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Newmarket New Era (Newspaper) - October 27, 1854, Newmarket, OntarioA it air How advert ice Monu. Wool. Wool. My Njo i. Kurojv<4a . Own �o�n9n�iie it of mtg we. Ii. Put. A of Rand a Chi a kid in chirp a a Poi. Cir our it it my i it Lehon i Fulfs nne a Cen win 8��m�n Jiu dry q it a did John la wind a a. Of a Stu a Iod Vlick a wry lit la Oli i now Good amp a we polity a a Noi Kcf a Momi iter amp a. A a Lom and 8llvcf�i�ht--Iic�rn a i ouch Coo nut. To. I h fat a i Ltd _ a to Tetloff. U h 6m��ii a Stu Lebr flour in by it Nhuc .j/., f. A t. \ \ a a v a i. Of trot any in Rolth 0�elr of a of a Tolj Fioz of a room much Ouge by if Ding Ihnn to by of Flat m Trio Rio a. A a ibo via or a a birr Hwy Siresi of to butty Ore in a go a a v a a i a a a Cwm Root a re Day 0otoljor7tb.1051 of a to undoes mid hot no a a i i�b.�?Ta<05l own lube by by Lito name a pc Odin Tipoti Ynith tit Liwo by cd Ayraul Cut Bronco from ibo Citico if Llis Oddil a log a i to of Slih Ilio Lite receipt of in Enid. Flu account Fot Iho Lack Ofiu a cd to bog to ten dope our 3. I. We Liki jts for tic Basket of Prifer a lug pulpit it it tills Oft Cathey Ere of e Flo Beautiful mayor. 07 to Diroll our King Kra in do Ilo Trio a iii Dey Lasue be Weir a a boffo in to Boyar now Jyz i recent of their kill goods. Which Hoy Ato deter lord Itiat oust go be gooral Sasufi Ajilon. 4 i i i a a i a. Of Whitt nos now Tirkel hand that Cost neared Wuu tub soul a Eliot Imo to 1 to thought to Heso a flirt them a Reo Hong and Ooin Voni Iier tuo Spirita of our by Dii noun tag Fawcet you Odd inferno Hlf Tinio 05�?otho a Forni Central vigilance com my Tico Ruccia at i hair room Kowt a we be Daj opening Dext Iho 1 Al pro Iino it 7jtf of a Oak p. To. Buriness of conic Dombalo importance will be brought before the Commil toc. J ? it to do Noloton Lako Iho i rouble in re Inird our subscribe a that to town Limtt owed i he tie Money bul a to Eholt soon to preparing for tho fall by Aicra to arc placed under Oil Nec Nesity of giving a Atnif Burch Iritz a Fairuz the Bylic Kcf a fair for tic pure Biro end talc of h at Slock takes place on Teitt tho aral Proximo. Tha Las fair was a Good one and we ii pc Bolli butchers and Farmery will keep no tho interest then Toni fasted. To pay to be acc Civer general lip Duei be amount. Section c repeal jul or the drop Deil t 3rd Ennd lib in Icv cup. 78�?~ j of n 7 Laud a hich mry have it inc Hul Horist of tho ats boric act Sactic been to i act inc Rutht ily of tho act 1 no forc a Jiledi or any of Iri Exchange for lands originally forming part of inc clergy hts rvs in any part of this pro Vince Shal be Ducci cd to be c edgy us rfcs for nil top purposes 9� ibis Acta Sincli arc the pro visit is of the a a it for the of the lust rvs now before Zarli Vincnt. A i Sebastopol Biu not Fullon a reported jets Leech hut Iho Telegraph Stoma Publ Hod to Day bib been confirmed. To understand our a cig Hort at Sharon Bat an he evening after the receipt of the Cwa Odou Sciog Ila fall of sch St Job a _ Asuat becomes of them a by Sprira looters we Leard hat tie a a notes i rid proc edit 2& and other document arc regularly ipad Edlo Lilii office Why in it we do not get a Pic 1 they Are buried Soine who or we carte ply Only receive about Hill halt Trio Mason outgo Kiili Iraa Aooie us but liar not Jot Arri cd a Gorpe amp ten meeting at a meeting of the Cape nuts and joiners of Vic Tiyi he Din Iho. Court Puso on londay eve onion last the �23rd intt., for the purpose of forming a proc clips society he following Trio Lunior. Wet adopted. 1st. 7 Bat we do form a carpal or a and Jomara society in this Placo. 2nd, trial a comm tie of five persons be appointed to draft a Conal Tulion and by Laws fur tho government of he society j land com Ditleo to re it Orl at the next meeting 3rd. That the following in prions compose a Aid comm too me Ira Southard Trodie Stokes Earl and Domanko. 7 Jio meeting then adjourned la Mecl at the iame place on tuesday evening tho 21sl of november next. A tic of lie orcs As to pc fact in the of voc Bill is truly iii my Lialo Fig Bud in lir tit on Psi Liori to a pinions and Rocabed 1. It of a. / a. F. I r a. By a Liam for years and years j vie a Lylial it is it Nice a Lay to up move Between Plutch arid slate. Nulli ought of know tilt doing be principle of Siculan mail of of Alipot in Intro than , for inst co look it the i hid Seft loft and u will Tofu to found that provi amp Ion it Medb to Cornu la huh religious bodies up Pend the is with a hic Ethe Clayto la trod cd an ii Ion gee to round off tia it Ges of sentences id order to Nave Casy going reformers swat Low the Pill show the a i in do and