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Newark Daily Advocate (Newspaper) - July 21, 1895, Newark, OhioThe Hewak Suttory advocate t Jtj next Friday Anil the flyers be in the City. Entries coming in is pro posed to give a grand lantern Parade on the evening of the Twenty Ruth. But one Short week now intervenes and the fastest riders of the silent Steed will be among us. After a rest of two weeks the class b contingent will take to the path with renewed vigor and the Defeated contestants at the National meet will Endeavor to regain the laurels taken from them on that death dealing track. Falls there were innumerable and Cotton and plastic bandages became the track Trade Mark. Here we will have no such trouble. The Mound encircled Oval is one of the widest tracks in the country and the Pebble surface th.6 cyclists Bete noir has Given place to a Clay path that makes Riding a pleasure and scratched legs and Arm almost unknown. Ting up the Beautiful and expensive prizes they have succeeded in getting the Best men of the Day. Hundreds of dollars have been expended in Adver Tising and it is be hoped that All will turn out to Greet the flyers when they face the tape. A lantern Parade on wheels is one of the novelties promised and All wheelman Are requested to meet at the Cycle store on Church Street tomorrow evening at 7 o clock to perfect the arrangements. A prize will be offered for the most tastefully decor ated wheel and at very Small expense to each individual a very pretty Parade can be made. The Many pretty and unique designs in which flags streamers and japanese lanterns Are prepared give unusual opportunities for hand some decorations. The non wheelers can also lend their Aid. Coloured lights and fireworks line of the Parade would to the scene. W. C. Is Ersoll. Among the county fair. A. B. A delves tomes. In Jiusto and gets a Fen facts concerning the in Early Days a Farmers club. Was started in the forties. Re bloomers in Chicago. E. C. Johnson Stearns team. At this writing the entries Are coming in at such a rate that it is fair to pre sume that Newark will have a larger Field few class b riders than Asbury Park. The Western crowd headed by Pye Bliss and Tom Cooper Are coming and will make the Eastern cracks ride for their prizes. Bliss and Cooper have not been seen on the Eastern circuit this season and the chances Are that the winners in the earlier meets will be treated to a genuine Surprise. While so much attention has been Given to the class b cracks we have Al most overlooked the fact that there Are some very fast men in the a ranks within this 200 mile limit. The performances of some of these men at can ton july 3rd and 4th were really men. Tortious As Miles were Cut in better time than at a great Many of the circuit meets among the b s. How the unique club disciplined two members who appeared in skirts. The unique cycling club of Chicago a All that its name implies. One of Laws is that on All runs bloomers or knickerbockers shall be worn and two members who disobeyed this Rule recently met with a punishment that they will not forget soon. Union Park was the rendezvous for the last run and 50 members turned out. The president. Mrs. Langdon and the Cap Tain miss Bunker two women wearing Short skirts Over their bloomers. Take the skirts ordered Captain Bunker. Indeed we was the reply. A crowd of Soo had1 collected to see the Start. The president and the Captain held a consultation and then taking several Strong armed members with them fell on the skirt wearers and stripped them Dom to their bloomers. It was done in All said mrs. Langdon. The club s rules Are made to be kept and idiot to be broken. Why did we take off the skirts in Public for no other reason but to make examples of the offenders. They publicly defied our rules and were punished american wheelman Don to for women riders. Don t be a fright Don t faint on the Road. Don t Wear a Man s Cap. Don t Wear tight garters. Don t forget your toolbar Don t attempt a it is dangerous. Don t criticise people s Don t boast of your Long rides Don t Wear loud hued leggings Don t cultivate a bicycle Don t refuse assistance up a Hill. Don t Wear clothes that Don t fit. Don t talk bicycle at the table. Don t neglect a Light s out cry. Don t Wear jewelry while on a tour. Don t race. Leave that to the scorchers. Don t imagine everybody