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News Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 1, 1864, Galveston, Texas 11 o  i i l a my it la -j3 i in a it a pie Vilagut jul us until a it a a m rim May in Ople i to so a i j a. A a a flip and Virginia Tring out their b it i ?3 that major 0 " it j or Sirj. A Ray oops Iii a it a v o \ . fraud i. 1 u Uil to i 11 atm a  \ v. And ii Cui i Bibi i ill ii u. A Oti Iii i Ortii. A a a a i \ , Sou Blu to. 01. Tiara tvs thai inv Iiona . Leatrea Chamoun. South i incr i inc Juon with i in % byte de h .  a not a it. J hot avy j uus. ? i   Woight Iii Sta damaged but tightly. Tir a woj Ntim the Rob bad themos it i. Vil end Tow my Teit two Othar. \ let a from Sha oi8e�r the n a a Juni Twenty la pm a re ill no on Tea a born 9,t All t Murii t Rlou by do my a i r 3 Iti 11 i i hell liiro.i.-., us i a it slim n ready. Am so Ituau but v ".?Yor re us Kif. From too , a tet negroes some in cd fax to it null Toivio youn8 mos ,.p,k. Lull a Chi and r i to i ii i Itin i a lit or li7\ a i kill ,j3p.evi?, May Juth Toufy Tonj lie Taoh weight to Lighton Chw we Ohio a Dao Agad that the .111 to Bat Littig m i Fly so we til to soil Lluhi in a. Pm a except for the Iron. All the Iron amount to tier Sta . 5 in d9mrvjnff 90 a. Jet arrived from i a a country pm a Taabor Valu-1 n a a Tami l be. Oft has s her the River. At a Wian a a no a at Good ump will also to saved. A mtg m 9 a Vij a i a,n0t �.eiv9ll a , from Gen. Maury to in to Rte 0 boat ahava Yat passed our Batter la on j ? Suc tata Mark d Tor Rojs tha it is Ivy 8t�d As they Are without guns and to rth a War ii re no he it to other Means defense their Only Chance o i escape is a boat having Dona Mol. To run the Gauntlet. Ai there la now plenty a u run id Gnu Nikki. Ai insure la now Enty a other ambition than m . Ter la tha wet below owing to wok Walar from the ?0" rat Tood 1 was �7an?lt.n." ,0r Milia Lippl. Which i. Con Derahl on the Rise thare i for tue Mio to tl11 Lyrl it a in Uay out a Staab. " at twi the Linin ii i?i4iaont on saturday 00pa Alta Ocoin Cli re i to writ Toliu Onia . In sea oms sly r a  a in a a i Tea in Iti sports taken All in All too a Nemy a Nili itary Ops Attora in tha Trana Maala Auppl ,0 Salea a tin 100, a Bra eng those thrown into thy v a damaged at Altha Wyrla together with Boic a Jiuu i j in the a Sld. Taa number email Utalia out 5 u 4 Fri Zivny w to a a Taruas. Man thou 10 7 i .1 a Aslly in a Lua o. i,., ,.f to to. In Gib u Cucui Ziuni Juon Tek ski Ona a. Friio to. Bot Triy we Statius Al Therio it Tod que ciut�4 ii to Rte it Tail int. A a a Jan tar la a a. Iol Nad. Qtuk9 0 k. U .7 j u a Abby Jat euday 1 a Vaut. ton la t. Ͽ�8pfclaly in the Foj i the ii a. ,. May a. A co ii &4riiai\ or Una. Gordoa la rect ny�t�rda7 among and shul ii. A Tiu a by re Bat Haan Atabong on i h i 1 irs -1 to i i a it Aen to its 3saou- South fio Hado Halo he. Which is Acao 4i muss he it no King a Batch. Tic a Lavaei lately ats Ted in tha v o Sui had Iha Gina Talag Torta part and i Sll log Ona the pm the renegade to Joe Havi not n ll�4�jtnds a i l Iii r a i i by d a it a Janto daa to a a Salty Fli a tombs in mob 2it-i v a. Jaa is Rociy a i i 01 i in no to a Nair country and Thal Rood. John a licit Al. To. A a cry d. A Feli Lod Aad Diroa a a a la Aici i a t o ii Trio a i Ouaas oms its ii late it fit at Ftfe Tiava Law Vii a aerl a Reaola Tiona adopt at a Inlet in co Lattany Stisya Tori Soitry in r. I Atoji Todaroo a tue a Eli and John i la Waater said company who Wera Morl Aliv Walt Index la tha. Fight and died tha n it Day. Tessa Ara tha oni a had our use is brightening on Brave i names either killed or wounded we Bave Awn. Boja 1c Feu Lalaya a Arkansas have won unfading the resolutions adopted by tha company speak us Paar Eli. Bat our soc sea Bave a to dearly Pur High terms the Good character the Haas Atid or Little town or to neurons eur Nobie darn St and gallantry