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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - November 10, 1887, New Philadelphia, Ohio The Hies. Camuei. Mooke. Pro a hew i Uijun it Elphia. Oma tired out. F in to tired out a tile neighbor Sal 3. Turning from the squalid cd where the weary woman Lay panting life s last hours away. Save that sound of sobbing breath All was Tell As coming death for the frightened children cowered Quot where with heavy brows that lowered a Neath the Long enduring Strain the mute husband bore his pain. Just tired out far Down below Waves were fretting on the flow and the full recurrent Roar echoed upward from the Shore fainter grew the pulses beat As the worn hands plucked the Sheet and the death Damps gathered where ruffled All the tangled hair. Said the watcher at her Side she is waiting for the when the Waves had ebbed anew the tired life was Over too gone from want and care and ill. Very peacefully and still after All she bore and wept. Hard worked wife and Mother slept very fair she looked and Meek Long dark lashes swept her Cheek worn hands crossed upon her breast. For the a weary was at a Alt the tear Sot ind bar Harbor. A wild weird tale of love and adventure. B v Lee. Published by special aural Gemett with the author. I copyrighted 1ss7. By To Dillingham a Blufus reserved chapter . A it has not been done yet but by heavens it shall Belg a Here Fairfax arose to his utmost height his Eye flashing fire his nostrils dilated and his fist clenched a and to Morrow too in at the last words he Broi Gilt Down his hand with such violence upon the table that the elegant Nebbitt unconsciously started. With a sarcastic smile and a sneer Curling his lip he sat silently regarding the antics of his hair brained visitor. A a now a continued the infatuated Young Man a a i want you to help me. Without you it can not be done. With your help not Only can it be done but it will be a Brilliant Success. You yourself a moment since averred that you considered it the master stroke of the a a my dear fellow there is a vast difference Between a thing done and a thing undone. You Are not in your sane mind now boy. Do you know what would to the consequence of failure in such an undertaking i it would kick up a Deuce of a Row and imagine my own predicament Fairfax saw that he had made a mistake and that his task As far As the influencing of Nebbitt was concerned was much greater than he had anticipated. He had no impress Ible Dick to Deal with. He must talk with this Man intelligently unenthusiastic ally reason with him and present his plans in an open logical manner staling the facts As they appeared to him and not withholding the chances of failure. Coolly lighting a cigarette and leaning lazily Back he began in a slow measured colourless tone to set Forth the Case exactly As it was. Cold blooded facts were what his listener desired. Fairfax gave him these and having in this Way thrown Nebbitt a Little off his guard began yet without appearing so to do to Appeal to the element of Darc Devil try and dash that he knew was latent in that Many a nature. Little by Little to worked on Tho latter until by and by his now thoroughl3-interested auditor slapped his thigh with his hand a what a sensation it would create. Gad the very originality and daring of Tho plan almost tempts my to try Fairfax said nothing but sat silently smoking. He perceived he had gained his Point. Nebbitt Rose and began pacing the Saloon floor in deep thought every now and then emitting an explosive laugh. At last he suddenly turned came towards Fairfax put Bis hands on the latter a shoulders and looked him straight in the Eye. What he saw there seemed to be the cause of an immediate decision on his part and Well it might. That for maj closed Mouth and Eye in which caution and daring were equally conspicuous betokened unswerving persistence. A Fairfax a said Nebbitt. A it shall be done your plan is excellent. Execute it in every detail us you gave it to me Aud Success is certain. Omit one and the chances of failure will outweigh those of Success. As to your two a heavy villains a you May set your mind at rest about them. I have in my Crew two men exactly suited to the requirements of the deed. Both understand Aud one fluently Speaks. French. You can rely upon their rigid Aud fearless execution of any command j of May see lit to Laj i it on them and should any unexpected emergency arise their judgment Seldom fails to direct them aright. I know them from past years a said Nebbitt Vith a faint smile. A was to your equipment and All of that Fol de Rol give my Steward a list of what you want and he will go to Paris and attend Quot to All of that business. As to the other matter of which you speak or. Porto himself is now in Paris. I can no doubt., secure you his bar Harbor cottage for the autumn. You surely wont want it for a longer period a said he with a curious smile. A wait a moment a he continued disappearing for a Short Lime and returning with two seamen Sharp shrewd daring looking Fellows. A emr. Fairfax to lice Are Jack longshore and Davy Jones. men you arc to go mounted from the self same Stone. Lydia kept her horse and before they Rode off i heard her Promise to Corno again to Morrow a a hmm mfg said Fairfax reflectively a that Young lady can easily be disposed of. I believe you chanced the other Day to mention the fact that lady Blanche now in Paris is her aunt did you not a a a yes a replied Dick wondering Guy. Fairfax took from his Vest pocket a telegraphic Blank on Ivsich was w Ritten the simple word a Send. a a now my . Charmer. Miss Lydia i think Ive have you out of the a a Roger a continued he calling the Valet a deliver this at the Telegraph office Aud then hire a horse and buggy at some livery stable. Be sure and secure a Strong horse and a buggy with a Nibler apron for wet in perhaps half an hour the sound of approaching wheels was heard and Roger quickly Anjou used himself. Finding Tho vehicle suited for the service which to desired to impose upon it Fairfax called the three men together saying a go to some inn for the night. At eight o clock to Morrow morning take the Kiili Jence that leaves Here and passes x. Crossroads Only a Short distance from our Desti nation. Roger j of know the Way from there to the Village Aud the Point beyond where \ of went with or. Oxford yesterday a near where the Brook i Osses the Road at the Ikhil. You understand a a i do sir a said Roger knowing. A Vei a Vav cell then 3 of All understand. Put All l our bundles in the Carriage and go off for a Good the three servants were on their was Quot to the Village Roger proving himself perfectly in Anerable when bombarded with questions by the two excited Aud curious seamen. Dick and Fairfax meanwhile were on their Way to the Village of a thirty Miles Distant. At half past three of clock in the morning they were approaching the Well Kuotai town and the East was beginning to show faint signs of Light. Fairfax urged to a rapid Pace the horse that quickly carried them through the slumbering place. He a aide a Brief pause at the inn of landlord Buu Dray. They drove directly toward the appointed rendezvous near the fateful Pool and led the horse into the midst of a neighbouring Grove where it was actually began to entertain a feeling of Dis i Trust toward Tho Good Dame. It made i i still More careful Aud he resolved to spar no pains in taking every precaution pos Sibi to ensure Success. A these Aue Jack longshore and with this gentleman Aud be under his orders As Long As he needs