chicanery of Tite men at the lie tin of Aifa ifs. To of Psi lion press arc out Hupci Jitian of reformers for objecting to. This Gic tire when it he principles Bydvo aled by be friends of Saccu Lafe elation but a Rhea the fact becomes generally known that these modest would be radicals Are about to ecu Aii a Lorinc by Selling to desc lands and tho by orders of Council a appropriate tie proceed i towards paying these stipends then these Volrea in sheep to a lolling will be looked upon in their True position deceivers and robbers it never was the int Collop of reformers to buy off Bese Man that now have an incumbency with a Price especially at the Fotz that those in Power might set upon them by on order in Council. J be Money left in the receiver generals hands to be divided among municipalities will to but Litlo after paying the priest Hood. Instead of heir being now a Church and stale connection we have a stale paid priest Hood Independent of state control. And this h what Spencer the Hon Post master general Calls a a honest secular zing the re scores and this Loo exhibits How far to iat honesty extends. The following paragraph from the exit it incr we recommend to the careful attest too of our readers Are fur in. Who Etoi heard toll of Pinioli a \ just Fri Taok Ron a him Bra or a it 1 a i will to attach Cort Lamand in a mix up nation Over Ninon no to Gol nov no pm pop Leblo to of torn n number of Iho Wood tho townships of Bavm 95?�?� e a cd of Zittu or a la soul Aiu bling upon Homo a a a. 9. -f.,. R a Ara Ronda to of. That print is cock auro or rat apr to pm would any room tar certain to Nock toning of a tho Hon. Or hire is inns orly or Iho Quot Admira kid it a Gol Morin and an who our that belonged 10 Iho Oiher if form Rotor Mon j7uf, it a Ennis to Rno a if it wins to Dicob a it in Parton in thing Omi part not Cha and All Humbug. Woll nov the Govor Mont Pola in in mind of Iho Hinl opposed the Man Whin Ito Scopio till cod for tit Oro part of Iho country y09 in we hero Utah writs and Val Cal that wanted Johnco Aluru Prvul in a no and ret. Rate Rotor Runia Fin Quot loiter. Two a Galny a one wait no Lair but Othor Lido beat Ailor All �>0 it will to now Monab and Cayley and he Nova and Morin on Ona Alder and noncom Mon on Hollcr bin you iad Yao Pond to Shook jobbing co will git bin la they Canu help them Olves. A they my a it Ron to for a i Eaton a but idol Day Ai Andy an by tho ship of we a to Viii Ca Paizy in a let Mem All in tho mud and i�rdoriw\t1ica1 in Nuoc a 1 Liiv Corn pulled Orcut Thomao Micati Editp re run aka Hart ii or but Ihor Init Thoi Porta Teri dug i int Ned in Tilo Pim Moro a Oltof a in a. ,.sif,. I. ,1 a. Your Hurn Blo id oped a Potym a Ai a a co 10 Nial the clergy reserves Bill a the Bill for the secularization of the reserves was introduced 00 tuesday the i7th inst. The following is a Brief synopsis of its prove Sofis. After a Long preamble de fms Agthe present position of these lands Beyrion 1 provides that to funds shall be create of Orle for Topper and one for lower Canada. The for the sate of lands in either Section of the province Are to be kept sep Rale and to be hereafter Knovs As the municipal ties fund for upper and lower Canada. It al4o provides that the moneys arising from the sales of these Ladof shall be thrown into that Fuad the receiver Genera to act As treasurer v.-, stip Tidi Ond allow Arices charged on the i serves be for the last Imperial act to be still payable during the Natu Rall tvs or of the parties now receiving the same and Are to be paid out amp of the fund thus created by tie Aries to preference to any other charges or whatever but the religious bodies and do Dpi nations now receiving annual stipends Are Only to draw for a Given time yet to be named by the House. Section 3 states that it is desirable to remove ail sem once of be Weeo Church and state and n make an entire and final disposition of. % Lui Erves by a speedy did to lbs lion of their proceeds it also provides Llinat the government with the consent of parties May commute the value thereof a such commit Sizoo to be paid out of the municipalities Fuad created by , a Section 4 provides that. 10 Long As there stipends or allowance. Shall be cd arable upon he fund that the receiver general shall Al Waya a Quirt a ii ugh in big a diffs to pay them and the rest Tobe invested in Public securities. To lion 5, ult of the municipal a tej Jap id a fit in a Recti of of ipe province ? Miniex praded after the first Day of december in each year Small be divided Lai Faroog to pop latino Vhiet if any Mupi Cip Luy Ltd tho payment of incumbents required by the late Imperial act is a most unwarrantable interferon co with free