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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1995, Frederick, Maryland Religion Frederick my. Saturday May 27. 1995 h-3 area religion news brass ensemble at Trinity members of the brass ensemble from Trinity United methodist Church in Frederick per formed at United methodist family Day at Paramount s Kings Dominion in Doswell. Va., on saturday May 20. From left to right standing Trum Peters Clint Wright and Mike Boyd. Seated left to right Matt Stegle. Bari tone Horn Scott Boyd trombone Mark Boyd Trum pet Lizzy Brown trombone and Scott Grau French Horn. Catholic women conference set stained Glass and sacred space is the theme for a conference for Catholic women who minister in parishes and institutional set Tings throughout the diocese. Speaking will be Patricia Barbernitz. Author of several books about evangelization Patricia Parachini coordinator of spiritual formation program at St. Paul s College Washington. And Kathleen Tallent Active in local and National associations for women in religion. The three Day mid week Confer ence will be june 6-8 at Bon Secours spiritual Center in Marriottsville. For information Call 410 442-1320 or 323-3200. Ext. 160. Cole video scheduled Frederick county men s network will meet june 3 at 8. At fire escape. 74 s. Market St., Frederick. This month Edwin Louis Cole brings via video the message mercy triumphs Over for information Call 662-0206. Talk set or. Don boys of the Chattanooga area will speak on at the Frederick Baptist Temple sunday May 28 through tuesday May 30. Services will Start at 6. Sunday and at. On monday and tuesday. The Church is at 5305 it. Zion road., off. 340 West Frederick. Or. Boys wrote columns for Usa today. Or. Boys has defended positions on the Sally Jessy Raphael show the Jerry Springer show. Crossfire Abc nightly news. Lbs morning news and others. Cato tin grads service set an ecumenical baccalaureate service for graduating Cato tin High school seniors is scheduled for Friday june. 2. The worship service will be at. In the Basilica of the National shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. 333 s. Seton ave., Emmitsburg. The service is sponsored by the Thurmont minister rim and the Emmitsburg Council of churches. The Sermon will be delivered by the Rev. William h. Peacock or. Pastor of St. John s evangelical lutheran Church of Thurmont. Officiants will be the Rev. Ronald Fearer of Elias lutheran Church Emmitsburg and the Rev. Robert prior. C.m., of St. Joseph s Catholic Church Emmitsburg. Jill Valentine a member of Elias lutheran will be the Lector. Musicians will be Erica Eiser Barry Coulby. Jen Jurley. Marianne Martin. Melissa Ridenour. Elizabeth Ritz and miss Valentine. Jen Watson will sing a Solo. For information 447-2367. Summer ensemble scheduled the summer ensemble from Clearwater Christian College will minister in song and personal testimony at people s Baptist Church on sunday. May 28. At 6. Clearwater Christian is a fundamental. Bible believing Christian Liberal arts College in Clearwater. Florida. The Church is located at 6648 Carpenter Road Frederick. Covenant players to perform covenant players an International repertory theater will per form sunday. June 4. At 6. At Fredericktown Baptist Church. My. 194 and adventure ave. Walkersville the group uses every thing from Light comedy to heavy drama plus science fiction biblical characterizations and More to present messages of the gospel. For information 898-3256. Music evangelists at Lewistown Sally Al. Music evangelists will join Lewistown United methodist Church in worship sunday. May 28. At. Music will include such old favourites As sentimental summertime and Manah Sung with new life in the gospel. Or. Don boys interfaith Aid group fulfils needs of blast victims by Pat Gill land the daily oklahoman Oklahoma City even after they be received assistance from the Federal emergency management Agency the red Cross and the salvation army victims of the Murrah building bombing May have unmet needs. An interfaith organization formed five Days after the bomb ing Hopes to fill that Gap. Headstones for Graves Money to cover insurance deductibles these Are among needs met thus far by interfaith disaster recovery for greater Oklahoma City said interim director Carol Michelson. The nonprofit organization was convened by the Oklahoma conference of churches. Leaders from Church world service and witness the Relief of the National Council of churches of Christ in the a. Brought together 40 representatives from Baha i Christian islamic and jewish communities for the inter Faith Effort. Michelson said Fema officials and the red Cross assisted Church world service in starting the interfaith Effort. Interfaith Volun Teers work at the How to submit articles the Frederick news Post invites you to submit articles and directory information for inclusion in the religion Section published saturday. For the Church directory you should include name of Church address time of worship services name of pastor and number for congregation members to Call. You also May include Sermon title times when choirs will sing names of Church members participating in services and information such As sunday school. The information sent in will be published every week until changed. This information needs to arrive at our offices by thursdays at noon in order to be published in saturday s religion Section. Religion news. The Frederick news Post. 200 e. Patrick St., Frederick. My. By Tel fax 662-s299. Cross service Center at Shepherd mall Here. Michelson said the religious leadership joined in the Effort because of the love and Unity shown by oklahoman in response to the bombing. It was just almost like one thought one prayer one need. We All met together and said let s join Michelson said. Officers Are Khali Dana Baha i. President the Rev. Mel Truiett Episcopalian vice