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New York Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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New York Herald (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, New York, New York THE NEW XORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 12,201. NEW YORkT SUNDAY, JANUARY 16, 1870.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICK FIVE CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVtRTHERS. AMUSEMENTS.Second PAGE.Fourth, fifth and Sixth columns. ASTROLOGY.Ninth Page -Sixth column.BILLIARDS.Fntar PAGr.Sixth column,BOAROKRS ANI1 LODGERS WANTED- BEflflWT) PAOB-Firrt, second, and thlril column*.BOARD AND LODGING WANTED-Seoosb PAOB-Third column. _BROOKLYN BOARD-8rrf.Nl> PAOB-Third column.BROOKLYN KRAL ESTATE FOR HALE-TwKI.FTH BUSINESS ^ppoRTlfiJlTIES.El.BVBXTH PAGE-Flrst column. . ,,BUSINESS NOTICES.Seventh Page.Sixth column. CTTY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE.Twelfth Paob- Fourth nnd filth columns.CLERKS AND SALESMEN.Twelfth Page.Second tJOAOHMElf' AND GARDENERS.Twelfth Paob.Sec¬ ond column. COAL AND WOOD-Nixth Page.Sixth column.COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS -Elkvkntii Paub- Fifth and sixth columns. COPAKTN RRSHIPS- -Ei.fventii Paob -First column.COUNTRY HOUSKS, FARMS, AO., TO RENT.ELEVENTHPagi: Third column. 4 ' COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-TwETFTa PAOB- Klfth aud sixth columns. DANCING ACADEMIES- HBcowi) Paob.Fourth column.DENTIST8Y.SBCOsm Paob- Third column. DRY OOODS.Flf.'lT PAOB.Fourth, flflh and sixth columns.DWELLING HOCSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN¬ FURNISHED.Ei.BVBNth Pag*.Second column.EUROPEAN 8TEAM6UIPS--Eleventh PAOE-Flfth column,BYF.S AND EARS.Firht Paob.Third column. FIN ANl'IAL. Fikbt Page Third column. FOR SALE.Eleventh Paob.Fourth column. FURNITURE.Ei.kvbnth Page.Third column.HELP WANTED-MALES-Twklvth Pags.Second column. HELP WANTED-FEMALES-Twelfth PAOE-Firal and smom columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES, Ao.-Fihit PAGB-Seoond andthird columns. HOTELS.sboonj» Paob.Third eolnmn. BOUSES, ROOMS, AO., WANTED- ELEVENTH PAGB-Fourth eolnmn. INSTRUCTION NlNTn PAGE-Slxth column.JERSEY Cm*. HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER¬GEN REAL ESTATE FOB SALE-TWELFTH PAGE- Firth column. LECTURE SEASON.SEOOSH Page.Fourth column. LOAN OFFICES. Eleventh Page.Third column. LOST AND FOt'ND.Eleventh Page.Third column. MACHINERY.El.EVBNtn Paof. Fourth column. MARBLE MANTELS.Eleventh I'aob.First column. MATRIMONIAL.Ninth Paob.Sixth column. MEDICAL.'Twelfth Paob.Sixth column. M1LLINEBY AND DRESSMAKING FinST PAGE Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS.Tenth 1'agb-Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS.El.EVBNTn PAOB.Third oolunin. MUSICAL.Twelfth PAOB-Sccond column. NEWSPAPERS.Twblktii Paof..Third column. PERSONALS- -FlBfvr Paof.First column. PIANOFORTES.SECO *li Paof- Fourth column. proposals-Eleventh Paob.Sixth column. BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE.TWELFTH PaGB-Sirth column. _ ..BEAL ESTATE WANTED.TwELFTn PAOE-Slxth column. BELIGIOUS NOTICES.Ninth PAOK-Slxth column.BEWARDS.ELKVBXTn Paok.Third column.BOOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET-ElEVENTH P.VGE- Kecond and thlni columns. RALES AT AUCTION -TwKLFTn Page.'Third column.SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES-TWELFTH Pag3-First column. .SPECIAL NOTICES.Fiest Page First and second col¬ umns. SPORTING.DOGS, BIRDS, Ao.-FlBBT PAGE-Slxth col¬ umn. STALLIONS.First Page.Sixth column. THE UALL SEASON.Sroo.i it Paob.Third column. THE TRADES -Twelfth Page.Third column. *0 LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES- ELEVENTH Pace- Seoond column. WANTED TO PURCHASE.Eleventh Page.Sixth column. WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ac..Eleventh Page.Fourth column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, Ao.- Eleventh PAGB-Suth column. PERSONiX. Aaron..the grand velocipede raffle needsyour return ; one chanco in every savftn for *8 makes it F6 I hot. See special notion In Tuesday's Herald. Be sure and¦rrive in Yesey street by Wednesday next. BOB. A. A..LIKE CiESAR'8 WIFE, ABOVE SUSPICION. CO., 760 Broadway. Sadda Bang and Lalla Raiiu.G. A. 8. BREYTSPRAAK, O. W.-FORMERLY IN PARIS, ISrequested to send his address to box 3,714 Po.it oltlco. Baby-let me hear from you. address boxSO, M East Twelfth street. FRANK DESMOND. "pOR ADOPTION.AN INTERESTING MALE INFANTJ; of rl{tht weeks; perfectly healthy, light complexion,blue eyes, good parentage ; full surrender. Address BEAUPERE, Herald otllce. IPB1DAY AFTERNOON, WALL STREET STAGE..WE' rat opposite ; watch in portmanteau ; ferry ; 'then recog¬nition. Court Ho'.ue, Brooklyn. You took cars. Encourageine by addressing ORPHAN, Herald oUice. Fred.-send my trunks from twenty-secondstreet to Mr*. Vermllycs's, 3UU Eaat Thirtoenti. atreet, *ni oblige. AMELIA HOF B. T. SAW YOU IN NIBLO'S GARDEN ON. the KUi. I am in New York Hotel. Please write. E.*V. INFORMATION WANTED.OK CHARLES R. DoAnE,late of 58 Bast Thirtieth Remuneration for trou¬ble. £. BVHNU, 181 Weal Twenty-flfth street. INFORMATION WANTED.{>?' MARTIN TREIBER,who left hi* borne on Wednesday, January It; lie wasPressed In arrtark suit and blank felt hat; he In 56 years old, .bout 5 feel 8 Inches high, stout build and light completion,?nr information will bu thankfully received by his wife, M.TUKIHKR, 6cu East Sixteen Ih street INFORMATION WANTED. -MRS. MARY J. DOLAN, ORauy party Interested in the estate of Michael F. Dolan,late oi Boston, is requested to communicate their address toDARWIN E. WARE, Counsellor, Boston. INFORMATION WANTED -OF MRS. MARY~ DUNN,nee ary Clark, of Burr, or Partonitown, Kings county,Ireland, wlio landed here in 18.0; last heard of wsa living Inllariem. Any information sent to WM. EACAN, 53 WestFlfiy-fciirth street, will be rewarded. I~"nFOIOTaTION~WANTE I) -OK~FANNY ROACH. WHOlived at College Point, Long Island, two months ago, withMrs. Biutoy.by her mother, wbo Is at the 8L Nicholas Ho¬tel. iter father, In Ireland, wants htr address. INFORMATION WANTED.OK JOHN CLIHiORD, WHOlett the city ot Cork, Ireland, li yearn ago fOr Australia.Supposed to be at present In New Vork. Any information ofhim will be thankfully received by iiH first cousin, DAN lr.LO'SULLIVAN, 842 East