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News Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1900, Page 5

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News Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 1, 1900, Galveston, Texas I a. U .-. A m t i 3h i pm Gvist act. A be or Joe toe 8he ? cams. A of in a i Iti Isatel tar a my re 8 id i j in at1 to i i it to j i i i i 4 in us la urdu a ji30 aim i to in in Ltd int. In i a a to looking a a Lomi i  a to l pi1 i lit i i a i us the i the Advt Tribune  the uth says. We Prmt Elia were Loo and graphic Itsuki tha Lata Battle m Western Louisiana derived Rem n. Or my papers Ami other sources. Al hey will the read with interest As throw rat additional tight upon what a semis to Basi decided in mfr although cur try i .3 behaved Scall Nelvis Styli vict Sarlous 4t it test a ? 1�� n is stir 1held out a i1 "4i" j l i v a it t 1 1 i. A Ana the i 4is or lick a a a a s Sisac 5 in la j it ii  a ail us a i i i in was a n. A its Rich tips ,.- i tra not Nice try ii roof from if or a a a sails a r.3 3�f. 0�0. Ili a no t�2 of a a a of a or a. Text but Oit by to it i 4 fast Mai a lit a boy wet Lou Kutis in a it al i co a to tits a bldg Tea its Somsat -1 i tit sri cd Otbo in who kor Lettla Apo is sub j Liot. With or to pop Tuloa of 3v0 , we h4vi Lake a Fey la in nut a via. A Ai la Gior Vui al Storrs wire a a j la air to ii the try a a to i of Louls Kaa a to Lee Oak oaou3 for court Aud do tour Patna by for pjiro�sbe3 tin Lai Etlor of cur sin of rash Jiniv a tact. Old a a a Tod or ouch Rui Betl to a Setd my or sad to Ltd with East oits ii a to by Slid of strife tick a tit Vierec is in ota�4 Josl log tit Rock Rai blog we oct Toi Taco of a cd Narm the Unju a tit fit Tea soused Pirih of us Pidu.  -j,.pal�uok cat z�4dlrg sc30. To ski to ave re a a tsp of to to scid a us tie tests tsp Oia sue Ai Eydt it Tkv sgt fryc the a a Psi pics in of site As a s Clack 1 1 i i t Hatm ii ,. A at Jill i a i it profi win  know Tai we in i iia that i. A " is hot ii. T of-jtu�y4, he  no rat i prs 1 it riot a Majk a r.m.1The of vial ij4�tn 1 a Tii Tii 1 ,.e juju sunt s. Jui Viii .? Oil i their Hytti of Var re a a Cueria it Eutizi Aly it a i a Liila c or if Wiy. It sin Strati Jeat since the War by a of Lanwi j capita 1 rim tit Ert and j s i frs Val i / information. I Bey Alt admit a Heay a Fea. A Docu tent written by 0�a Banka and Multi to Aili a to he 14.0i.0aj to the Tama of Retreat Baci to ales id d Fin but the writer says they Hava Recelia Rel Sikir i Tori a Rioce that Date and thinks the1, loss will be double Tho above a inuit before the gi1-Bick Orleata. In at troops Are us a us to toe. Hid am Ribeir am . Hijji my a time Ynn Aee a Nespor a loa.ie-1 aft Tio p. Did us e Down the i ii88t�ipf to that 1 gun Ixia Aci Vii i , but. Are now below to. a Are firing into while troops Wuh out Ija Mafe h Termini is to i. Iri l i Isu niemits Fleet win Rua be May get i run Boata tha Way our cd Rrex Pond it a in a run Jiuu so mat .13 must Hij a he lost t 1 gun Wotan we anted at Camden we army corp above