you. He a got a Verj a ticklish Job forja of and wants Jour prettiest work. Understand no liquor a a Aye Aye sir a returned both ?t7delighted at the Prospect of something novel and exciting. A a now away with Jou both to pack i on a moment later appeared tic Steward to whom Nebbitt also gave the same instructions. Twenty minutes afterwards the entire party of adventurers was on Board tile fast express to Paris. The Steward was so successful in executing his commissions that in the evening he was again on Board the a Nam ova a which at ten o clo Ltd a had weighed Anchor and was rapidly steaming out into the Channel. Meanwhile Fairfax and his two men found their limited time barely sufficient for fulfilling the Many errands imposed upon each. But the Trio arrived at the station just in season to Board the cars for Del with the comfortable feeling that every thing had been done As planned. Chapter in. tide at the flood. Arrived at Doh Fairfax found Dick and his Valet in waiting. The party divided in three sections having apparently no connection one with the other sauntered slowly Down the Road toward a rendezvous convenient yet secluded. Richard was then interrogated As to the result of his investigations. A Well to begin with a said that tired Aud j a Leepy youth drawing himself up to his to handsomely proportioned length and awning alarming a there Agal 1 and there s no use in denying the fact that she a got Arthur Fairfax on the brain dead gone i believe. And Between Jou and to and Yon Stream in a inclined to think too the i cd beige a beginning a Little to a Stop a said his listener decisively a this is no time for nonsense. Relate their cats Bot your i Yoi Well my boy she left at half past six. Darby and Jean otherwise Dimitri and Catherine jagged behind. Your Friend enl a amp led Modi Tho Pooh food there soon three strange men. I Quito evident no one would Stra otherwise than by the merest Accident. Turning to Dick Fairfax heaved a sigh with the after remark Friend All is completed thing. Only the intervention of heaven now can defeat mjg then for the first time oxfords curiosity As to the schemes of his Friend were satisfied. He had made up his mind whatever might do their character not to the slightest emotion on learning them Aud to do him Justice he evinced no sign of Tho dismal Quot that overwhelmed him As he listened to the outrageous project of his mad Friend. Although his heart Sank within him he made no remark at first. Fairfax watched him keenly to observe the effect of his own words. Finally with a Gravity wholly unwonted and an impressive seriousness All Tho More effective because unusual Oxford turned to Fairfax Aud said a i promised to be Vith you in whatever you undertook. I will keen my word if you insist i it on it. It is not too late even yet for you to forego this unfortunate affair. I my self think it Annec Essaiy extremely impracticable and dangerous and frankly idiotic As a Ell As not a line moved in his hearer s impassive countenance. That extraordinary individual had considered the entire matter in All actual and possible relations and contingencies had become excited to an unnatural and extremely unreasonable pitch of mind Aud was resolved to lat nothing should deter him from his under airing. Although somewhat startled at the sound advice and solemn words of the hitherto Light hearted Richard and realizing for a moment the Folly of his prospective deed and the Long list of misfortunes and evils that might follow in train he immediately steeled himself against the weakness of the moment and was once More the Man of unswerving Puri Iose and Iron will. A this Man. Dick must be won again. I am fast losing my hold upon him and must regain it Aud make it stronger. No halfhearted work will suffice at this late Date a a Vivus his silent self reasoning. Beginning in that plausible seductive and irresistibly attractive manner of Bis he gradually overcame Dick s conscientious scruples dulled his common sense api it sealed to his adventurous spirit and thus began to arouse his flagging interest in the matter. Oxford poor fellow although realizing that his Friend was about to embark upon a very crazy and cowardly Enterprise was i it unable to resist the extraordinary influence which this strange Man wielded Over him and step by step jul coded to the mighty will of the latter until once More Fairfax had a most zealous advocate in Richard. About noon with a Lazy gape Fairfax remarked a a let us go out and watch for those a heavy Thoj must be near at there soon appeared Throe strange men carelessly sauntering Down the Road. So completely a had they disguised themselves that the two watchers were Uncertain As to their identity. However As they approached nearer it was not difficult to recognize the tones of each voice. The Arch conspirator took Tho two seamen aside and enlightened them As to the part they were to play. They appeared to be wide awake characters capable of a hazardous feat of any kind. The readily entered into the spirit of the occasion and considered the affair As a Jolly kind of a Lark. Meanwhile Richard who had been Thor ought a instructed in in and melodramatic tones was initiating his Valet Inlo the nature of the duties which were to fall Ruixin him. After some time spent in writing Fairfax examined the vehicle and found it in excellent condition. The harness also seemed Strong. One Trace was a Little worn and with an extra tug might give want a. A piece of Stout Cord quickly remedied this defect. The horse appeared to have entirely recovered from his Long journey of the night before. One thing the anxious observer did not like. A a Euvy Black bunk of Clouds was rising in the Southwest a Low dilatory mass of vapor that clearly betokened an a it preaching storm. Still Bethought it would scarce interfere with the full lament of his expectations and plans. He went to the Road Side to watch. Between three and four he saw away in the distance up the Road a Carriage approaching. It contained Dimitri and Catherine in route no doubt to make preparations for Natalie who then could not be far behind them. His heart began to quicken beats when he distinguished a horse galloping Down the High away a. Although straining his eyes he could see but one and on that Steed Rode Tho Princess. He held his breath As she dashed by like the wind both Steed and rider carrying themselves supcrbl3% again he Felt the same inexplicable misgivings the same mysteriously prophetic warning and again he Flung aside the emotion. The deed was begun and were the heavens to fall must now be done but How is it that he behold but one horsewoman where was la a Dia alas Miles away a on a wild Goose errand. Ere leaving Paris Fairfax had left a sealed and unaddressed envelope in the hands of one of the Herald clerks with instructions to mail it to a Given address in America if no message to the contrary was received within five Days. A Elf however you get a Telegram bearing the word ,�?T ask a message Boj to carry it to the nearest telegraphic his instructions were followed to the Verj letter. On receipt of the message that Roger had taken to the Dol Telegraph station the previous evening Fairfax envelope was forwarded to intended destination. The telegraphed who opened it found written in a woman a hand apparently a Telegram to this effect a lady la Dia chateau d or. Village of y., Cote do Nord. Meet me at Dol four of clock. A a Blanche this explains Lydia a absence. For on receiving the Telegram she dashed off a Nasty note of regret to Natalie ordered her