legislation 011 of local a Taira. We admit that individual cases of liar ship among Ino Urbenia should have been provided for in Iho final abrogation of thu social wrong but the local gis lature should have been allowed o its judgment in making Iho provision. Aged men and parties who had immigrated to the province relying on such a provision would have been objects for a generous consid Calion bin a race of Young priest Lings trained up i May have been at tho Public Cost in some of our a Publio seminaries of learning or at least who being natives were copy Arsaut with the i Lonae Public hostility which prevailed against these ecco Sia tical reservations and knew that he legislative Assembly had determined Twenty Nve years ago to abol�5h them but could Noi by reason of and irresponsible Power to say to be compelled to provide for such Lake for instance the Eon of Alexander Dixon the Saddler of this ii or. Mcmurray of Dundas tho son of judge Scott a Coachman and of Hans of the Samu class is an outrage against the rights of the people and of the Ito Ca , which should not be Tolera cd. Many Are the cases we believe of this kind raw youths whom Chance has a a thrown into the Sce when they should have been at the Barrow or the plough who by the Bill will be reckoned As pensioners of the province probably for fifty years to the Lugo of xt50orx200 per annul what claim has any one of this class upon the funds none whatever. The claim is altogether on the other Side As we showed in Bur last number and in a slip we subsequently sent to the members of both Bouses of parliament. So far from incumbents i it Ossa using any claim by Way of in Dom Niiya fur the cessation of tho payment of their air guat stipends they Are As we clearly showed in tho calculation we then made pc und to return of Ful three fourths of All the pro Vinic funds it have received up to this do a before they can be justly entitled 10 tho Ordinary Benefit of the provision when secularized. Besides this Clasa there is another whose claims Aie still More Mou Stroux and unjust we mean the rectors who since 1836, Havo Beer luxuriating upon property virtually Sloko from the province property which in. Many cases has been yielding and will yield them a of in Elf until they Are a expelled to evacuate or disgorge the spoil. . tho Oyez Ngioc in in Tivo Giuffi air living iii Iho i Nighbor of Cayuga Cobnis of Hall Piaf i to pc raid uhf of to Trust cd lab Ood of Nind inhuman or Zurdora u has a Var Boon our lot o about 0 o cd Kivort tho above Nomad Irv Onang i Hasa mop Calloni the House of or. Husband Ovid. Naked fur apm tobacco and Otto Rcd in payment n iwo Bill. 1 mril pulled out. Hia ill to gift who ii one of Horri a fixed Bim by to hair of to head and Doma fido Rhana in Trio drawer take Hie life. He gave them tho Money a d Hoy loll tho Thoy proceed cd Homo Short Diazo no from to Storo 0 ibo Houyao of or. Nellea a Tun of major . To it appeared i had or was Oboulio retire to bed. They knocked loudly for of Misiun and Naho opened the door iia of the Rurans Throo Balu Jota Hill body mid to fell Walt origin his Blued. They than proceeded to Rifle to Promisco but suited in getting any Large mount of Moi boy. However to look the Gold Waich from the Porson of or. Noll Csc u very valuable one. They engaged with a person who carries the Moil to convey hem to to Cayuga station a diets no of five Miloa for which Thoy paid him five dollars. Thoy remained there ill tho arrival of tho Eastern Troin on thursday a morning. And pro a coded leisurely to us file. , it appears was so much afraid of them that Iio failed to go out of he Linus during the night of to murder to give the Al Armand thus afar escaped Justice. On thursday morning Lio wont before a nog i wrote and stated he Coroum Stancia of the robbery Ond tho foot of the murder having by Bia Lime become known six special constables were sworn in end proceeded to Ruffalo for to purpose of arresting to have not yet heard Whei Lior they have succeeded but Hope by our next Yasuo. To be Able to record to fact a Brantford Jurum to i Etlor addressed by Lelih Hon. Gont to Iris old constr Inonu in shia Boro As Frnncis Cua is in Lack of a Job at pro font to would Airon Gly co Nagl id of Cpin Flop As earn Toner and arc Tor in if Dogin do Hgt theft a it of Nlle them a All Iho world and his wife Aro Howaro of tho Tylo of Trca Mont a hich neighbor Van Sipari of blvd Froff ibo he Foft Cir of villus a tho Rab Mory of Naii. Francis him tip Hill Ond Down Dalo a plucked him by Iho Icard Ompoc Torald Rhia Poling of Al lib a los vol a scorned m Hia gain a end in fact him to All to Indian a Tola which the Morch Ohl of yen co he ipod upon