through a Tiaw plan Foiest of ,�, n, t. U., to below Alf her a Dovar k co Wagon an Oisiu i it merest Baa go far iras re had thru a tax Gam. I inc Ereat by so a trac. Al a put bettered Pau a la a Maturo. Tha two Uoo sea did 00 fit r-,.,a Oraan i until we in. to no n 11 at. I i Tilki y 0 a Vvs to Tieb yells a inc fiet Irra xae be leu a Artja a Vique open a org1 i i about Iii set of Talu j until wednesday Ubau a quorum was w Washington. Miller whoa Eoala Ufali to j Leati Aai and whoa a with Tevfel d e t e r 1 1. Re 1.1 re b i 11 h Giu v Rani in we a. La tens a Ibi i i 1 put Iti f. At j�rv.-1 dsajsrov.3 in i or " i a .r.0,.,u to 5gon to i a dui  tii8 Uttie Gro of fsr Cai be. Ff0� this place Aud 1 Les where tvs takes Ara paid. Uco a e is " or 4 a 1811 a a a i 0 Frey old lria.-a to. Rive we us to level huh Jyh Oaty we that Bat passed to i i Jasa Rosr so its or Carat Bra. To Flat co Paule railed i a a sooty Par life a Thi , Ware fats i Uremakl it Ivhon is Chw m is Sorn i we Luty i Utmos of a Ilses is Kuon of oozy Fly or a a a try of ask Tessa the oath Aad icy a Toai who aed Tsa Isi pests of Juicy pity j the cafe Darroy tour Ihu of its we i i iat Sof thae were j in jmj Otti i of pupa ii it Siatos but cos i to poll Wuo Travo hatae aug no prior tote a. Iii of ."6�t. Vij but Titi of Moray Liu Kyj a so il4jf, two the it o that toot Thau Thara a a plug Tauare. Oilers devoid of my Puoci la att that of Lute Mai at Luru they net a had the All bust Tutt Uince to the Aad rant. Tto posit Lou pc Owa. By the Ruig a to my a of Auu i Hove ath was Takao by a vary  Good Tii uni Utt a Iid Thrift of Statius Usu act isl h aut lit Elf of �.�. A a Tifei Utu t,.itiiio ,.r pump to Wiko to wit stg Fdl has of la boost Taru Roux Aud la Luata us last to Ovi upal Tatu to a Taku by us i a i act to their hated . I will i to Oak of a of Parish As.e�.wt Erlih to i bean a Good a al Ata dared but tit about leg mat Sigo of jul Attica i avast Prsa Tua by hot 4�o�03 is a Laua Aud Withy Sugai Tath. Wits a Lif fluid Whit Povur Latroa had it try Large 53�ht of Blask ,ot_af9 of a h u2 5s. A of raw Tursh Cau or won i Puiu in Tau in to. Way cutting off ii a 4. To Adi waa orcstr.ont�. I a rebate Haa Forssi in j ships i a no a a Taos he to Leagie a Vang thah a and tha Apex Piat to a. Canc i. Arad Aace s Archt a iut in a a slag tic la a Logi of the i Tsi of Sithar std Niigata Ihor it Chi Freri rapidly connect ii so Vickii to the c t z Iii Risager the Battari pc Tiu us tvs d. Casst sodas if Roll Era a wars sow pr6.i, to atari Alt Taa Osra Aoi ctr. Ilia Obi Igo Sissy Toiuo was i pm und Ata i Asi Lato Stea that a i her Ofil cers iad Neil lat the Haode of the Tusay. Frt Queatie a and j Jou a Day Thath Day lilo i us array corp "5co mid,-1 print att wind Oca. 1 a d v4valry Ino Saliou the by twirl i . Weie to / forces la Adra Wagon it Ila to a Siuki sap re not it t i 1 the ice Els retreated to Goteti pts Olp Tatu i Tio to tit Tat Raat to Kara ail Jeser Puou to a a was it a i in thu Panaou it a Laititi i was wounded 1.1 the Tot hut a if the Deid a. , to la Trouil "1 he hum Supply to to a a n a on Feliy was on Allt Lett a the . Token in i a i b uie i Lulea ". D Flat ii Astuy flip Tams i. La a i. Virji i .1. Ii. La Forward and a adva a red to make p. Suvit was Tuttie. L Iii 001.4. I1 0 it i i Iii 1 3. M a 1 i of. To. No a11 i 1. T l 0 Lif d i. C 1 .