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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - October 10, 1889, New Philadelphia, Ohio Sac tue woo be proper Philadelphia. Pm Ohio. Ready to be married. I am ready to to married i can make a loaf of bread i can us Nice a dinner As my Mother so she said lean keep a room in order sweep the House and make a bed Mother says a girl May marry who can make a loaf of bread. Lam ready to to married i can Cut Aud make a dress Mark the Linen Wuh Tho Cross stitch mend Tho lace that a hardly less Fine and Dainty than a cobweb so i dare to Tell him a yes a Mother says a girl May marry who can Cut and make a dress. I am ready to to married i can knit a stocking Well i can make and i can darn it and a a bargain Quot i can Tell i can shop and go to Market. And in a not a Ball room Belle Mother says a girl May marry who can knit a stocking Well i am ready to be married and have a Lover True just the handsomest and Dearest lad that Ever Como to woo never Maiden loved her Lover half so dearly As i do Mother save a girl May marry when she has a Lover True. Cleopatra. Being an account of the fall and vengeance of Harachis the Royal egyptian As set Roeth by his 0w1t hand. By h. Rider Haggard author of a a King Solomon a mince a a she a a Allan Quaterman a Etc., Etc., Etc. Illustrated by nicholl., after Caton Wood Ville and Gatei Fenhagen. Chapter i. Of the was of Charmion and of the crowning of Harachis As the King of love. I the following Clay i received the writing of my appointment As astrologer and magician in chief to the Queen with the pay and perquisites of that office which were not Small. Also rooms were Given me in the Palace through which i passed at night to Tho High whence i looked on the stars and Drew their = a Guries. For at this time Cleopa tra was much troubled about matters political. And not knowing How the great struggle among the roman factions would end but being very desirous to Side with Tho strongest she took constant counsel with me As to the warning of the stars. These i read to her in such manner As Best seemed to fit the High interest of my ends. For Antony the roman Triumvir was now in Asia minor and Rumor ran very Wroth because it had been told to him that Cleopatra was hostile to the Triumvir ate in that her general Serapion had aided Cassius. But Cleopatra protested loudly to me and others that Serapion had acted against her will. Y it Charmion told to that As with a Lienus it was because of a prophecy of Dioscoride the unlucky that the Queen herself had secretly ordered Serapion to to do. Nevertheless this did not save Serapion for to prove to Antony that she was innocent she dragged Tho general from the Sanctuary and slew him. Woe be to those who carry out the will of tyrants if the scale should Rise against them 1 and so Serapion perished. Meanwhile All things went Well with us for the minds of Cleopatra and those about her were so set upon affairs abroad that neither she nor they thought of revolt at Home. But Day by Day our party gathered strength in the cities of Egypt and even in Alexandria which is to eg3pt As another land All things being foreign there. Day by Day those who doubted were won Over and sworn to the cause by that oath which can not be broken and our plans of action More firmly Laid. And every other Day i went Forth from the Palace to take counsel with my Uncle Sepa and there at his House met the Nobles and the great priests who were for the party of Khem. Of Cleopatra the Queen i saw much and never wa3 i More astonished at the wealth and splendor of her mind that for Richness and variety was As a Woven cloth of Gold throwing Back ail lights from its changing face. She feared me somewhat and therefore was Fain to make a Friend of me asking me Many matters that seemed to be beyond the province of m3 office. Of the lady Charmion also i saw much indeed she was Ever at my Side so that i scarce knew when she came and when she went. For with that soft step of hers would she draw nigh and i would turn me to find her at hand and watching beneath Tho Long lashes of her downcast eyes. There was 110 service that was too hard for her and no task too Long for Day and night she Laboured for me and for our cause. But when i thanked her for her loyalty and said it should be had in mind in that time which was at hand she stamped her foot and pouted with her lips like an angry child saying that among All the things which i had Learned this had i not Learned that loves service asked no payment and Vas its own Guerdon. And i being innocent in such matters and foolish that i Vas holding the ways of women As of Small account read her sayings in the sense that her services to the cause of Khem which she loved brought with them their own Reward. But when i praised so Fine a spirit she burst into angry tears and left me wondering for i knew naught of the trouble at her heart. I knew not then that unsought., this woman had Given me All her love and that she was rent and torn by pangs of passion fixed like arrows in her breast. I did not know How should 1 know it who never looked upon her otherwise than us an instrument of our joint and holy cause her Beauty never stirred me nay not even when she leaned Over me and breathed upon my hair i never thought of it otherwise than As a Man thinks of the Beauty of a statue. What had i to do with such delights i who was sworn to Isis and dedicated to the cause of Egypt. Of 30 gods Bear me witness that i am innocent of this thing which was the source of All my woe and the woe of Khym How strange is this love of woman that it is so Small in its beginning and in its end so great see at the first it is even As the Little Spring of water Welling from a mountains heart. And at Tho last Liat is it it is a mighty River that of Lovseth Argolies of Joy and makes Wido lands to smile. Or perchance it is torrent to Wash in a flood of ruin across the Fields of Hope bursting in the barriers of design and bring to tumbled nothingness Tho tenement of Many a purity and the temples of his Faith. For when Tho invisible conceived the order of the universe to set within its plan this seed of woman a love that by its most unequal growth is doomed to bring about Equality of Law. For now it lifts the Low to Heights untold and now it brings the Noble to the level of the dust. And thus while woman that great Surprise of nature is. Good and evil can never grow apart. For still she stands and Blind with love shoots the shuttle of our Fate and pours Sweet water into the cup of bitterness and poisons Tho wholesome breath of life with the doom of her desire. Turn this Way and turn that she is at hand to meet thee. Her weakness is thy strength her might is thy undoing. Of her thou Art to her thou guest. She is thy slave 3�?Tet holds thee captive at her touch Honor Withers locks open and barriers fall. She is infinite As Ocean she is variable As heaven and her name is the unforeseen. Man strive not to escape from woman and the love of woman for Fly where thou Wilt she is 3�?Tet Oliy Fate and whatever thou build est thou build est it for her and thus it came to pass that i Harachis who bad put such matters far from me was yet doomed to fall by the thing i held of 110 account. For see this Charmion she loves me Why i knew not of her own thought she Learned to love me and of her love came what shall be told. But i knowing aught treated her even As a sister walking As it were hand in hand with her toward our common end. And so the time passed on till at length All things were made ready. It was the night before the night when Tho blow should fall and there were revel Ings in the Palace. That very Day had 1 seen Sepa and with him the captains of a band of five Hundred men who should burst into the Palace at Midnight on the Morrow when i had slain Cleopatra the Queen and put the roman and the gallic legionaries to the sword. That very Day had 1 sub pined the Captain faults who. Since i Drew him through the Gates was my will a slave. Half by fear and half by promises of great Reward i had prevailed upon him