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New York Times Newspaper Archives Mar 16 1911, Page 3

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New York Times (Newspaper) - March 16, 1911, New York, New York The new York times thursday March 16. 1911. A 8 Green a Stripe Edina Jagir new York Sale agents Twenty dead now in firemen a strike talk of calling out state troops to guard Queen amp Crescent but no action. Engines Are armoured freight traffic is still interrupted and Large mining and engineering companies May close Down. Attack on Cropsey Laid to the system police records of unrevealed crime sent anonymously to the newspapers. He wont make reply to it but observers of police conditions find in this unprecedented act an attempt to Hurt present regime. The so called a a system a or Community of interests among members of the City police Force is believed to be behind an attack made yesterday in Brooklyn from the u inside a of on commissioner James c. Cropsey a administration of police affairs. An Anonymous a writer suspected to be a lieutenant or other officer assigned to clerical duty in and in touch with its records mailed to newspaper offices in Brooklyn a Long list of a a crimes committed on the highways a throughout the City within a month All but a few or a which he set Forth were kept secret rom the Public. A. Policemen who saw the apparently carefully prepared list declared that it appeared to them to Nave been taken from what Are called the a a Telephone blotters a kept at Headquarters and in the various station houses. It was typewritten and its preparation must have involved much labor. The offer of this secret list for publication by interests a within plainly for the purpose of discrediting the administration of the commissioner startled those who have been giving attention to police affairs and was regarded by them As bearing a sinister _ ,. Commissioner Cropsey by his methods of discipline seems to have incurred the ill will of a certain element in the depart Niento and there Are those who assert that the resentment of these men is bringing about a state akm to demoralization in the Force. The comments in the letter accompanying the list Given out yesterday were poin Fea to by such believers As indicating the truth of their belief. Recently a policeman on trial before the commissioner in Brooklyn charged with being caught off Post caused a sensation in the trial room by openly accusing the head of of a a making cowards or the a police a and declaring that none of them expected fair treatment when called before Bim. The fact that a member of has now shown such Disley its head As to give its secret special Ltd the with a a a times. A a no qty to coir re be of a hts conference or Ero Somerset ky., March 15.-the Situa j Lack a informed or. Brooks that in Chi cuts off the poolroom. A banker Kahn sails with his family Western Unkn not to Supply racing news any More says investigator. Special to the new York times. Albany March 15.�?the civic league of new York an organization which for months has made an investigation with a View of ascertaining whether or not there existed Between the Western Union Telegraph company and the poolroom interests throughout the country an Alliance to facilitate the transmission of race track information to the gamblers announced to night that satisfactory assurances had been received from the Telegraph company that every Avenue of race track gambling information from now on would be closed. The civic league has conducted its investigation through Harry Brolaski a former bookmaker who for Many years had been engaged in an anti gambling Campaign. Or. Brolaski reached the City this afternoon after a conference earlier in the Day with Belvidere Brooks general manager of the Western Union company. Has taken a Castle near London to stay in during the Coronation of King George. Ten servants go along optimistic on the financial situation a says he is in need of a Long rest. Tion growing out of the strike on. Exceptional facilities for receiving race1 motor through Europe returning Home in with track information such As tips betting the banker and has be and 0cins�?Tthec report which or. Brolaski made children occupied four suites on the Mau to Day to the Rev. O. R. M ller state Retanya it is said that the bookings superintendent of the league or Brolaski ret said that he Felt thoroughly satisfied that or Brooks was determined to break up the practices complained or and urged that contemplated suits to have the Western Union enjoined from thus transmitting gambling information be dispensed with. Otto h. Kahn his wife and their four children sailed yesterday on the Cunard 1 Laski informed Jar. By Wuhs Mai m a by liner Mauretania to be in London for the the Cago Cincinnati Pittsburg Philadelphia it Coronation it or. Kahn has leased Cassa Queen amp Crescent route remains in a j and cd to the Quot Pool i Borg Castle at Watford Hertfordshire. 15 critical stage. All freight traffic has. Room inter Sta by placing at their disposal j Miles out of London. The family will been abandoned in this Section. The exceptional facilities for Rece iving race a our a re a rpt nine Home in passenger engines Are protected Armor to safeguard the firemen and several of the largest Coal engineering and other companies in this Section of the country will close Down in another Day unless a settlement is made. If these concerns close it will mean that several thousand men will be throw out of work which will further complicate matters. There is much talk to night of the state guard being called out to protect the railway property however no official Call has been made on the governor for troops. Private guards Are on every passenger train hut so far they have not been molested except in the Case of the shooting of detective Carl sunday night. Rumours Are Rife to night of trouble at Kings Mountain and at glenmary but they cannot be verified. Up to to night the total number of deaths said to have been caused by strikers is Twenty. Quot they ar6 slaughtering them right and left a said a fireman at Burnside yesterday As he pulled into town from the South. Blames one reason for Lack of military spirit says adj Gen. Verbeck. Albany March 15.