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New York Times Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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New York Times, The (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, New York, New YorkVol. Xix.1ncv european Mil news new York sunday january 16, 1870. Price five cents. Complete report of the trial of Traupmann. Graj ski Tab of Chr troc rss French criminal the prisoner convicted and sentenced to the Tho a Nauru Bic i left Liverpool Jan. 1, mud Jisc Eitown Jan. A. Re Nohea thin port Yenfen Lay. With two Days news than Wax it h Mil by tie City of Tho Oddress of the London Utra Lii punter Tho nun Lihr of that Jamaal Dee 31 the lust Imus of tue paper was it Forth so. Cut orc of the 1 tile i rent a Trenton Bron to the i of con Luik the Mack be i with slim ild Riu Siik . I Ami Lake . I t tors Oll to Lii lies Liat Tinl porn it urn Ftp i by the i lie tune of Mif tin1 the put. Tvovi m t Mil i not settled Luil t by ski mum . It that i Lien Oie Renli toun1 11.1.11 the vice m., title Liui. I it it it Init. a i Trie Viceroy i to til runt Lar Milit. Ten Llull 111 t be of mall birr .1, snick inv mid i c t to lie Styli Anil when a re 111. t a Troisi which Tho emperor of is Ulli it p is h Iio Clion -.1 Ulitch i the Lei cd f Liy of Kuji i. Ind win if i Var finely Dlf Lisull to . U throw u .1 or Ooin Over but . T. Airt that die emperor. Whotte Rob int aim Kaiue Ami line it of Are ,, often h ii san food and lilies if up Fnu ii All outer Iceni Paunu Alum Aud All the Chi Yuu no which he Uncil Forim 11 to the i Atria t if re Lii Luitt i lie i uni Idri. J ment a Krumich i Oryx thou Ltd Nalii la time i Usnija the of the. Pc non Pliml co . It Hie Kiml Hart Hern i Dan. Ten i Cli i Kiiji y corp Wal continue to lie provlun1-, my la . ,.i v . The of the hold t plent fur Kujiro i the ctr of i .i.ii. A a au1 or flit iitiii.i i the is or. 1-1. l. I., of my mini i of Tjie a c Fie of m h. T . Me v no lie ii Ouye u lib hit a True nil m list. I Hilll till1 1.1 lie of till tile nil clan i a . I i i mnt1 i la oni. I. N it to t v i to Lii 1.hj Tor v 1 inf. I a. N i of. N to Hil of the la Fiji. U i my i i h.1. l nil the trial Ci-1 t full of the Herr rom nod tin . I1 tue til ii. Be i -. The i Okinu Eil a Ster Flay before Thi court of of Ilic Mie. Trio morbid Cun Voity Coati Tut. Icon blk a thu thru Colm sighs of tins never productive of Nion painful Effort Trio Jimart of Public or of to the authorities. I i Monr Conoit to you la a re Cost latter that attic c ourt room set Tunit for Only about persons. How Many Ilo you think Wero Trio for Imlej Isaiou i Cli Iho upon or orly of who Ali Werr to Trio i Orcsi Ilott of the court I of erect to Tomt the Crater Purt of tin to ui.uli1 Liv Persona be Lonc Ruig to Trio mixer of so Etc a of them ladies. Homo of Tho Nulin Uluas who were Lucky to tickets Tunis my them to profitable nce out As much a been off Ercil and for them. The Jiri Conor onto etl Tho court room escorted by Liis mid Eovino Sulliers to tie i Airt. Tie Audiene Rose to their feet to to Weir to pet a of him. Hli Slu lit and boy Viry one. But a close inspection showed that ten Uii por part of Tho fact the ouly redeeming portion of it Tho forehead Belnac Gocel Ritler too prominent. Tho cars Are immense Tho dim Equary und Tum Sive the Mouth wide and the upper lip drawn up Aud aligning Tho Teeth Liko one of the inferior aug . The la still further borne out by the of Tho hands Anil feet. Tho big Kors of Tho former Are twisted and claw like Tho thumbs by Louic. Trio foot apr evil Hoo of a Apo Are Alao ont of All proportion. Although Tho to litre is Small it Imp frames one at ouch with idea of extraordinary strength Aud a polity. Were do cilia to Havo Opportunity of Eza Luluk Anatone Cully i am sat Buflod that to would find a close Affinity Between him dts Prlenda the gorillas. a table placed m the hem Icylo of Tho court were deposited the Vari Ona articles that were to to introduced Evi Dence piece a the bloody clot Tico the of the Aronim commenced about 11 o clock. After to had taken place Tho registrar Com Krusos Roso and Tho Artt d a mutation. Tho indictment m a Volute icons document which Klores a Cic Splete Mirra Tulve of the Virlous mid and nil the win. U the Xiii Seimui lit ent Gatlon Han a roil lit to Likhit. After it bad been Nad Viox or Yon were Horn Tho 3th of october at cerium. You Wero thei Foru Twenty Yettra of ago tie Ith of october last. reality Yoa were born it since 1860 you Havo been Olvinn at . You Wero the last child of your to inlay. Your fatties it mechanician. It Soma that your father s business gave you you prestly a Leved boat it. With Resard to you Rolf personally you were intelligent skillful your business a a Mechanic but the spoiled child of your Mother. Tim witnesses Eay that Ehe fort Tava you every lain for you were at Tho primary school until you Wen fourteen Thon you entered your father s workshop at cd Ruby. Since your Clu lil Mikk you have been gloomy but utile con Moj Active und Niagul festing Evory Thant us intone Calro to to Conle Rich. You Weiyin the Hubli of saying Vou to become wealthy by any Means but Tola. Not Oil you wore violent. Our Day you were working with your brother Edmund you armed yourself with a Hammer Conaci Ticco of Atrul thug dispute which you had with him and Jou Ttrunk Bini a Ltd it Trio forehead. To covered with blood and a wet new of the Seeno made thin terrible observation to you you Are another i did not to that. I ouly threat ened hint. Cooke 1868 your father wont into partner Ahtu with a Man named . Their business did not Prosper. december 1888, he sont you to to mount the Muo Luea which had Mccu made by Hui. Yoa found Paris a court Fyman of named sail you had relations with blk when you lodged at pan tin. You lived alone. Neverth Clear the Young men a Kilt to Melmea walked out with Yon and you did not conceal from them of ambition. You returned to Cernay and worked at your he wot you again to a to to he Patent for spinning Cotton. Pua Omav