for his was the watch at the signal on the Morrow night to Dunbar that Small Gate which faces to the East. All was made ready the Flower of Freedom that had been five and Twenty years in growth was on the Point of Bloom. In every City from Abu unto at Hue armed companies were gathered and from their Walls spies looked out awaiting the coming of the messenger who should bring tidings that Cleopatra a no More and that Harachis Tho egyptian had seized the throne. All was prepared Triumph Hung to my hand As a Ripe fruit to the hand of the Plucker. Yet As i sat at the Royal feast my heart was heavy and a Shadow of coming woo Lay cold within my mind. I sat there in a place of Honor nigh to the majesty of Cleopatra and locked Down the lines of guests Bright with gems and garlanded with Flowers marking those whom i had doomed to die. There before me Lay Cleopatra a self in All her Beauty we hich thrilled the beholder Asho is thrilled by the Rushing of the Midnight Gale or by the sight of Stormy Waters. I gazed on her As she touched her lips with wine and toyed with the Chaplet of roses on her brow rethinking me of the Dagger beneath m3 Robe that i had sworn to Bury in her breast. Again and 3 it again i gazed and strove to hate her strove to rejoice that she must die and could not. There too behind Here watching me now As Ever with her deep fringed e3�?Tes�?was the Lovely lady Charmion. Who to look at her innocent face would believe that she was the setter of that snare wherein should miserably perish Tho Queen who loved her who would dream that locked in her girlish breast was the secret of so much death ? i gazed and grew sick at heart because i must anoint my throne with blood and by evil sweep away the evil of the land. At that Houi i wished indeed that i was naught but some Humble Husbandman who in its season sows and in its season garners Tho Golden Grain alas the seed that i had been doomed to sow was the red seed of death and now i must reap the fruit of the Harvest 1 a Why Harachis what ails thee a said Cleopatra smiling her slow smile. A has the Golden of stars gut tangled my astronomer or Dost thou plan some new feat of magic Bay what is it that thou Dost so poorly Grace our feast. Nay now did i not know having made inquir3�?T thereon that things so Low As we poor women arc far beneath thy gaze Why i should swear that Eros had found thee out Harachis a a nay that i am spared o Queen a i answered. A the servant of Tho Star Marks not the smaller Light of woman s eyes and therein he is Cleopatra leaned herself toward me. Looking 011 me Long and steadily in such fashion that despite my will the blood fluttered at ni3t heart. A boast not thou proud eg3ptian,�?� she said in a Low voice which none but i and Charmion could hear a lest perchance thou Dost tempt me to match my magic against thine. What woman can forgive that Man should push us by As things of 110 account a tis an insult to our so that natures self and she leaned Back and laughed most musically. But glancing up i saw Charmion her Teeth upon her lip and an angry frown upon her brow. A Pardon Royal Egypt a i answered coldly but with such wit As i could summon a before the Queen of heaven even stars grow Pale a this i said of tie Moon which is the sign of the holy Mother whom Cleopatra dared to rival naming herself Isis come to Earth. A happily said a she answered clapping her Lii e hands. A Why Here san Astron Omer who hath wit and Cun shape a compliment. Nay such a wonder must not pass Unno Ted lest the gods resent it. Charmion take thou this Chaplet from my hair and set it upon Tho Learned brow of our Harachis. King of love he shall be crowned whether he will it or will it Charmion lifted the Chaplet from Cleopatra a brows and bearing it to where i was with a smile set it upon my head yet warm and fragrant from the Queens hair but so roughly that she pained me some what. And this she did because she was Wroth although she smiled with her lips and whispered a an Omen Rojoal har for though she was so Mueh woman yet when she was angered 01 suffered jealousy Charmion bad a childish Way. Having thus fixed the Chaplet she court espied Low before me and with the softer tone of mockery named me in the greek Tongue a a Harachis King of thereon Cleopatra laughed and pledged Ine As a King of Ove a and so did All the com pan3r, finding Tho jest a merry one. For Alexandria they love not those who live straight try and turn aside from women. But i sat there a smile upon my lips and Black anger in my heart. For knowing who and what i was it irked me to think myself a jest to the frivolous Nobles and Light beauties of Cleopatra a court. But chiefly was i angered against Charmion because she laughed the loudest and then did not know that laughter and bitterness Are often the vails of a sore heart where with it wraps its weakness from Tho world a an Omen a she said it was that Crown of Flowers and so it proved indeed. For was fated to barter the double diadem of the upper and the lower land for a Wreath of passions roses that fade even Ere they fully Bloom Aud pharaohs Ivory bed of state for the Pillow of a faithless woman s breast. A Kino of love a they crowned me in their mockery Aye and King of shame and i with the perfumed roses 011 my brow i by descent Aud ordination the pharaoh of messenger reaches their Gates with tidings of the death of a Good. And now a and i paused a and now As to the manner of Cleopatra s death. How Hast thou settled it must it be even by my hand a a Yea my lord a she answered and once again 1 caught that note of bitterness in her voice. A doubtless my lord will rejoice that his should be the hand to rid the land of this false and Wanton woman and at one blow break the chains which Gall Tho neck of a talk not thus girl a i said a Well thou know est that i rejoice not being but driven to the act by deep necessity and the pressure of my vows. Can she not then be poisoned or can no one of the eunuchs be sub orned to slay her m3r soul turns from this bloody work indeed i Marvel however heavy be her crimes that thou canst talk thus lightly of Tho death by treachery of one who loves thee a a methinks my lord is Over tender forgetting the greatness of Tho moment and All that hang3 upon this Dagger stroke that shall Cut the thread of Cleopatra a life. Listen har Marchis. Thou must do the deed and thou alone myself would i do it had my Arm the strength but it has it not. By Poison it can not be done for every drop she drink3 and every morsel that shall touch her lips is strictly tasted by three separate tasters who can not be sub orned. Nor May the eunuchs of the guard be trusted. Two indeed Are sworn to us but the third can not be come at. He must be Cut Down afterwards Aud indeed when so Many men must fall what matters a eunuch More or less thus shall it be then. To Morrow night when Bono at three hours before Midnight is in the right ascension thou Dost cast the final augury of the Issue of the War. And then thou Wilt As is agreed descend alone with me having the Signet to the outer chamber of the Queens apartment. For tha vessel bearing orders to the legions sails from Alexandria at the following Dawn and alone with her for she wills that the thing be kept secret As the sea thou Wilt Ead the message of the stars. Aud As she pores Over the papyrus then must thou Stab her in Tho Back so that she Dies and and Wuille i spoke. By an Omen Royal Egypt Bethought me of the imperishable Halls of about his and of that other crowning which 011 the Morrow should be consummated. But still smiling i pledged them Back and answered with a jest. For rising i bowed before Cleopatra and craved leave to go. A Venus a i said speaking of the planet that we know As Donau in the morning and Bono in the evening a was in the ascendant. Therefore As new crowned King of love i must now pass to do my homage to its for these barbarians name Venus Queen of love and so amid their laughter i withdrew me to my w atch Tower and dashing that shameful Chaplet Down amid the instruments of my Craft made pretence to note the rolling of the stars. There