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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - October 11, 1888, New Philadelphia, Ohio The new Philadelphia tidies Samuel Loo its proper. New Philadelphia. Ohio. One Day. Like some old Friend from far who visits us still garrulous of Long forgotten ways and things of Yore we knew before some Babbler of old times old jests and song dazed a mid a throng of younger careless strangers who disdain his boyhood a reign so from the shadows of the bygone years to reappears from an unsealed Corner of the brain it sturts again the memory of a Day As Clear and Gay As yesterday and at its bidding Adum rations Rise to dreamy eyes the splendours of a wide unravel of world onco More unfurled thin far off mirth vague sorrow vanished sights loves dead delights wonder and Hope and Joy the exultant thrill ineffable the fainting Echo and the afterglow of Long ago. Then As a lonely outcast who hath come to find h s Homo changed with changed fortunes Chambers sacred still others fill. Whose wild White face to panes a curtained pressed a space might rest upon a fireside group All warmth and glee rest and then Floe so Swift it came and then so swiftly went its Brief life spent. Into the dense oblivion of the night it took its flight fled the Palo ghost into the wilderness companion less fell the frail Bridge the yawning gulfs spanned at touch of hand a Cornhill Magazine. Loyal at last. A Talo of love and adventure in the late civil War. By Bernard Bigsby at non or a Ellen s secret a a a fallen among theses a a my lady fantastical a and other stories. L copyrighted 1686, by the a. X. Kellogg paper company Zeics chapter v. A dilemma. Then there was a Lull m the storm and the armies retired to Winter quarters. Tins gave Harry a Chance to make inquiries about the Frob Shams but though Many were acquainted with them Nono could give him the slightest Clew to their whereabouts so nothing remained to him but to Trust to the chapter of accidents which had already afforded him two strange opportunities of meeting members of the family in which he was so deeply interested. The months dragged wearily along for it is Ono thing to spend the Winter in a Gay City adored by the women feted at Ball and party and another to drone the Days away in a squalid Village with no companionship but such As the Barrack room afforded meeting the same faces every Day and going through the same Dull rounds of duty. Some found Refuge in cards and drinking gambling their pay away others turned to study but the Lew books they possessed were ragged and dogeared by constant lending and All looked eagerly Forward to the stirring times the Spring would bring them even though death himself was their Herald. Harry a fathers letters too worried him for the old Man was beset with a Strong presentiment of evil to be brought about by Alphonse Lecroix against whom to was perpetually warning him. Then his constant allusions to a girls were not of a nature to be agreeable to one who loved her so passionately he would not believe it possible for her pure nature to do any wrong. I like these impetuous Young Fellows who put their lady loves of pedestals Aud make goddesses of them. Their generous natures Are rarely deceived for i notice such implicit Devotion is usually rewarded by the crowning Blessing of a Good woman a love. Pondering Over such Little troubles Harry sat one Day in the squalid chamber of a cottage to Hud deemed himself fortunate to secure As quarters when the door opened and Gordon Grey entered. There was a sheepish Ming dog look about the lads face which caught Harry a Eye at once so different from the Bright abandon which usually Young Fellows handsome features. A see Here Winthrop a he blurted out without preface As he Flung himself 011 Harry a bed a a in a in a there was such a Climax of comical distress in the expression Harry could hardly repress a smile. A ooh you Grin. In a regularly treed. There s nothing left for me As far As 1 can see but to just go and blow my brains out unless a a Well unless a a you can let me have two Hundred dollars and ask 110 questions what i want it Harry looked at his Young lieutenant curiously but not unkindly. A two Hundred dollars is a Large sum a he said gravely a and i must know what you want it for or i shall not feel like lending it to you. Besides i Haven to such an amount by me and should to driven to borrow it from a a ooh no you would to Gordon interrupted eagerly a a Chatterton said head take your note of hand if a a a a so you have fallen into the clutches of unprincipled scoundrel a Harry burst Forth in righteous indignation. A a after All my warnings too of Gordon Grey this is too bad a a a i did not know a a you did when you told me you had been seduced into gambling Den of a canteen 1 told you what the end would be. If you had listened to Mon a a a ooh yes i know. But Harry 1 was dipped so deeply i was obliged to make an Effort to win Back my losing and a a you thought they would give you a Chance to do so yes just such a Chance As a Kitten would have of getting redress from a pack of a Why Harry they arc a a i know it and thank god there arc few such Black sheep among us. Well they will have in this Case to wait for their plunder for i wont help a a but they wont a they must. What can they do a a pc Litterton says if i do not take up some in his ups. But it was too late to recede so Harry at once proceeded to business. A a i have come to see you lieutenant Chatterton concerning Gordon Greys Little difficulty with you. He tells me you Are willing to take my promissory note for the amount he owes you and a a so the beardless Puppy has gone after All whining to his nurse. I told you he would to laughed offensively while his friends joined in the Guffaw. A a i see through your Dodge though Sharp As you think yourself a he continued blinking with his cleared eyes. A and what May my a Dodge be sir a Harry asked with quivering lip. A ooh you know. You be been told Tho screw 1 had 011 Grey. Aii you want is to get hold of his notes and then you a round on me and threaten to report me if i asked you to pay a a on Tho contrary. I have brought you the Money instead. See Here it a a it a a trick i wont to done a the Drunken Ruffian roared. A see Here you Winthrop i want none of your infernal interference in my affairs. This is a private room sir go go i Tell you a he yelled As he sprang from his seat and Laid his hand on Harry a Collar. Harrje Flung him aside and turned to face the Many a friends who had leaped to his assistance. Quick a3 he was he could not avoid a blow which Cut a Gash in his lip but he returned the insult with interest As his stunned assailant who Lay at his feet knew to his Cost. At moment the door was broken Down and the officer of the Day followed by a corporals guard burst into the room. A you Are ail under arrest gentlemen. To your quarters a so it came to pass Harry Winthrop suffered the overwhelming disgrace of a court martial. It is True to was honorable acquitted while Chatterton was dismissed the service but i question whether Harry with his High notions of Honor did not suffer the most for loss of self esteem to a High spirited Young Man like him meant a bigger punishment the other endured. Chatterton Srago against him was furious and before to loft the Camp he swore to be avenged on him Aye though he had to swing for it. Too Well lie kept Liis word. Meanwhile Gordon Grey was full of remorse Aud penitence. It is True he had recovered his notes but at what a Cost the peace of mind of Liis Best Friend. Moreover his position was not a pleasant one. Scores of Liis comrades who never knew the details of the ease but simply regarded Grey As a foolish youth who had lost his Money and a a squealed a and Winthrop As a squeamish Don Quixote too Goody Goody for a cavalry Saddle and