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News Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1900, Page 6

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News Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 1, 1900, Galveston, Texas Si., a a it v i . I. I a Oij i a s. a in i. A i a Uuie r. I a a i. Ii i ugh 3fi. I. I i i y is a i i a. F i. A 11 i si., a t i lit. Fil Inivie fill 1 i i i j i  stat Iii t v f u to i i r 2 in i 1 Illi a 4 i 3k. A lit 1  t us d \ k l 11i Luil ,.a hit uric hoc ii the r ii on Guildo tto Yea a Little Iii in in a travel k to Civit Icli t Aie ups Wals ii9�.ii v Vodnik to is. I go us u h i v i Jet i i 11is we Fujii Iwa Juu. It Iffe ii. A vat Foli took up our line of i attic at i. To t i. S Zeelo t i command Matt Iii Linton Road went into ramp Ai i rails for fuel. This in Carup March 2uh fourteen rebels taken by our cavalry. Took up our line of March As 8 . Marched 15 Miles and went into Camp about a mile and a Hall South of Benton on Saline River when our cavalry scouts leaned the reimels red on Thorn our cavalry Hiyi been Nakli Niehing with them nil Ilia Way through to thin place. Two our picket men Ware wounded Wihib eve eng any of the 1st Iowa cavalry and one of Liq Siili Iowa infantry seriously wounded. Camp no 2. I Friday March 2jth picket men died from their wounds. Took up our line of March at 8, . Roused the Saline River marched 5 Miles and went into Camp in the Wooda. On a Cree Diews Quarter rations. The weather Claar and Cool j Camp no. 3. I saturday March took up our 1108 of in Roh at . Marched Ili rough a portion of country a Hurricane had passed Over. The Limber j in Pine and Ai cast Down. I judge Tho storm track j to be about ten Miles weds. Marched 15 Miles and went into Camp near Rockport at 8, p. Seven Lebel taken Prie Onera. One spy taken at Gentoo Jrex sed in our uniform had in piers in Hon pocket i rebel Headquarters Catnap Ino. 4. Sunday March 27th took up our line of March a i 11, . Crosa cd the ouachita River one mlle irom Roc import South West of town marched i7tile� and went into Camp at 4, r. M., in the Woods Jet Tho East aids of a lieu on ouachita River i sep no is. I monday Trch 28th. Fot a up our line of Anarch Ujj j Iii a rear guard to Day Road is Rye Adby Archal 12 in Lea and went into Camp at 7,\ e id. On the East a Lda of a Field used rails Lor fire Wood still among the Hurricane Timber. Soli thin Lulu so Wasu Viand and red Clay. Fact of tha land very Tony Idrew Quarter rations. Camp no. 3. Tuesday March 2wih took up our lire of Anarch a at 7, . 3 id Iowa in front crop nod Tea Caddo liver at 1am marched 10 Miles and went into  amp on the North Side of arli Adelphia. At 2, ?.m. A had foraged Home very Good meat and a Good Many chickens. We had puppet almost ready and a Oma Wera eating when tha Horn sounded pack the 33d Iowa was ordered Hack these Ruiloba o guard Thi baggage train. We Mads the three Litile a thirty minutes with our Knap scow on or backs and our Suppes crammed into our Haver acky chickens and All. List in attack it tit ii Rig it at Daylight. Wednesday March Iii ii a a Yarup no. V. In u a of in i i Iii i Iii  a ought in today v. U by two isow it a Okadel Phil i. Friday april ii. to. U Phi us Hin Alveti Piui try Gaza i i n la a a Creek tto Utti of Iino Ridge Ana i fire Goniu Jil i Ucli i. . Camp no. A sturday api n cd ?.vi. A a. F Ard to Strain so to Aci tug is rear had. 41 Tal pcs 12, a were attack