be did. At Bon Balz there lived the p Fig Der f sub now or. . Piave got to you o . To Licor those p inf us nou finlly Jhan i . Lie Lead a Reiyei cd u warm air Colon for Alft Aee whore he eng bom. Had Shinalt properly it bul l. You were the Coull of Anil of his moves. Muich Izmir to . Hud six children by Hon nor Blanc w us mine. Kim k. Who before her rear Luire wan hoist Kim the marry Noffo was Cou 1852. These children Wero named 1. I e with tie two u u Ling and the a. Kim k deposited them la the Ellice. What hour War. That t the afternoon. Breakfasted it soul two went to Geilier Lur i Vichr. Our cd uie Aub Cut of Iho clip cite Ulii ii r. Did you do Hercl Vav drank and took a bottle with air to use the Road. We walked town Rita Walt filler and when we reached a Sunh Roud we found my three . We walked arriving at a certain distance one of my Ai Conill Loeb who Bud taken the bottle from Liann gave it to Kirk to drink from mud he dropped Down . fact Tho system of defence to which you Tiave hitter by . It version. How Many Lui Plicht loud Jou 1 were Tilroe. I ii it who d inc to tie Man who it it did. Coi i Rompc cd it i was 1. Burled tue body of Kinck 1 of Tuy is i repeat your lust version. Us Tho 13th of november you yield a Dif Ferent you wild at first that Vou Wero Bopa Utcy at but Twyller and that you bad not again Wen the unfortunate . Trio juices us nil cited to tills there been Heli Eit of you the Arti ii h we Deli Hud belonged to you i plied that lie Bud Given them to and the it to puked tie Cheeky and Tho it was he who Luil made Vou write them. At tint Date the 13tli of november you risked to Nee the 1 incur Emir Pitkin hint you declared to him thai us la d up that time Ami it us Alono who Linail Kim k. Jin recollect having i nil this to Tii 1 i x i incur "a1 1 . Col Yii ii lied then t slim incur if i Hod. F nation cot it the unix or Trio Pii tumor Deli rail la the cools it mud uion1 Matic was made for tile Boily of , und at Luat the 2l u of Ember your indications i should a trite the body was discovered. At u of metres from wat twiller there exiles Moun Tain Moun is crowned Liy to ring of Trio chateau of Herrei fun a. leaving wat twiller one enters the Mountain path. It was then1, at the foot of the chateau that Kimok was buried. Of november a writ i server Lun Sinif any. Lise overed u Ahmed of Linen and protruding from the Noil. Tie body was Dis covered it wan uncovered. Trio Trench and vim Ccok need by the Roluti Ca of it was cull him i was Monfil Ienir be president. Truce of violence or cell Tison of blood was found him. Ting exp crts who us Luik used it of the 28th of november soy that death Init Havo occurred several previous. Who i who and discovered the hot whore Tho body was found. I had also burled Tho pocketbook. Flu uttering Uricho Worda the prisoner Hli owed Home excitement 1 to Hall come to the pocket Book. Well you speak of accomplices. How did you a coins acquainted with i the evening of Trio nth of August lof.8, i selected some from i Runy la the act of stealing. Emit me Thev took to flight. I had i wrote to Hui and he afraid 1 would form Buu. is m which. to know Niy accomplices. Weir Ilu a t Heron profound c followed the court and All eyes Wero turned Weic from mull use. Were Theli name i do not want to Tell them. Hon eat Lou la the court. The us cured. Prea Orves All Bis coolness. 1 do not want to Tell them. You contented yourself fact with pretending be fore the Jugo d Tomt Tho first of them was aged 40, the second s3, and the third scarcely Your attitude la very singular and j our new system of defence a very strange one. And not without a certain Dicoco of concentrated i have of leu Sull Clent proofs. I have my own reasons for not telling the names and for not denouncing them of search might Havo Boon made with Tho indications that r. Furnished. Refuse to denounce your accomplices t might have Boon i to pout. Tho communes of Cerney Olewil ice us Alwiller. Iii Isheim Witt Willur loiter Inch. the whole of your country fact Cun you name any Pernon who has ecu thus pro tended accomplices t Don t want to indic nto them. Ajust a pause Why bos not to pocket Book been ought fort la it for the purpose of main Taining that i alone am guilty 1 those three individuals Lake any thing belonging to Jean Kinck 1 had received a letter from Kinck apprising me of his arrival for the purpose of Selling the counterfeit Money manufactured. He was to bring Money with blk. My a com told me to go and wait for him at Roll wll Lerand to conduct him into the they were to meet us there and to Rob him. Filled the checks for you did not find the Money which you reckon of i was i. Toll us did Siom Toka nothing for themselves. The prisoner reply. Of us of Heeth the Chain the watch and the Praporn. This your a Tom of defence. Besides you Only Sustin what you declared i he 28th of last. November. I shall read certain passages of your Declar Utomi to the jury to that of fuck. Tho court read Tho Papro to the spirit of which All needed reference is made la Tho subset Quot Cross questioning. The you persist to Day this version but i am obliged to toll Yon that every thing proves that kick was poisoned with piss la Nold by you alone. No i did not do it atone i gave the indications for finding burled live inches under ground Between Cemar and . A pocket Book wrapped a red checked handkerchief of Jean kick b. Let us talk of this pocket Book Elco you insist upon it. You said Tho 1st december. a Luter rotatory Ono of my accomplices handed to Tho pocket Book of Jan 1 i sonar yes and this pocket Book Are the letters of Jan Kinck. You add indeed this interrogatory that Tia is Tho proof that Kinck came to flail Yoa Aldaaco to carry out his project of coining counterfeit Money t according to your ii count to shall also 11 and there the names of your accomplices 1 yes this la True with animation they Muy Lulio my life if they want to i am Verv guilty Bur i nay that i am not Trio Only Onu. And they cannot Hiiva Bitt i us Tho Only one Hocti they no proof to Trio