wasted much honest sympathy Over the worthless fellow who had brought about the trouble. Chatterton had made friends too by enlisting in a foot regiment and luckily carrying a Musket now he was stripped of his sword. Aii this was very grievous to Grey who could never sufficiently reproach himself for his inordinate Folly. This is a private room Sihu go my notes this very Day. He will Send them to his brother to collect from my a pshaw you Are a minor and she is not responsible for your gambling a ooh Harry you do not know her. She has crimped and saved out of her Small Means to Send me Money and she would beggar herself rather a blemish should lie of her boys character. Not pay i know shed starve herself to raise the sum if it were ten times As much and never whimper at the win thro pcs blood was up. A a stay where you Are Grey for Tho next hour or two. I will make a settlement with these Fellows a he said sternly. A do not go yet a Gordon interposed. A you do not quite understand. I could not Bear the disgrace of letting them think i lost my Money and then squealed to you. That would be worse a a a letting your Mother Pinch herself to pay your disreputable nevertheless Harry had no intention of belittling the boy in the eyes of his comrades. 80, having secured the necessary funds he started for the canteen where he made sure of meeting Chatterton and other Jovial spirits of Tho same kidney. He had no intention of making a scene or doing any thing would bring discredit on his name but the moment he entered the Little room where Chatterton sat and saw the saddened condition of the Fellows countenance he realized he had chosen an in convenient moment for Tho interview. The Gnan had by in Demk Jig and was quarrel chapter Al Toor Barclay. The violets had began to lift their Heads in the virginian dells the Trees to Blossom the Birds to Herald the approach of Spring when once More the Hills reverberated with the storm of Battle. Burnside had been transferred to Tennessee and general Hooker was in Ommund of the army of the Potomac. Leaving Sedgwick to carry Tho entrenchments at Fredericksburg to pushed Forward the main army a Hundred thousand Strong across the Tappahannock to meet Lee at Chancellorsville where the scouts had brought word he was lying with sixty thousand men. Aii night Long Larry Winthrop had been in the Saddle on a recon loitering expedition and at Dawn had Flung himself to rest beside the Camp fire. The heavy tramp of infantry Tho clash of moving squadrons the Dull Roll of artillery made sleep impossible but it was something to be grateful for to stretch the weary limbs and rest. Then As the hours rolled by there came from the Woods the Sharp detonating reports of musketry and the booming Thunder of artillery Aud Winthrop knew the Battle was begun. Suddenly there was the Sharp crack of a Rifle in the opposite direction and in u Miu Ute or two one of Harry a own men dashed in mad haste among them with the a a Tho robs in Force in the Woods yonder Are closing upon us a the command was in the Saddle almost before the words had left the Many slips in reckless haste they Rode to carry the unwelcome tidings but the warning came too late for hardly had they reached their lines the enemy was upon them Twenty thousand Strong and though the men fought like heroes Tho Union right was routed. It was another of Leeds master moves 011 the chess Board of Battle. Relying on the dense Woods to conceal his movements he had risked the perilous Chance of sending Jackson with one third of his army to attack Tho enemy on the rear. That night Hooker took a new position. The next Day the Battle raged with renewed fury. As general Hooker stood leaning against a pillar of House a Cannonball crashed against it and hurled him senseless to Tho ground and for More an hour the Northern troops fought without a Leader. But Winthrop saw none of this. He was Riding in hot haste 011 the Road to Fredericksburg seeking for Aid from Sedgwick. Nor had he far to go for Gallant general had taken Fredericksburg and was now filing aug himself on Leos Roar at the moment Tho Southern forces were forming for a grand attack. Tho tide of Battle turned 011 the new Comers who were driven across the River and the army of the Potomac withdrew to its old camping ground. It was during Tho heavy March in the night Harry Winthrop in command of the rear Girard worn with the two Days lighting and loss of sleep listlessly followed his troop along the Dusty Highway. By his Side Rode Liis Friend and Comrade Frank Barclay who was even in a Moro exhausted condition for not Only was he half dead with fatigue but to suffered from a Saber but on the Arm and the faintness consequent on much loss of blood. A cheer up old fellow a Harry said affectionately. A we shall soon be under Canvas again and a Long rest will put you All a a i done to know about a was the cheerless reply. A of course i done to think this Little scratch in be got is going to be my death blow but in be clean lost heart and my mind wanders off to the wife and bairns at Home. A Man with a family carries a heavy mortgage of him when to goes a you Are worn out and discouraged is All a Harry claimed while his companion relapsed into Moody silence. They were approaching a part of the Road which Lay at the Edge of a deep Ravine whose Side was overgrown with rank weeds and scrubby bashes. Every now and then they had passed some straggling foot sore infantry Man who had fallen out of ranks and was dragging his weary limbs along As Best he could. It was just such a figure As this they overtook As they reached this dangerous spot in Tho rugged Road. It was not utterly dark for the stars were out. But it was not Light enough to distinguish the uniform the Man wore in fact Winthrop never gave him a second thought beyond turning his horses head a Little to Tho left so he should not trample 011 him. As they got abreast of him the Man turned upon him. Grasped the bridle of his horse and the Flash of the pistol blazed straight at Harry Winthrop a face. Instinctively he stooped to grapple with the Assassin and the action saved Liis life for the Bullet slowed through the housings of his Saddle and buried itself in the breast of Las Comrade who fell with a groan to the Earth. Poor Barclay his premonitions were soon realized. In an instant the murderer Flung himself Down the Steep Declivity and though a score of Bravo Fellows clashed recklessly after him he was lost in the darkness. Ere lie left the fatal spot Winthrop a Eye chanced to rest on a Little glittering object lying on the grass. To picked it up and found it was a portion of a Gold watch chains two Long antique links curiously wrought Aud doubtless of foreign workmanship. A this mute witness against the Man who did the foul deed a he muttered a shall never leave me till i have avenged poor Barclays How Well he kept his pledge the sequel shows. Meanwhile in the Confederate lines the paeans of Victory were hushed for the wails of sorrow for Stonewall Jackson the idol and Hope of his people Lay Stark in death shot Down by his own troops who mistook Liis escort for Federal cavalry. Better had the South lost a whle army the Man whose magical name was such a Tower of strength to their cause. Of course Winthrop knew nothing of this. He had however troubles enough of his own to harrass him. Ever before his eyes were the figures of Barclays wife and children crying to him for vengeance. That the poor fellow had died in his place he never doubted and free consciousness of added to his agony. He Aid All he could to mitigate the Dis Tress of Barclays loved ones sending them every relic he could and of the Man they mourned for and commending their temporary necessities to hi3 father whom to knew would right royally fulfil the Trust. Still the Days crept by and no gleam of Light came to penetrate the