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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

New York Commercial Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 7, 1941, New York, New York I i t ? 5 ? v f t a i to Canton n. Y., tuesday j a n u a r 7, 1941 6c p e r copy $1.60 p m t 1 a b dairymen s league attempts to Block vote on amendments into court seeking injunction Yuriv a a r \. 0. In a move to re a Farmers from loss of. Marketing orders for the so York City Market the Dairy vib a israe cooperative Assoc a 6". Iof operatives and Indi a in d c c 3 1 i n Federal a. Iii Kirton for an injun i against Secretary of Agricula e Claude r. Wickard. Or Post if the injunction is. To restrain the Secretary m Hui Imp a second referendum the o order amendment h. Duckers recently voted1 iraqi the Secretary John w. Mckenney Long Active passes native of Canada came to this country sixty years ago John w. Mckenney for Twenty seven years with his family a Resi Dent of this Village and for Many years actively engaged until on account of illness forced to retire parsed away at his Home lower Riverside drive at 2 p. M. New year s Day aged seventy five years. Funeral services were con ducted sunday afternoon at 2 at Ary that amendment of minister Home the Rev. S. Dobbie the methodist Church b i Ain the Secretary mining or terminating order As it is now in i. Sexauer of Auburn of the dairymen s. Cri de these actions As " Teet and maintain in the marketing order that it is not an. Ii turn the _ 0. D., William Potter o. G., Ion said mr.h411 h e c a r a e t o s t Lawrence l e Thayer del., j. H. Mills. �1 /. County and was for a. Time at 1 in Finno pm Nara a Var been Partri. He a that. A r tht1 action. Is to protect Farmers producers do not be rat a should be removed they reject the proposed i non sent unless they have i rarity to be heard. F a r m Ion the right of the def agriculture to remover unless it is first proven not working for the to Farmers. We believe it a very complaint filed in the Dis Urt of the United states in it is stated that Secre eight rather trend intents. Air it Ickard s predecessor repeatedly found that the marketing order tended to effectuate the declared a Juicy of Congress. The referendum on a pro per1, really covered eight operate amendments it is allege ii. And Farmers were re ote for or against All than on single nov paper reports and Tele a tip from one of the Secretary s As Are cited As having a tried and intimidated Many pro Duc is into voting in favor of said an. a department of agriculture or release is referred to Asta v that unless a second refer in. Brought a favourable vote the of would follow suspension of the marketing order which has and it d More than $21,000,000 to far Era income since its adoption. Thru at of loss of the order is de scr bed As an attempt to coerce Fa-.-,ers into voting in favor of the amendment or As an alternative face a Reavy penalty namely suspension of the entire order. coercive action does not give plaintiffs and others similarly Situ Ati in a free Choice which they Are an., a to exercise to vote a they Nus eem advisable for or Aera inst the amendments officiating. Urial was made at Riverside cemetery Gouverneur. The funeral had been delayed a Day on account of the inability of an Only son Winfred b. Mckenney items of interest to the old timer g taken from the files of the commercial advertiser Jan. 9, 1901 Archie l Billings Board chairman Milton g. Hall re elected clerk of Board of supervisors a. Brown has gone to Al Bany to take a course of instruction at the business College of that City. R. C. Ellsworth of the Brook Lyn Eagle took his Christmas dinner with his parents major and mrs. H. Ellsworth in can ton. To Are in receipt of a poem mittens named judge Hanmer urges strengthening county probation system committee named. Archie l. Billings supervisor of the town of Hammond was elected chairman of the Board of super visors at their annual organization entitled at the concert Hal meeting Friday. Or. Billings who by prof. B. Leonard. Or. H a s represented his town for the Leonard shows a rare gift when p a s t ten years succeeds Charles he composes and has gained con schermerhorn supervisor of the Sid Erable attention from the musical journals. He has been instructing classes on the Banjo mandolin and guitar at Gran Ville Middle Granville y., West Pawlet it and is now at Glens Falls. At the last regular meeting of the g. A. R. Post the following officers were elected for the com ing year and will be publicly in who had been spending the Winter stalled in the masonic Hall on in the South to arrive Here