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New York World Newspaper Archives Apr 12 1896, Page 15

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New York World (Newspaper) - April 12, 1896, New York, New York I proves Ftp scientist acknowledges that a swallowed Ai e spentthirty5ix hours in the monsters he journal Des of 1iirk one of the most conservative pub heat ions in the Lias become convince that the experience of the Prophet Jonah in the belly of a while Lias been duplicated by in adventure that recently befell James an English one of Crew of the whaler Star of the Henri do the Scien Tofle editor of the journal Des is a Man who is custom of to weighing evidence with painstaking care and of reaching conclusions Only when they Nave been approached with the utmost a whales says do i have already had Calico to remark in these columns that Gigantic stomachs Over two metres in diameter have been found in whales of thirteen metres in the whale belong los to the Prince of Monaco which died the other Day was found to have in us intestines Many Kilogrammes of fishes in Virlous stages of even Goliath in his time could not have More than to say nothing of the scientific editor of the journal Des having carefully considered the details of the re Marks that the accounts Given by the Captain and the Crew of the English whaler Are worthy of there Are Many cases reported where whales in the fury of their dying agony have swallowed human but this is the first modern Case where the victim has come Forth Safe and after this modern i end by believing that Jonah really did come out from the whale a modern the Story which has received the sup Piort of one of the most careful and painstaking scientists in Europe is As follows on the 25th of the Man in the crows nest at the Mast head of the Star of the East sighted two enormous sperm the by earner immediately gave Chase and Coon came within half a mile of one of a Hugh two fully equipped in the usual were Low ered and rowed the animal James Hartley boat was the nearer and from its Bow was Fred a bomb Lorca which struck the whale in a vital part the sailors backed water with Al their but were not Quick enough Tor the monster in the agony o the flurry seized boat in his jaws kindling the sailors leaped into the water in All James who had been steering the was thrown up with the which for the moment was almost his com rades in the other boat saw him on the instant the whale threw himself and the luckless Seaman in falling struck within he ponderous which immediately closed Over Tho men in the water were picked up y the other boat and the whale was in us time killed and brought alongside he Steamer and work was be fun re moving the a Day and a night Voro consumed in the finally hey opened the to heir great astonishment they found Hartley peacefully reclining As in a Bath he was but still lev he had been in the whales Stom Ali for nearly thirty six they hauled him Laid him upon he deck and began to rub his Rulch were purple and be smeared with he blood of his late they gave ilm Brandy 10 drink and it length he Egal Ned but Hafl reason Ivas for three weeks he remained n this raving about the deck and calling upon heaven to save him rom the horrible Furnace in which he manned himself being after while All hallucinations wore away and he had Lucid and then his eco cry became he first questions that his comrades skirt him were what had been Hla motions and impressions while in the Tomach of the a horrid i remember very he the moment that i jumped from to boat and Felt my feet strike some soft 1 looked up and saw a grabbed canopy of Light Pink and White descending Over and the next moment i Felt myself drawn downward get and i realized that i was wins swallowed by a i was Iran lower and lower a Wall of soft flesh surrounded me and hemmed me n on every Yit the pressure was lot painful and the flesh easily gave Way like soft India rubber before my lightest suddenly i found myself in a sack much larger than my but completely i Felt about to and my land Rome in Contact with several some of which seemed to be still for they squirmed in my fingers ind slipped Back to my soon i Felt a great pain in my head and my breathing became More and More difficult at the same time i Felt a terrible Leati it seemed to consume Isaf Jeanng View of James an English who was rescued after being in a whales belly t Hirt six As voucher for by the scientific editor of the journal Les the Well known Paris Neng hotter and hotter my eyes became coals of fire in my head and i be Leved Overy moment that i was going to be broiled the horrible thought that i was condemned to perish in the belly of a whale tormented me beyond endur while at the same the awful silence of the terrible prison weighed me i tried to to move my arms and to cry All action was now but my brain seemed abnormally and with a full comprehension of my awful Fate i finally lost his Story the truth of this extraordinary adventure is vouched for by the sailors and the Captain of the Star of the it appears that James Hartley 19 a Man about thirty live years of of Strong physique and wonderful Powers or Enas have been attested by Many incidents in the voyage just since the Steamer has been in Liverpool Hartley on two or three suffered from the old Galluci and has imagined that