contrary. If you Enn Iuit tend thin pocketbook i of Cau then Tell we hut i Havo lied. T court a Perquis Tion has directed according to your to the. Place where Jim pretend you put Tho and Allro .seiirehe-8 Hugo been vain. Why do you refuse to give the Lauio of your pretended 1 what u your test Revfi Tulini to make them to Justice 1 hem dem you give pro tingled fur finding this pocketbook which ure the Umoh of your Icelin Ellees you no interest if Iho Hunold to lond Noju dining Plieni. I cannot. That Loots like a Falo made up and it Ury to a civil. As Reno ii. At Cernay you occupied you Wolf i Opara Tiki ice Orch Alesii Inch Vurl Hibib Stuenes mud of this occasion to a wit Tiesh who questioned you you replied one Day that it wan to Datil certain subset Nicch of Whitt a single drop dropped thu ton no would prot Lucthi Lutu Nonni our death. You pc pure Tho ionic acid with which Kinck Futh or. Web Piho Urdl i it with Prus Sian yellow sulphuric acid mud water. Torst experiments of Tho Ana Lynch gave a no Galvo result it was not aulk Cint to do Scuor pub so acid the body of Tho Nolor tur Juto Kinck but or. Koch gain Tho analytical Chc Mlat. By Tho Aid of a very ingenious process which does Honor to science bus succeeded la obtaining a i eco Pionte which reveals the truces of Prii sic acid the Stani Aoh. I repeat then that Yon ulu Iio poisoned Kink father. After Ward you the Glrst acts of your infer Nal pin acct. You took the name of your victim you thought of imitating Hon Al Calure Aud Vou corresponded with the wife children. You signed the Check of Iraq cd with uie name of if waa i. It of your own Accord that you Eig Perditt were nil of other my accomplices mud Raj self. Said the examination that one of your accomplice a if dared to do it. Tnie. Do not prom it you receipt you admit that you made it out. Tit i sent a Letti a to mine. Kiuru signing Tho name of tin to the Money com Ling from Thih Cliett. it Lily you i Cri Lvi Dau Lej ram. Tricorn the Junt. You received u letter bearing1 the Dato of the 2htli of Aii Riihl annoy Urlini to Yini the semling to the tour of Loco it Sueb Willvr the pics mud the 2 Johtlie whole sum United at the Ollice. Went to receive it. Did you say the i Ofutt Nastor to induce him to give you the i Hind that i was kist. I a Howgil him Tho panels which i had received from univ . and then re lured. What did you then wan the non of Jias a tick. Theu uhf Tilyou for us order what did you do. Made out order. You went to Tho pout office the 2d of september renewed from the i Onti Naster. Because the signature was not legalized. You receive the legalized Docu ment you return to the Post office you to the i out Maraur that there no longer any Ria nou Why to should not you Money. Happily the postmaster s arc aroused to for a lady from soul Ali a relative of Tho Ktut k fainter Wuo a Jim thai you us not the Boh of Kinck the often have threatened to angst you re lubed to any you. Thin is True. Did you do gave Tiu letter to mine. Kick Iny Wolf it a Longair. Reach Ilo Baix he 4th of be fein Ber you Stop at the Butic of mine. Kimok you Gix a her Tho inst Illions for getting Tho 5.100 Fronca from and Tell her to come purls within a Short time. Was it entirely your own idea to write tills letter i it was to my interest that Tho a Lionel a Long As Jean Kinck Watt dead. Yon end your exam Littlon. Said that i Wishod the kicks to conic to . 1 knew that they Wuu Libous Nir inhaled there. Soil Nylon very Well i Odd Tula avowal to you your examination when you declared that you intended to Asti Sinate to lion your Wolf. fumed to 1 arts you Mode out order the me of Jean a lined it Thon Yon Honl to Ito Baix with a explanatory Mottur which you Sny that Gustave after receiving the francs must come and join his father. Very thing sunned to go a you wished concerning the franch of return to the hotel of Trio can ruin Dii i urdu Nord you Perm red a double end i Gustav to draw Tho francs and being them toy Uii Lirgg the Kim k i imply to purify inn you or ranged matters so that they he Oxild take place Reu blur Success Lon. Is this Tito i Usi ook into How Yon acted order to keep up the mind of the. Maui ii the idea that poor Kinck was living la Paris. You Wilto a Tomt letter. which better to deceive mine. Kick you speak to her the Iio of Jan Kinck of our of her children sick at Trio time. Oust ave however waa Gene from Lio Baix lie readied Day tie goes to Tho Ollice Tho postmaster re Fibich to give him Tho Money Lur. Gustave Kinck scuds you u dispatch la which to tells you to Send him the order As soon a pos sible. Taut make you received this dispatch 1 i slim no this time having spent nil Tho Money you Hud left you sold Tho watch of Jean Kinck to a Jeweler m la and you obtained Tho Money fur it writes Thon to ask you if to must Send the icy to , or if la. Would bring it to Yon. You received Thea letter f is your correspondence no to Trio Loti september. However Tho Letb you receive a Letler from Eisile Kinck this letter la full of presentiment to writes to you believing to Tut a la writing to his father dammit la very uneasy she does not want to Cumo to Boeing Miro. Hesitates you write to her of Trio september to her Aud decide her knowing that Slio must to Yatou lured at Iho Stylo of your Lotters. I was right inning Short time since that Thero never was a More infernal Conception curried out with greater Persever Ance. Of Brave was to arrive tuesday Tho family thursday never More odious premeditation was developed with greater cynicism. The 13th of september you take a Uto rest you go with one Ahou to a Bull at St. Cloud. The 15th of september you got a letter which must Havo greatly disconcerted you. It was notice from of Stab who Hud not received Tho order you reply by a now Telegram which you say thut Tho order Baa icon for a Long Umo at Roubal. But your Pinna were Defeated. Could not get Tho Money he would not come to Paris tuesday Aud the k inc u family was to arrive . Thurs Day. It As necessary to countermand the de parture or the family to you write to tto Halx Lor Muse. Kinck to retain her journey and to lot Gustave know. It was then Tomt , Dos , bends from guck Weller Tho 16th Seu to cinder the following Telegram Jan kick. Hotel do Chenin do Fer a Nord i Birllo to Morrow m Uio i Oghig. By a fatal coincidence he missed the train and arrived the evening. What did you do then i was at the station of the Chemlen de Fer do Nord we wont to the Hotfil i Mude him write to Hla Mother to come the 19th september and then i went with aim to pan tin my accomplices Wero at the Sta Tion one of them the oldest struck que Biava Kinck and killed him. Is that the same who killed the father f that one Etal at Mulhouse it Wae another. 