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New York Times (Newspaper) - July 9, 1906, New York, New York »5s no sooner did she go abroad than he followed. The Mother was still opposed to him. And he had to fight her Disfavour from the Start of his wooing on the other Side of the Ocean. He used the thaw Fortune with lavish hand in making the fight and so dazzled the girl that she left her Mother and went away with him. Mrs. Nesbit penniless was forced to Cable to new Ork for Money to pay her return passage. Say thaw abused her. Presumably she cabled to White according to the information in the hands of the District torn Eye a office. At any rate the Money was forthcoming and the Mother took ship for Home leaving the daughter with thaw. No sooner did he realize that miss Nesbit was his than thaw so those who knew them say began to abuse her. His conduct was such As to Call Down the reproof of several hotel keepers. He showered the girl with costly presents but it is declared had no hesitancy about insulting her until at last she came to the conclusion that she had had about enough of him. This was in september 1901. Slipping away from him she came to America alone and went to her Mother. No sooner had she landed than she sought the Protection and advice of Stanford White who foil gave her for her desertion him and promised to do \ for her. White was much incensed at the treatment which had been Given to the girl so the informants of the prosecution assert and declared what he would do to right her wrongs. He advised the bringing of suit against thaw and the affidavit re and the the copy. Thaw fancied Accord a to theory of the prosecution that White of could citing the details of his conduct toward her. It is believed that he introduced her to de Lancey Nicoll. It was through or. A loll. Anyway that she was led to the Law office of Howe amp Hummel. When he he had been do erred thaw it is declared was wild with rage. He threatened All kinds of things a after the Edge of his anger had worn off his infatuation reasserted itself and be made up Hla mind to miss Nesbit Back. The opening gun of his Campaign was a cablegram sent to a leading new York Florist in which he instructed that the Nesbit apartments be kept supplied with the rarest Flowers on the Market. Was the Only Man except lawyer Abraham Hummel who was in Possession or his secret. He grew fairly venomous toward the architect blaming White for All his worry. When the Story of the Raffl Davit Ca out the other Day the denials of thaw and mrs. Thaw were prompt. They declared that there was no such affidavit in existence and that there bras no copy of such a document. Thus far their denial is conceded to be True by the prosecution but no further. Photograph plates available. There is no copy of the affidavit to be had but the photographic plates Are still in existence and available to the prosecution for introduction As evidence the photographer is known and should he destroy or part with them at this stage he would Lay himself liable possibly to indictment As an accessory after the fact to the murder of Stanford White. The District attorneys office has not a fear that the evidence will not be produced at the proper time. It will not be necessary to put either Whites lawyer de Lancey Nicoll or Abraham Hummel who represented miss Nesbit on the stand. If such a step were the new str ii a Grosbe. Jersey so much As speak to a Man he raged and stormed at her. There was one Man according to the showgirls who have appeared before or. Zarvart and those who Are still to appear upon whom the full Force of thais Ous hatred was levelled. The Mere sight of the architect threw thaw into unreasoning fury., at such times it is asserted he his wife with her past relations with White coupling her name with that or the architect in a manner calculated to make any woman furious. According to evidence now in of the state the thaws were enter Ming several guests one night in a restaurant when White walked table. Thaw looked at him and gritted his Teeth. A a. 1.1 a a there he goes Noy a once wife apostrophe izing White with a a the Man who owned you before i did. Mrs. Thaw looked her husband straight in the face according to the account the episode and replied a Rev a a Stop raking up my past Harry wont stand for it. There is Atlantic City a Lone Oasis Law defied there. New precedent of 40 years ends might take. On tha puh mane the Eaine 1� Rufe prevailed and the wily travel poet Pond Hub dinner until he passed beyond the Bounds of new Jersey. The i big go to him about attempted it would fail because the confidential relations Between lawyer and client could be invoked by the defence. Even after the settlement of miss nes a Ltd a claim whatever it was and what Ever the Compromise. Thaw the easiest kind of sailing. The Emit of the Mother was still to be met an i the girl was not inclined to receive him with open arms. One Dav in december 1904, friends of the Nesbitt have testified thaw sent a baby grand piano to the Nesbit Flat. This gift was not returned As had been the furniture., a Complete Reconco Laitio n came soon after and thaw prevailed upon the girl to Mak a second european. ,. X. Brute who is responsible. I will a thaw said. A i la get him say mrs. Thaw spoke of White. This occasion is but one of several of which accounts have reached the prosecution. Not Only did thaw refer to White