Iho a nil a of Orliner of tho firm of shy lock a cot Ann Fli aft or nil that la come Rind gone John a cargo tho trumpet a Afore Francia and a a Ciao my in Luilly Bow the a too a. Of Wyo Hoyo got a simple question r to propound a. ,. J would not the Gamo Power Ond g/<2mokrj> which Ivo wrought such Nis Rocla upon Weot Vrin to equally folic Niclous when of pm id to do Bunju Gabion of a Spaniel or turn pall tie answer dual. He Aulii native dec Eor Ding. To til the rules in Cocker and hoyw7 a lot Mcka Liei lil oui to Saroct Sivillo uan i tim and open a canine Academy to jul Isicc sri 18 beyond the ghost of s Dubi lotion for to have Many and and sneaking vide for tho ref Fly Lrata of of or taif jaw Talca and Dialtha in upper Canada. A a r in Rob f it o an Intel pollution of or. Bare or. A Guamond Alicd Ihal be concur cd with thai romber in opinion that it Iva Irp portent Yiirs do oust us who would to Imgolf improved by u to so of his thong a a Fri Eite a a Evitia a a a a South . Cook of Norwich Ville Haa been ele clod by acclamation to rope font the South hiding of Oxford or Cook is a Oil tried be funnier and no doubt will do Hia duty Fath re Fly to his party. Or. Von Norman was most generally known and in ii6 eat mation of Many would have Boon preferred Lodr Cook a it turned out however at the a form Nomina too tho la Tor had a a Goulty of Voles and in order to Trio Coris latency of the hiding it Una Al onco agreed that Here should be no opposition on Tito Pari of he former. We cannot too highly commend Iho Harmony with which the reformers of this enlightened Conan fluency in form their , a a a a Coroner a a a quest a held yesterday Forenoon by or. Coroner Duggan on the body of William Baird late comm cd or of the Schooner merchant the evil circe showed Itiat dec a de wept to bed on sunday evening with his Brollier and Vvan Hia usual state of Healis. Of rising at oui 7 or 8 of clock on monday the latter Dix covered that William was dead. T in verdict won rendered in Aee Ordanse with he state meal. Deceased Wax 23 years of age a single Linda and of quiet steady , Brocks Are busily engaged rebuilding Brocks Moo Meul on Queenston Heights. Is placed at Short distance from the former site nearer the brow of the Mountain and in h More conspicuous position. We judge from the View obtained on the american Side that it is to be Fouzeh larger and More Beautiful than the old we understand it is to be constructed with a room in the base for the accommodation of a family who will be present to show visitors and take car of it. The rebuilding of Brocks Monument does honour to our Canadian Falls Gazette. 7 ii a govt Noah Ike. copy Horn Iho now York tvs Fine he following in regard to tho proceedings of the know nothing con veillion at new York on thursday or. was the favorite Silver Grey candidate. 7 he courier editor will doubtless be said relied Siuw Ihal Ihu candidate of his Ovit Choice is in the Field and will of course been pc led Lovolo for Ono of Bis own a a tho a a know nothing grand Siatuu Council now in session at Odd Fellows Hall in our City completed its organization . Four Hundred and ninety six councils were repro a Enid by Izreo delegates each. There were a viral contests growing out of rival claims to regularity in organization ��0. All i hugs be a a a a a a a a a i a Thot tho potion of Iha coun tics of Nti Herville. And Laprairie Haoold to printed and thai he Law with pain that the Caughnawaga re a a Toad was not in operation. The Legi Laturo to added must if possible pro Torii to Miccu Trunco of Guob a y. A i 7 a a a of. 20. Last right or. Chisholm Intro diced n Bill to Iri corporate tho Oakville and Arthur Railroad porn pig a or. Maok Enzio moved a to solution to Iho of feet that tho Modo of appoint Init justices of tho peace gave just ground of complaint in Homo noun Tiloi. A discussion look Plano on Hia Morion which i rated All the Epping Eft or which it was lost. A xxx a to i a ivs 51. To night moved Aro solution to the Orieol that it is to continue the present tips Lem of do Iling All to Nubuo Money a received in Ono Bank. Tho Mem Sci support cd Bis Resolution at Romo length con ii thing that the effect of Iho a item Wai pernicious to tho Mosc Enrilo interests. Or. Cayey said he had not been Long enough in a fico to make any Pari Culat inquiry a Ito the system Aud risked for delay by for pronoun to Ingon Iho policy of Iho in. No of a eci Ioni to a comm Tico of enquiry. Or. Hincks followed and defended no pro Iteni by Tom to elated tha mor Chinti wore not Entil fld top Oan of Iho sums they raid to tho govern Mcnol for duties also Hal govern Merit to us its influence to prevent tha Bank using tho govern