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New York Times (Newspaper) - May 15, 1912, New York, New York The new York times. Wednesday. May 15. 1912. I Enes at the first Battle Between Paris bandits and the gendarmes. We Are not in any Hart to sell you eyeglasses. Some time when you have had unusual trouble with yours or have had the usual trouble Long enough remember that we Are accustomed to getting at the causes of eyeglass troubles and correcting them. We surely help you when you Are ready. Use the new store 25? fifth Avenue 27th Stopen next month. _ 104 East amp a , 4ba_ St it 12s West 424 Street Nev Bow. A a a a a a Tyum Ruml fun Madison Avenue. Team is. Optician a a <�2u2? us Dos a Toli a a a a St. Parla s Rae scribe raw be Vic a to mid. I text so a a ote bottle by and fired a dozen shots through the damaged roof of the Moulin Rouge but without result. _. The firing ceased for a time the bandits either being exhausted or saving their ammunition while the soldiers were forced to discontinue pending the arrival of a new Stock of cartridges from fort Nogent. At 11 25 two More dynamite cartridges were exploded and a portion of one old the Walls toppled Over. Nevertheless the bandits apparently succeeded in finding shelter in what remained of the Structure. All sorts of wild rumours were afloat among them one that Garnier had succeeded in escaping. That the authorities placed no credence in this was shown by the fact that they telephoned for Melicite and after the arrival of a Searchlight a Quantity of the High explosive was placed against the lower Wall of the Villa. At the concussion More debris was hurled skyward. The explosion left a yawning opening in the Villa through which police dogs with Savage barks sprang while the police and troops sent Volley after Volley of shots into the ruins of the build unhappily some of the bullets Mlcoch netted from the bricks while others emerged on the opposite Side the result of which was that two More policemen were an armed Force holding torches rushed into the ruins and discovered the two bandits lying in a room. Garnier was entirely naked save 5or.a few tattered rags. He appeared to be dead. Vallet was dead or dying. The crowd of spectators now wildly enraged rushed up and tried to seize the bandits. With great difficulty the police drove them Back. A a ,. Hundreds surrounded the prefect of police and with cries of a a Vive Lapinel tried to carry him off in Triumph. When the bodies of the desperadoes were dragged into the open the thousands of spectators pressed Forward and tried to tear them from the troops. Automobiles were brought up and the bodies thrown in but for a few minutes it was found impossible to Start the machines. In those few minutes the police and troops had difficulty in beating Back the enraged crowds. Finally the cars were started on the Way to Paris. One of the most dramatic moments of the Battle was when during a Lull in the firing the woman Vuillemin stepped from the building and surrendered leaving the men to the bitter fight for their lives. A Rad Tel 155 seek this Label jury or guarantee Reis underwear is made throughout of Best Grade yarns by most careful workmanship insuring Long service and Economy. 50c to $5.00 the garment Robert Reis amp co. Manufacturers and distributors nets York inn did took Refuge in a loft whence in the Rue do viaduct a train was bandits took Refuge standing on the line and All the Pas they fired through the holes knocked in the Wall. By this time there was firing All around policemen posted on the viaduct and others who had taken cover in adjacent Villas keeping up a brisk fusillade. M. Guichard requisitioned search lights and motor lamps from the surrounding Countryside. At 10 of clock a gendarme from Jom Ville was wounded As Well As a zouave who was hit by a spent Bullet. Enormous crowds arrived from Paris and All the adjacent country and it was stated that the president and prime minister were being kept informed of the Progress of the siege by half hourly Telephone Calls from police this morning after an explosion which practically destroyed what was left of the House the police effected an entry. Garnier was found dead. Vallet died to a few minutes. A the news of the Battle created extraordinary scenes in Paris. Special editions of the newspapers sold like wildfire ragged newspaper boys staggering beneath huge piles of newspapers engaging taxicabs to take them out to the suburbs. Immense crowds surrounded the newspaper offices where the Progress of the siege was recorded on bulletin boards. Finally Early this morning the news came that the men had been taken and were dead. How the bandits were trapped. When the new York times correspondent reached the scene last