Larouche and hastened to meet her aunt at Doi. A a Ortune had up Fanpi pm Fairfax that he the Princess Natalie was putting the finishing touches upon her picture. On the Morrow she expected to leave her Belove Village and summer Homo for Lake Maggiore we Here her chief companion brother scarcely More than one year okie than herself had been accustomed to spent with her his Summers. A Little More than two years previous of the time when this narrative opens on the morning of her birth Daig he had among other gifts presented his sister with a Lovely pal cute knife just As he was departing on a Short Hunting expedition into Tho Vallej Quot. But before going he took seat at the piano and began playing the thir song was a great favorite with both Natac and himself aroused by the Many evidences of her brother s love and Tho fact that it was her birthday she scarcely knew by what it seemed almost prescience she went Over to his Side and Sang As she had Sung before. Otto was so much moved when the song was ended that he put his arms about her and kissed her As the words of the song have it it proved c for two hours later in he Wellong Chase after a Stag he galloped his horse Down a Ravine. The exhausted beast lost his footing and stumbled throwing master headlong against a Rock. The unfortunate youth lived but a few moments. The Shock to Tho Printess was even greater than might have been anticipated la turning from a horseback ride while galloping at full sewed us was her wont and laughing at some remark of her old governess whom her affection still retained More As companion and Chaperon than instruct Ress she suddenly turned a curve in the Road and saw before her a rude improvised litter Bootie on Tho shoulders of four men. A fifth Ivas leading two Saddle horses. A figure covered with a Mantle upon the litter. Tile impetuous Speed of Meiji carried his rider Carh up to the partier she could Check him. Asho came to a standstill Natalie recognized the men and also her brother a horse. For a moment she doubted the evidence of her senses my looked again. With overwhelming Force the horrible truth burst upon her. Hic Leai ted to Tho ground rushed up to the litter Tore the Mantle from Tho face and saw her Only brother la ing Pale Aud cold in the sleep of death. A to Otto any brother dead a she cried and swooned Uwaje. For weeks afterwards she Lay hovering of Tivitt life and death in a wild delirium of fever. All her physicians looked for death. But one sunny afternoon a strolling Harper chanced to play under her window a peculiarly Sweet air. In the midst of Nei ravings she stopped and seemed to by listening to the a Taddio a and Lay quiet s Long time after the Melody had died await ailing finally into a refreshing slumber from which she awoke in her right mind. As tile Priidu Ess grew stronger the old scenes i Oving painful to her she asked to be ecu coed to others and when she once More looked upon the fair Waters of Maggiore it was at the request of her parents. Full of fun. x. Look tii eur. It comes As she sat i Siuting upon this Csc Nofu afternoon when her expected companion la Dia was Riding Lel Sureh upon a fruitless errand to Dol Natalie let her thoughts revert to their conversation of the two previous da3 s. Then of course she thought of Fairfax. What a sad but striking face he had who was he ? what troubled him so much ? she was convinced something did. Who had he started so and coloured Ivhon he saw her coming Down the staircase would she Ever Sec him again Ile interested her Lydia too took such an interest in him. Why had she herself immediately thought of that song when she cast her eyes Iown him ? Why too did she Alai s think of it in connection Irit him that song was peculiarl3�?T�?T and Only hers and Otto a. What right had this Man to it and yet it seemed his too As much As theirs. Yes and l3�?TDia had said he had been much disturbed As he listened to it and had remarked that it was interwoven with his Fate. Perhaps she Ivas almost certain of it her lost knife would return through him. In this ingenuous and child like manner she mused pc Ulouse painting All the time. Suddenly the voice of Dimitri aroused her. He in tinted significantly to the storm slowly gathering in the South. Her timepiece indicated half past live of clock. Tho storm possibly break for at least an hour an a half 3 it. She made the Best of her Opportunity and at a Quarter past six the finishing touch Ivas Laid upon the Canvas. Mounted on Meiji she turned toward the View Aud waved her hand saying a Adieu Adieu Meiji this is our last my flee test. To Morrow Ive for a distance of several Hundred rods from the main rot id the Cliff Road ran in a in rec try straight direction. Just As Natalie gained the Point where the High Vav came in sight she thought that she caught sight of a figure which Daxx cd Bac Lavard from the Center of the Road and disappeared from View on the left but seeing nothing More she concluded her e3�?Tes had deceived her. A shrill whistle pierced the quiet air. This time she could not be mistaken. What did it mean ? pro bubl some Huntsman calling his dogs. When arrived at the main Road glanced up and Down it but saw no usual. A Huntsman undoubtedly he who had just blown the Whistler and an old Fanner were earnestl3�?T�?T in Gafred in conversation. Be3 Ond them were some Carters coming doing the Road. These were the Only persons in sight. When she came to her favorite Pool not a soul was to be seen there either. To be continued in Central America. A . Sir a said the music Calci to a countryman a Penni of a honest mister a a Well ill Boj of Larned Voul Lii to a called it a a Washington critic. A Birb re a Lyon Are very Bald or. Jye a Bill Nye a a a that a Barbera a what was Tho cause of your Lia Duess a by n a a a the top of by Lead it a Rev taster than my 2 exas sittings. A a d Lerent kind of fish a the swirl who Hooks a Ash will shriek to see frantic wriggles. But when she Hooks a Many queer Freak she slip la grins and giggles. Schariest Joti Enterprise. A , Brown is a pleasant sort of follow but he a so fickle. I really done to believe he knows his own mind ten minutes a i Kolt his is a Case where ignorance is Bliss a a Boston Lyan script a a her vacation did no to Stem to do v our wife much Good. Perhaps she did no to take enough a to a , she did. She sat on the Piazz i and talked continuously for three horns every duty on the a Lavernal All act Iii a professor to his wife. A just , the female i Carp brings several Neil Iii Young ones i Inlo tile world All at wife a but you can scarcely speak of in her i by love under such i Losa Blatter. A a will my Angel have a Wing a asked a Young Man who was trying to serve roast Chicken in Tho presence of his Sincof heart a your Angel to have in heaven but not Here a a Ivas the Angelus demure reply. She got a Choice bit for . A a while Augusta has appeared to be standing still a remarks the Chron Cilc a no City in tic South with the exception of one or two in the Mineral regions Lins invested so much mom y in manuf pictures. In Cotton Mamie it using Augustale Tho a Robinson a a what was the amount of your doctor Bill. ? a dim Ley a i him $ 20j.�?