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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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News (Newspaper) - May 30, 1991, Frederick, Maryland O4 the news Frederick mo., thursday May gardening hazards Are abundant As summertime approaches by Douglas Root Scruppi Howard Newt service gardening can pose its own Peculiar hazards. Precautions Are necessary when using Weed eaters Roto tillers Lawn mowers hedge clippers and a myriad of other Garden devices. Sharp edges Cut deep and electrical tools can be dangerous or even lethal with say a frayed Cord Trail ing through a wet Lawn or puddle. Mostly though weekend Garden ers put their backs and Muscles on the line not their lives. For those who enjoy getting Down in the dirt the physical and mental benefits always seem Worth the aches and pains or the smaller risk of a More serious ailment. I m someone who should know better and i went right out and did it to myself in my Garden two weeks ago a strained lower Back and a Nice says or. Michael c. Brody director of the pain evaluation and treatment Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. An avid vegetable and Rose Gar Dener or. Brody says the sensible Way to avoid Garden related injuries is to space out the work. But there s something about the whole ritual of putting in a says or. Brody the ceremony of welcoming Spring and having a role in new growth that causes Garden ers to take leave of common sense. Most of us Are out of condition from the Winter months and it s Only common sense to Pace ourselves. I Don t know Why we go at it All at once. I guess the endorphins Are going Strong and the increased Day Light gives us More but the most common Side effects reported by Green thumbs Are sore backs and strained shoulders. And no wonder says or. Brody. Mechanical Maneu vers specific to gardening require a wide Range of Muon for the when gardeners Aren t in condition for repetitive tasks like pulling weeds or planting a Long Row of Flowers their bodies Are also inefficient in breaking Down products of exercise sugars and lactic acid. Muscles become sore As a result. Nine out of every 10 patients or. Brody sees for lower Back shoulder and joint pain recover in one or two Days with aspirin heat applications and stretching. The temptation he says is to guard the area that hurts. After one or two Days however it can be counter productive to isolate the sore Muscles. Exceptions Are the More serious muscle injuries even Bone Frac Tures caused by outright accidents like tripping Over a Hose. The Rule of the Green thumb if pain persists longer than a week or two go to the doctor. For prevention of aches there s nothing like getting up Clow Aad personal with plants says Ron Stock owner of North Hills Home and Garden Center in Pittsburgh. One of the More popular items sold at the store is a durable piece of foam padding which allows the Gardener to Kneel protected from water and dirt but also cushioned from joint and muscle Strain. Anything that keeps you from having to Bend Over or do a lot of do s and Don t s for gardening safety by Douglas Root Scripps Howard news service common sense and one step More. That s the Rule that should guide any Home Gardener say the experts people who either treat gardening related injuries or who have had ugly experiences in their Fervour to make the cover of House and Garden. From now on i won t pull up so much As a dandelion without wearing a pair of protective says Tom Chakurda a vice president at Allegheny general Hospital who nearly lost Eye earlier this Spring when a Stone shot out from under Lawn Mower. Last summer i was the kind of person who would push my Mower around anywhere around rocks through Wood chips in the Garden. I did the same thing with the Weed whacker and i did t even think about something flying Back at this year or. Chakurda was mowing Lawn with a Mower fitted with a bag and a rubber safety Flap when a Stone finding some other exit struck Cornea. I actually saw it coming about six inches away from my Eye and there was t a thing i could doctors expect the Cornea to heal completely and vision to return to Normal but in Many similar cases Only partial vision is restored. It s one of those situations like Seatbelt in says or. Chakurda where you Don t learn until the Point gets pounded into the moral Don t operate any electric or gasoline powered Blade tools on the Lawn or in the Garden without heavy shoes steel tipped Are Best and protective goggles. For gardeners and Lawn lovers who want to prevent muscle Strain Here s a list of do s and Don to from or. Conrad Matz who has practice chiropractic Medicine in Pittsburgh for More than 37 years break your gardening work Down into reasonable chunks of time. On Days when the humidity is High and the temperature is above 80 degrees build in time for Shade and drink Breaks. Don t Bend Over and yank or twist with sudden movements. Bend your Knees and do your planting and weeding with your trunk As close to wealth of Wisdom available in Wood the ground As possible. Work smart not hard. Use two people for heavy lifting. Always lift heavy objects rocks Railroad ties for Garden Borders for instance using leg Muscles and bending at the Knees. Also pack Lawn debris into smaller bags for easy lifting. Filing giant trash bags is no bargain says or. Matz if it brings on a Back injury. Use a two wheeled cart for transporting heavy loads. Wheel Barrows Are risky because uneven ground causes them to tip causing you to Strain to right it. Always push never pull loads into and out of the Garden. Hardi estate sprayers performance Hardi the world Leader history unwritten but not unrecorded unfolds for those who can read a tree s annual growth rings. Found through a science called dendrochronology these natural archives Tell of droughts insect infestations Forest fires Ero Sion and More according to Wood Magazine. Without the Benefit of a history Book Richard Phipps a researcher with the. Geological Survey in Urbana hi., knows for certain that Virginia s Tappahannock River nearly ran dry that unseasonably hot Spring when Gen. Thomas Stone Wall Jackson marched army North. Also can confirm that rain finally came the following sep tember when the Confederate army wallowed in mud on their Retreat. 