whenever anything chanced to remind him of the Man but mrs. Thaw often without reason it is declared invade remarks tending to keep alive her Hus a Whent was Arlen King thaw was a re some and More than once he was made feel the weight of fists of those whom to feel the weight it it a he offended. On a night at rectory n s wife left a private dining room wit Mazie Follette. Thaw pursuing her took Tea he engaged passage Home. Finding miss _ Nesbit with he did Hie Best to get into lob with her. In this he Cess Ful her Mother Coram Nica was Hunsuc esst Fra Teliin to hate for his Many kindnesses the Mother did everything possible to keep her daughter and the Man irom Pittsburg apart. The dislike she Felt for him in the beginning had been strengthened a thousandfold the pros ecu Tlam a ays. His fur Alturo refused. To a kept up his Campaign of Flowers. One Day he sent a Van Load of costly furniture to the apartments As a peace offering. The Nesbitt refused to receive the gift. Then came the affidavit in which miss Neeble accused him. Thaw also Learned that White had advised miss Nesbit to sue and that he stood behind her. On just what basis a Compromise was effected if As alleged in the stories told to the District attorney there was a Compromise. Nobody knows. It is said that there was a Large payment of Money by in consideration of which the orig trip with him. In Paris they met and were almost constantly in the company of a new York widow whose name is now known by the District at Torney. And who will be subpoenaed to appear at his office to Day. This widow is prepared to testify according to her statement that the life of Evelyn Nesbit was full of trouble from the time of her arrival in France. Thaw she save was constantly either drunk or 1 under the influence of drugs which he i was using at that time and he resumed his abuse of his companion with redoubled severity. A Evelyn was Good and said the widow in telling the Story. She hated Shaw. And referred to him constantly As the a dope fiend a threatening every Day or so to leave him. The automobile trip witnessed no abatement of his brutality. Widows Story of quarrel. A when Evelyn left new York with thaw or. White who had been her steadfast Friend until then said that he was through with her. He had the greatest contempt for thaw to whom he referred As a that foul mouthed Young blackguard a and believed that Evel had been ungrateful. Because of the stand taken by or. White Evelyn could not again seek his assistance but things got so bad that she concluded anything was better than the life she was leading and told thaw up and Down that she was through with him. This sobered thaw who was insanely love with Evelyn. He begged and thaw in consideration of a Man me Ong affidavit which was in miss Nesbitt a handwriting with corrections by White was destroyed. Thaw understood that there was Only one photographic copy in existence. That copy too was destroyed. The knowledge of the humiliation he had suffered through Whites Champion Phlp of the girl greatly angered thaw. It is then that he hired his detectives and attempted to ruin Whites reputation. It was then that he made a confidant of Anthony Comstock who in turn called in the children a society. It was then that he began to denounce Quot White and threaten with the destruction of the Aff Lda vat in love As fast resort he promised to marry her if she would remain with him. This was the Promise that her. There was no w edding abroad. It was performed after the return of the couple to America and their trip to Pittsburg. The talk of a a remarriage a is the sheer est the tale is taken up by mrs. Mink miss Mcclure and Mazie Follette. The Friendship of miss Mcclure and miss Follette with mrs. Thaw was just As intimate As it had been before the marriage. The thaws came Back to new York and began to appear in their old haunts. Room with r her took her a by talks in a fit of so a he narrowly escaped punishment by some of those who saw his treatment of Yonne womb. At a Baujin Tuxedo him it to Quot asserted he insulted named Davis and Davis thrashed stories have reached the is of the assistant District attorney which depict thaw As a braggart always seek ing to establish a reputation for Cour age and Seldom succeeding. he among the witnesses ight by the District attorney s office a result of the revelations of the not is Friend of White is William Sturgis. He is Ned a As an entertaining companion and was with the thaws up to the Day of the Mur Der almost eve where they of to. Sturgis was the one Man it is Saia who enjoyed thas confided fully. Often it is said. Thaw his wife and to night a or a a to the Sturgis the prosecution is informed a ten begged thaw to forget his Resen often begged thaw to Sorgel ment Aga Hist White Ai reminded thaw that White had never boated of Bis a Latsons with miss Nesbit. It Thi few months before the killing be presence of Sturgis and several women the prosecution he been Tow Shaw which he has been Drew a revolver and waved that it was the weapon with proposed to kill White. La a a done to be foolish Harry Sturgis is quoted As saying. V in just of much trouble if Jjo a if As you would if you ruled anybody. Besides you done to have to do it your thaws talk of revenge. Thaw thundered threat after threat but not a member of the party regarded him seriously. As a matter of fact his acquaintances took about the same attitude As