-1 ii. E ,.u j Alt web a ii 7 v Ulf in i1h/1 Fca Caty to Ause i i Obb in a on or a Mardei in lbs al or a Vav duty. My of the Bush Xieo ale Ablog it full ill then til to tug l a is wild 1baui.9.a if a Side rhe Battle Aid ljj1�js Nora he Cibij. T heat a ,s Fichti the Ute t Sead you with. T. O t .1,1 i i t Niit in you i 10/ Kolii uni a Side Vaitoa they Ara i e Lav a of at Aguot late a a used through if tre. To via an it  a lids of Liloon. A agg a and fluid Tell of t o it to us Oil inv 1- to. T is i  i ii sets to Oil ".ueion, Wero heat it . I to Tii / c s 30 i. To 000 . T them att i Coja Tandu j we. It i Iii try a a a Uio a. In. To tto a Putty a Patriot a i it i. I it a flow Mcmoil to i Hitti of pit to d in. I. .11 a Tho in ii tier of Ruut in i i i to is nil Vii the  in to term yrs Ter Lay Werc at my is Frei ked Tiver tul 1.j.j f i 4-i-lt.ttt a a too. thai he a a "1 0 tug l a l i Tho Uit i a.-, Ouis l Ort to Oil ii Tiff a unit it t a 11 j. Volt i i Alu Joutsi Gwi. , t to la Vav Dudte a by to. at a Tii t Tho it 11.3 of it a Vii a untie i in i i i vhf Luiu l Sio tha no a of the to to Ai us a for be Soas co acted by a Teglar court Martinii 0 the crime of desertion Ara Osato Ted to Casorla Pailen tiry Force year or Mora thurs will face time lot in a to Ion through with the task ass. Is i understand that Opoka fair division of All Tua fac ii a the h3i.ij of tha Aon Rabla Mem feers Tharo sear cily Ayoub i wait oar fittest Days Aad a residence hrs sv5b for this Piatt will Pei Home to Taik Huxta. Spescia is becoming the Bra award heir for Alec it Avery thing. I Ironald Comtabad Taine Hist Strynar to your for less i. Aoto tha Ditl Suity of proc diag pro Aikaa Aud Tho exo Bibaut Pricia of tha cats a ii i Ca the Pitt Iii Price Fot Hoard built Aii hair Frodi a to 3 Vouis wifi Koa a a tto ii a mls Lar 09 t Paulb it Tkv t Bep Bulteau gives lbs Parlin Olar to ids ii 1 the Luli Ider a child turn is a Oata. A a a a t Rev e. T i a p.tfy 1 k Yokee Soldier i a in a Init Choto .iauk-,1 i"., of that of Utji Bui a utile l a. Ziy t. , whom he had Auasi .ie.Iii.ii. Ait. S the in cavalry Leader general a. To. Tet Kiin a 1-.my " Gnu eff. Nar Arad -,.u Tho Tinly. La Iii in of Chilli n Ovioe visited to a House of my. . O d . Of to ate the Vehiki wit Jii it waa by Yukht Tuo their i lest Ioe they Deli i shot hit dead i a a a a the those thaa us Kaarti the it til t tie Siote. I the let la Ina Ocet. A Jinil of Tui Eon 01 a Lileto a Mieia. Disco Stog in Flat Ole i a h to if Tho. Deio Oua. Taa Tai Tusi id unto. 1 Biu Ihei a Lite a of Nataa Viiar Lallu hat of a. Nov al to skat nails passing i Horas a ire a but Oriya Astly not injuring bet Tess 4 a Oulu Foai a Gaa Lemaa who shows tites. To to the in to to. And Cau Esu Blua uts at Jcj t3�Iii,

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