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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - November 24, 1892, New Philadelphia, Ohio Illinois gone democratic. Illinois gone democratic Stop my lad what s that you say i m a Little hard of hearing and in a Gottino old and Gray. Must be some mistake about it. Why since you an me were boys such a thing has never happened in this state of Illinois. Truth you say Well darn my buttons Efet Ain t too Good Ter believe gosh All fishhooks How Penn Nixon and them other chaps �?T11 Grieve. Illinois gone democratic hold me. Fellers Eric la bust and once More a Public office has become or Public Trust Tell me whar is Bill Mckinley ? Hev yer sent Ter him the news won t them chaps in Pennsylvan Hev an awful lit of blues got new York and Injian holy Mack Rel hear me shout knocked them big Protection Fellers in their first round Down and out. Platt and Depew. Russia and its ruler. An Ohio. By Jeruss Lem Ley s state stormed the Birthplace of Fellers this is great. In a jest rippling Over with laughter gone our Way a pears Ter me we be got the country and we own the Earth to Day. Carried Bill Mckin Protection. Of but Californi s Bill go out an get some rockets. Git a Cannon and or drum Call Thor neighbors All together in a a going Ter Hev some fun. In Mer got no Ter celebrating and or treating of ther boys. Lord ther sound is mighty soothing a democratic Illinois. Got Wisconsin too by Ginger. Got new Jersey. Ain t it great got or mortgage on ther a lectors from ther Little Nutmeg state. Illinois gone democratic. Holy Mack Rel let to shout hip. Hurrah for Grover Cleveland. Now Well turn the rascals out a Hyder Ali in Chicago dispatch. The Burchard of 1892. The senseless whimpering of Republican organs. The Chicago inter Ocean under the head of a Burchard and Carnegie a endeavours to show that Andrew Carnegie was the Burchard of 1892. A Blaine Hud a Post election War by tween Republican figureheads. Platt lays it on Depew. Depew lays it on Platt. Neither seems to realize that the other had practically nothing to do with an election where the people were Bent no matter what Platt or Depew said on electing Grover Cleveland. It is Clear that the truce patched up Between the so called a big four of new York and paraded with theatrical effect at Minneapolis was hollow. Not As cats and dogs but none the less with asperity Platt is charging defeat upon Depew and depot Quot is charging defeat upon Platt. The Gibber talker Depew Lias the later and More plausible word. Lie declares Towt Platt insisting that Depew was an orator and therefore Good enough to make speeches modesty is one of Depew a Strong Point was of no earthly service As a manager and that Platt on the contrary was sex Pei to and experienced As a politician. Depew thinks he did his speeches in great shape and we May recall that he talked Wildcat withdrew his Eulogy of Cleveland pictured anarchy and confusion in the event of Harrison a overthrow praised that political Acci Dency Whitelaw Reid and emitted no end of rhetorical rubbish. While he was on the stump brother Platt As he Calls him was i tuning the machine. His hand we As on the lever and he ran right into a landslide. A the engine simply plunged into the obstructions and we All know the we All do know the result and it is none the less acceptable in that it will make a permanent retirement from political activities of the so called a big four of new York. Warner Miller May return to the building of his Nicaragua canal Ilis cock will be dropped from the Senate and Platt and i Pew May go on to their hearts Content in Mutual bickering As to which of them is most to blame for a result upon Rev. Or. Talmage corrects some wrong impressions concerning the Czar anti his dominions no country so misunderstood and no Monarch More generally misrepresented motives for the 31 representation. 11. Republican Hindsight is unimpaired. F All were like those Eoo Ole Van a editorial f?00m5 of the Republican daily explanation of Reid hadn0t�?zthe and things might have been Herald. His Burchard Harrison his Carnegie a it wails and goes on to say that As it is an open question whether Burchard we As a Blunder heels or an Assassin so it May be so whether Carnegie really wanted Protection continued or overthrown. Carnegie it says must have known when he precipitated the Homestead difficulty that he was doing or. Harrison and the Republican party the greatest possible injury therefore or. Carnegie desired free Iron and free Isteel. This is pleading the baby act with a vengeance. It does not require a very Long memory to recall How persistently the Republican organs argued that there was absolutely no politics in the Homestead incident. Whatever May be the truth about the contribution of Carnegie prick amp co. To the Republican Campaign fund there is no controversy Over the Point that toward the close of the Campaign postmaster general Wanamaker sought an interview with prick and this interview was heralded by a Republican paper As relating to that business. There is no room for doubt that the Republican leaders tried to get a contribution from the Carnegie establishment and did it in so Public a manner As to imply that they were not ashamed of it. Of the reaction did them an injury is there is every reason to believe it did they have Only themselves to blame. They had we on so Long by Means of corruption funds that they had come to believe that such Means were irresistible. But alter All or. Carnegie was not the real Burchard of the Campaign. That Eminence must be reserved for Hon. William , of Ohio. It was lie that did the work with his Tariff Bill of abominations. A month after its passage the people rebuked it we Ith the voice of a political earthquake and the sweep of a tidal wave. Or. Mckinley was not convinced anti not dismayed. Lie coolly said that the people did not know what they were about that they had not had time enough to appreciate the beauties of his Bill but that in two years More they would be madly in love with it. The party accepted that View of the matter and readily adopted the Mckinley nonsense about the foreigners paying the tax. Two years of deliberation have not changed the views of the people upon this ques Wlinich neither had the times. Slightest indu Rev. Or. Talmage recently fulfilled a Promise that lie would again speak of his visit to Russia and Correct Many impressions concerning that Empire and its ruler lie took for his text ii. Peter. 