38d, you declared to the Jure d Lustro Toloa that you went Altu oust ave of foot to fat Flold Teflon we reached Yoa added. I armed myself with a table knife bought the Day before Aud struck him a blow the breast to foil face uppermost without a you then struck Utin tils times m Tho Back you left the Kuldo la Ono of these wounded Yea i declared that to Tho Jugo d Luttru Tiou. Car cod Tho body after Yoa had killed him i declared the name interrogatory that you took his Gold watch mud Tortola hell comb a Little Caio. Did not stay for three weeks Paris without a bomb. Belonging to go stave kick Hugo been found your Possession. Did Yoa not ii at a hardware stare Hue Lionor Laloue t bought a shovel there it there. This shovel u handed to the accused who recognized it you bought besides that a Plo Kazo at Tuvalu at la vol Lek it i a sort of cutting Hummer. Was it you who bought them 1 i handed them to my accomplices who carried Thorn a far As Panton. Served to dig Tho Gravo of poor Gustav a. A traveler who made the journey with him to Paris Boa testified to the sent Menta of Baum Noaa which the unhappy boy expressed at Tho idea of seeing Hla father and during that time you wore digging Hla grave. And it waa Obed Lonco to these mysterious accomplices that you made these Rutur cuban and that you took talk s watch and Obj so other after the Mun Lcarl i mat remind you that la your interrogatory of Tho 27th of up Tombor you pretended that Kinck had Given Botu to you. Boo How Treuch Crous your imagination is at that time it Wae according to your statement Kinck who had killed Hla son. How then can we be Llev you Waon you up talc of Ace. A places. Did you Blanto Tho 27th of september that it waa Jan Kinck who had Given you Ali Leo articles i cot told a falsehood then i know that Tho of Kimok when dug up Iho of september. A it late of Hud been murdered Nix or Days before. A wound seen at Tho Buck of Tho Nock Ono of Tho Buck one Tho right shoulder two Uio loft should or and finally two traversing Tho breast Ono Hud pout rated to Tho heart Ana Iho knife and remained Trio under the violence of Tho blow. That Kuldo was the our that you bought the Day before. I Hud not bought any knife. Came this knife then i of my accomplices Hud u. Dug Tho Trench of Trio very Day of the aril Ulof sub Tatul wus Yout accomplice then who did it was not there. Were you doing at the to maj do not know what i web do Jug i Hod gone Back to parts. Were not present at Tho murder of oust ave waa there but did not do anything. Gave you the Wenteh 1 a couple Ico who killed go Stab gave it to to. Must be after murder Given you the papers Tho and Tho comb of Tho victim. Trio Day a Frei Ibe murder you wrote u Letu it your family which i unit these words my affairs Are going of to return to the kick family. Of the 17th of of Jill Kuiber Buford killing him you gab Tvovi Kim u while Llic following loiter to his Mother 17th september. I rival no . You must Cou Zabrin. Lui Uliuli sunday Utt Moon it o clock Anil ullo 1. Al., Otoo Iid a Januj. Trike Ull die pain re. Us have. Ronse Quonce of this letter mine. Kinck. Hastened to make for her departure mud your Purl you made them a cd Quiry for your the that ii Rod for the murder of octave were not Killick Nutly a Long for Tho work that Radii Lucil to tie done. Then you bought u stronger who vol mid Pickas at u hardware Toro la the Hue d Al if Inuko. It waa you who pure honed these or or. President at tic instigation of our of my accomplice. Went it d o bloc or to Litile Liepo implements at . And of Cir it uie Bovel and Iho Pickas i no. Not you 1 Wim i who Highl t Icin but i cure to cur directly Alicr Wuido to my us coir Llucy Job. You knew the purpose for which these wore intended did. Kick and with her Lutlo Defru. Bunk notes and papers bin Lucs u Hui of co to 600 cd Fly. Bho arrives at pans at the Etc Ulm. 6ho give to Tuo hotel do a cum do for la Nord and for Kirk her Hus mind. He 18 not there. Bho not Xii prised at thut after the letter announcing Ulm he wan to go that Day to lie and Waits for blk at Uto a Talon. You Urquid at 11 o clock i or. President. Saw her with her children 1 and 1 toll her l uns go ing to conduct her to her Hibib baud and my i Ephod into a cab. Knew Pantie 1 yes since i have been lev no at Tho a Benin Vert. Told her unit her husband had bought a House it Pantie. Und you were going to Tuko Hor there. What happened after that. Cliatt i arrived at Tho quatre clip mum und stopped Tho vehicle. I Tuou descended and brought Mac. Kim k and Tho two Lille children 10 Tho spot where inv us compile sub were. The tallest of them struck Tho woman with the knife and the Tohoru held Iho children. They Wero m Tab bed with the knife. 