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Northern Ireland Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jun 22 1944, Page 4

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Northern Ireland Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 22, 1944, Belfast, Ulster Page 4 the stars and stripes. Thursday june 22, 1944. Bombs damage enemy Carrier in base at Genoa five direct hits scored by p47s land advances curbed by weather Allied hq., Axis aircraft Carrier based in Genoa Harbor has been seriously damaged by a Thunderbolt attack it was announced today. The ship was believed to be the italian Carrier Esolia undergoing repairs. Five direct hits were scored on the vessel in a Savage assault yesterday and p47 fighter bomber pilots reported that smoke from the stricken ship bellowed thousands of feet into the air. Although ground operations in Italy were slowed somewhat by heavy Rains. Algiers radio reported that the eighth army took the Adriatic port of san Benedetto Del tronto 38 airline Miles Northwest of Pescara and swept five Miles up the coast to occupy Gro Tamare 40 Miles North of Pescara at the Mouth of the Tessino River Midway Between Pescara and the port of Ancona. On the tyrrhenian coast american troops drove seven Miles North of Grosseto Algiers radio said and captured the Village of Monte pascali which dominates the Junction of highways 71 and 73. Meanwhile other Allied units advancing in mountainous Central Italy occupied Chissi. 20 Miles South West of Perugia and opened up a drive to take Mont Pulciano nine Miles to the Northwest. De Gaulle s men taking control with american forces France june 19 delayed natives of Gen Charles de Gaulle s provisional government have already moved into the liberated sector of Normandy to set up political control civil affairs and they Are planning to extend their influence to other areas As they Are liberated by the allies. Although the provisional govern ment is As yet not recognized by the United states both British and american civil affairs officers Are co operating with de Gaulle s men Francois Coulee. Who was Secretary general of Corsica has arrived in Bayeux to take Over duties As com missioner of the Republic for the Rouen Region. Obviously this is a coup d eat for de Gaulle who brought his men into the beachhead when he arrived last week and set them to work As directors of French political affairs under present plans his men Wil occupy key political posts in each Region As it is liberated. Raids i i toot mud fam v it s strafing with a capital s Lyttelton talk arouses . Hull sharply denies japs were provoked briton explains statement a speech by Oliver Lyttelton. British minister of production in which he was quoted As saying that America provoked Japan to such an extent that the japanese were forced to attack Pearl stirred a furore in the United states yesterday and Drew a Sharp denial from Secretary of state Cordell Hull. In unusual statement in which he permitted newsmen to quote him directly Hull said Lyttelton was entirely in and declared this government from beginning to end was actuated by a single policy of self defense against the rapidly increasing danger to this Lyttelton making Clear that he was not complaining of being mis quoted explained to the House of commons that any misunderstand ing is entirely due to my own i was trying to make Clear the i gratitude which this country feels for the help Given to us in the War against Germany before Japan attacked the United states. The words i used however when read textually and apart from the whole Tenor of my speech seemed to mean that the help Given to us against Germany provoked Japan to attack. This is manifestly the offending sentence interpolated in a lend lease speech Lyttelton delivered before the american chamber of Commerce in London was carried by Many United state newspapers separate from the pre pared text of the speech and landed on Many front of yes after Hull s comment. Tuesday continued from Dawn to marauders mounting. Their third Mission of the Day late in the evening attacked a German gun Battery at a coastal town the left flank of the Allied Beach positions and ninth of p47 p51, and p38 fighter bombers As darkness fell moved Over France in Mere than a dozen freight Yards military traffic flak towers and Highway Bridges the evening s extensive fighter bomber operations increased the ninth air Force s total individual attacks to More than the widespread assaults Cost six fighter bombers. No bombers were lost. Seventeen enemy aircraft were destroyed in the air and one on the ground. Revised figures on tuesday morn kids record heavy bomber raid on strategic German targets boosted the number of nazi aircraft destroyed to 78. Twelve were shot Down by the forts and liberators. 