10 a presumptuous Are they self willed they Are not afraid to speak evil of dignities a amid a most reprehensible Crew Peter Here paints by one stroke the portrait of those who Delight to slash at people in authority. Now we All have a right to criticise evil behave ice whether in High places or Low but the fact that one is High up is no proof that he ought to be brought Down. It is a bad Streak of human nature now As it was in Trio time of the text a bad Streak of human nature that Success of any kind excites the jealous antipathy of those who cannot climb the same Steep. There never was a David on the throne that there was not some Absalom who wanted to get it there never was a Christ but the world had saw and Hammer ready to fashion a Cross on which to assassinate him. Out of this evil spirit grow not Only individual but National and j Young to remember the inter nation defamation. To no country has More injustice been done than to our own in Days that Are past Long before Martin Cruz Lewit was printed the literature of the world scoffed at everything american. Victor Hugo As honest As he was unequalled in literary Power was so misinformed concerning America that he wrote a the most singular thing is the need of whittling with which All americans Are possessed. It is such that on sunday they give the sailors Little bits of Wood because if they did not they would whittle the ship. In court at the most critical to had rolled in on your soul. The m St accursed Home Oculi of All the Earth Are the pessimists who we Hether they judge individual or National character and whether they Wield Tongue or pen Are filled with and who have More to say about the freckles on the Cheek of Beauty than of the sunrises and sunsets that flush it. It is most important that this country have right ideas concerning Russia for among All the nations this Side of heaven Russia is americans Best Friend. There has not been an hour in the last seventy five years that the Shipwreck of free institutions in America would not have called Forth from All the despotism of Europe and Asia a shout of gladness wide As Earth and deep As perdition. But we Hoever else failed us Russia never did and whoever else was doubtful Russia never was. Russia then an old government smiled on the Cradle of our government while yet in its earliest infancy. Empress Catharine of Russia in 1776 or thereabouts offered kindly interference that our thirteen colonies might not go Down under the cruelties of War. Again in 1813, Russia stretched Forth toward us a merciful hand. When our dreadful civil War was raging and the two Thunder Clouds of Northern and Southern valor clashed Russia practically said to the nations of Europe a keep your hands off and let the Brave men of the North and South Settle their own 1 rehearsed some of those scenes to the emperor last july saying a you we Ere probably too position that your father took at that time a but with Radiant smile he responded a to yes i remember i remember a and there was an actuation of the words which demonstrated to me that these occurrences had often been talk d of in the Imperial household. I stood on new York Battery during the War As i suppose Many of you did. Looking off through a magnificent Glass upon a Fleet of russian ships. A what Are they doing there a i asked and so everyone asked a what business have the russian warships in our new York Harbor a word came that another Fleet of russian ships was in ment the judge whittling says. Orris i san Francisco Harbor. A what does this Oner Are you guilty a Aud the accused tranquilly responds whittling a i am not guilty a a lord John Russell called us a a Bubble bursting but our country has at last recovered from such caricature and there is not a Street on any City of Europe or Asia where the we Ord a a american will not win deference. But there is a sister nation on the other Side of the sea now going through the process of International defamation. There is no country on Earth so misunderstood As Russia and no Monarch More misrepresented than its emperor. Will it not be in the cause of Justice if i try to set right the minds of those who compose this August assemblage and the minds of those to whom on both sides of the Ocean these words shall come if the slander of one person i. Wicked then the slander of one Hundred and Twenty million people is one Hundred and Twenty million times More wicked. In the name of righteousness and in behalf of civilization and for the encouragement of All those Good people who have been disheartened by the a canalization of Russia i now speak. But Russia is so vast a subject that to treat it in one discourse is like attempting to run Niagara Falls Over one Mill wheel. Do not think that the very marked courtesies extended me last summer by the emperor and Empress and Crow i Prince of Russia have complimented me into the advocacy of mean a our rulers asked but did not get immediate answer. In these two american harbours the russian Fleet seemed sound asleep. Their great Mouths of Iron spoke not a word and the russian Flag whether floating in the air or drooping by the Flagstaff made no answer to our inquisitiveness. William ii. Seward Secretary of state asked the russian minister at Washington the meaning of those russian ships in american Waters and got no satisfactory response. Admiral Farragut said to a russian officer after dining in the Home of the eminent politician Thurlow Weed that maker and unmake of presidents a what Are you doing Here with those russian vessels of War a not until the War was Over was it found out that in Case of foreign intervention All the guns and the last gun of these two fleets in new York and san Francisco harbours were to open in full Diapason upon any foreign ship that should dare to interfere with the right of americans North and South to Settle their own controversy. But for those fleets and their presence in America n Waters there can to no doubt that two of the mightiest nations of Europe would have mingled in our fight. But for those two fleets the american government would have been to Day Only a name in history. I declare before god and the nation that 1 believe Russia saved the United states of America. Last july i stood before a great throng that Empire for i shall present you an of russians in the embarrassing Posi democracy triumphant. The people have turned Down the party of monopoly. The next president will be a Democrat. Grover Cleveland is elected. The people have triumphed Over the plutocracy. Men Are stronger than Money. The a hidden and abhorrent forces of corruption have not prevailed Over the intelligence and virtue of the voters. The election has proved to be a landslide an Avalanche a Eye Lonc a tidal wave everything that typifies irresistible Power. The overtaxed insulted defied people have risen in their might and overwhelmed the Republican party. The voters have entered final judgment upon the verdict twice rendered by them in condemnation of the Republican policy and practices. The issues in a National election have never been More thoroughly debated or More generally understood. The will of the people must now become the Law of the land. To defy them further As the Republican Senate and administration have done for two years past would be moral treason. It is a great Victory Well and worthily won. The democratic party displayed the courage of its convictions in its nomination for president. It wanted Grover Cleveland As its candidate and it nominated him. It believed in its principles and boldly declared them. Courage and honesty have won. Long live the Republic in. Y. World. Notes and opinions. Authenticated fact that will reverse your opinions if they have been antagonistic As mine was reserved. I went Hast summer to Russia with As Many Baleful prejudices As would make an average Avalanche from the Mountain of fabrication which has for years been heaped up against that Empire. You ask How it is possible that such appalling misrepresentations of Russia could stand i account for it by the fact that the russian language is to most an impassable Wall. Malign the United states or malign great Britain or Germany or France and by the next cablegram the falsehood is exposed for we All understand English and Many of our people Are familiar with German and French. But the russian language Beautiful and easy to those born to speak it is to most vocal organs an unpronounceable Tongue and if at St. Petersburg or Moscow any anti russian calumny were denied the most of the world outside of Russia would never see or hear the denial. What Are the motives for misrepresentation commercial interests and International jealousy. Russia is As joining Large As All the rest of Europe put to j will Gether. Remember that a nation is Only a Man or woman on a big scale. Go into any neighbourhood of America and ask the physician who has a Small practice what he thinks of the physician who has a Large practice. Ask a lawyer who has no briefs what he thinks of the lawyer who has three rooms filled with clerks trying in vain to transact the superabundant business that comes to him. Ask the minister who has a very limited audience what he thinks of the minister who has Over died november 8, the grand old party. Burial private. No Flowers. No mourners. No Hope of a resurrection. No times. A there is some Consolation in the thought that the protected monopolists were bled to the last shekel by Benny a campaigners and now they Are holding the Bee. The australian ballot works nicely except from the standpoint of the gentlemen who would Fain manipulate the gentle voter at the Minneapolis Tribune rep. A the proposition that the Tariff Tion. The disciples of Mckinley should. Not shrink from the Issue which they Luary language work forced upon their party. Carnegie is Only a Side Issue. Burchard of 1892.