Nineteenth street, between First andSecond avenues. IF 'THE ALPINE HORN"""aND""''CORNET" ARBpartners in their private relations, a greater caution will¦hleld llie former from grave suspicions. IF D. L. POMEROY WILfi REND HIS ADDRESS) TObox 83 Now York Post oillce he will I>h benefited. MRS. CARRIE MORGAN, FORMERLY RESIDING ONKroadway, near Tweiitv-seveoth street, will hear of .BOme'.hing to her advantage by sending her address or ap¬pointing an interv iew. Address LA PIERRE, Herald office. P"~RICHARD, CBOATB &~SMI*£l7 .» WALiTstREET;wish to sec John 8. Martin, formerly copyist withImoa .V Prlcbard. CTs.VN MORRISON.lfAnVE OK COUNTY TOBCH)N,O Ireland, who came to this county from SrotUnd duringlast year. Sond your address to your slstur, MA KY MORRI¬SON, Post office, Philadelphia. DOG..IF THE PERSON WHO FOUND THESpill Dog, lost 0D Tuesduy last in Brooklyn, marked nsfollow?.black ears, white body, with a black spot on his right Kide. will return him to Broadway, second floor, orto Clinton avenue, seeond bouse southeast of (Ireen avenue,Brooklyn, be will be paid $li ; or aJdrees box 5,5U# PostOffice. ADOPT -A IIEAUT1FUL FEMALE 1N FAM\~TWO months old. Full surrender. Address ALLEN, box 109Herald Mitlce. QPITZin s aHIE SPANISH GENTLEMAN WHO LOST THEKins, ra.irked inside "A. B., December 35, lWtt," will findIt at the same place. HATT1K. TTNIVERSITY PLACE CAR UP..SATURDAY NK3HT,about seven..Lady with pi^tVy bl.iclc eyw, black As¬trakhan hat, va»e in lap; notice! e: utkinan opposite. Ad-dr*.«? tlRMIAM,' Herald office. IV' ILL THE LADY WHO SAW THE HOUSES OF Aff Ia;;er beer wagon knock down and injure an el lnilylady us site was allglitlnji from a car In front of the ThirdAvenue Kai.roadtlepot on the afternoon of Jannarv 1'J, 1 "Mi,between three and live o'clock, greatly oblige* by call¬ing on or sending her address to Mrs. TRACY, HIS Dlvt-fllo slieet. corner of Allen, before Tuesday morning? IV' ill IT. MUFF. BLUE OLOVES..FRIDAY AFTEP.- T ) noi n, Broadway stage up to Fourteenth street; lady assist 1 out, then lost. Address, for acquaintance. AD¬MIRER, boxlSi Herald oflljo. T\r H. F. BAGGS' 110 TEL.- EMM !i, FIFTH AVENUE . Hotel. Call. It' It. 8..PLEA8B CALL AGAIN. WE WILL Ar¬il . commodate you with the money you want at die price oirerpd, ~ C. D, KAVOS A CO.,P54 Broadway, corr.tr TTVf.'tiy-third sires;. SPEUAi NOTICES. AT A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE BAXTER MIT-i-ua bald at their headquarte: s on Saturday evening, Jenum v 15, ly 70, the following resolution* were unanimously aitapin f.es i've l, That the thanks of the Baxter Muillna are due to the WaaLlr.4t.n1 Muni IIa, of Hoboken, for the escort 00 New Year's ei e ; also for the bountiful supply of refreshments fur¬ nished on that occasion. The mam, stations ot' kindness .bown by tliem wi'l always be remewlered and referred to with pride and pleasure. .Re-o:\ed, Tnat to Messrs. Roliert H. Besson, Edward Jewcit, foreman hook snd ladder company ; James Cui ran, chicf onglaeer of Hoboken department Chief of Police Don¬ ovan, an I ethers, for tbclr kind attention, onr thanks are eminently duo. Resolved, That with grateful knowledge of the preparation ooil.s part of the Edward Cuddy Association, of New York, ore Qtir thanka also due, and exceedingly do we regret thatfrcviotif airanjetnents prevsnted tt» from partaking of theirind hospitality. Resolved. That the thanks of the Mtiflins Are dne to Ter- rence Dully and Wm. II. Johnson for kindness shown ns on our retur.i troin Hoboken. OOMMITTKX. Captain JAn MeCauljr, James Taylor. Lieutenant John MoCrea, Wm. II. Burns, John H, Welsh, John L. Wnton. Lii-ulcnaut Jobu McUouigae. Charles Kraetncr. A.OFFICIAL DRAWINGS.C. II. MURRAY'S LOTTERIES. HlK«tIU-IXTt4 CI.A8B NO. 147.JAN (TAR Y 15, H»W.11, jA. Bll, 17, 80, 4», », 84, 6d, in, ai, tit, 78.MlSSOttl CI.APB NO. 148 JANCABV 15,15. 40, D4, 42, 87, 49, », ii, 37, 41, 74, 6T., SiKtkni< xv-rxiBA clasb no. 12U-janii.\ky 13, 1^;0l 10. 71, ?, :¦«. 87, 75, 8, 71), 88, fi, 11, r.7, 04 Kf. 1 I < i<Y .UI.A8H SO. 124--JANCABV 15, IKfO. :.i, 73, a->, ii, i»:>, is. ri. «, 71, 41, is, 77, Inlorinati.):) furelabed in 'he above and also Royal Havana Lotter.es- J. CLUTK. Kioker, Sti« ltroadway anu IBS Fi^tun stiaxt. HPBClATi NOTICFX. AUBOK ASSORTMENT OF BOOT*. SHOES,Trunks and Valises ut the Great family Shoe Empo¬rium, £30 Howery, corner of Bond street, Killing 90 par centbelow Broadway pricaa. W. D. BIGKLOW.k HOBK.RT IRWIN. A -PRIZES CASHED AND INFORMATION FUR-. nished in the nboTe lotteries at PARK A CO.'S privateoffice, rooms Noi. Land 3 old Herald Building, New Yorkcity. Send lor circular. £JALISTOGA COCKAC. This pure Prandr la now offered to the trade and connu- mere In quantities to suit the Remand. . It ii hlcttiy recom¬mended for Its strict purity and dollceev of llaror, beingmanufactured from the product of aeleeted grapes and thor¬oughly refined. The trade and the public aro Invited to In¬ spect it. 8. BRANNAN ft CO.,Sole agents, 86 Broad street, New York. IjTSTABLMHED 1341 AND NOW TO CLOSE.li I hereby Inform my friends and patrons, nnd the publicgenerally, that I am preparing to retire from the furniturebusiness on or about the 1st of May.I will take orders for manufacturing furniture until the16th of April, which will be promptly attended to.I will have an auction salo at my place of business, 167Bleeeker, corner of Sullivan, once or twice a month, to dis¬ pose of my stock, to wtyeh tbe attention of all wishing to secure good furniture la drawn. Duo notlcc of such sules will be given in tue leading¦lers. loods now on tih ibltion at my wararooina. Yo'irs respectfully,JNO. F. C. PICKHAKDT.N. B. All goods warranted as represented. Eureka steam machine caryino works,Nop. W>, 63, 64 and M Cannon street. Figure Canring our specialty.A. HENKEL ft CO. 'Wo SEORGE FRANCIS TRAIN PREACHES TO NIOHT ATTammany from tbe following text:."Better Mi.rry thanft He!L" The suppressed lecture. Startling disclosures.Addmission, 25o. and loo. JN THE TELEGRAM. FULL AND GRAPHIC REPORTS OF ALL BALLS*AND PARTIES. THE NEWS OF Till! DAY EVERY EVENINO. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH AND MAIL FROM ALL PARTS. THE MORNING'S DOINGS AT THE POLICE COURTS. RICH AND RACY LOCAL SKETCHES. ITEMS OF IMPORTANCE. THE POLITICAL SITUATION DEFINED. THE FINANCIAL VIEWS~OV'~THE MORNING PAPERS. LOCAL MATTERS ABLY TREATED. FASHION, GOSSIP, ftC. IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM, ON FRIDAY NEXT, ANOTHER GREAT CARTOON. PRICE 2 CENTS. Lottery prizes cashed and informationgiven. Kentucky and Havana circulars sent. JOSKPUBATES ft CO., II Wall street. Bot 4,ifi4 Post oilier Notice.united coopers no. a will meet at68 Past Rroadwsy at 12H sharp,-to attend the funeral of John K. Peters. By order. J. T. DiliSCO LL. NOTICG.-MME. LEMEAUX. FORMERLY AT DR. VAL-lalse'a, Surgical Spiral Elastic Appliances, Elastic Stock¬ings, Ac. ; Abdominal Supporters for ladles and gentlemen ;Stars for weak spines. To be obtaluod at t&i Broadway, ORPHANS' HOME LOTTERY-DRAWN AT 2(M WA8H-Ingtou street, Yicksburjt, Miss.CijAHs 175-1% -U. 46. 28, 4. E9, I, 49, 8, 67, 7, 46, 14.Ol.ARH 176-10, 10, 76. 45, 72, 2), 36, 42, 46, IS. 31, 5, 18.All orders for tickets and circulars to be addressed toMoINTIRE ft McBRIEN, Managers, Columbus, Miss. THE PUBLIC IH CAUTIONED AGAINST NEGOTIAT-Ing tbe following Checks and Drafts, lost or mislaid,payment of which has bsen stoppedCheck drawn by J. Thompson January 6, 1870, SJB 90.Check draw* by J. T. Wright January 13, 1870, 980.Check drawn by W. M. Giles January 14, 1870, $31 18,Check drawn by ,,Peoria, III., $M) 97.Check drawn oy B. Oorsey A Son, Philadelphia. Pa., 0.Shack drawn by Ketcham A Clark January 14, 1870, $li"J 88.Draft drawn by Freedmen's Ravings and Trust Company,Jacksonville, Fla.. 943 HI, payab'e at Jay Cooke A Co.'s. Allpayable to my order, hut without my endorsement.Draft drawn by G. W Norton ft Co.. Louisville, Ky.,AIM) 41, on Norton, Slaughter A Co., payable at Bank orCommerco, payable to my order and endorsed by me.Suitable roward will he clren If returned to roe. C. F. A. H1NRICHS, 31 Park place, up stain. The annual meeting of the stockholdersof the New York and Main* General Mining Company will bn held at their office, No. 24 Broad street, room 12, onthe _'6th day of Jannary, 18%). from 2 to 4 P. M., for the pur¬ pose of electing a Bo .; 1 of Trustees and the transaction of other business. TIIOS. G. STEARNS, Secretary.NKW YORK, January IS, 1870. Train at tammany to-night on "old fogies.""Better Marry than Go to Hell."--8t. Paul, vil., 9. The suppressed lecture. Go early. Startling disclosures. HORSES, CARRIAGES, «JLC. AT BARKER A HAMLIN'SCITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER- BALLS, oorner Broadway and Thirty-ninth street,ON WEDNESDAY JAN. IP, AT IS O'CLOCK,AN ELEOANT PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT. constating of closely matched pair bay Horses (mare amihoraci, \i% banda, 8 and 9 voira old, warranted aound andkind In all harness, free and stylish ilrlvera and of great en¬durance ; owned and driven by the present owner for the pastthree years aa a family team, together with Coupe Rock a way, built by Miner, fitevena A Co., New York, new laat spring; city made Harness, Robes, Blankets, Ac., Ac.Tbla Oral class establishment will be positively sold without reserve, and can be seen at the Mart on Tuesday. AT 58 LIBERTY STREET,Carriage*, Sleight, Robee, Harne**. Bells, Whip*, Sur¬ cingle*, Blankets Ac., Ac., cheaper than at any other hoiiao In the country,Mutt be *old to pay advances.At our down town bazaar. M Liberty street.JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL. A SUPERIOR DAPPLE GRAY HORSE, .16 HANDShigh; heavy, long tall aod mane; ityllah driver; *ound and kind ; will be sold under value ; also flue large bay Horie,16 hand*, suitable for coupe or business purposes; will bo sold at a bargain. Inquire tor ROLKK, at stablo 119 WestTwenty-third street. GENTLEMAN'S ESTABLTSHMETN FOR SALE AT very low figures, consisting of a fine bred stylish bayMare, to** hands blah aqil7 rears old; a shifting top Wagon.* Inquire at MAGKEV'Snearly new, and eitymade Harness. I stables, 119 and 191 West Twenty-third street. A A GENTLEMAN GOING TO EUROPE OKKERB HISTurnout at low price. Can be scon at WM. VANCOTPS stable, Seventh avenue, corncr of Thirty-ninth st. AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OP LANDAUS, CLA-rences and Coupe* will be Hold at factory prices at thefactory of JAMES P. BREWSTER, 65 Bant Twenty-fifth st. A -CLARENCES.. Coupes, lindane, Landaulctten, at less than oost, to close out winter stock. U AM, Fourth street and Broadway. Avery handsome round front coupe, la-te*t style and best finlab, used but a few limes; one straltjht front Coupe, light, suitable for one or 'wo horsea. Also an elegant Clarence, nearly new, all made by Wood Bro¬thers, and for sale at low prices. WOOICBROTHERS, 596 Broadway. BRICK STABLB TO LET..STALLS FOR SEVEN or eight horse*. Call at 289 Spring street.A /COACHES, CLARENCES, SLEIGHS, ROBES, HARNESS,\J Ilaracss Blankets from $1 up. Ono (Brewster* topWagon ; one second band Coach In good order; also two secondhand top Express Wagon 4 very low, at GRAY'SEmpire City Carriage Rej osltory, 30, 22, 31 and 26 Wooster st. JJLEGANT BAY TEAM, 15% HANDS, 7 YEAKKOLI);U kind an 1 true In all harness, free froin vice, fast travel¬ler*, very stylish and warranted sound, kin 1 and true, aud are in evnry respect a first claw family team.I'ony Eiitablislimant, consisting of a strawberry roanPour Horse, 14 hands. 8y«f.rs; kind, sound an I true; also a top l'ony Phaeton and sut line Single Harness, been used forladies and children. Dark bay Conpe Horse, nil black points, with long maneand tall. 16 hands, 7 yens; warranted kind, sound ar.d true;Is superior for mulched carriage or coupe use. Hay Horse, 154i hands, 8 years; kind In alt harness, freefrom vice, very stylish ; warranted sound, kind and true ; cantrot .s hen roads aro In condition inside of three minutes; can tr t today si-re In three minutes; been used only for gentle- mi-.-1's road use. Also several other line Horaes. Full descriptions lu Tues¬day morning's Herald, under this bead.At auction on TUESDAY, January 18, «t 1? o'clock, By JOHifsi Off i VA« TAfSELL, at their Auction Mil; '.,112 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue.Al! above will be on exhibition a.'ter 12 o'clock Monday. S^OR SALE -A SPLENDID SEVEN YEAR OLD HORSE,13 hands high, sound mid kind; a good. stylish goer.:ist be sold, aa the owner has no ute for hioi. 121 WestThirty sqrentfr street. FOR SALE. ID OR 15 LOW PRICE HORSE?, 1 EX.Wngon aud one top Milk Wagon, nearly new. Apply at13? Thompson street. IjKlU SAA.E-A SIX-SEAT COUPE ROCKAWAY, NEAR* r ly new, and In good order, made by Wood Brothers. Also a set of double Harness, silver mounted. Apply at As- lor stable, J3 Went Thirteenth street. For sale cheap- four truck horses andfour Trucks, three Carts, with double and single liar- Mies. Abo one Express Wagon and Hone, at CP.UCIBLbWORKS, 546 Thirty-Ill ird street, near Eleventh avenue. Horses boarded.address w. a. Cleveland,Perth Aiuboy, N, J., or apply to L. WHITE, (livery sta¬ble) 10 East Nineteenth street. Harness-ali, grades and styles, $u to $300p r set ; argest variety Id New Yoik; no exception.Salesroom, 148 Chambers street. W. C. A C. M. MOBSMAN, Manufacturers. QLEIGHS AND CARRIAGES FOR SALE-80# SLEIGHSO and Carria-.e.