to his talk of revenge As did White who is reported to have said on one occasion a a the Little dude Hasni to nerve enough to shoot me. All hell do will be to try to Start stories of scandals about me. It is related of thaw and testimony has been offered the prosecution along Saloon windows unscreened a Side doors barred but on this Side the River bartenders Huat cd. There was Only this difference. In the. Young Man made it a Possession of Evelyn a but her husband o outdo anything that White did. Was openly arrogant. His jealousy was Days of his acquaint such that it became a byword of uie i a a with the Nesbit girl he would spend circles in which they moved. If she did it Ftp amount Money to discount White h any amount in her eyes. A Story regarding a ring now owned by mrs. Thaw was told yesterday. Thaw according to this Story met a showgirl and asked her to go to Tiffany s with had to buy a gift for wherever you May be this summer the pianola piano him saying that he a a girl and wished her to help him select it. The Gin went with him and when he had made the Purchase originally contemplated by him she had a seventeen Hun dred Dollar Diamond ring fitted upon her Finger and asked if he buy it for Het he had but $500 with him but the clerk knew him and told him the Money did no to matter. That girl according to the Story is now the wife of a member of the British nobility. For miss Nesbit thaw bought a ring costing $3,000, to which he was constantly calling attention when they were out together. Club Friend Speaks for White. At the Brook club yesterday there were signs of a movement on the part of White s friends to defend his name from the imputations which were cast upon it immediately after he was murdered. A a we do not propose to deny a said one of these friends a a that Stanford White was a devotee of pleasure and a at his life was reckless in Many ways. That he was any worse than the general run of men about town is untrue As will be shown at the proper late yesterday afternoon an attempt was made by several reporters to see thaw at the tombs prison. A note was carried to him requesting an interview. He sent Back this message a a i have seen no one to Day and will see no one. I have made no statement at any time regarding my Case. I am under orders from my attorneys and will obey assistant District attorney Garvan declined to make Public the details of his conference with miss Mcclure her Mother and miss Follette. That he fears there Are witnesses who contemplate leaving the country is shown by the fact that detectives Are watching every outgoing boat. New Jersey went dry yesterday but the new York saloons near the North River ferries were filled All Day with thirsty Folk from across the River. Through the length and breadth of Jersey almost every Saloon closed its doors promptly at Midnight on saturday and opened them As promptly at Midnight this morning. The Bishops Law with its unpleasant proviso for the absolute confiscation for the rest of the year of the License of any Saloon keeper who left his Side door unlocked according to custom had its effect and the police in All the leading cities save one found to their Surprise that they had few arrests to make. Abonit the Only Oasis in the desert was Atlantic City where most of the hotels and cafes sold drinks openly. It was not indeed quite easy to make the old time customers realize on saturday that Midnight on saturday was really closing time. They considered they possessed vested rights and in a few cases in Jersey City the police had to lend a helping hand to the bartenders. The police were not to be trifled with and insisted that from the first second of sunday the saloons should be empty and the screens in the windows removed so any one outside could see what was going on inside. In fact one Saloon keeper narrowly escaped arrest because he was seen behind the bar counting up his Money a few minutes after the Legal hour. Most of the Saloon men co operated with the police to see that the Law was observed. But As the ejected ones filed Forth they did not come empty handed. Some had bottles of Beer in Ihler hands and not a few had More sticking out of their coat pockets. The grocers say they have never experienced such a saturday before. From every hand came demands for bottled Beer and in Jersey City and Hoboken nearly the whole Supply of that article was sold out. One store bore the legend in the window a do not go dry sunday. Leave your orders Here. Bottled Beer promptly Dell Vered. A a rumours of a speak esies and chaos came from various parts of the state a room it was said would be aside at the Home of the Saloon keeper. To which his regular customers would Hae key Beer and whisky in bottles would be sold in them. The policy however denied anything of the sort had been in Hoboken the police declared hey did not know where to get a drink for themselves and in Jersey City but three arrests were made. Joseph Friend keeps a Saloon at 286 Henderson Street. It is close to the City Hall police stat Loh and about 1 of clock he was spied stealing up to is apartments above the Saloon with a foaming Beer Jug in his hands. In a moment the sleuths were after him and he was accused of keeping a disorderly House. In vain he protested. He was merely he said. Mothers Premoni Lon of death ome True Young Adams drowned soon after dread of danger came to her. Held upstairs bail for