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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

New York Times (Newspaper) - January 23, 1909, New York, New York New York Satt iday january 23, 1909, 51 queries an d answers. The works of Elias Vinc Tusk Adams first wife a a Dickens s Tom tiddler a ground a a the Bonnie Blue Flag Nadaud s Carcassonne in the original a a a new history of Sandford and Merton answers from and appeals to readers. Liat lilith is a hebrew word meaning Quot night monster a and describes her As follows a a Demon that dwells in deserted places mentioned in Isaiah xxiv., 16 in rabbinical literature depicted As a female roaming in the night and especially dangerous to children and to women in childbirth. The Demon is probably of babylonian origin its name occurs frequently in the incantations. The talmud its say that the name of Adams first wife was lilith. T. B. you please Tell me if a a Tom tiddler a ground is published in the Christmas stories under that name As i cannot find it in the numerous volumes in the Public Library. A Tom tiddler a ground la published under the miscellaneous stories of Dickens. And consists of three sketches a a picking up soot and cinders a a picking up miss Kin Meens a and a picking up the f. G. Ketton in his interesting a life of Dickens a recently published has this to say about a Tom tiddler a ground a a Itie letter announced that he had reserved ten dais in november 1861, for the preparation of the Christmas number of All Trio year round. This was entitled a in of tiddler a ground a and with a View to obtaining tie material necessary for his own contributions to the number he spent a week during the previous summer Rath sir b. Bulwer Lytton at Ivues Worth for at redcoats Green near by there lived a remarkable miser locally in own As a the Hertfordshire Hermit a and it was the novelists desire to see this strange individual. His name was James Well educated Man and the son of a prosperous West India merchant but notwithstanding these advantages he persisted after the death of his wife to Lead the life of a Recluse dressing in an old Blanket fastened with a by ewer and sleeping on a bed of ashes. Owing to such eccentric habits Lucas obtained an unenviable notoriety strangers arriving from All parts to catch a go Fraps of aim and his Buncom Fornabia surroundings. One Day Lucas was honoreb.,with a visit from Dickens who was accompanied by or. Afterwards sir Arthur helps and lord Orford and presently the Hermit bet came immortalized As or. Moves in a Tom tiddler a ground, to his disgust. Lucas died of apoplexy in 1874, and was burled in Hackney churchyard. Tie chapters written by Dickens for his Christmas number were i. Picking up soot and cinders 0. Picking up miss Kim Meens 7. Picking up the communications intended for this column should be written i on one Side of the paper Only. They must contain the name and address of the writer Fth up if preferred by the , initials Only will be printed. While the Endeavor will be made to answer All queries of interest in the order in Wloch they Are received this cannot always he accomplished. W. Or. have two latin books Riga Rafn which i should be Clad to have some information if there is and to be had whether they have special value or not. They Are Verv interesting both on account of their ago and appearance and to Etc contents. Trio first 13 a a All the works of and onus which it has been possible to find in the old libraries together with letters of Syra Machos and Pontius Paulinus written to Anson lug a and some poems of Cicero sul Pida and certain other old writers All edited and annotated by Ellaa Viretus Santo. Simon Mil Langius began to Issue from his presses on the 7tb i of february. 1575,�?� the second Book is a a the Ark of Noah by Athanasius Kircher of the society of Jesus. Divided into Riv books Viz. 1, of what happened before the flood 2. Of what occurred during the flood s. Of we hat was Dono by Noah after the flood All amp t Forth and demonstrated by a new method end with a very great variety of arguments. Publish at Amsterdam by Johannes Jansonius a was Berge in the year 1675, by authority of John Paul Oliva general generally of the society of Jesus dated at Rome nov 20, 10g9.