� Robinsons a two Hundred dollars j hats Loo Duin Levy a the saved my life Yon Robinsons a yes. I know he saved your life. But $2j0 Daley that a too . Y. Sun. A a Well known Young Man a1 out town tic Cebu cd upon an Ollice a a Star Day afternoon Ami tried to borrow an umbrella the Man w to Lent it Evi Vale fitly knew the Borrower for he kissed Lite umbrella four limes and embraced it liar d enough to Spring Providence journal. A in an Sylvert sement by a railway Eom Juicy of some uncalled for Glt a ods. Tho letter a a in had dropped from the word Laid Fol and it Lead a people to wimm Tulsa pack Igor Are direct Ltd Are n Quested to come Forward and Jay the awful on the Saij a a Golden Days. A Tho editor of the Gazette has been urged to have a Rabbit Jaii ipod Union his head Beau so it is thought that people might take it for a Hare. A St Joseph Liedahl. La or advices from St. assure us that the Luibli cation of the above a be is a gloom Over tile entire a Leavenworth times. A a Bridget Didycz Iver shop to think that after yer dead yer Niver Safe from the Nii Odieal students a a a that a so Dinny. Its wan of the things that s or Jii diced me very much against a a pc thought a a Ivan to git. Ahead a Em.�?� a a How a that a a a Oil a going to Ivor Ruk in a powder critic. A and nov Tho girls Havo a new scheme. It is an accepted superstition Ivill them that any girl who walks nine rails on the Railroad track without falling off. Tile next Man Slie Speaks to will be Lier future husband. R Oil smart girls Lake Tho fellow right along and holler at him As soon As Tho ordeal is past a Blue Hill pixies Winner. A rather ambiguous. A at a court Martia Tho g moral who presided said to an Irish Soldier who was a Ivil Ness a it Lien in a to u Ider staid that Tho accuse i off red you a Cigar when you lining sentry Dilly a a yes. Yoni a and Yon declined it a , your a a id Inhat did he say then a a Chi said a you Are an ass 5�?Tour a x. Y. Ledger. A a Young mail who Askil a what is your ambition in life a a to get Rich sir a replied the 5�?Toiing Man. Lighting la fresh Cigar. A not a very Leigh aim. But while you Are trying to got Rich Arentt you spending a Good Deal of Moi Eju a a a ooh. I done to mide the expense sir. Pm willing to get Rich regardless of . K Sun. Foreign substances. Some of the hardships Euperio fical by travellers in Costa Rica. Thousands of of carts Are still employed Between the towns of Ezparza and Ala Juela the Termini of the Costa Rica railway carrying freight Over Tho mountains and it us uall3�?T takes a week for them to make the journey of thirt3�?T-five Miles often longer for on religious festivals which occur with surprising frequcnc3�?T, All the transportation business is suspended. A traveler who intends to take a Steamer at Punta Arenas must Send his baggage on a Siveck in Advance. To leaves the train at Ala Juela mounts a mule rides Over the Mountain to the town of Atenas i Vlier he spends Tho nig it. The next morning at du3�?Tbreak he his journey and rides fifteen Miles to ban Mateo big Ca fasts at eleven takes his siesta in a Hammock until four or five in the afternoon then mounting his mule again covers the ten Miles to Esparza but a Sunset where he dines and spends the night usuall3�?T remaining there to avoid the heat of Punta Arenas until a Feriv hours before the Steamer leaves and then if the of carts have come with his baggage makes the rest of his trip but a l ail. I the journey is not an unpleasant one. The scener3�?T is wild and picturesque. The roads Are usuall3 Good except in the dry season when they become very Dusty and after heavy Rains Evhen the mud is deep. But under the Tropic Sun and in the di�?T3�?T air moisture evaporates rapidl3�?T, and in six Livours after a rainfall Tho roads Are hard and Good. The uncertainty As to whether his trunks Ivill arrive in time makes the Ginexi it Oric need traveler nervous. The Costa rican cart ii Are Tho most and indifferent beings on Earth. Thc3�?T travel in Long caravans or processions often with two or three Hundred teams in a line. When one chooses to Stop or meets with an Accident All the rest wait for him if it wastes a week. None will Start until each of his companions is ready and sometimes the Road is blocked for Miles awaiting the repair of some damage. The oxen Are Large White patient beasts and Are 3 oked by the horns and not by the neck As in modern style lashings of raw cowhide being used to make them fast. Thc3�?T Wear the 3okcs con-tinuall3�?T. The Union is As permanent is Matrimony in a land we Here divorce Laws Are unknown. The Cartmen Are As courteous As they Are indifferent. They alwa3�?Ts lift their hats to a Cabal Ere As he passes them and say a May the Virgin guard you on 3�?Tour journey a thousands of dollars in Gold Are often entrusted to them and never was a Penny lost. A banker of san Jose told me that he usually received ? 30,000 in Coin each week during Coffee season by these of carts and considered it safer than if he carried it himself although the caravan stands in the open air Bjo the Road Side every night. Highway robbery a is unknown and the Cartmen with their wages of thirty cents a Day would not Koiv what use to make of the Money if they should steal it. Nevertheless they always feel at Liberty to Rob the traveler of the straps on his trunks and no piece of baggage Ever arrives at destination so protected unless the strap is securely nailed and then it is usually Cut to pieces by the Cartmen As revenge for being deprived of what they considered their w. E. In Riv in a Aipuu How they May travel throw Rte the he Luisiii Hudy fur a Long time. Few Eoj be Are aware How far for i Juii substances Nuiya travel Iii tin human body or How Ion Jiey May remain there wit bout their presence beings Siiss Coteil. Ii ind reds of ease Are known to every it physician Ivl orc a Sharp bit of Mel in. Such As the joint of a Needle a slim Sliver of Iron or some such tiling has onto re i Tho sensitive tissues remained a nuns peeled for months and even years and then pushed Way Liroi Ifju tin skill Ata Omo Point far Distant from where it entered. Fortunately All for i Juii sulis move of toward the surface and if they do not Besom a ency ted will sooner or later make their appearance. Us by Mavoi Casion no pain for i Ion time and at last strike or Cross a muscle where they May cause great local irritation Aud ii Fiam mation so betimes Iveigh mooring organs. One of Tho most Nunar Kable cases on record i Kjier it a Little girl swallowed a Aper of noodles. E ii tics were administer omd it w is thu right that All troib e had been avoided. But in the course it of a few weeks she began to complain of Slarp pains All ova or her body All mov a uni edit was painful a id her health rapidly Deli Rietl. No one know what was the trouble and she was treated for All manner of obscure diseases. Final he two or Lii rce pimples Aji Pearcy upon Lier Back and from one of those a be die was . This caused search to to made aul soon other pimples a speared. From All of which need s were extracted some being in the i Inglis some in Tho Back and one was found in the left Arm. Tin Needles had Iiene rated Tho sic Nacoli and gradually worked their Way to tile surface no less than eleven being found. As soon As the causes of irritation were removed the child in at once. Ash Louis Globe demo Erat. Capable of doing any thing. Smith do you know a Zamig Man named Tom Beverly Jones i do. A Well he wants a position in my office As cashier. Is he a Good business Man is to capable a a capable i should say so. He if Capi Ible of any this in he a is private set a Creary of a new y us Al Gernian for several years. There is no i in he is not capable of a Texas sittings. A the fact is so Well established that a Man can be very tall at the same time very Short that it is scarcely necessary to Call Aito Tiou to it a tid bits facts for Farmers. A sell or fatten poor scrub animal a it has Boon asserted that the larva f the Wax in Atli can not exist on Csc i. Mire by a Swap hut the Polen is re paired to successfully Breed pest of Tho a Arist. Ii Vever Lateus 1 Inch i device has that sin ii Larusc do thrive Between of Wrux. that comb foundation is often Iii Jirred b a their work. A an e Igli h observer recon Wuu the Loc a notice As a Cliea hygrometer for f u mers and others living near a Ramiro a it is. When the escaping St Ani remains Long snipe Neil the air is near Point of maturation and , but when the steam j Lickl a Lisa i pears As if swy us Lowe Ltd up the weather is Illy and a hire is Little Prospect of rain. A Boston budget. A it is a mistake Tovi it Tim bees too often during the Winter. It is Apt to Ili turn them they become re docs and some times it Lise Harge their fa3lm�?