men balances for the Sake of safety and that without making use of them hey could not be of any advantage to any Bank. Messes. Galt Young and Ferrule attacked the present system and or. Ferre had the floor when the Ruf Kirt leaves. Quebec october 23, �85j. On motion of or. Brown an Oddress was or a Almed for any Corre Pudence Between certain Ca Thoits by hops and the provincial govern Manl Rel drive to Iho clergy Kei Hrvoj. Or. Attorney Gei Rural Drom Moisid a Hill to it mid and he act rela Ting to the App ointment of Hup orters to the so voral Courti of Law and equity in upper Cut mad. On motion of or. Alleyn the report of the Board of health Wax Ord red to be published for the information of the Hoult a. Or. Drummond slated it answer to or. To bin that the government Ilid iii team to introduce a declaratory measure to protect parties who have acquired lands or Tencer its in lower Canada conceded to cens Tuire and charged with double a it of so Oda e a cafes other Seigniora Charters. Or. Sanborn moved the Boco Iki Reading of tho Bill to improve the Law of he contended the state of things in the was As tho yeas Wero called the hour was cd set by mind Lybi and tho Gas went out. For. A Dumcy said that was a bad Omen. It we promo cd logo into commit co on Friday Noil provided tho torn tiv general eat did not desire to go on with the Saigon real Bill to night. On motion of or Bureau a comm Tea \7ca appointed to tho exp Doncy of Banka founded on farming Stock Security. Timothy Brodeur look the oath Andelt e at. By telegu apis. Kir rival of great excited Ella throw Tuout Kun Rofey a r /. To ii Fileti a Cua Fitipol in a Noll be ii i a a or i iii e the too rid Al a a Cyloa of thi. Via Nuoi Honi Chikoff surr a Der f�1 a of Tchad a Dii pitch t forgery 11 Esfi Hal amp go eat Abed amour up dead a xxi Topol co7�ftl� pm Ikirt Gill , and co. It put Ltd Siks of the Vick c,000b?h. Bread fluffs j a if cd frn Cost it Al floor 32j. Ohio room anally 35i. Wheat fair Deon and. Hide pm Firpi the Foi. W., red. Is. 6d., american to mad Irtle Dirato Pike Faroe buyers Quot Sod yell of 0j. Fork Dull la a of unchanged. tho Kre Oeh Ambia Aydt r at Vinas ills graphs is lol Lowi a Tedina i null Geo a said to Here bin. Brought Toby Careri Toomir Fatehi u . It is tip to of the Baule of Altna. The Auau Iao Coni Olts aph thus Tbs a Trig Gla rs4ommvuc�d on the 25th, Sod cont much Yuqiu Urru Ted 00 27tb, Zouri. A i. The allies Irene on he try Vry a acc ten fail cd from 8ebatopo1 do s7tk, i. A Omar Pacha ordered part of Hla my Loris Kidy for embark lion for the Chiqita / Austria iii inmates hat thu will Icord a the Cir a Komi gtd refusal of tho tour conditions is i of Vii latest Ltd Tapy. A Malsk lira in with their fleets and for. Maid the spam aches to by Baytops which Init considered invested. A it 7�?~be no roof the a of a a Tea Lopel u. Utterly Yaff. At the is test St he at a a Weru . An offi Riol extra Maze its publish the follow ring Froia Ltd Reclite u lord car Doti , 30th sept 9, p. M. A the a7�l�?~ i armits tf#tab11�hrd heir basis at bal amp Klava on he it of the and were pro paring 10 March Lauri it Edia by upon Sebata Topol. The Vest self of War a Verein port Al bal Klara where they Hare of utilities for Laor Barking bait try iraqis. It is stated that men Ichkoff in in tho fold with 20,000 Rizieri and expecting . The for Lifie Ion it of asks have Hren Burns he the Kusins. Ond iia a Arrieu narc Ltd to he Sci to of of lion /. A i it a a do a a fully rumoured that the second Isle of do fun re is car Riff i it Xai Doc Ca Lle co Niemiez me stale 01 tilings in the Ltd it a i 0�?~>c a Lern Torii flips demanded on improve not of a a a Quot in. A a la a wifi. A m a bad a a a a.,.#. A . A. Sack of a. A m the Law in this respect. Thl a was being Dis Cusand when the Repolt left. Quebec oct. 2-1. Last night it was Ord fed that the Lime for receiving of Iriona should in extended to the 7th pin Limo and for re Civins private Bills to the 2o1i1 Proximo Nind for receiving reports on private Bill to the 6ih december next. The following Bills were read a second time or Sanborn a Hitler Rnell Bill and or. Fortiere a regi Travion of titles Bill or. San Mirny a Bill to Amend the he Rul Oling in patents was ordered to be read six months hence. A i0d4 fl�5c�%f-Ion took place on the grand trunk railway amendment Bill on the motion ing in readiness the Council ust evening for 2nd Reading by or. Cartier. Agreed upon i Nikl Ullmann of this City j or. Brown objected to several of the , As be a know nothing candidate for Gover and attacked the manner in which the under nor. I was understood that to would accept taking Wax being carried out. Her. Hincks spoke in