examination to Day. John Frecker who has a Saloon at 427 Newark Street Hoboken Felt so badly about the new Law that he went to his Saloon and had a few drinks. Then he went out without closing the place. Because his door was unlocked he was arrested. Bergen county obeyed the Law perfectly. This was by order of the liquor dealers association which announced that any dealer Selling liquor would be prosecuted. At fort Lee and Garlott where saloons were never known to close before they were closed yesterday. Paterson was also one of the driest towns in the state. Rush of thirsty to now York. Meanwhile from Early morning there was a steady Stream of men to new York. From Jersey City and Newark from Hoboken and Perth Amboy from As far afield As new Brunswick and the confines of muddled sex county they came. They loaded every ferry and hastened to explore West Street. Both political parties could have held conventions of their most useful District leaders by merely sending a summons to the hotels near the ferry houses. At one on Cortlandt Street six bartenders were having the time of their lives satisfying the demands from the thirsty from new Jersey and tales were told How the proprietor surprised by the Rush had pressed the Boot Lack into service and had himself donned the tried to keep him Back had lost his life while trying to swim ashore a would be rescuer nearly drowned. Abron for the first time in eleven years. Patrick Mcardle one of the largest wholesale and retail liquor dealers of Jersey City declared a a not for forty two years have i seen such a sunday in the City. I Don t think there will be any change for some time to come. The Saloon keepers will observe the Law strictly until there has been an Opportunity to test it. A a As for the Money it Means to the Trade it can to come to a loss of less than $30,000. There Are just 1,000 saloons in a Jersey City and i reckon that they would easily take in $30 each on an average a sunday. Most of that will go to new York x1 the roadhouse were the most seriously affected. They depend almost entirely upon their sunday Trade and with that Cut off they will not be Able to keep open. Two saloons in the Gree Point District gave up their licenses last week As a direct consequence of the new Law. Ini Trenton the Law was strictly of ii Yed and saloons closed promptly at that started when sunday dawned an uninterrupted View of nearly every bar was afforded to the churchgoers. Those who had Meyer seen the inside of a Saloon could see the rows of shining bottles the brass sink where the steins Are filled and the Long rail placed conveniently As a foot rest it was their hour of Triumph for the clause orders All screens removed is at that philadelphian uneasy. Will contribute immensely to your vacation pleasures consider a single Field of summer recreation yachting and observe How generally the pianola piano and the pianola have been utilized to add to the enjoyment of the pleasure seekers. The following is but a partial list of the prominent yachts House boats etc., that Are carrying the aeolian instruments Aileen Edwin Good Alicejo Geo. W. Chi i Drexel Aloha a. C. A a pcs american Archibald Anona w. T. Rainey aria w. H. Blake Ariadne by. W. Puma Atlantic Wilson Marshall Barra Couta James a. Garland Calumet c. G. Emery Cayuga Thos. W Slocum cent j. Rogers Maxwell Charm Ary c. G. Gates Colonia f. G Bourne conqueror f. W. Vanderbilt constant Egbert Moxham Corsair j. Pie Pont Morgan dianas Percy Chubb Emrose a. W. Rose endymion g. E. J. Lauder katrina James b. Ford Keh Toh Rosw Ell eld Edge Lenehan h . The grand Duke of Oldenburg Linta Walter Lungen Margaret 1. E. Emerson fit steer r. A. C. Smith rhe Clair Daniel g. Reid Sagamore w. H. Barnard Erin sir Thomas Lipton Florence a. H. Alker Margarita a. J. Drexel May Alexander Van Rensselaer Grayling a Mclead Haida Max c. Fleischman Hiawatha Julius Fleischman Hildegard e r. Coleman Hohenzollern emperor William Joi Ephings p. A. B Widener Modican Oliver Harriman mimic Hon Cruiser Narwhal c. H. Of sgd Naira u Charles a. Gould Noma . B. Leeds North Star Cornelius Vanderbilt Onward James t. Dunn satan Ella m. J. Lawrence Seneca e. B. Webster. Sultana e. H. Harriman Valhalla ear of Crawford Varuna Eugene Higgins Venetia m. F. Plant verg Mere Albert c. Bostwick Wadena mrs. J. H. Wade West Virginia u. S. Battleship. How Jse boats Marjorie f. L. St. John of Naweli w. C. Fisk not desirous of appearing at the thaw trial Olcott seeks evidence. Special to the new Fork times. Philadelphia july 8.�?the quiet visit to Philadelphia of sex judge Olcott chief counsel for Harry k. Thaw was the theme of much speculation to Day among the Many Young men Here who have been acquainted with thaw. That the lawyer sought information from thaws friends was the general opinion but no one seemed to know whom or. Olcott interviewed. The philadelphian who knew thaw show a distinct aversion to appearing on the stand at the thaw trial and the knowledge that or. Olcott has begun a search for evidence Here has caused con be once the chief safeguard for the info urgent of the Law and the special bugbear of the hotel men. Many of them have expensive pieces of Cabinet to windows and they Are not disposed to have these altered at considerable expense to the detriment of to in own Trad still most of them observed the Law. In Many cases part of the screen could be pulled Over and in stores which