~s. Ii by this Jiro Duce a a tenth that is Chou re to destroy la in. B to ter hav their i it Ltd a quiz ors soc Ltd a Stone cd Bluit we can assert Iii their without Dis Nib Iii them. A a in , while Ca big. Take heal out of tile trough Ami acs As i Fly a so had run the wrong a has Tho . Ii should he removed from the Herd and cared for As Tho disc be is cont Gigions. Put Pine tar in the Slop Siul smear both Tho nose Ami face with it. F de Sulphur and give tin in nine. A free use of c Irgolic acid externally and into imply Shuhl also be hog. A Loose it is a common thing when a screw or a Sta do Hie is to 8. To draw it out Jung up the Liole or holes with Wood Siul then r i Isert. But screws and Staples sgt secured soon come out again. It has been found a much bettor a is to till up the holes tightly with Cork. Screw s and Irons so see Ureil will remain Erfe etl a tight just As Long As when put into new to Xali onal Bui incr. A Cli Ocola e costar in Ole Iriart milk three level Tahl up ii fils cornstarch. Find level Tab . Stir the Choc Date into the milk. Heat to boiling then add tin cornstarch dissolved Iii i Litlo milk. Let it Cook a minute then take from thu tire add Salt sugar and Vanilla to taste. Sweeten Puiul flavor one cup of Cream Beal with an egg beater a d put into custard . A a what is the be stand cheapest Fer Milizer of a or an a a Al d of crop for Field or a Rardon a asks a Sidille slate Farmer. How can we a answer such a question better than to say Good stable Manuri made from Well fed Cash to Thiv Ca mix Giro of one bus Lud �4 Fine to to two bushels a by in Leach cd Wood ashes is Fluiro Celle it Complete i that can usually be obtained in the majority of cases is Choady As any thing. For Garden crops where a More immediate Eft act is required Tho Sui it or pm spa of Are usually preferred in Causo they Are More Toaddy available Aud act More quickly. A Barm and Home. A every , no matter How Small Shuhl have Pine for co Jiosi Mal lug. It costs nothing to put there a1 the animal Ami vegetable Sulista ices going to Waite on Tho farm. The thoughtful Man finds material for his come most bal ill All filthy , ditches , swamps , Ponds , scr pings under Barms Etc. Clay or Loam is mixed Wii i the material from these <1iff frent places and a bed of Dav is Placid under them All to see that Rich j Dees do not Drain through Ami go into Tho Grousl. After every addition to Tim pile Loa n placed on to to event the escape of Rich g uses. Farmers should try Llic audit Iii of a a floats or phosphate dust to to Weir compost bed and report results. A Exchange. Feeding apples. Shells and Bones. Why fowls Snopl Ltd he freely supplied with substances. Many people Overlook the necessity and value of Calca Mius substances for use in the Hennery. It is general thought that if fowls Are thrown a Little feed daily Ltd Grain or scalded meal they got along w Ell Ono ngh and require no further attention. Bul Tun c a constant Drain on Tho system of the laying Hen and she Shuhl be reinforced w till a sep july cd those elements Wheeli constitute the a a waste of the system. Prominent among the att a and most important requisites aside from the food daily it Rov ded is an Al Iundan Supply of crushed Oyster shells Aud granulated Bone. These Are not Only useful in Tho for Alioa of shells the eggs but assist dig it Stion of the food in the same manner As grave the Sharpe cd go of the shells Ami hones acting As a Ugri rulers a thus assisting in the digestion and assimilation of the food in the system. O. Course As a first Essen i in to healthy fowls and Good layers Good food and plenty of it is Nec a scary. But w bile the hens May by this Means be Stimon a atoll to la3 ing Well act it is important that they he sup it lied w till tin proper material for building a covering or Samll to the egg. For this purpose As w cil a to strengthen and improve Tho Bono and sinew of Tho fowl not Liing better can be found than that Sci itis died above. I w Oxild recommend that Tim Oyster shells to crushed not ground. Nor Shuhl they be too coarsely Ern shed in such size As can be easily swallowed. A ground Bone it Loes not act As a but enters More into the animal econom a building up the waste of Bone and muscle it is Best to have it ground much liner so that the particles should be about the size of inc Kwh heat grains. With fouls thus fed there need not to Radii Arloof eggs and the hens would be healthy All the 3�?Tear. I eed them a %uiriet3�?T of cereals us aking wheal the basis varying we Ith Oats. Cracked Corn Lyric wheat Etc. Ami in the Winter feeding Corn for the night meal and boiled Corn meal and middling for or Nakfa a then keep a Box three fourths Lilied with Oyster shells and one one Irtoli of granulated Bone mix a before them and my we Ord for it von will be rewarded w Ith a generous Supply of fresh eggs at nil seasons of the year. The Little att n ions about the Pool to a , and tin minor details of the care and provision f or our feathered pets Are often overlooked or neglected. We Are very Apt to stud our own us ants and n Iii regents and give a a thought to the need of our quiet and As the Are no Able to talk and Mike i Jowui their wants As we or children do Man a a poor and deserving fowl goes to Roost at i Iglus with an empty or partially empty crop. Yet her master expects her to take up the cackling burdens of another Day and not fail to Deposit the usual egg. When the hens Relief against such treatment and As it wer g to on a strike then the farm rho is the whole Crew up to scorn and contempt informing his better half that they arc a a Lazy worthless lot a and often they Are hustled away to Market in order to Stop the process described As a eating their Heads . C. Harris in Ohio Farmer. A at a Rosenl christening Tho baby wore a Robe of lace one Hundred and a bin year older than it Fipp ulment Hec Pithy made by a Well known Vermont . Liore can not to any one Safe Rule of naive in Sal application in regard to it feed ing apples to Milch cows unless it be by a Gin moderately note Well the result. And increase Tim Quantity w Ith Cire and . There Are a great Many dirt us stasices which have inti Octant licences upon the results. 