Leola and stated that the company had expended nearly three Mil lion a Crlin Oil the work while they had received from the Public a liitle Over three Hundred hopi and. The 2nd Reading of the Bill wis carried and referred to the Railroad Commilee. Hand Ronal a on but we canno say on what authority. Or. Ulmann a a Silver Grey whig lawyer of fair Nihlema and wide political cd period ice. Though the nomination waa elected mainly by the Elf urls of the a a hard and a a soil wire workers who calculate that this gives a Chance for either Bronson or Seymour it is sex pooled thai the Steve Gray generally will rally to night on the demand of or. Muney around the a Almonn Banner. And now to amp i sir Allan is in a made my no Hiering exp Luna this Point has been carried the a a hard and j Lions. He a Aid he had Little 10 say in addition a a soil con Locieta of in will Vulio As they have j 10 the a late Meni made by or. Norney Gene a mind to., 1 Rol Drummonds he avowed he was willing. To fake the of Ibe Avniel that the gov Epimeni was on the basis of secular zing. The know Nooi dogs claim to have 115,000 voters on their tool Al and poll ail these to or Simeni Nas of one a ass i and a Nib Mora fir heir candid ale. It it we he c Ery also bal Cavern All see what we atoll it is settled we understand that James w. Ment bad Lek olved to carry a measure o a Nice the Legi it la Ive Council elective in he Honora 14 in 9ciucu uiiuc9r�iuuu, Ijiri a dings to 7a, i a n 1 Barkif who is chief Cook of Iho order shall i Neily and de what claims we ask have they upon the funds of to country just about a much As the Bandit who has driven tho sell scr from hit Home and taken Poss vision of his dwelling and estate. F in urn r Cor Respol Oey be. It Ive to flu it to be Deli drily undo flood in amp it it eare rot responsible for the Opi Trioni of Oor. . To the editor 0/the a tid Era. Swamp to it Vuk. 0pli5,854, j Wei his is a quor world Aipa to it. And we have some queer Limea now a Why tho Telegraph Maya that Mcnab and Mcdonald and Cayley and All them other big Ogum Down to Quebec have been Arri alg Niath no with the Hyena and the Blue Blued adj Sla i a Dent a Jieva it at first be Bihar did any of our folks but then we re forced p believe it Dow for tho papers say it is so. But who most queer thing of All a hey Ray. Cayley have turned out radicals by the change arid going the. Cd Macli go for Vhal it Wui fetch. Ai i said before Ihli is a fer warm j and them Are chaps Down to ii Obyc of soon a a they soon Amorusi of tho loaf and tho fishes so _ of it Jib Anh if sir Ian arid his Crew done Teho up to Peon ple of 8 Ere Canada Row it wont by his fault arid pie will fou Chough 5 run Al Milia for in tyo Mabes agin a Ihor. A he Fol a him this a my Butth Ymir All him next Limo now i Zatk Triy a a v a / the Binu the since Rita of Man Fri ter8.�?Hon. Or. Morin moved that n Cal of the House to undo in Friday the 27ih Day of a Lobor instant. Hon. Or. Macdonald of Glengary moved in Amon Dmont that inasmuch of this Mourao Lias Lien Tofoi med by Iho adminis. Ration of Ali or intention to present to the Consi Dorotio of this House the measures relating to ilm clergy Reao ryes the Beig Nio Riol tenure and tho Constitution of the Legi Sljivo Council in to order named it if inexpedient to depart from the course of procedure already indicated with Fegard .10 , by giving priority to Ijiro discussion of the lat measure before thie House shall have satisfied the. Country by do unequivocal of its intentions and policy on the irn Conant questions of the clergy reserves Grid the Boig Nurial ten ufos Kab i my Saiers ,. Hour Rasso Bureau Daoust of Beau Hiruo is. Darcho do will Jorion of drunk Moisid Dorion of Montreal i a Dufresne Offrie Frazer Freer Oji Cinalt Yuer Nioni Slartman Holton Jobin Lumsdon Mcdonald of Gloziga by a Nold of co or Al Mckerlie mar Chillon Mai Iipp Lupin Prayom soft Chi adj que voioia.�?27. t-mcs8ieurs Alleyn of ,de1�in� Hawit. To a Egv Blanchel a jowl a. Cartier co Chon a Nylon Clia Bori Clia Paia Chat. Veau Crawford Daly snout of two Mountain Delong Desaulniers Dionne Dosi tiler fou on for is Farrier a Fournier Goul Lobello Laj Ergo Lapop Larwill to Eri Lemieux pc Beix i Auer key a Caprai Macdonald a cab a my , Aloa Ghr mpg Ponisi my. Rishi a Morrison of Niagro "m.urnoy, Iki Tesi pay ficut i Yujin Hpwell Rhodes Goblin. Solicitor a on Oral Llose. Shaw Sou cite a ral Sinh i Smith of Northumberland. Psf Omar Vullo Southwick Sieve Sou Tachie to frills and nerf pro Cen dings 0/ Leeiii Amite use of of Quot or. Miniri it did ced n Billup Sivri my Echan tia and others a a Lien on he in Dirig ref work done by them ipod upon the Sanie Keck cd Reade Mon Dikiy the 23r�� of october a i i a i be the a a know Nihin Quot a candidate for mayor of our City. Neighbor Brewer though he Haloj gov. Seward with All by might Quito Home it. A. Andrews formerly clergy mod at the Tabernacle since a Castle Garden anti Tero Perance Meinberg of the Connecticut Legisla Ture end now a lawyer of his City is pm up for the legislature by the know nothings of the Xyth Ward. Tivey Mig As Well take Bim Down again on the whole we like the shape things Are taking we Are going to have a chunk of a fight after a�1� but tho right Cikot will come out a Ornaf. A new s?