�?criticised for Haring declared at the recent dinner of the society of the Ononda Fugas that the military spirit in America is at a Low ebb adj. Gen. Verbeck to Day gave several reasons Why recruiting for the National guard is difficult. They follow Quot the influence of Andrew Carnegie and his peace fund of $10,000,000. Quot the Lake Sohenk peace Oon Ferenze and similar movements. Quot the hostile attitude of women Pucho school teachers for military Drill and military spirit in schools. Quot the hostility to things military by the boy scouts of America. A a the great tendency to commercialism and worship of the Quot the Large amount of time consumed by social obligations. Quot the jealous hostility of the average wives to the amount of time that their husbands must give to military interests and affairs. ,. Quot the Large amount of ridicule to which military officers Are subjected. A a the Large number of fraternal organizations that Are permitted to weat gorgeous military uniforms to the disadvantage of the plainer uniforms now used by soldiers. Quot the Lack of education in part of the general Public in regard to military How Weston uses liquor. Do Waits to hear what Murphy says Lull in senator help contest until tammany chieftain reports on Sheehan s attitude. Leaders May get together Alae Blyman Ward presses inquiry of corruption Char Geek governor restricts correspondents questions. M. Cd ids to the newspapers is said to be without precedent in the history of . A a the list and the letter accompanying it Are written on stationery of the police department on a a Blank no. 509.�?� the writer gives a list of 175 assaults and robberies which he says were reported to the police Between feb. 4 and March 6 last. According to the writer of the Anonymous letter the men a a hate a the commissioner and a a done to give a Damn whether they make arrests or de out police commissioner Reynolds of Brooklyn declined last night to discuss the letter or the list of crimes accompanying it saying a a i have nothing to say about the commissioner Cropsey declined to see reporters. Squibb Utah excise hearing pastors reference to criminals and outlaws stirs legislators. Special to the new York times. Albany March 15.�?there was a Lively squabble at the meeting of the Assembly excise committee this afternoon when a score of preachers and laymen appeared to protest Gamst the attempt now being made to break Down some of the safeguards erected by earlier legislators against abuses in connection with the liquor traffic. The hearing was on a series of Bills. One of these provides that no complaint shall Lodge against a liquor dealer for violation of the excise Law unless formal notice has been served on him outlining the exact nature of the complaint within thirty Days after the offence has been committed. Another provides for the contraction of the proscribed area about a Public school within which there must be no traffic in i liquor from 1100 to 200 feet on either Side. A third would vitiate the provision in the j a excise Law which renders void a liquor License when two convictions for violations of the excise Law had been made against the Holder in the same year by defining Quot conviction a As not including oases where sentence has been suspended. The argument was on the thirty Day Bill and the Rev. Herbert Tinsley of Kingston a methodist preacher representing the clergymen of Ulster county had the floor. D1 Tinsley declared that the legislature would never pass the Bill so the committee might just As Well save itself the trouble of reporting it. Quot May i ask on what the gentleman bases this assertion a asked Assembly Man James d. Walker of the fifth new York District. Quot on the proposition that not All the members of the legislature Are criminals and outlaws but that the bulk of them Are decent men responsive to the wishes of their constituents and on the Furtner proposition that a majority of the legislators have Gray matter rather than sawdust inside their Quot do you mean this As a threat asked or. Walker. The Clergyman said it was not a threat but that he could not prevent anybody from putting his individual construction on what be had said. M u n r0psfatbw1t h j u r y. Sealed verdict in fraud order Case to be returned to Day. Both sides closed their Case yesterday in the trial of George h. Munroe who is accused before judge Hough in the United states circuit court of using the United states mails to defraud through sales of Stock of the British Marconi wireless and other a companies to Small investors after addresses by the defense and prosecution judge Hough charged the jury in the afternoon and then went Home. At 6 of clock it was announced that judge Hough had ordered a sealed verdict to be rendered at 10 30 this morning to which hour the court stood adjourned. Munroe was placed in the custody of the United states marshal for the old guard elects officers. More than a Hundred officers and members of the old guard mustered at its a Headquarters last night for the annual election and to Welcome Home its Cora a Noa Dant major s. Ellis Briggs who had just returned from Florida. Major Briggs contracted a severe cold and was unable to a present. A set of Silver valued at was sent to his Home As a Token of appreciation in which he is held by guard. He was re elected command Cincinnati Ohio March 15.