mystery. Once it is True he thought he was on the eve of a discovery. To had been talking with a number of officers and had just bade them Adieu Aud was hastening to his quarters when one of them a major Mcdonald hurried after him and said a one moment Captain Winthrop if you please. Have you any objection to showing me the links of watch Chain you found 011 the spot of poor Barclays murder a a a Nono in the least a Harry said As he Drew it from his pocket. The major scanned it narrowly and his face flushed. A a do you recognize it a Tyint Hrop asked eagerly. A a i certainly do a was the Sharp response. A a Tho pattern is the fac Aimsie of Ono 2 an unburned letter. A do you recognize it a Winthrop As std. Bought at constantinople. I gave it to my Nephew Willie a your Nephew a a ooh done to let arouse the de Ototivo in you a the major replied with a laugh a a for though Willie is not one of your psalm singing youngsters and May to a Little too industrious in sowing his wild Oats he is quite beyond the suspicion of homicide let alone cold blooded a a still he May a a no he May not a major Mcdonald interrupted severely for he was piqued at Harry a persistence. A who can prove Tho clearest Alibi for he was used up by a gunshot wound and was invalided Home two months a Oil sir you misunderstand me a Harry explained. �?o1 meant he might have disposed of it or lost it or a a a not Likely. Wlllie is not Ono to give away a Keepsake and As for his losing it Why Man i had a letter from him yesterday and lie would Havo been sure to have alluded to the fact if it Hud in any Way got out of his Possession for he prize the a a i can Well understand major. Then i suppose we arc to assume two chains of the same pattern have reached this Side of the a a yet seems highly improbable a the major confessed a a for the turbulent keeper of the Bazar who had a head Liko a Pati l Urcho a swore by All the prophets it Hud no duplicate and it was absolutely for its quaint and unique design i was tempted to buy a a Well will you do me the great favor to write to your Nephew and ask him if the Chain is still in his Possession a Winthrop pleaded. A a Why yes if you desire it but confound the thing i wish i had never mentioned the Chain to you. However if it will be of any satisfaction to you i will do so though 1 am positive of Tho nature of the answer i shall receive so do not to building any Castle in the air on such a Trumper foundation As and Harry did not for he had red enough of the Wiles of turkish Bazar keep ers to place Little Reliance 011 the merchants Assurance the Chain had no duplicate. Chapter Vii. Lost. A How grand How glorious a this is War a it was the third Day of the terrible Battle of Gettysburg and the speaker was Gordon Grey. Meade had succeeded Hooker. And the sight was indeed thrilling. By Leeds command two Hundred guns belched Forth their volleys of cemetery Ridge and for two mortal hours the air was thick with shrieking shells. Then the deafening cannonade lulled and the confederates poured from the Woods in double line 01 Battle Over a mile Long with skirmishers hovering on their front. Even the Union ranks could scarce forbear a cheer of admiration As silently and with splendid steadiness magnificent column of eighteen thousand men moved up the slope. A Hundred guns Tore great gaps in their ranks and still they advanced with spartan fortitude. Infantry volleys smote their front yet they pushed Forward they even Bayon eted the canno neers at their Guus and planted their flags 011 the breastworks. Then upon this struggling mass t he federals converged on every Side. No human endurance could stand Tho storm and Leeds ranks fell broken and shattered like Forest Trees swept by Tho blast of the Tornado. It was night. From a Clear sky Tho stars looked Down on the blood stained slopes of Gettysburg where Lay forty thousand corpses silent witnesses of the three Days carnage. Niue hours had Harry Winthrop been in the Saddle Well had he borne himself in charge and Pursuit but while ins surviving comrades had Flung themselves to rest 011 Tho Beuton Sward there was 110 relaxation for him for the Roll had been called aria among the missing was Gordon Grey. With feverish anxiety Tho Young office a crossed and re crossed the Battle Field searching for his Friend among the countless bodies Lay there. Already fatigue parties were abroad burying their dead comrades by Torch Light and of these he earnestly inquired if the Michigan lad was among the number of their slain. A in vain till at last 111 the Dawn of the morning Success seemed to Crown his efforts. A some of your Fellows a said a grizzled sergeant a a lie Over yonder and there is just. Such a youngster As you describe among Quot i must see for myself a Harry said with determination. A say sergeant i will give >1 0 and your men fifty dollars to uncover the grave of the boy you speak Ito re continued. Sights in the desert. Tiow heavy articles Are loaded and tied upon the camels lumps. When i first saw the camels one foreleg of each was Bent up and a Strong Cord tied around the joint so the beasts thus hobbled ecu id not stray out of sight. Wien All was made ready for the March these bunds were loosened. Upon the camels hump3 were tied our tents and tent poles casks of water padlocked to prevent the Camel Drivers from stealing the scanty fluid great boxes of provisions sacks of charcoal and a Sheet Iron stove crates of oranges and hampers with eggs and cooking utensils coops of live chickens pigeons and turkeys Buda and bedding and Twenty solid leather trucks of photographic plates. In the caravan went two live sheep to provide fresh Mutton when wanted. Six Riding camels brought up the rear. These last were saddled for the four a who Wadi a Hedayah and Abdullah whenever tired of walking we chose to mount them. Each Eamel was attended by its Driver who was usually its owner also Aud took Good care it was not overtaxed. Every night ail this a a outfit has to be taken apart assorted and shaped into the conveniences of the Camp. Every morning it had to be loaded Lor the Days travel amid the growls of the camels the screeches of the bedouins and the Earnest commands of our Dragoman. I never would decide which was the Best Camel or who the least profane of the arabs. If i fixed upon one As my Good Camel the next morning i would find him protesting against every Pound placed upon his ugly Hump. If i ventured to Call Ali or Yuseth my Good boy the next time we broke up Camp i would find them trying to sneak off with a Light Load. Moreover it Cost me fifteen Days of anxious watching to find the rooster whose crowing awakened me before Light every morning. Each morning on hearing him outside my tent i quickly peered through the door and detected him. Abdullah was thereupon to a off with his head Fox the coming lunch. The next morning a cheerful voice greeted me As usual. Not until fifteen premature and unjust executions had been perpetrated was the Correct Chanticleer caught. He was the last of his company and died because he would not take a . The Cooling effect of ice is actually de pendent upon its meeting As in this process 1 the heat which causes it to melt is absorbed from the surrounding bodies. A Pound of ice in melting will absorb sufficient heat to i Cool a Pound of water from 174 degrees fahrenheit to the freezing Point or to Cool i 142 pounds of water one degree. One to it was written by Conklin when he first fell out with Blaine. Republicans Here Aro greatly astonished Over the following letter from Roscoe Conkling to Peter b. Crandall of this City published in the Ithaca Democrat together with a Long interview with or. Crandall on the circumstance under which the letter was written May 0, 1806.