evening he found that Garnier Vallet and two women went to the Nogent Branch of the cry Dit Lyonnais in the afternoon and attempted to negotiate securities which had been stopped. When they left the Bank they were shadowed. Observing that they were followed they took Refuge in the Villa Honnour where it is said they had been hiding for the last ten or twelve Days. Darkness was falling As the correspondent motored through the streets and the crowds in the roads leading to the bandits haunt suggested a Holiday throng making for a race meeting. Fair Koan amp sons have our Tri service. They give entire sati cos in their faction proved by service Mack 12 years saurer 17 years hewitt10 Yutt a leading gasoline trucks of the world the right truck a right in size and style saves a business 30 to 50 per cent of transportation expense. We build All sizes and styles. Capacities 1� 1/4,.2� 3, 4, 4%, 5, 6 4,1 a and 10 tons Call or write for information International motor co 57th and Broadway works Allentown a Plainfield n j sales and service stations in All Large cities new Jersey Branch with Complete facilities a �6 ferry Street Newark sengers were at the windows looking toward the besieged Villa. Up the Road was heard the rattle of musketry fire. Zouave police and gendarmes had taken Possession of a Pavilion near the Villa and from loopholes Cut in the Walls were keeping up a heavy thirty Yards from the River is a Row of cheap looking Villas. That in which the motor car bandits had taken up their residence stood in a Garden sheltered by another Villa the Back of which gave on to the main Road. The desperadoes had fled for safety to the cellar of their Villa and through openings made on a level with the ground were replying with vigor to the dts cd. After a murderous fire had been kept up on the Villa for More than an hour the volleys at times being delivered More quickly than could be counted it was decided to attempt to eject the bandits from their hiding place with dynamite. A Bugle sounded the a a cease fire a a police cordon drove the spectators Back from the Villa and m. Don nay head of the municipal police approached and said to the Captain of gendarmerie a a if they come out Here fire at them with revolvers but done to use carbines. You might kill somebody at the other end of the a moment of intense suspense followed. Every Man examined his revolver and stood ready. The shrill Bugle rang out in the gathering dusk. There were hurried shouts of a a stand Back. A everybody waited with bated breath. Nothing happened. The Strain began to Tell on nerves. Finally m. Donnay unable to stand the suspense any longer went off to discover the cause of the delay. A moment later another Bugle sounded. The Captain of the zouave shouted a attention a and a splice official came Forward and said a a men do not allow yourselves to be covered with ridicule. Their Only Chance is to Rush out and fire right and left so As to scare at 8 15 a Man standing High up on the viaduct threw a dynamite Cartridge to which a Long fuse was attached on to the brigands Villa. The fuse was fired. Presently there was a tremendous report accompanied by a loud crash of broken Glass and falling do Bris. The fusillade immediately recommenced and several Dull Suttera Nean explosions were heard. The final scenes. A the end came at 2 15 a. M. The troops and police authorities decided to make another attempt to blow up the House with a dynamite Cartridge. The attempt was not successful but As soon As the smoke cleared away a party of zouave and police made a dash for the House. A zouave and a policeman were the first to enter. Concealed behind a bed covered who a mattress and attired Only in a shirt they found Garnier lying wounded but still alive. They shot him dead. Witnesses of the scene that followed describe it As butchery. Remembering the Many police victims of the bandits the constables could not restrain their feelings and Garnier a body when it was removed from the battered Villa was simply a bleeding mass. Vallet was found lying dead in one of the rooms. As soon As the police were seen to have entered the House the crowd burst through the cordon and swept through the Garden to the porch of the Villa. The bandits dead bodies were nearly torn limb from limb ask they were dragged out of the House and hauled unceremoniously along the Dusty Road to a police motor car. A mob poured into the Villa and literally sacked the place smashing the few bits of furniture it contained and carrying off even the window frames As souvenirs of the siege. The Little Garden with the Seething mob excited zouave shouting policemen and Yeeling peasants lit up by flames of Impromptu torches presented a fantastic spectacle. At the Back of the House a ladder was leaning against one of the upper windows. It is thought that a third Man whose presence was reported earlier in the night made his escape by this Means while his companions kept the attention of the police engaged by their fusillade from the front of the Villa. With Garner and Vallet dead the last of the murderous six of the Rue Ordener and Chantilly have been accounted for. Paris wednesday May 15.