�?the seventh Day of the Cincinnati new Orleans amp Texas Pacific firemen a strike began to Day. With no definite move for a settlement in sight. From the standpoint of the officials of the Railroad the situation As regards the moving of trains was somewhat improved. They declared there has been a lessening of interference at Danville Somerset and Kings Mountain f and that trains were running on better time than on any other Day since sunday. Vice president Powell of the Cincinnati new Orleans amp Texas Pacific said he had had no conference nor exchanged messages looking to a settlement of the strike with any of the officials of the firemen a Union. W. S. Carter president of the brotherhood of locomotive firemen came to Cincinnati to Day. He said that his coming had not been requested either by the strikers committee or the Railroad. Quot i conferred with judge Knapp of the Commerce court at his request in Washington a said or. Carter. Quot the discussion was general in character and no mediation is Lexington ky., March 15�?Many More trains were moved to Day than for the last three Days freight trains running North and South from Here while the passenger trains kept close to their schedules. One of the Idle Yard engines was also put to work to Day. More pay for legislators. Both houses vote for it but the people must yet approve. Special to the new York times. Albany March 15.�?a material increase in the compensation of the state legislators will be provided if the people approve of a constitutional amendment which was passed by the Senate to Day without dissent. Assemblyman Gerhardt s Resolution which was passed by the Assembly yesterday was substituted for a similar Resolution in the Senate and placed on the order of final passage. It was also passed by the last legislature and it will be presented for the approval of the voters at the next general election. I1ul a it Uriu �?zv.�.��. R the senators and assemblymen now deportation. Last year John w. Gates paid no a Vear each with mileage about $5.000 for himself and party of eng chive $l,o00 a it ear each Wii Bostwick generally in for one round trip in the session the a an. Amendment will give each senator $ju>0< amount to $9,000. The family took with them two maids a Valet a special stewardess a governess two nurses and in the second Cabin a chauffeur laundress a Butler and his wife and child. The special stewardess is one in the employ of tie Cunard line. For her services or. Kahn must pay not Only he wages but her passage. The Cabins occupied by the kahns Are known As parlor suites each having two rooms and a Bath. They Are on both s Dee of the promenade deck about amidships. Entrance is from the alleyways leading into a parlor or sitting room. Beyond this is the living room with two brass Beds in each. For the Faur suites on the eastward trip $3,200 is paid. The Cost of the servants transportation in the urst Cabin is $370. Those in the second Cabin pay $260, a total of $3,830. On the return trip when the Price is advanced the Cost of th.5 suites will be $4,800. The servants fare in the first Cabin will amount to 8400, and those in the second Cabin $300, a total of $5,500. The Cost of both voyages will be about $9,330. In addition or. Kahn has shipped on the Cun Arder Carola three automobiles Ana four servants. This will bring he total for the round voyage up to $10,000. This is not a record Price for Atlantic trans put it in his 8hoes, Veteran Walker tells Church audience. Edward Payson Weston observed the seventy third anniversary of his birth by delivering last night in Grace m. B. Church 104th Street and Amsterdam Avenue a humorous lecture on a the Vicissitudes of a there was an introductory address by the Rev. Or. Christian f. Riesner pastor of the Church and or. E. E. Smith the pedestrians physician spoke about his Well known patient. Quot once a said the Veteran pedestrian i used liquor but not for drinking purpose. I put it in my shoes in order to keep my feet from getting sore. A Pracz a tical joker heard about this and poured a Quantity of sulphuric acid into my shoes. I did not realize what had happened until i had been walking several hours when my feet suddenly went Back on me. Me acid almost burned up my feet and i was Laid up a Long time. _ or. Weston said he Felt Strong and Well and capable of making another Jaunt of several thousand Miles. $25,875 for 74 pictures. A Vear and each assemblyman $3.000 a year while each legislator will be entitled to mileage from his Home to Pic and return once a week do rim the Sass this last item alone it is estimated would swell the Sites expenditures by gages Many suites for himself and family. It is said he has paid $8,000 for accommodations which included the two regal suites. Or. Kahn and his family went on Board the Mauretania on tuesday night Ana Vesterdal morning they were a at Home on Board. The banker spoke Optimist would swell the states exper. J f financial situation. He said about $2,000 a week while the lawmaking c it rest and purposed body is in session. Railways fined $55,000. N. Central and Pennsylvania admitted cutting rates for Standard Oil. Special to 7 he new York times. Buffalo n. Y., March 15.�?the new York Central Railroad was fined $35,000 and the Pennsylvania Railroad $20,000 to Day by judge John r. Hazel in the United states District court after they had pleaded guilty to granting rebates to the Standard Oil company. Both fines were paid at once. In imposing the fines judge Hazel stated that in his opinion the habit of granting rebates on shipments of commodities by Large corporations had gone out of practice. The Large common carriers he believed were endeavouring to live strictly up to the letter of the Law covering the filing of Tariff rates upon inter state Commerce. He was in need of Long rest and purposed getting it. The kahns will Stop a week in Berlin visit Paris and motor through Italy. Has a new sub troute. Senator Hardin wants one under East River at fourteenth Street. Special to the new York times. Albany March 15.