�?my dear sir i am glad to receive your letter. By this time you will have seen in full the latter passages of the Fry Blaine matter. Let me in w what you think. You will not i think find fault with the self command of your representative when called on without a moments warning in the presence of the nation to answer such a libel. What is the Elfelt t upon our people or. Blaine s said to to too near the business of recruiting at Augusta me., where he 1 ves and where there was another Haddock Aliar in c but not in convict on and Pui ashment. He has grown suddenly Rich it is said at of government jobs. His brother was convicted of forgery and sent to the state , i am told and All Arou d you see there is a Strong flavor about the whole thing. If where you and i Are known any one can be found to believe the Lul imputation put of us we have lived in vain. How is this your Friend. Roscoe Conkling. Peter h. Crandall Babcock Hill Oneida county n. A or. Crandall is eighty years id. Lie has been a prominent Man in state and National politics for Many years and has always been Ono of Conkling s most devoted friends. In an interview or. Crandall said a i want simply to make a stat finont for Tho Benefit of Tho friends of or. Conkling. Iio was a statesman a Patriot an honest Man. Through or. Blaines intrigues and machinations to was forced from Public life to his death. It is now the duty of every one of or. Conkling a friends to repay treachery by helping to silence forever scheming and dishonest politician. I have known or. Conkling All my life and have corresponded with him for Many years. Aii of his letters show his intense suffering on account of the Way Blaine has column rated him. Hig last letter was written a few Days before his death and in he still expressed an interest in Public affairs. A when i was Provost marshal of Oneida county great frauds were unearthed by Conkling and traced to Washington. Conkling attempted to introduce a Bill abolishing the Provost Marsha ship. Fry and Blaine opposed it As they wanted Tho office to become a part of Tho War department so As to Continuo Tho frauds. General Fry sent a letter to Congress and Blaine caused it to to read charging Conkling with protecting his own District from exposure in the county frauds. Conkling arose demanded an investigation and turned n Fry and Blaine charging out of 800,000 men to whom bounties were paid scarcely 200,000 Ever went to service and somebody stole the Money. The _ committees appointed exonerated Conkling but the Fry investigation found too big a Job in their hands and so Many persons were implicated Tho matter was finally dropped. 1 Havo All Tho papers in the matter As Conkling told me to keep them. Or. Hotchkiss attorney for the committee said a if we should attempt to get Back this stolen Money by spreading these transactions Over the country Tho administration would not last six Conkling said he had a letter from Augusta me., Blaines Home charging Blaine with making $40,000 in a single Day out of county frauds. About a month after this i received the letter which i now give to the Public. When or. Blaine has been pushed to the very front of his party As arbiter and dictator and has reached and holds position by treachery it removes Tho obligations of secrecy. The friends of or. Conkling now he is dead owe him the right to be heard 011 All matters relating to Blaine s integrity. Tho friends of Conkling can not vote for Harrison this fall if they Are True to Conkling a memory. Blaine is the Republican party and if it had not been for him Garfield would have been alive and Conkling still in politics. I will not vote for Harrison this fall. I have always been a Republican but when party goes in for plunder i leave it. The Republican party seems to have but Ono purpose and to Aid capitalists and bondholders to squander the Public lands and build up Mammoth corporations. I am too old to ask or expect any thing from any political party now and All i wish is to leave the world better i found it. But when i think if Harrison is elected this fall Blaine will boat the head of the government i can not die contented but feel Liko going to every Friend of or. Conkling and telling him what i know personally about the i shameful Way lie was treated by Blaine and thereby removing from my heart Tho secrecy of a subject which has Ever been a painful one to Tho leading democrats Here say this letter and interview will increase the democratic vote in this Section by Ithaca . Cor. Chicago times. Done to like the Irish. Harrison s views frankly expressed at a meeting twelve years ago. J so much attention has been paid by i Republican papers to an apparent discrepancy As to dates in a statement made by William Condon sr., of Bloomington Iii., concerning a speech onco delivered Here by Ben Harrison of Indiana or. Condon has been moved to make himself Clear and to does so by the following affidavit which explains itself a William Condon sr., being first duly sworn deposes and says be is a Gra n and grocery merchant residing in Bloom Egton Iii. That 011 an afternoon a few Days before Tho november election in the year 1876 he attended a Republican meeting it Durley Hali in said City of Bloomington Iii. That sad meeting was addressed by Benjamin iiurri6on, the present presidential candidate in the course of speech at the Durley Hall Ben Harrison praised the bravery and patriotism of the d of Ferent races of this country except the Irish and As Harrison was quitting portion of his address an old gentleman with an Irish accent asked a How about the Irish and where were Meagher , Shields Mulligan and the others a the crowd hissed the question and shouted a put him out and the old gentleman was put out Ben ii prison said in answer to Tho question a it is easy to know Many a race you All know what they Are if it were not for them to would not need half our penitentiaries which ure almost full of them they Are Only Good to shovel dirt and Grade railroads for which they receive More they Are Worth As they Are no acquisition to the american affiant further says these words from Harrison were followed with applause and affiant then left the Hall. Affiant says he mentioned Harrison s speech and the very even no to his neighbors and he frequently thereafter the same in discussing politics with his friends Long before Ben Harrison was nominal id for president. Affiant says he has paid so much attend on to Harr songs speech because among other reasons Harrison was then a prominent Republican having been beaten for governor of Indiana but a Short while before. Affiant further swears after Harr songs nomination for president affiant for a Short while thought Harrison made his speech against the Irish but eight years ago. Instead of twelve years ago this inaccurate impression arising from the fact affiant had so often mentioned Harrison s speech the words were As fresh in his memory As a recent event. Affiant swears in the letter which he wrote to Golden col., and which was afterwards published in the papers he never said any thing about the number of irishmen in any place who would Voie for or against Ben Harrison for president but various numbers were added to his letter As published by various papers by reporters or editors whom affiant does not even know. Affiant swears he was the first to have the inaccuracy about the Date of Harrison a speech corrected which correction appeared in the bul tin before any of Tho Republican papers began the controversy about Harrison so speech. Affiant says in conclusion he is neither office Holder nor office seeker. William Condon or. A subscribed and sworn to before me this 80th Day of september a. D. 1888. A cd. S. Pearson notary other affidavits Are made by Michael f. Purcell John a. Wilson Robert Saunders and a. G. Creed All Well known and respected in this Community who swear they attended the Disrley Hall meeting in 187g and remember the words of Harrison and Tho scene substantially As or. Condon