1 did not wish them to lie killed und it won trying to Tuke knife away from our of my accomplices that 1 broke the Blade Anil Cut myself. I went afterwards to fetch Tho other , und brought them to Iho place a hero they were killed. Tub statement during audience held Belr breath was Only will Dell Mculty of Vang to Tho defective pronunciation of Tho prisoner and the Low tone of Jils voice. Still to Dell Cid it with a Mirance turning Buck to the Public mud fixing Trio Bur of he court. Hla two Long Lanith rented Trio bul lust rude and his Prol Llo ouly Wuh Niblo. Going to read the declarations giving detail the statements you have Juat made you exp Nln Trio of your pretended the gentlemen of the jury will know How to appreciate Tacui. The court roads the alleged thin what you stated the 25th of november it Trio 1" or. President it is All your previous interrogatories Groin contradiction with this ver Sion. I Sacuk not Only of Tho which you accused and Gustav Kinck and declared that they were your accomplices. I speak of the details that you have furnished Tho confessions Jou made of Tho 13th of novem Ber. Or. Clerk Plaso show to the gentlemen of Trio jury the Kluun that have been taken representing the Jillan of Pantie. Ure about to suspend Trio audience for a abort time. It was now about o clock. At 3 o clock Tho hearing of Tho Case was resumed. To nor Matt when brought Back by his sailors appear of to be my Tali hotter spirits than to appeared a few hours before when to first Mado Hla appearance court. Had arrived at the sex Tuple assassination of Tho night from the 19th to the 20th of september. According to your statements you had Only icon instrument and a passive wit Ness. Just As Tho court took its i Cosa i was Uno utto remind you of your declarations of the 25th and 28th november m which you Mado com photo confessions you Bod made Trio Mother and Tho two Siu Ulloth children. Hort use and Al Fred descend the Mother walked by Tho undo of you ennui do the Little girl. Is this True or. Pio Ridout. I Mude that statement. Now you want to say that Thea is not yes it . Throo other children bad remained Tho Carriage. You conduct Tho Mother and the two children to Tho Trench. Tho Plain la do sorted. Yon arrived at Tho spot and there according to your declarations of the 13th novem Ber you attacked the Mother with a knife you stabbed her Twenty five or thirty times you have confessed to have struck Alfred with Tho same Kuldo As that with which you Etab cd Hia Mother. This a the Only child who bore traces of cuts his bands and he seemed to Havo wanted to protect himself by a movement of stint Leo defence. You continue to stub Tho Blade Breaks this Fols upon yonder table. As regarding Hortense you Broko her head with this Plok a bought at is not All this Truo t la not frito. Do you suppose to can believe Yoa to Day after All Tho Flat hoods and variations to we Cli Yon out you declared All these facts spontaneously and you did not speak then of men who had been the principal authors of these atrocities. Had already the 25th of no vember written to Lac Viaud saying that i Hud . Continue. Twenty minutes were to que lord to kill the three first victims. You re turned. Bardot the Coachman saw Only you do you hear Only Yon. Yon conduct the Ibreon ast children tote ipod where body of Mother Lay and there you killed to Fem. Ronld not have killed them they were to l enough to run. You prisoner Tho Hood erect his two hands Tho Balustrade and a More energetic voice if you Wlad to have me declare myself guilty what do Yon want me to say t you do not want to Hoar my explanation a. Do Yoa believe that one Man could do All this i to. If i took All upon myself at first it waa because i had no of . Bloc then i caused the body of Jean Kinck o be found and the pocket Book May perhaps to found which will throw a Light Tho whole matter. Yon say i am wrong not denouncing my accomplices. Yes Yei. I Nave my motives. I prefer death to revealing their names. I cannot no i cannot do it. You Mav find them. To Taurman spice changed expression a be spoke. Hie eyes wore not quite open the lids drooped a Little but the look was keen and Strong. Now and then quitting his Ordinary attitude he raised his Arm to support the effect of his words. The death of the three last Chil Dren Vou struck Thorn with to plea a and Thon Dag the Trench with the implements which you had hidden. Who due the Trench t Tho sumo same unknown person i same who had poisoned can Knick t buried first the woman then Tho Ottlo girl Thon Eji Ile then Throe others Vou piled Tho ground stamped upon it Anu re traced Tho furrows. I repeat to you. Nobody will accept your denials Tho presence of such Complete confessions. Nuiya say what you like. I have Strong motives not to reveal Ull. You would approve of if you could know every thing. Your terminate your dreadful Busl Nebr at 1 o clock the morning. You with that i should place your Mccla Mallonn be Loii Yuu hero is what you Wrhen to the pro eur our Imperial. Lorton gentlemen of Iho jury. It a horrible narrative but everything tends to corroborate its sincerity. Tau Piuck s co.nxb88ionb nov. Limo. Kinck arrived with her children Parl the evening of the filth of Tio Plombar. About 10 o clock i wout to Picot her at Talion and told her that 1 wan to bring her to her husband. To took a cub far a Tho quatre choir int. I told her to do Accad Anil to leave her children the Carriage adding that perhaps her tin bail might wish to come Back to rails and that we my rat Havo to take Tho children Back again. Tut the twon mall. Flt ones wonted to follow their Mother and then we took together the path Carou the Yueliu. Mine. Kick. Walked front carrying her Little daughter her Little buy walking by her do. At a cer Tain distance i her from behind with a Ubalo knife. She never uttered a sound. I do not recollect whether the fell to spot i ouly Rene thur ing a track her Monral times without i Wing Able to to muru proche. I then tabbed the children tint Tho Little girl then toe Little boy they never uttered a cry. Thon i went to etch Tho other Virco children. Before univ left at i pot the bodies Lay i stopped them Ana brooch to them Aloui Ono after tie either. I Mutulo the net boy Pat a Baniuch Schlef around Bia neck under Rome Purvu nce or other and with Lut handkerchief i strangled him when we arrived by the body of Tho Mother. Neither did hotter a cry. Then i went to Letch the second then Uio third them the memo manner As the unt. Alter uie Deneb of the Throe children i struck them win uie us coax to As to Fiir Aro Tycia. I do not remember having struck the Mother and the two younger children lie Umo manner. I