�?senator hard Nln produced a Bill to Day providing that any subway planned by the Public service commission for the Borough of Brooklyn shall include the following route from the intersection of Broadway and Lafayette Avenue along Broadway and Union Avenue to North seventh Street or along Lafayette Avenue Bushwick and metropolitan avenues to North seventh Street thence along North seventh Street to the East River and under the River to East fourteenth Street Manhattan and along East fourteenth Street to Union Square connecting with the fourth Avenue subway Robin to Tell All to the grand jury continued from Page 1. Martin j. Condon president of the american snuff company and Active Leader in the affairs of the american tobacco company or. Bradley Martin jr., the Bon in Law of or. Henry Phipps or. George d. Crabbs of Cincinnati president of the Philip Carey manufacturing company Ana a member of the executive committee of the German National Bank and or. Samuel h. Kress of 350 Broadway who owns Over 100 stores scattered throughout the United i need not go further to convince you that he is an exceptional Man and destined. If his life be spared to add very greatly to his accomplishment of substantial things and to make of the financial institutions which he has undertaken to build up the Strong and conservative Power which he predicts for them. I believe him and his associates to be deserving of your very kind regards i am sincerely yours signed Jordan j. Rollins. Hon. Charles h. Hyde 280 Broadway. Hyde refuses to explain. When this letter was made Public the reporters sought City Chamberlain Hyde at his office. No i shall not say anything about that eral its state treasurer the officers of its largest Banks and other prominent business men of Nashville Tenn. These letters declared him in unqualified terms to be one of the leading men in the South a Man of integrity wealth Force ability and Char Acter. I had Faith in those letters and the fact that he was the president of the had ing club in Nashville. When he called upon me i knew of no reason Why i should not write the letter that i did. Waa Williams a counsel. Tent to shield no one an affidavit has been sworn to by William l. Brower vice president of the Northern Bank and put in the hands of District attorney Whitman for use before the grand jury. This affidavit tells of a Telephone conversation Brower says he had with Frederick k. Morris an associate of Robisi just before the failure of the Washington savings and the Northern Banks this affidavit along with other Evi Dence intending to persuade Justice sea Bury that clemency should be exercised in Robins Case will be submitted to Justice Seabury by or. Goldsmith. When this statement was delivered to the reporters the following question was written and sent to or. Rollins Quot it is said that at the time you were advising or. Cummins you were counsel for the state banking department. Is this True few minutes later this written reply came Back a yes in the liquidation of failed in j both so called Sti Tutins. In other matters the attorney probe into the affair tells of a conspiracy the Telephone conversation described is alleged to have take place while Robin was ill in his Gramercy Park apartment. The banking examiners had just begun to general is counsel for . Clark Williams could not be found. He called Early in the Day at the state banking departments new York office at 5. Broadway and was in conference with state banking supt. Cheney but when reporters called at or. Williams a Home they were informed that he had left the j City. Or. Cheney said that or. Williams visit had nothing to do with the Carnegie Trust company affairs and that it Quot was Only a Friendly personal Call. Or. Williams was succeeded by or. Cheney As state banking superintendent in december 1909, when or. Williams was appointed state controller by gov. Hughes. It was reported yesterday that an official of the Carnegie Trust might be in a. diced to Lay certain information before letter a said the City Chamberlain. Quot i do the District attorney in a few Days which How would greatly Aid or. Whitman. Sugges not see that it makes any difference How j Tiona Are understood to have been made i met or. Cummins. I was introduced. To this official intimating that immunity to him As a successful business Man of j would be the Reward Nai t v. A a Aho a of tit desire Kerning several Large deposits in the car late Golty. I have not the slightest desire n be and 0ther banking institutions. To avoid responsibility for any of my acts. A certain Check that is alleged to be for they Are All matters of record. There has $10,000 and to be been Jaid to a lawyer been Ness of Quot my office particularly because it and for Uselyn the present grand jury involves dealings with ail the principal i proceedings. Banks of this City. It seems to me that before the grand jury yesterday were it would be a Gross injustice to the Banks Tompkins Mcllvain personal counsel for of Vanir . And stockholders. That their depositors and stockholders. I Bradley Martin jr., president of the one gets any satisfaction out of nineteenth Ward Bank and John v. Cog station of me i can stand it. Director. Several clerks in the the truth will outweigh it All. 1 amp Quot if any he truth will outweigh it All nineteenth Ward Bank and the Carnegie the reporters tend tothe Lazof fice Trust company were also examined and of Olla test amp unt to be seen but a i9 supposed that the withdrawal of the Serwag Suarz re c0verldk a to Depp a explanation and had it handed 7s m its feel Cummins had of Plain the details of his coming to the As i a ets which i had critiqued in counselling Sis Tanee of the Carnegie Trust company him Low Best to carry out his declared Pur by turning Over $2,000,�>00 in United states pose of putting the Carnegie Trust com steel Bonds and accepting As part Collat i Pany at the earliest moment in a liquid Era about 8,000 shares of