�?� the Anson Lus is 11 by 8 inches and is Well preserved no that the cover Are detached. The Ark or Noah is 15 by 10 inches and is perfect. It is dedicated to Charles ii. King of Spain and contains a most remarkable series of illustrations including Noah and his family the Ark with details of its construction the animals contained thei a in and scenes during and after the flood. Athanasius Kircher was professor of mathematics at Rome 1037-1045, and wrote on a great variety of topics including physics philology hieroglyphics history and Antiquity. Of Elias Vlma Tus i can find no the kind Aid of or. Martini of the Anderson auction company enables us to answer fully cur correspondents queries. Ansonia opera &c., illustrate Oer Elvin Tum 4to, Bui algal a Bordeaux Mil Langius 1575 and 1586, is Worth from to $.5, Jacques Charles Brunet Tho noted French bibliographer says of this work a a Beautiful edition and esteemed on account of its commentary. The text was separately printed in 1575 and the commentary in 1580 so it is posse blk to find copies of the first part without the the second part ought to live two Copper engravings representing the Palace and the amphitheatre of Bordeaux. There Are copies on larger paper which have a higher value. Elias Vinet French scholar of the sixteenth Century was the son of a labourer at vinets a Village of Saintonge. To received a literary education at Barbeaux and , which to followed up Hini Seif at Paris. He ultimately taught philosophy and mathematics in the University of Bordeaux an office he Fillod we Ith great ability for a Quarter of a Century. He was the editor of various classical authors on whom he commented with great erudition and critical skill. He also translated some ancient authors into French and published some original , including treatises on tie Art of making dials the Quot antiquities of Saintes and Bai Reseaux a and a a antiquities of Bordeaux and at Janasius Kirchert a area Noe Folio , Johannes Jansson. 1675, is the first and Only edition of this Well. Known Book. A Fine copy is Worth $6 to $7. / y w limes to my life i flava Fecu in the papers articles relative to. A a Adam s first Only last week i saw a a Quot tiie image of lilith Adams first wife to Gordins to Talbot Idle tradition Lead a Peculiar Faszl ration for Rossetti and he wove Armeni it bomb of 1�os mystically sen Stutts onions of can you and will you kindly instruct to where and in what i fed thing relative to a .4dam�?Ts first wife t who she waa &c.? admitting Liat the first Many a name waa Adam and the first woman a eve it would follow naturally that eve was a a Adams first she is tie Mother of Mankind. Lith is a myth. Liere a re three Assyria i demons thu Hilt and Arhat Lilit. The name a a Ruth a stands for a female Demon. Lilith Lias also been described As a goddess of the night and is said to have been viol shipped by the jewish exiles in Babylon. Others Call her the Demon of the storm and in Isaiah Slie figures As a screech owl. A la Lith a would seem to be suggested by the hebrew word a Laj ill a night in Post bib Cal literature three classes of demons Are mentioned Viz., spirits devils and a the spirits have neither body nor form the devils Are in Complete human shape and tie. Lijin Are Atso in human a do per it with wings. Adam is said to have procreate All the a lits while he was under a spell and eve is said to have supplied demons and male spirits for 130 years. Again lilith is described. As a Long haired seduce woman also the Queen of Zera arged she goes about at night fastening herself upon any one she finds a Leeping Albite in a room. Another writer rakes her opt As Tho Quot daughter of the dancer and the Leader it nocturnal myriads of demons. At length she at came in the minds