7 Here is a very wide Dit Ere Nice in Aviles and own May safely eat a great Many More of one kind than of another. Thu re is a a Ven a w Ider difference in the Condi Tiem of the cows Luiei selves As to their ii pity to digest and Assim bite the food re noting from the kind and amount of Tho other food they Are receiving and to Weir Liabis of eating. A cow which is a Regii Bir Grain action will Bear a Good Deal larger fee it Ling of apples w without injurious revolts than one which is kept on Short Pature feed. In my experience a it Ltd a give a Good Deal better results alien fed with Grain Tynin when fed in the place of Grain. The Grain seems to have a con Active effect. i should expect apples to have Tho bist effect when fed with heavy Grain such As Vorn meal or cot ton see Ltd but i have not found neb to be the . The same weight of wheat Brail gives Macii better refills. I can not a Coirini for the , unless it be upon the principle that the a rain absorbs More moisture my a it re a a a Tho Active Fernum tation which a p ars to be the evil Tairent in Tim Easi. But i love not carried my Export Niels in Apple Felt Ding far enough to Ina to any very positive convictions As to their value 0 i the other hand i am in lined to think less of them the longer i feel Tolkun. I Inive always got More satisfactory results from them Wien fed to growing or fattening animals than w Hen fed to mile i lows. I Havo Boon feeding Vliem All the fall and i ave a considerable Sirij ply yet but we Hile i can make flesh with to Louii i do not believe thu a have paid the Cost of peking up in milk. Bof haps the Trouille in the present Case is Liat my Aji Jiles Are All sour. I should much or for giving away a philos to anybody who can make Good use of them to is Eding them Iii any consider Abb iian Titis to cow s giving milk. I should feel Juite Cor Ain in that Case that if Tim a do not do any Good they w ill not do any Hurt which i confess i do not flt Al quite certain of when feed in them to cows. I it to not Lik it to go upon record from Liny single Experiment hut my of apples As milk food is such that i made a Small Experiment which i am willing to give for what it is Worth. I feeding a few transcendent Erab a Ples to a cow which was receiving at East h milk Iii Tim three or funds of bran and porn meal mixed in the proportion of two of l ran to one of meal by measure. I continued increasing Tho apples and after few Days began to Verease the Grain till i we As feeding a Jack of apples and no Grain. I followed Tim Apple Feiling two w weeks when Tho shrinkage of milk was so much that i Wils new Liing to carry it further without Tim Grain and began the r. Treat by restoring the bran a portion of the Grain ration we Hile keeping up the full few cd of apples. I finally increased the bran until the full weight of the original ration was Given. The flow of milk is slowly inn Asing but i much i doubt if i Ever again get As much As i should if the Grain had been continued either without or with the apples. But for the Experiment i am Pate ure that there would not have been so much shrinkage of her milk before Tim close of the. Year As he will not calve be it ii a May. J he Evah though a Rich Apple is so wry Juicy that it Inay not be Safe to draw general conclusions from any use of it alone but it we As the Only Woli know n variety of we High i had an abundance for Tho Experiment and i desired to confine myself to some single known sort. Put rips other sorts we Only not have done so poorly though i know it is a Good Lesli Juo Ducer. There is evidently a great Deal yet to be Learned ii j Ion this subject.�?0. S. Bliss in x. I. Examiner. Training homing pigeons the Courso of training is generall thus a number of Young pigeons say one hand Rcd Are to begin w till conveyed to a distance of about six Miles from their Home where they arc All released. But is nature is no b is partial ill the distribution of her gifts to the Pigeon than to the human race it is Only a very few of Tomse Liu Midred j pigeons that arc Clever enough to get straight Back. 7 lie or cat a in Imam return Only after a considerable interval and Mauv Are never seen again a Ftp a repeated six mile tri., a certain Iii incr Are selected of Tim most prom Hsiug jmj iils and taken to Tim of twelve Miles this again proves beyond Tim capabilities of not a few and another seb action is made. So the experiments Are Eon tinned the distance increasing six Miles each time. Ultimately a Little troop of these winged messengers is obtained which May in trusted for immense distances. A Goldei do is. Catarrh mix Al acct any portion of Tho body where the mucous Nei Abraao is found. Hat Catarrh of the head in by far Tho Moil commo and Trango to say. The most liable to a Nofe la Lod. It Orja inmates in a cold or succession of coms combined with mood. Tho wonderful Success Ilou s Fiir Saparia has a i in curing Catarrh Warrn Nta us in or ing who Sailor with this disease to try t he Peculiar Medicine it renovates und invigorates Tho blood and tones every or Pun. A i Havo been troubled with that Dis East nasal Catarrh and Havo Tahon All lauds of blood , but Novar found Relief till i used blood s .�, i Contr Tell will do All that is claimed. Hurrah i it blood s Sarsaparilla a .1 l. P. It Irrer , by. A a i have to on blood s for Catarrh and it Bai d Eio me n great Deal of goo h i Reco a mend ii to All within my reach. La s sars it i it i Rill i has been Worth everything to Lukiier d. Kobuix3, East Thompson. It. Hood a Sarg Aporillo sold by All drug lists. It R.R for is. by c. I. Hood amp co. Apothecaries log vell Mats. So doses oho Dollar a with bubbling groan a a fatal seas of Security awfully real Zed u. Sea. A a wet Sheet and a flowing sen a Breeze that follows from Bis Kex it kit it Tho faithful old Captain of yonder merchantman Oasis a uneasy glance at the Distant horizon. See i 3 Andev a Small speck of Cloud a no larger than a Many a hand.�?T to Watt a Hes it with his piercing Ewe for a few moment. Then reaches for his Long e3�?T Glass. To his of be Rieneck View this harmless Little Cloud be tokens danger. Across his bronzed face there comes a look of determination and with Tuico a orders to Tho seamen the Crar is put Laxmi and All sail made for the nearest Harbor where in apparent safety the Anchor is Dropp Ltd a and the Hardy mariners Wulc ii the approaching storm Widi do Lincol the storm bursts Tho de Ltd is Havo been cleared the sails close furled and All Ordinary preparations made for an emergency. Tho storm increases but All seems Safe. But see i the vessel gives a sudden lurch turns Quickl a >.bout, Ami awl Ajo she goes i the Anchor Chain has broken i this mighty ship might have Ridden safely but for one weak link in that Anchor Chain the stir Ongath of Tho Chain is no greater than the strength of w a nest link. On Tho sea of life How Imine men Are wrecked Beca ase of the Usu so Ltd ted weakness of a link in Tho Chain of Haith one weak vital Organ in Tho boil a. The m3�?T.stery of death is even greater than the mystery of life. We Thirk Tho links of our Chain Are Sti Ong but we too Seldom critically of Mainino them for ourselves and never really k Loio that they will Bear the Strain that we put Jukin them. A i have ii Friend a said or. Die Lew is a who can lift a Joo pounds Andje of is an Hii ritual sufferer from Kinc a Aud liver trouble and Low the doctor who was one of Tho Wisest and safest Public teachers of the Laws of health wrote a the very marked testimonials from College professors Resi Octavle physicians and other gentlemen of intelligence and character. To the Tuluo of Warner s Safe Cire have great la surprised my. Many of gentlemen i know and Reading their Testi Mon a. I we As impelled to Purchase some Bot i ties of Warner s Safe cure and Anahy be it. Besides took some swallowing three Quot times the prescribed Quantity. I am satisfied that the Medicine is not injurious and will frankly add that if i found myself the victim of a serious kidney trouble i should use this one year ago Tho is Rvin while in a great storm parted her two Inch rudder no wonder it toss rusted thro go the key to human health is Tho condition of the kids ours Aud they May Lon to Dise ased Aud we be ignorant of the fact because they give Forth Little or no pain. The in reality cause the majority of All the Dealis by in 1 Outing the blood and sending disease All through the system. The great liver end stomach remedy for Tho Caro of nil Ili Oritor a it of Tho stomach liver Howe. Kilt let Icv it a. A Lathier nervous e.