Stock in the condition or. Cummins called at my apart Piatt Iron works a Dayton Ohio con i ment one sunday and stated that he was Cern owned by Cummins and his friends. Tumpf and or. Gifford were directors lunching with or Hyde at the latter s the Aue gation has been made that this j in the Northern Bank. Home on Long Island and was to spend the Pratt Iron works Stock had already been j should Justice Seabury decide that Rob he id that or. Hyde wanted to learn a pledged by some of the Carnegie Trust in is insane. After having considered the a in Moniria of finals to Georgre l. D6r As Robin Banks. The affidavit says i was associated with Robin and James t. Wood vice president of the Washington savings Bank in various institutions since 1903. I had known Frederick k. Morris since about 1904 and knew his voice quite Well Over the Telephone. I acted As a substitute in the Washington savings Bank at various times when the Secretary was away on a vacation. I am familiar with its affairs when or. Robin was president and or. Wood vice president on dec. 27 or 28. 1910, while i was ill at Home i was called on the Telephone by Frederick k. Morris and thereupon the following conversation ensued Quot hello Brower this is Morris. How Are you old Man How is your cold a i answered that i was feeling much better and asked Quot what is new a a a there is something special i am calling you up for a Morris said. Quot things Are in pretty bad shape but we have prepared for the i said Quot what the Washington savings Bank does or. Robin know about it a he replied Quot you know the condition Robin is in. He knows it in a measure. I have told him. But it does not make much difference because his condition is such that everything wrong in the savings Hank and the Northern Bank is to be put up to or. Robin and it is his wish that i Tell you so. That will probably let everybody out because he cannot live and there is no use of everybody suffering. He will never know the difference As he cannot recover. I am posting everybody to that effect. I wish you would come to new York to see me that i might have a confidential Chat with _ i said Quot Why or. Morris you know or. Robin is the Best Friend you Ever had and i think you should see that Justice is done or. Morris said Quot Well i told you the arrangements which have been taken up with Wood Stumpf and Gifford and everybody is going to put it up to Robin. Robin is done for physically. He is a Complete wreck and cannot get Over i said Quot i Hope it is not As bad As that. I can to believe otherwise not knowing what was going on. I Tell you if Robin Ever gets on his feet he will make somebody suffer i think if any one has done wrong he should stand for it and not put it up to any one or. Goldsmith said yesterday that or. 100 200 tax my Rio an broths a invalids on 1fue subject a rare to routing a wet to won it from me what i knew of or. Cummins to which i replied Quot i do not know or. Hyde a whereupon or. Cummins said Quot you must be mistaken because he tells me that he knows i thereupon wrote a letter to or. Hyde and gave it to or. Cummins. I have not before me a copy of that letter but my recollection is that it differed materially from the one printed in the papers this afternoon which boars Date March 19, 1919, not a sunday. If this letter served As an introduction i did not know it. However at the time i met or. Cummins and subsequently he showed me letters from the governor of Tennessee both of its United states senators its attorney Gen the ss0ciat�0n for moving the 0ndit�0n of the Oor u r f entry asks your help to relieve the poor in destitution pie Agea of some i uie Voin sic la sane. Aimei a avg a company officials to George l. Dyer As i evidence which will be submitted by or. Security for a note for $600,000, which tos j Goldsmith William travers Jerome and afterwards est Doton to $396,000, which i others or. Goldsmith will fight the seamount is still due the Carnegie Trust Olsion with whatever Legal weapons he can command. If. On the other hand Justice Seabury decides that Robin is of sound company from or. Dyer. An explanation by Robin Robin yesterday through his counsel mind or. Jerome intends to fight. So there is every Assurance of a Lively Legal Robin yesterday a rough is a Row when it comes time for Justice sea Samuel j. Goldsmith issued a statement j Bury to past sentence on Robin. Or distress. Explaining his attitude in turning upon the men with whom he once had Friendly i dealings. The statement says if in my inner conscience i considered j myself in any Way responsible for the transactions in the Washington savings j Bank i would not ask for consideration or even leniency. I have always been my own j sternest judge. But because i know that j these things Are not justly Ascribable to me and because i wish to bring to Justice the real malefactors who cleverly manipulated themselves out and Hie into the toils j of the Law and because of my free and Intra Meled efforts Are necessary to bring about reimbursement to depositors i want to free myself of the stain i have assumed. Or. Goldsmith said yesterday that when the state banking examiners began in vesting amp ting Robins two banking ins Titu a tons they asked for vice president Woodof the Northern Bank. One of the Bank of work or c c i Dent and must be helped Over Thrif crisis. Will you Bear part of the Burden Robert Shaw Minturn treasurer room 2io, io5 East 22d Street. They Ore h a n d i capped by ��0 said illness Lack an f Robin replied Quot done to bother or. I ��?