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New Philadelphia Times Reporter Newspaper Archives Jul 11 2015, Page 4

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New Philadelphia Times Reporter (Newspaper) - July 11, 2015, New Philadelphia, OhioQ saturday july 11. 2015 m a Dinion about readers viewpoints the times reporter welcomes and encourages viewpoints from readers. Letters should be limited to 250 words or less. All letters should be signed by the writer and include the writers address and Telephone number Telephone numbers Are for verification Only and will not be published. Handwritten letters should be legible the to discourages a a thank you Quot letters. The to reserves the right to edit for clarity and length the to will not publish letters that Are potentially libellous or go beyond the limits of Good taste readers viewpoints . Box 667 new Philadelphia of 44663 fax 330-364 8416 email opinions time reporter comi comment on it. Send by email to the times reporter a Gatehouse Media newspaper Dover new Philadelphia. Ohio founded As the Iron Valley press 1872. The daily times 1903, the daily reporter 1903 Melissa Griffy Seeton our opinion editor protect free speech by Iro meeting 3ublie, press it s time lawmakers protect the Public and the press from frivolous scare tactic lawsuits that Are Only intended to intimidate. Ohio is one of 22 states that has yet to enact anti Sipp Laws. Sij up stands for strategic lawsuits against Public participation. T lie intent of slap suits Isnit necessarily to win but rather to Burden the defendant with Legal fees and publicly humiliate them through time consuming Legal proceedings. Phev re an attack on first amendment rights which is what Many states have Laws safeguarding critical Public discourse. Free speech advocates print to two lawsuits in Ohio that they say May not have a Roee eded if anti so App Laws were in place Here. To he first involved a South Carolina woman who left a negative review on Ebay after buying a product from Ohio biased med Ress in 2d 1.3. The product was sent to the woman but it required her to pay additional postage of $1.44. Unhappy the woman left a harmless comment i Ebay s seller feedback Page. T he company according to reports apologized immediately and offered to reimburse the woman. It also asked her to remove her comment because it had impacted its merchant rating on the site. When she did no to the company sued to Force her and Ebay to remove the remarks it later withdrew the suit. In another Case Murray is. Chagrin Valley publishing co the three panel Atli District court Oil appeals upheld a trial court ruling dismissing a libel and false Light claim brought by the Energy company against the ii spa x r for it news coverage and commentary of a 2012 protest outside company Iii yes. Fhe company claimed the coverage was based on lies. In rendering its decision the three judge panel said the exse Quot ill. Trates the need for Ohio to join the majority of states in this country that have enacted statutes that provide for Quick Relief from suits aimed at chilling protected free s Eedeh. T hese suits referred to As strategic Law suits against Pul lie participation Sapp can he devastating to individual defendants or Small news organizations and act Jcj chill criticism and t he Eom any cited the appellate courts a unwarranted slew a of calling for anti Sapp Laws in its Appeal Ltd the Ohio supreme court which this week declined to take us the a Lse so what do anti so Alho Laws d a they make it easier for the targets of these Law adits to have such claims dismissed and if successful in doing so he reimbursed for Cinert co to and attorney fees. According to the reporters committee for Freedom of the , such statutes put the Burden t ii plaintiffs to Tlene Strate their claims live Merit and stand a Roii Honable Chance of Suee Ess. In May a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced Federal anti Sapp in the . Ii Juse of . The speak 1 of a act w Ould Ai it ply to speech on matters of Public concern and in connection with of finial Punj feedings. We urge Ohio. delegation to support the Spilak Kek act to protect the most fundamental right of our democracy. Gatehouse Ohio Media a i Eek election h dummies when bragging is winning a is Washington of mom a lie says. To it id you tweet that you were going on meet tie press a Kathen Parker t. Kathleenf Mrkela no. A did you tweet that you were going on lard Lialis a no. So goes a recent conversation with my adult son w to insists i must he More aggressive about raising mgt profile building my Brand and promoting myself. A in my tribe a i say a self promotion Wasny to �?o1 know a he says. A now we exhibit a Donald Trump. Fio can to Stop talking about How Rich he is. My father used to say a people who have it Money done to talk about no one told Mother whose tropes included a if you got it Honey flaunt they did no to get along. A be slow to know Quot Wii another of my fathers favorite refrains. As in be a Little mysterious