�?louisville courier journal. Personal and sly digs dire Cora Stephan. Mckinley is the real a to prevent whispering j. M. Rinehart Roar arithmetic Savannah Woite. W to prevent tardiness w. D. Evening session is j co pertinent. Eds to discomfited Jtepub-1 i it aus. Poor old Carter the Tariff is a tax. Step aside or. Ilis cock carry the news to Carnegie. A Public office is a Public Trust. Who fro wed Dat Brick a Mckinley. The Illinois germans fought nobly. Your a and. Judge Gresham yer and. Who said new York could be bought Boodle campaigns have Hud their Day. What do you think of the ice cart now Matt Quay feels very comfortable thank you. Now let Pat Egan Challenge Whitelaw Reid. The a Rainbow chasers got there in great shape. We Are glad now that Dave Martin remained. If it had been a Rainy Day Harrison would have lost Vermont. It was what or. Ham. Of Georgia would Call a a Snoll Goster. A of no the slumps in Maine and Vermont did no to mean anything. Blaines Appeal to the Irish voters to vote for Harrison was very effective in piling up votes for a Veland. Hon. Benjamin Harrison executive mansion Washington Ain sorry to learn that you fell outside the breastworks. Warner . Y. World. Royer. In m. E. Church at c Silt co nil Coj the the election is Over and the necessity of candidate Reid posing As the Friend of the Workingman is past a Detroit free of Vyvah even been in doubt in a presidential free press. The puerile and absurd plea that the election of Cleveland would destroy the business of the country did not elect or. Harrison. A you May fool part of the people All of the time and All of the people part of the time but you can t fool ail the people All the City Star. Many of the leading democratic and Independent newspapers of the country unite with the Sentinel in urging that an extra session of Congress be held next Spring to repeal the Mckinley Law and the Federal election Law and admit Utah new Mexico and Arizona As Sentinel. There is no saying that the Victory was an Accident. The Triumph has come from a Long four years fight for principle and we have won on principle. Democracy knows that it can win now every time. Federalism has been driven out again and it cannot reenter without a new disguise of spaciousness. A Kansas City times. The Triumph of democracy is the Trumph of patriotism Over venality and corruption. It is Triumph of the people Over the plutocrats. Let the democrats rejoice then. Let the people rejoice heartily and a in everything give let the country thank god for its deliverance from the hands of the spoilers a Illinois Tate Register flowing audiences. Why does not Europe eke Russia because she has enough acreage to Swallow All Europe and feel she has Only half a meal. Russia is As Long As North and South America put together. A but a says some one a do you mean to charge the authors and the lecturers who have written or spoken against Russia with falsehood a by no Means. You can find in any City or nation evils innumerable if you wish to discourse about them. I said at St. Petersburg to the most eminent lady of Russia outside of the Imperial family a Are those stories of cruelty and outrage that 1 have hear 1 and read about True a she replied a no doubt some of them Are True but do you not in America Ever have officers of the Law cruel and outrageous in their treatment of offenders do you not 1 ave instances where the police have clubbed innocent persons have you no instances where people in Brief authority act arrogantly a 1 replied a yes we then she said a Why docs the world hold our government responsible for exceptional outrages As soon As an official is found to be cruel he immediately loses his place. Then 1 Bethought myself. Do the people in America hold the government of Washington responsible for the Homestead riots at Pittsburgh or for Road insurrections or for the j a Orch of the villain that con i quincs a Block of houses or for i the ruffians who arrest a rail j train making the passengers hold up i their arms until the pockets Are picked i Why then hold the emperor of Russia Olio is As impressive and genial a Man it As 1 have Ever looked at or talked with responsible for the wrongs enacted in a nation with a population twice As Large in numbers As the millions of America suppose one Monarch in Europe ruled Over England Scotland Ireland France Germany Spain. Italy. Austria. Norway and Sweden. Would it be fair to hold the Monarch responsible for All that occurred in that mighty Dominion now you must remember that Alexander the third reigns Over wider Dominion than All those empires put together. As a nation is Only a Man or woman on a big scale let me ask would you individually prefer to be judged by your faults or your Virtues All people except ourselves have faults. The Pessimist attempting to write your biography would take you in your weaker moods Aud the picture of you on the first Page of your biography would be As you locked after your own meanness had been practice on you and you wore tearing mad. Now As i am an Optimist i give you fair warning that if i Ever write your biography. 1 will take you As you looked the Day your dividends came in 20 per cent larger than you Ever anticipated or the morning on your Way to business after your first Chile was born or the morn a g after your t in version when heaven Tion of speaking to an audience three fourths of which could not understand my language any More than i would understand theirs. But there were two names that they thoroughly understood As Well As you understand them and the utterance of these two names brought Forth an acclamation that made the City Hall of St. Petersburg quake from foundation Stone to Tower and those two names were a George Washington and a Abraham now is it not important that we should feel right toward that mighty that god Given Friend of More than one Hundred years Yea because it is a nation of More possibilities than any other except our own should we cultivate its Friendship. There is a vast realm of Russia As yet unoccupied. If the population of the rest of Europe were poured into Russia it would be Only partially occupied. After a while America will be so Well populated that the tides of emigration will go the other Way and by railroads from Russia at Bering Straits where Asia comes within thirty six Miles of american millions of people pour Down through Russia and Siberia and on Down through All the regions waiting for the civilization of the next Century to come and culture j great harvests and build mighty cities j what the United states