has Given them. John Mccann Jamos d. Mellinger John Morgan and u. O. Andrus Aro among others who were then present at Dunloy Hall and May be quoted As substantiating the above sworn testimony. To a make it More binding a As it were the bulletin Here publishes several affidavits of persons who recall or. Condones mentioning the Durley Hali incident to them on various occasions and before the Republican candidate was thought of As very much of a Bloomington jul letter. Stories of Webster. Proof better assertion. The negroes Friend. The old roman addresses a delegation of coloured voters. A few Days ago judge Thurman received a delegation of coloured democrats who to rough w. H. Farbush of Arkansas presented an address expressing their thankfulness for favors from the democratic party expressing a belief in the division of the coloured vote As for their Best interest and stating a firm belief in the election of Cleveland and Thurman. Judge Thurman greeted them warmly and spoke As follows gentlemen i am greatly obliged to you for this Call and still More for the kind and just sentiments have just been read Here. I know Well 1 have been described and am Desi ribbed As an enemy of the coloured people. Tipiere never was any thing More unjust in the to id. 1 done to Cimo from a family to at is unjust. When my family Emo to this state my Grandfather brought w the him All his p Opery which consisted chiefly f slaves and he set them All free. My father never owned a slave my Mother never owned a slave i never owned a slave and would not if i could. Now i might also say 1 was raised among coloured people. Ono of the most intimate companions of my childhood and one whom i t 1 k Caro of till he died was a boy f about my own age who i and been Given to me by my Grandfather not us u slave to As a playmate and companion to take care of me being older. If Ever one cd id loved another boy loved me and i loved him and never were More sincere tears shed i shed Over him. But we can not expect Justice in a Polit Cal Campaign and 1 Havo Een denounced us an enemy of the coloured race. I deny nothing is True but this charge s untrue. No Man can Point to a Law i had any Thi a a to do with the making of or to a dec s on of mine i Ile on the Bench was More unjust to the coloured people Thun to the White or unjust in any description and i defy any one to show anything to the contrary. It is Truo in 1807. Before the suffrage for your people h id been adopted when Tho question was n Ohio and in Ohio Alon \ whether the word a a White a should be Strun it from the Constitution. I Ogeth t with a Large majority voted Agni just striking it out. The reasons were plainly stated and honestly maintained. It was not right for Lii to take Suca action when nearly All tie other states were acting otherwise. That reason i urged against such action but from the moment the amendment t Tho Federal cons Tut on was adopted which gave suffrage to the coloured people from moment they became Cit Zens and no Man can say i Ever treated them otherwise As citizens. Applause no Man can say with truth i have denied Tho Equality before the Law of the coloured people. I stand and Grover Cleveland stands on the platform of the democratic party which pronounces for equal rights for All without regard to race or color. That platform meat s every Many whether by birth by Natu Alipat on or by the amendment to the Constitution i6 a Cit zen is equal to any one before the Law. Applause White and Black stand on the same foundation and All ure equal Lefore the Law. Now you have studied the platform of Tho Fetnie cratic a to. You have seen the pledges made. No president Lias Ever done More am be just be to the Dolored people Grover Cleveland and if re elected he w 11 continue to do Justice to them. I know h m Well. In his intellect in his heart in h s Sou he is a just and upright Ryan. When he says any thing he Means it and when he has said it he stands to it. I am greatly pleased to see the coloured vote is no longer a in t. 1 have said repeatedly. In Public and a private i have said every where s nce suffrage was conferred on the coloured people the Republican managers seek to make political Bondsmen of the coloured race. When they ceased to be labor Bondsmen the Republican leaders intended they should become political Bondsmen and they in it was impossible in human nature without bitterness among the we test was an Moss Billiy in human nature w thou a Miracle. Although slavery in the South was to be found in whig As Well As in democratic states and it has been called a democratic inst to Tion yet the truth is the principle of Jefferson was undermining it and it was brought to the grave. Now say whatever y u May think write whatever you May think there is la forty to All. If any people Mare another have reason to be thankful for this Ceel ration it s those who have lately been set free. I done to underrate the men who helped. I know Well the unjust claims have been made. I know Well it was said it was not to be a fight of abolition. I know it was Soi if the Union could be preserved without free no a slave they would preserve it of condition. I know or. Lincoln a great and Good Man said so but i also know when the Dea entered the brain of the Radical leaders by Kemanc Pating the slave a id giving h m the suffrage the South might to m the a solid Rad Cal South then there was a sudden and wonderful growth of philanthropy and the men who but lately had been willing a see slavery indefinitely prolonged became the Earnest advocates of abolition. In a word party Inte Ess governed political on and if it had not been supposed by the Radical leaders the political bondage of the negro could be made to take the place of the ancient bondage you would have heard nothing of Tho Republican party having freed the slave. The Issue defined. By crying free Trade Tho republicans hoped to create a Stampede and in 1880, carry the election in a panic. Instead they find the purposes of the democratic party Are embodied in a carefully drawn Bill a Bill which democrats Are Able and willing to defend a Bill such As Grant and Garl old and Arthur urged Congress to pass and which can be understood even by men Little informed concerning Public affairs. The republicans have no Bill but they have a platform drawn to antagonize Tho democratic measure in every Issue. Instead of lowering the Tariff and removing its irregularities and inequalities they propose to Advance taxation and preserve every protective feature by give the people free whisky. Tho democrats favor a Tariff averaging 40 per cent. The republicans demand prohibitory duties. Tho democrats ask for Freer importations of necessaries of life in order to limit Tho Powers of Tho trusts. The republicans insist on increasing duties thus checking imports and extending the Power of the trusts. The democrats put Wool on the free list in order to encourage an Export Trade in Woolen manufactures. The republicans denounce free raw materials. The democrats demand a reduced Tariff on clothing. The republicans offer free whisky. In. Y. Lie raid. How the great orator cancelled a five thousand Dollar debt. A reminiscence of Daniel Webster never before told in print was related Here the other Day by a contemporary of the Massachusetts senator. It illustrates More forcibly any hitherto recorded the extraordinary influence of his oratory. Webster had Given a Friend his note for $5,000. A miserly old whig the richest Man in alexandrian bought the paper at a Sharp shave. Ile admired Webster and trusted him. The note matured. The senator could not pay. The miser Dunne Webster persistently but without effect. Or. Webster made a positive appointment to meet him one morning but was not to to found either at his Home or in Tho Senate. I Tho note bolder was walking away from the Capitol in despair when he saw Webster