pose As wine stores with their windows dressed with bottles Clear spaces had been made so that All might see inside. A number of Saloon keepers Are not so re of this particular clause. Judge Boreham the other Day declared at new Brunswick that its provisions were contradictory and he would not enforce it. So in Jersey City forty five Salon is were still screened from the vulgar gaze yesterday and their owners must appear in the City courts this morning and explain. Until the political Campaign in the fall this clause is Likely to afford Tom Battleground of the Issue. The hotel Nien May be Able to test the constitutionality of the whole act in fighting its enforcement but u is not thought Likely that at pres ent any Saloon keeper who risk his License by trying to treat the Bishops act with the contempt they used toward the former Law. The Hudson county liquor dealers association has notified its members to obey the new regulations and it will Trust to the feeling aroused by the loss of sunday steins to Spur on a revolt at the next elections. Holiday for Saloon men. So yesterday Jersey City and Hoboken Saloon men left their bars closed and went out into the country. What they thought might be judged by the notice that appeared on Washington Street Hoboken this place to let sundays Only. Call 12 monday and get refreshed. We mourn your loss. Not for love or Money was a drink to be got. To give a drink is As much a crime As to sell one. And an Arldt urn Jea Kable dwelt. Down by Man Lloyd steamship piers Are Many arbours. They Are quite pleasant Little Small. But it is very pleasant to sit in the Shade sip a Stein and watch the crowds pass by. Yesterday it was i by hot along the water front but the tables were piled away into Corners the chairs stood in heaps and not a soul sought their Welcome coolness. Even in the Bona fide restaurants and hotels the diner had to go without his liquor. However unlike the Sandwich beloved of Raines might be his repast Ginger pop was the strongest digestive he Sider uneasiness. Nearly swept out to sea. Considering the High Standard of appointments prevailing on pleasure Craft and the prominence of their owners the showing of the above list is most impressive. It is Only another Way of demonstrating that the pianola piano has become in truth piano of the present Day the one form of piano most popular with persons who Pride themselves upon being strictly up to Date and in owning the latest and Best of everything. The genuine pianola piano is made Only by the aeolian co prices $550 to $1,000. Purchasable on moderate monthly payments. Pianos of All other makes taken in Exchange. Rhc Coli big conic by naj so a a a men were helpless in boat near the Hook when Pilot spied them. The Pilot boat new York put into the Long Dock at Stapleton Staten Island last night Quot with two Young men who were taken from a Flat bottomed boat four Miles Southeast of the Scotland lightship just before dark. They were Harry Schaeffer of 455 Carroll Street Brooklyn and William Schwein of 35 West sixty eighth Street Manhattan. Early yesterday morning they went to Canarsie and there hired a boat and went out into the lower Bay to fish. Near Sandy Hook they lost one of their oars. It was ebb tide and a Strong wind was blowing Seaward and they were carried rapidly out toward the open sea. They say they shouted and called As they were swept past the Scotland lightship but they were not heard or seen. They had to keep bailing All the time and they were exhausted when picked up capt. Kelsey discovered the Young men. He had swung the new Yorkus head in toward the Harbor to come up for the night. Before starting he swept the Ocean with his glasses and then made out the two men. Killed by lightning. Prof. Nunns son a victims Telegraph and Telephone systems damaged. Hartselle ala., july 8.�?during a terrific electrical storm which swept Over the lower end of the county to Day the eighteen year old son of prof. Samuel Nunn was struck by lightning and instantly killed and another son was badly injured. Theng Begraph and Telephone systems in this part of the county have been paralysed to Day. Exchange Buffet our new Branch 69 Pine Street opens to Day. Building erected exclusively for our own use. Other branches 95 Liberty 5t 46 Broad St 74 Beaver St 90 Beaver St i Sei igl that the intoxicated men were much More in evidence than on former sundays. Where they obtained their liquor is not known As it is not believed that a a speak eagles a have As yet had time to develop under the new Law. Drought in Newark. The new excise Law was rigidly enforced in Newark. Not a Saloon in the City was open and no liquor of any kind could be purchased. The City however was practically deserted by most people who usually stay in town sundays. The Coney Island excursion boats leaving Newark during the Day were Well supplied with Beer and liquors avid were Well patronized. The boats did not however open their bars until after they left the docks. The police were called out on two will Goose chases during the Day. A Telephone Call was received at Headquarters this morning stating that a Saloon was open at Wyckliffe and Academy streets. Two detectives were rushed to the place Only to find the place closed and the proprietor and his family leaving for a Days Outing the first the Saloon keeper had had in several years. A report was circulated that some one was seen in a