now Are on the Western hemisphere Russia will be on the Eastern hemisphere. Not Only be a cause of what Russia has been to our Republic but because of what she will be let is cease the defamation of All j that pertains to that great Empire. If Russia can afford to be the Friend of America America can afford to be the i Friend of Russia. And now i proceed to do what 1 told the emperor and Empress and All the Imperial family at the Palace of Peter of i would do if i Ever got Back to America Aud that is to i answer some of the calumnies which have been announced and reiterated anti stereotyped against Russia j calumny the first the emperor and j All the Imperial family Are in perpetual dread of assassination. They Are practically prisoners in the Winter Paace and trenches with dynamite have been found dug around the Winter Palace. They dare not venture Forth except preceded and followed and surrounded by a most elaborate military guard. My answer to this is that 1 never saw a face More free from we Orri ment than the emperor s face. The w inter Palace around which the trenches Are said to have been charged with dynamite and a which the Imperial family Are said to be prisoners has never been the residence of the Imperial family one moment since the present emperor has been on the throne. The Winter Palace has been changed into a museum and a picture gallery an i a place of great levees. He spends his summer in the Palace at Peter of fifteen or Twenty Miles from St Petersburg his autumns at the Palace at Matschina and his win rail ters at a Palace at St. Petersburg but in quite a different part of the City to that occupied by the Winter Palace. He rides through the streets unattended except by the Empress at his Side and the Driver on the Box. There is not a person in this Audi knee More free from fear of harm i than he is. His subjects not Only Admire him but almost worship him. There Are Cranks in Russia but have we not had our Charles Guiteau and John my likes Booth a but a says one i a did not the russians kill the father of the present emperor a yes but in the time that Russia has had one Assassin i Tion of emperor America has had two presidents assassinated. A but is not the emperor an autocrat a by which j you mean has be not Power without re Striction yes but it All depends upon what use a Man makes of his you an autocrat in your factory or an autocrat in your store or an autocrat in your style of business it All de Olas the Grandfather of the present emperor Nicholas had for the dominant idea of his administration the emancipation of the serfs. When it was found that he premeditated the Freedom of the serfs he received the follow ing letter of threat from a deputation of noblemen a your Imperial majesty we learn that the Council and Senate of the Empire have before them for deliberation with your Sanction the plan to abolish serfdom throughout the russian Empire. We Are perfectly willing to abide by your majesty s decision in this matter and to loyally support your will but there Are in Russia a Large number of Small owners of serfs who Are dependent for actual subsistence on the labor of those serfs and who consequently will be left wholly penniless and without any resource by the operation of emancipation. They will then undoubtedly resort to desperate measures and in the extremity of their despair will put the life of your majesty in the Ein Perot replied in words that will last As Long As history a gentlemen if i should die because of my Devotion to such a cause i am willing to meet my when under an attack of pneumonia from exposure to severe weather in the service of his people that emperor put Down his head on the Pic lows of dust Russia lost As Good a Monarch As was Ever crowned. Then came Alexander the second the father of the present emperor. Amid the mightiest opposition and innumerable protests he with one stroke of his pen emancipated Twenty million serfs practically saying a go free. A your own Mas ters and this is for you and your children on the Day he we As basely assassinated and i will parenthetically say that i saw his Carriage in splinters As it looked when he stepped from it not to save himself but to look after some poor people of the Street who had been Hurt and i saw the bed on which he died the mattress yet Crimson with his life a blood a on the Day he was assassinated he had on his table found afterwards a free Constitution that proposed to give the right of suffrage to the people of Russia. If it had not been for the assassination he would have soon signed that Constitution but that horrible violence put things Back As violence always does. What a marvelous character of kindness was Alexander the second the father of the present emperor so that the present emperor Alexander the third inherits his benignity. Alexander the second hearing that a Nobleman had formed a conspiracy against his life had him arrested. Then the eyes of the criminal were bandaged and he we As put in a Carriage and for some time travelled on Only stopping for food. After awhile the Bandage was removed and supposing that he must by that time have been almost in Siberia found that he was at the door of his own Home. But this punishment we As sufficient. The same emperor having heard that a poet had written a poem defamatory of his Empress ordered the poet into his presence. Expecting great severity the poet entered the Palace and found the emperor and Empress and Dukes and Duchesse gathered together. A Good morning a said the emperor to the offender. A i hear you have written a most Beautiful poem and i have sent for you that you May read it to us and we May have the pleasure of hearing the Man cried out a Send me to Siberia or do anything with me but do not make me read this poem in your he was compelled to read the defamatory poem and then the Empress against whom it was aimed said a i do not think he will write any More verses about us again. Let him and so he Wras freed. And now comes in Alexander the third doing the Best things possible for the nation which he loves and which As ardently loves him. But what an undertaking to Rule 112,000,000 people made up of one Hundred tribes and races and speaking forty different languages. But notwithstanding All this things there move on marvellously Well and i do not believe that out of five Hundred thousand russians you would find More than one person who dislikes the emperor and so that calumny of dread of assassination drops so Flat it can fat no flatter. Calumny the second if you go to Russia you Are under severest espionage stopped Here and questioned there and in danger of arrest. But my opinion is that if a Man is in danger of being disturbed in Russia it is because he ought to be disturbed. Russia is the Only country in Europe in which my baggage was not examined. I carried in my hand tied together with a Cord so that their titles could be seen a pile of eight or ten Boaks All of them from lid to lid cursing Russia but i had no trouble in taking with me the books. There is ten times More difficulty in getting your baggage through the a Merican custom House than through the russian. I speak not of myself for friends Inte cede for me on american wharves and i am not detained i. I we As several Days in Russia before i was asked if i had any passport at All. Depend upon it if hereafter a Man believes he is uncomfortably watched by the police of St. Peters Birg or Moscow it is because there is something suspicious about him and you yourself had better when he is around look after your Silver spoons. I Promise you an honest Man or an honest woman that when you go there As Many