presi Dent Susan Lewis. Catholic Secretary and Lura Cayton Christian Church disciples of treasurer. Interfaith disaster recovery s Board meets each tuesday. A Community at Large meeting is planned for the second thursday of each month at Catholic charities. Michelson said the Organiza Tion s work is expected to continue at least two years to handle unmet needs that arise from the bomb ing. Programs will include direct financial Grants family spiritual and mental health counselling and support and advocacy for critically injured unemployed and Home less people. Besides meeting specific needs interfaith disaster recovery will also support general spiritual and mental health needs. For instance the group is planning an interfaith memorial service in june. Although interfaith disaster recovery began using the Oklahoma conference of Church s nonprofit tax exemption so we could hit the ground Michelson said interfaith Board members expect to have their own tax exempt status. A search is under Way for an executive director so that Michelson can devote her time to the Oklahoma conference of churches where she continues As a staff member. Michelson said interfaith disaster recovery has received donations from Faith groups locally and nationally. A pastor from Hawaii sent Money to pay for headstones. Specialists from other states helped the new organization set up its computer and organize its casework. The organization is hooked into the computer system authorized by gov. Frank Keating. For information about interfaith disaster recovery for greater Oklahoma City Call or write to 2200 Classen blvd., suite 1300. Oklahoma City of 73106. Summer evangelists ice pops Sun screen by David Briggs a religion writer some churches basically take the summer off alternating services with other congregations that have been thinned by vacations and the lure of beaches Golf courses and baseball games. But the arrival of warm weather will find Mem Bers of one Church washing windshields giving away ice pops and filling Bird feeders. The acts of practical christianity Are part of a year round conspiracy of kindness at the Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati. Instead of handing out tracts or preaching from Street Corners the Church follows a biblical Model of evangelism based on gospel descriptions of Jesus serving others from feeding thousands with loaves and fishes to washing the feet of his disciples the Rev. Steve Sjogren. Church pastor says. In present Day Cincinnati that Means free gift wrapping of thousands of presents at a local mall Dur ing the Christmas season and More recently feeding parking meters and cleaning Public bathrooms. Summertime May find Church members giving away sodas at youngsters baseball games distributing surplus vegetables from members gardens or washing cars. In general summer is a time when people Check out in terms of Rev. Sjogren said. We be always seen it As a time to go when Rev. Sjogren arrived in Cincinnati a decade ago the Church tried traditional methods of evangelism to attract members. After two years. Rev. Sjogren said the Church was averaging 30 people at sunday services. That s when they began experimenting with what he Calls servant performing practical acts of kindness and leaving Only a card with the Church s name on it. Today. People attend sunday services. What they found Rev. Sjogren said was that As the Church concentrated More on simply serving people and less on talking them into joining unchurched individuals gravitated toward the Church. People ask us who Are you Why Are you doing Rev. Sjogren said. Everything we literally tried to Jam Down their throats they re asking Many people Are still taken Aback when members offer services. We actually kind of destroy caricatures because not Only do we not ask for Money but if they do offer us Money we say no Way Rev. Sjogren said. When Church members walked into a bar recently and offered to clean its toilets the bartender looked at them and said. Do you need a drink or but As Church members were cleaning the toilets some 30 people from the bar went to them to find out More about what they were doing. Rev. Sjogren said. And recently a Man who had been Given a soda at a stoplight said it was the third time in a year he had been served by the Church. Rev. Sjogren said the Man told Church workers i m beginning to think about god in a whole new summertime becomes a special Opportunity for evangelism according to Rev. Sjogren. Author of conspiracy of kindness published by servant books in 1993. In an article in the May june Issue of ministries today Magazine. Rev. Sjogren offers 10 hot outreach ideas for summer including giving ice pops to Chil Dren offering to Spray tanning Oil on Beac goers and mowing lawns for the elderly and invalids. Amazingly we have grown every summer except Rev. Sjogren said. We always say. It s great weather let s take advantage of biblical archaeologists debate How much to go by the Book by David Briggs a religion writer what do these stones Joshua the dead sea scrolls. A fragment of a Stone Monument containing the first non biblical reference to the dynasty of King David. An elaborate ossuary con Taining the Bones of a first Century Man with the same name As the High priest who handed Jesus Over to the romans. There has been no shortage of startling discover ies in the Field of biblical archaeology during recent decades or even years. The past 100 years have added quite a few Cen Turies to the understanding of the development of the Jude Christian religious heritage says Menahem Mansoor. Founder of the department of hebrew and semitic studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison. But there also is a sense that much work remains to be done to unlock the secrets of the biblical world say a group of archaeologists and scholars writing in the May june Issue of biblical archaeology review. Examining