Saloon in Halsey Street but when the police reached the establishment it was closed. No liquor was sold at any of the amusement in the Vicinity of Newark. The proprietors of these places had their barroom closed and Only soft drinks could be obtained. These places did a Rushing business. The new Law proved disastrous to the roadhouse on the outskirts of the City. Many persons Laid in a Supply of Beer and other refreshments last night and Tycie were a few Drunken persons on the a greets. Two Drunken men were arrested. There was no arrest of o trouble with your stockroom ? jul our perpetual Stock inventory stops Stock leaks prevents Over stocking and under stocking puts a Check on carrying a dead shows you where you stand every Day. One fourth the work of the old style Book Stock record. Saloon keepers. The oranges much the same re drinks were Knob from port was received. Urinal were us us trainable and there has not been an arrest there for drunkenness since Friday night. Very Little resentment was shown although a number of person expressed themselves against the Law. The Passaic bartenders were so impressed by the determination of chief of police Hendry to enforce the Law that they would not even venture into their saloons to turn off the Gas which had been burning All night. One hotel Man placed Crape on his door with the sign a a closed because of the death of miss Liberty of new those who sought the roadhouse in the country around returned the thir Stier for their Long Branch found the \ liquor Laws a Good Deal More strictly enforced than heretofore since the granting of licenses last May. Thirst slaked in Staten Island. In Elizabeth the Law was obeyed to the letter. Where there was any disposition to ignore the Law the police compelled obedience. By Daylight yesterday there was not a Saloon in the City the Interior of which was not open to Public View. The hotels also exposed their bars. The present generation in Elizabeth will have difficulty to remember when liquor was not previously sold there on sunday with Little pretence at concealment. It takes about two minutes to Cross by ferry from Elizabethport to Staten Island and As a result of the enforcement of the new Law the receipts at the ferry House last night were said to be tie largest for any single Day in its history. In Camden the Rigours of the Law drove to Xix. Re. Ft1v, Sydney Adams 17 years old was drowned yesterday afternoon in the Hudson River off the Jersey Shore opposite Yonkers. It was the second Day of his Bummer vacation and the boy with two friends had crossed the River a few hours before and set up a tent intending to Camp out. He and his two companions had then rowed out into the River to go in bathing. In trying to swim ashore his strength gave out and he Sank despite Tho efforts of a Man who tried to Rescue him. Adams who worked in a lawyers off co in Wall Street and lived at 219 Heyward Street Brooklyn had meant to go to the Catskill mountains for his vacation but at the last moment two of his friends William Steitz of Williamsburg and Harry Rad Hausen of Flatbush persuaded him to change his mind and go camping with them. Sydney had trouble in getting his Mother to let him join the other boys As she was afraid that something would happen to him. Her son appeared set in his determination however and she finally gave in. She still seemed to have some premonition of danger for As Sydney left the House to Start on his trip she watched him from a window and remarked to the other members of the family that she dreaded an Accident would befall him. It was not Twenty four hours before her worst fears were realized. When the boat in which were the three boys about 3q0 feet out in the River they threw off their clothes and jumped in. Adams was the Only one that tried to swim to land again. The other two remained near the boat. They heard no shouts for help or cries of any kind from the boy As he made for the Shore but they noticed that he was getting weaker and was having trouble keeping his head above water. Elwood Glass who was near by in another Rowboat noticed his exertions too. He hurried to his Side and held out an oar to the boy. He grasped it but Sank pulling the oar Down with him. When he came to the surface again Glass leaped overboard to save him but the drowning boy grasped his neck so tightly that Glass could do nothing with him. Both went Down and Glass was Only just Able to free himself and reach the surface again in time to save his own life. Adamss body Sank to the Bottom. The boys notified the Jersey officials and a marshal succeeded in recovering the body. He tied it to a stake and left it in the water. Meanwhile the Adams boys parents were notified and his brother John went for the body. The party waited for the Jersey Coroner until 8 of clock last night when As he had not put in an appearance they took the Law into their own hands and had the body removed to Yonkers and notified Coroner we endanger. The latter gave permission for the removal of the body to Brooklyn. Library Bureau card and filing systems 316 Broadway Garfield a eyes on Commerce commission president s failure to appoint Harlan considered significant. Talk of fight for place friends Point to Garfield a Standard Oil inquiry record As evidence of his fitness the tenderloin goes dry. That is fairly dry a the Sandwich meal protected the thirsty. It was really dry in the tenderloin