were drawing troops from other sectors in an Effort to hold onto Prokurov Junction which commands one still open Branch rail line Over which the nazis could reach their base at Lwow by by pass ing the ruptured Lwow Odessa trunk. The russians said then troops were fighting on three sides of the town and repelling nazi counter attacks. Heavy Street flight inc in Tarnopol heavy Street fighting continued but Moscow reported the russians had smashed through to the railway line running South to Cernuti in Bessarabia. The germans were said to be sending in big tank and air formations to Check the red adva Hae. Malinovsky s lightning thrust into Kherson and beyond left thousands of German dead on the Battlefield the russians along the whole Bank of the Dnieper from Berislav where the third army began its 40 mile March to the port the enemy was said to have left scattered bodies equipment and vehicles. . Sub Corina lost 20th since Pearl Harbor Washington March 15 of the submarine Corina overdue from patrols was announced by the Navy yesterday. She was the 20th submarine lost since Pearl Harbor. Commissioned last August the Corina normally carried a Crew of 65. She presumably was operating in the Pacific. German hanged Phoenix March German prisoner of War was found hanged last night at a Camp near Here. Col. A. H. Means Camp commander. Disclosed. A Board of inquiry. Means said will investigate the death
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