is looking at you. Don t go to Church in your bicycle cos tume. Don t Wear laced boots. They Are tire some. Don t keep your Mouth open on dirty roads. Don t Converse while in a scorching position. Don t go out after dark without a male escort. Don t contest the right of Way with Ca ble cars. Don t Wear a Garden party hat with bloomers. Don t Wear White kid gloves. Silk is the thing. Don t Chew gum. Exercise your jaws in private. Don t tempt Fate by Riding too near the Curbstone. Don t ask what do you think of my Don t use bicycle Slang. Leave that to the boys. Don t discuss bloomers with every Man you know. Don t think you look As pretty As every fashion plate. Don t go out without a Needle thread and thimble. To written for the sunday advocate. As a Back number i have been Quested to get attainable facts As to the organization of the Licking county agricultural society. Some years since i was called upon to deliver a lecture on ancient Britain. In Pursuit of material i delved in Musty tomes wherein the names of Hengist and Harsey Arthur and Rowena mordred and a Host of prehistoric characters appeared in such a Happy confusion As to create a doubt As to whether our esteemed ancestors had sufficiently Evo muted from their Monkey ancestry to be capable of making history. So in attempting to get at the Early history of the society one encounters names familiar a half Century in the past. Jonathan Smith Israel Dillie h. S. Spragne h. C. Taylor Andrew Taylor we. O Banon David Smith and col. Hofmister. All these and hosts of others flit through the corridors of memory but their Active Agency and efficiency can Only be established when the officials of the society employ some suitable person with notions of order with Broom Brush soap ammonia and other disinfectants to go into the gloomy receptacle and Rescue from decay some at least of the evidences of the Faith that sustained the pioneers in the movement. The Only tangible facts attainable Are gleaned from the earlier reports made to the state organization of which the society is indebted to or. S. S. Williams who has kindly donated All needed links to make a full set from 1846 to Date. From that source i learn that Jonathan Smith of Johnstown reported in 1846 that there was at that time no county organization but that there had existed for two years a farmers1 club in Madi son township office red As follows. O Banon. Vice Taylor. Kliver. Corresponding s. Wheeler. Recording Secretary and j David Smith. Wages of farm labor per month or 60 cents per Day Short Dairy 40 tons of cheese for the year one cheese 1000 pounds the largest cheese made in the state up to that Date. In 1847 there were horses b mules cattle sheep hogs. The society must have been organized Between 48 and 50 for Henry a Taylor reports in 1850 Over his signature As president under head of farm products wheat 12 bushels per acre Corn 4 bushels per acre Oats so bushels per acre Dairy products pounds of butter and cheese cheese 6i cents per Pound butter 9 cents per Pound barrels of pork Worth per barrel treasurer h. S. Sprague same year reports entire receipts 95 reports expenditures 75. Balance in Treasury 60. In 1894 treasurer w. C. Miller reported entire receipts from All sources 872.50. Disbursements 63. Deficit liabilities this shows that the expenditures have More than kept Pace with increase of Revenue. The Large liabilities were much in creased by the accidents from the falling of the grand stand. There should be county Pride enough to authorize the management to pare Down the Premium list sufficiently to wipe out the indebtedness and place the people s carnival fairly on its feet. With an unequalled ground backed by the sixth county in the state the annual meet should be made so attractive As to draw almost the entire population. Man was intended to be a social being. By himself he becomes a morose Anchor Ite. Mingling freely with his neighbors wj.uj4. Mif Stu we Don t allow your dear Little Fiao to a Broadens character especially when the Ttram-95 Chas. M. Murphy better known among emas brother who holds the world s competitive record of 2-5 for the mile made at Wal Tham May 30, will be Here and As the manufacturing company Are especially desirous that he keep this particular record and the Columbia people As anxious that bold should beat his time a Lively race will be seen in