48 were shot out of the air by eighth and ninth fighters and 18 Mare were destroyed on the ground by the pursuits. In tuesday morning s strafing attacks eighth fighters reported destroying or damaging 28 locomotives to Railroad cars 31 trucks five other vehicles ten barges and a radio station. Make decree foolproof Doris Duke asks court Reno. Duke Cromwell seeking to make foolproof her divorce obtained last year from James h. A Cromwell told a court tuesday that the former . Minister to Canada not Only tried to gain control of of her Fortune but proposed that she finance a foundation that would net him 1100.000 annually As its president and that she should underwrite any loss. Mrs. Cromwell petitioned for hearing july 19 to Amend her Nevada divorce the legality of which has been disputed by a new Jersey Cromwell suing in new Jersey As his Legal domicile won a Verdic that his wife s Nevada divorce was wholly void and of no effect in that the Reno court lacked jurisdiction because her Home was in new Jfe Raey. Yanks pounding port defenders continued from Page 1 been ordered to figh t to the end were bombarded not Only with shells but also with leaflets telling them about those two other fatal Penin Sulas Cape Bon and the and pointing out the hopelessness of their resistance. The leaflets prom ised them if they surrendered fair treatment Good food Hospital care mail facilities payroll status and education of course you get Home after the end of the the germans reported that Down the neck of the Peninsula us. Tank groups massed for a new assault and said that they expected an american drive southward and southwestward aimed at a whinging the nazi lines South of St. Sauveur be Viconte British Armor was engaged in heavy fighting below Tilly sur Eulles but the rest of the Normandy front aside from Cherbourg was comparatively quiet the British threw Back three German counter attacks and captured the Village of ouch. Miles South West of Tilly at Gen Eisenhower s advanced command Post it was reported that Allied forces had destroyed to Date 78 German tanks including 18 pan thers and 27 tigers. Many More have been put put of action. Killed in glider crash general buried in France somewhere in France delayed american Gene ral who was killed when the glider in which he was leading airborne troops into action struck a tree was buried in a simple ceremony wrapped in a Parachute which symbolized his division. There was no official Salute of guns. It was t necessary. All during the service big guns pounded away and rifles cracked in Battle nearby. The general pioneered in paratroop and glider warfare. army air Force photos Here is a set of pictures Demon Strating the damage caused by the Low level strafing by eighth fighter command pilots. Top an Allied aircraft hits a train believed carry ing munitions with several of the cars exploding. The Middle two pictures show an enemy plane hit and exploding. Bottom photo a Juss blows up on an Ai drome after being shot up by an american airman plan to provide vets Aid told 20-Point program to provide Post War Aid for veterans and their families and for the aged Job less and physically handicapped was outlined by Secretary of labor Frances Perkins at the 25th annual convention of the International ladies garment workers Union. The Keystone of the plan is an Extension of the social Security program to give regular pay to jobless sex servicemen miss Perkins said. An other feature is a huge Public works project which would provide employment for millions. Miss Perkins said that the program has been prepared by the government to facilitate an orderly return of the nation s Economy from War to peace with a minimum of dislocation and unemployment. Retirement of All workers Over 65 on their old age benefits government Loans to business and revival of luxury transportation and amusement industries also Are included in the nazi Steeple jacks spy on allies from chimneys with British troops in France Steeple jacks on the East Side of the Orme River Are sitting on top of High chimneys spying on allies move ments. Whenever they see a Convoy or any massed movement on the roads they Call for artillery fire. , Navy now boasts setup of eight fleets Ernest j. King disclosed yesterday that the . Navy now has eight fleets four of them in the Pacific the commander in chief of the Fleet and chief of naval operations explained that the system of com Mand originally called for task units then for larger task groups then task forces and the task forces were combined to form task the eight task fleets with their commanders were listed As Fol lows Pacific third Fleet adm. Halsey Pacific fifth Fleet adm. Spruance Southwest p a c i i c seventh Fleet. Vice adm. Kincaid Pacific ninth Fleet vice adm. Fletcher Atlantic and european fourth Fleet vice adm. Ingraham South Atlantic Fleet vice adm. Hewitt Mediterranean twelfth Fleet. Adm. Stark european tenth Fleet anti sub a Sweden rejects bombers Deal refuses . Plea to allow crashed planes to take off within hours Stockholm swedish government it was Learned authoritatively yesterday has refused an american request that International Law be amended to allow american bomber pilots who make forced landings in Sweden to to eng Lish bases provided they make Neces sary repairs to their machines with in 48 hours. The . Government was said to have sought unsuccessfully to per Suade the swedes to disabled bombers As they would crippled belligerent naval vessels. Under the Geneva convention a disabled warship May take Refuge in a Neutral port if it gives Advance notice and May remain 48 hours which usually is Long enough to make repairs Twenty one . Heavy bombers crashed or made forced landings in Sweden tuesday. Of their crewmen about 185 survived bringing the total of american airmen interned in Sweden near the 600 Mark. The americans were reported to have told