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New Philadelphia Times Reporter (Newspaper) - September 5, 2015, New Philadelphia, OhioEsi saturday. Sept. 5. 2015 wow j i Mes report in about readers viewpoints the times reporter welcomes and encourages viewpoints from readers. Letters should be limited to 250 words or less. All letters should be signed by the writer and include the writers address and Telephone number. Telephone numbers Are for verification Only and will not be published. Handwritten letters should be legible. The to discourages Quot thank you Quot letters. The to reserves the right to edit for clarity and length. The to will not publish letters that Are potentially libellous or go beyond the limits of Good taste readers viewpoints to. Box 667 new Philadelphia. Of 44663. Fax 330-364-8416 email opinions times re Porter com comment on it. Send by email to the times reporter a Gatehouse Media newspaper Dover new Philadelphia. Ohio founded As the Iron Valley press 1872, the daily times 1903 the daily reporter. 1903 Melissa Griffy Seeton guest opinion editor remembering the Hurricane katrina rescuers f i 10th anniversary of Hurricane katrina and i the levee Breaks on aug. 29 with memorials to i the 1,833 w How Ere lost and testimonials about How far w eve come. Before w e move on though we should take a moment to Honor our rescuers. As horrific As the death toll was in katrina there were tens of thousands of people who were saved from the floodwaters a plucked from their rooftops and attics by helicopter or brought to or land by boat. With tropical Force winds still swirling on aug. 29, 2005, a. Coast guard helicopter Crew rescued two women and 4-month-old baby in the Community of Nairn in feta Quemine Parish. Their Home had been standing since 1876, and they had thought they were Safe. But katrina made landfall nearby and storm Waters Rose into the second floor of the House. Bobbie Jean Moreau tied netting together to steady them As they climbed onto the roof and her daughter Cheramie swam to get a neighbors boat. In the boat which had a Cabin and a radio they began calling for help. It Dave Johnson it. Craig Murray Petty officer 2nd class Warren Labeth and Petty officer 3rd class Laurence Nettles were getting numerous a a mayday Calls As they flew out of Houma but they heard is. Moreau mention the baby and made her their first Rescue. The Crew would Fly inc straight Days of missions. The coast guard rescued 33,500 people across the Gulf coast after katrina according to the Agency a count. Of those 19,000 w Ere stranded in flooded neighbourhoods in the new Orleans metro area a and 6,500 of them were picked up by helicopter. It w As the largest air Rescue Mission in the Agency a history and one of the rare Success stories in the Federal response. Coast guard helicopter Pilot it. Patrick Dill talked later about seeing Small beams of Light pointed up from the flooded neighbourhoods in new Orleans during five nights Ofa they were everywhere shining flashlights a he said. A there were just thankfully there w Cre thousands of rescuers As Well including More than 5,600 men and women from the coast guard. The Agency deployed 26 cutters 38 helicopters 14 fixed Wing aircraft 13 auxiliary aircraft 119 boats and eight Marine safety and Security teams and disaster assist teams. At the height of the Effort the coast guard contingent w As rescuing 750 people an hour by boat and 100 people an hour by air according to Agency officials. The heroic Rescue operation i no lidded of course new Orleans police and firefighters the Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries the National guard Active military personnel and regular citizens who volunteered with their own. At a congressional hearing in january 2006, sen. Joe Lieberman praised wildlife and fisheries Rescue w Ork ers. They a put on what i w Ould consider to be an extraordinary display of both organization and courage. On monday morning As katrina was still raging they transported 60 boats to new Orleans from their presaged areas around the state and by 4. The same Day they began to Rescue people stranded in the storm. They succeeded in rescuing More than 1,500 by the next afternoon and More than 21,000 before it w As new Orleans firefighters and police carried on numerous rescues As Well despite difficulties with communication equipment and a Lack of boats he said. A these heroes stepped in in some ways unprepared and unassisted you might say with nothing but their courage and their wits about them to save tens of thousands of lives a sen. Lieberman said. And for that we will be eternally grateful. The times Picayune new Orleans Louisiana other opinion he Bilston Herald on the Federal Reser Ellie torrent of word from the annual conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas Cit it in Jackson Hole Wyoming this past week and from the satellite meetings there throws no Light on whether the fed will raise interest rates next month. The Roc Kim is of the Stock Market notwithstanding it should. If rates Don t Rise at least a bit businesses and Consumers will conclude that the fed still expects Choppy economic Waters and will pull in their on it recently extended horns. Stock Price declines in China on Wall Street and around the world make headlines but they were inevitable a sometime after five years of suppressed interest rates that lured investors into buying shares to Chase dividends when they could earn Only i Bifid yields on Bond investments fhe Stock prices connection to the real Economy is very slender hive Vears of rising Stock prices did far less stimulating than the fed Exi it acted. China s Economy is not collapsing and neither is the american. The Commerce departments routine revision of second Quarter data showed the Economy rising at an annual rate of 3.7 percent far better than the 2.3 percent of the first assessment. Unemployment has fallen to 5.3 percent. For Many months fed members and fed watchers have wondered whether interest rates should or would Rise. Every meeting of the policy making open Market committee has shown the members deterred by weak economic data its just possible that some of that weakness was the result of the feds timidity a Normal array of interest rates sends important signals to All economic actors signals that hav e been distorted now for five years. One the value of Many pension funds has been suppressed by their inability to earn Normal Long term rates. If the Economy stumbles again it would be better to let Congress try to Sti Miliate it than to rely on the fed. More Content now Dave Granlund Don Don and the Tempe ties Kathleen Parker Katholi Washington he Trump Riddle to compel How has he managed to