* of all styles selling So per cont le.se th inNew York prices. II. B. WITTY A CO., 10 Nevln* street, Brooklyn. rro LET V r;OOD SADDLE HORSE FOR Ills KEEP-I in? to a responsible and careful person. Address T, C. P., 41 Pnrk row, room No. 6. WANTED TO KIND, A PARTY OW&INO LOTSVf above Twenty-third street, who will build a first class Ktabla oi some 76 stalls, and lease it for a term of years, al « per cent on the cost. Any communication confidentially{ranted. ,\ddr*»s W. B. A M. Herald udioe HORSES, CAKHIAHES, 6cC. Oft EXPRESS WAGONS. TEN BUSINESS WAGONS, ' three Feed Wagon*, 180- aets of team and expressHarness, SUO Blankets of all grades, 300 Rohu, Ac., at tlaecheap stinu l,3fM ami 1,401 Broadway, near Kortv-Orst street.JAMES JKN K INS. _ FINATSCIAI*. Atlantic savinob bank,Cbathnm aauare and New Bowery.Keveu per ceut Interest.On and after Monday, lbs I7lli day ol' January next. thisbank will pa* . dividend on the depoalta of the paat threeand ill month a at tbe rat* of aeven par cent per annum on allsums entitled thereto. HARRISON HAUL, President.Josr.pn P. Coopkb, Secretary.Cham. O. Bailbt, Treasurer.N. B..Money deposited now will draw intereat from Janu¬ary!. 4 .A A.MONEY TO BUY FIRST AND SECONDA, Mortgages, and to loan on Improved and unimprovedProperty. WASMNtfrON R. NICHOLS.Connaellor at Law, 115 Broadway, room It A-MORTOAGE8 ON LEASEHOLD AND FIRST AND. tecond mortgages cn fee property w.inted.H1NMAN A SON, 13 l'lne atroet. A B^S.ME1' 4 ODRRY KILTER MININOcoin, per share; delinquent l«th Febru¬ary , sale Wb March next. Payment may be made at the afiert* California, LEES A WALL.fi*, 01 Pine New York, Jen. 15, 1870. A -MONEY TO LOAN, ON BOND AND MORTUAQE,. on Orat claae improved city property.O. LESPlNASSE, No. 5 Pine street. Bank stock for 6ale.-*5o,ooo of the unionSquare National Bank Stock, in lumi to suit, below par.Apply to I1ENRY HONIO, No. 7 Pine street. /CITIZENS' SAVINGS BANK.V' 58 Bowery, southwest corner of Canal streot.SU per cent Interest, from (Jo to £*,000. Aaaeta. $»,5lil,lt>!t 81.Money depositod now will bear Interest from January 1. J ESTABLISHED 1787.--KNICKKRBO<KER FIRE IN-1 4 Kuranca Company of Now York, office M Wtill street.-.New \ ork, January 7, 1*70..The Bonn! of Directors harothis day doclarcd tbe uaual eeml-annual dividend of & per ceut; alao an extra dividend of 6 per cent, both free of gov¬ ernment tax, payable on an,I after January 13, 1S70.The transfer books will be closed from tbla date until tbo15th Inst. JOSEPH L. TOWNSEND, Secretary. /"IOLD SIX PER CENT BONDS OF THE ROCHESTERI T Water Work* for aale at aeventy-Ure and Intcreat fromNovember I. JOHN B. MURRAY, 17 Nassau etreot. UOWES A MACY, BANKERS(THE SAME AS AN INCORPORATED BANK),SO WALL STREET, NEW YORK.FOUR TER CENT INTEREST ALLOWED ON DE¬POSITS.Persons desirous of receiving Intereet for their money andhaving It subject at all times to rheuk on demand, can do soby depositing WITH THIS BANK, which allows interest onthe eutlre daily business at the rate at FOUR PER CENT per annum.Collections made on any par' of tbe world, with Immediate returns, at th.1 lowest current rites.Orders for purchase or sale of stocks, bonds or goldpromptly executed.|N THE TELEGRAM FULL AND GRAPHIC REPORTS OF ALL BALLS AND PARTIES. TIIE NEWS OF THE DAY EVERY EVENING. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH AND MAIL FROM ALL PARTS. THE MORNING'S DOINGS AT THE POLICE COURTS. RICH AND RACY LOCAL SKETCHES. ITEMS OF IMPORTANCE. THE POLITICAL SITUATION DEFINED. THE FINANCIAL VIEWS OF THE MORNING PAPERS. LOCAL MATTERS ABLY TREATED. FASHION GOSSIP, AC. IN THE tVENINO TELEGRAM, ON FRIDAY NEXT, ANOTHER GREAT CARTOON. PRICE ~F CENTS. Mechanics and traders' saving institution,No. tHX Bowery, noar Houston street.DIVIDEND A*l> EXTRA DIVIDEND.The Tniatees Have declared the usual dividend of six per cent per annum on all sums of from $5 to QlO.ttM entitledthereto for tbe six months and three months ending Decem¬ber, SI. And u!so an EXTRA DIVIDEND ol ONE per cent for tbepast alx months on ths above entitle, sums, which itogetherwith the exti <t dividend declared In Julv) makes EIGHT percent for the | ast year.Pavable on and after January 1J.Deposits made on or before January will draw Interestfrom January 1. ALFRED T. CONKLIN. ProetdentHuotT C. Fishier, Secretary. MECHANICS' AND TRADERS' SAVINGS INSTITU-tlon, No. 183 Powery, near Houston street.Six per cent iniore.t paid on >11 sums from it# to $10,000.Money deposited on or before January 9U will draw Interestfrom January 1. Cerman spoken.Open dally from It) A. M. to S P. M., and on Monday! andWednesdays from 10 to 7. . _ ALFRED T. CON KLIN, President.II en,tv c. Fibhrk, Secretary. \fARKEX SAVINGS BANK1VJ No. 82 Nassau street, New York.Six percent interest (free of government tax), computedfrom the 1st of each month. Open dally from 10 A. M. to S P. If., and on Monday* andThursdays rrom 6 to 7 P. M. Money deposited now will draw Interest from January 1.WILLIAM VAN NAME, President.Hesry R. Co^Ki.IX, Secretaiy. MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK OFthe city of New York..At the annual pteetlon held onJan. 11, the following named gentlemen were eiectad Direc¬ tor* of this Bank tor the ensuing year : . *Samuel E. Sproulls, Daniel C. Kingeland,William A. Thomson, Dud'ey 8. (ircgory,Jesse Hoyt, John M. Davles,Hermann Stursborg. Pierre V. DuITon,Benjamin C. Bogert, Philip Tillinghast,John G. Davie, Robert Seaman.llenry Collins, At a meeting of the Board lieid on Saturday, 15th lns'.,Samuel B. Sproulls was unanimously reelected President and William A. Thomson was re-elected Vice President. A. 8. Al'GAR, Assistant Cashier.New fOMt, Jan. 15, MM, Money to loan on mortgages.