�----1_ wo0 j he is with his sister who is j dying. If they want to know anything j let them put it up to a a Here is the Case of a Man under opiates and in a desperate condition yet who says let them put it up to him said or. a surely that is not. To be construed As a confession of guilt. Supplementing to Bifid a avowal of pc Atria n0 woman s wardrobe can be Complete without a Shantung suit or frock. Shantung bearing this Selvage Mark genuine tet Shantung i Are the most Beautiful and practical Shantung in the world. In various finishes and Wideaw by Range of colors. Our process makes them proof against spotting by water. The better class stores sell them. Made by Rogers Thompson gig Tuzid co. Sex senator Clark pays $2,660 for an Inness at Schemm Sale. The second lot of pictures the first of the oils of the collection of the late Peter a. Schemm of Philadelphia were sold by the american Art association at Mendelssohn Hall last evening seventy four pictures bringing $25,875. An Inness late afternoon a a picture 18 inches by 26, brought the highest Price of the Sale going to sex senator w. A. Clark for $2,-650. It was started at $1,000. A Josef israels brought one of the four figure prices Quot resting a a Young Fisher girl with her Basket on her Back sitting on a Sandy Bank going to c. Fliermans for a on the March Battery going into action a an unusual Schreyer went to w. S. Kullmer for $1,050. A Henner red drapery a the head and bust of a Young girl with flowing hair the draperies of the figure a Bright Scarlet went to Knoedler amp co., from whom the picture was purchased in 1897, for $1,100. John e. D. Trask director of the Pennsylvania Academy made one Purchase a Lar amp Al landscape 30 inches by 36 Byyo Elmei Scofield american artist for $150. There was a Good attendance. The Sale will be continued to night at Mendelssohn Hali and concluded to Morrow night. Following is a list of mini pigs bringing $100 and Over with name of artists Pur chasers and prices an italian Fis Herboy Serrot a a. O. Landscape and cattle Leon Victor Dupre w. L. Austin. A landscape study Henri Harpignies e. Johns .1�?T study of a farm Horae Anton mauve w. W. Fuller. 160 the King of the desert Jean Leon Gerome e. J. a a a a 475 Contentment Edward Grutzner a. H. _ Cosden. Work and play Blommers a a. E. Migel 670 the gloaming Bruce Crane n. A. E j. Cornish. Zoo halt in the desert Charles Theodore Frere mrs. Frederick f. Thompson. 175 the monastery Cooke Antonio Tambur Ini a a. C. Anderson 175 the cellar Era Antonio Tamburini a a. C. Anderson. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a return of the flock de Carville Oscar Michels 5 still life Josef Wilms e. A a. a a. A a off Khe coast Alfred Stevens Holland Art gallery. Resting Josef israels a. 1.075 the ride David Adolphe constant Artz j. F we Ittman Philadelphia. Oriental girls a. Asti miss a. R. Kolb. Normandy Interior Hugh Merle a. J. Cameron. A a a a a a a a a autumn on the Shinn Ecock Hills William m. Chase n. A a a. B. Saw Rdv a a Winter landscape Ludwig Muntone a a. Swamp lands William Bliss Baker Knoedler amp co. A a a a a a v a Holland Windmill do chattel Kennedy Schev Ningen fishing boats Hendryk Willem Mesdag f. W. Laforest a. On the March Battery going into action Adolf Schreyer w. S. Khmer. 1,050 the Village postmaster Tony offer mans a a. C. Nigel. The pet Goat Willy Martens Oscar my Chels a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a red drapery Jean Jacques Knoedler amp co late afternoon George Inness. A. Flowetofwtheafierd-juie3 a Yri Ile mrs. A. R. Kolb. A a a a a a a a a a a a a summer Moon Joseph h. Boston a. N. w. S. Killmer. A a a a a a a a a the antiquarian Johan Anthoni Balthasar Stroebel a Paul farm Yard m Hollands Charles Paul Gruppe a. A. Fisher girls Daniel Ridge ii Knight. Lids George mls chel a. J. Cameron a we a near veered Willem Cornell rip. O. S. Hau0bat the Weli George Washington Giss by the sva a Wordsworth Thom son n a. A. A. Healey. Lake Copake Columbia. N Bunyan Bristol n. A., a a. C. Alicei the picture books Kever George a. Luh me Quot it Quot Ciamp a Avoine Jan Monch Ablon Otto Bernet agent. The discussion Fritz \ on Uhde Ehnen Gal agent. Calmed Batteaux Rhine clays Sachs. A a a �?o2 the Ceramic connoisseur a. A. N a. Macdonald galleries. Eventide Arthur Hoeber a. N. A u. A wrap a Fience Jvan Jac lies Baptiste Brunet Howard Rei Ponfer. A a a a a a an old Mill Hollands George h. Bogert a n. A. Bernet a a a Connecticut pasture Allen Bernet agent. Winter scene Fritz loves Young dream Wilhelm Rauber we. G. Feck am. A a a a a a a a a a a carding Wool David de la mar a. J. Indian summer Charles Harry Eaton a. N. A. W. J. Fuller a a a a a v a a a a a wounded Paul Grol Leron a a. C. Ander in01full sail Edward Moran w. W. Seaman agent. A a a a a cossacks guarding prisoners of War prof. Josef Brandt o. S. Loeb. Threading the Needle Andre Antoine Croch Pierre j. F. W. Hinan. The tailor shop in the monastery Wiliam Dendy Sadler John j. Lowney. Sur la sign new pail Trouil Lebert w. W. Seaman agent. The Bird seller Carl Boeker Henry schulthies. Marine Frank de Haven. A. N. A. F. H. Gottleb. Baby asleep a. Fischer j. L. Hauling. Wind swept a nows Walter Nettleton w. W. A a a a a Quot. Winter landscape a. Elmer Schofield John e. D. Track Phila. Departure of a herring fishery Charles Paul grunge Mcdonald Art gallery. 420 210 185 175 200 220 210 800 special to the new York times. Albany March 15.