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Northern Ireland Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1944, Page 1

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Northern Ireland Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 19, 1944, Belfast, Ulster Northern Ireland edition thes daily newspaper of . Armed forces in the european theater of operations vol. 1. No. 37. New York Northern Ireland. Wednesday Jan. 19, 1944. Total service Bill for . Pigeon holed House committee delays action indefinitely new hearings in Senate Washington Jan. House military affairs committee voted yesterday to postpone indefinitely consideration of a National service Law permitting total mobilization of manpower. Requested last week by president Roosevelt in his annual message on the state of the the legis lation would enable the government to draft men from 18 to 65 and women from 18 to 50 for War work. Claims Law is doomed although rep. Andrew j. May d., chairman of the committee declared that the committee s action did not preclude further consideration of such legislation some govern ment circles maintained that a Man Power Law was doomed for this ses Sion of Congress. We have decided to hold it its abeyance for the time being pending farther May said. Senate hearings on National service legislation already have been arranged May said adding that information on the hearings would be available to House members. The president s Appeal for a National service act to prevent strikes and with some exceptions make available for War production or for any other essential services every Able bodied adult in the nation was opposed by spokesmen for the a l., Cio the National association of manufacturers . Chamber it Commerce and1 Many Congress red columns converge on Rovno rail Center in Poland report Patton headed for major Post Here new York Jan. Spread speculation was aroused in Washington last night that it. Gen. George s. Patton would shortly receive an important Post under Gen. Eisenhower in eng land the London daily mail Cor respondent said yesterday. Informed sources said1 the appointment of it. Gen. Omar n. Bradley As senior . Com Mander under Gen. Eisenhower left the Way for Patton s appoint ment the daily mail reporter added. Catalina sink Jap cargo ship two other enemy vessels left burning off new Ireland Reynolds against sen. Robert r. Reynolds d., . Said that it would be a measure for enslaving the american people and would produce the same thing As Hitler and Stalin president Roosevelt however declared that the service act would enable every american to make the fullest possible contribution to although i am convinced that we and our allies win without such a the president said i am certain that nothing less than total mobilization of manpower will guar Antee Early separate peace Rumor still has allies befuddled pravda s publication of a Cairo denied by the British foreign two British officials had talked with nazi foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop about a separate peace left United nations capitals bewildered yesterday and at a loss for an explanation. Neither Izvestia or red Star in Moscow made any mention of the report and pravda. Official communist party Organ does not publish on tuesdays so the russian Public had not heard yesterday of the British denial. Dispatches said that con fused russians kept government and newspaper office telephones ringing almost constantly in the soviet capital in quest of information or interpretation of the dispatch. Death commandos wait Allied invaders Madrid Junt 19 death commandos German troops specially trained to meet the invasion and equipped with wehrmacht newest weapons will meet the first wave of Allied invaders when they land on the continent a Berlin Cor respondent of a Madrid paper reported today. The death commandos were said to consist of soldiers who had been fighting since the out break of War and had gained much experience about Allied tactics on the Western and Africa fronts. Germany s secret weapons will be entrusted to these troops it was said. U u i it is radio operator of the flying fortress sick Call Jerome j. Bajenski of Akron Ohio displays a German 20mm. Incendiary Shell which knocked him breathless As it glanced off his flak Vest in last week s air Battles Over the Reich. Bajenski recovered manned his guns and then shot Down two German planes. Shuttle raids via Russia Gen. Arnold says Philadelphia Jan. Bombing of Germany by planes flying from Italy to Russia and return was described yesterday As a probability by Gen. Henry h. Arnold chief of . Army air forces. United press said the general declared round the clock shuttle bombing from every degree of the Compass As Gen. Arnold told a press conference that Allied Progress in Italy a mail to . Tops so million regular air mail would have meant More Ocean hops the a mail letter written by american forces in Britain has been sent to the ., the postal division of sos disclosed yesterday. It. Col. E. E. Schroeder Eto chief postal officer estimated that the figure represented five and so half tons in transported by air. The same number of regular letters would have weighed approximately 500 tons requiring at least More flights across the Atlantic. Cpl. Jack Patterson of Indiana Polis sketched a special form for the a mail letter and Brig. Gen. R. B. Lovett adjutant general sos sent it to maj. Gen. 3. A Ulio adjutant general of the army Washington thanking him for the service on behalf of the Ameri can army Over Here. The first a mail letter one of 181 on the same film was dispatched to president Roosevelt june 6, 1942, by maj. Gen. James e. Chaney the Eto commander. A sustained a mail aiming at getting american soldiers Over Here to use the service for two out three letters they write has been maintained Ever since. Churchill in London surprises parliament prime minister Winston Churchill unexpectedly returned to London yesterday after convalescing from an attack of pneumonia and told a cheering House of commons he expected to make a statement soon on the future of the War. The russian Advance in the East and the standardization of air plane parts and equipment would make it pos sible for Allied planes to take off from Italy bomb German occupied areas land in Russia to refuel and re bomb and return to Italy after drop Ping a second bomb Load. Here to receive the poor Richard club s. 1943 medal for achievement in organizing the air forces he forecast that Germany would fight to the last ditch and declared the German defensive air Force at present is stronger than it has Ever sees increasing superiority he