he was being consumed in a leery it became necessary to Send him to a Hospital in his general health seems but his skin still retains a Peculiar bluish which seems and which was doubtless caused by the action of the gastric juice of the whales Stom on horseback new York to ibis is the trip major Fie Otje Barbour is planning to take of a in Toffi worst of Europe fun written Tor the sunday world by before the women go into the dorm hat i saw in the slums of european capitals has con Vinced to that new York City is not by any Means the wickedest place in the not that there is not altogether too much vice but the conditions under which it exists Are not to appalling and the opportunities open to christians for re form work Are better and More numerous than in the majority of cities during six weeks i held seventy one meetings in european cities besides a workers into the Edinburgh immoral t do not know tha extent of Kerr aft Radjes denunciation of scottish Wick but i know that in Edinburgh most Active missionary assured me treat in one Street three blocks Long there was not a Good Mare than years of this Street does not correspond to any in the tenderloin of it took More like car Yale or Molt the lower parts of the houses in alums Are Beer occasionally a Duit if Spry Nklan and on the fumes of which at toe curse of the Sluma with Torlea they Bathe in a great bathroom there a room where each maj Wash her they Are dried in a few seconds by a special heating a a Coffee room is attached to Trio where for a Penny a woman gets a big bowl of hot Coffee and f Sandwich so huge that it makes Yoi think you never will want to eat again if new York had a similar lodging House it would prove London wicked West but the most horrible sights of All saw abroad were in the West end o no words can describe the vie in that supposed aristocratic Section new Yorks worst Street scene cannot be compared to those i the women Ore the boldest and most shameless o their in this country Many o the disorderly houses Are open to Chris than in London no such Chanc is no one Ever gets a Chance to read the inmates of London the Street women in London Are much mor richly dressed than those in new York there is never any mistaking one o those London West end As we could reach these poor Crea Tures in no other a supper a Given one Midnight in a West end a of about they came in Repona to cards of invitation distributed on the the by t which he women were very much affect the Story of Blue Bird i told them and the Mission work ers expect to follow up and help Man of these nothing j know Ofca equal the vice in the West end of Lon Babiss open in Paris i missed going of wimp t but i held Drewn grow meet flour Shea All the la hot 41 Job fun t Wollt until 1 and it is so widespread an inn Hosl except tji it of the Cri of or six Hundred women Long Ere every they absolutely belong i women who Purchase Chris o eve o Cost inv to Lea shameless lives or try the True so thoroughly rooted is the Lucens system that the Mission workers the told me it was Safe to top a you i girl on the even to talk to he if do the interfere to of girls what can be Don against Fetteh horrible system f my Clark Tell fill about to break into baseball api succeed in knocking the Flitters out of the Confidence find Fri Lutice f president of should re letter from president Cleveland kindness of major Barbour Sorne three years from now it would be the first Etter Evet self to Europe by the Over and sixteen thousand Miles from new Stork to Paris via Behring Strait is the horseback ride major George bar our is major Barbour is a Friend of Buffalo an old frontiersman and a Veteran f the he is a dead shot with Listol or Rifle and an exponent of the Lowboy school of he has killed Many indians and has had so Many close shaves that he does not believe he was born to Lay his Bones in either he alaskan or siberian he proposes to Mako the entire dle Ance on a single a Bronco or Kvester Pony at is now in Codys wild West this animal is eight weighs about 950 pounds s a characteristic representative of the native american major Barbour allows Days to the i that boo Days in the Saddle will be More than sufficient to cover the but he is making Liberal allowance for unforeseen delays and the periods of rest which must be Given his in will travel with fhe lightest pos sible a a Little Tea Trio simplest cooking major Barbours Tho route which this adventurous Man has Laid out takes him first to then northward to where he will he will then make his Way North through the Val Leys East of the coast Range till he strikes Tho headwaters of the Yukon in he intends to rest at fort Yukon before pushing on to the life Savone station at Cape Prince of where he will Cross Behring he will time his movements so As to reach Strait when it is Frozen and will secure the Aln Davilta of Tho the station that he crosses on entering Siberia Tain Friendly aleut to proposes indians for to of r guides and push Westward to the Frontier set once several Hundred Milea Inland he can count on Sood roads which will take him to thence to will continue on to Berlin and bring up in while Tho exposition of is in the russian embassy Lias assured major Harbour that every official Cour Tesy will be extended him by the czars he will carry letters to High military Oll Licals in Anco