the mile spin. L Date Cabanne the also has a hankering for this Honor and King Michael Dirnberger believes it is the Only Avenue now open to him to re gain his lost prestige. The too much Johnson team and the Barnes White flyers Fred Allec and Fred Barry also have a few old scores to Settle so that All things considered we can expect a Good hot contest in the mile open which has come to be the race of the Day. To the gentlemen in charge of the meet at this Point should be awarded great credit As they have Laboured tire Lessly for the Success of the affair. Everything possible has been done to secure a big Field of entries and in put company you Don t scratch a match on the seat of your bloomers. Don t try to have every article of your attire match Don t let your Golden hair be hanging Down your Back. Don t appear in Public until you have Learned to Side Well. Don t try to ride in your brother s clothes to see How it Don t overdo things. Let cycling be a recreation not a labor. Don t ignore the Laws of the Road be cause you Are a woman. Don t throw your legs Over the handle bar and coast Down Hill. Don t scream if you meet a cow. If she sees you first she will run. Don t cultivate everything that is up to Date because you ride a wheel. Don t emulate your brother s attitude if he rides parallel with the ground. Don t undertake a Long ride if you Are not confident of performing it easily. Don t appear to be up on records and record that York world. Daughters of eve sons of mingle with the c b a notice to taxpayers. All persons not having paid their taxes will please Call on or before july 25. The office will be open on the even ing of july 24th and 25th for the Benefit of mechanics and Labouring men. B. G. Hoover 4315t treasurer. Will close for the races. The Era of the wheel. The lawmakers have their eyes glued on to the wheel vote. Costumers Are fairly mad for set Ftp Eye killing de signs. The Golf Stoe Kirin people Are Wal lowing in yellow Metal. The Blo merites Are Blooming in dewy ease. Mill owners Are converting their plants into Cycle making depots. Where will it All end9 is it going to harm or to help genuine cycling and the genuine the names of the business men who will give a half Holiday on the 26th. We the undersigned merchants and business men of the City of Newark do hereby agree to close our respective places of business at 2 o clock on the afternoon of Friday july 26, 1895, in deference to the National circuit race meet to be held at the old fort on the afternoon of july 26. Carroll co. H. H. Griggs co. J. W. Hausberger Ida l. Mcdonald great Western Rhoads Christian Tamer Wintermute w. C. Wells w. C. Collins c. F. Sowersby Boston clothing House Rochester cloth Reg House when tubing gets Bent. When a handle bar or other tubular Paru of a bicycle becomes Bent out of its Normal position it should if possible be placed in the hands of a professional repairer. Blocks of hard Wood hollowed out to partially encircle the tube May be used for special repair jobs but the tube shoulder be touched by a Hammer Vise or other Flat a. W. from Bis and Kilos. Constant Reader is advised that the word bicycle is derived from the latin Bis meaning twice and the greek Kilos meaning wheel. This is the generally attributed derivation wheel Roe Emerson the Allison co. Sachs Bros. E. O. Hamilton China Hall co. So. L. Warner Walter Scott co. Geo. Markley front King Geo. Maybold Linehan Bolton c. h. D. Munson son g. L. Larklin j. W. Henry c. E. Walton f. P. Ransom we. Taborn c. L. Huston j. F. Lyons Knauber Bros. Koestring Mever we. Heipley the Hub Burner sniffin Homey Edmiston Harry p. Scott j. Gleichauf w. A. Spragne. Sample shoe co. Ball Criswell Newark Cycle store f. H. Keenen o. S. Gilbert g. W. Lawrence e. E. Holler h. J. Johns Philip Kober j. R. C. Alexander s. E. Forty the Stephen p. Mayer s. L Ransom City notes the Mercury climbed to the 104 de Gree Mark yesterday. Judge Waight will hold common pleas court tomorrow. T proprietors of soda water fountains transacted a Rushing business yesterday. Cam meeting at the old fort is Well attended it will close next sunday july 2sth. Bill Frazer got drunk again last night and was taken Down to the hotel de Griffith. Freddie a Daisy s and Ivory j. Three noted race horses have returned from the Lancaster races. Gus Kerns and the three Fly damsels who were arrested