to in Tho rear to "000 rotors. Tic car Sli i or is i d r ? i i t 1,4 4.,.ft. Re Elfio fur a i 431 u 1 Ita 1 ? c 1 k t % if  or has i .1 1 ii or 1 and la .1 ,1 ii 1 Vii Taay weak a ii ii i a u 1 uni Rem i ii if. Or Tii lies uis i Ratill ii i runic a Tfir 1 r Uch line shouting. Then our men would raise and .ftnrni1. Holh a. A the head of a body of negro troops Burne Khajir t \ a tid staged without fear of Knght Wom tha. I the of arses of tha feeble Loktu whoa hot imm the 9 \ detonated. In thl. The Field rtferr�4 to or it in to located at Milliken t Bend where be Opportuna at i4 Toon to Kave rival of an Low regiment Only Sattl the negro Gar Rison from dying from . Tundas and Inuma a Usu a nit c i of in Emu bit our to the enemy s . I think Lawn the. I a a a y w in this they i a f . At pret less sight 1ver.aaw. Our line a. From or. I a vol 8"d As entirely too . By i Tain with v penal a. Or octet us to to All a can to that la Ihu array nude uni j at Wiloh to b. La courage. If Ureal another Volley from Tho infantry. The enemy would then fall Back. They made three charges in this Way in the night. Camp no. 1". Monday april 11th-hot cod of Lor breakfast drank Contee Aud in Lino of Battles. Companies d and 1 in skirmishing line All Day. Drove the no my Back three Milee. Then they opened their artillery on a. One thing i must mention a Shell came from a rebel gun struck the ground in front of our there Nat distance Ovita a Mileto of Tvr dark i by More he a 1,�,b,"n.ed up t0 la of they would Halloo at us to come on you soap of Hewiue a has ow1?. I attention to Iron. A one. Cum. We Luo , no cd in a we by Lii Tad Dags. Line bounded Over struck the. Ground in our a two or my a donated. He has already raid busted hurtle. A one. We held , i8�, b0?y/ d?c?tl0 " d1 to a ,f.btt.kismliea. Tusyet. we a Obe Ermily it. Charge of any 3 Iho a a tha usual Hospital supplies. Such a a Taiton of mercy catgut a it udi with every encouragement i tout our it Tufts. If properly aided tha Good tint he us to Lea a other expo a i to imm neat danger. Such canc Stratton will f a i it a Zefi so Oliy slow and we. Tooting a a of coir a of no Supply Joan asset Notri nieu a Uhlly As fast a cd oar 6u�b�-t Outania i a nearly if to fully equal i. Is. A 111 in i h .4uii ill a we to i lip 5t i. A ii trait to u ,1 i t ill6 void Hiliu to i no. I i t it a r Tuil a Hwa a. A Tidia t sent for or. , ii i nil a v ii 1. ii i the Trp Jaa from tire Luta till oof Riu Zuj u  thut tha i in of tha ups Hotal Uloa is to t  i., v. I v i Fly Rte to i i i , a a ih3 Rota Ihu it it is 18 a pair in t. Iitai.�. T a Iii re Mir re i a a t i i,.- a Mill w p j j c t in Light fit or up. The i in mss. I i Iii a a if. A ii is. A i, in. A. 11 a i Aust two Ticu a v Oas cd and two . Its Civ in us cd  tray had tha exact Deatanie and Scoy i ii san a Reg at la acing s3. On of r a of us bursts Al Eric no Oil 0.029 of 03? Guam. Roi a foot top Ces Wand wound.1 a 1 ? c  i Tass a a Jiler. Ai of la ? v Twisy Iii i Giro Tullous pro Stii i 4ctca any if or its .?.-, pcs so Liitt j3iu a 3 the a a i cry in i Vii a i it Ihu s a 3 Ecat iyar.  irs c p will . .".11 it to wisc gig their Iuka to a ii the 7 hat to do. Attu i u3.1 Sakes Tot cards i laci6 about for Butlre then Zaic in r�ffl8ta i in h j Feir to Feea tto b�u3t� Bi it Lii , tha sisal. Year eur set the tw3iapi.- a i i a a at Fyod be its c Yanoc urn. Up Jim Arda tit Static a or Rositor

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