the interest in military always keen regarding teats of the horses endurance May be counted upon tomake him a prominent figure in most famous of if the Little Western Bronco reaches Paris alive he will be the most feted As Well As the most famous of arrangements will be made to give him a Central place in the american exhibit and the sum of has already been offered in the event of his successfully making there is a Frenchman who has announced that he contemplates the same inept that he will from cavalry experts and cowboys used to Lon distance Riding say that he weighs too also that he can have no what hardships the trip and must be unfitted to Cope with it is major harbours Frontier experience and right weight which make col major Burke and others of his for tend confident that he can and will accomplish this he has been at tacked by wolves at he has had encounters with All sorts of wild and wild he can get along witha meal every other Day and in apr when he gets Frederick the great artist and Dep later of Western hag talked with major and save he would like to join him if he were he agrees with Buffalo Bill that the trip can be born in Western new major Barbour was born in 1844 in the town of in Western new when he was a year his parents moved to and to lived there till the War broke he enlisted Lornt in Tho Twenty second new York and nerved successively in the fourth now York cavalry and third heavy in he went Cut West and became Well and respectfully known by Tho various Good and bad men who made themselves famous in Hobo tin never Boon sick a and laughs at the idea that fifty two is not of he considers that he is Only just seasoned for Bui Tobii expert m Long distance biding Kijor in Nouri schema to the editor of Tho i think major harbours proposed from new York to by Way of Behring is entirely i propose to select a Western which i am confident can make the journey barring it will be a horse Between seven and eight years weighing about 960 i should advise a Cowboy weigh ing about Twentyfive if major Harbour meets no Accident i am confident to will succeed in reaching Paris Overland in the Spring of and shall be there with the wild West to meet o to honest about i want stuck on writing this article for sunday world be cause you can no More teach a Man How to pitch Ball by writing to him than you ran get a girl to Cook Steak decently by waving a Cookbook at like Steve Brodie jumping they would Only be four Flushing it they tried and i Haven run across any the life Worie in Thea world than four Pitcher or a four Flushing Cook unless t is bridles Points for you no but after thinking it i thought i might give Mounir Fellows a few Points which would be of help to them if they Over broke into the baseball its a pretty Good you Only work six months the year and get More Coin than a new York police Captain does in a whole that his regular you can easily figure that for six months workdays Way above a Day for being superintendent of the front platform of if there was no base Ball there would be a lot of Strong Young men out of nerve needed the first thing about pitching is to have if you Haven any you might As Well give up trying to to a you can easily Tell whether you have the sort of nerve the first time you pitch in a if you get a Nasty feeling in your Throat when they begin to bang your curves All the lot you won that i dont think you but dont give up right it May Only have been what actors Call stage stick it out if there a Many a Young fellow fas become discourage when he might have turned out a Corker if he haunt Given there Are Dif Ferent kinds of if you feel like i Man old englishman invades the feminine beam and exudes Wisdom an Ameri can would hot launder in the Jamess budget says of women the morbid craving for notoriety that women exhibit in their various spheres of life is a singularly interesting they Are ready to take up any fad that will put them in i know women who would Load a dancing Bear Down Regent Street for the Sake of creating a the striving after originality in dress has reached such an acute stage that Tho real originality lies in being quite they want to to talked says Tho what Tho Yan Kees Call Joel Grieg flyer that one reason i like to beat Chicago 90 much these i want to get tha old Man sore in i was with Omaha in 1339 18do and in 1889 1 come very near have off another National Lea no Frank Seles was managing the Omaha and promised to take me to Boston with kid Nichols was also with the and finally Sclee flopped me and took the Ive got no kick but in doing my Best to make Selee Well we a few games from Boston this year and no i was very near another National to in Urf dad trying it again after being knocked out fellow it you May a a How i it took me some time myself to break into the Natl Nal when i first league Job in Philadelphia sign ing but there was ome trouble about a contract and the National Board allotted me to then i went won the championship for thei and John Ward bought me for Hll Temple cup i am told i did very Well test ill do better this sea practise but i am doing More talking about myself than giving pointers on so ill take a at the any player anxious to be come a Pitcher above everything obtain control of tha keep on and practising until you can put the Ball Over Tho plate whether pitching slow or no