successfully execute such a mass deception he a by no definition a conserve a Tive and yet he continues to plow ahead of All but the other least Likely presidential nominee Ben Carson who has tied skimp in Iowa. Straight talk old hat. Tall and commanding so is Lebron lets elect him. Smart and accomplished born Lucky and benefited from Bank Nitcy. Reporters have turned Over leaves and pebbles in search of clues even recently interview ing faculty at Trumps Alma mater the Wharton school. While demur ring on Trumps politics professors commended his marketing skills a Short sentences simple ideas control of the conversation and therefore the Media. Marketing after All is a system of deceptions organized around a product or idea in this Case Trump to conservatives who either Arentt really conservative or Are willingly seduced because of it just feels so Good to hear ones innermost thoughts expressed so virulently. Into this category Falls Niin pm a recent tirade against Huma Abe Din know i As Hillary Clinton a closest adviser and even better As Anthony weiners wife. Trump liberated his inner Chris Rock calling Weiner a a pervs and mock typing weiners infamous sweets. As his audience guffawed Trump questioned the likelihood of weiners not being privy to classified state department information via his wife. Now that a funny. Chimp does no to care what state secrets Weiner know s. Trump wants people to associate the a perv a with Hillary Clinton. Similarly he wants to associate murderous Legal immigrants with Jeb Bush. A recent Trump Campaign video challenging Bush a immigration comment that people come Here illegally As an a act of love to find work to support their families features three grisly Hombres in the. Illegally who have been charged with murder. One has been convicted. A love a the text reads. A forget love. Its time to get Tough a Genius. Trump is a human handler Extraordinaire a the Jet set equivalent of the Black hatted fellow w to wheeled his cart into Tumbleweed towns. He does no to just sell Snake Oil. He milks the venom from the gathering throng of willing believers then bottles it up and Sells it right Back to them. Delicious with raw meat. There a something curious about this crowd however. Trumps fans Arentt just pokes looking for entertainment. They also include Many w Ell know n conservative purists. How does a staunchly pro life advocate support a Man who was recently pro Choice and who has said albeit w Hen asked that his sister a judge who ruled in favor of Par tial birth abortion would make a a a phenomenal supreme court Justice much of this puzzling support comes from co sen Active talk radio. As Buzz feed posted recently a you can almost listen to pro Trump news All alien answers seem elusive a and overturned pebbles reveal Only dirt and w orm trails a we fall Back on cliches one of which seems especially Apt today follow the Money. In to ump sow n w ords from an interview with the Wall Street journal a when you give Money they do w whatever the hell you want them to and in the gop debate a with Hillary Clinton i said be at my wedding and she came to my w edding. You know Why she did no to have a Choice because i gave. To a perhaps its time to award Trump the title he deserves a Don Donald Trump or just Don Don for Short. And then one must ask who else owes him fans boast that Chimp is so Rich hell never be Beholden to anyone. Maybe. But just Asim a it Octant who is Beholden to him other politicians members of the Media insiders whisper that some Media folks have received free memberships to Trumps Palm Beach club mar a Lago. Such a gift does no to necessarily buy favourable coverage but one be silly for thinking so. Meanwhile the Imp a kerfuffle with Fox news megyn Kelly seems in retrospect almost to have been manufactured. First Kelly asks a legitimate question about Trumps intemperate remarks about women he attacks she goes on vacation and returns he attacks again. Ratings polls now Fox news hosts Are urging As if Reading from a script that Chimp focus on the issues a because he a soon great on the issues a and leave our megyn alone. Chimp knows he the world Over a barrel. His opponents fear him because he gave them Money. His party fears him because he might run As. An Independent. We should All fear a presidential candidate w to perfumes the air with red meat and is prepared to collect on his debts. Its time for the Imp a fellow candidates to forget love a and get Tough. Kathleen Parker s email address is Kathleen Parker was Post com. 30 seconds to the Obama care expel the Only reason you like Obama care is because w e help pay for yours. Since Obama took office my employees health insurance is up 273 percent. You can say w whatever you want but unless you Are administering it you done to see All the garbage. If they opt to get on Obama care it is another $400 per family More than what we pay now. So if you like that system Good for you. My brain just Hasni to been Able to accept that this is a Good program. I Lubigan and the european nations know that letting the refugees in will bring islamic militants and decay to the european Way of life. Regarding the huge drug bust on Cookson Avenue several weeks ago the Public should know who owns the building and if it will be up for Public seizure As it should be. This tells me How communistic Liberal and in american the news Media Are. They keep singing the praises for those refugees fleeing All these War torn countries in the Middle East Asia Africa and every where else. Well they just sit there and allow our Young men to go Over and die. They and our government Are in cahoots. They done to want America. They want a Little communist state to serve the world. Where Are the new traffic lights on Wooster Avenue in Dover i thought they were supposed to be installed this summer. Maybe they forgot. As 1 came Home for lunch tuesday i noticed one of my elderly neighbors looked to be struggling carrying in groceries. So 1 stopped in the Middle of the Street to make sure she was of and to offer her my assistance which i did. One of my younger neighbors came Dow n the Street. Because i was stopped in the Middle of the Street this neighbor w As throwing hands in the air and making gestures. A lesson for the younger generation a you need to take More time out to make sure your elderly neighbors Are doing of in this heat and not get upset because someone else is trying to help them. Have an of n on Quot an answering Mach be on duty 24 hours a Day Call 330 364 1939 or email of n on to me. Callers hould Peak clearly and slowly after the beep per Onai attacks obscene t e a tolerant or biased message Are not acceptable

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