�?the career of the last of Frances notorious Bandit gang was dramatically ended this morning when after eight hours of Battle with police and troops its Leader octave Garnier and his Confederate Vallet were blown up by explosives in a Small Villa at Nogent sur Marne where they had taken Refuge. Shattered by shots of dynamite their House fell in ruins when Melicite was exploded under us Walls. The police found Garnier dead and Vallet dying. Five policemen were wounded in the by talc for hours the forces for the Protection of society failed to dislodge them. Several thousand police gendarmes and zouave tried for hours to shoot the bandits or blow up the building. Three policemen had fallen from the desperadoes bullets but though the Villa was badly damaged by dynamite the bandits miraculously held their own and showed no sign or surrendering. Unlike the Case of Bonnot whose Refuge was dynamited at Choisy Ler a Garnier a last stand was in a House hidden by foliage and surrounded closely by other buildings rendering an assault difficult and dangerous. Bonnot and Dubois fought in a garage which could be approached from All sides. Bonnot the a a Demon chauffeur Yas remarkable for his skill at the automobiles by the employ ment of which the band committed outrages and Mado its escape. Garnier a specially was disguise. He went so far As to mutilate his eyelids to change his appearance Aid by resorting to every scheme exploited in detective fiction he succeeded in evading the police dragnet which had been spread Over Paris and the suburbs. Garnier a mistake came in trying to negotiate stolen securities at a Branch of a big banking House. Through this he and his companions Allet and a woman named Vuillemin were tracked to Nogent. All three who Are decided blondes dyed their hair Jet Black. An indiscretion by the woman to Day enabled the police to fix their Lair to a certainty. She went to a Public pump to get drinking water where she was met by a pay a Sian woman. Vuillemin who is of Basque origin carried the Jug of water on her shoulder after the custom of the country. The Parisienne struck by the picture stopped her and exclaimed a a How Beautiful you Are Madame. You should pose for a Vuillemin smiling acknowledged the compliment and passed on. Then the parisian with a woman a penetration decided that her hair was dyed. The comments and inquiries of the parisian put the police on the track. M. Spine police prefect of Paris was notified and decided to capture or kill the bandits if necessary As France is determined to rid the country of those who have been spreading terror on every Side. Again As in the Case of the Battle at Choisy Leroi the efforts of the police and military were greatly hampered by the vast crowds of spectators who gathered in the adjoining streets. Attempts were made to blow up the the 24 hour Cigar 91 tastes Good after breakfast luncheon dinner any time every time United Cigar stores largest in the world because we serve the people Best building by throwing dynamite cartridges from the adjacent viaduct and a perfect Hail of bullets was poured into the House in which the bandits were concealed. Finally the fire ceased for a time and the onlookers wearied by Lack of definite action and their inability to witness any of the later operations took Possession of the cafes to await the outcome. When the police arrived at the Villa which was known As the Moulin Rouge m. Guichard superintendent of detectives carrying the Tri color Sash of his office cried a a open in the name of the Law a a Man hidden in the Garden responded with revolver fire. This formally began the Battle and siege. In. Guichard was not hit and retreated. He mobilized the detectives police and gendarmes who carried rifles while a company of zouave from the nearby Barracks joined the besieging forces. The excitement was intense and the enormous crowd hindered the operations and had to be driven Back. Six inspectors protected by sheets of steel furnished by a Gunsmith cautiously approached the House. They encountered a murderous fire but were not hit. Three of the police however fell from the bandits bullets seriously wounded. In the meantime the police and spectators who had gathered on the viaduct of the Eastern Railroad heaved enormous rocks on to the roof of the House which stood adjacent to the