-First andS cond Mortgages on o!ty property bought and eoldpromptly. Principals onlv need apply. WM. SINCLAIR, Jr., No. 3 l'fne street, room No. 1. VfORTOAQES WANTED.1VL If. MoKENNA, 24 Duane street! w OFFICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL INSURANCECompany, No. 113 Broadway, New York, Januarys,1870..At a meeting or the Hoard of Directors of this com¬ pany, held this day, a dividend of Ave (5) per cent, free ofgovernment tax, was declared, payable on demand.WILLIAM J. UCOHES,Secretary. OFFICE OF CENTRAL RAILROAD OF IOWA, N". 33Pine street.. New York.- The Interest on the First Mort¬ gage Bonds of this company, due Jan. 15, 1870, will be paid attnla office on and after that date. W. B. SIIATTUCK. Treasurer. The coupons of the union pacific railroadCompany due January 1, 1870, will be paid In cold at our office on and after that date. MORTON, BLISS A CO., SO Broad street.New York, December CI, ltS5'J. TTNION*DIME SAVINOS BANK,I 3i*> and Canal street, corner o( Laight.Six per cent Interest on $5 to !t5,lK)t'. Money deposited on or bcioro Januarv 30 will bear Interest from January 1. Assets, *7, «-9, 448 09. ANTED.<11,000 CONFEDERATE COUPON BONDS at $1 each. Address liox 1,6>3 Post office, Npw York. WE HAVE A LABOR NUMBER OF OOOD OSE ANDtwo year City Mortgages for sale at a discount to prin¬ cipals only. Address C. C. O., Herald ofllce. WANTED. if!2S.IW0 FOR TWO YEARS OR LONGER ONreal estate located at Whltestone and Flushing; pro¬perty worth more than coublo the sum wanted. Addressboxl71, Flushing, L. I. WANTED TO BUY-FIRST AND SECOND MORTgases, having about oue year to lun. Address Lox liliHerald office. WANTED $4,000, FOR THREE YEARS, ON Im¬proved B«hI Fftnto, In Hudson City, N. J. j worth threetimes tko mm wanted. Address II. C., box 179 Herald ofllce. 0A PER CENT INVESTMENT..FOR SALE, #10,000Jj't North Carolina State Bonds < special tax) April in¬ terest is provided for. Apply to W. J. MoALlSTl.it, 173 Broadway, AAA TO .$ut),0.;0 TO LOAN-ON IMPROVED <5*0.UU" city property. First and flecoad mortgages cashed. Money advanced without Jelav.JOSEPH MASON k GEO. B. WALTON, 141 Broadway. HTr.hn"to loan-on im provbdHctty pro.O.OUU pcrty. A. M. PENTZ, 43 Prince street. -TO BE EXCHANGE!* FOR REaL ES- Stosk, indfcl A AAA ANGED©AU.UUU. tale, so; * manufacturing <*omDftiiyln New Jersey. Address E. M. C.,bex 28u Post offiee, New York. IT AAA- TO PURCHASE FIRST MORTGAGES ON$15. $50 02 .UV/U Improved city property.' A. M. PENTZ, 43 Pine e'roct. TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, ou Now York improved property, in sums to T. S. 8HEPHERD, 50i Broadway. AAA TO BUT FIRST MORTGAGES AND TO loan on improved property. w. W. CRAIG, Lb l'lne street, room 33. 7 C AAA Tt» LOAN-ON DIAMONDS, WATCHE3, «5? f « '.4 flroadwav, corner of Twenty,third street. Private parlor for ladies. C. D. FAVRE A CO. 41 ')Z nnn TO LOAN-ON BOND and MORT- .J) 1 . « M'UU gage, In several sums, on city real estate.First and second njortrakca negotiated. WILLIAM KENNELLY, 33 Pine greet. $00 000 "c^sh31 MORTUAOES WANTED, FORJOHN C. GRAFF, tfO Broadway, room 18. EYES AND KAHsT Artificial human bybb..bauch a fouoKr.-MANN (formerly wltb Professor Boissouneatt. of arts), makers and inserters of the Improved Aitlflcia! Human Ky«,651 Broadway. N ». These area aro eadnrsed L,v Ihafacuitv. DBY«OOD9^ T KINZBY'S.A PREPARING POR SPECIE PAYMBM'ff. STOCK _ CLOSING OUT,Wide Bonnet Ribbon, to., 10o_ 15o.M Me rich Bonnet 'llbboim, 20c., 34c.Wide rich Tinsel Ribbons, 15c.Closing Kuli Kibbons, 23c.. 40<\ to 91.¦fcncr Neck Ribbon*, «c.L Sc., inc., 15c.Trimming Ribbons, S6c., 50c., 74c. place.Remnants of Ribbon*. GOODS SELLING KOR CURRENCY AT LESS TH AN GOLD COST.Silk Fringes, 46c., 50e., 76c. piece.?l]k *nd Satin Gimps, ajc. and 60c. piece.Silk Fringes, 6c,, 6c., 8c., 10c. var 1.GllfTrimialngs, 25c., Hlc., 6Jc. piece.Dress Trimmings, 25c. ale., 4rc., 5Jc. piece.Wide, rich Crochet Fringes, 75c.Silk Cords, 18-yard pieces, for S5e.Lots or Fancy Velvets, 25c. 60c., 75c., piece.Closing Fllk Velvets, 10c. 96c. 50c., piece.Wide Colored .Silk \ civets. 50.-,, 76c., SI, pUc«Fancy Chenilles, 15c. and 25c. pleco.Closing out Velveteens, 40c., 60c.Closlug rich Striped Velveteens, 56c.Wlill bilk Velvet*. «5o., 75c., 80c.. «l.Wide Silk l'Uld Velvets, ^1 yard.Silks and Satins closing out.All ottr Silk Pltuhos closing.500 boxes Froncli Flowers. lCc. spray.100 boxes Feathers, 16c., 25c., 31c., 5')c.All onr Hats, 1'lunU, Velvet, Satin, Felt and English Dais closing at 36c. STOCK MUST BE BOLD. GRRAT REDUCTION. Gents' Kid Gloves, 50c. and 75o. pair.Lot of spotto 1 Kid Gloves, luc. pair.Genuine Joseph KM Gloves, 75c. Closing lot of real KMs, ,">0c. pair.Closing luts of Cloth at-..! Merlin Gloves, 25a. Ladies' Duck Gauntlets at 60c. Silk and Casemere Scarfs, 26c. Gent's Silk Down and l ies, 10. to ST>c. Closing Merino Vests and Drawers, 60a. Closing French Suspenders, 26c. Fanoy Wool en Hojc. 10c., 15c., 20c. English Merino Hosiery, 25c.STOCK CLOSING OUT GREAT BARGAIN* Ecsl spool Cottons, fu!l lengths, lc.host machine Silk, closing oc. spoolBest sewing Silks, closing at lc.Best 200 yard spool Cottons, Sc.Best alpaca Braids, every color, Bo. Bout gold-eyed Needles, 5c. paper.35,000 paper* of Pius, 4c. paper. Lots of olastlo Garters. 5o. pair.Wide itulHIn^ closing 50c. piece.Job lots of Needlework closing. WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT.ON LOWER FLOOR,OPEN aT RETAIL THIS WEEK Zephyr Worsted, 10c. ounce.Cheap Ribbons and Trimmings. one entire One entire counisr counter of rich Of Silk Worsted Buttons, and I'lque,Velvet Silk, Trimmings,Jet Gilt, Ac. Anything Two tosix out of dozen on the lot a card, at15c. the qntlro ?.'>c. card. entire pleco. Also Velvets, Polishes, Muslins, Dross Goods, Trimmings,HatidkercluofH, Worsted Work. Lluen Collars. 2c., Sr., Be. Lots of Handkerchiefs, 5c., 8c.. 100. Lots of other cheap Goods. WM. KI.VZEV,645 Proadway, second door above Uleecker. Lot of Jet Jewelnr, 26c. set. Fancy l'lns, i'>c., 10c., l.'ic., 25c. Silk velvet Cloak Buttons, 10c. doz. ACCOUNT OF STOCK TAKEN IN 3.1 DAYS. Fine hemmed Handkerclilfs, 8c. Lots of Hanitkorchlofs, 5c., Sc., 10c. 12j<jc. . Line of hemstloh Handkerchiefs, 10c., 12Xe, He., Mo. Needlework Hand kerchiefs. 