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News Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 13, 1864, Galveston, Texas 3. 43 f a i a a of it Gujt sip we eng am fees i r a to ii Lias Njo i new to a i " t m Ary Tii a ". To j / kit c. A i i is i 1 h in i 1 1 i t j 1". I Jii. I nay to 1 in. of a. No of e?r-.,\., in. I f v j nil i is rectum Hamme m t n .t8m1 a the a Tito Vinia Tsvok if Munci in fist Frari  Light i y to 1 lil ii regard they Nave shown for All those which olvlllved nations Hava with Somann Coos tit pros Albed for the Observance of belligerent. On the other hand Many of the Federal Georgala have ostentatiously evinced a contempt or the code of Tere a a i in tints uni Carni on w Rocsii i travelled w i Ehi opened to the soldiers t a. Would not to dolt them Fustice to do or. At win born. West county there a said Cert Howe Bouali Alij a up Lars in ii 1 0"r"nf,o of lieu % 8  "1 v 1 w1 it which it would be Nec enary of for and pm sure of pc j a usar. H 1 no. May a 1"�rii0,"l1 to Mfd fut i n i t a at win ro i lean cd that Effort two a of Tenner Jami wor4 i Elco ,5a to Eata Lith Almir in i i institutions in cd i Rospy a for y. Or in t i i id f i i 1 ?.saj. Blk poas Rais in 5 mime j a is saw �r4 sit Graae. A for non How. A a a victorious Ian Fco to try Siim Oandy al Aro t hire. It r Wlii Etti i 1 " i in to. At 1-0 How. A i it Ltd Ivi a mv05 3u ial�,.wi�tpi�eil Star. That Unete so Fry a a i Ilir Rug i of thin i i n i / a foil of a a in Fra 3ont r i Avo Hirda t of f r ?on�,r�8ft and a few in Cito if the Nold tera Lannik Corporal. Of turn to Hirm bit. In sl�a��jf Tor Hii in Tippo Iamo to ,.,/ in a a to ref Rev Uieirt Eoattry Tho Cru who re it�. Ol. Nor is this All. Ii Stai Luttati for if Tai a or a Sloew a Flor Tio As killed by a Taw Ota a do us Fiu g of so a a a a Ili �9. 2i� Haa act Biliy to raft mry Susa Sitf in Ai area have it i. Sij fat a no a a Ian to a Naiad our Rrada ibis Tartei a j. Were Sooim Ltd in a Region throw which tha can t Ede Ratsa had Prei Rickiy retired and Whiteb by Hera a to it nw9-a�r  a a or trl weekly of the Pisut of. A a in a Nrnironnk vion Over Kivolk a Taro of .tafclbj," Vunich 6tmr, to a of Tattoo May to of la i i i a to the inns Caa. J a 3jia be ays. I though Utec opotry Between Aas i Tfii Ami is. A i-t3 i of. Eat Ceil that Tiiu Coli dec Rof to big t a a tax bad a lung try Mill that he j the Joliet Tor bad Ordarra Tofta Roplo to pay their  ts in i of h Corn Rod �5t-la a few at so so the Anis \ to on i will Tot follow traveler i brooch All Oil Sla Grai pm Flat Sod fraud Tat limply buy h is al Bah. The of Oread d owner of the to Neil was not a had bean left Voln Jared. Nor is it neck a iary al her prop a Ooi so or a thare waa no collector Bra and to so Traat Ellb this Oon Daci of the 1 ederal ueberal i he Kofer Imant being in want he waa aut Borisch by that of the Confederate 0?nsrai� when in Maryland the Costa Zimry at san Aoto olo to receive and rec Slot and to Law How utterly an provoked for Auch Tihe a the Farmer a Airt Dallver at Hla null Tiava been the outrage now committed or How do roid i Rind an 1 Forward the ass to 6an Antonio. I de of All exo tue hat face a the terrible or me for by no hered my wheat Corn and Rye tithe to h m Aud Tot k other name can it be known by which Den. Sherida ainu for the Fame. He did not no much a bin Hopes to aeon re the grat Lynde of Hie countrymen that i what pay Tny porn Lithe in a a. It la impossible not to Renc Gaise in tha recent trave or part Mike to univ your re Edera a inf operation of the confederates that Superior aerate j More of his Objet Vaton. I will Only any i thereat goal kill Ai Well a gallantry which have so Ion of his old Nerva Lons Are like those about the owner of enabled them to thwart every de Igo of the Federal i the of soaring Mill he had Wiatter lie Low and keep dark government they have not merely Tao Taheer Force Shive All Propof shoe men who have nothing to do a not Eca Fally