of you will for european travel is destined to change its course from Southern Europe to those Northern regions you will have no More molestation Orsu Pervical than in Brooklyn or in new York or the quietest Long Island Village. Calumny the and its ruler Are so opposed to any other religion except the greek religion that they will not allow any other religion that nothing but persecution and imprisonment and outrage intolerable awl Ait the disciples of any other religion. But what Are the facts i had a Long ride in St. La Etui a Surg and its suburbs we Ith the prefect a Brilliant efficient and Lovely Man who is the highest official in the City of St. Petersburg and whose chief business is to attend the emperor. I said to him �?o1 suppose your religion is that of the greek Church a a no a said he a i am a a what is your religion a 1 said to one of the highest and most influential officials at St. Petersburg. He said a i am of the Church of myself an american of still another Denom nation of christians and never having been inside a greek Church in my life until i went to Russia could not have received More consideration had i been baptized in the greek Church and All my life worshipped at her altars. I had it demonstrated to me very plainly that a Man s religion in Russia has nothing to do we Ith his preferment for either office or social position. The Only questions taken into such consideration Are honesty Fidelity morality and adaptation. 1 had not been in St. Petersburg an hour before i received an invitation to preach the gospel of Christ As j believed it. Beside Ali this have you forgotten that the crimean War which Shook the Earth grew out of russians interference in behalf of the persecuted christians of All nations in Turkey. A but a says some one a have there not been persecutions of other religions in Russia a no doubt just As in other times in new England wre burned witches and As we killed quakers and As the pends on what use you make of your jews in America have been outrageously Power whether to bless or to oppress i treated Ever since i can remember and and from the time of Peter the the chinese in our land have been great the russian who was the pelted and their stores torn Down and wonder of All time the emperor who be their Way from the Steamer wharf to Caino incognito a ship Carpenter that he might help ship carpenters and a Mechanic that he might help Mechanic and put on poor menus garb that he might sympathize with poor men and who in his last words said a my lord 1 am dying. Of help my say from that time the throne of Russia has for the most part been occupied by rulers As Beneficent and kind and sympathetic As they were powerful. To go no further Back than Nieh their destined Quarter tracked we Ith their own blood. The Devil of persecution is in every land and in All Ages. Some of us in the different denominations of christians in America have Felt the thrust of persecution because we thought differently from those who would if they had the Power put us in a Furnace eight times heated one More degree of caloric than Nebuchadnezzar a persecutions in All lands but the emperor of Russia sanctions none of them. I had a most satisfactory talk with the emperor about the religions of the world and he thinks and feels As you and i do that a religion is something Between Man and his god and no one has a right to interfere with it you May go right up to St. Petersburg and Moscow with your episcopal Liturgy or your presbyterian catechism or your congregation Alistus liberalism or your immersion St a baptistry or any other religion and if you mind your own affairs and let others mind theirs you will not be molested. Calumny the fourth Russia is so very grasping of territory and she seems to want the world. But what Are the facts during the last Century and a Quarter the United states have taken Possession of everything Between the thirteen colonies and the Pacific Ocean and England during the same length of time has taken Possession of nearly three million Square Miles and by the extent of her Domain has added 250,009,000 population while Russia has added during that time Only one half the number of Square m los and about eighteen million of population England a Advance of Domain by 250,000,000 against russians Advance of Domain by eighteen million. What a paltry russian Advance of Domain by eighteen million As compared with the English Advance of Domain by 250,000,000. The United states and England had better keep still about extravagant and extortionate enlargement of Domain. Calumny the fifth Siberia is a Den of horrors and to Day people Are driven like dumb cattle no trial is afforded the suspected ones they Are put into quicksilver mines where they Are whipped and starved and some Day find themselves going around without any head. Some of them do not get so far As Siberia. Women after being tied to stakes in the streets Are disrobed and whipped to death in the presence of howling mobs. Offenders hear their own flesh Siss under the hot Irons. But what Are the facts there Are no Kinder people on Earth than the russians and to most of them cruelty is an impossibility. I hold in my hand a card. You see on it that red Circle. That is the governments Seal on a card giving me permission to visit All the prisons of St. Petersburg As i had expressed a wish in that direction. As the messenger handed this card to me he told me that a Carriage was at the door for my disposal in visiting the prisons. It so happened however that i was crowded with engagements and i would not make the visitation. But do you suppose such cheerful permission and a Carriage to Boot would have been afforded me if the prisons of Russia Are such Hells on Earth As they have been described to be i asked an eminent and distinguished american a have you visited the prisons of St. Petersburg and How do they differ from american prisons a he replied a i have visited them and they Aie As Well ventilated and As Well conditioned in every respect As the majority of the prisons in America Are women whipped in the Street no that Stater ent comes from the manufactory of fabrication a manufactory that runs Day and night so that the Supply May meet the demand. But How about Siberia my answer is Siberia is the prison of Russia a prison More than twice the size of the United states. John Howard who did More for the improvement of prisoners and the reformation of criminals than any Man that Ever lived his name a synonym for mercy throughout Christ Tendon declared by voice and pen that the system of transportation of criminals from Russia to Siberia was an admirable plan advocating open air punishment rather than and also because it was taking All offenders hundreds of Miles away from their evil companions. John Howard after witnessing the plan of deportation of criminals from Russia to Siberia commended it to England. If a Man commits murder in Russia he is not electrocuted As we electrocute him or choked to death by a Halter As we choke him to death. Russia is the Only country on Earth from which the death penalty has been driven except in Case of High treason. Murderers and desperate Vil lians Are sent to the hardest parts of Siberia but no Man is sent to Siberia or doomed to an a kind of punishment i in Russia until he has had a fair trial. So far As their being hustled off in the night and not knowing Why they Are exiled or punished is concerned All the criminals in Russia have an open trial before a jury just As we have in America except in revolutionary or riotous times and you know in America at such times the writ of Hareas Corpus is suspended. There Are