reached Canton saturday. He Friday evening of this week Jan. Town of Morristown. There was no opposition to or. Billings. Milton g. Hall was reelected to the Zoffke of clerk of the Board. Or. Hall has been clerk of the Board since the death of Charles m. Hale Jan. 10, 1933. It is inter Esting that or. Hale had held the office lacking one year of fifty years and was with Robert Law of Washington county one of the oldest if not the oldest Board chair men in the state. Or. Law was pm c. Gulley s. V.c., Thorn Well known in Canton As he was a or. Mckenney was born at i a Reynolds j. V. A t. O. For supreme court stenographer and Bishops Mills ont., on april 4,bes Surg or p. H. Shea chap., c a m e t o Canton at terms of the 1865, a son of Richard and Mildred j q w Hall q a d. Griswold s e m e court. He and Charley Buker Mckenne. When a to of 4 1 1 h e c a r a e t o s t r l ill s r Ogdensburg later on going to Gouverneur and Edwards. Up to the time he came to Canton in 1913, he spent most of his time in the Gouverneur Edwards Section. He was a Man of Fine ability and wherever he was engaged and whatever he set his hand to he did it with a vigor and skill that brought results. He was variously engaged As a paper maker with the Pacquette River paper co., a Sawyer with Dean and Aldrich at Gouverneur a millwright and car Penter at the natural dam Mills near Gouverneur and during the world War which found him in the prime of vigorous manhood he was engage Dat Auburn n. Y., with the Pinkerton detective Agency. He came to Canton in 1913 and conducted a roller skating Rijk on the second floor of what is now the Dawley garage. This bushing was built and owned by John h. May Bee a former Edwards Man who continued on Page seven Hale were close friends. There was no opposition to or. Hall. He had on the Board of supervisors represented the town of Lisbon on the Board for several years before his election As clerk. Members of the Good roads and purchasing committees were elected As follows m. T. J. I Good roads committee Robert townspeople and students Are d b e c l i s b m u f d l h e w. Pop Mph t o a t t e n d t h e n i a n o r e to t t a. Townspeople and Stu j dents welcomed to at tend Carlos Buhler piano recital welcomed to attend the piano re Cital to be Given by Carlos Buhler pianist in Gunnison memorial Chapel thursday evening at 8 o clock Jan. 9. There will be no Lett Hermon James d. Bradford Louisville James h. Leonard Clifton and Charles b. Schermer f r o m family which for Many generations has been linked with International affairs. In his Early youth he came in Contact with Many forms of thought and civilization and mastered several languages at an Early age. Going to College in Switzer land he was graduated from the University of Geneva and attended classes at the conservatory in that City winning first prize in piano. At that time feeling himself drawn i had a Long acquaintance with John i a t t h a t t i m e 1 l e e l m Nam s e 1 1 ? r a w " re. I Liilo a v.i., More. Strongly towards music he decided to make that his life work. He studied composition and con Hagen an the Mckenney on coming to which has been the Home since. Here he raised prize canines conditioned race horses and Down South of the Home along the River and the Highway were the Mcken Ney Flower gardens which were a loom with loveliness during the summer and a Tatumn. Flowers and plants and roots of flowering plants were marketed with substantial results. When or. Mckenney s son in Law James f. Mccormick became sheriff he had the position of fire Man at the county jail. He married miss Ida Campbell of Gouverneur on Jan. 9, 1888, and the married life of the couple has been ideally Happy. Few a i. I or. Mckenney leaves the widow. Marged that a second j m h c a b e l l Mckenney a re r of us is not authorized by. Tit j a tit la any attempt by the Secre or 1"? f8 f s withdraw the marketing would be without due pro Law contrary to the fifth Ion to the Constitution and of the statutory duty Kenney and mrs. James f. Mccormick three Sisters mrs. Matilda Clapp of Gouverneur mrs. J. Wade of Oswego mrs. George Paul of Brockville out., j Busoni in Zurich. After Concertin ing in Europe he was called to Canada by or. Vogt to establish the department of modern piano playing in the Toronto conserva tory after which he went to Lon Don where he became first assistant to Tobias Matthay famed contemporary piano exponent. Annually thereafter Buhler made concert Tours throughout Europe and the United states and conducted Mas Ter classes in colleges and universities until accepting a teaching Post j purchasing committee for 1941 Frederic