2 or. Phipps in t a civil War Buff Content with historical journals though. He s a botanist working in a i2ghly specialized Field. And by using special Boring tool he literally extracts such data from Trees. Forester Paul Emusic measures the Fate of soil erosion on hiking trails in new Hampshire s White mountains for the Forest service. For this and numerous other tasks he too relies of Trees. Both men work in dendrochronology the science of sating events and environmental changes in history through the study of a tree s annual growth rings. But their work represents Only two aspects of All the Many things that tree rings can Tell history locked in the rings Trees in temperate regions undergo an annual Cycle composed of a growth period the Spring and summer and a dormant explains or. Phipps. Usually in the Early part of the growing season growth is rapid resulting in Large thin walled cells called Earl Wood. Later in the season growth slows Down and Small dark thick walled cells develop. This is Lakewood. And the Sharp contrast Between Earl Wood and Lakewood becomes a distinct line. When you look at a tree in Cross Section such As the top of a he continues the line looks like a Circle. That s the Boundary Between two annual growth increments or the because various environmental factors such As drought or insect infestation can affect the amount of food a tree produces for new Wood the size of the annual ring is related to the growing conditions of that he notes. Stumps and Cross sectional slabs vividly display a tree s annual rings and have been used by dendrochronology its since the science s infancy around the turn of the Century. Today though researchers prefer to take Core samples of Trees because such a wound quickly heals. Dendrochronology came to the forefront around the turn of the Cen Tury. It was the publicity associated with a famous criminal trial though that showered the study of tree rings with limelight. The usefulness in the regularity of tree ring patterns was brought to Light in the Lindbergh kidnapping Case in the says or. Krusic. The prosecution proved that the ladder used by the accused to climb into the Lindbergh s second floor window was made out of the timbers Cut from the floor in attic. The tree ring patterns in the ladder s Wood matched those found in the Cut attic floorboards of the tracing Wood through time in Leisure hours or. Krusic enjoys a Little investigating with tree rings too. He probes the Countryside pinpointing the construction dates of centuries old Homes and barns. It s called Cross dating. The idea is to recognize replicated patterns in tree rings and identify the years when they were formed. These become he says. Cross dating is finding matches for these signatures in different wooden artefacts such As a building. In 100 years of tree or. Krusic said continued you might have three or four such definitive signatures. When you find one of those signatures say the one for 1850 1855, you count Back the number of years to where you expect to find the next signature and if you locate it then you know that you have a time match. It s a detective Type of new clues through tree rings the same clue seeking with tree rings has resulted in the rewriting of history books. It was the tree rings of ancient bristle one Pines for instance that helped archaeologists accurately Date the construction of Pueblos in Arizona and new Mexico. In Europe tree ring experts have traced the origins of buildings and artefacts Back As far As 193. Even paintings on Wood carvings and musical instruments can be authenticated by finding tree ring chronologies. Scientists also rely on tree rings to Date past volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in order to predict their reoccurrence. And by correlating variations in tree rings with weather records then applying the information Back through time climatologists Chart global environmental change and the effects of air pollution. Says or. Phipps i m convinced that there Are things we could do with Trees and tree rings that we Haven t even thought Power equipment one Tough american built tractor Power equipment Model 1320 Lawn tractor hydrostatic transmission optional attachments available we service what we sell 100u.s. Savings Bond with any cub Cadet Purchase. Summers inc. 3908 Jefferson Pike Jefferson my 21755 serving the area Tor 4 generations 8-5 of 8-3 sat. 473-8302 questions dear Abby May have the answers every monday wednesday Friday in the family Section for the Home owner or commercial operator trailers. 25 to 80 us Gal Gal three Point hitch. 10 to 210 Gal. Skid mounts. Handguns Are Standard on most models the estate Range is Ideal for use in Parks Golf courses and of course by homeowners at trailer models have wide flotation tires to minimize damage especially on soft ground Ogg 5149 Cap Stine Road it. Zion re. Exit off 340 Frederick Mai Yund 21701 473-4250 293-6833 squatting is going to be Worth the says or. Stock who has been in the landscaping and Garden retail business 14 Yean. He also putters in own Garden. A variety of products on the Market he recommends a Spray named preen also comes in granular form prevents weeds from taking Root and eliminates some of the More muscle aggravating chores. Or. Steck who sees a chiropractor for a Back condition unrelated to gardening argues that the pastime is Low risk and High yield. I see people coming in Here who Are stuck behind desks and they re probably tight under the Collar Dur ing the week a lot of stress in heir jobs. But they come in Here and talk about their gardens and say they can t wait to get going. It s such a calming what Price such therapy the risk of a strained Back or sore Knees the risk of stepping on the wrong end of a Garden Rake or attacked by a Roto Tiller millions Are willing to pay the Price. Lawn landscape since 1982 Lawn care tree Shrub care we use organic synthetic 6 biological products. Free estimates 662-1115 Quality for less v2off Coupon Sale off 1 Plant All All grafted Spruce Rhododendron All All espalier Dwarf Alberta plants Spruce Pines Green Maples with Coupon Only limit one per household expires june All weeping White Pines All Hugo All Dwarf Pines All japanese azaleas 10-12" compare our Price at Sale san Jose Juniper 10-12" compare our Price at Sale 3.99 japanese Bloodgood red makes compare at our Price Sale 29. Dwarf Burford Holly 12-15" compare our Price at Sale 3.99 Tams Juniper 10-12" compare our Price at Sale 3.99 Rhododendron 18-20" compare our Price at Sale 3.99 Nellie Stevens Holly 4-5 compare our Price at Sale 39.99 free landscape planning 7, ultime outran to 709-471-m40 Carfl. Pyramidal yews 2o-24" compare our Price at _ Sale 19.99 buy bulk save top soil 24.99 Premium shredded with compost added mulch double shredded Hardwood 301-294-2300 open daily 94, Sun. Emfs May vary All hems May oot be Sears or outlet stores Wywie sup pets All Hardy plants guaranteed Nursery i looted mile North of route 40 on route 40 a. 473-5411 open Dally 9-8 Sun. 9-6 newspaper is paper ;