in Russia grand juries and Petit juries and the right to Challenge the jurors and the prisoner confronts his accuser and Mark this As in no other country after a prisoner has been condemned by juries and judges he May Appeal to the minister of the Interior an i aft r that to the Senate and after that to the emperor who is constantly pardoning. As i said the violent and murderous Are sent to the hardest part of Siberia but the More moderate criminals to the More propitious parts of Siberia and those who have Only a Little criminality to parts of Siberia positively genial for climate for you ought to know if you do not know that Siberia is so Large and wide and Long that it reaches from frigidity to torrid Ity from almost Are tie blasts to climate As mild As that of Italy. Run your Finger along he map of the world and you will find that the lowest part of Siberia is on the forty fifth degree of latitude and the richest part of Italy is on the same forty fifth degree of latitude. So that Siberia reaches from the furs at t e North to the Palm Leaf fans at the South. It has been demonstrated that 90 per cent of the russian criminals colonized into Siberia go into a climate Milder than new York a land Rongful with Birds and embroidered with Flora enough manifold to confound the botanists. Much of the soil is a Rich Loam anti harvests wait for a plow to liberate them. When a criminal is sent to Siberia in the vast majority of cases it gives him an Opportunity to make a new Start under the Best possible circumstances. The criminal is allowed to take his of her family along and that is a mercy no other country Grants. In the quicksilver mines of Siberia the hardest place of expatriation Only one fourth cd the miners Are criminals. The other three fourths go there because they choose it As a place to earn their living. After being in Siberia awhile the condemned go to earning a livelihood and they come to own their own farms and Orchards and vineyards Many of these people coming to wealth and thousands of them under no inducement would leave those parts of Siberia which Are paradises for Sal Brity and Luxuriance. Now which do you think is the Best style of a prison Siberia or Many of our american prisons when j a Man commits a b g crime in our coun j try the judge looks into the frightened i face of the culprit and a ays a you have been found guilty i sentence you to i j the Penitentiary for ten he j a goes to prison. He is shut in Between i four Walls. No sunlight. No fresh air. No bathroom. Before he has j served his the zip years he Dies of consumption or is so enervated that for the rest of his life he sits with folded i hands a wheezing invalid. In prefer ence to the shut in life of the average \ american prisoner give me Siberia. Beside that when offenders come out of j prison in America what Chance have they ask the poorly supported societies formed to get these people places for world. Ask me to w Hom the newly liberated com from All the prisons imploring what they shall do. No one will commend them. The pallor of in eare ration is on their Cheek. Who wants to employ in factory or store a Man or woman who in answer to the question a where did you live last a should make for reply a a state a prison at Auburn or now in Siberia they have a better Chance. They arc never spoken of As criminals but As unfortunates and they Are allowed every Opportunity of retrieving their lost reputation and lost fortunes. I talked with the president of the National society of Russia for the education and to realization of the children of siberian convicts. The president of that society appointed by the emperor is a lady of great accomplishments and much sympathy which illumines her face and makes tearful her eyes and tremulous her voice. The evening i passed at her House in St. Petersburg was one of the memorable events of my lifetime. I will not attempt to pronounce the name of that Noble woman appointed by the emperor As the president of the National society of Russia for the education and to realization of the children of convicts. Please to name any such National society in our country supported by government for taking care of the children of convicts. Y of know if you know anything that there is no Chance in the s country for a Man who has been imprisoned or for his children. God pity them and hasten the time when we shall by some National institution established by the Congress of the United states imitate the mercy of the russian government toward the innocent children or imprisoned offenders lie who charges cruelty to the Imperial family and the nobility of Russia belies men and women As gracious and Benignant As Ever breathed oxygen. The merciful character of the present emperor was Well illustrated in the following occurrence the Man who supervised the assassination of the father of the present emperor standing in the Snow that awful Day when the dynamite shattered to pieces the legs of Alexander the second i say the Man who supervised All this fled from St. Petersburg and quit Russia. But after a while the Man repented of his crime and wrote to the emperor asking for forgiveness for the murder of his father and promising to be a Good citizen and asking if he might come Back to Russia. The emperor pardoned the murderer of his father and the forgiven Assassin is now living a Russia unless recently deceased. When i talked to the Empress concerning the sympathy Felt in America for the sufferings of the drought struck regions of Russia she evinced an absorbing interest and a compassion and an emotion of manner and speech such As we men can hardly realize be Ause it seems that god has reserved for woman As her great adornment the Coronet the tear jewelled Coronet of tenderness Aud commiseration. If you say that it was a Man a Divinc Man that came to save the world i say yes but it was a woman that gave the Man. Witness All the Madonnas italian German English and russians that Bloom in the picture galleries of Christendom. 8>on of Mary have mercy on us but How about the Knout the cruel russian Knout that comes Down on the Bare Back of agonized criminals Why Russia abolished the Knout before it was abolished from our american Navy. But How about the political prisoners hustled off to Siberia according to the testimony of the most celebrated literary enemy of Russia Only 443 political prisoners were sent to Siberia in Twenty years. How Many political prisoners did we put in prison pens during our four years of civil War Well i guess at least one Hundred thousand. America s 100,090 political prisoners versus russians 443 political prisoners. Nearly All these 443 of Twenty years were noblemen or people desperately opposed to the emancipation of the serfs. And none of the political prisoners Are sent to the famous Kara mines. For the most part you Are dependent for information upon the testimony of prisoners who Are sent to Siberia. They All say they were innocent. Prisoners always Are innocent. Ask All the prisoners of America to Day a guilty or not guilty a and Nineteen out of Twenty will plead a a opt ask them How they like their prisons and How they like sheriffs and How they like the government of the United states and you will find these prisoners Admire the authority that arrested them and punished them just about As much As the political prisoners of Russia like Siberia but you ask How will this Russ Pho Bia with which so Many have been bitten and poisoned be cured by the cd of Justice Blessing such books and pamphlets As Are now coming out from prof. De a Maud of Washington or. Horace Cutter of Sun Francisco or. Morrill of England and