-, of a.opctitt-, . Cost Veness , f-.?ver, it if the i Vived riles Ami All Pic of tin internal Vic Ray us rely a cd a ahle Cou Suimui no Ai Arcury Viiu Cruls Ordelt Noii. Druk. In Rioe. cents per Box. S Gold or All i rep . Perfec u will he acc Nnoli Hod by Tasi in h id Vay a . By Iii it sit ii dyspepsia i oui St Macli he use s will be ave in did Ai d the foot that is eaten Mii tribute in Proi a ties tor the support ii Tho natural o f Tho body. Dyspepsia do you Felt a Dell. Languid Low spirited Tolfe lord and indescribably miserable both physically and mentally a sense of or beating after Cating or of a a oneness a or of stomach in Tho morning Toni be coated bitter or Bud taste Iii , in Reaudar appetite. Di/.? , freq Teitt it ii Maclies blurred Tyesi Gejl a a to longing specks Lenore the Eves prostration or li.austion, of temper hot Hughes Aires naming with , slurp biting transient pains Here and tii Eit Zoitl feet alter meals or disturbed and in refreshing sleep constant inc Ascribable feeling of dread or of impending Chiaini Yii of you Lave Alj or any considerable number of Diieso , you Are Sull Cong from that common id american maladies bilious Dys , or in torpid liver with Dysli Icsia or . The More Coni Plicato cd your taif to has become the greater the number and diversity of Sjo my join. To Mal tor Liat a tue it reached or. Fierce sri ice Sicul ii a every will subdue if if Taleu according to directions for a i it �?onp.abo length of time. If not cured complications and of file lunu., skin , heart Llis ease Tilhou mutism kidney disease or Ute or grave maladies Jire Quito liable to set in Aud Ouuor or later induce a Litin Lern nation. List a. I in re c s hic it lick Al Rover upon Tho liver and through in at blood Pui Ziying Organ Cha rises the system of All blood taints and impurities Ironi whatever cause arising it is Tapi ally Coli earious in Aetius Ilion Tho kidneys and other excretory organs clean Aisig strengthening and i eating their , As an , Restora tix o tonic it Digi ution and nutrition thereby building up both Tush and it it strength. In in Hirial districts this wonderful Medicine has gain Ltd a great i it a. Kaiwa is pit. Are a cure fort it a complaint. I hey to Storo 8trent, to la to the Stinach an a enable it to per Jonii it Fum tons. l�?~v8pep. A Iii Innear. Nil with Thui Tim liability of theft Teni to c. I Trad disease. Rno the Intel Icisie to brei Tion i and observe in und True a re per Fiuk diet a few from the Many letters a e Are con Elel Rit in curing Kevi r and ague Chi ill and fever Fluin ague and Ilia Drej diseases. Of tartly receiving or. a plus ethene in my practice and family in Prule rence to ail other pills a .mr.s. Caroline Monteith Deer cart i kind a a i believe my life been saved by your Ine i in. Clavelo of let Een Bulte Rizig with Dysep Iii Aud liver ii. A. Carr p. M., Escambia. Ala a Chest pills he has Ever k. Lummel. Boonville to cured him when All others Faircl. Alice k. Ohaver. It. S Orni a. A. A i positively say that Rad Way 6 Are the Best pills i Ever had for dyspepsia.�?T l a later stump to in. a co., pro. >3 Warren St. New York for a Al Al o Aud Truo a you win save Veatar r h Money Tims pain trouble Ani Avile Emu a Mimi by using Ely a or. Pics co a Goidch medical Din i cover goes he moist i from n common Blotch or a tiption to Tho Avor rtt scr Fula Salt Rheum a a l Ever a orb a scaly or Ito High skin in Shorf All caused by bad blood Aro Compi ered by this. Powerful Pur in my and invigorating Ionedi Cine. Great killing ithe cars nip Illy innit under Lien Ign in Lisenco. L Hgt peer Lily has it mini a Quot St cd pot ic3 i curing Rotter eczema ii Erysipelas oils rare Neh a of it Reyes Grof sores and , clip joint dist so i a White swy i pigs a goitre or thick neck and enlarged .iand.s. Is irl ten cents la Stamps for to Large treat is with coloured plates on skin , or the Kame Mouat for a treatise on St Romulous allot Loiis. A for the blood is the life i thoroughly Elo Anse it by or. I Ereon a it it it Deli �2e�hcil do Over anti Good digestion n fair skin buoyant. Spirit. Vitiuk Bare Tigli and bodily Beulah will to Ebl Ablis and Constom Tiok which is it it Eronia of hic in sign is arrested Ami clonal this , if taken in the earlier 6tagc.s of Tho disease. From tar venous Power Over this Tribly latal disease when Liitt offering this now w orld tanned Rem Fly to the incl it lie or. 1�?~ieieo thought of calling it his a of Osumi Urik a but a that name As too rest i Tivo for a Medicine we hich from avoider Iii Eoin Bimi Tion of tonic or str lengthening alterative. Or blood cleansing Auti bilious. Pectoral an nut Ritia o properties is unequalled not onh As a remedy for consign Tiou hut fur All c a ironic Disca pm of Tho Cream Balm. Hay fever i a yep a Njeri i mpg a parti leis i i ried into t Ach nostril and d a Rio abl9 a Blu a parti leis to red into t Ach nostril and d acre Poablo or log it m fonts it drip crisis by i Neil Rigi a a a cd 60 Cia. A by Huo Tuenis ure Ruwich bt., now Yora. Wholly unlike Wirtl Lucial huh Reizis. Any look by Pipii d in Ono Rendina. by in Sctott in to scientist hons. A. A Aston or pan. , or. Mixon a. Class of Lik fool Umbria Law Send the min for weak , spitting of blood a shortness of Nivath chronic nasal Catarrh Bron Cliitis awl Iima sgt a vere ougli.s, Ami Kim Rcd a by actions it is an Seflic Keiit of Wnedy. Isolde it a druggists at or the Boti leg for .=�.00. Trend ten cents in Stamps f a or. Pierce a Book on consumption. Ai Anresa Eils two Cia sos of Soo o hat tale 4vo at in Nive Ruty of Penn. . ,4>iobt a Ellesief three 1 Ca i a a.�4 a it t i i la to. It classes rat Jeri Itin tuija it a. F 5ht i Piton. Lib Earl. Sui Ibish Avo. A i. Y. K Lack from a polite War of Din ninth a is to Send ii a bouquet of co Den Days la love s harness. Most women naturally look Forward to Nia Trimon a As their proper sphere in life j but they should constantly Bear in mind .1 that a fair. Rosy face Bright Eju of and a healthy Well developed a Are the Best passports to a Happy marriage. All those wasting disorders weaknesses a a dragging Down sensations and functional irregularities p<3culiar to their sex have an unfailing specific in or. Pierces fax Orite prescription. It is the Only Medicino for women sold by druggist., Nuder a a positive i Arati be from Tho that it will Ive satisfaction in every Case or Ino Aey Iii be refunded. This guarantee has been printed on the Bottie we Apier and Feitli fully carried out for Many years. Cockles anti-3ilious pills. The great English remedy Ivohn la a dispensary in Edical association cos it lain St., soul Falo n. Y. For liver. Pile. Inrllgestlo.�?T, f pc. Free from Ile Ivary Cut and univ pare a err i ibo Rte. Aoa Entz �,iia8. N. Cidttk.\t4�, Nav York. Reed to troubled wet a Coli Appod i Aikin bp8. Or face or with Lauth skin pimples cd Rcv ref it t Uccio. A Haiku will entirely prevent and quickly cure them. W ill a1-o cure t cts , a a a �?T., to it res and . It Neva to Falls but in 80 Quick am Citee Ual in our Sasto appear Nin goal. Endorsed by pro Minieri i Cople throughout Hec Onfry. At drug gits or re. A i rc-1_ in r spirit it t Al in a Tunich t r to . J my . I to Laid t1re� f Aure. I Max Hattam Ipi Pep. 2 be h loaders. I Send for cat Clostio of sri Clauice. I , cd ales. I cd and co Cham Oera a treat Trow York tits is the time of year when the sports Raan who has bagged no Biros Truh to make the Isoif Eusivo Rabbit Quail. ,.