h. Martin Waddington Royce Bullock Edwards and Charles j. Cameron Russell. County judge Andrew j. Han Mer and county superintendent of highways Earl j. Mattis of Mas Sena both appeared before the Board and spoke. Judge Hanmer urged that some thing be done toward the improve ment of the probation system of the county pointing out that the probation officer was carrying a heavy Load and should have Assis Tance. Officer John m. Nichols handles the regular court probationers and the children s court probationers. Judge Hanmer suggested the appointment of a competent assistant probation officer. He suggested that a committee of five be named to study the problem. On motion carried the chairman named the following Fred Martin continued on Page four Robert Hale passes after Brief illness was one of the younger attorneys of the county looking through a main St. Window the passing show As seen from minute to minute daily was son of attorney Grace Robin son Hale and late judge Charles m. Hale the latter a notable i figure in county life. January morning january 1941 opening of a new year with a Bleak main Street at this Early hour the Straggler of the night before is just returning from his rendezvous this night struggles or Straggler must spend the Day in sleep or in a sort of lethargy that begets no accomplishment the morning Early hour brings Forth the Street openers As they were called years ago but monthly meeting held in Canton town Hall Friday night county j chairman Carl. Peters presid v ,. Ing expressed itself vigorously for the new year one is rather sad j t h e l o s t a m e n dment Sto be voted Robert l. Hale for fifteen years a practising attorney with offices at Gouverneur and Canton associated at times with his father the late Charles m. Hale and his Mother mrs. Grace Robinson Hale passed away at his Home on Pearl Street at eleven o clock saturday after about two weeks illness., funeral services will be conducted at two this afternoon at the first universalist Church of Canton the Rev. Hugh Tigner minister officiating. Interment will be made at Evergreen cemetery. He was born in Gouverneur on june 26, 1899, son. Of the late Charles Meade and Grace Robinson Hale. His father had one of the most notable careers in Public life of almost any resident of the county on account of his association with and connection with Public offices. He entered the office f Stillman Foote Back in the seventies while Foote was prac timing Law in Ogdensburg serving As surrogate of St. Lawrence county and acting As clerk of the Board of supervisors of the county. It is recalled that Charles m. Hale was Deputy clerk of the Board of supervisors from 1878 to 1883, when Foote died. There was a Brief interlude in which Nelson l. Robinson was clerk and then Hale was made clerk of the Board and served to his death on Jan. 10, 1933, lacking a Brief few months of fifty years. Charles m. Hale was at times Deputy county treasurer clerk of the surrogate s court special county judge and Justice of the peace of the town of Canton. Robert Hale s Mother mrs. Grace Robinson Hale was admitted to practice As the first woman at Torney of Northern new York and one of the first in the state Back in the nineties. Robert l. Attended the Canton schools graduating then entered Columbia University securing his degree then took a Law course in Columbia and was admitted to practice in 1926. He at once be. Came a member of the Law firm of to the american House pump it county Dairy Farmers Calls for Wright reinstatement passes vigorous resolutions calling for purge and passage of amendments hits at William r. Pratt local members express forceful Opin ions700 in attendance. Farm by Elizabeth Baxter Lawrence county Dairy Union at their annual Over the disappearance of so j Many of the Early morning arrivals on the Street those were not the stragglers Home the night before at Early morn but on the Job awaiting the opening hour interesting men most of them More than forty years ago the chronicler slept in a room Ope polite the Park in the printing office to put it exactly it was forty four years ago the room was that occupied years before by Edgar a. Barber White haired Long bearded local editor Barber slept in that Little room for years and the Devil and each succeeding Devil of the printing office looked after him in a Way put Down his folding bed took the big White Pitcher in which his drinking water was always at hand to the pump in front of the old american House and filled it with the excellent water that came from the Depths of that ancient Well. Charley Johnson who later had Long experience in the govern ment printing