i waited thinking on Many things that were to he until such time As Charmion should come with the list of the doomed and the messages of m3 Uncle Sepa whom she had that evening seen at length the door opened softly and she came jewelled and Clad in her White Robes even As she had left the feast. Chapter Xii. Of the coming of Cleopatra to the chamber of Harachis of the throwing Forth of the kerchief of a Flamion of the stars and of the gift by c to Patra of her Friendship to her servant Harachis. Vav. Length thou Art come Charmion a i said. A it is Over f a yes my lord but do by no Means could i y escape Cleopatra. Her mood is strangely crossed to night. I know not what i May portend strange whims and fancies blow across it like Light and contrary airs upon a summer sea and i can not read her a Well Well enough of Cleopatra. Hast thou seen our Uncle a a a Yea Royal a and Hast thou the last lists a a Yea Here they be a and she Drew them from her bosom. A there is the list of those who after the Queen must certainly be put to the sword. Among them thou Wilt note is the name of that old Gaul Brennus. I Grieve for him for we Are friends but it must be. It is a heavy a a a tis so a i answered a when men write out their count they forget no item and our count is Long. What must be must be. Now for the a there is the list of those to be spared As Friendly or Uncertain Aud Here that of the towns that certainly will Riso so soon us the see thou that thy will and Arm fail thee not the deed being done Aud indeed it will be easy thou Wilt take the Signet and pass out to where the eunuch is for the others will be wanting. If by any Chance there be trouble with him but there will to no trouble for he dare Noten Ler the private rooms and the sounds of death can not reach so far thou must Cut him Down. Then will i meet thee and passing on we will come to Paulus and it shall be ni3t care to see that he is neither drunk nor backward for 1 know How to hold him to the task. And he and those with him shall throw open the Side Gate when Sepa and the five Hundred chosen men who Are in waiting shall pour in Aud throw themselves upon the sleeping legionaries putting them to the sword. Why the thing is eas3r, so thou rest True to thyself and let no woman a fears creep into thy heart. What is this Dagger s thrust it is nothing and 3�?Tet upon it May hang the destinies of Egypt and the a hush a i said. A what is that i hear a Charmion ran to the door and gazing Down the Long dark passage listened. In a moment she came Back her Finger on her lips. A it is the Queen a she whispered hurriedly a the Queen who mounts the Stair alone. I heard her bid Iris leave her. I May not be found thus alone with thee at this hour it hath a strange look and she May suspect somewhat. What wants she Here where can i hide me a i glanced around. At the further end of the chamber was a heavy curtain that hid a Little place built in the thickness of the Wall which i used for the storage of Rolls and instruments. A haste thee there a i said and she glided behind the curtain which swung Back and covered her. Then i thrust the fatal scroll of death into the bosom of my Robe and Bent me Over the ni3�?Tstic Chart. Presently i heard the sweep of woman a Robes and there came a Low Knock upon the door. A enter whoever thou Art a i said. The Latch lifted and Cleopatra swept in royally arrayed her dark hair hanging about her and the sacred Snake of Royalty glistening on her brow. A of a truth Harachis a she said with a sigh As she Sank into a seat a the path to heaven is hard to climb a i am weary for those Are Many. But i was minded my astronomer to see thee in thy i am honoured overmuch o Queen a i said bowing Low before her. A part thou now and yet that dark Faco of thine hath a somewhat angry look. Thou Art too Young and handsome for this dry Trade Harachis. Wi13�?T, 1 vow thou Hast cast my Wreath of roses Down amidst thy Rusty tools Kings would have cherished that Wreath along with their choicest diadem o Harachis and thou Dost throw it Down As a thing of 110 account Why what a Man thou Art but stay what is this a lady a kerchief by Isis nay now my Harachis How came this Here Are our poor kerchiefs also instruments of thy High Art of Fie Fie a have i caught thee then Art thou indeed a Fox a a nay most Royal Cleopatra na3�?T�?� i said turning for the kerchief which had fallen from Charmione a neck had an awkward look. A i know not indeed How the Fri Pery came Here. Perchance some of the women who keep the chamber May have let it a nah so so a she said dryly and still laughing like a rippling Brook. A yes surely the slave women who keep Chambers own such toys As this of the very finest silk Worth twice its weight in Gold and Bro dered too in Man get colors. Why myself i should not shame to Wear it of a truth it seems familiar to my and she threw it around her neck and smoothed Tho ends with her White hand. A but there a tis a thing unholy in thine eyes that the Scarf of thy beloved should rest upon my poor breast. Take it Harachis take it and hide it in thy bosom nigh thy heart indeed a i took the accursed thing and muttering what i May not write stepped on to the Giddy platform whence i watched the stars. Then crushing it into a bail i threw it to the winds of heaven. Thereat the Lovely Queen laughed once More. A nay think now a she cried. A what would the lad it a say could she see her love Gage thu3 cast to All the world Mayhap Harachis thou wouldst Deal thus with my Wreath also see the roses fade cast it off a and stooping she took up the Wreath and gave it to me. For a moment so vexed was i i had a mind to take her at her word and Send the Wreath to join the kerchief. But i thought better of it. A nay a i said More softly a it is a Queens gift and i will keep it a and As i spoke Methought i saw the curtain shake. Often since have 1 borrowed Over those simple words. A gracious thanks be to the King of love for this Small mercy a she answered looking at me strangely. A now enough of wit come Forth upon this Balcony Tell me of the mystery of those stars of thine. For Ever did i love the stars that Are so pure and Bright and cold and so far away from All our fevered troubling. There would i wish to dwell rocked on the dark bosom of the night and losing the Little sense of self As i gazed forever on the countenance of Yon Sweet eyed space. Nay who can Tell Harachis a perhaps those very stars partake even of our substance and linked to us by natures invisible Chain do indeed draw our destiny with them As they Roll. What says the greek fable of him who became a Star perchance it hath truth for yonder tiny Sparks maybe the souls of men but grown More purely Bright and placed in Happy rest to Illume the turmoil of their Mother Earth. Or Are they lamps Hun g Thierh in the heavenly vault that night by night some godhead whose wings Are darkness touches with his immortal fire so that they leap out in answering flame give me somewhat of thy Wisdom and open these wonders to me o my servant for i have Little knowledge. Yet my heart is Large and i Fain would fill it Lor i have the wit could 1 but find the teacher. A thereon being right glad to find footing on a safer Shore and marvelling somewhat to learn that Cleopatra had a place for lofty thoughts i spoke and told her willingly such things As Are lawful. I told her Hov Earth and resting on the elastic pillars of the air and How above is the heavenly Ocean nout wherein the planets float like ships As they Rush upon their radian0 Way. Many things 1 told her and among them How through the certain never ceasing movement of the orbs of Light the planet that was called Donau Venus when she showed As the morning 6tar, became the planet Bono when she came As the Sweet Star of eve. The motion of the planets appears to have been familiar to the egyptian Sand while i flood and spoke watching the stars she sat her hands clasped upon her knee and watched my face. A nah a she broke in at length a and so Venus is to be seen both in the morning and the evening sky. Well of a truth she is everywhere though Best