-. A a. In. Ai to., 43 John Street Lew Erli. I is a rvs in tile Rouni 111 he must 8 per in the to Unity Ami the a a Richte t jul Bot boy Ami Sirl a palier a v. Ill let a a Ert ii month on trial Lur Volt outs Ilee Yinmei red by 1>. In Motily. .1oin la. Gorou Max ipod av�thr3 Vav lat-.afc�?��.� 1up i of i Alam. To h popular l it a l-.v.,m Sina to to it i Atique coast via the mount Iii Louie arc Tim Moab it Tractive at Lime of the year tins Southern Cioruta Tlisov. . Rule Are ride Liao a a in. Of. Thus to Trio c to Piid Stop overs a. Allowed. C a v or j 3 Bor i Tilp Jato in Iii St. Louis to los s or san Fraucisco. Q to Roc ii olr., one Way rate Only Hod sex. Sloop Lii c trs free or Ca it tiling lures lie. I a . Pc. Loyal Philiman a b to. Nib it Are furnished the fir a com t r i ar.y�?Ts. Ritti u 1 k Ltd a u it Sdun Rii v of if v. A i . A i. Co Els Alo. C. To. Six Iti Oeon or. T. 1>. It . And Oil i is. H. Ilas tjin4�s, 40 Cor Hill. Tiu it y ourself but there is no other remedy for sick headache dizziness constipation bilious Ness or to restore a regular healthy audion to the liver stomach and bowels equal to those reliable Little a pleasant purgative pellets a prepared by or. Pierce. Or druggists. To Ion mut8. Pc privation of Tife rep it a scr who goes out to inter a Ieav a Man a ways scans with no interrogate on Point ill his head. A ale chant 2 Raster. Bismarck fined. Lff is charged with l ro8i>a�s and helps to convict Ilii itself. During Prince Bisinais cos stay at Miriel it i l the Cli Aiu Ellor was in the Hai it of taking Hgt it in a inks unattended and one Day finding Simi what far from the town took the shortest Cut Hack. His Avay led him across some Fields and the Prince marched Lipfor ii sly Avail forgetful of the fact that he avas tre Bias in. Suddenly he avas hailed in loud stentorian tones and on looking Baek saw a Stout country vonian per Saintf him. T pm indignant proprietress of the Fields a sensed him to his face of his offence and declared she would follow Tilini and give him in charge. She proved As Good As her word and tramped after the Chancellor until the High Road was real Del Ami a police Ollie Elcaine in View. 7�?The tvo thy woman formally made her Eom it Laimit and Tho Violice officer was about to arrest Tho offender. Struck by the resemblance of the ves passer to a Cir it Iii High functionary Tho police of flier cautiously demanded his name. On hearing the name the policeman avas simply paralysed with fear and tin ohm bold Conn Rya vonian gathering up her skirts fled Precipio Italy. Naturally the Violice of flier was reluctant to take the charge but Prince Bismarck insisted upon going to the station. When there he charge d himself with Tho Oft s a six of . And it Aid the Fine customary Iii such matters. In addition to this the Prince sent a present by Way of Consolation to the woman whose Hind he had St. Stepheni s lie View. The stomach As a vinegar cruet. A stinging As of hot vinegar is sometimes Felt in the Gullet. This is pro Iucci b a an acid or Gas evolved by Dysya Psia. A genial carib native far More reliable than Carbonate of soda or magnesia is Rostett cry a St Nenach . Avrich is an exceptionally Fine source of Relief from every s3�?Tmptom of indigestion also from fever and ague nervousness constipation Aud bilious Ness. Jai an is considered Superior to paint to keep tin from rusting. Yon sturdy Oak Whosel branches wide boldly Tho storms and winds defy not Liik ago an Acorn Snidle. Lay dormant a Neath the summer sky. Not unlike the Thrifty Oak in germ do elopement and growth is consumption. But oven this might foe of Mankind a 3�?Tields to Tho wonderful curative properties of or. Pierces Golden medical discover a if taken Early. Done to be Blind to your Avn interests and think yours a hopeless Case. This remarkable remedy has rescued thousands. Of druggists. On Tho s l Iiicdilno As Pool do ends ,. La it so a anal i a up tip Lilou Saiid Khz a Tiki in uni Utti for of t. I. W. Late her n. Y. I to Box 3�c, i it my in a. In Rios full 9 id Quot f 8 live a it Ika to. Bik profits. Outfit to a. I the 0ikd a Sirj ljc�r8f.�� ten a Dikil. Inst a. To g Seal for Collet a address. 0. G. A a a i , Ort i i Apida Miel. In for iat Loil lands nil Ull Iii Hvall Nihat. Prory pts. .4 yi02>tll . So Best sell in article to till it Rit. I Sample fixes address , i . a in a , products c la. Of a. S it i e Tho. Sskwor i i. Ii. Oils us Toiau&Gtflon. a u0> a Tun. Tie. Siv , act Lvuv paid our atc"7tictu t rms of the Kroc. .1. Aust i Shaw nurse try Mao . Loo on . La and ir�?T.- by a i. Gyc Simp. An tics with Bli Whitcr Hui Ii. , 240 Bill ave. Now York. I for a. paid. Valu Bic inf rtt and Piirto Cullars. Free. . Vickly. An Umu me Bolt a e. York. A. N. . La to. Uhlir St it. Book keeping a Mani help Arith Lluc lactic . Etc., to Cronk Fly tatar it by Mali. free. s , Vlf latino to Ara i a Lac that you raw Tho in Taihi paper who is with the geography of this country will see by exam mind ?13 map that Trie in Matrimony affair a love frequently go is o Utah Ivy the tied.�?2 Dia it i flings. Us Browne a bronchial troches for coughs colds and All other Throat troubles. A a Obre eminent in the . Henry Bard Beecher. has at present about 120 congregational churches with mc.ubers. Those Whoso Camj Delions Aro poor should use Glenn a Subj Dir soap. Hills hair Dye Black or Brown. 53c. To a near sighted person no one is Plain the smokers Delight a tan silly a punch a 5c. Cigar. We notice it is usually a skin Flint who tries to h de a i Aru grm her. Weak nervous people and of ice 8u tri intr with Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific r y a the is fill a Quot hts last cavity a said a Young dentist As the body of his dec used partner was lowered into the Grava a a. Y. . The markets. New York nov. C. Flour extra Ohio. I 3 of Ai 4 1 Oliea re red Winter. So s5�?T4 no. I White. A a a a by it s s 4 Corn no. 2. 52 a m 54 . Ced Western. 32 84 Pouk. A a 13 .50 a 4 o lard prime steam. C 75 ret. It in. 0 butter Vestern. 13 20 Chee a a Ohio. La eggs West til. 12 23 cattle. 3 of Iii. .5 to sheep. Licks. Cleveland. Floor Tontti v xxx White. Of Minnes Sta Patent. Ambr. . -2 Cohn. Oafs no. I. Cheese Faiee . Ohio Dairy. It to term Choice. Eggs. Potatoes. Seeds Tim thy. 2 it f Lover. Hay Bald. Bulk on . Cattle. Hugs. Cincinnati. Flour family. Wheat. Uve a. Corn. Oats. Hogs common to Light. Packing. Toledo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter. . A a. Oats. Buffalo. Beeves Best. 4 2.5 medium. Sheep common. Choice. Hogs sri cried yorkers 4 7- it medium we sets. 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It Lias icon War tunnelling from Libby prison Etc., Etc., with in article by Gem Sherman in a Tho grand strategy of Tim War articles bearing upon the inter Vional sunday school lessons richly id nitrated papers on the West industries Aud said by a prominent paper that a it is doing Moi o than any other i in ate Agency of to Day to teach the american people the True in earning of Tho words ration and democracy. It is a great Magazine and it is doing a great work. a of the Century is about 250,000. Send for our illustrated regular circulation catalogue and get the full prospectus and particulars a . Rev i j f la j4l of a special i Feil it or

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