by the opening of the american Gates to the writings of some Twenty four of the russian authors and Autho resses in some respects As Brilliant As the three or four russian authors already known the translation of those Twenty four authors which i am authorized from Russia to offer free of charge to any responsible american publishing House that will do them Justice. Let these russians Tell their own Story for they Are the Only ones fully competent to do the work As none but americans can full a Tell the Story of America and As none but germans can fully Tell the Story of Germany and none but englishmen can fully Tell the Story of England and none but frenchmen can fully Tell the Story of France. Meanwhile Iet the International defamation come to an end. Cease to speak evil of dignities merely because they Are dignities and of presidents merely because they Are presidents and of emperors merely because Thev Are emperors. And May the Blessing of god the father and god the son. And god the holy ghost be up n All the members of the Imperial household of Russia from the illustrious head of that family Down to the Princess seven years of age who came skipping into my presence in the Palace of Peter of last summer. Glory to go i in the highest and on Earth peace Good will to men. J always dying. I lie human machine a cd How it u built i up. Life indeed consists in a series of changes of tissue and the human Economy is simply so far As its material part is concerned a machine and primarily depends on Foo l As the most important Factor in keeping it in working order. When it is said that we commence to die As soon As we Are born it of course Means that certain parts of the body immediately begin to perish their existence is ephemeral they come and go Are replenished and decay. They Are the dying parts of that system of life which May last a Little while but which must eventually yield to the inexorable Law of nature. The nails the hair etc., Are observable As an instance of this decay. The same Rule applies to every other Organ and Tisu of the body though it is not palpable to the naked Eye. The skin is Al Way peeling. The food that is taken in the one hour nourishes the system Aid ejects that High was taken the hour before. Perfect health and condition at whatever time of life we May App y the term from infancy to old age. Depends upon the proper assimilation of the food taken and it Natura elimination when it is done with by the different organs that have to Deal with it. Of course heredity and a few other circumstances must also be taken into consideration in estimating the chances of life. If the exact amount of food Noee sary to nourish each tissue of the body were taken daily having regard to work and other circumstances and if the Economy were kept properly employed it would mean that the individual would be in the most perfect health and condition and ought to live to the age of a Hundred years or More. But How Seldom does this occur. For some Caus or other More is taken than is necessary to Supply constitutional requirements and the result is that the surplus remains stored and in some Way or other acts pre judicially. If it does not cause also Ute illness it impedes an t elasticity and leads to a feeling of malaise and disinclination for work making ones Ordinary occupation a Burden. We Are tempted to eat when we Are not hungry and drink when we Are not thirst and if we do we must pay the penalty. More than this in this life at ail events the sins of the lathers Are visited on the children and the old port drank by the Grandfather yields a cup of gout in the grandson. Stimulant taken to excess in the father transmits the curse to the progeny and they Start in the struggle of lilt handicapped from the first hour and. To a race horse with no stamina fail Early in the race. A Gentl a mans Magazine. Woman a underwear. Garments that Are both Dainty and comfortable. Just what sort of underwear to assume is one question that Trovi Bles the average woman very much. She does no to want to Wear so much that it will be Bulky and she does no to want to Wear too Little for fear she will catch cold. She tries first one and then another shaped garment Aud the Wise woman is she who having at last hit upon the which is most comfortable makes it most Dainty Aud assumes it for Good. Very Little Linen is used nowadays for ones lingerie the Preferes e being Given to Cambric Victoria Lawn Nain Sook or Percale. The last is noted with tiny dots or wee Flowers in Pink Blue or Lavender upon the White ground. Then when the garment is finished the edges have a triple Scallop or a Sharp Point embroidered in Cotton of Tho same color As the figure. This material with its simple finish is liked for sack shaped chemises for night dresses and for drawers it is Seldom if Ever used for skirts. The fancy for silk night dresses still exists but As there always have been women who would Wear nothing but the Clear White Lawn or Nain Sook and As these women Are Many the makers of underwear arc specially catering to them. Very much More Fine work that is handwork can be put upon a Nain Sook gown than upon a Sik one and the Needle woman can make More Fine tucks fancy stitches gatherings he stitching and drawing of threads than Ever would seem possible. It is for such work As this the t the Fine Needles the web like threads and All the Dainty Cedlo Basket adjuncts Are used. Embroidery Cottons Are used to form the cipher or Monogram that Marks who the owner of the garment is for nowadays my lady does not let indelible Ink touch her belongings but instead her favorite Way of writing her initials is wrought out in firm stitches and Small . Mallon in ladies Home journal. Sunshinj3 comes no matter How dark Tho Clouds Are when the woman who is borne Down by woman a troubles turns to or. I Pierce a a favorite prescription. If her Ili e is made gloomy by the Chrome weaknesses delicate derangement and painful disorders that afflict her ser they arc completely cured. If she a overworked nervous or a run Down a she has new life and strength. A a favorite prescription i3 a powerful invigorating tonic and a soothing Ana strengthening Nervino rely vegetable perfectly less. It Regul proper functions c digestion enriches the blood dispels aches harmless. It regulates and promotes All the 3s and i woman cod improves and pains brings refreshing sleep and restores health and vigor. For every a a female complaint and disturbance it is the Only remedy so sure and unfailing Thau it can be guaranteed. If it does no to Benefit or cure you have your Money Back. The Street skirt is shortened. Just at present women Are looking for a lexicographer who can invent a name bad enough to fit the Man who never Steps anywhere else when there is a train of a gown Handy for though the Street skirt is Shorter the House dress More than makes up for it in added length. The difference Between the trained Bell skirt of the summer and the Cathedral train we Are called upon to Wear at present is apparent to the study of any gown of striped material. Instead of the stripes meeting in angles All the Way up the Back by the skilful insertion of Gores which do not extend All the Way to the Belt the stripes Are made to slope in at the top and flare out at the Bottom with Graceful effect. The idea finds expression in a dinner dress of Marie Antoinette brocade White with Broad stripes of Flowers in the old fashioned colors. The stripes if counted at the Waist line would not equal those appearing at the Edge of the train. Broad ruffles of Black velvet lined with Bright Green Are fulled Over the shoulder and sloped into