15c. up. Va'encienncs L»c» Handkerchiefs, Sic., 210., 500. GeAts' All Linen Hemmed, 28c., 28a., 31o. Gents' Hue Handkerchiefs, 20c. up. UOODS MARKED TAKEN ANY NOTICE OF. EDGINGS. Hamburg Edgings, 8c., 10c. l2S,c, 13c. Worked Double Manila, 15c., 20c., 26c. Lots of Silk and Linen Laces, tic. a yard.Neudlcwork Sets, 25c., 50c., 75c. Remnants of Needlework cheap.Wide Boblnet Laces, tic. a yard. Closing our Rullled Collars at 6c. English Thread l.aco Collars, 55:. Real Lace Collars, 2ftc., fiOc., 75:. Shetland and Lace Veils, 25c. Cash's and other RulHings, 26c. piece. T. STEWART * CO. offer to cloao at the following extremely low price*Ladles' Poplin Walking Suits,haudaomcly trlmmod, only 95 each.Klack Alpaca do., $10 eaoti. Rich Tartan t'oplln do., (35 Bach. Black and colored Silk Hulls, Tarlatan and Swiss Jlusllu Evening Dressos,Paris made, elegantly trimmed. Two splendid White Satin Bridal Drosses,trimmed with Ince, orange Mo<«iuu, Ac., Ac. A lew Parle made Silk Walking SulH, trimmed with lace, Ao., at less than gold coat, » to which the attention and Inspection of their cuatoiiicrs la respectfully Invite J. Broadway, Fourth avenuo and Tenth etreet. T. STEWART k CO. are now offering at greatly rcductul pricesLadlus' Undorgarments, Chemises, Drawera, Underskirts,Infants' Wardrobe*, Children's AppareJ, Infant*' Merino Cloak* and Walking Coat*, richly embroidered; Aitrakhan (loth Sac iuea, *4 each and upward*.Sealskin Hacipics, fa each and upward*.Velvet Cloth Sac<tues, extra tine, only iff each. Heavy Beaver Cloth Sacquca, $7. Breakfast Jackets,bandr.omely braided and trimmed, Ac. Broadway, Fourth avenue and Tenth street. T. STEWART A CO. will opun on Monday, January 17, ton ease* of the very best qualityPrinted Delaine*. . at like, per yard.Oarner'a or Amoskeag Print*,latest style*.10c. per yard.Wamguttu do., He. per yard. An Immense stock of Bleached an Brown Shirting*, Sheetings, Pillow Case Linens, Blanket*, flannels,Quilts, Counterpane*. Ac., Ac., at extremelv attractive price*.Broadway, Fourth avenue and Tenth itreet. L LTMAN'S SEMI ANNUAL. SALE. A *FULI> 8-( UNES DANASK*AT WC YABD' WHICH 4oc.,A^iwCABE oVth5»E OBAND BLACK ALPACAS A* A wbD V5TM "LiNOKW 12«C a cvt UNHID KAlLLK SILK AT $i.jS/vIllY ^"t'bLAc'k'sILk'eVER OFFERED ATfa 88, WORTH *5. - atvrn AVENUE BAZAAR. Ks!r .WOTaJ8?lKKI. IN VELVET AND SATINS. SASH HI BBONH ^KuTlON* BIJOUTERIE INT?U *CB%L OHKAT\AaiOTIE.S AND ALL MARKEDdown thi,tmolnth.n,8 gmil aVBKUE BAZAAK. And the sLAuauTr%iN(t Increases.Dor* any oilier store follow these prices tmerican, Sprague, Pue.iAi: and McrrimiO Print* retailedfor lOi a jnrd color* warranto !. Beat quality Pacllio and Lowell Delaines will be Bold to- morrow for Mc. a yard. .- »fW» Remember, best quality Oe'ale'i for 10c. a yard. . °l»Jy ?0»Tu.K BROTHERS'.Immense lots of Muslins retailed at lc*» thnn wholesaleprices, 'fb^ ct>l-'>r.it«d Araoske&g Muslins for 12&C. a yard.6,<'W) w»*. Towels, 12Xo ; worth*2c.iTIrU wide Wamsuttn Mindlne, 18c. The probabilities are that most of the above good* will be all sold during Monday and Tuesday.Best Delaine* and Print* at 10c. a yard are too cheap good*to last many days. We *ay this, thc.t thoso coming late In the wtok can only blame tbemse'ves.2,0-0 yard« plain Dross Goods, 2t!c. worth 35c.0,000 yaids plain Dress Good*. U5c. worth 40c.10,0i yards black and colored Alpacas, 28c. ; worth 40c.10,01/0 very fine black Alpacas, 60c. regular prlco Toe. Low priced Prints, Sc., Sc., 9r. and 10e. a yard.-8,00:1 yard* watored Poplins, 18c. ; formerly 8Sc.ln.lWU yards green and blue plaid Dress Goods, yard wide,for 8c. and 85c. Also big lots or Table Linens, Napkins, Flannels, Shaw!*, Cassltneres, Ao.( at prices way dowu.Customers living In Jersey City, Hoboken, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and am rounding country can surely save one-halt. FOSTER BROTHERS, Eighth avenue, near Eighteenth *i., and FOSTKIt BKOTHERS, J72 Hlcecler street. N. B. Broche i-hawis for $li, worth $20. AT MBS. GAVNOR'S.Swiss nod Organdie Dresses » for the Ball Suaaon. Swiss Overskli ts, with Brctells, most becoming atylca, from . tflO to 41s. Full Dress 'fT*>u Skirt*, In atlflr Crluollno. Crinoline .an^i Muslins. Favorite Train Attachment. All ladiet ahould have ono. French Haircloth Skirts an t Tournuros. Latest I'arls novelties Just Imported.Corset*being the specialty of the eaU'dishment, Mr*. Gaynor bej*to inrorm her patro.is and others that *hc now lis* most ele- t*nt styles, und will make a general reduction of 3.', per cent ori bar lln»>t slinpcs, in coiiMqucii.M or her intention t» kt»epbut .ue sloro after rpring. AtMomiu.il Suppliers, Children's Corsets, Waists, ShoulderBraces, Ac., Ac.7SS Broadway, near Ninth street, and KM Broadway, corner uf T«*irib uruk F DRY UOODM. OR TUIi PRESENT, At lh« Ureal Wholesale Store. now telllnisat ret»U. SOI Broadway, St. Nlcholaa Hotel block. , On Mouday, January 10, 1370, I mads Reductions la the Price* or several line* of Goods, aad tbo largo patronage extended to mt during the past week has led to the convletion that the People will Purchaie Merchandise at Any Time (January la considered by merchant* to be the wont month in tbe year for retail trade). If said mercbonJlae I* o.Terod at price* euBlolently low to make It an inducotneut for them to do a0. Therefore, with the above conviction In view, t aliall on Monday, January 17, reduce tlse price* upon my entire ¦took. My prlcei heretoTore have been far bolow actual gold coat to Import, hence tlili reduction will give the oubi ic an opportunity to purchase al less price* than the same article* were ever (old before la thl* country. And to (how how great till* reduction I* I respectfully unbiult the following price*. CHEHTER BULLOCK, Ml Broadway. AT THE QREAT WHOLESALE STORE, row aelllng nt retail, ' DCl Broadway. Lyon»# Silk Velvet*. $3 25, last week 94 04 worth (A4 nil. laat week 6 00....... ........worth 9 (It5 Oi, laat wock 8 00 worth 7 fO6 00, laat week 7 00 worth In on7 00, laat week 9 00 worth 18 00 j And upward. 8111c Plushe*. uew lot, Juat opened. 80c., lad week 90o worth $3 0) Irish Poplin*. if3 00, worth £3 75What others call Ptm'a 1 MO, worth 2 2o French Roll Po;>llni. 90c., cost In gold 91 1*$1 00, coat In guid I 351 36, cost In sold _ i 47 Serge*. 30c., cn*t In gold 32,V}25c., cost In gold.,... 