of the multitude a night Demon in the form of an own carrying off children. She even appears As the. Queen of Sheba. The talk about her being Adamd first wife is said to have been air Ead the gown. J through Bux torts lexicon talmud cum we Tel otfip., consult. D. L. you Eive me the works of a a the Bonnie Blue or Tell me where i can. Obtain them this Confederate song was written by Annie Chambers Ketchum and is printed in Quot american War ballads a by George Cary Eggleston published by a p. Putnam a sons 27 West Twenty a gird Street new York. At the request of a number of cur readers Gustave Nadaud a famous poem Quot car Cas Sonnha is Republic Hess in the original Carcassonne. Jemo Fais Vieux Jal so Xante ans a a Iti Travaille Toute a Vio sans Avoir Durant be Temps. Up Satis Faire Mon Envie. Be vols Bien quil n est Ici Bas de Bonheur compleat pour Personne Mon Voe nest Saccom Llfra Pas be no Ai Jamais Vul Carcassonne on Volt la Ville de la Haut Derrix re Les montages blues male pour y parvenik in Faut 11 Faut Faire Cine Grandes Nieues eur Faire Autant pour Revmir a is la Ven Dags a Tait Bonne be Raisin no vet Pas Junir Jene ferrai Pas Carcassonne on Dit que on y Voit tout Les hours. In plus in coins que Les dimanche.?. Des Gens seen Aller sure Les Cours. In habits Neusen Robe blanches. On. Dit que on y Voit Des Chateaux grands commes Crux de Babylon in a Vique it Deus go no Raux Jene Connis Pas Carcassonne be Vicaire a cent Fois Raison c est Des imprudent que Nous sommes n Dis Ait dans son or Isoa que la ambition Perd Les Hommes. Sije Bouvais trouser pour Tant Deus hours sur la Fin de l a Tomney Mon Dieu que be Mour Rais Content apr a Avoir to Carcassonne Mon Dieu Mon Dieu Pardonnet Moi 81 a priv re Vous offence on vat tour ours plus Haut Eue Soi Ehi venue use comme in Wance. A Femme ave Mai fils Vignau a voyage Jusu a Narbonne Mon Filleul a re Perpignan it be no Ai Pas Vul Carcassonne Ainsil Chanthit in is de Lemoux in Paysan Courbe Par la age. J6 Lui Dis a Ami Levea Vous. Nous it Lens Taire be voyage a Nous part Mes be Lendemann mais que Lebon Dieu tul Par Donne. In Mourt a Mouis. Chemin h no a Jamais Vul Carcassonne does not last. tried his hand at it so did Bret Hart and Charles h. Webb. It May interest Rea Jors to know that Sandford and Merton was translated into French by Arnaud Ber Nln an author Well known in his time of work intended for Young people. Born in 1749, one year after Day he survived him two years and died in 1791. As 14te As 1848 his version was Issue d by Tho publishing Bouse of b. C. Amp j. Biddle of Philadelphia to to used its a school Book. As an elementary Reading Book it served us purpose. But the history of Sandford and Merton deals with a past ago. When the Stagecoach was the memos of travel when classes were sharply defined when tie Farmer was a peasant who Seldom went beyond the confines of his native pariah hardly Ever be mid his county Miless he became a Someier or was made an involuntary colonist it is interesting in giving a tails of the domes la life of that epoch while its moral Aro As applicable now As when they were written. If or. Kinkead saw the real Sandford and Merton he would not describe it As humorous. It is too solemnly didactic. Carol Job a. in your Issue of dec. 19, among Tho queries and answers your correspondent u. C. A. Asked who to la a Hon. Charles Augustus Murry a and what else he Toto besides praline Bird a most charming Little Romance. He was a Young Scotchman who travelled quite extensively through Tho United states a met Many prominent persons. He left Elgird april 18. 