did not search Ali eur pock clo but dog a Trench directly with nut come shovel and Pickas which i had i ought Ajril hidden a Forchand the held and placed the bodies it it might have been 4 o clock la Tho morning when i Hau Len Dhert. I had killed the Eller Kinck to gut a Omolon of tie Money a Lucli Linail told me to Nad at Hii Batik or. Anil which waa payable to Umlor demand. I Roji Orvyl writing Uila order for glug Tho signature of Kinck after to had been unit Dertl it sort of Ueo wily for to to kill tie members of Lin family since everybody know that Jean kick Hall Comoto mime at my Neil leu Village. Now know Uicon ural Ruuti. The read Long of Thea document produced a pro found line Caslon. Tho or loner Ullh tend to it calmly null without making a mule movement. , you by will big that kick being dead. It qua u Nice study for you Tocu Lanuto Bis fun Illy. It waa not at All to the Little children. If Hud been alution Ihly would not ulivo happened. I would have left them Trio Roud Aucul that Iron cd Havo invent Ull. What could Trio two Little ones do to no 1 becoming More and More cd cum no they were with me and but for them i Stoulil have re tuned to my family i should Havo taken my papyri Aud gone to Germany. Do you be love that but for my i would have remained quietly at Havre Lor two Days 1 Mou do Claro that the num mud nature of Tho wounds prove that the blows Hod Bron struck with a frightful rapidity All tends to prove that then was no resistance no blk ugly. To bodice and Tho soil have examined and excepting 1-Tio wounds of Little , no traces of a struggle Buie found Tho ground nor the bodies. Tala another proof thai i could not Havo done it Alono. What i could i alone Hugo acted to Quick and so easily 1 is our the president read Tho do positions of the surgeons As to Tho bodies of the victims. To the implements de posited upon the table i should like to ecu the Man who would handle this Pickas so easily a that. It wan i who did it All. Timve been examined by Iho Dof Tom they declared that you slim and weak la but that you were possessed of a agility Aud Tomt your bund was capable of extreme Power Atn Kivuti moment. Under to delicate exterior you hide great Nerbonn and muscular s Reg Ali. Once , do you withdraw your Cou pc halons of the 13th of november t i bad nut tool All the truth. Cum thu Inu Riler of Madame Knock and her children you entered your Lintel the Ruig. You wore covered with Hlobil so that the Csc of 3 our a Hurt of the right Urru was ii Zubon from Trio ii Tii to Tho neck. Is Tiue u won my blood. Were Iho Marks of your crime. Pui Hoshii Luul Niy Lio Cru pocket full of blood also simply by Tutto i Lind text my hand la it. Coi Little Banket of mine. Kick was found your room f you took it their 1 much did it contain i francs. Belonging to mar. Kim k specially Bill la to or. Four us i loom. Whence can Bioko paper i Ilo . Gave you them1 up pm t took Theiu. It Una not acco Piplico gave thu i to Vou 1 i tools them of the Road they Hud fallen Tho ground. War time did you leave a Inlet Tho 20th of cd Plombar at i the evening. Arrived the unmet evening at Lavro. You stopped no Tho hotel pen Guril dec Recd a White Blount thai you bought us i arts. You wanted to embark t for am circa. West to Tho Pat ago of lace 1 what office i do not know Tho names. It was it Havre whore you awaited those so much talked of accomplices was with our of them. Wore with our of them at Havre 1 a witness saw blk my com Pany. Doubt you want to speak of torn Eon. List to has not said that. You were Alono at your hotel Hoppmann left each other at the station. Did not toll anything to about that companion 1 you think that i am stupid enough to Rulu myself la that Lanai i could not speak of it without betraying myself. Of Tho 33d september you were still at Havre. A gendarme looks at 7011, Aud you lower your eyes rimmed Witoly and trim Blo involuntarily. To asks you for your you Bave one. Lie conducts you to the procurer Imperial. Of Tho Road no asks you a hero you Cornet from. From waa your reply. To retorts did you of Ototmo by to Way of Pantie 1" these words sound Ter Rible to you you nearly fall Down and then a Little further profiting by a Carriage obstruction you throw yourself into Tho water. A courage Ous Man Tho Walker Hankuei. Struggles again it the flood and against you and draws you out. Did not want to kill myself. I bad lost my senses. There was no very great Cour age the part of that Man. You boo no very great courage i see heroism. You Wero of tried to the Hoppl Tal Tho papers of Tho older Kinck Wero found of you As also Bis title deeds his correspondence lib pocketbook Aud two Silver watches. A Silver and a Gold watch. right Tho Golden one was Gus Taviti s. You were Possession of 210 Franca five franc pieces scratches Aud a out were noticed your hand. Tuc heaviest charge a were brought against you immediately. At Paris you were brought to the morgue where Ali Bodlos of your victims wore shown to you you stood unmoved. Sonca then Yoa have invented All Earls of monstrous then to Lully confessed All. To Day you withdraw your confessions. The gentleman of the jury will appreciate these facts. Tho president then suit Mcd up a few words the flu Cessere act of , indicating the logical Chain that connected them from the letter written to Jan Kinck to induce him to go to Alsace up to the last assassination at Panton. He terminated by asking the prisoner do Yoti wish to make a Moro Complete conf Tajon Pic honer made a Complete monies leu to Day. This concluded the prisoners interrogatory. Remains stolid and never turning towards the Public lie looks mild Bat a holds is Hewl Bear the witnesses. Ran warm uses. The examination of the witnesses Wae then proceeded with. H. Cor Baitx commissary of police at Boubal. Louis Bull superintendent of the professions and Babool of Mulhouse where Toff Maht educated Gispan stuck a the prisoner. Clara. Orb Tancy kick Slater of the Fortunata head of the Kirk family and several other per Sona were examined without