for visiting saloons have not As yet had their hearing in the police court. Or a. H. Heisey of Pittsburgh arrived in the City yesterday afternoon to push the construction of the table Glass factory in East Newark. It is reported that a considerable Quantity of Hay has been shipped into Newark from Points in Indiana during the past week. The Little son of or. S. F. Van voor his who was shot in the right breast yesterday by the accidental discharge of a target gun rested quite comfortably last night. Count Antone Mcgraw who sustained painful but not dangerous injuries by falling from the top of a b. O. Bos car while it was in motion on Friday is getting along Well. Contractor Samuel Woolway will commence erecting a handsome Resi Dence in the Penny addition tomorrow for or. Edward Hillier Foreman in the machinery department of the b. O. Shops. Bicyclists who want to know How fast they Are Riding can easily Tell by a Little figuring. When a machine is geared to 60 one revolution a second Means 10i Miles an hour. If the gear is 63 the Speed will be i Miles at a gear of 68 it will be 121 Miles at 72 it lacks a Frac Tion of 13 Miles Ond at 76 it is a Little More than 13j Miles. Yesterday afternoon John lock filed papers in clerk s office for a second proceeding against Frank Eichelberger for contempt of court in refusing to obey the injunction heretofore allowed in favor of lock prohibiting Eichelbarger from carrying on the Dairy business and Selling milk in the City of Newark. Miss Francis Griffin is a Southern lady of education and refinement and like Southern women believes thoroughly in the Home and its refining influences. She says it is not Wise to Trust your children to servants As they do in the South for unless the servant be a Christian her influence reflects on the child in her when asked Why she is a methodist and All other members of her family Are not she answers my old coloured Mammy was a devout methodist and i thought that she was As Good a Christian As could be so her life influenced mine in that miss Griffin will be at the Plymouth Church tomorrow evening at 8 p m. No admission fee. Hope. You May live without love but you must have Hope. Love is born with Jon. It is of the spirit and comes with life. Yon see the babe manifesting love towards its Mother or nurse almost the first of its manifestations but Hope is something that we cultivate. There is pleasure in anticipating Joys and pleas Tuttas nor Marl via of o the visit Ault the historic spots about Boston. Newark Man among impressions of the York City is now very dry on Suu its not Kan they want. Ures that life would be As a dreary desert with no Green to be seen if there was m Hope. Hope is always before us with her Wand dispelling the darkest Clouds with her Bright presence. Hope is Ever before us in her Lead through All our earthly life and we Lope for so much in our spiritual lives. F we do wrong we Hope in some Way to to forgiven. We Hope to meet our mends there we Hope to be Happy we Hope to come into an inheritance o toys that will last forever. We should cultivate this hopeful spirit and not be Only hopeful but live so that we can mow from our lives that we will re Alize Many of them Here and hereafter or it is written Asye sow so shall reap How desolate All Mankind would a without Hope s influence from youth to old age. Mabel. Special to the Suddat advocate 1 Boston july of the thirty thousand delegates to the Christianen Deavor convention have spent the week in taking in the sights of Boston. The City of Boston opened even the old grave Yards to the Endeavor ers a treat she would never give to her own citizens. This is Why the inhabitants of Boston rubbed their eyes in amazement As they saw the Rusty Gates Tole old granary burying ground a frown open and a throng of people making Lively a scene that for 44 years has lain undisturbed in silent sombre contrast to the Hust Ling car station at its Gates. The crowds roamed about with eager curiosity inspecting the Graves of men whose names they Learned in their school when studying history. These delegates could hardly contain their Joy when they read moldy inscriptions of the seventeenth Century on stones whose Gray faces spoke of ancient Days. The big Granite Shaft which Benjamin Franklin erected in memory of his parents attracted the most attention. Men and women stood