yesterday dryer than in a arse though there were oases in the desert. Several saloons kept a Back room open and a Side door on the Chain but with the closest sort of Lookout for policemen and Only persons who were known gained admittance. The Raines Law hotels kept open of course with sandwiches conspicuously displayed. A taking everything into consideration however More respect was shown for the Observance of the excise Law than has been seen in the District in a Long while. Between 1 and 5 of clock yesterday morning eight excise violators had been gathered in by detectives Kane and Carmody two of capt. Of Briens new men. Forty one arrests for violations of the excise Laws were made in the whole City yesterday exactly the same number As a week ago. Of these ten were made in the tenderloin precinct. Cats. Burfeind and Zimmerman of the West sixty eighth and fort seventh Street stations said on saturday that they would have dry sundays in their precincts also. There were no excise arrests in the West forty seventh Street precinct and Only one was made in West sixty eighth Street. In turning out the 6 of clock platoon in the tenderloin last night capt. Of Brien gave the men a Little talk As usual. He so id a a i want you to pay strict attention to excise violations. Keep your eyes open and done to let any saloons on your posts remain open. That a Plain enough and you can All unde Miana a most of the hotel bars were closed tight last night and even saloons Long co Sld pedal to the new York Timet. Washington july 8.-the failure of the president to to Corpany Tho appointment of e. E. Clark head of the order of railway conductors to be a member of the inter state Commerce commission by the name of the Man selected for the other place created by the new rate Law is Takon Here to mean that an unexpected fight is being made against James s. Harlan the Chicago lawyer who it was said had been slated for the Post. It is known that commissioner Garfield of the Bureau of corporations has been in a very receptive Frame of mind with regard to the new commissioner ship and his friends have been sanguine that he would land the place. The fiasco of the beef report they hold has been More than offset by the Success of the investigation of Standard Oil and this latter report shows that the commissioner of corporations has done work which proves he would be a Good inter state Commerce commissioner. There is no question Here among men who Are in a position to know something about the inter state Commerce comm Sion that it could be made much More effective in the Way of punishing and preventing rebates and other Railroad discrimination and the Advent into its membership of men familiar with Railroad methods would be hailed As a Long step in a promising direction. For that reason the appointment of Clark is regarded As making for improvement although it is admitted that his Railroad experience has not been along the Lino of schedule making or interpretation and that is where the expert service be particularly needed. Men watching tie inter state Commerce commission for years believe the criticism of its work make by Victor Morawetz chairman of the Board of the Atchison Topeka amp Santa Joe Railroad before the Senate committee in inter state Commerce in the hearings of last summer. He told the Senate committee that the commission had misdirected its energies and that instead of always sitting As a court to hear complaints and Render decisions which bind nobody it should act As a police of inter state Comra Erce it and see to the enforcement of the Laws forbidding rebates and discrimination. This was substantially the ground taken by representative Jitt Leffeld in his argument against the Hepburn rate Bill. It has been the ground of much of the criticism of the commission that continually cropped out during the Long debate on the rate Bill. The publication of the Garfield report on the transportation of Oil the critics say has revealed a striking proof of the Justice of this criticism of the inter state Commerce commission and incidentally has made Clear the desirability of appointing to that commission at least one Man who has been trained in the Railroad the thirsty to Philadelphia. The Saloon Immi Ine from police interference had men there say that sentiment will change Teir places darkened. Y so that next fall no one can be elected to office who is not willing to pledge himself for an open sur Day. Law defied in Atlantic City. Atlantic City so far As last nights reports indicated was the Only place of consequence in the state where the new Law was not regarded. There no pretence was made of obeying its mandates. Hotels saloons cafes dining rooms and every place that Sells liquors on other Days sold them yesterday As openly As usual except that the front doors were usually closed although in some cases when the Rush was great the front doors Are said to have been allowed to swing. Not a place so far As could be observed removed the usual screens and viewing the Interior of barroom from the streets was impossible. All of the hotels served wines in the dining rooms just As usual. The liquor men fear there May be some after clap As an outcome of the Defiance they showed yesterday while the authorities Are very silent because they made no Bavonne Saloon keepers took their first sunday off in years and the interiors of their saloons were exposed by the removal