any results of importance. At the Elose of the first Day Torr Hann Alt Honora visibly fatigued Poa lied for the door with great vivacity jumping Over the benches Nitts Way. arriving at the prison of the Concor Gerler he was by Tho detached to watch him. How goes i asked the Onard. Replied Torr Vav my Bend i upset. Tho president Pun cd me somewhat or Mode me say a great Deal More than i intended but i Patz cd him return i answer for it with the Are you greatly asked the Gurri. Well yes just think eight hours of it us tuning Spca Klug standing up i cilia if i too did you con first you Oug lil that would produce Lief by full to then asked for mime Linz to eat and took half fowl potatoes Somo celery and a cup or Coffee. When Tuout to go to Bod tie Siil. 1 should not Auk for anything better limn to vow i urn not thursday dec. Trio Brisil Onci cd to Day. After the Pitou your Dicie ral had Mado a powerful speech against the prisoner Mmark Labia us spoke defence of him. he mid. Novor had a youth like that of other men. Gloomy till Lurn preoccupied with the future he Wax heard to say at humbly if i could Only gum five Hundred thousand Iran Cal he thought of nothing but Tho Means of improving Bis situation and that of Bis family and bin Whir mind was perpetually Bent this object Llo chose the most gloomy novels. There wbb one for which he had special predilection and Man who reads but one novel must be a Man with Ono flood idea. But the midst of lilo mental disorder one spot his heart remained love for his Mother. You have that to should Sycil tears Over this . Need but to a none his Mother i the Crusi ii mediately Bagan to weep and sob but tru did not be eau to exc to the sympathy i Tho ail Lonco. Polio ladies wore to what Titan i1 Jaxn Hung bin heart and Ilif Dock Kvetki after having committed crimi1 Ltulio forint of Herren Flug. Lie thought Bis Mother and Hon family Siml Buforo his full Gill lie left Loo for his Moriber. I will not Folint If into the details of my Many , my defence Ihlo show that Lino i this Young Man Coine a prey to one of to iwo Aliso Leih Wheeli re inter the individual irresponsible. I nun written Tho till i urn dior been import Heil by the of the of it Khaki unt. And the Rubin by of two Milhon from them. Men of science All Over the world Havo and car Ceil to this Young Man. One of them mild lint . I xxi at his attitude look at arum their Hometh fug of the mad Bull if. Theu. Thorn is he much of twin wild beast blk. Lie to to mu7zlcd, not put to Den i. Murmur there Aro we Cpl Impi cited this crime mud the accursed Tor bin part la a great or cml Nul. a paid pal to which will tie Puhl Lahod after this trial Asif Dak h k the celebrate Thorlt mental div order i does not Heil tute to my that Wiik Man mud. Our cig Lehors Havo a to Epact ment their Lunatic aay Luuis set apart fur criminal la nuclei. There Liuvao Don three Vonlil be real Coles , and they regarded As criminal Liui tucs. The Kii Klish nation would have it that men culpable of i Grout a crime ought to be considered mid. If Llin Vou believe that Hautmann acted along. You will certainly Usk yourselves what wan his responsibility. M. Lac Viaud referred ton Peti Tion recently to the Krnato of the null acct of the penalty of death and contended that it wan already condemned by the general to hide tie execution from Iho Public. Trautman a be ont Inisi . Lical Willu u to him but Tho Liiv Ofifi if lain condemned to Deuth i Hall not to gain Lime but Only to Justice the Linn j of discovering my conclusion to apm ii Cal to the jury not to award by their verify atthe extra run penalty. Tit president to Mitiu up at 7 p. M. The Smitn plug hour and during Wolik h Lime Baltman v Sci Alneil Ai. I7 Hurt chair a tie same attitude Liui in1 maintained the whole Lav. At o clock i jury a flared to i lube into und at tin Ente cd tie court and delivered a ilk of guilty of All the cd Riith. l i cd if he ant blog to i a Hall Bow ice hell am. I i Long i ration iliac Ouirl pronounced i of cloth and Iho Judie no Anil cd top it Tallal a Vvs who Vin i Llo tin death Sill ii Hali Ileal and i Cartel Ami a to Hiu Ikiri Luary trial. It Rei Zarui Tho co Tirso of Iho proceed its that 111 ladies who thronged the court no Stu i tie hatred with which tint Pinon or Ali their Leeling i Vii. Ii lev. Ion ii that the of . Justice was crowded thin Ali i waiting to hear the finding of the Rcd ult was hailed la tie ii Una , of of . To tit editor of the i Mut i aug Blacl Liht your As that of or. Wei has been Tomii de to the present state of you May remember that i called your at tent id. To it Mure than a year ago As he night Pei feature o tour or Rheum Silva ton. It Euba Neim the Cost of everything to eat und Wear and Meliin to our Norm oils Renth bus Idab largely incr air ing the Dilli culty la with foreign manufacturers. That Uio fact of urls Well known to Lall Alicw employing men by the Day or week and to All those having work Dune win Aru it All observant. I could Furi Luli you with plenty of fuels like Tho following five und a half years ago a Well known Lar of painters the West Hisle of town plan try House. It took sixty one Days work at ton hours hours. The Eunie House plan Tod the name any a year Aud a half ago look one Hundred and thirteen a s at eight hours hours a flux Cuce of ubut 21 per cent of time. The causes you film Aro not toe True ones for ibo workmen who get the most pay or Trio shortest hours Aro the most unreasonable and the poorest workmen. Take for example the building carpenters painters and plasterers. Any Painter will Tell you that could he employ men out of the Street to could got More work from Tho Meriest Greenhorn i coarse Job. Such As painting Iron Ratling stance than he could from Bis Bent Man. Win t because the Green hour would have some Pali la showing How much to could do while Jour society Uusi a Purtilo runs showing How not to dolt. This Romenion Blom from the eight hour Tom. Out of amass of facts i will give but two. During the War machinists Wero great do Mand and had High pay. If