�?As far As the Capitol is concerned there was a decided Lull in the senator ship fight to Day. For a few Days at least the Battleground has shifted to new York City where according to reports which reached some of the tammany lawmakers to Day there will be a conference of democratic leaders from different parts of the state before the week ends. In the meantime gov. Dix is awaiting word from tammany Leader Charles f. Murphy both with regard to the attitude of William f. Sheehan on the question of his withdrawal As an aspirant to the seat in the United of tates Senate which recently was vacated by Chauncey Depew and with regard to the attitude of the organization leaders with whom or. Murphy is to Confer Over the senator ship situation. With senator Franklin d. Roosevelt Leader of the democratic insurgents in the legislature both Thomas m. Osborne the governor s Forest fish and game commissioner and William Church Osborn the governors Legal adviser left for new York this afternoon. They have taken an Active interest 1 the senator ship fight against or. Sheehan and the general belief Mere is that they went to new York in connection with the general powwow which is proposed. Senator Roosevelt returned to Albany late to night. He said his visit to new York was on personal business and that he had teen no political leaders while there. There was one development Here to Day growing out of the senatorial contest which aroused general interest. Assem Blyman Artemas Ward a Republican member from new York has a concurrent Resolution before the Assembly com Mittee on ways and Means providing for an investigation a a of any and All charges of corruption and undue influence in connection with the election of a United states senator. He was prompted in introducing it by the assertion made under oath by assemblyman Harold j. Friedman from the Twenty ninth new York District earlier in the contest to the effect that a place on the Bench of the municipal court had been dangled before his eyes As an inducement for him to change his vote in favor of or. Sheehan. Or. Ward went before the committee to Day with a request that it act on his Resolution. A in the last few years a said or. Ward Quot charges of undue influence on members of the legislature have been so general that some measure should be taken either to put a Stop to any and All Idle talk in regard thereto if unfounded or to run Down and punish the guilty parties if these statements Are True. Quot the legislature has left unnoticed in the past All such charges. In my opinion 7\e owe it to ourselves to adopt some Means by which to Deal Quick and effectively with such charges in so far As they relate definitely As in this instance to any member or members of the legislature. I believe it Wouita be a Good plan in the future for the legislature to have a standing com Mittee in either House with Power to summon before it such members or persons As make definite charges m regard to the exercise of undue influence la legislative a under the new rules adopted this Yual the Assembly committee on to ays and Means is required to report either favourably or unfavourably to the House any Resolution carrying with it an appropriation As does the Ward Resolution under the circumstances it was. Not in the Power of that body to kill the Resolution in committee so at an executive session it was decided that the ways and Means committee should redraft the Resolution and name the Assembly judiciary committee which is safely controlled by the organization to take up the proposed investigation. _. ,. The Case of or. Friedman is not the Only one of undue influence according to reports. Members of the Little band or insurgents Are subjected to All sorts of Petty annoyances which can be nothing but retaliation for the stand they have taken in opposition to tammany or the tammany Boss. Assemblyman co sad of Seneca the Nestor of the insurgent movement had a taste of this to Dav when the Assem blvd after a heated debate killed a Bill providing for the changing of a Highway . To was on tn6 sayings Banks need caution Chewey superintendent of Banks deplores the decline in the proportion of surplus to deposits. Trust company decrease Henner n. A. Harry Brown 290 500 1,100 125 210 180 180 200 190 210 875 500 900 825 280 a a a a a Mutton-br0th to Salb of bist 08pc8bs on Jan. 1 their resources $88,000,000 less than on in. 1, 1910�?capital of Trust companies $2,000,000 greater. Route in his Home county. It was on the understanding that he would use All the proper influence he could Muster to have the change of route enacted that he was elected receiving a cd Many Republican votes which enabled him to overcome the normally Strong Republican a Iorito in Seneca. Or. Co sad is very much broken up Albany n. Y., March 15.�?supt. O. A Cheney of the state banking department in his annual report to the legislature on savings Banks Trust companies Safe Deposit companies and miscellaneous corporations Calls attention to Day to the almost unbroken decrease annually during the last Twenty years in the percentage of surplus on Market value of investment to deposits in the savings Banks of the state. Such percentage is to Day less than one half of what it waa in 1890, and the superintendent the situation deserves careful consideration. He quotes from his annual report of a year ago in which he said a the safety of our savings Banks is indeed undoubted and there can be no successful Challenge of the principle that every Dollar of net earnings that can be so apportioned with prudence should be distributed to depositors for whose sole Benefit the savings Banks have been established. But the qualifying words with prudence a deserve to be emphasized. A a absolute safety of savings funds should always be the primal consideration. The surplus of a savings Bank represents its margin of safety. Moreover surplus adds to the earning Power of the Bank and the statute itself guards that surplus with jealous care by permitting no part of it to be paid out in dividends until it reaches 15 per cent of the amount due depositors. It cannot be overemphasized that the management of every savings Bank whose deposits Are increasing should carry proportionate sums to its surplus fund at every dividend Quot the occurrences of the past year and existing conditions in the financial and economic world or. Cheney now declares a have not detracted from but have further emphasized the words of caution contained in that statement. W Hile there May be no immediate danger the situation is such that it deserves and is receiving the careful considerations of the most thoughtful and conservative men connected with the savings Bank system of Tho state. Quot various remedies have