approaching with head High in air eyes sunken with far away look lips parted and Teeth showing in a Broad smile. The old whig lost courage and paused without recognition. Next morning in perusing the newspapers to read Webster s reply to Haynes. At once he took the orator s note and Tore it into pieces so prodigious was the effect of the splendid Phillipit. Another Friend once found Webster Reading Law with live and ten Dollar Bills As Book Marks in the volumes before . An ambitious youth. Johnny a when i grow up i m going to be a candidate. Pay Why my son a because i want to play a play music a j a yes did no to you say every i candidate had his Organ one of these Mouth Harmonicas is what i youth s companion. A claim to human gratitude. Charlotte Corday the sad feed tenderhearted peasant girl of Normany made great history by one desperate aet. Sickened by the saturnalia of Tho French revolution and moved to desperation As j Robespierre and Marat were leading the Flower of France to the Guillotine she determined she would put an end to Marat s bloody reign. Marat had demanded two Hundred thousand victims Lor the Guillotine he proposed to kill off the enemies of the revolution to make it perpetual horrible thought no wonder it tired the blood of this patriotic peasant maid gaining Access to his closely guarded quarters by a subterfuge she found him in his Bath even then inexorable and giving written directions for further Slaughter he asked her Tho names of Tho inimical deputies who had taken Refuge in Caen. Sao told him and he wrote them Down. A is Well before a week is Over they shall All be brought to the at these words Charlotte Drew from her bosom the knife and plunged it with supernatural Force up to the Hilt in Tho heart of Marat. A a come to me my dear Friend Totne to me a cried Marat and expired under the blow in the Corcoran gallery at Washington is a famous painting of Charlotte represented As behind the prison bars Tho Day before her execution. It is a thrilling sad picture full of sorrow i for her suffering country Aud of in conquer j Able hate for her country a enemies. What a lesson in this tragic Story two Hundred five Hundred thousand people would Marat have sacrificed to his unholy passion of Power methods Are quite As murderous and inexorable As men and they number their victims by the millions. The Page of history is full of murders by authority and by mistaken ideas in the practice of Medicine alone How Many hundreds of millions Hugo been allowed to die and As Many More killed by unjustifiable bigotry and by bungling but Tho age is bettering. Men and methods Are improving. A few years ago it was Worth ones professional life to advise or permit Tho use of a proprietary Medicine. To Day there Are not two physicians in any town in this country who do not regularly prescribe some form of proprietary remedy in in Warner famed All Over Tho world As the discoverer of Warners Safe cure began Hunting up the old remedies of the log Cabin Days after Long and patient research he succeeded in securing some of the j most valuable among family records and j called Tenai Warners log Cabin remedies j a Tho simple preparations of roots leaves balsams and herbs which were the sue a pcs soul standbys of our grandmothers. These simple old fashioned Sar i Saparillas hops and Kuehu cough i and consumption and other remedies Hui struck a popular chord and Aro in extr.-, Ordinary demand All Over the land. Thev i Aro not the untried and imaginary remedies j of some Dabster chemist intent on making Money but the Long sought principles of the Healing Art which for generations kept oui ancestors in perfect health put Forth for tin. Good of humanity by one who is known a Over the world As a philanthropist a Lover of his fellow Man a whose name is a Garau tee of the highest Standard of excellence. The preparations Are of decided Ank known in flue nce Over disease arid As in the hands of our grandmothers they raised u the sick cured the lame and bound up the wounds of death so 111 their new form hu1 Olden Power As log Cabin remedies the Are sure to prove the a a Healing of the Corday did the wot id an incalculable service in ridding Franco of the bigoted ant murderous Marat just a.-? this Man is doing humanity a service by re introducing to the world tiie simpler and better methods o. Our auce Stoi s. With such proof As the following letter from w. H. Dean of no. 27s seventh Street new York it is not necessary to make the Bare assertion Allcock a porous plasters cure Lumbago. Or. Dean says some ten Days Aro i was taken with a very violent pain in the Small of my Back. It was 60 severe i could hardly breathe every movement caused great agony. I finally found out it was Lumbago. Being entirely helpless a Friend sent to a druggist and got two s porous plasters these were Well warmed and applied to my Back Ono above the other. In half an hour to my great Delight and Surprise i found Tho pain began to Abate. In two hours 1 was Able to walk out and attend to my business the paid being almost gone. Next Day i was All right but continued wearing Tho plasters for a week. It was a woman who saw the fir to Snake but since then the men have attended to sort of traveler. . Sands of i know it is easy to say a a done to let them read trash a but Bow do you know just what books to put into the hands of your girls you certainly have no More time i yet you always seem to know exactly the right thing to do. Friend Well Sersh in this instance i get my information from Demorest s monthly a . They Are now publishing some capital articles of the subject of a a Reading for gins a and now you of it 1 will lot you into a Little secret. You always say 1 am 30 Well up on the matters of the Day and 1 really think 1 am yet the fact is j Only get time to read my Magazine but when 1 have finished its i know pretty much what is going of in demo rests Thev do seem to cover the ground of All subjects each Inemer of inv family is interested in. Why John is i s anxious each Mouth or it to arrive As 1 am. Quite a Paradox in a land of the free so Many am Tricas should covet inquirer. A Hook on Tho liver its diseases and treatment eke a. And. Or. Sanford 231 ,. Room for apprehension a dentists antechamber. A to me. I afflicted with sore eyo3 miso or. Isaac Thompson s Eyo water. Druggists sell it.2oo. Conceit like any other seat should be sat pc. For stable Siren to stockmen the greatest hem Edt known Foh horse and cattle disease. Cures cats swell in cr., Bruise Quot sprains galls strains lameness stiffness Lle Els scratches contractions flesh wounds slain Hult sore Throat distemper Colic Whitlow poll fail fistula tutors splints ringtones and Spavin in its Early stage. St. Jacobs Oil in accordance with Tho directions with Eucil bottle. Ti5 the most effective sort of joint discussion is the kind is conducted largely with Tho joint. Start at Tho starting Point dyspepsia in a Case of nervousness which is not obviously due to a mental cause or deep seated organic malady. Ordinary nervousness can not be overcome by sedatives. They May placate but can not euro it. Stimulate digestion with Hostette a stomach bitters and Relief soon follows. Use this benign remedy also in malarial disease bilious Ness constipation rheumatism kidney complaint. Dates Are duty free so a woman past thirty can Tell the Date of her birth or not just As Bhe pleases. Free a 3 foot French Glass ova front Nickel or Cherry Cigar Case. Meu chants Only. In w. Tansill 6b co.,Chicago. The microbe of the human race a dude. Bound to sell the Gau Dily covered novel a a tub Public awards the Palm to Hale s Honey of horehound and tar for coughs. Pikes Toothache drops cure in one minute. The markets. Facts versus fiction. In 1883 Carroll 1. Wright chief of the Massachusetts labor Bureau conducted a searching investigation of Tho question of wages in Massachi Pett the results of which he gave to the world in a series of elaborate tables contained in his annual report for 1881. Or. Wright is an accepted authority the world Over in this Field of investigation. From his tables nine leading industries with which Tariff legislation has most busied itself since 1880 Are selected and the wages paid in each under the Low and High tariffs of 1860 and 1880 respectively Are compared As follows Industry. New y flour.13 wheat no. 2 red Winter. 