predicted however that Allied superiority would be More pronounced As the european air War neared its Climax. He added at the same time there was not the slightest doubt that Ger Many had1 produced some secret weapons although what the enemy frequently called a secret weapon would be known in the . As a development. Every time the enemy produced new form of Aerial torpedo or rocket gun a different Model air t continued on Page 4. Allied hq., new Guinea Jan. 19 patrol Catalina of the . Navy Sank a Jap cargo ship and left two others of tons each burning fiercely in an attack off new Hanover Island near Kavi eng new ireland1, Gen. Mac Arthur s communique announced last night. In other air operations . Fighters intercepted enemy planes near Saidor new Guinea and shot Down 17 fighters and a single dive bomber while . Bombers of the fifth air Force dumped 87 tons of bombs on Jap positions near Akrawe new Britain. On the ground . Marines consolidated their newly won fortress of Hill 660 and prepared for new Jap attacks in the area. More than japs have been killed by the marines since the Cape Gloucester Battle began three weeks ago. Air fight Over Marshall Washington Jan. 19 a an attack by . Army bombers on Malo Lap atoll in the mans Halls precipitated an air engagement with 45 enemy fighters in which two Jap planes were believed shot Down and one american bomber lost the Navy department reported yesterday. Adm. Stark Back in Eto from Washington talks adm. Harold r. Stark commander of . Naval forces in Europe has returned to his Post in London from a series of conferences in washing ton. While in the ., he conferred with the president adm. Ernest j. King and other High ranking army and Navy officers. Asked if he had any statement to make on forthcoming operations adm. Stark replied no sour notes from Back Home Black Market fiddles merrily Horn of plenty keeps in tune new York. Jan. Patricia Lockridge of woman s numerous reports to the contrary the . Still is the land of milk and and you can buy practically anything or go anywhere even if you Don t have the necessary coupons or ration books according to two and woman s Home companion. Two reporters representing these publications had no trouble buying shoes and stockings both and electric refrigerator similarly controlled while travelling 11.000 Home companion argued that if a stranger could buy anything the natives could did. She found Nylon stockings for Sale at a pair in bars restaurants and night clubs. One Bank president kept a special Stock of nylons in his Safe which he sold to Good customers for Only half the Black Market she said. Always having to pay Over the maximum Price she made things easier by finding doctors who for c i it a. It ill Tuillo Wii ii Fulli Miles in the states using Gas bought i extra and no examination would without coupons. However both agreed the secret of their Success was having plenty of give her certificates saying she was suffering from diabetes and needed extra sugar or anaemia and needed Money to pay the High prices on the extra meat. Black Market which is keeping i on the trip. Miss Lockridge America s Horn of plenty filled to bought 90 pounds of meat and lots overflowing. I of sugar and stockings. Fight for route to Rumania near Climax Low flying red Stormo Viks. Raking retreating germans fore and aft in the Privet marshes left mile Long columns of burning vehicles and dead men yesterday As the red army Laid siege to the great communications Center of Rovno in Poland and pressed the enemy Back toward Latvia and Estonia with fierce tank and infantry attacks in the North. German counter blows East of Vinnitsa in the Ukraine meanwhile Rose to the pitch of last month s unsuccessful offensive against the Kiev bulge As marshal von Manstein threw heavy tank forces into a bloody Effort to drive the russians Back Over the severed railway run Ning West from Smela to the Odessa Lwow line. Three separate columns of Gen. Nicolai Vatu in s first army Vance on Rovno 50 Miles inside the polish Border through which runs the Kiev Warsaw and Odessa Warsaw railways the Kiev Warsaw Highway and the Rovno Lwow Highway. Nearest units close in the nearest units after capturing Tuchin 14 Miles Northeast of the important Junction closed in yesterday on Gor Ingrad the last remaining out Post on the West Bank of the Gorin River. Another column driving Down the Railroad from Sarny was Only slightly further away. Russian air Power combined with the carrying tactics of soviet gue Rillas in the Privet marshes was turning Het nazi Retreat West Kozyr and Kahn Dovichi into a virtual rout Moscow dispatches asserted. German columns moving West along the few roads were pictured As Ideal targets for Low flying attack planes. In one area these sources said Stormo Viks first blew up a Bridge and Cut off the German Retreat then flew a few feet above the column up and Down until every vehicle was either knocked out or burning and the troops had fled to the swamps where guerillas were waiting. Nearing second River Gen. Constantine troops in this sector were reported to have crossed one of three Rivers blocking their approach to Pinsk and to be moving up close to the second. On the Northern front above Nevel and novo Sokolnik. Russian ski troops pushed eight Miles beyond the latter railway town against growing counter attacks. Dispatches reach ing Moscow from the front said newly arrived German troops were hitting Back Here with tanks and Axis commentators told of heavy tank Battles the russians driving for the Polotsky Pskov Leningrad railway faced a 45-mile trek against Strong nazi defences. Newsmen in Moscow had Little news of the fighting East of Vinnitsa where the germans have been counter attacking for nine Days to hold the Odessa Lwow railway and the Gateway into Rumania. There were signs however that the Battle was reaching its Climax. Army denies knowledge of Eto vote sampling Washington. Jan. War department yesterday disclaimed responsibility for any political poll of american soldiers in the British Isles. In a letter to sen. Theodore f. Reen cd., chairman of the Senate elections committee Secre tary of War Henry Stimson said the commanding general of the european theater had reported that if any such poll had been conducted it was without his knowledge or con sent. Green demanded last week that the department investigate a press con Terence disclosure by Harrison Spangler. Chairman of the re pub Acari National committee that four officers in four scattered battalions England had sampled older opinion for him and found men anti administration 56 to
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