a Young Man Canio from tie country he of course went to work honestly. To was soon tapped the shoulder with see Here this won t do to Don t work Hobard lie stopped to Filuk but soon was going the old inv from Force of habit. He was again chocked at Onoe and if a did not heed the warning soon found his tools injured or hidden. This soon brought him to terms. A Oiler to enforce the eight hour Law the pain ters have kept spies out to prevent men from even entering the shop before 8 a. M. The re sult is thai instead of a Worl Mina belie group a at and ins overalls his pal it and brushes Rondy and tit tils place of work at s a. M. He not dare not enter his shop before 8, and Gou it work it a. M. These Are facts that your reporter can verify at any moment Trio result 1 Vini out of respectable american Young us i to r employments they do not to Usu Utzon Over by demagogues. Anon lick impossibility of gelling the old Grade of work at any Price. G new Yolk Jan. 10, to. Quirt nth of a Liol to the Ike Pupil Cha to the Washington Jan. Neither Branch of cosign but Winnion to Day and the Capitol almost entirely Deal Rcd. The Only Oil deity of Cigis Gutive life about Tho build ing was la the three or four committee Ruoai a hero visions were held delegations heard mid wet Neanea examined. The Day was mainly a fat voted by co letter writing and la called Departo int or other attending to their Doniev holding and seeking consult Keritu the of the Tury of the Treasury and of the nary and Brau Keo All Day by Anil . Len pro Nanco the exec valve Otto cab i kid j . N Bill. The Fiill ii m i Ai i a . T 1 Civ the subject of tie v. York Gold ugh. Web under investigation to Day by tin1 Hong Hanking and Curry urn tie Nessib examined were ii. M. Dent of tie National mid i Chance Dank John Livni and will Jam mod Tiskin. Brake up Utida Jons h. Uric Luu ii Ohlir of tie tenth National . 7 lie Imron lick of to c Jului thu Rii Wurf Siul the Witner a i Nili r uni thu ii of tint Kiln Togli of Iho Pioci known to i slur a Iho hire Ines t tin yet got Mir i the i face Anil that Naif of tin to minions Duy was reference Tut lit1 Tetli to Toi k . It that not the King und Tull nil to knew Jim Shlau intent Gilill Pliml a Tummy Uiti r tie 1 Lic cumin. Utec will a Susie the insult Ion Tilv Inonu d Omni 11 a m ii 0 Omoike p. M. I till ii la Loiti Lulli t pome of the ten tonal Ile Leguen pcs Are tech if 10 p. Ins. Will Takt from us Treasury Eril Hin dred Thoi kind doll urn. The military of the ilium he has a number of propos Luna before it looking to a cerium of the territories of Large of Money ally cml to ii rec been oct by Tho Alrh tic ton of property int Lin Utah alone hat want Clit la of this character Horo who Ali cover Elf Lccy Immi ilm of paper a id new Mcleo has also put Largo dem Mem. Tho commit do o not to favor thei Eupora and there not nun h probability of Faford utile Ai lion Thi . Wmk 111 oni Row no a the follow ing i of like fill 1 111 the no v Lalim Lluli for tie nth of Anfir to during tie i obtained from Odin Pourci i ainu Tiki. I collect . Lnr.7. Collie Lar gun imn. I a . Collector Ait Tinl Hij a i Lor to e w Lii Kiiu d Jan. The i Neal Usu Iiiil 1111 ii i v 11 l .1 1 f Tell la 11 j v 1. I 111 to .1 to la c ovum 1 i la h m . 111 All i. Ill r .1 u i. 1 f 11 ,.rr uni Ilam to u Emu i j ii. Unit j t h 411 i f Tail 11 Anh-.1 1. I Loli i1 Hillel k ii v. Of. La Ion Paul i of to a 1. I. I y Ilam i til a 1.1 .1 1. I. 1 h f 1 ii .11 of 1 Dill i my to r Aninipot tin i m..ir ii fur r Mill i 1 ii .tiiri1 hum l. I my mum i. A 111 v 11 Tii h m 11m i la Lukl Tohl 111 i l ii i t jul h i m -1 Lilu. l. ,.i e a i Lollini i. Ii to null., ii i im4i Hlll he Viii. Ill i y until unit s i-ll. la i 1 i v 111 it 1 til i la .l1 ii u lilt.1 i 1 ii k 1 Itu m1 la ii .1. T . Ill Ali. w. To n .l Luil .1 j i f of i my 1 u . u. l .1111 Al a i la nil lir it Rlou Hui inn i inf. Inn i a panic no d Lum i ilj1 i Init v i. H Klit d t 0 ii Cloi ring the Drill of Kromery a t v vhf to wire int. w .1 Mem the i m 11 of he ick . A is i i her Cid the i Iliin Ci.7iclst.il of 4.uoii pm and a Vui i Lilly Stu for i tie Inui k. Were Knockel ten we and trix Den upon and tev Cial ludic h Fain Ted. Cml Una h the my therit of the uni rain hour Othur Ikirt bad to Good Seiko und mind Eliout be Vitori thai tlu1 alarm Wenj without Bood Souik Littlon. Mid that tin re no to Lai Igor. Tie Auto Icilee was furt1 soon pacified thou i not Hefron rim Leil out of the Bill Hillik m the h Lido. It Only nettled the panic to ilium u Loti funkier to have la veil veil the Muil Finkh Toul Coli a Chin the per nun w to tile Ilanny ,.n built a of act Wheeli be a build repent Feitlin of Itlen no fault of .it Drida of were not run i Fern Omron . Of the i Lulu Auk re or to i Amir. Wis. Saturday Jii ii. tuesday to 4th of january several citizens of Kau Claro and towns witnessed Tho following remark Noble meteorological phenom not about the evening a Light exactly resemble left the Aurora bore alls its Pale Milky color appeared nearly due fam about flu cd or Twenty degrees above the hoi. Zon. The was very stars brightly but the mysterious Light came out a Broad Olson Lar spot and spread slowly. Ilka Moonlight coming through a loud or the reflection of a Prairie fire put Ting out the stars Noar Erl to it. Pretty soon a similar put ague arts Little to the North of the Oral one and rather higher the heavens. The w9 Jet Clovd Onu Kavsh Haa do Telnet Surron Arlod by a paler Halo of White Likht. They visible for several Bourn shifting Tut very slightly to the North and at last melting away As mystery Only As they bad no plausible explanation of the occurrence he been for much these curl out resembled the Aurora boreal Sci some resp Ceu they were Tho wrong Quorles of the heave i and. Moreover had not the t to Venn. Ircul Atina and wavering appearance which us As i have Noc Loed Alt sys Royal besides they were purely White. The Northern i urdu have Naa rally a sj1blu lab Rod w Varyl guiaatm1. Newspaper Paperi

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