�ci�9 or new Dodge has lately come up in Newyl Ork which will be Best explained by the following paragraph from the Tribune. We give prominence to it As it is not unlikely that similar practices May Lako place nearer Home a a a Justice Stuart yes Cray took the complaint of six Young men against George Hollbrooks the party who was arrested in sunday on complaint of two other Young men who Byan and in tic City papers were induced to a spa Itas Security various sums of Money from $20 $100, and then to go to different cutes to sell won leis antiquated novels at Troice their value. All these Young men and it is thought dozens of olbers have Bce served in a similar manner by Hollbrooks who when asked by them for tho return of their Money told them to go Ofle about their business. Any others that have thus been duped Are requested to Call at the Peiterson Market police court to Day. The accused is now in Aritoo and will have an Fez Amine ton shorlly.�?T�?T. Legislative ass Biilly. A # a a a Quibec oct. 19, 185i. Quot Flat night the Debato continued until a late Imiri 011 ine Bill to in corp Uto Masson Collego. A a. Dorini Montreal moved an Amor dment to the effect that the funds of the corporation should Only to appropriated for the purpose Ofey tick Lioard and the payment of expenses jog Iti Malelya Ino urged in connection therewith. Or har Triin a moved an Arris dment to the effect hot this a dip re lib should not be Alloy cd to hold lands except Suchos those necessary fur to Fotuai occupation of the College. This waa lost. Leaa 32�? nays �8. A a or. Dario Rio a motion was then. Carried and thai Huib a . Toning Tori motion of a pm Wilelle a be Oleal cd no unit the of 6 was App id with instruction to report by Bill or on or Wise As to a Host Modo of securing Correct report of of the House. A a Duff Oslo moved for a of 7 Spern bars to report tho of establish in a a Brici Liaison court i which was c at Rind a Fly Vad ale. A Thoft Ilo Aring Bills were �dltq4�fe�d or sired either to endorse or. of the other evening or make Ai Solhei on tha same i object him it Elf. Or. Murney or. Mckerlie and or. Brwn attacked the government and mesh. Cayley Robinson or. Clarke amp c., defended in position. The following Bills were Intro Dur 1�?mr, Felton to provide for Crown prosecutions and ans Ocianie coroners. Or. Mckerlie 0 provide for the election of mayors and Wardener directly by the people. Or. A b. E. Dorion moved to refer a petition to a committee which prayed forthe division of the counties of Drumond and so As to give each a member. The motion was discussed at some length and As he report leaves or. Attorney general Mcdonald moved for the 2nd Reading of the clergy Reserve Bill. Quebec october 25. Last night the clergy reserves Bill on the motion fur its second Reading was discussed till roid night. A Gowl Deal of acrimony was displayed but there was nothing now in the arguments used. Or. Gamble too cd an amendment to thee oct that to secularized the reserves would be a violation of Public Faith and acquired rights by the churches of England Scotland and other denominations and that the Bill ought to be rejected. This motion Guniy found 12 up Ortefa viz., Bowes Crawford Gamble Larrill Murney of Farrell Powell Rhodes Robin san Shaw Stevenson and yielding. Or. Powell a amendment to refer the question to the people far a direct vote was declared 10 be out of order the rules of the House not providing for such a motion. Toe main motion for tho second Rooding was Hen carried. Y Eai Messieurs Aikins Alleyn Bell Bel Lin ghz re by Gar Blanchet Brown Bourassa Burton. Cartier Cayley Chabot cd amp pais Cuba Vau Chisholm Church Clarke Daly Douat of Beauharnois Douat of two mountains Darche Dewitt Delong Deas Autieri Dorion of Drummond and Arthabaska Ido Tion of Mon real Dostaler Drummond Dufresne fell ii let a Jedi it i iii arb to Tuich nge a. To Trainer i i jul i arrived at on Irith. The Suras Sandt Iwilta from liver pro pm the Gib fur Furlaud Sud Tiu fit a nov boric Oil -1th. Eva Virtu it Tiu a Arric a the let it liar cd Bruni Serai lord vers in the �?