office in Washington and later on with the new York world time the so called was at one Devil of the commercial advertiser office Charley remembers Barber Well his likes and dislikes his ability to turn out a remarkably Good Story and his Clever turn of eng Lish that made those who read desire for More Charley John son recalls a Winter morning in which he took the Barber water Pitcher a Large White Pitcher Down to the Street and across Hale Hale & Hale being the Junior member of the firm. This Law connection continued until the death of his father in 1933, but continued As Hale & Hale a partnership with his Mother until this time. Hale & Hale had offices in Canton and Gouverneur for several years. At continued on Page eight from the files of the commercial advertiser for the year 1940 in Bennington College. Or. Buhler s program thursday night will include toccata. Allessandro Scarlatti andantino Rossi prelude and triple fugue Bach p l d a i d f i l p prelude Ria an finale Cesar Franck Danse de puck Debussy scherzo Gavotte Jean Francais Triana Albenzi Brief review of news stories appearing in your local paper during the past year review of 1940 n. 2 Sheffield Plant deeds to purity Prokofieff j Creamery products inc., new York City. Sheriff Floyd san Murphy children who Are having a Ogdensburg. Party to be held at the Murphy Verrah a injury loss and to Farmers and would impair the agricultural " marketing Robert Thompson jr., named 4-h Champion kiss Anne l. Hepburn promotion Nae Louise Hepburn of. Who has Boen a member f Public schools fac september 1940, was of i january 3 to the Posi to Ai Hor of the third at the Pulaski Central taught in the District of the ,. Astern. The ten pupils. I i lie on Transf erred to the i. S e j l u o l. A Hepburn is the daughter " r i i p. Hepburn Cotton " 1 Mit and the late Anna / r Hepburn. She was Grad a " 1 Fum Potsdam High school n i-1 Ami from Potsdam state i school in 1939. She at i 1 St. Laurence University n and 19?6 for two semes Ter. A us to entering her teach a cur miss Hepburn spent v e i " r a l months travelling in the and Southern states. She hi1 truest of her Uncle judge it ,.k p. Close at his Home in Neville new York of her j sin mrs. Frederick towers f vhf ton d. A and of her it mrs. Etcel Auto for Sec Woodhaven Long Island. Robert Thompson jr., member of the Northrup Corners 4-h club and second vice president of the Home which had to be postponed will be held at a later Date. Near future paper for time and place. Morristown named chairman of St. Lawrence coun i to Board of supervisors. J William Ames Dies at Pierre Pont after Long illness. Named 1940 sate Champion 4-h and p l e d g after Holstein club boy. The announce ment was made recently by Bert j. Rogers county club agent. He will attend the annual meet adjourned the meeting. After the i d e Nesburg. ,. Meeting we held a Short program j. In went of miss Bernice it was As follows i r e n e g l v e n a n d a o n poultry projects Phyllis m e a d e i s announced. I Rodee teaching a calf to drink \ Harold m. Lep sment of a w e r e s e t i n a continued on Page two 7 get together meeting of the of j service of consecration and recon filers association at Morley Jan. 10. Nation in the methodist Church last Sisters Law Newby and Hosley sunday. The Church Board of de were reported ill. I cation was recently organized As the lecturer s hour was in charge required by the discipline of the of sister Taylor and consisted Church and is composed of the Fol mostly of the state Grange report lowing members general super by worthy master Healy and a intendant t. J. Mckimm adult Roll Call of new year s resolutions. The worthy master appointed Sisters Cameron Collins Aldous and Brothers Porteous Healy Gardner and Aldous As a commit superintendent Harold Smith intermediate superintendent Earl Banford elementary superintend ent mrs. Orville Wilder Secretary treasurer miss Alma Newman Home department superintendent mrs. Wesley Rich assistant mrs. Allen Newman Cradle Roll super Loucks and brother William Gard intendant mrs. George Robinson Ner were also appointed As a com-1 other members of the Board Are Mittee for a card party on Jan. 15. I miss Marguerite Sanford miss Doreen Mckimm mrs. J. Gard results of Community Ner Frank Wilder George Dolch basketball league George Robinson Harold Wilder tee for a dance to be held on Jan. 31. Sisters Cora Collins Sinclair a l l e n r l Llsup r last night s games 8-ballers, 40 pearls so. Lisbon 22 acc 19. Rods 44 Crumps 19. League 8-ballers Lisbon rods Pearl s cacs crr Unpi standing. Won. 1. 1. 1. 0. 