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News Bulletin Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1900, Page 2

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News Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 1, 1900, Galveston, Texas Oran a. Wis 1 if Al. " i t wards co. F3.i iia ii vhf a a i Rise a Roi is a i " a Itie enemy litha whale Tad have landed at the sum i anew a Milit Aries. Ui9 Rtin a i i a 3 4 i i i i r. I i a might have big a ii avoided a share Sra Grilj ten or to re . Ool. Raham had the a Tenti of a a i min i  , a a in Sudgi a i a Ita i 1 win a ate Way to this department unit several lilt it Cobus. Lie Dou atlese hid Poetee Loii m a number or Imper Tam documents. It is a morn that be bringing Over copies of tha recent sen i Oon Jrae and that a had Tuite a number of it sets and perhaps Money n Erc s n usin i i of the River. The party that it in 1i i m a. A Aat of miserable \ Eek a he Fri j ,1 i t Fri put yet strange to i i Pont i n i a a  a bringing Over to Belsis of w j pm i 1 urn to above Salen pm a Ai Dinv i \ tiam and hta two it min i a Ivy  Gage out of the Akin in Tiia tvs j a. \ i i Ujj Lama upon Sham giving them no Chine of Maui to sry truly. Yours. F w. I so a Omic i a u. I u a it War u a Grotti Dwork of All i Harv Moio. A note he to Rew inca the Ama Ili rough the a a.  it sagas. Tea Graal Luls a i r1 1 1in Ca and f radar Lack were Parmi a i i Man than Piat aaa and face Accra of it Hasa of the holed of and Tea Plains of Paunae wits Tea Taa lira Aad pro nip in a eat in Eft Atsa Oldie Fermat legs t.r.,i n Iraln Enlar that Gate feeding age Sal he ii oui i i do Fly Ted from Abb Fandasia entity Tuk a r rat will Dartlon tha pro plea of War a a a Niort to Ali i. Map wily. Tama Pron Cilta Mui the habitually i sir Tod thay cannot a tag by. No Genera Ever a pretax in Bli Anost a Alvo Buttes by Rosie Piave Dali land with at and Apps Renoe Ftp Poison at i Briltz to la Italy a a Ofta in Bli later a allot Fibey Bagana of Savoy a goo t Aan ertl us Vised Vita the. Itty tha Presant Organ Littlon of Kuropcak Eira Ilos. Raat Faaifo fruity Pravati. They Olling More or less v Toutt to Tea Hynz pc la ii i Terni u,.wltl a oat of diem tall formation in close column it to Etui of operation in tace Laid. . Farnet of War under Tea directory Ratni faced Tala system in the French Arma. A l i Ftp is ref Napoleon s in Oon Curr no in i Wuy Varr cd oat Andar bit to perfection. At a Battle of Jena Napoleon ton my i h i aur Polaa thai tha 1 Nisa ians had a i Ioc Ted Itic to Sui is of the great red Erick the Buna of armm fort Natrona also tha close Colburnii. The jparatlon8 of the Arm Laa of the confederacy have Mueh in Coso Oum with those of tha French revolt Ila Arr War. Orfa Altamon sad la Ciprina Arane Ileo Taa. And it Maat be almost impossible for our1 a a try Jato exact pro aptly any Plana or com-1 Olaa Tlona. It Agama we Nare lost alight entirely of the Wall eat Ablahad Pron Ciple of War far it a i by Fattma and fori Aalona. Tactics must conform to thaae. What la All military science and Iha pre Ara Tlona in .js o Noam for to Hajj tin j to aug Iliad a Timas of War As h a to ii hit a parties organisation ind Dot ill a u r " i 1 i Only in the Andy of military a a s m ii Cicada Eppli Carloa of la Ciprina and Mia i i a Anrica in the Laid Trtat of Fly a a can form pm Jerra themas Tea and their com Inanda. Tiol Lara of Europa an arts Ian find a Weer Lieut for study Aad improve Matt in military a ends. Tuna to study la of interest and Nacsa sary for Crory Grada. There ambition prompts it for with Aat it Ultra la no promotion and no Success. There it required of officers to report any Liaro Rapant la tact Lea a otherwise that they May Aone Atira. With us it la unfortunately different. Iatha Flat instance the study of our military is strictly Ean fled to certain printed forma Devery int perfect