done to give away ever\1.hing, keep yourself to yourself. When i was a child the most humiliating reprimand from a Parent was a Don t be a to be a Showoff was to signal to the world that you were so Lac King in character or Talent Liat you Hul to attract attention some other Way. Enter to Rump a Lough he apparently have a Talent flir making Money. It helps if your father leaves you millions list Vum. Did. Vii Ercius Liu Mility was once the universally acknowledged virtue to which one aspired today we a., in �?o1 looked like a wet mop like play i got thu something like Liat. Obviously frumpy a parents never discouraged his show ing off. Or else they did so often that lie decided to get even by being the biggest Showoff of the human race. Not Long ago his pontifical self heraldry which really Isnit fair to joint diffs w Ould have doomed him to urgent anonymity. Today alas he a winning not to make this column a i Rump dump hut he personifies tie social disease of Itu fulgence. Lie seems almost lire Ternate rally t j have emerged lib Jon the National stage As a didactic performer to remind us of what we once w Ere not. Like Jim Carrey in a a to he mask a upon donning tie mask of Dojki t Rump has become an extreme version of himself. At the risk of again Humble bragging in a at the skills needed to make the big time today especially in Media. Forget the 80 million print readers a Humble rag or other traditional Mcm insures of Success. Forget the nearly 5�j0 newspaper Suh scribers f 1 think in a getting the Kiang of this by us Lay a Stan Dards in a a virtual nol xxi. In tile sex a Ial Media universe it matters less Liat you do than Liat people say a but what you do. Put another Way it Isnit enough i to erect a massive building on Firth Avenue. Quot Ubu live to Jet your name on it. Finally it Isnit enough to meet a Friend for dinner. People must know that you re meeting a Friend for dinner tweet and they must talk about it re tweet. It was under precisely such circumstances that i was first introduced to t Witter to Ana Marie co Anamari co for Merle Kike in As Ronkette and now a writer for in he Tiu Ardian. We were sitting in a restaurant having a drink when in walked Rahm Emanuel then president Obama a chief of staff. Cox and Emanuel hugged. She Tweeter. I marvelled. I should have Tweeter that they hugged but in be just w Ritten it so All those readers a did i mention 80 million a now know about it. Wlinich is meaningless. Itiat matters is Liat Cox has 1.j million followers and 1 to Kathleen Parker have something Well Softli of that. Pm told this is embarrassing. Really in a embarrassed when i forget that the word a a Media is a plural noun and should be followed by a Are Quot not i m embarrassed when i put a comma before a a but when it follows a negative predicate. As in i Laving be w tvs the r of 11 owe is i s not o n 1 v embarrassing but is also career limiting As the following anecdote illustrates. A year or so ago i was eclat Ting with former can president Jon Klein about his new venture an online subscriber network. . A Tun i said 1 might be interested in joining him he said a great How Many to Vitter followers do you have Quot so it has come to tins. People have Long said it does no to matter what people Are saying about you As Long As Ali Eye re talking about you. Wit at a new is Liat we quantify their talking about you and extrapolate tie numbers to indicate your importance More broadly. Its such serious business that peole litre people to develop strategies to increase their number and a grow Quot their value. Their value what you might ask Wiy in attracting attention of course. Kathleen Parker s email address to Kathleen Parker a wast Post com -.7 r 1 pm a a a pm 1 a it Pittsburgh paid at r of Rob Rogers 30 seconds 1 wish the peole on w. High Avenue in new who have the new it july at Lea so have the court it s to clean the dirt and Oil re them after Thev mow to lie Anli by the City people come into town now that Thev Are trying to get rid of the Reive 1 Flag what Are they going to Dot a with the american Flag in he amen can hag carried during a lot of atrocities Emu to my family in the , i am of Clie Rokee descent. Looking Over lupins salary and i Tirend it , i s Lucky fur her that we to la papers have deep pockets and slut it memories. Hey Street views Iowa Lunil checking out tie Cluzek it in Lluli drive Hehnel much turf Beaity they Are big enough to hold a Bass tournament in lie Siquier you get them up Llie better off we Are going to be a t he senior Center a Ami Kerful place. In hey do wonderful tilings Kvut Why can t they have a singles Danee for people and Over have it at 6 80 or 7 in the evening. A lot of a Leople would enjoy that. Have an of Triton Quot an answering machine 1? on duty 24 hours a Day Call 330-364 1939 or email opinions time reporter com callers should speak clearly and slowly after the beep. Of a personal attacks obscenities intolerant or biased messages Are not acceptable

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