by sheer Foroe but by a Aulty nod Twili it travel through Tho Oon Otry and la represent hate Arra ated the Moat formidable of the attack Hinga to the per Jadlowe of Good Cut Mani a re the Moat hitherto directed Agal Nat their Independence. It a . A pahm ii. Now thai Waar in a position Fally to App Iriate the a. Tarly genl a which directed the it Vahon of the a a . Satar Darr night then Northern state at a time Wien their own capital mimed and wounded to idler Aoma of a. I a Hoiu hid learn Arm and Othera a leg on their Way Loiue from the front arrived in Tia City and were found lying at Otto the afre ets in the lower part of the City having no place to sleep. The police of the second precinct conveyed them to the station ii Rose where they were rendered a coif Ortalli As possible fur the aim. Attn York paper Elohim set the Imholt trl waa in seeming jeopardy slow Trio soldiers arc try tit in our la Kauai. Frabj Hosoon Ili Tom co., Texas d o. 0, Hish Xhu. New on the 7th november furloughs of my from Genmaxey of about every Ait the Man from the brigade consequently there was great rejoicing 1 ution i a a Tho particulars of an elopement which among the fortunate ones at the Prospect of teeing a i in in a Rich to All but the parties immediately their wive and loved one. Peon a mighty Rush was connected with u. A Short Lima ago a Niagro Nan de made for the old Flat boat that was to take is across Vanry Sankoro abscond and with the wire of a White red Kiver Beans of the above mentioned a neater. Man living in Alliance Clara county and Tratng i was soon on Board and about Sun set stepped a a Tho child of tie woman a the your old girl ashore on Texas soil with As joyous feelings As you1 Tho husband purus a the criminals to Detroit and on Well imagine and after a hard ride of Emovon there employ so a Dat Octavo to ferret Tycin out. Of Days reached the spot where Minster All of oar of Ter a Good Deal of search they War found in wind dec Trona borne. The babies ail Weir with plenty of a or cd Tia Fathor Tonk Back the child but in a big Lospoto Tho on treaties and Coaming ponus co of the now posted in my old Cabin 1 la. Give Foai wit. Her to Hor Parenta Tho negro in Il in my a Perlene Dutine my trip nearly Ureal confusion Ami Whan Laetaaanwaadroad three Yean ago i volunteered As a Confederate sol Wiful y  do oorall7od. Ride from Camp Kano almost made to Hahn Ned of it boy by ape och at toe recent Public meeting is a the unkind set and disrespect we h which we of re treated some rare and generous except ton served much to Saar our pleasure while journeying Home Oan we Stop with you to night Sli no. I urn car y eat ont by the soldiers a to the next House fed but Fow sol diet Juke him tales j 03 we go to scan t Tike you in adj crowds ,., pestered every Clit with al diet Peop on the Road Are constantly a dec dig Somkiat Here a i a Usey site snore Able to take care of you than f bit a a u la Lata Aad we have travelled had All Day we i Avo a few dollars la a pc of if you Ali fit a ease Aon brought Down loud and ins Cottri and a pm Lausa. his address for some time. He said " to have Wietig been accustomed to regard the yen Kees a the meanest and most infamous people on birth. This is a mistake Ali i must beg even the Yankees Pat Don for misrepresent org them. There so some tack car Sod incite Inta Nous still and they Are Tho a who arc willing to go blk and live with the Yai Ikuta we have Alr�Sdy intimated a Aya the Richmond die path that a Ariit messes. Brown ice and maw and Homo in i will have your Moreea we d fed Stephens of the dealt in to Anchorage Fla kind of treatment was gins rally from Ron who to ref Sec poll Clana. And opposed to the admin hid the Savost Corn and largest plantations i a die Strathn. They ought Tojo to of in times so danger like manifested for Soldier and the disposition to Ute to these How easy u is Oilve the enem n per Xot the last dime they have la leu Reg the army and you a