been suggested. In fact it has been proposed to arbitrarily limit by statute the interest or dividends paid depositors with savings Banks to fixed rates proportionate to surplus already accumulated. The purpose of course is to build up a sufficient surplus to protect depositors against loss and this end might possibly be served by the enactment of a Law requiring every savings Bank of this state to set wide to surplus before the declaration of dividends to depositors a certain percentage of its net profits for the period until such time As its surplus based upon Market values shall be equal to at least five per centum of its deposits and a less percentage until its surplus based upon Market values shall be equal to at least ten per centum of its deposits. Quot the problem under existing conditions is so complicated by various considerations and so Many of the Best minds of the state familiar with All its vast intricacies Are engaged in its solution that i shall refrain at the present time from making any express recommendation but i do bespeak for this plan or some modification of it your very serious consideration.�?�. A a supt. Cheney says the liquidation of the Washington savings Bank which closed because it became involved in the same series of operations which led to the failure of the Northern Bank of new York is progressing As rapidly As May to expected and it 18 or. Co sad Isva by 12�jntha? hoped a substantial dividend May be paid Over the Fate that befell a depositors shortly after the expiration of b. Talcott Tia flow Bernet 210 20 225 625 140 120 225 650 900 975 600 880 420 575 110 265 200 w 240 City to regulate milk business. A special to the new York times. Albany March 15. A assemblyman Foley to Day agreed to Amend his Bill providing for the supervision and regulation of the milk business in new York City so i Quot a vhf. Measure that the City instead of the state a Uthon pressed approval Lof the measure ties will have Power to appoint the com senator Wainwright of. Westchester new York. Merely a Jocose remark. M Over me if tit Tuiai a a would have benefited a Large number of his constituents and involved a Large saving to the state and county but he declares it will make no difference in his attitude on the senator ship. The result of the forty ninth joint ballot taken to Day follows William f. Sheehan. 78 Martin w. Littleton. A a John d. Kernan. A Morgan j. A a Arlen. John j. Hopper. F evil Siam a ulcer. Martin h. Glynn. Alton b. Parker. John n. Carlisle.�?�. Chauncey m. Depew. Total vote.178 necessary to elect. 90. Another joint ballot with a reasonably full attendance will be taken at noon to Morrow whereupon the pairing off process of the week end will begin. Gov. Dix was considerably exercised to it Dav Over certain reports concerning the senatorial situation emanating from Albany. He complained that unfair questions had been asked of him by one of the correspondents and announced that hereafter he would answer Only such inquiries As were put to him by a single correspondent who should be delegated by the others to act As spokesman. A a or nearly a score of years it has been the custom of governors to meet the Albany correspondents twice daily and Converse with them freely on state matters. Westchester at our door. Anxious to Como in says sponsor of annexation Bill. Special to the new York times. Albany March 15.�?westchester is knocking at the Gates of new York City for admission according to senator Mcclelland of new York who introduced a Bill incorporating a new Borough of the City to be composed of Yonkers new Rochelle and mount Vernon and the towns 1 of Pelham and East Chester. The toll makes annexation subject to a vote of the communities it is proposed to absorb. Westchester is the name Given to the new Borough senator Mcclelland said representatives of civic bodies in mount Vernon Ana other localities had asked that the Bill be introduced. He referred to the water Supply problem in Westchester communities and said mayor Gaynor had a a depositors shortly after the expiration of the three months required Quot the indictment of the president 01 the institution a continues the superintendent Quot and his confession of guilt will doubtless result in a just enforcement of the provisions of the penal the Carnegie Trust company which took Over in january is Soso being liquidated and a dividend is expected to be paid As soon As the Law will per Nithe superintendent Points out that although the total resources of the Trust companies of the state As of Jam exceed those of Jan. 1, 1909, by $37,000,000, Thev were $88.000,000 less than for the first Dey of 1910, at which time the total was the greatest in the history of these institutions. Quot further comparison a a say tha report a a shows $122.000,000 less Loans than Ware outstanding a year ago a condition which appears to reflect a conservative retrenchment of commercial Enterprise. The inactivity of the Market for Senor cities is also evidenced by a Small shrinkage of the surplus computed on Market value. However the total capital of the Trust companies of the state was increased $2000,-000 the total deposits reported exceed thobe of two years ago. Though 5 per cent less than on Jan. 1, 1910 slight fluctuations Are incidental and Are not of particular i port. Nevertheless the augmented surplus favourably increase the ratio of surplus to the report makes certain recommendations covering proposed amendments to the banking Law made necessary by the irregularities recently discovered by the banking department which resulted in the closing of certain financial institutions in new York. Bills embodying Tisae amendments have already been introduced in the pass upon rates Latteen tor the ill�?o1�?o a sure sign of Good Quality. Quot the proof is in the sold in convenient sine packages at 60c a Pound j

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