1834. And his a a America a during the of 1884, 1835, and 183�, including a summer residence with the Pawnee tribe of indians in the Remote Prairies of Tho Missouri and a visit to and the Azore islands were not published until 1839, at which time they were dedicated to her majesty Queen Victoria. I never Hoard of any other books. He was entertained at Geneseo by the Wadsworth family and i was under Tho impression that to returned and married a member of the family. I copy of his a a travels a which were published by Harper amp Brothers new York. Antwerp from John e. Nor floss he Feirtag to the in it acuity of or. George b. a a a in Yow tue of Jan. 10 Abbottt Quot the Neil his Roxy a i Send a Ford and i Ventom to a a pm that the boat for which he aha i a leu town work of , but a parody r fit which so Wmk a Ware 4� Homi Tew. Nui Timi a verse a a wag of a Aii. The Century cyclopedia of names a Saya eng signs Coade esed Novele it a so Wolton a. K. in the new York times sat rat review for i a. 19 you mention the name of a Book by mrs. Atherton saying that. The hero was suggested by a real person namely Ermest Dowson. From this you go on to Tell of other books by and about him All of Whiteb interested to a Good deal., i wonder How Many americans know of a Book entitled Quot the fool and his heart a a by f. Norr Cju a Connell. The Book was an accidental discovery on Ray part and the writer has still remained to to Only a name. I should be glad to know More of Tho writer. In a the fool and his heart Quot is the following dedication t a to my dear for Lintl Mest Dowson in memory of a sorrowful journey through rhe Story is a very unusual Ona anus airy Good and i treasure it among my Best loved boots. Its hero from what i know of Tho life of Ernest Dowson might easily have been suggested by Tho adv cultures mid misfortunes of Tho Man Olio was Evide Nuy a very dear Friend. I shall be grateful to any Reader who can Tell me More of this and of the personality and writings of p. Norres Connell. _ eds of a regard to the saying. A a Between the Devil and the deep sea a i submit the following icelandic seems to have preserved the old germs Ilo form. A a i Ellward boat i. E., it own Wani boat. In old German a Light Meadow figures at the Bottom of a Clear Lake with a Vau Holly this Meadow is called Quot Bella now Hel Wiese is a lower Neadow. Ilell Gato is a joker Gate in to an upper or higher. In a a Early German by Max Muller. I Ondon. 1s38, rage 9. You find a translation of a Ancor Luis Ruth Laud in the second Strophe is a a Pede concur Caus Tartaras fuzz to Katr Tanti Bujia in Anglo Saxon Bell Viti. In translation profundity a is a a we find from this a Dufel a to go Down to dive one who goes Down a diver. An instrument to make something or some one go Down a a dlvvel.�?�. I think the diabolo comes from this. The place at the Bottom of the Quot deep has been Given the proper name hell was the tvs to Tom a a tie Tho Loca Uon. The Devil is going around to the world trying to get victims started on the downward path. To to Between the Devil and the a a a a Deea Xea Bell Means to be half and half lost. Appeals to readers. A d. Cly will some kind Reader Teri me where to find a poem which begins a a Jan hat Ever Jroud wish if you wish for it Long. To. Til is is Bill i can remember hut it Yon will got your desire but with u you a Quot it it take something that Yon done to want As we All must have some Cloud with a get Sunshine. An English country town and amp fishing Voiage on the coast. The principal characters were Tom Thurnall a Young English doctor wha bad been shipwrecked and a girl of the coast Village who w As in love with him and whom a a a accused of robbing him of his Money Belt while he was lying stunned on the Shore but which really her father had taken. Can and one Tell me How to find the Book g. D. any of your subscribers give the Roii Ludins verses of the following pretty poem the Frost. The Frost looked Forth one still cold night and whispered now i will be out of sight. And through the Valley and Over the Hight in silence ill take my Way. I a ill not go on like that blustering train the wind the Snow the Hall the lain. But ill be As Busy As they. ,. So he flew to the Mountain and powdered a Croft. To lit on the Trees and their boughs he dressed amp a. any one Tell me where to find or give me All the words of the verse or verses which commence Quot How pm rant is saturday night. When