Twenty deep around it. They thought Franklin himself Lay beneath the Stone. The girls made sketches of it a Hundred cameras turned their single eyes upon the Plain Gray Shaft that bore the one word Franklin. At the Bottom of the Stone is the following Josiah Franklin and a. Biah his wife lie Here interred. They lived lovingly together in Wedlock fifty five years and without an estate or gainful employment by constant labor and honest Industry maintained a Large family comfortably brought up thirteen children and thirteen grandchildren respectably. From this instance Reader be encouraged in thy calling and distrust not provi Dence. He was a pious prudent Man she a discreet and virtuous woman. This burying ground contains three signers of the declaration of Independence Sewell Peter Faneuil and Paul Revere. Another grave of interest was that of Mother some people thinking it was the one of the Nursery rhymes Fame. The Stone bore the following inscription Here lies the body of Mary Goose wife of Isaac Goose aged 42 years died oct. Be 19th, 1690." the women stood around this Mound pulling up the grass and gathering stones from the grave until there was none left upon it. The thous ands wandered about among the stones Over the tops of a Hundred Graves pen cil and note books in hand. Such a chatting of questions never before Dis Turbed the quiet serenity of the old Graves resting under the elms. Tired delegates formed Bright coloured groups on the grass hungry delegates ate lunches on the Flat top of tombs. They trampled the grass until it looked like a deserted site of a circus tent. Truly the Endeavor ers had they even walked Over the Graves of our colonial grand dads. The old Washington Elm in Cam Bridge was another shrine for Many Pil grims among which there Are vandals. They hacked at the old tree with their relic seeking knives till the police had to constantly guard it. What hollow spaces the builders left in the slender Shaft of Bunker Hill Monument the sightseers filled up chock a Block. The Little room in the top Only holds ten or twelve three thousand wanted to be up there at once. Every step in the stairs had its occupant. The hollow Stone Chambers fairly rang with the hymns Sung by the hundreds on the stairs. It was the work of hours to reach the top yet they stuck to it till they gained their end. Friends Oats sold Only in 2 . Vitality and Energy Okpuno upon th1 food you delicious. Healthful. Economical. If you would have an abundance of dark Glossy hair if Yon would have a clean Scalp free from Dandruff and irritating Humours or if your hair is faded and Gray and you would have its natural color restored use Ayer s hair vigor it is unquestionably the Best dressing precaution. Taking this Aluminate of continued the physician As he prescribed or a fair patient " you must be careful not to get it on your she inquired with mild ise it will decay them. Some take Ron in capsules but i think by taking it through a Straw you can keep it from get ing on your now doctor suppose i should leave my Teeth up stairs while i take the Iron in the Kitchen. Do you think there would be danger i think that would be a reasonable precaution Francisco Post. Busy at a recent Large country wedding All the carriages far and near were engaged to convey the guests from the station and the various country houses to the bridal reception. I am sorry said the Village undertaker to whom one of the perplexed hostesses had applied in despair for a couple of coaches but we had to put off two funerals today on account of this York Tribune the less of two evils. Mrs. I am going to the dentist s to have a tooth pulled out. You mind the baby while i m goal. Or. L. With mind the baby Jennie. I la go and get a pulled the Cradle of Liberty was rocked for All it was Worth. The registration in the visitors Book received such a Boom that its grand total for 95 will make the other years look. The Market adjoining the Hall was visited by All. Till they blocked the Over crowded passageways and business was at a standstill. It was As bad for the work men As a swarm of Locust or grass hop pers to the Kansas Farmer. While passing along the wharf a policeman showed me where the Boston Tea party took place which was if Fin s wharf at which they moored on dec. 16, 1773, 3 British ships with car goes of Tea to defeat King George s trivial but tyrannical tax of a Pence per Pound. About a citizens of Boston partly disguised As indians boarded the ships threw the cargoes. 