in Tho ii Chargi Loia two Noble but ians Lieut. Ool. J. W. Poo tha Feray which Ibea their he a. The " " Prate 1. A top i tha Foi wet fell at a a pm a a halt desp a empathy web Tea tas Luei a command Nobl leading thata on to ind Rio Ndu tha deceased. A would gladly pal no Wmk pvt Shad on we captured red i red Viu Toty. 1 to latter Ettla a Patriot Al Dora grave on i a a re Simiona but for the what Ofia Oai i Vious. Ten Agado and thief tip a at Ozirus tha Banka at bail a River. How Many More our t Uhi uti. 421 Eva my a Deaper Adoca a a. At Iha rave Citina will be Agar faced upon the altar a Ftp via have received a letter giving a Aoa Sawutz a i 0. H , who la a Largo Best Chat Ristorto tha Tan i Tea lot to a a hey foam Bava Vangut t thu Cleir Halir a. S.n.1 pro -,  a " 1 military and Cut Lens. The order lbs 8. 8., Aito wards tora Down on oar forces a by a they rat Lemarl Mastt no n in. Subit Antill old. Wow j formed part Iha mrs. Bourry and to at Marl sound on the 6ib, a i Vic i Ani let mfr a Model a old a to a 0� in a 1,0 oaf a a u6uu a a 5 a Otto to to Hli Handi work a m Down anti died i. Natwa can you Tell or can anybody Eita it great auth Lis Raviv and to c is Arkansas in 3 a 1 a in air a a a Aeiful conduct i immediately As is supposed from an Affa cuon thai Tell Why tha Cotton Bureau or military authorities Tantra who a Nula a thar a Uusita " incl Tiik a a a la Wii Hont Raterta Taaca in s Uia death occurred tha Day before the death or. Roll loud what use have they for it or Thoi Saar to. A Etna with Stonna oath arrival o ran-1 or a do in 0,d to a Bangera Fate mat be Pasoal Borden. They waa Befth among the earliest Hurra need Ootton Why they not collect tto in re a a Ian Btij Ade. A a rotted i a it Ari j i or a a a a a a Toi Ibex Horace i settlers in seats. Belr drat arrival being near forty tithe and use it instead taking one half All y j Tea Anturo command Cam into Camp on yesterday " and Basally withdrawn. Out a a was any Mill Vine Lieut and Twenty men Wera , s a. The Demy having massed a heavy for Ila Riv. ,\.f Dorky be. Four Una Battle a Doh v we. Icon Iii they would att Tut so Cany it v by Xhu 1mm, May h a used in it Ltd Ress reports have Leea ivc lived. Coeds Aalt Rocky fall i and so is -1�.  lag and was Tepa ised a lib net Suugiiu-.-. Wounded the enemy a ult drawn. Sataoa pro towers brought hero jts Rilay Octa .5ejsi a Era teen Grised a a to Treu s raid tit duals frogs data thu isor Alag a. Year a i. Both Theta old were universally that a sent u mar ctr Vox know an Good beloved and respected for their Matiy estimable reason for the a action will you please to Tva ii to allies and their memory will Long a cherished through your value the paper we feel it a an for their Eddy and consistent adherence to the i Nec enary Oppre Aioo to Lake to Ootton that or. Seed breaking tip Iuna Troat Pri Ucilla the right Alf government Beu there w no necessity for it. . Avea trn i arout having Leni lied in the Asp Urs Audi a the pro fit because i a Moat Active and Dahl Tatj. Eti Mica to in the state and in too i Sie it Lor . The major Iii Pihis. I m. Aft. I o. Through All the Aud revolutions Tex asian been aued to pass. Brat in t6j rat inf from the mexican despotism and last from that . A us a i yer was for Many years Bolef i at Wol ii. .�j"=-,3. A i it i Siho i 1i a thai fort hand county. Ihu ibo Mathi Vicry ii Tea Mana Factor will be a by be " 1 Tore Vocab Audens it a a Ece Yuqu Willm Voa used 1 is. Baa dual 13. Butk he to via a Laic j it a rail a &3�a by Belr i jut qty Oser i new yrs Haralz which o3ntal�. Cauca �a�tf6r it a Eif Sailor Cujic . A Tomt. A a Sll a ars authorised to Auto none sons re a Jilke Siim As a candidate for tha office do alb. Attorney for t i i at judicial pm Erlat Ald to  Auguat my. Top to Anau Uii 0.a. say ibo a a a Hington county a a Ca Juau for ajsod16i3 Jaag by sap Rojas Olarti
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