1 corny no. 2. Oats mixed Western. Bork. 16 lard prime Western to butter Western. Cheese Western. Eggs Western. Cattle. 3 sheep. 3 hogs. 6 Cleveland. Flour country xxx White. $ 5 Minnesota Patent ____7 5 wheat no. 2. Ork. Oct. 77 @4 7 12& 1 53 it 2 it a 5 1 to 17 id it 11 12 Ltd left 21 2 it ult 5 75 to 5 45 it 6 15m 54 0 00 2m j 954 2 it 85 00 70 f,5 try 5 0 25 a 7 50 1 07 1 03 carpets. Clothing. Cottons. Furniture. Leather. Linen a and jute. Paper. Silks. Worsted. Weekly wages. 160. 160. ? 6 62 15 87 8 26 8 31 6 50 7 37 11 77 9 95 to of 9 63 4 6j 4 82 8 63 8 17 5 91 5 87 6 to 5 66 it is a great mistake to suppose the consequences which followed the continued withdrawal and hoarding by the government of the currency of the people Aro not of immediate importance to the mass of our citizens and Only concern those engaged in Large financial transactions. A Fresu dont Cleveland s letter of acceptance Corn. 50 a 55 Oats no. 1. 31 the 32 cheese Choice factory. To -&Quot"4 i Ohio Dairy. Y 5 91 butter Choice. 14 amp 23 eggs. 20 21 potatoes. 40 s t v 45 seeds Timothy. 1 85 of 1 90 Clover. 5 25 of 5 7.7 Hay baled. 11 5 15 00 bulk on Market. 14 00 i 18 00 cattle. 3 00 4 15 hogs. 6 to c 50 Cincinnati. Flour family. 4 50 4 75 wheat. 1 to re 1 12 Corn. 45 a h 46 Oats. 26 h 264 Rye. 57 m 56 eggs. 17 the 174 hogs common to Light. 5 00 h 6 15 packing. 6 00 amp 6 50 Toledo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter. 1 10 to 1 14 4 corny no. 2 46 47 Oats. 24 fit 25 Buffalo. Beeves Best. 4 25 @ 5 50 medium. 8 75 0, 4 25 sheep common. 2 7a it 3 00 Choice. 3 50 Cit 4 to hogs selected yorkers. C 20 left 6 35 medium weights. 6 40 6 50 Pittsburgh Beeves Best. 5 75 it c o medium. 4 50 of. 4 75 sheep Best. 4 25 % 4 50 medium. 3 50 it 4 of hogs philadelphian. 6 75 it 6 9 yorkers. 6 80 it 6 0 Philadelphia. 1 Wool Western. 23 it 374 unwashed. 20 it 2vj sold by druggists and dealers even where. Trio Charles a. Vogeler co., lialto., a cd. Diamond Vera Cura for dyspepsia. And All Tom am troubles such As 3nur-Bt-r>, heart Sci Licusea g14-Fli lit Coutil Toktun Fuu Nesa amp tier East a. Toil Lasi Jug in tvs Mon i and Duag Rotaru to amp Sta eat ing. Nervo eneu and Lcw-3plrii�. Ai Drain girls and Dea ers or sent by mail on a Ltd Sci i of 2b cts. 5 tio xes 41.00 try stumps. Sample sent on receipt if 2 rent stamp. The Charles it. Vogeler co. Baiwir prs. I _ log Cabins Are fast going out of style As fashionable residences. Log Cabins will however always have a place in american history As they were the most prominent feat us oof our country s Early social life. Tho pioneers were Strong rugged healthy. Warner s log Cabin cough and consumption remedy is a reproduction of Ono of Tho Best of Tho old time roots and herbs remedies which kept them Well. Everybody praises a a Tippecanoe As a stomach tonic. Gommon sense oars for Catarrh Hay fever colds at h , and All i Eam Sof the and . Continuous current of of ionized air per of rating. Pui flying and head in. It cures w hero Ali other remedies fail. Ital cured in five minnies. Meet on so a Imp 1 Hui. You can he cured while sleep liar read Ngor perform me any kind of labor. Illustrated Book showing origin Fand How to cure a l diseases of the head Throat and free upon Root i of cent a Tarp. Common sense cure co., n a state St., Chicago to i hah lit it re Tun you nut. Is Furiate the 3srvs Cowels. Cost ivaness deranged the whole Icys twin and begets diseases such is sick headache dyspepsia fevers kidney diseases bilious Colic Lia Laria Etc. Rivitt n pills produce scr ii Lur habit of body and a Ood urges Loii without Uii Icli noon Cun enjoy Ood a cult. Sold everywhere. Up Ojei rep Oryx a i Blayer Edithe chs fill craze i Quot tiny for checker 3 Flayer j tie game consists in Fly Dpi i leaking 10 men a i Type sides by in it k i v i each other without my a co it ass ing one from the Board or moving i a pcs backwards. A hand mme prize one ii in i red portraits Given to those Quot and inst 3� Correct answers out of a possible Hsc. The me Complete with a pvt a How to it it mail i for to cents by Francis Greg Ory 44 Rhrou Wuy a York. It l Monk exciting tits famous �?o15�?� 1uzzle. Fri Namini Tilus a Peh cd a Ryuma Tou write. Prom Al Ely scream Balm \ v i y j 1�? i a a a a Mhz Mil. Old in Usa. Ely duos 66 Wari to 11., n. Y. Is to s3 a Day. Samples Worth #1.5 a Btij pkg. Lines not under lie mrse a 1 a a t. Writ us new Ster Uel Nhoi Dek co., us Lar Alth Quot au13 pay very time you Pena Sylunia agricultural a is Tori a. Farouk amp re ii Burdard engines and Haw Mills. San l flt r t isl cup. A a mews a a i a num. Tie a. F . Hammed Quaker to l i Superior address a. B. Farquhar a son York a. tuis paper r.- tune of Wilt. You the do Home not make More Money work lip for a i at anything Eue in the in rail i Ith t it Solly outfit ii Fiji Terma free. , tit Jea co., , Uura outta inc i ult Capek Terr Trio Jsu write. Iteana amp Serafien Ohi Sago Ous Bess Shege Short hand Institute and English training school. Inthe Stannard h Stirt tip a and the Uja Tygrest x73j&Quot Wotli ild f t i in Orr a troit. Catalogue terms Etc., sent Ehle. . In. Lili Yant .1 min in Rop Letora Chicago ii just 1 Ilch acquainted v7ith the geography of the country will obtain much valuable information from a study of this of the Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific Ray. Its Central position and close connection with Eastern Linos at Chicaro and continuous Linos at terminal Points West Northwest and Southwest make it Tho True mid link in transcontinental Chain of Stool which unites the Atlantic and Pacific. Its main lines and branches include Chi Ca go Joliet Ottawa Lasalle Peoria Geneseo Moline and Rock Island in Illinois Davenport Muscatine Washington Fairfield Ottumwa Oskaloosa and Atchison in Cansas i town and Sioux fails in Dakota an to and St. Paul in Minnesota water Many other prosperous towns and cities. Minneapolis a. Ut.,., and Many other pros it also offers a Choice of routes to and from the Pacific coast and inter mediate places making All transfers in Union depots. Fast trains of Fine Day coaches elegant dining cars magnificent Pullman Palace sleeping cars and Between Chicago St. Joseph Atchison and Kansas City restful reclining chair car seat3 free Host class tickets. To holders of through the Chicago Kansas amp Nebraska Ray cheat Rock Island route extends West and Southwest from Kansas City and St. Joseph to fair Bury Nelson Horton Topeka Herington Hutchinson Wichita Caldwell and All Points in Southern Nebraska Interior Kansas and beyond. Entire passenger equipment of the celebrated Pullman manufacture. Solidly ballasted track of heavy steel rail. Iron and Stone Bridges. Aii safety appliances and modern improvements. Commodious Well built stations. Celerity certainty Comfort and luxury assured. The famous Albert Lea route is the Favorito Between Chicago Rock Island Atchison Kansas City and Minneapolis and St. Paul. Tho tourist route to All Northern summer resorts. Its Watertown Branch traverses Tho most productive lands of Tho great wheat and Dairy belts of Northern Iowa Cut Western Minnesota and East Central Dakota. Tho Short Lino via Seneca and Kankakee offers Superior facilities to travel Between Cincinnati Indianapolis Lafayette end Council Bluffs St. Joseph Atchison Leavenworth Kansas , Minneapolis and St. Paul. For tickets folders or Auy desired information