system of tactics. No Varia Una is panel Tad and right or wrong our officers till not leak beyond it. To know the forma and Para the words by heart la All that la required Taw though find even this necessary and silk less care about it for with us Success does not it Pandoa knowledge and exp Sileace. The improvement then and reorganization of Tea Cun debate armies ought to begin with the off Cere Keirh Salaam and temporary lamp Aires May some Bat in All auth Case enormous Paar Tass of urea and blood Mast make up for do ship ital aa4 Estasa. Avra the first Well tattle in history the Battle of Marathon demo astr Taa Bow for rape Lorit in physical strength May be Papas sated and Ditc Laliot a  a it be Labare Beta wc�rt8ls?a by this time that tie aim sary arty Palrei scat it7 5y ?speri93.ce. Tir a y s i r t i six 1 c j Tii a t j r upon  Vej n x u Tun a i t f a he 4 j 1 i posed of be very b u . I �.-.,�� i a t-.-. A meets in lne Ivul Doc Csatlos i a a a a i ought not to to risked is Ratoft we i n la a a. When storm Dir lines of Forslu a a a n w will Awni in i j t a i j ult i 1 ii i a ill / two such regiments Onu u. 11 -. I a command or a colonel. But withal disc Phil a a of i i tiri1. first ti4jl 1 of i a Iati ju3 4p 1 i i. I 1 Arm to a -. w a. Successful in Iii the to a or Tutu v.  Praise or census to Tuttsy ply i a a i i i to toil i r in i. To r t in t in i i iah"1 a j i 1 s i Ahki a set Jet. Ai re i. I 4 by 1u, i i to i Sierant Uit Talona of our army in Tia 1 rans i i i aim. R i i 1 i n 1 1 let Nihil other Wue Uit our Brave and a .-., li.0u9 i Jumikis of what j r u i i r i no. At t. 3 m 1 i t Al j r i i it is iu1 3 �3ry t Bic. Auar pm re if anti stricken J.J Ouatu a Liv Lait tax Flisrand Cru Anong the i1 u Uii inv Unn Atma a hold i p the he i a me Devil re cd a a i 1 i. I ill i. In 11 to 1 1 1 1 ii i i lil t 11 it 1 Wal it 1 1 1 t ii i h Elf 1 v j 1 1 t1 i to i i ii it i i to u i 4 i i t u in Volta a a ar Jn ? i t i Oitt j 1 j a u ii in slip 24th k 8 Kleia Iroma Jay i i t John 13 Hood of Piezas. Fratu heats urn a u. I i Akujor Joseph Wheeler of to f it ton Anderson of Fly from of birth Charles w trom i u i to 1-ht 111 Roll Foj a i of Ala. From Uay 3 h Jiff of a a. Tim May it .d Rotert Kansom of u. From Masc 1sc3 a v Stewart of from june 2d, 1563 we h t Walker Olga from May 23.1, i a Stu phen n tie of s 0, from aug 3d, 15c3 we Bolth Jot a from aug i i. I o a Cadmus m , v Ala from aug i. I3t 3wadi Limp in of 8 a from aug 3d, i a i Fitshugh Lee Day troja aug 3d, 1sc3 Hooili Sobh or of from sept in is John a Warco of Texas from nov. 10, i we t Martin u mils from no in 13c3 n b i Jerreat. I of , from dec i 180=. We it t on us of Lis from Leo ii Icylin. 2biacisii a Nehat Al ii Ciul Toa of v�., from Lii 1so3alien to Jonas at i a Rora Dale of Confori Patlonie i Harris of miss. Iron Jan. St tic 18m b i of Bors of la.,from Jan. Litis 1s54 cd Stevens of s. O., i i i store irom ii t Uzi to . I x a o if no we Wiiri. Iii i i _ i or a i i w r i  i in 11 j a u an i h i i a 11 j v r a .o.-. t 17 i Omsund of .1 5i out 11/i j i1 1 1 r q m ii. A t 1 in thed Congro Aeirial . To Asir the a ii juju of tax in kind run in i of co Iii rpt a under to late act i t ".Nso a or Arti Thi or mid to mis Ujiie initial site. A that a Luil can the v la a ii i n. Ind in do 1. Vii la a a i it san not l a it. Uty a Oil a c if j. Ii v St q m of to Saohie want in apply to l l 1 1l Ito i  in ii i it i n f Foj ii a x a Al out 1 m i Iti or m. I 1 1 i. 11-. Csc Lall Itie a .iwi0 Faolu Diotio la. A a ,m, so 1.7 tha regiment As an espr4j�ir.a it Lea at. 1 or Ciati ii r j ill t.  v a Row re 1.1 i into Texas i ice the us a nil in in i a jul Nib Rator upon the Fata. I l-4tiuk Lalton Dii-Aeij, therefore notice in .t-y a rat j in ei3qpir,3 males i ay�5mt. I a i Mith c. Airni5traf5r, int like Zirah iss. Ail�-t�r8w

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