~27th of Srp Tettier. 7 lie rapture of Sah Tato put a Ami Verr a Rednour Bri Avii to the Public and ii Wai out till the Oceo iii of Ilie 5lk that the official made is Kappra Ranei a despatch dated Paris 5t i Raja the hot Ian Ute on the in lha Vul rare ii Day in a a third Bettle and the Allied Verv Pipat ring to Lay Nige to Dehaai Upil in regular form of ibo 3ulh sepi Kiuber. Tho Rte Tian emby at Vienna re melted Tele Ria Pic Wotell Ignace that two f arts bad Lero taken but u Ursa not Kazvo whether Thev Verv and Raveed fort. Or ill the reign of Sebata topoff. A Dea Patel from Pricr Civ Bikol dated september 26lb we Ith news to the emperor of Rumik in Nunce that the Prince with troops moved from their Pokini iii before 8eb.iopol Witus Al Oppositi ii. On the Road to halt Chukrai. Whence he Imti it Ujiie with reinforce Menis. A late i amp Palch from a Iisman source and pub i hed in Ilia Colo Eoo Gaer be admits that a despatch had been receive in via Micott Euting Bat Kun Ehi ii forces aft<4 a Annan Oarr Corolan waa retiring upon Srba Bloop. The Russia is Duplx re Ltd 60,000 and 100 Trua. Ite liable Virtu a from Yiema of the 2ud, stave that the Reserve sex of the Atlie trere not thought into fiction and tho a Ork waa of Well due Hitt the f cd Eiane Zevre had a Chance. In the i treat of tha he amp Siaus which at length a Vrej Tohle me i Chi Kurt Chaj de or a Onie Clis in dirt Tad Oulu to a Oil by the Hil in ref. The Kus it Ian loj la various or at from g to a Large name it or of poles deserted to tho Nair re. The French ions was too men and 60 officer englith rank and i 95 of Ceri acid 114 a or Genii 23 Drumin killed and Woode. St Annada informed big men that be expert id to Leal Piem m Cut i inner or into Sebeal pol on 3nl ocl Ltd to re the Nivar it Arr 4 f the Declara lion of War. F pc Tofke will Noeub Telly embark for lire crimea.1 he colera was rear Scerre in Ibe Orris of of Sebastopol for to lire Inonu by and the Crews of tho Fleet arc fed 011 three Quarleri rain our. Tha u\j6sian a Teamer Letvin. Three gun a a caped out of St-b3svipol and Toik three turks a a trans to Fly and brought them into Odessa. The am Trian Goter Meul in Yepa rift a Cote la seed to rustic a the sense of which is a Aid to he that if the a Sbidel of St. Fetiu Borg refuses to give tha four guarantee a Dero added. Anal a will it of Iida a it a Tirri the King of Naples hoj forbidden his a Ute jecs to inv is Lothe Russia of loan. Srlx.�?diiturbaoceshite broken Cut at Malega a us Logrono. A Republican Coni Pimer bad been it Lii no Vertu. It Reaid that the Ufa amp to Don Earique bad Tea Leot to the Bellaire islands. I arrival of tho Kina Gavro three Days later news. Bombarg Meiji of Sebastopol. Peru six a Ferrei Ferrie Flint Foley Fortier of oello Hasse fou tiar of Ricoul Fournier Frazer Freeman Galt Gill Gould Hartr Nao Hincks Fri Toni Hoot Jackson Labelle Laber co Langton Lapotko Labo Otillion donate us Loranger Mcbeth attorney Sonara Mcdonald Halo Donaldon Corot rail Manab Mccanon Marchildon a Theaoa Maltice Meagher Mongueau of Oren a Orris Nof a Iagar a or Rison of North Simeon a unto Niles Papen Patrick Polezo Poulin Pouliott Revost Kan King Robiin Ross a Sanborn Scatcherd sol. General Smith Smith of a Northome Elarid weat Sommonville South Wink Spence Thibaudeau Wright and Young nays a Elasri. Bowes Cauthen Crawford. Crysler Zambie Lex will a Money Starr full Powell Shohei to la a info a Quot Snaw Slevo Osoli tache and yielding�?15. A Halifax oct. 25th. To Steamer Vagara from Liverpool i4lh, arrived at Ihil port Elan Early hour iii morn in. A the Steamer cafe Onafra from quiz acc Arii Ved out on the 12tb, with Ibe intelligence of t in Arctic the announcement of which created a profound ten Alioti. .1 the besiegers had up to the latest dates Mado Rio impression on Soba Lopol although they had closely invested in on the South and East Tea their gun were playing on the Walls. hip Field on Ihoko Liand was in being joined by of Len Sacken and Gorchakoff who were at per Koft. A it is confirmed that Afen Tchikoff had wbk / line of by itly ships of the Eivir Arici of Sabasto pol As a blockade to tha a a. A Xoai Gertio Noiea from Franco and Prussia to exp Resan Tiillmno-,3 to eci with Austri Liverpool Cotton Farkel he Veriha la Coa Tinea Dull and according to Tomo to Rouvari of lower grades had lined big a Boers Continuo the ,adv?5a�y in eve a a a Quot a Quot a Imeldi Tuff. 1 flour at an Advance of to Fri bbl on Ion of Provini figure r. A. Yky a a a a Dpi. D provi Aiby Kahn we Rio �i5jri�t Paris airy transpired. Land Dull and Iowa a a to us doa Kikel in hinged i. �1/ f a a it a to a

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