she loves the night. But thou Lovest not that i should use these lat in names to thee. Come we will talk in the ancient Tongue of Khem which i know right Well the first Mark thou of All the lag idae am i Tho know it. And now a she went on speaking in mine own Tongue but with a Little foreign accent that did but make her More Sweet a enough of stars for when All is said they Are but fickle things and perchance May even now be storing up ail evil hour for thee or me or for us both together. Not but what i love to hear thee speak of them for then thy face doth lose that gloomy Cloud of thought wherewith thou drapes it and grows Quick and human. Harachis thou Art too Young for such a solemn Trade methinks that 1 must find thee a better. Youth comes but once Why waste it in these musings Tinc is it to think when we can no longer act. Tell me How old Art thou Harachis a a i am six and Twenty years o Queen a i answered a for i was born in the first month of Siomou in the summer season and on the third Day of Tho a Why we Are of an age even to a Day a she cried a for i too have six and Twenty years and i too was born on the third Day of the first month of Siomou. Well this May we say those who begot us need have no shame. For if i be the fairest woman Iii Egypt act hulks Harachis that there is in Egypt no Man More fair and Strong than thou a3�?Te, or More Learned. Born on the same a 7, Why a tis Manifest that we were destined to stand together i As the Queen and thou perchance Harachis As one of the chief pillars of m3 throne and thus to work each others a for perchance each others woe a i answered looking up for her Sweet speeches stung my ears and brought Moro color to m3 face than i loved that she should see therein. �?ona3t, never talk of woe. Be seated Here by me Harachis and let us talk not As Queen and subject but a Friend to Friend. Thou wast angered with me at the feast tonight was it not so a in that i mocked thee with yonder Wreath ? nay a twas but a jest. Didst thou know How heavy is the task of monarchs and How wearisome Are their hours thou wouldst not be Wroth because i lit my dullness with a jest. Of they weary me those princes Aud those Nobles and those stiff necked pompous romans. To m3 face they vow themselves m slaves and behind my Back they mock me and proclaim me the servant of their triumvirate 01 their Empire or their Republic As the wheel of Fortune turns and each rises 011 its round there is never a Man among them nothing but fools parasites and puppets never a Man since with their cowardly daggers they slew that Caesar whom All the world in arms was not Strong enough to tame. And i must play off one against the other if a it be b3 so doing i can keep Egypt from their grip Aud for Reward what Why this is my Reward that All men speak ill of me and�?1 know it my subjects hate me 1 Yea i be Lieve that woman though i be they would murder me could they find a Means a and she paused covering her eyes with her hand and it was Well for her words pierced me so that i shrank there upon the seat beside Ner. A they think ill of me i know it and Call me Wanton who have never stepped aside save once when i loved the greatest Man of All the world and at the touch of love my passion flamed indeed but Burnt with a hallowed flame. These Ribald alexandrians do swear that i poisoned Ptolemy my brother whom most unnaturally the roman Senate would have forced on me his sister As a husband but it is false he sickened and died of fever. And even so the3 say that i would slay Arsinoe my sister who indeed would slay me a but that too is false 1 though she will have none of me i love m3 sister. Yea they All think ill of me without a i use even thou Dost think ill of me Harachis. Of Harachis before thou judges think what a thing is envy a that foul sickness of the mind which makes the jaundiced Eye of pettiness to see All things distraught to read evil written on the open face of Good and find impurity in the whitest Virgin s soul. Think what a thing it is Harachis to be set on High above the gaping crowd of knaves who hate thee for thy Fortune and thy wit who gnash their Teeth Aud shoot the arrows of their lies from the cover of their own obscure Ness whence they have no wings to soar and whose hearts quest it is to drag Down thy nobility to the level of the grounding and the fool a be not then ready to think evil of the great whose ever3�?T word and act is searched for error by a million angry eyes and whose most tiny fault is trumpeted by a thousand throats till Tho world shakes with the echoes of their sin sa3t not a a tis thus a tis certainly thus a say rather a nay May it not be otherwise have we heard aright did she this thing of her own will a judge gently o Harachis As Wert thou me thou wouldst be judged. Remember that a Queen is never free. She is indeed but the Point and instrument of those forces politic wherewith Are Graven the Iron books of history. Of Harachis 1 be thou my Friend my Friend Aud counsellor a my Friend whom i can Trust indeed a for Here in this crowded court i am More utterly alone than auj7 soul that breathes about the corridors. But thee i Trust there is Faith written in those quiet e3�?Tes, and i am minded to lift thee High. Harachis i can no longer Bear my Solitude of mind i must find one with whom i May commune and speak that which lies within my heart. Have faults i know it but Lam not All unworthy of thy Faith for there is Good Grain among the evil seed. Sa3t, Harachis Wilt thou take pity on my loneliness and befriend me who have lovers courtiers slaves dependents More thick than i can count but never one single Friend a and she leaned toward me touching 1110 lightly and gazed on me with her wonderful Blue eyes. I was overcome thinking of the Morrow night shame Aud sorrow smote to. I her Friend a. Whose Assassin Dagger Lay against my breast i Bent my head and a sob 01 a groan i know not which burst from the agony of my heart. But Cleopatra thinking Only that i was moved beyond myself by the Surprise of her graciousness smiled sweetly and said a it grows late. To Morrow night when thou ingest the a Guries will we speak again o my Friend Harachis and thou Shalt answer and she gave me her hand to kiss. Scarce knowing what i did i kissed it and in another moment she was gone. But i stood in the chamber gazing after her like one asleep. To be continued the Humbug of the Foraker Halstead pretence. If a non partisan Board is Good for Hamilton Why not for Cincinnati if a Republican Board is Best in Cincinnati Why hot in Hamilton ? a non Pari Isau Board May be very easily elected. For alter Sli Ould shake Oft his own Oise up table scamps before assuming to denounce Gottier people As a a democratic general Beatty arraign the for Aker disciples in an unanswerable manner. And cives the people an interesting article. Hunting tarantulas. How in the ugly spiders Are caught Arizona and new Mexico. It used to be a standing joke on the West Ern Frontier when asked if you were going to Hunt indians to reply a Why nol i Haven to lost any for the same reason the Wisest plan would be not to Hunt tarantulas but it will do no harm to Tell How they Are hunted and caught in Arizona new Mexico and other southwestern localities where they abound. The Tarantula inhabits an exquisitely constructed apartment closed outwardly by a circular Many webbed mesh varying in diameter from two to four inches. To the accustomed Eye this web betrays the spiders Den unmistakably. Directly underneath it one comes upon a tiny circular door generally a Little larger than a Silver Dollar. This door is wonderfully made of Silken weaving finished on the outer Side with bits of bark and leaves and turning on a hinge whose perfect Workings an accomplished Mechanic might envy opening into a Silken lined passage about a foot in length the Home of the spider. Tarantula Hunting is the sport of the visitors at a health resort near Templeton whence gaily attired parties Sally Forth armed with Long Sticks sometimes trimmed with knots of ribbon. They carry Large bottles of water. A Tarantula Hole reached or a Tarantula town a for the creatures Are generous the web Aud door Are torn away and water is poured Down Tho Hole. If the spider is at Home he will Rush out As fast As his Clumsy legs can carry him. With dexterity and nerve he May be scooped into a can and quickly covered or May be allowed to fasten on the end of the walking stick whence he must be tumbled into the trap before he tumbles for the i captor. A California physician states that a mus Cular Tarantula Cun Clear fourteen feet at a j jump that he has seen it done. Fortu i Ili iely suck Neil by in altogether exception a we have appointed a non partisan Board of Public affairs for the City of Hamilton and in addition to that we have appointed one Republican Board of affairs for Cincinnati.