matter How Long it Mas Ter this i did and any Success i May have had i owe to being Able to put the Ball Over whenever i Foci like they Tell Torles of me being Able to pitch a Ball through a Knothole in the i never of but you Bot i could hit the you have control straight Low and then to can begin at the i am not going to try and ten you How to curve a because it would be very dizzy on my you cant learn How to pitch Ball sitting in the Library studying handbooks with a Bushe Basket of cuts Here and there showing you How to do i dont want to Knock any of those because Somo Good Fellows have taken a whack at Wal Lnu but the Way to learn to pitch s to to out upon the open lots and have some Pitcher How you How to grasp the Many ins and outs and other curves a Man must the Best teacher when you get to this curve part of the game is a Good let him stand behind the and coach dont bother about big with the nerve you must have in order to to a must have mind about fresh people about big you just got the idea 1 into your head that you Are just As Good As the next and dont be afraid of any if he fatten his batting average upon you in one go the next with the feeling that it was big piece of Luck on his part and pitch for All you Are Worth to Stop him doing it this cont Dence is simply a Branch of when you become a full fledged Pitcher study Tho weaknesses of batsmen you Are going up if you know they Knock a nigh Ball a feed them upon Low no tall the you for if they think you Are them Low Lay for a Low one and hit mix them is the Best thing i can Tell that is where the Best of hitters Are use change of Paco and mix them they some of the swell oar who cant hit How i get away with my Tho Jap know All the i keep guessing on Tho next they never know whats i think told about All i began note Hong i was timing lumbermen these Points May or May not help to up in new York every bunday if it int in you to become a Good id Patch at fort near by and by i got a Job with a team up in then i went West in 1887 and played at i played month or two in Des Molnes then old Man Anson got hold of me and took to South to try for the Chicago i could pitch As Ood Ball then a i do out pop t think so and shifted me to Good dldn1 Pitcher columns would be thrown away on Success is in these few words tool of the Ball and change of music full critique by re61pid de kove1 t various times during the past five and More since abandoned particularly the Casino t t s of producing exclusively comic which first gained for it name and various schemes have been Dis cussed to provide new York with a the atre might be the Home of comic properly so approximating in purpose and the opera Domique in i have always in this column maintained the possibility and the advise both rom an artistic and a financial of the establish ment Here of some such a it seems now As if there were a very definite probability the Experiment being or the intention of Abbey and Orau to give opera com que in English at abbeys theatre is now Well there can be no question about the continued popularity of the lighter forms of any pleasurable sensation or must of necessity be conveyed to the understanding through one or More of the it Muse also be that if it is possible to convey impression to mind by Means of several senses at that that impression is Likely to be More last interesting of More general a the try would be the Bill Ltd of securing govern the next to the theatre Brancau opera com que it the Moat most important and the Best paying theatre in there is no other institution in the world like in Augu rate Din we owe to it the opportunities which it has Given the Long 1st musicians and still longer list of mule go works probably never have been of at not the Opportunity for Jas or 9 write to be performed at such a theatre but if the founders of the Paris opera com que had asked this that institution would very Likely never Havo it must be insisted on that to the facts of the existence of such a theatre and its readiness to produce native when thought owe the Long line of composers the Contention has already been in this column that were the existence of such a theatre in now York to be the demand for works suitable for production would soon be followed by a sufficient the natural a Mculty which would first suggest itself in thin country of any Possler meat this is certainly a very important and difficult it la the existence of the financial provided yearly French government that renders Soblo for the French opera comlus to produce a number of works about which an Ordinary risking his own might feel i understand that Abbey and Graub general plan is to give the lighter forms of opera at abbeys theatre in Verv much same and following the Gen eral method As grand opera is Given the metropolitan Over the n other they propose to a repertoire of various Light Jiun by a presumably the idea i to change the Bill every night and Endeavor to secure subscription for specified number of by ers it Ces week during at least a pertain of the incentive to Compass the importance the 1 fording to Nalva Tive to produce a Little High juror operation by the Denuno a Unity of the adequate proud pts them which the Success of test Ura abbeys would not be Asp in to go none Light opera and because Al

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