342 chests in All into the sea and made the whole world ring with the patriotic exploit of the bos ton Tea 9 of. M. Having seen All to be seen in Boston i went Over Tonder York where the main topic is which is being enforced by the new police com missioners. I had the pleasure of being invited by a Friend to a meeting of Good government club i on one Hundred and fifteenth Street. On tues Day evening mrs. Rosavelt Parker and Andrews All spoke enlightening the Public on that question several Ger nans also spoke. The City of new York is very dead now on san Day most of the people going to Brooklyn my Coney Island. One Saloon keeper had the following notice in his window on saturday irrigation of got Hains Sahara anti Roosevelt sunday aridity risk which we guarantee to be of the get Quality Given to each Patron after o clock saturday and no it is needless to say he had a fall House. Frank m. So life Haskell Black Silks Are guaranteed. For Sale Only by Carroll co friends rolled Oats for account of going away from the City i will sell my Pond Phaeton harness and Side Saddle at a bar Gam. Inquire at mrs. Diehl it est Mam Street. ________________________________47 a Sec for rooms near Square for Light housekeeping. Also two houses. R. M. Davidson 50 North third or 60 sonic 75dtf few capable men of Good address to represent the most Complete nurseries in american. Permanent position with Good pay. Good territory now open. Write Ellwanger Barry Rochester n. Y. Your past present and future. Whether the one you love is True or false. Tells All business affairs with utmost truth. 22 3t mob. Mark. 20 s. Fourth St. Three furnished rooms for rent at 2s Clin Al ton Street Only a Short distance from the court House terms reasonable. Apply at the House. 33dti Louise Koos. Bunch of keys on a ring. Owner can have same by calling on b. G. Smythe proving property and paying for this advertisement. For in room House Corner North fifth and Chestnut streets. In quire of j. , at and tin store Kast Side of the Square. For o Frame dwelling houses on Clinton Street one five rooms and the other eight convenient to the Square. For other information inquire at no. 34 East Locust Street. July 1 Mouth for desirable rooms near the Square. Inquire of Al m. W. Wehrle 176 Street. 41dtf a Young lady As Book keeper or assistant typewriting Short hand or general office work. Inquire at this office. 41 d6t for dwelling House at 118 Mam Street. And All conveniences. The premises. Good Furnace water for particulars Call at 4sdtf read the following new liquor cocaine and Kindred diseases permanently cared treatment inexpensive. Full particulars for stamp. C Northern Ohio medical Institute 49 6t 1202 we Sorf ave., Cleveland o. Either lady or gentleman. First willing to learn our business then to travel or do office work. Salary enclose self addressed stamped envelope a. S. Mitchell manager 44 East Broad St Columbus 0. June 22nd s to on sat. Who contemplate build ing this season to Call on or address me no. 2-21 Central Avenue Between Buckingham and Eddy streets and see what i can give you for j700, j900 and Etc., be fore you close your contract. Alva w. Wilcox cont actor and builder. P. Also have my new seven room Housa for Sale. For particulars Call at residence def Coal Coal. For the Best bargains in the City in Coal try the Yards Corner Locust and second streets. Shawnee Lump delivered Bristol Lump prices on other Coal As Low in proportion. Office next door to Post office. Office Telephone no. 9. Diamond Brand. Pennyroyal pills original and Only Safe always reliable ladies druggist English i Motif Brand m red and foetal Llcy Boies sealed with Blue ribbon. Take Ino other. Rufua danger thu it Bitite Lions and imitations aidmggistsrorflend4c. A Stamps for particulars testimonials and _ reef for m later by return r testimonials a ame paper Kodlin Square local druggists. Pouada., a. Wear offering this week Antner lot of those fancy fat Mackerel at i of each. Fancy White Clover Honey at 15o remember we Are Headquarters for fancy strawberries Green Beans new peas Etc. All vege tables Are received fresh daily. Conked grocer 35 North third St. 1ewsp4pers 1ewsp4pers

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