�?Foraker at Xenia. A the boards that governor Foraker has appointed in the state have All done excellent service Only one of them is a partisan Board that is our Board of Public affairs in Cincinnati. It has transformed our streets spent millions of dollars Etc.�?Halstead at Wilmington. If a non partisan Board of Public affairs is a Good thing for Hamilton Why should it not be a Good thing for Cincinnati if a Republican Board of Public affairs is a Good thing for Cincinnati Why should it not be a Good thing for Hamilton Why should the expenditure of millions of dollars in Cincinnati be entrusted to a partisan Board while the expenditure of a few thousands in Hamilton is put in the hands of a non partisan Board which kind of a Board is Best Why not adopt the Best Why this discrimination Between cities can the partisan Board be defended without condemning the non partisan is not every word which governor Foraker utters in justification of the one a condemnation of the other if a partisan Board of Public affairs is a Good thing for Cincinnati Why should not partisan police and election boards be Good things also is it not utter Folly to attempt in the same speech to defend two opposite and antagonistic systems on the score of honesty consistency and principle. Would any one but a pretentious and impudent ass who assumes that his hearers Are deficient in Ordinary common sense undertake to reconcile and support such Hotch Potch legislature in his Amelia speech the governor says in defense of his non partisan boards that a the Campbell did not seem to know it was impossible to elect two democrats and two republicans at the same time. Laughter does anybody know it to to impossible no. Governor Foraker May think it impossible but he can not know it for it is not Only possible but the simplest and easiest of things to do. If there be four members to elect let the general Assembly authorize each elector to vote for the two men of his Choice coupled with the provision that the four persons receiving the largest vote shall constitute the Board. You will thus obtain in every City of the state not Only a non partisan Board but a Board composed of honest representatives of the two Groat parties. There Are other methods by which similar ends May be reached but i shall not Stop to discuss them. The declaration that the Only Way to secure non partisan boards is to put the Power to appoint them in the hands of an unscrupulous partisan is the essence of foolishness. Election boards and boards of registration in the hands of honest competent men May be made to serve a useful purpose but under the control of the ambitious partisan they Are quite sure soon or late to be prostituted to bad ends. When certain of the Southern states abandoned Kun flux methods they had immediate recourse to boards of election and registration and through these accomplished by fraud what they had theretofore done by violence. In South Carolina for instance a Tho registration officers Are appointed Byr Tho governor who also appoints the commissioners of elections for each county who in turn appoint the managers of elections for each election precinct. The whole machinery of registration and voting Are therefore in the hands of that part whose determination to perpetuate its Power by any Means however foul is not Only Manifest but openly avowed. The election of 1880 was carried by frauds of every imaginable kind and was probably one of the grossest outrages and farces Ever perpetrated in the name of a free and fair election.�?general Green b. Raum. The republicans of Ohio can not afford to copy substantially the election Laws and endorse the election methods of South Carolina even to please governor Foraker and senator Halstead. The democrats of Cincinnati and Hamilton Are not All saints but we can not justly disfranchised whole communities because a few men of one or two precincts forged tally sheets. The governors skin Cane is altogether too slender a support for a great party. The proper thing for the people to do is Pun ish the guilty not the innocent and to gee to it that political dead beats Bood lers and convention packers Are driven from the ranks of both parties. When Foraker shakes off the disreputable Camps who Are now his chief advisers is denunciation of democratic gang Stei s will come from him with a better Grace. There Are some men so persistently impudent they Force themselves upon a candidate against his wishes and stick to him like a Burr but it is Only when they Are appointed to important positions in the Public service that an injury is inflicted upon the state. What Campbell if elected May do with this class of men we can Only conjecture. What Foraker has done we know. They hold the offices and run the machine at the expense of the taxpayers of Ohio. And there is no occasion for any.�?Halstead at Wilmington. Senator Halstead knew he was indulging in a Little cheap demagogy when he uttered the above for he must know that the reasons which Debar a president from a third term apply with equal Force to a governor of Ohio. The patronage of the president is less to the Square mile than that of a governor. If the one should be forbidden by a the tradition Strong As the Constitution itself a to use this patronage to perpetuate himself and his adherents in office Why should not the other the offices Are similar in character. The Holder of one is simply a larger president than the Holder of the other. Their duties Are essentially alike. To know indeed of no Case in which a president has succeeded through his appointees in packing a convention and re nominating himself but we have in Ohio now a Case in which Tho Board of Public affairs of Cincinnati with its numerous employees the police Board with its army of policemen Tho election Board with its scores of appointees United under the leadership of Oil inspector Cox to pack a convention in the interest of a governor from whom they had received their appointments. It was a successful Effort so far As the caucus could make it successful to perpetuate him and them in office. It was an open and conspicuous trampling under foot of the principle embodied in that a tradition Strong As the Constitution itself a to which the people of Ohio and of the United states have hitherto adhered. Is it wrong for a president to to subjected to Tho temptation of using the patronage at his disposal for personal ends and yet right for a governor to be not Only so tempted but to yield to the temptation shall we endorse the doctrine that a governor of Ohio May peddle out the patronage of his High office to perpetuate himself in Power and yet hold that even a Lincoln or a Grant shall not be permitted to do substantially the same thing or. Halstead has not shown in this instance the Wisdom which should emanate from one who aspires to the position of United states senator. The fact is to displayed his great Genius to better advantage on the 7th inst., when in an editorial to said a this Foraker a splendid appear Ance on festive occasions and the Brilliant greetings he had had in the dress parades before Tho eyes of the country have been of general this think is pretty Good for Halstead and presents Foraker in his Best shape. John Beatty. September 23. Berries for Tea. Money and a g a a away How a Riu Oky girl earned gained health. Some of the