37 i6 Black Silk*. $1 00, worth 91 So1 75, worth 2 £52 00, worth 3 503 40, worth 3 88J HO, worth 3 50 And upward. Dri ll Pattern*. Al 3f>, ait week ill 7), worth 93 35$1 75, last weak 112 00, worth 8 *08.1 35, laat week *2 50, worth 4 0093 75, last week f", 00. worth 5 00 And upward*. With each pattern button* and trimming i suitable for tbe raaterlaf will be furnished without charge. Scotch Gingham*. Spring styles, bought during tbe fall at low price*, and will be retailed at leu than the gold cost to Import. Ta'-ile Lineai. (half bioached, t 8-1, 40o., lact week 46c., worth 65c.8-4, 50c., last we?k 5.V., worth 75c.8-4, Wr., last week 0.V., worlh Eic.8-4, 80c., laat week 70c., worth 91 (Bleached.) 8-4, 70c., last wcok 75c., worth 91 00W 4, 8">c., last week 91, worth 1 258-4. 91. last week 9> 'A worth 1 7510-4, 91 30, laat week $1 SO. worth 3 0010-4, 91 50, last woek 91 6a, worth 2 2510-4, A2, last wet-k 92 20, worth 3 7510 4, ig'i 20, la*t week 92 30, worth 8 CO10-4, 92 5", last week $.*<, worth y 60 Napkin*. 5-8, fll perdoien, list we,-»k$l 25,wnrth 91 7,15-8, fl iS per do ten, lad week ill fi'i, worth 2 006-8, 411 60 por dozen, Init it'k >1 75, worth I 3ft5 8. fi DO per dozen, last week A'i Si), worth 3 006-8, $2 10 per dozau. lul w«ek $4 75, worth S S3 .ad upwurde. Towel*, 91 Si otr dozen, last week 91 60, worth..,. SI x.->M 76 per dozen, last week $2, worth j 752 25 per dozen, last week 92 40, worth 3 504 50 per dozen, la»t week 9- 76, worth it 76 mar dozen, lait woek 43 60, worth 4 7i0 per dozen, lost week $4 60, worth 6 M and upwards. Craiili cl. 6r. last week 8c., worih 10c.lUc., lad week 12c., worth jtic.lflc.. last wxek 18c., ivorth S.V.18c., lost week 20.:., worth Toilet Quilts. fl 25, worth CO1 75, worth S 502 25, worth 3 608 00, worth. 4 30 And upwards. Flannels and Blankets at prlccs that purchasers can afford to buy now to supply their wants for a year to come. Ladles' Under (laments,A new Department.Tuckcd and Ruffled Skirt*,80c., worth $1 25Wc.. worth 1 50 Chemlres. Ruffled, 00c., worth $1 25Ruffled, Ml, worth 1 (0Embroidered, ifl &>. worth 2 00 Drawers. Ruftle.t, 60c., worth 85Ruttled. 75c., worth S-' 25Embroidered, 90c., worth 1 50 Also a full uasortment of Children's Underwear. White floods Department.French Organdies i,now In greut demand), from 80c. to § . £0per yard, worth from Side, to .f.'l 50.Tarlatans, Wlilte and Colored, at 40e,, wo: th tiOc.Rwins and Rook Muslins, from 10c. to 75u per yard, worthfrom 18c. to #1. Ea'.in Strlpo, Plain and I'laid Nainsook*, from ICe. to $1 peryard, worth from 25c. to £1 lij.Satin S!r!rr, yir.lr. and Cheek?'! Cnmbiici, from 10c. to 86c.\>(ji yard, worth 15c. to $1 25.Victoria and lllshop Lawns, from 10c. to *1 per yard, worthMc. to 41 37 a.Linen Cambrics, from 60c. to $1 B0, worth from 86c. to $2 25.Ilidia Twilled Lotigeloth, 30c. to lie,, w nth 4V. to 87J*c.tbl'rod and Tucked Muslins, from 63c. to *1 75, worth fromftii-.MlM. ..t _Sort-finisha.l Cambrics. 48?. to *6c., worth 60c. to 86c. White and Colored Pique*, fiojn 15c. to £1, worth 3'Jc. to HiVlUnites, from *-to. to 68c., worth 45c. to ft.'c.lUulkTchlefs, great assortment, from 6c. up.Fine Corsets, warranted whalebone, "0 ;., worth *1. Floe Corsets, warranted whalebon file., worth $1 25. Royal Genevieve Corsets, (sixty bones', *3 it, worth 5-3 ,i. Nottingham Laces, From 20c. to "J*Worth 40c. to.... «» Litres. Real and Imitation. Illusion Nets for dresses, lo all widths.Embroidered Lac.«s. for oversell i*. All at greatly reduced prices. Paris Trimmed Round Hats At 50c., worth 91 60At 75c., worth J 00 At 91 01. worth...... 3 26 At 1 25, worth S 50 and upward. Hosiery.UenU' English Half Hose, $3 per do* , worth $"> CoA go' 4 assortment of Ladies' Hose at '.Uan the goldcost to Import. l'mbrclUs. First quality Alpaca, 92 40, worth. 60First quality Alpooa, ijfJ 75, worth... ; 3 75Fiist quality Aljia-M, i'i, worth 4 IH) Fancy CkO<T*~atri Notions.Pri#e» 1 #<lucM to compare with the baJane* of tbc stock. Zephyr Worsted at $1 SOc, per lb , or 45c. for four ounces worth, SOc. p r ounce, or tSI 20.-. per lb.A good assortment of colors. Vkater.New York Club, |4 SO pair, worthBoys' club, 45c., worth Ladies Club. 4i'. ' j, worth 8 *e its ;.o 75 6 90 CHISTIJR BULLOCK, C01 UroaJwaj. DRY (iOODH. ^ £ .JAMK8 M'CKEEKY * CO., Broadw*y ana Eleventh aUMt, bate made Unprecedented lltductton* In their Entire Stock,preparatory to taking their semi annual Inventory. Fancy Bilks at 41 25,Reduced from $1Very rich White Hllk*. with colored (atln stripe*, for Eveniug drosses, at $5 50; tp-duced from 98 60 do., 98 Inches wide, $ I reduced from M.Rich lilack (Iron Oraln Silks, at 91 35, 91 87H< 91 6*' and 91 76, to the finest liuporte 1A full line of Elegant Dress Matins, In all the now Dress Goods. All wool Empress Cloths, 60c.; reduced from 70c. RcotehWsterproof Winceys, BOc. ; reduced from 91- All wool Plaid*, new dnalxns, reduoed an per cent. Bilk warp Freucli Poplia*,75c. reduced from 91 & Housekeeping Good*.A large lot of M Bleached Damasks, AM*. ; reduced frow75c. A large lot of duced from «l 2B. 5-H Napkin*, 91 J4 per doxen. M Harm-lev Linen Sheeting, 00c. ; reduced from H0c. W-4 llarnsloyLinen Sheeting. 80o. reduced from 91. 1(M Barusley l.ineaHocetlng. Ill 12'jj; reduced from 91 87Jf. Also a great i*duction In Towels and Towelling, of every description. D*- meitlc Sheetings ami Shirtings, In all tbo popular makes, Mlmanufaclurorsrpr1oes. Cloaks. Black vel ret Cloaks, from 970 to 9130.Opera Clonks, at tgl'i and mat.Cloth Cloaks, nt 916, 910 and 923 reduced from 940 and (MlKrnilne and Mink Sets reduced 23 per cent.Ladles' Tucked Skirts. 91; ladles' Night Dresses, 92; I*-dies' Chemises, 75c. ; ladies' Drawers, 75c. Children's Cloaks and Drosses at less than one-half their original coat. JAM KM Mt CRF.P.RY A CO.. Broadway and Eleventh atrosft. A T. STEWART A CO.will largely replenish on Monday, Jan. 17, all their popular stock* of8|!ka, Dress Goods, Ac., Ac., to which many new stylet Will lie added. 1'rlces largely reduced,Broadway, Fourth avenue and Tenth street. AT LKGRAIN'M,onlv one day's sale at 7£i* Broadway. »The entire stock of Dry Good* must be removed. Great sacrifice. Great losses. The soods will be sold regardless of eost. I.K«.UAIS, 7i» 11roadway. Continuation of sale . on Tuesday, at Wlri Hroadway,between Twenty-flrat ana Twenty-second streets. AT MADAME COLLINS' (ELEVE DB MME. FLORINSLefevse) Dressmaking Establishment, SH West Eleventh Street, ladles can roly on getting perfect fitting dresaaa made and trlmme<l In latest Parisian style. Ladles v islltugthe city solicited to oall. At mmb. viooritoux's, 122 -foi.'RTH avkni*,near Twelfth street Stumping, Imported Embrjidery.Lingerie; Ladles' and Babies' Trousseaux; specialty of Ini¬tials; Monograms for Handkerchiefs. Table and Bed Clothe* embroidered 10 order. » T RONALJSON A MEARE'H .1 we will open on MondayBargain* In Sash Ribbons, Black and colored.Bargains In Gloves jo 1 Hosiery.Very cheap lines Ladies' ami Gents' Linen llandkerchicflg.Mplondld assortment Ladles readv made Underclothing. Tucked skirts. +1 0'<; line RuOle'd Skirts, H8o., 91, Una, and lOtl French wove and Coutille Corseti, at importer's prices.DrtM Trimmings and Fringes, half price ; ah marked dow.i. Large stock of llouaokeeplng Ooods at very low price*. .Fine large Towels, 15c., 16c., 18c.. 20c. Napkin*, 91, 91 23. 