viaduct. Soon the roof was wrecked and fell in but the bandits continued firing. The woman a Gullemin emerged from the House. She was arrested. When m. La Pine the prefect of police arrived he immediately assumed command and the scene took on All the military aspects of a Battlefield with reinforcements constantly coming in. M. La Pine held a consultation with the captains of the gendarmes and the zouave and finally decided As he did in the Case of Bonnot and Dubois at Choisy Leroi to blow up the bandits Lair. The zouave bugler sounded the a a cease firing a and then the a a the crowds were now almost overwhelming and the severest measures were necessary to Force them Back beyond the danger line. With the piercing notes of the Bugle the noisy clamor of the surging multitude was suddenly hushed. Word was passed from Mouth to Mouth among the crowds in the nearby streets which were jammed by jostling and excited people that the Villa was about to be blown up. Soon the Roar of an explosion broke the silence and masses of people rushed Forward and tried to Force their Way through the police lines to see the result. Inspectors and artillery lieutenants had thrown dynamite bombs from the viaduct. The explosion was so great that it Shook the entire town and gave the impression that an earthquake had occurred but when the smoke and the dust from the wreckage cleared away the Sharp crack of rifles from the Interior of the building showed that the troops had Faile to accomplish their purpose. The zouave and gendarmes sharply answered the fire. When the bandits resumed the aggressive m. La Pine himself had a narrow escape from death. Although he was some distance from the viaduct a Bullet passed within an Inch of his shoulder and buried itself in the Wall of a House sending up a Shower of fragments into the prefects face. The crowds forced Back further and further lost patience and vented their feelings in a wild chorus of a a death to the bandits a. The arrival of a brigade of Reserve police gave the crowds a Chance to cheer. It was evident after the explosion that the bandits had taken Refuge in the cellar they then mounted to the attic from which they directed a steady Fusil Aine the Uncertain Glare of torches the scene was dramatic in the extreme. The besiegers anxiously asked each other when it would end. Trains from Paris conveying working Neonile to their Homes slowly passed Over the Bridge affording thousands a View 0fatheio-�of5 to. La Pine ordered electric searchlights to be brought from Paris As there was great danger in the obscurity of the besiegers accidentally shooting their Fellows. As a matter of fact the Captain of the gendarmes and several soldiers had a Lucky escape their Heads being grazed by bullets fired by a Ivy in members of the attacking party whose ardor was better than their skill Aither prefect also requisitioned extra dynamite bombs and cartridges from the a smart Barracks at Vincennes. Selai detectives armed with a new toe of steel shield which the police. Y5f�?zaia recently devised were Able to arsenals Ith n fifteen feet of the House. Holding the Shields with their left arms 52 crouching behind them they fired. One shield was pierced but the detective "lerst1 Feury a who was dangerously a re inf red earlier in the Battle while pro tested by a steel Sheet owed his injury a a the fact that he turned to explain to. A Comrade How Well his Armor was work if Here s was a considerable inflection As when the final assault on the House should be made. Some of the officials and that they wait until Daybreak As the proximity of the other Villas made dynamite no at night dangerous., however another bomb was exploded to Nowod by the Clatter of broken windows and crumbling Walls but the bandits seemed really possessed of the fabled. The gangs exploits. Beginning Wlton april 1, the French police put a Stop to the crimes of the taxicab bandits and began arresting minor members of the gang one by one. On april 28 Jules Bonnot the Leader of the gang was shot to death after the garage in which he had taken Refuge at Choisy Leroi in the outskirts of Paris had been dynamited by the police. The sensational crimes of the gang in the preceding months were followed by a series of equally sensational captures by the police All through april and the present month. The history of this remarkable organization of bandits was graphically written for the new York times of May 5. The first great exploit of the taxi gang was effected on dec. 31, 1911. Heated a limousine with Flowers in their buttonholes and wearing silk hats five of the gang suddenly began a fusillade on one of the principal streets of Montmartre and while their heavy firing kept the neighbourhood in fear two of their number shot