guests of the cottages in a Village of the berkshires have been interested last summer in the appearance of a Young girl who has alighted from a Farmers a a Carryall occasionally to deliver berries for Tea. Tall straight Brown curled and somewhat sunburned she had such Large eyes such a prettily curved Mouth such winsome ways and such a Sweet toned voice that More Thau one Felt a passing impulse to inquire into her history and see if some of the things which people Call a a advantages could not be thrown in her Way. Recently there came to one of the cottages another Young girl who cried of Isabel a when she caught sight of the Berry picker a is this Why you find time to join the coaching party to the White mountains or even to write a Lino to your friends a diligent inquiry on Tho part of the cottagers brought out the fact that Isabel is a Wellesley girl whose father has found life for a year or two Back somewhat hard sledding and who has organized quite an Industry this vacation to help pay her Bills during the next school year. Blueberries whorl berries raspberries blackberries All in their season she has picked and hired a dozen or More boys and girls to pick for her. These sh8 has retailed to cottagers shipped to new York and Springfield and when a surplus has threatened to accumulate has put up her wild fruit in cans. So Long As Tho wild strawberries lasted she tempted customers with the woodsy hits of deliciousness in Birch bark baskets or dishes plaited of Oak leaves. Feathery grasses Sweet Fern and Bayberry blossoms of the wild Carrot Cardinal Flowers and clematis she has tied up in Graceful Bunches and sent City Ward along with her Berry spoils. As the result of her summer s work she is round and Ruddy and Lias Money enough in pocket to go along Way toward books and tuition fees. She has not yet disposed of her preserved fruit and jams but expects to realize enough from the Sale of the tempting buckets and bottles to pay for her autumn wardrobe. Such is the Pluck of Tho True american . Y. Mail and express. Only one bottle. Wayne ind., August 23,1889. Rheumatic Lynip co., Jackson mich., gentlemen having suffered severely for some time with rheumatism so that i was unable to work messes. Drier amp Bro. Recommended Hibbard a rheumatic syrup. After taking one bottle i was entirely cured. I have recommended your remedies frequently to my friends with like results. L. C. Zollinger. Ask your druggist for it. To have personal knowledge that Tho above statement is Correct. Driek amp Bro., druggists. Queen Victoria has spoken into one of Edison s phonographs As a compliment to him. He will probably hand Idowu As an heirloom in his family. A a hark the sound of Many voices jubilant in id amp oddest Ami full Many a heart rejoices As the chorus floats along ii ail the favorite How the Happy voices blend. A wonderful beyond description woman a Best and truest Well May it be called woman s Best Friend so Nee it does for Hor what no other remedy has been Able to do. It cures All those delicate derangement and weaknesses be j Culiar to females. Cures them understand. J other preparations May afford temporary j Relief but or. Pierce s favorite Prescript j Tion effects a permanent cure. It is Gnamm 1 teed to do tins or the Money paid for it will j be promptly refunded it is the great remedy of the age. The worst nasal Catarrh no matter of How Long standing is permanently cured by or. Sages Catarrh remedy. We Are now to have the Eiffel Tower in Peper weight in stand thermometer and letter scale All from a celebrated pans Bronze workers place. Hibbard s rheumatic and a liver pills. Thine pills Are scientifically compounded uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of pills they Are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache constipation. Dyspepsia bilious Ness and. As an appetizer they Excel any other preparation. As Iron expands with the heat the Eiffel Tower is said to be five inches taller when the temperature is High than it is in the of the Day. All that try can say As to the molts of Dobbin so electric soap pales into nothing Ess before the Story it will Tell you itself of its own perfect Quality if you will give it one trial. Don t Taue imitation. Weak women owe to Thom Sylvei a Duy to take hoods Syrsa Purilla in View of the great Relief it has Given those who suffer from ailments Peculiar to the sex. By purifying the blood regulating important organs strengthening the nerves Aud toning the whole system it restores to health. I have been for years trying to get help for that terrible general debility and weakness so common to women. Within a year i have taken Tea or twelve bodes of hoods Sarsaparilla and the Bene flt Der Ved from its use Haa been very great. I Atn now feeling like a new mrs. F. B. Ross Marlin. Texas. Hoods Sarsaparilla sold by All druggists. 51 six for $5. Prepared Only by c. I. Hood amp co., apothecaries Lowell mass. 100 doses one Dollar a we Len a i suffered from Catarrh 12 years. The droppings into the Throat ice re nauseating. My nose bled almost daily. Since first Day s use of Ely s Cream Balm have had 110 bleeding sureties is entirely gone. D. O. Davidson u Ith a Boston budget. Hay fever a Pai title is applied into Earh nostril and is agreeable. Price 60 cent at druggists by mail registered #0 cents. a rollers is it Starren St. Now York. Job Adfield up j Flamie regulator menstruation Oft monthly sickness a Tiv tit a our our til 0? ult a Mook to avg an we dare Bradfield Regula tar co. Atlanta Gascic Myall drug amp its. T is woj Noces tie a by is u liquid Niass pres Uig round u j j iut. A it a. Jul Guys. A the chatter about a third term difficulty is the sheer est nonsense. I can not understand that any Man with common sense and common honesty can give that foolish noise a serious thought. A this whole current of talk is twaddle. It is an Effort to Pervert the Public feeling that has established the tradition Strong As the Constitution itself that no Man shall be three times president of the United states. There is no third term prejudice or sense of Public peril associated with any other office Public Dalzell has Corporal tanners Fri vae letter printed. A special to the Republic from Caldwell Ohio gives the following letter which explains itself. Its authenticity is fully vouched for department of the Interior Bureau of pensions office of tiie commissioner Washington september 9, 1889 confidential Hon. J. M. Dalzell Caldwell my dear Dalzell i have yours of the 10th. I think i have read All that has been printed As coming from your lips or pen. For your great warmth of Good feeling i thank you from the Bottom of my heart. And now once for All about the Deputy ship. 1 want to say to 3 0u that the president never said one word to me about you. I can not come out and say that publicly you must not quote it but it is gods truth. The one appointed first Deputy was from Nobles state and had lost two limbs. Of course i could no kick. I imagine that your keen Eye has caused you to discern and that you Aro contemplating the effect in Ohio of two things recently done in the pension of fice. When i say recently i mean since i practically went out for while i am commissioner and will be until my sue Cessor is appointed and qualified i am taking no part in the duties of the office holding ni3tself on leave. While commissioner i issued two orders which i thought and still think w Ere mighty Good ones first that the 33,000 men on Tho pension Roll at less than four dollars a month should All unless they had a medical examination within a year be ordered for examination before their Home Board with a View of putting them up at least four dollars per month pension or drop them off the Rolls for it Wras and it is my opinion that for a Man who is w Orthy of any pension at All a Dollar a week is Small enough to consider a pension. My second order was that thereafter in Tho settlement of a pension claim the word of a private if he Wras a Man of Good character and standing should amount to As much in the settlement of a claim As the word of a Man who had