0 0 lost 0 0 0 1 1 1 .000 rods is. 8-ballers. Next monday s games a cd pfc and mrs. J. F. Mccormick. Among the teachers of theg Church school Are miss l. White head mrs. Earl Banford mrs. Walter Murray mra. W.?s. Bobbi mrs Floyd beater or. Harold Smith miss Taverne Tupper i Elsie Tupper. Miss Ruti and Lloyd Smith. A ,. Membership on the Church Board of education Geors Bobin of Frank Newman Karl a Liford mrs. Orville Wilder miss m. Sanford mrs. George Robinson and Rev. S. Dobbie Are teach is in the Church school. Conse Mitton was followed by the sacrament of the lord s supper. George f. Gaffney Dies at surmount graduate of St. Lawrence world War Veteran staff Man of Brook Lyn Eagle George Francis Gaffney son of mrs. Sarah Gaffney Jordan St. Lawrence University graduate world War Veteran with Over seas record with the u. S. Marines and a newspaper Man of Rochester and later on the editorial staff of the Brooklyn daily Eagle passed away at surmount Veteran s facility Tupper Lake where he had been since july saturday. He had been in poor health for some time and some time ago relinquished his work on the Brooklyn paper and went to Texas where he stayed for some considerable period for the betterment of health. Returning from Texas he went to Sun Mounic and has been there to this time. Funeral services were conducted this morning at 8 45 at the Home of his Mother 3fi East main Street and at 9 30 at St. Mary s Church. There was a veterans of foreign wars escort and a Salute was fired at the grave at Riverside where interment was made. George Gaffney was born on s farm on the Road running Between Woodbridge Corners and Morley what is known As Slick Street oct. 5, 1896, a son of the late William Gaffney and mrs. Sarah Brannen Gaffney the latter now mrs. Dennis m. Jordan. His father died when he was a Young boy. In later years his Mother removed the family to this Village to a Home on Harison Street. He was educated in Canton Village schools graduating from Canton High school and thereafter entering St. Lawrence University in the world War period. After spending two years at the University he enlisted in the 6th marines and went overseas and served in France with the army of occupation. After his discharge he returned to College and graduated in june 1921 in the Art course we a honors in history. He was overseas from August 1918, through the armistice and following this with the army of occupation in Germany. During his army service he was the recipient of medals in recognition of Hia skill in marksmanship. While at the University he be came a member of the Phi Sigma Kappa greek letter fraternity. At the University he was interested in newspaper work and was a member of the editorial staff of the Hill news the College student weekly. Leaving St. Lawrence he was engaged on the Watertown daily times and later on went to Rochester the Democrat chronicle. While Here Opportunity on the Brooklyn daily Eagle a offered him and he became a Mem Ber the editorial staff of that paper there remaining for several years until impairment of health caused him to secure a leave of absence with privilege of return ing. At that time in 1939 he went to Texas later returning to Canton and then to surmount. He was a most excellent Newa paper Man showing much Promise while at St. Lawrence. His work on the times the Rochester paper and finally on the Eagle was that of the real newspaper Man. Of was rather of the shy and retiring Type but made and retained friends. There remain his Mother mrs. Sarah Gaffney Jordan. A sister miss Mae Gaffney a teacher in the schools of a new Jersey City now having a leave of absence. He was a member of the Veter is of foreign wars and of the newspaper Guild of Brooklyn and was on the Eagle during the months of tie up on account of the Guild strike three or four years ago. During this period he was at his Canton Home. The new year National defense needs getting the skilled men needed for National defense jobs continues to be one of the greatest problems of the new year for the civil service commission. Thou Sands were appointed during 1940 but thousands More Are going to be needed during the coming year at the arsenals and Navy Yards and in the air service. Toolmakers instrument makers and machinists Are especially in demand and they Are especially necessary to the National de sense program. Among other also urgently needed Are Ait Craft instrument mechanics ails raft mechanics Altaf Tutt Coppersmith Lent Grinders Rio Timen by Nanca torn Aeh of tit ,--�,n�,.-.vy-w for in ormar Eldh at the office of the Board of u. S. Civil service examiner at my nest or second class Post office. You May also1 Larff p class Post offices ;