apply to any Coue Pon ticket office in Tho United or i Sinai to Oahu a Al. St. John Fecili Usu go. I ate or Canada or address e. A. Holbrook Chiaccio. Ill. Ltd end a ticket41 fas3r agent next president to the Public the Enby Jit Oua formula for your kind consideration. It is not a Peculiar remedy put up to Tell for a cent a dose. We Challenge the world to produce a Medicine equal to it a Merit As a family remedy. The combination makes it the greatest blood Medicine in the world. Mascara Sagrada. As a laxative it will re Foj Giorc the to vets to the a Normal condition without pain or griping and has re Marabie virtue in the treatment of habitual constipation indigestion and As a tonic i r the stomach it a no rival As a re 1 in this Avrun. Hlach co i Csc a cd in this syrup is a Power Blui and be thu remedy acting on be i the Ivrus Fol m. Kidneys and Rine organs. Fill Gril Root. In Al diseases of women it is ii rot and Forsmo tas a tonic and . It value Al not be Over image a As used Here n. 7amaragk Tome diuretic alterative and lax i alive. A Tbs great liver a 1 St Maeli remedy for Tho cure of All disorders of the stomach liver bowels kidneys h Munler nervous i ease loss of appetite headache constipation. Cost Veness. Indigestion bilious Ness fever inflammation of the bowels and All derangement of the internal viscera. In rely vegetable Couta Niue no liver eur. deleterious drugs. Perfect Eileent do su.5bs�?ojs.�?o9 Rad wits p2i.i.s every morning about ten o clock As a to Pill. By to doing of a in �?T1 Ca a Obj sick he adar dyspepsia foul stomach bilious Ness. A Iii be avoided ast e food is eaten contributes its nourishing properties for the support of the until Al v. Aste of the body. Eke observe the following symptoms resulting from disease of the d restive organs constipation. Inward in lies. Fullness of Tho blood m the head acidity of the stomach nausea. Heartburn disgust of food fullness or weight in Tho stomach sour erect actions. Sinking or fluttering of the heart sensations when in a a Viii posture. Dimness of vision dots or webs before the sight. Fever and Dull pain in the head deficiency of perspiration Yellowness of the skin and eyes. Paid in the of i be. Chest. Limbs and sudden i Sites of heat burning in the flesh. A few doses of Isa Dwayn a Pius will free the system of All the above named disorders. Price 155 cat. Per Box. Sold by All druggists. Send a letter stamp to do. Is tllwayaco., no. S i Warren Street. New York. S Quot into Mason Worth thousands will to sent to Vou. To the sure and ask for Rad Wai s and see the name a a Bauvi Aye is on what you buy. 5 u Perior h str Iti on the life 0, of is Oke i i styx r v v to f it it .x57l in it upon Gottlog the a f a Ninon a if Sotir Thrali a tin i t it fruit t-1 us. Send in. In it amp for t too pare t it Lorii of gun., Liht no vol vim pol ire nods 4c. John p. , Aims io., Jan fur Lio Atou Muana. Farming regions West Southwest Northwest. For particulars Call on Courti oct agent or address p. 8. Lutis Ueno a pass. At a. U. X. Y. K. In Chicago. Procured or no Cha in. Abo t Rade Marks Sims �3 Twel is Etc. Long sex Fco m is t.a., Wii is am pc a her hence. His est references. Book of Pat set Law fuel. A a. T. Fitzgerald attorney at Law. 1211 f Street Washington d. C. Ottn ame this a jail or every time fou write. A Salvator for invalids and the a of cd. An incomparable a lenient for the i Roith Anil Protection of infants and c Lii Len. A step error a utri Tivo in continued pc Vars and a reliable remedial agent in All diseases of the stomach and intestines. It. C. Ytn.v., m. In a a Tab new England medical the delicate conditions of the stomach when everything Elso has been rejected i Havo saved Many lives by giving Imperial g Ranum. I consider it Ono of Tho very Best foods the physician can find to assist him in carrying through Bis patient to recovery and i have found it of Ine Stiina j value in Tho interstates of Phthisis gastritis. Gastric Catarrh dyspepsia and we speak from Cape Riesco when we pay the nth the Imperial Granum is Btu Sailand nutritious. It Lias been on the Market for Many years and the largely Tomt Many others have found Liko results Utic Ninf its the. Christian Union in. Y. As a medicinal food Imperial Granum. Which Issi Muly a solid extract front very Superior growths of wheat is unexcelled and i4 to Day Tho Standard dietetic preparation for invalids for the aged and for the very . Am. Journal of it. I. Imperial g Ranum has been before the Pablo for Many years and is now regarded As Standard preparation. A there can be no doubt t hat this is duo to its u no f of Only Superior Quality and Tho successful results obtained with it in All cases where a prepared food is a popular science new a Boston mass. P. Varnum Mott m.p., Toston mass., Tab microcosm a new Are numerous foods ure much vaunted and All Hava their adherents. The 1 Mekial g Ranum a la my hands seems to Bead is claimed for it Aud experience has brought me to rely on its use where its special properties Aro indicated. In infantile diseases it has proved very efficacious and i always direct its use when a child is being the lives of untold thousands of infants have been saved by 1 Imperial Granum and careful mothers Are loud a their praises of this Well known food and pharmacists can safely recommend Illinois pharmaceutical association. Imperial Granum is highly recommended by our Best physicians and Many families Here Iii or testimony to its reliability Lor t to purposes for which it is prescribed. John Carle so sons new York Are the agents for this country. It is sold by All druggists. Mobile ala., Liegi Steri a Sis \ jul if it never fails. Hibbard a rheumatic syrup and plasters. No remedies known so highly endorsed by its Home people in the treatre it of rheumatism and ail blood diseases. Our medical pamphlet trea ing on rheumatism and All blood and fein amp in diseases sent free on application. Rheumatic syrup company Jackson Mich. Culverts r3qt 5�?T powerfully it to Gogue working with great Energy on the liver. It is Alio an excellent tonic laxative and alterative acting upon the secretive and absorbent glands of the body. E an Csake i9 powerful in its action working Dpi v a great Energy upon Tho liver and sea l intestines and is invariably used for lao constipation. Wjk has no equal for the cure of rheumatism , kidney liver and ail skin lineages isred herein. Oke regt 9 cathartic and anti so Romulous highly Erin for its Virtues in curing gout Rheum. A Tisani syphilis scr Fula cancer and All skin dkcat>i3. In addition to the above which Are every her Reorg Virrl by the medical faculty As Lang the Best known blood tomes our Medicine contains Karl drugs rendering Hibbard a rheumatic syrup 1 i a i 7 f j a Rit j r a to 11 m Ltd a big a a no i a a n or until u ? it a children invalids and Delica should be without it. Aida it you cannot procure it of you testimonials worthy of Confidence. Quot my daughter Maud has used Hibbard a rheumatic syrup and plasters which you so 6trongly recommended her to try for inflammatory rheumatism. Her limbs were badly swollen and the poor girl was in terrible agony. In the midst of the pain we wound the plasters about her limbs and As a result the swelling was reduced and she became quiet and rested. The syrup corrected her indigestion cleansed the rheumatic Poison from her blood and she is cow Able get around the House. Hibbard a rheumatic syrup and plasters Are Rene die of great Merit. Rev. Roberts. Pastor first m. E. Church Fremont Mich. , Mich., dec. So 187. A while Emp oved As agent of the Michigan Central Kif Road company at Augusta Mich., about seven years ago my kidneys became diseased and i have been a great sufi Ever since. Jive consulted the leading physicians of this City and Ann Arbor and All pronounced by Case b ight a disease. 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