the swedish government that crippled bombers would give the International distress Call Jettison All bombs and armament and advise they were making a forced Landing. They contended that it would be possible to make repairs in most cases within 46 hours and take off for English bases. Sweden declined on the ground that it would be impossible to establish a new principle of International Law during the War news from Home House group hesitant to pay hike for army one congressman wants action delayed till after the War Washington members of the House military affairs committee expressed belief today that Congress should proceed cautiously in acting on the army s proposal to raise the pay of infantrymen to monthly. The army has asked s5 More for those wearing the infantry badge and for those with the combat infantry badge. Rep. John Sparkman a. Asserting the proposal opened up the entire subject of Hazard pay declared it should be completely but that it should not be effected until the War s end in order to permit a More equitable adjustment. Sparkman suggested however that some form of Hazard pay be voted now for those in combat Fox holes and under fire of Small Caliper arms. Mai. Gen. Miller g. White. Army chief of personnel told the com Mittee that infantrymen faced greater dangers than air Crew members and paratroopers who already receive much As 50 per cent extra monthly. Pacific Conti Bixl Tom 1. He who hesitates new merchant Sailor who acquired a russian wolfhound in his travels tried to outwit customs officers when he Learned there was a duty charge to bring the dog ashore. So he waited until Dawn. By that time the hound had Given birth to five puppies. The episode Cost the Sailor extra. Tough synthetic tires Washington synthetic rubber tires for automobiles probably will be Tough enough to run Miles on their original tread the american automobile association reported. The aaa said that synthetic tires tested thus fax compare favourably with the run of the Mill pre War tires. Anna Lee to wed Hollywood British born film actress and capt. George h. Stafford of Texas will be married at Beverly Hills tomorrow. Stafford piloted the plane in which miss Lee toured North african army Camps last year. Scrap magnesium explodes Dowagiac 20-ton Phe of scrap magnesium exploded and burned at the round Oak works the sky with flames visible More than 50 Miles. Authorities said the explosion was caused by spontaneous combustion. Standing by ready for action and i Hope it takes Nimitz said. We have put sufficient muscle into the fifth Pacific Fleet to meet the Best that Japan can he declared the establishment of an air base on Saipan and perhaps others in the same area Means that the Jao lines of communication with the Phillip Pines and Southeast Asia will be narrowed and hampered. But the Supply problem is now working More to the advantage of the japanese since Retreat is shorten ing their lines of communication and lengthening those of the . The engagement reported now under Way Marks the first time since the Battle of Midway on june 4-5-6, 1942, that sizable Jap units have emerged from hiding Nimitz declared. The americans have been itching for a showdown Battle for at least 18 months. Nimitz also announced that Ameri can land forces now were in posses Sion of the entire Southern half of Saipan Island which lies Miles Southeast of Yokohama. A Reuter correspondent with the Fleet off Sai pan reported that land based air planes shortly would be operating from recently seized Sailto Ai drome. On Biak Island off Northwest dutch new Guinea Jap resistance Hae been broken by the enveloping Allied attack and american troops have taken the Aird Romes of Bor Okoe and Sori do their final objectives. Cap Ture of the airfields gives the . Three bases within bomber Range of i the Philippines. 4o cops dismissed Jackson members of the Jackson police department have been dismissed for refusing to withdraw from an Al police local Union. Only 13 regular policemen remain on the Force. Emmons transferred san Francisco Gen. Delos c. Emmons. Chief of Western defense command has been transferred to an unannounced important it was announced yester Day. His successor was not named. Alexis Smith weds Glendale Star Alexis Smith and Craig Stevens were mar ried in Forest lawns Church. It was the first marriage for both. Bell builds fighters aircraft corp announced that it had produced fighter of them since 1941. Vast Post War building is planned by railroads nation s rail roads expect to spend on new freight cars and Road Beds after the War. R. A. Fletcher vice president of the american association of railroads announced. A huge sum also will be spent he said on passenger equipment to enable railroads to compete with air transportation. Terry and the pirates by of Newe Syndicate by Milton Caniff whoa i want id k Able to Nave to Tell abort this bomb Vidu Ampy Vee own that Jap above the overcast peetemdin6 id bean Amer Jam we should is. Able to i Kim Back id smile at the diam troops to peas St be Amdy better Check. On our c047dmec5-. To site r lose 600p will for the awl line. Hj6ht office us into a nip Rel door a cheap capture Terry printed by in. 3. Baird. Ltd. At the Hal Cut Telegraph of free Koyal vet due and Publ hed by the United state armed

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