perhaps w Orn Tho shoulder straps of a second lieutenant. The acting commissioner revoked both these orders according to the Washington Post and other papers but As he is a Man who dare not say his soul is his own he did it under the instruction of Noble or Bussy. I am told this afternoon that the order revoking my decision in Small pension cases has been rescinded but you can see w hat the spirit is and How under heaven s name Are they going to make the boys believe that there is to to no change in the policy a Smith also issued an order stopping All re ratings. He did not object to it until after i had re rated him and put him up to $72 for the loss of his Arm and leg. Thereby putting $6,035 in his pocket. I held and still hold that he was clearly entitled to it but is it not contemptible that a Man who had had so much done for him. And who had acquiesce in it cordially in his own Case should now be so pronounced against Tho re rating of poor devils who perhaps from the effects of malarial poisoning chronic diarrhoea or some disease of that kind suffer twice As much As a Man does from amputation a i want to say to you that i did no to resign until the president and Secretary had both said to me in the same minute that the completed report of the committee which Lay before them contained j no word which could impeach the Bon esty of my action in the slightest degree. Then i had to consider w Hether i was j Man enough to decline to Continuo in a position where i knew my immediate i official superiors did not desire me even j conceding that i could stay against their wishes which is not at All True. I have not the slightest doubt but that i would have been removed if 1 had not resigned in fact i know it. Noble had certainly pronounced his ultimatum to be my head or his resignation and of course a break in his Cabinet w Ould have embarrassed president Harrison greatly. A now that i have the completed report and have gone through it carefully and thoroughly i say to you As one whose Good opinion i value that All under heavens they can charge me with is too much liberality and too much Speed in the granting of pensions. I think you will agree with me that we have had Impe curiosity and procrastination enough so that it we Ould take More than six months of my time to bring it up to a decent average. A of the future i know nothing. If Tho Hoys and particularly those in Ohio acquiesce Why it is Safe to say that Tanner will be left where he is in the soup. A among the promotions announced in the pension office night before last is that of Harrison l. Bruce of Colorado to be a member of the Board of pension appeals in the Secretary a office at $2,000 a year. He had been detailed for duty in the Secretary s office for some months and was appointed by the Secretary one of the commission which investigated the pension office. Don t you think it w Ould have looked a Little better if they had waited at least until after i had passed out of official life before they promoted him some will he cynical enough to reflect upon cause and effect service and Reward. With All my heart very truly yours a James a up. S. I have written you with great Freedom. Don t give me any cause to regret it by saying any thing about this letter. U is to you solely a the Beautiful Tarpon. A fish that forms a magnificent trophy for Hall and i lining it Ooin. The Tarpon is a fish known to naturalists As Megalos Thris Soi los ranging from 50 to 200 pounds in weight and from 4t\ to Over 6 feet in length not unlike a Cross Between a huge herring to which family it belongs and a huge bluefish in its general proportions with Large protuberant eyes and an ugly Mouth that opens on the fish s no3e, so to speak covered on either Side with a hard Bony Semi circular Flap that gives the effect of a jowl. Behind and contiguous to the dorsal Fin is a sort of Bony Bayonet called the some eight or nine inches Long that protrudes into the air in Tho direction of the Tail forming an acute Angle with the line of the Back. The body is covered with Brilliant Argentine Scales which give the fish Tho effect of having been Laved in Silver and which have won for it the title of the a Silver these Scales which Are circular and slightly scalloped on the part of the Edge that is overlapped vary from one to two inches and a half in diameter. The Silvery epidermis covers Only the exposed portion which is about one fourth of the circumference. The remaining surface is a slightly Yellowish White not dissimilar in Hue to Mother of Pearl though without its iridescence translucent but not transparent and shiny on Tho inner 9ide. They Are hard thin and of Shell like Fibre. After being removed from the ish and dried they curl up so As to remind one of a Saratoga Chip but will if moistened and compressed regain at least for a Short time their former shape. The extreme brilliancy of the Silver portion becomes tarnished by degrees inclining either to yellow or Blanca. But the permanent color is still Beautiful and astonishing. The Back of the fish is Black and the Silvery effect gradually begins at a Lino Well above the Eye. Some anglers have seen fit to perpetuate their triumphs by having specimens of those monsters mounted on panel. They form magnificent trophies for Tho Hall or dining room of a Largo House and when gazing at a Hundred Pound Tarpon which is certainly rather below than above the average weight of Tho fish one finds difficulty in believing that it has been captured with Rod and Grant in Scribner a Magazine. Chicago has the largest common Council of any City in the world. With the recent additions the common Council numbers sixty eight. Oregon the Paradise of Farmers. Mild equable climate certain and abundant crops. Best fruit Grain grass Stock country in the world. Full information Leo. Address Oregon immigration ,Oregon a mrs. Fanny Vertum claims that she holds the title deeds for the entire ground on which Minneapolis is built and has begun suit for Possession. No opium in Piso a cure for consumption. Cures where other remedies fail. 25c. Picart the comic w Riter composed All of his pieces in bed. Grateful comforting. R0o9a breakfast. A by a thorough knowledge of tie natural Laws in tie operations of digestion and nutrition. And i Gay a careful application of the Fine properties of Well selected t Cua. Or. Ken h has provided our Brenk fut Taulis Ith a delicately Flavoured beverage which to titty save us Ninny h avy doctors Bill i s by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a Constitution Muy be gradually built up until Strong enough t a resist every tendency to disease Lynn Dredson Subtle maladies Aro floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a weak Point. We Mav escape Many a fatal Shaft by keeping ourself s Well Iborti fled with pure blood and a properly nourished or refs made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold ouly in half Pound tins by grocers labelled thus James Epps amp co., Homco attic chemists London England. Cures Rue i permanently sold by Driggi to and 1 dealers. The Charles a. Vogeler co., Baltimore. Met of. Advice to Tkv aged. Marc brings infirmities Sincli As so mfg Gish bowels weak kidneys Aud bladder Aud torpid liver. Have a ssh Leif in of Facton thes Cortmann stimulating the bowels giving natural discharges without straining or griping and imparting vigor to the kidneys bladder Ond liver. They Are adapted to old or Young. Solo everywhere. Find the latest styles a in la Art do la Mode. 6 co Loith plates. All Tilk latest taxis sew Yoke fashions. Yorder i t of your news dealer or Send 3<� cents for latest number to a. .1. Morse put biker 1�?