Vantage by Patai fog too slowly their own the coif a dry to love moment at ranch As Scythia  to beites of Waibl lob. La unseating b president �is8 it is looked opon by am m a is Grace to be a Tea Reaut is no time for faction and no Pretente a a even the Uttie Coant in Hopper and "6at0s Saa justify it in such Timet. My 15  t finita n is nag in a 1 a a 1to tips Btri of 0nr Armra nor yet by the help of or Ign r m i ii i i of air a. But thai the lord in Hie own Good time will Lead a by a Way we know not of Ilka a horse through tha wilderness so whar soars Hoh to s Anil water and a Euie Sheller against the norther hit be Pat Cor Trow id Liim and not weary la Well doing for in due season we Ball sep u we faint not. And i Oculi Gay to brei Tlrk and to All lot us keep Terlot the Day Omassa Dea the p3��h in find not too heavy Mua Cle but Strong Aero a tha use and Broad to the rain Tor and i m Epe Kloj now of a tale Horae which Taxt Ailer a pretty woman in ahead of All a turf i Bavo Kaaa some of tha beat met imported and saw sir Arey in his prime and Sally Hornet tha Day Ahe beat cider at tree Lilli and Laid my Polo right but the Handlon of theae Plata Mout not to consistent for a Oid Man and a Profe Eeor. Jat what a yeah the Book " Lavor is deceitful and Beauty is vain but a woman that fear eth the lord butial by praised and. Fronde look around you at Home look at the Good House mix or or Tho old maid aunt or the aged Granny who la brat up of n Moraln and Hue Tho lire lit and the Hearth swept and the Little Ehll drag Waahid and red and foods Tho chickens and away betimes to the cow peae and but ail Liy lung and never a Uiirit Idle and All for others and nothing Tot self Aid puts the beat of the to Toner away for the Hoy tit la the Range and St Luu herself to pleasure a Akk Naybor and forget none i it tha last to bad of a night a Rutin up the ashes and a Savin of a prayer for the Welfer of them that May be godless and careless and Liea Down without a prayer for their selves. Whole is that get tip at Midnight and oat la the storm to Pat the Wash tub Over the Terkel Bon and her Chicke against the pelting Hall whole it that fetches Tho Motherless Lamb out of the norther t who does the Little Chil Riog Nataly go to in All thar ailments and trouble and finds Comfort Aad a Lon word for All t the Soldier boy Goin Oft to tha War he taken up with some Young girl and hardly regards the old Mother who Meta Paella of Hla Wallet and Mandan of his clothes Long hours after he Baa gone to sleep and when he Wake at the drat Streak of Dawn thar Ahe Elii note hut the work Haa dropped from her knee and her Gray har fall on her Bra aet and the big learn a Runnin Down do Man her poor tired eyes a she yearn etly Pray the god of Battle that her boy May a a trod and return to bleed her before Ahe goes to her Loag Home. And who la it face a cheerful word and a hot Aop of Coffee to Start the Young Man in Tho Murnin Huldin of her grist and Chokin of her tears to encourage him i to go and do Hie Wisa Meton hotel Ticu Sanaa got 7,1661ostia Jcu Mii. 1 a who hath woe who hath sorrow 1 " he that Raneth a i Cotton crop on a government Plantation who hath Minoh Graen hakka and of peeled More 1 the. Official that Lett eth the Plantation Hole kith tha Gana Darla its Culli Vatican and Putteti an embargo an the crop when raised 1 who Halb Hen i esty Undt flail 1 lie Towt hair hair growing in the Palm of Hla head i what offi or or Ever know 3 two or three lectures in Madison claiming to speak by order i of Gen. Grant aui to represent his views and those of the government inciting land pm vol Loyal people North to go Down in Dixie and cultivate Ottoa on. Government plantationssetting Forth in glowing terms what fortunes Ronld be i made in the a Sineas that Avera Talent Weald tarnish the negro sell tap Pllana i from Tho come Tsary Deparo sents to Sabalat As it Low Pircea Favatas auit Uty
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