their Field s greatest achievements failures and challenges led archaeologists to agree that they need to spend less time digging and More time publishing their findings. The Long wait for the unpublished dead sea scrolls is Only one example of the failure of Many peo ple in the Field to publish their findings in a timely manner scholars say. The greatest failure of biblical archaeology is the Lack of sufficient final reports on said Mihai Mazar. An archaeology professor at hebrew University s Institute of archaeology in Jerusalem. Many excavations carried out in the near East including Many in Israel remain some scholars also expressed the need for greater teamwork rather than Competition in the Field. "1 wish to Sec the Day when pure research will be carried out by those individuals in the Middle East whose Only concern now is adjusting archaeological i finds to political ideas or concealing important Evi Dence from their political said Yaakov Meshorer. Chief curator of archaeology at the Israel museum in Jerusalem. And if no one is calling for a return to the Days when Well intentioned adventurers would head off to the holy land with a shovel in one hand and a Bible in the other to prove the historical truth of scriptures an Issue that remains unresolved is How much to rely on the Book that is the reason their vocation draws such widespread International interest. Biblical archaeology s greatest failure is that in some cases it still depends too much on the Bible for interpreting finds rather than considering artefacts As an Independent historical record according to Paula Wapnish. A research associate in the anthropology department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In the final analysis biblical archaeology cannot be expected to support the biblical record in every respect or to bolster religious Faith writes Bernhard w. Anderson adjunct professor of old testament at Boston University s school of theology. The he said has the modest but extremely important task of keeping the biblical interpreter in touch with the social historical and cultural world of the past which demands consideration by those of us who want to hear what the biblical texts say to us other scholars say archaeologists should take care not to discount the Bible even As other evidence is pursued. One of the greatest challenges in the Field of biblical archaeology is to give the Bible greater historical credibility in interpretation Keith Schoville. Pro Fessor of hebrew and semitic studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Why should we be severely sceptical of the human events recorded in the he asks. Let the Art of archaeological interpretation be balanced by an appreciation of our greatest literary artefact the Bible a work written by honest god Jeanng religion briefs aids advocate honoured Columbia. A a South Carolina aids advocate has received a nation Al health care award for his efforts to expand Community services for people with the deadly disease. Peter Lee of Columbia director of the aids ministry of South Carolina Christian action Council recently received the Robert Wood Johnson Community health leadership program award. Or. Lee exemplifies the kind of Community health Leader we to Honor with this said Catherine m. Dunham Community health leadership program director. He is tenacious caring and creative in finding ways to reach those not served by the traditional health care or. Lee s aids ministry oversees aids care teams based in Church congregations. The teams in 40 churches with 500 volunteers across nine denominations provide support services such As food shopping transportation and companion ship. They fill needs other than medical by providing someone to listen care and help with the business of said or. Lee who used to work at the department of health and environmental control s Center for health promotion. Or. Lee said he would use the award Money to help expand the aids ministry As Well As creat ing a healthy communities foundation to encourage Community leaders to assume responsibility for improving health care. Bishop reaches out Portland. Maine a recalling his final Golf lesson the Rev. Michael Cote said the pro assured him he would go to Church the following sunday if the priest Sank a Long putt. I looked up and said. This is your Chance and i Sank that laughed Bishop Cote the newly appointed auxiliary Bishop of Maine. While his specific duties have not been decided the 45-year old Bishop Cote said his Mission will be to reach out to All people not just catholics. For contemporary people i think the Christian Church has a lot to Bishop Cote said. The hunger for truth the hunger for meaning for human acceptance divine acceptance the meaning before death these Are As great in any heart be it Catholic. Non Catholic Muslim or one with no he said. Gambling proposals criticized Wheeling. A a leading opponent believes that legislation to authorize Casino gambling in West Virginia will not get any further in the 1996 session of the legislature than it has in the past. The Rev. Allen Fisher pastor of the Stone presbyterian Church in Elm Grove. Ohio county and a member of the West Virginia Council of churches believes that Gam bling proposals Are losing steam. A did t even go As far in 1995 As it did in 1994." Rev. Fisher said. A Casino Bill passed the House in 1994 before dying in the Senate. This year the Bill was pulled from the House Agenda before any Vole was taken. It is not a rising tide it is a falling Rev. Fisher said monday. Bill pern a Charleston lobbyist who has worked for grim bling supporters he past two legislative sessions last week said another Effort will to made in 1996. But he said there no longer will be a High profile big budget Effort such As the riverboat gaming commission Rev. Fisher said gambling destructive to the econom and it is damaging to Pat a new spa Peri Ikus papyri ;