a Bank messenger and rifled the sack he was carrying of currency and papers Worth $100,00o. When this w As done the liveried chauffeur started up the car and the gang drove Orf. Still a Iamb away with revolvers and rifles till inc it were Clear of the town. On feb. 17 a similar crime was committed in the streets of Paris. A Bank messenger was shot and robbed of $30,000. The bandits As before made a sudden Onset from an automobile and used it for a Quick escape stunning the populace in the same fashion by firing in All directions As rapidly As they could pull the triggers of their weapons. On March 25 they murdered a chauffeur Twenty five Miles from Paris and took Possession of his machine heading toward Paris. Though news of the crime was speedily transmitted to the City and Buffalo limited leaves new Yoli 8 45 p. M. Daily for Syracuse Utica Ithaca Buffalo the Road of Anthracite new Netherland Bank of new York to 41 West 34th Street 1 an important feature of the service to in dered by this Bank is the personal attention its officers give to the individual Needa at depositors. A a a Chantilly. Here they stormed the office of the Socin to go no Rale. Two were killed and two wounded by thew opening shots. They got $10,000 from to it Safe and made off again Keepler the town in a panic while they worked an preventing resistance to Gay firing 0ftlriststima they had a narrow escape rat. 8 As they approached Asni Eres. Ian a narrow up their Trail late id were gaining on then the police Cluj the afternoon and were gaining As they approached Asni Eres. The bandits avoided capture by Aman Donlong their machine breaking up their party and taking two Railroad trains which Bash opened to be crossing each other when they reached the station. First was taken later Sarouy regarded As the gangs Leader was arrested. By this time Tny gang was broken up. The re we Rda of feared by the Socin to go no Rale which had suffered heavily in two of the sensational hold ups produced abundant Inion mation concerning their movements. With an army of police in Pursuit the remaining leaders of the gang sought safety by separating adopting disguises and hiding. In most cases they were located through the treachery or accomplices. Callentan known As Raymond the scientist a was soon m the police net. Four others were caught with lice net. Roui us ice c loot from the taxicab hold up in a police raid at Petit Ivry a suburb of Paris. Assistant supt. Jouin of the Paris detectives was killed and chief inspector was Spee Uny to j r mar wounded on wednesday. April err amp amp amp amp amp and Garnier both escaped this time. Bonnot had three More Days of life before his career finished in the garage at reached Choisy Leroi. Qtv/4 watch a bandits succeed in making their Way into Paris by the Fontainebleau Gate Rush through the City and out again by the St. Ouen Gate. They did not Stop till they the product of Many years experience the Garford a a six is the product of one of the oldest constructors of motor cars in ills county and it a built in its entirety m his Plant. It is not merely the assemblage of mechanical parts gathered from v Ariosa factories nor is there anything about it to suggest a made Over four Cylinder. The cylinders Are cast in threes with All enclosed. A simple compact motor of smooth Ana silent operation. The new Bosch a double Point High tension ignition Riveta higher decree of efficiency and Power than has hitherto been supplied by any other system. The fuel distribution i3 perfect under All conditions and each of the six cylinders does its full work not spasmodically but at All times. The self contained non smoking oiling system g grantees perfect lubrication. More than is found in any other a six a and All that la desirable of Comfort elegance endurance Speed style safety Are found Garford. A reason sufficient for its being the first Choice of so Many notable and discriminating buyers. Flix Sefty Complete with top and full equipment. $4,500 Romr forty. Complete with top and full equipment. $3,750 four thirty Complete with top and full equipment. $8,200 Garford motor trucks 1 to 6 tons a a a a Quot i life. Despite the fact that the racked and was badly damaged it Al ruined standing and a seemingly in exhaust be Hail of Lead continued to pour. Framzmiave1 asked permission to place a car Irkle alongside the Wall of the House instead of throwing it As was previously a nip but this was refused As it undoubtedly would have resulted fatally to the daring Soldier. The zouave then climbed to the Atlle of an adjacent House which had been vacated like others near l. Company Garford distributors Hrna Dway and 62d St., new York Newark Branch-�87 Broad Street a

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