91 50 and 91 76 icr doxen. all linen.1C0 down large linen Napkins, selvezn border, 9 per duitS.RONALDSON A MEARl'.H. corner tflith avenue and Nineteenth strati. A GREAT CLE V RING OUT KALI:.CarpaU, FitfnltdW, at twenty per cent reduction on former price*.Carpets Velvet body Brussels, tapestry, three- pi v Ingraltand power loom Cnrpets, In all the latest style* ami qualltle*!also Cornices, Curtains, Window Shades, Oilcloth*, (juUMand Blaakats, at very low price*.Furniture.95>*VKX1 worth of Pailor, Library, Dining Itoom andKitchen 1'iimtture, lu all styles and qualities. All manur¬tured on the premises, and warranted as repr«sent> d, 51 J and514 Eighth nvtauc, ami -17 and gtU and 271 West Thirty-tilth street. D. H KLLY, successor to II OTarrelLN. D..Call and eiauime before purchasing. FDE PERCEVAL,. 739 Broadway, opposite Alitor place, is now offering tk*balance of bis winter stock at exceedingly low price*, «omprl<inii children's Cloaks, Coat* and f! .«;>'.*, Saok*,Blouses and Dresses, Caps and Bonnets, Ac., Ac.Also Infants' Wardrobe*, from 975 up.L.vlius' and children's Under Garment*.Full line of embroidered Bands Tor Chemise*. Initial* embroidered to order. Stamping ml Stamps*Goods. JN THE TELEGRAM. FULL AND GRAPHIC REPORTR OF ALL BALL8~AND PARTIES. THE NEWS OK THE DAV EVERY EVRNING. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAi'ii AND MaIL FROM AUr FARTS. THE MORNING'S DOINGS AT THE POLICE COURTS. RICH AND RACY-LOCAL SKETCHES. ITEMS OF IMPORTANCE THR POLITICAL SITUATION DEFINED. THE FINANCIAL VIEWS OF TIlK MORNING PAPER!. LOCAL MATTERS ABLY TREATED. FASUI0N~GO8atP, AC. IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM, ON FRIDAY NEXT, ANOTHER GRE \T CARTOON. PRICE 2 CENTO. 1ADIES.GO TO TAYLOR'S, NO. A CLINTON PL4CILJ and see 111* beautiful tltlinp Diesnea, unsurpassed In tiwworld. Plain Patterns nod rMlilons received from i'art# weakly. *>st«m » u;;l.t VfACY HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, MACTaVlAOY Housefnrnishlng Goods, M ACTMACY Rlbbout and Millinery Goods, MACYMACY IIosl>-ryand Oloics, Ac. MACYEVERYTHING ELSE.MACY I.nre* and Embroideries, MAOYMACY Hnmll Warn* nntl Trlminln»s, MACYMACY Toys anil Funny Goods, MACYMACY Hun!)* nml Stationery MACY nt p j>u m r I'rtivjFourUenth Ureri :md Sush aveatie, New York. 1 M HARRIS, NO. 7 BRKTOORT PLACE (TKNTH, strest), bega to Inform the public that he bat rec«lre4the newest stylei of Carriage, Evening anil Dinusr l>r» ¦»>««,Wnlkiua S-ilts, A'.-. , ulso a fine ami Ur/;e assortment ol' Lin¬gerie, which lie now oilers at greatly reduce 1 price". MME. NATALIE TILMAN A CO..84 East Ninth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue, lia.u just received a large assortment of lust I'sria novelties in Roceptlou Bonneta, Head Bridal Wreatus and Veil*.Garniture'* de Kobe d« Bat nt low price*.N. B..Drome* made to order In the Intest Pari" style*. UECE1TION BON NETS..VELVET BONNETS, ALLcolor*, with real laces. nelllng off at half price. Also*hatids'iine a<Hortm<-)it of Round llat*, elegant Freneb Klow- ers, Prom Car* and Ifeadrtri ,m*. eheaper than any otbefhouse In the city. Mine. DE LACV, Br a way. near Nineteenth strest. LM'RING RAPE. 1'." ..n MACY. Spring Straw Goods, MA< Y. MACY. Spring Style* l'i' ra*'>lfl«, M.\C*. MaCY. Now open at popnSr prKea. KkCT.MACY. V H MACY. MACY.Fourteenth street aud Sixth fcvenue. MirXINJ-'R 1 %r» dk;:hsuakim;. .1 M. OliNRY A CO., TO CLOSE WINTER STOCK,V '. offer treat Indue m eats to purchase,*. Reception 11> Ij,real lace, $11; Pres. 80 EndFount'tiith street, betweun l nlop equatt «nd Fifth avenue. AIKS. O'KEEFFE, DRESSMAKER (LATE WITH Mtf K. >. » I Walters), la pr-parcd to receive orders at her roonn^WO Third avaline, on door Irom corner Thirty-eighth street. I '->7^ BROADWAY, I II'ST ILOOR.-A COMPETENTliAlO perron iwlrw tli» work lit u ft* mora Or*t '-lass customers on ladlea and gentlemen'* tinderllcen, Infanta* war,', trousseau*, Ac. ; lirat class lefercne. 8FQKT1N»»DUBS, BIRDS* AC. A LL KINDS OF FAN'-'V DQOR »»f! 'r'un- mA eale.-Kedli'.lius f..r 1'..:..^. I"..' f£.l mocking blrda, at Ii. Dt>VE\*S, No. 3 Greco: tired, corawof « anal. N. B. Ladlea attwlcd to he Mi*. DOVEY. SPORTSMEN ARP, INVITED TO EXAMINE THRpntent breach ln»,l!o* S'i .! tiun, iTianiil'«rtiir<'d by Bov4Breach Loading Arm* I'oinpaiiy warranted dinarlor to anyEnglish brecchloaiilnx or niiuzl* guna. OP'oe iO-'i Broadway. STALLIONS. Arabian stallion for sale.the pcukArabbti Horse SAI 0 la for aalo on rejaonabia tariun aahla proaent ownar has no inn for him. To br>v«ders he will Im a roost valuable acunlalllon. The following pedigree give*tbe rnrlty of hi* blood, wlih oilier Interesting facta relatingto hla car or: SAID (ulrj spAlad Rayed), a* given bv the gronm of Nu' HPP.uii'.a, Minister to Franco front Kgj pt. waa loaied oo the 27th of Varih, ISW, al the atablei of Nuuar 1'aaha. Ills sire w it Ike fauaoua Khorasaan, the property of Abdni MoUild. S id'*dam was oblan, the property or Nttbar Pu.<iha, ami In the acendar.t of Oh- ctfebrntcd Jan'ri-ar, -.. tii^h leaped ti e cita.lal wall* with tfio las'. Mameluke K.'v when fleeing frera Mulmtne ! Ay In 1819. Therefore, Said is a cros» belwce?i theNedjld bree on tK W .dicr'i »' m nod the 4nn*aeh braed at|}»« of Kboranan. ' "^1 i»t* jr.ind A'''1' its!! an tiiiibiia i wonderful pow r» of en¬durance and speol In the Ahyasiidan war, bel.;s riil len con-itantly bv au offleer during l!i»! v.^m<n<s;D.For further par ticulars .-pp'v t.j Mr. P"3fKR at the olio* of WlikOi' Spirit of the Time i. _ BILLIARUS.~~ * VV H. ORIFFltll, NO. it VKSKY STREET, OFFERSTT . for sale a lie* stock of i;«w and" second hand TahlM red.ice 1 prices; Balls, u»». ( iotb and Cue Tips-

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