in be tried All the week to be Good 7 m. G. number of rears ago 1 heard a Reader give a poem entitled Quot in the a too must i do not know wow it is by. And have never a see it 1� print., ii Soma Reader Wouk assist me to finding the Poteni i would be grateful. B. A. any of s our readers give me the name of the author and the balance of the poem of Wlinich i remember Only to first verse a we move along asunder. Our paths grow wider of the seasons creep along the years. To Marvel and we wonder. While lire in life and then fall asleep not understood t c. any of your readers give me the name of the Antl apr of the extract enclosed or the poem in which it in printed Quot Back of the loaf the snowy flour. And Back of the flour the Mill. And Back of the mul is a wheat and the Shower and the Sun and the father e will. A p. W. Twenty years a a i read port of a novel from which Many of the first and list. Were so that i Coula a find its title for author. The scenes were a aide son auction company 12 East 4eth St. New Yerk. Aftera Oft of Jii. 26 us 27. A2viericana the property of a new York collector relating to California to indians Lincoln natural history Etc. After Boot of Jib. 28 Abd 29. Books from the libraries of we. A. Burwell sect. To Taos. Jetterson and or. W. W. Foster of . D. A. With a few suitable additions. Sales Begia at 2 30 of Stock. Telephone 120-3sth. Book Exchange. _ wanted. journal poor a Railroad manuals St. Nicholas craftsman architectural record. N. Y. Gene Login Al and record Bankers Magazine Cas Siers vacation political science , North american review. 1805-Lst� Arena. 100 f1904 engineering Magazine 1 ��1-1898 no Nell nth Century 1883-18.4 fortnightly review. Vols. 1-34 Knickerbocker Magazine. 1sr3-64 the portfolio Liila. 1s071s08 Schoolcraft a Indian vibes Odd a fumes. J. A. To Eddy. 50 grand St. Albany. N. Y. wanted Arena. 1899-1902 Ducat too Edu Cadonau review. a living age. Rev new of reviews 1891 St. Nicholas worlds work. 1900-1901. Hub Magazine co., 110 Tremont St. Boston old books and magazines dealing with conditions customs events patents a a. Of go years ago. Travels and personal narratives �.��?��1����f desired. W. A Snow Box 019. Meriden. books bought one or thousands cars made anywhere in Manhattan. Elsewhere Send lists enclose stamp Darreon a Bookstore 121 East kid us. New York. Tele Pirone mob my anti do Sagebrush Pulli Sophy for february. March april May jul. July and november of 1904, and May 1905. Charles j. Anderson. Pierre. South Dakota. Financial big oils. Money and Ink by ments by Rohns manual of statist ii a Copper handbook poor a manuals. A rate for list. Ticker pub. Co., 363 a s. Express bldg. New Jiin us and documents of famous people old engravings or views to. A w. Cadby. 50 grand St., Albany n. rare Book dealers new Yorkus Quot a guest m Stone pay Atomian Ezaak Yale for pm a a a beak. Seta a a Ateward Mathoni first Rel Tiews and k9�d see wed Bibbd a a a a a in a maeral literature. Henry met loan 42 Broa Hwat and amp it new 8t. Telephones 390�. 3901 and 39u2�?broad a a a a a a a a a a a 947 8th York. Prism 2127 cel. Open a a a a a a a a . A a a a a a a a a a Taam Tok libraries bought Fine sets of Standard authors. So Kiffi. Art Boiro bought Liberal prices paid. Calls at reside docs free. Davis Bookstore 41 w. 42d so Teu 439 Bryant. Catalogue issued monthly. Early novelists. Talk Ltd Koran. Sex worship. Brannus iconoclast Miquon books. Pratt a. 161 Lith ave. Rare and curious books bold glut. Any Book full bad. Furman co. 3�3 West 51u n. Y. S the remark acc a Hblair sport Fig and my Cellaneous Library of the late John her sri of Heckscher of new York c#0t. Inc Adlao Tea ram Frai de Fatima pc Walfor a car let ans for Aad mar other Vala Alile Iteana / win Ltd by Aue Tlok by order of Klo Eze Eaton tie United states Trost com fax of new Yolk at the Merwin Clayton sales company rooms 20-2� Baet huh Sweet As follows a a a tit Lugue a first fart. Feb Mary 2d. 8d, Itig Adjui in. To i Ian a a a a a it mercy. Van t a / ;