~jth St.,new York. A a name Floii paper to try time Jou writ. For printed Kittos descriptive of f the Blue grass Region Southw Emerin Iowa \ Send to j. E. Hars1i, pre. S Blue grass league \ Creston a Iowa. Name thi3 paper Tim. You write. Couch 8yrupl? re a 2sls mall Era a gift Cooke a now jul eni e work ele Antly illustrated with Over 100colored plates. Exit live Verrl torn Given. Agents wanted in every township. For terms and circus ars address Somsey c. Mii., u&co.,. So name this paper time you writ. 07k b. Of Cokol a month can Bema Senork in 10 of amp Ulf tug for us. Agents preferred who can furnish a horse and give their whole time to the business. Spare Momenta May be Prol Lubly employed also. A few vacancies in towns and cities. B. P. Johnson amp co., Loo main 8t.,Richmond. A. S b a Elf ase state age anti Lwy Ineas experience. Sever mind about sending stamp for reply. P. T. J. Of co. A a Kame this paper very time you write. Per a month Anil expenses i o Jmya Tivo Ruti or Sianii to Tell cd or Good a Wanton a Sample and live at . Salary paid a --1 promptly Aud expenses in Advance. Full Par on tic Lara and Sample care free. We mean just what we say. Nunn Dnard silverware Kobo 8308, Soston maw. Detectives wante Ltd in every county. Shrewd men to at uni a Inatsu Cyloa in our secret service. Experience not necessary. Send 2e. At amp . 44 Arcade . Pensions k of fish address p. E. Base balls Chadwick a manual in. X h in. To pages i nominated cover a Cyl Csc can application enclosing Ona of tvs to pc stamp by addressing Theodore Holland 120, piiila., a. Wyname this paper very time Yoa wite. Information mild climate variety of crops. Maps and circulars free. T1ich. , land , l1ytlk bulk Auk. Or axe this taper try Tim you writ. And tutors cured no knife Hook fire. Lira. Gratigny Kuah 163 Elm Street Cincinnati onto. this papa Ltd by tin Jeu Orlu. Procured quickly. 11-Pag� pamphlet on pension and Bounty Laws kist Kek. Address p. E. Fitzger id u. S. Claim Agency for Western soldiers Indianapolis ind. A a it in this paper by re Tim you writ. Oldest and largest the a men Fecisin Lii Miziko College Cleveland o. 1?48. S Pence it. Felton amp loom is Propri a. Ule ant catalogue l ree. Name this paper a Tarj time you writ. Patents for i Wen tors. 40-Pag� Book free. Address w. T. Fitzgerald attorney at Law Washington d. O. Name this Pap tit every time you writ. A a Clergyman says that if fees Are to be Given at All they should be Given when a Clergyman is asked to officiate at a funeral rather than when to performs a marriage. But while a bridegroom is generally in the humor to pay a fee the person who has just paid the debt of nature is no Louger in a Liberal Herald. A a Kansas Exchange says that sorghum roots will go sixteen feet for water that is a Good Deal More than some men will City Star. A pain from indigestion Dot sp6psia and to Hearty eating is relieved at once by taking one of Carters Little liver pills immediately after dinner. Done to forget this. To remove Tho shiny look from Black clothes was ii Well then dip Black cloth in hot Tea and Coffee equal parts of each and sponge clothes. Cure it our cough with Hulets Honey of horehound and tar. Pike s Toothache drops cure in one minute. Mrs. Henry s. Kimball of West Phi a Delphia. Is receiving the credit of originating memorial Day bilious Ness dizziness nausea headache Are by Small doses of Carters Little liver pills. Vii Ufa to i earn Teit Raphy. Luvs to situations furnished. Cir Calais free. A Idress Valentine Rios , we. »3-n ams thu Papke Vul you a raft in 34days a �?o10orderhwllmfcllg a eve for 12 in 11.�?� 47 Forrler in 18 terms in c. Jas. H. Earle publisher Boston Aarn Ahe this paper very Tun you writ. Asp feet mins drag saws Circle saws flu lib g ii ouse Powers for farm or Mill use a. C. Mac co., Luttie Creek i Elgua. Yaw iame this paper a try Tim a Quot a writ. A set by. Book penmanship Arith. To. Inetie. Shorthand Etc., thoroughly taught by mail. Circulars free. Buy ast s Coll Kub Buffalo n. F. Cafe a a a oxus investors a i Ldes a Bond lands. Writ.-, join i. Knox a c.o., toe ska Kan. Jymme this paper a a cry urn you writ. A. N. . 1260. When Whiting to adv Ettl Seiw i lease it Ute that you Taw the advertisement in thin Poser Bost cough Medicine. Recommended by physicians cures where All else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists. Chicago has electric wires. Now 0,000 Miles of buried old smokers refer a a ref re Evv it t ,�?� a the markets. Unacquainted with the geography of the country will obtain much valuable information from a study of this map of pm flour. Wheat�?no.�?~2 red Winter no. 1 White. Corny no. 2 Oats mixed Western. Porev. Lard prime Western. Butter Estern. Cheese Western. Eggs Western. Cattle. Sheep. Hogs. Cleveland. Flour country xxx White. I Minnesota Patent. Amur. Wheat no. 2 Corn. Oats no. 1cheese Choice factory. Ohio Dairy. Butter choke. Eggs. Potatoes. Seeds Timothy. Clover. Hay baled. Bulk on Market. Cattle. Hogs. Cincinnati. New York oct. 7. S 3 10 5 50 86% 41 24 a 28 10 2� it 12 75 to 50 u 6 00 9 8 it a 8 3d a 3 50 a 4 50 a 25 v4 94 24 4 75 5 25 5 10 a i amp 80 my n a 9i/m is a 20 a 50 45 4 40 12 00 u 0 4 75 4 23 4 40 5 75 4 25 81 40 24 i 1014 2q 21 55 1 55 4 75 a is 00 for 14 0 5 b0 4 w a 3 2r> a -3 50 wheat. 81 82 Corn. 341 35 4 ats. 21x <9 21 Rye. 44 it 45 hogs common toll it. 3 25 4 00 packing. 4 10 @ 4 30 Toledo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter. 81 81 % cohns no. I. My �4 Oats 203 a 21 Buffalo. Beeves Best. 3 75 a 4 00 medium. 3 00 a let 3 25 sheep common. 2 51 % 3 50 Choice. 4 9 fit 5 0 hogs select yorkers. 4 50 % 4 00 medium we his. 4 40 Oft 4 70 Pittsburgh Beeves Best. 4 25 fit 4 50 medium. 3 25 fit 4 00 sheep Best. 4 50 4 75 medium. 4 0 fit 4 50 hogs Phil the Praia. 4 a a a it fit 4 75 yorkers. 4 50 fit 4 70 Philadelphia. Wool Western. 29 fit 37 in washed. 20 <2 the Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific railway including main lines branches and extensions East and West of the Missouri River. The direct route to and from Chicago Joliet Ottawa Peoria la Salle. Moline Rock Island in Illinois Davenport Muscatine. Ottumwa Oskaloosa Desmoines Winterset Audubon Harian and Council Bluffs in Iowa Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota Watertown and Sioux Falls in Dakota Cameron St. Joseph and Kansas City in Missouri Omaha Fairbury and Nelson in Nebraska Horton. Topeka. Hutchinson Wichita Belleville Abilene Caldwell in Kansas Pond Crek Kingfisher fort Reno in the Indian territory and Colorado Springs Denver Pueblo in Colorado. Free reclining chair cars to and from Chicago Caldwell Hutchinson and Dodge City and Palace sleeping cars Between Chicago Wichita and Hutchinson. Traverses new and vast areas of Rich farming and grazing lands affording the Best facilities of intercommunication to All towns and cities Oast and West Northwest and Southwest of Chicago and Pacific and transoceanic seaports. Magnificent Vestibule express trains leading All competitors in splendor of equipment Well ventilated and free from dust. Through coaches Pullman sleepers free reclining chair cars and East of Missouri River dining cars daily Between Chicago Des Moines Council Bluffs and Omaha with free reclining chair car to North Platte neb., and Between Chicago and Colorado Springs Denver and Pueblo via St. Joseph or Kansas City and Topeka. Splendid dining hotels furnishing meal3 at seasonable hours West of Mise Omi River. California excursions daily with Choice of routes to and from Salt Lake Ogden Portland los Angeles and san Francisco. The direct line to and from pikes Peak Manitou Garden of the gods the sanitarium and Scenic grandeur of Colorado. Via the Albert Lea route solid express trains daily Between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Paul with through reclining chair cars free to and from those Points and Kansas City. Through chair car and Sleeper Between Peoria spirit Lake and Sioux Falls via Island. The favorite Lino to Pipestone Vav Ater town Sioux Falls and the summer resorts and Hunting and fishing grounds of the Northwest. The Short line via Seneca and Kankakee offers facilities to travel Between Cincinnati Indianapolis Lafayette and Council , by. Joseph Atchison Leavenworth Kansas City Minneapolis and St. Paul. For tickets maps folders or desired info mation apply to any ticket office in the United states or Canada or address e. St. John John Sebastian general i Laager Chicano . 9ea i ticket Ampf age a

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