a jacket like effect both in the Back and front. The jacket is laced together at the Back we Ith velvet words. A Chicago times. I uncles ims and paints which stain ti9 hands. In late Tho Iron and Burn off. I Tho rising Sun stove polish a Brilliant odor less durable and Tho consumer pays Lor no tin or Glass package with every Purchase. A it. K i pm Eros of kidney livers bic4udrc. Bilious Ness headache Ford breath sour stomach heart bum or dyspepsia constipation. Poor digestion distress after eating pain and bloating in the stomach shortness of breath pains in the heart loss of appetite a splendid feeling to Day and a depressed Ono to Morrow nothing seems to taste Good tired sleepless and All Unstrung weakness debility. contents of Ono bottle if not bad Efi cd i ugg Ista Quot ill refund you Tho Price paid. At druggists 50c. Size $1.00 size a invalids Guido to Ilea the from consultation fro. In. amp co., Binghamton n. Y. Not responsible Tor the result. Georgie had taken lessons on the violin for six months or More. He was sawing away on an exercise the other Day when his father said a it seems to me you have been kept on those exercises about Long enough. Why done to Yon learn to play a tune a a i can play tunes All right enough a replied Georgie. A i done to believe it i never heard you play one. A a Well. I can All the same a a he Mph id just like to hear you a a i can play a Horae Sweet Home a a exclaimed Georgie firing up a and ill show you you May not be in Paradise while in a playing it a he continued with his Chin on the instrument and his Bow poised in air a but this is a Home Sweet Home a you re going to hear a and drawing the Bow with a vigorous swipe across the quivering strings a he played a Home Sweet Home a till the misguided Parent rushed in horror from the Tribune. That a the Way he Felt. Gus de Smith How do you like your new horse. Miss Fanny fair equestrian new he does not ride As easy As i expected. He tugs at the bits and acts As if he wanted to run run away with me. Gus de Smith i done to blame him if 1 had his chances id do it sittings. Supporting ills in arty. Kitty How came you to be sitting in the window with Charlie Raddeman when the Republican Torch Light procession went by l thought he was a Democrat. Bessie so he is but it was great fun. He held in a hand All the time so that i . A August Flower eight doctors treated me for heart disease and one for rheumatism but did me no Good. I could not speak aloud. Everything that i took into the stomach distressed me. I could not sleep. I had taken All kinds of medicines. Through a neighbor i got one of your books. I procured a bottle of greens August Flower and took it. I am to Day Stout Hearty and Strong and enjoy the Best of health. August Flower saved my life and gave me my health. Mrs. Sarah j Cox Defiance o. @ they All testify to the Efficacy of the world renown swifts specific. Tho old Tymo us Mil Medy from Tho Georgia 6.vamp3 Aud Fields a i gone pc rth to Tho Antipodes Astor Sohing the sceptical and confounding Tho theories of a who depend solely on Tho no a skill. There is co bipod taint which it does not immediately Polsena outwardly absorbed or the result of Vilo diseases from within All yield to tills potent but complo remedy. It 13 an unequalled tonic builds up Tho old and feeble ours All diseases arising from impure blood or weakened vitality a end for a to cation. Examine Tho proof. Eradicate. Books on a a Eloyd and skin diseases a druggists sell it. Swift specific drawer 3, Atlanta Gay mailed Freob co., the markets. New York flour. $ wheat no. 2 r d Winter. No. 1 Northern. Corny no. 2. Oats mixed Western. Rye a a Stern. Pork mess. Lard prime Western. Butter West in. Cheese Western. Eggs Western. Cattle. Sheep. Hogs. Cleveland. Flour country xxx White. Minnesota patents. Amber. Wheat no. 2 corny no. 2 Oats no. 2 butter choir Quot. Cheese York state. Ohio. Eggs. Put 1�?Tatoes a in bulk per Bush. Moth. Clover. Hay baled. Bulk on Market. Cattle. Hogs. Cincinnati. Flour. Wheat. Corn. Oats. Rye no. 2. Hogs common and Light. Toledo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter. Corny no. 2 Oats. Buff a to. Beeves Best. Coarse Kheuv y Gnu ers sheep Best. Fair to Good. Hogs heavy grades. Yorkers. Pittsburgh. Beeves Best. Fair to go gtd. Sheep Best. Fair to Good hogs Phil Delphias. Yorkers. Philadelphia. Wool Western. 21 u n w asked. 25 nov. 21. 2 0 it amp 4 80 76 to 79 he i 4 85 50 8 i to 51 36�?~ i a 38 56 to 60 13 0 4 to 17 00 10 00 to 10 25 16 to 31 3 to 7/ 26 to 27 3 15 to 4 95 3 25 to 5 03 5 10 to 6 10 3 8 to 4 30 4 25 to 4 75 3 34 to 3. 4 72 to 71 49 to 51 37 to .&Quot.9 21 to 33 h Ito 12 8 a to 11 24 to 25 55 to 75 2 10 to 2 89 7 75 to 8 00 8 00 to 12 50 12 00 to 15 00 3 75 4 75 5 0 s 5 80 2 45 to 2 75 414 34>vdft fat a 50 it to ism 4.j fat 34 4 80 3 Foj a 4 20 3 40 5 75 5 6j 4 it 5 4 10 4 4� 3 00 5 h 5 40 h a to it a to to to to to to to 77 45 35 55 h 70 73 434 35 5 05 3 00 4 of 3 50 5 80 5 05 4 90 j 4 4 1 to it 4 04 5 kit 5 55 33 27 William Henry Harrison. When William Henry Harrison was inaugurated it was a cold raw Day and he took cold. This developed into an attack of pleurisy. He was 68 years old and in spite of All that could be done by the medical science of that Day was insufficient to save him. He died within a month. Reid a Ger Tan cough and kidney cure will cure any malady that arises from a cold and it is particularly efficacious in pleurisy and pneumonia. These maladies require instant attention. Delays Are dangerous. When they attack the sufferer this great remedy should be Given freely. It contains neither opiate nor narcotic. It can be Given As often As May be necessary to relieve tiie sufferer and when he is relieved and sinks to sleep the attendants can be assured that when lie wakens the disease is conquered and he is Well. Not Only that the system is so fortified that he is much less liable to take the disease the second time. He is not tiie victim of opium or morphine and he is consequently not liable to contract that fatal habit get this great remedy of any dealer. The Small ones 25 cents the Large ones 50 cents. Sylvan remedy co., Peoria Iii. Bite be amp is remedy cd the Equez of Fortye prompt Ejad Perth amp Nen cure of pains ?dy\cl7e$ Small guaranteed to cur bilious attacks Hea Davuli and Ltd in St Pai Ion. 49 in bottle. In Rickii 2-&Quot>e. For brio by druggists. We eau a j. B Ciuro Cmith 17, 70�?� Aalt a Sample dose tree. Co. Proprietors. New York. By of steel steel to Lff Kollet a v Illar no climbing rite us fat folks reduced 15 to 25 or month by harm Lees herbal tre Merliee. No starving Anft no bad efforts. Strictly or i rail a nil &Quot#1 Imo a Ltd a a a a. A4drm�da 7t>r or Vickery of theatre bid. Chicago Xuy. Iii. I Ilia Moursi tio you Tiu. 1 Libit cared in 10 so pay till cured. It. .1. St fms Lebanon. Ohio. Rio a a my Pai to very Jui Youstin. anti people who have weak lung or Aith Ina should Uto it boy a cure for consumption. It has cured the . It 1ms not injured on a. It s not to take it is the burst cough syrup. Sold everywhere. 3oc. Cares consumption coughs crop sore Throat. Sold by All druggists on a guarantee i till. Trial bottle free by mail. Cures after All others fail. Address Hall,West i a. N . 1423. Fits t Iuca to advert skin ply air Elute you saw the advert Lai ment la that up per. A. Juja in Ely a Che am Balm Tea to the passages allays pain Aud inflammation it also a Keet Oreg taste and 8med, and cures the pin onco Lor cold in head apply into Tho nostrils. It is Curldy Abs it a 59c/i>n ggi8t3�r by Scad Ely ill. 8-, 56 War up 2u, Fth a

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