of screens and curtains. Dinners were served at the hotels and Shore houses with liquors. Several thousand visitors As soon As they found the City dry crossed Over to Staten Island and slaked their thirst without trouble. Three arrests for Selling liquor were made. It was noticeable last night that there were fewer women parading Broadway. Sixty were rounded up by of Briens de Timok to Law Kamw wow a business and knows How freight rates Arti made and what Tariff sch edibles mean. The most striking fact about the recent report was the disclosure it made with regard to discrimination in favor of Standard Oil that have been going on openly for years. Being open discrimination they came technically within the letter of the Law and although they gave the Standard hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and effectually established the monopoly where Independent Competition would not reach it. They could not be reached by criminal prosecution. The Only effective remedy against them was publicity and it was always within the Power of the inter state Commerce commission to be that. The calves on saturday night and fined in Jefferson Market court yesterday. Last night about 8 of clock Sergt. Bailey sent out ten or twelve Plain clothes men to the theatres which hold a sacred concerts a on sunday to see that no violations of the Law occurred there. But the commission never of was not until undertook the a Ard that discrimination which always has been Quot open a became really Public. Plumbers helpers strike. 2,000 refuse to work until their Bosses demands Are met. The delegates of the plumbers helpers Union reported yesterday that plumbers helpers have gone on and will stay out until the master plumbers association makes an agreement with the members of plumbers Union no. 2, i of Are on strike. The helpers demand $2.18 a Day. Dele i Gate Burke of their Union said last night that they had decided not to take the of any of new Brighton Parish House opened. Bishop George Worthington of Nebraska acting for Bishop Potter yesterday Laid the Cornerstone of the new Parish House for Christ episcopal Church new Brighton in Richmond Borough. A crowd gathered because a report had been circulated that the Rev. Frank Crowder Rector of the Church had been threatened with harm. Or. Crowder has not received any such letter. Second class mail inquiry postal commission to begin work in this City in october. Yesterdays fires. Street Moses 12 15 a. �o.�?133 Park Row Bernard Rosenberg damage trifling. 1 5�� a. M �?11 East 100th Greenberg damage 150. A a 2 30 a. �o.�?2,118 second Avenue Salvatore Scott damage trifling. A 0 45 a. �o.�?304 East eleventh Street j. Rollia damage trifling. 9 40 a. �o.�?31 Montgomery Street o. Scull %40a.m.�?T�?� East thirty first Street owner unknown damage $50. 2 p. м.�?244 Arthur Avenue Mary shants 648 tenth Avenue s. Schlum burp damage $1,000. ,. 5 p Street and Park Avenue new York Central Railroad damage trl p. �o.�?445 fourth Avenue owner in e�5"�?Tpm.-t513 West fiftieth Street 2,000 Quot West Side laundry damage. $30.000. Strike the striking plumbers though in some kinds of work the help places though ers can do plumbing. Oberwager to head Federated Union. The Central Federated Union yesterday elected Charles Oberwager of Typo graphia no. 7 chairman of the Central body to serve for three months. Delegate Oberwager two years ago was withdrawn As a Delegate to the Central body because he was at a dinner of the civic federation. What we do is everything that needs to be done when the management of an estate is placed in our hands. A a a a a a Eom mtg 0f a a a a a a 135 Broadway new a a a a beam chess 36 Wall Street new to if 95 Gresham Street London special to the new York times. Washington july 8.-the postal commission appointed under the recent act of Congress to make inquiry regarding second class mail matter has organized by the election of senator Penrose As chairman and representative Overstreet As vice chairman. It has been decided to hold hearings at which representatives of publishers All Over the country will be present to set Forth their views on the subject. The first hearing will be at the Holland House in new York City on oct. 1. The purpose of the commission is to inquire into and report to Congress its conclusions on the operation and effect of the existing Law relative to second class mall matter and what changes if any should be made. The report of the postmaster general for the fiscal year ended Juno. 30, 1905, shows that the Cost of maintaining the entire postal service for that year was approximately $107,000,000, and that the Revenue from All sources was approximately $153,000,000. Of the mail matter handled second class matter constituted approximately two thirds while it yielded Only $6,186,047.54, or about one Twenty fourth of the Revenue derived from postage. The commission will direct its inquiries especially along the following lines 1. Whether the Revenue from the second class of mail matter should not be made commensurate with the actual Cost of the service rendered in handling it and whether its classification should not accordingly be grounded upon practical rather than Ideal 61stinctloii t to it a a matter fas that class by what a advisable about amendments of which be most effects Law May the changes Wjt cd appear y b a a Roliz Quot a

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