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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - March 11, 1886, New Philadelphia, Ohio Talma gets Sermon. Big Lith Sermon of the series on Tho marriage ring. Hotel and boarding House is. Home in few the True realization of the family relation impossible except under the Home roof. In his seventh discourse of the a marriage King series Rev. T. Dewitt Taliuaga Drew a Strong picture of contrasts Between the hotel and boarding House life now getting so common and that of life under the Home roof. The text was and brought him to an inn and took care of him. And on the Morrow when he departed he took out two Pence and gave them to the Host and said unto him. A take care of him and whatsoever thou spend est More when i come again i will repay a Luke a 31 and 35. This is the Good Samaritan paying the hotel Bill of a Man who had been robbed and almost killed by bandits. The Good Samaritan had found the unfortunate on a lonely Rocky Road where to this very Day depredations Are sometimes committed upon travellers and had put the injured Man into the Saddle while this merciful and Well to do Man had walked till they got to the hotel and the wounded Man was put to lied and cared for. It must have been a very Superior hotel in its accommodations for though in the country the landlord was paid at the rate of what in our country would be four or five dollars a Day a Penny being then a Days wages and the two pennies paid in this Case about two Days wages. Moreover it was one of those kind hearted landlords who Are wrapped up in the happiness of their guests because the Good Samaritan leaves the poor wounded fellow to his entire care promising that when he came that Way again he would pay All the Bills until the invalid got Well. Hotels and boarding houses Are necessities. In very ancient times they were unknown because the world had comparatively few inhabitants who were not much Given to travel and private hospitality met All the wants of sojourners As when Abraham rushed out at Mamre to invite the three men to sit Down to a dinner of veal As when Lydia urged the apostles to Aee ept of her Home As when the people were positively commanded to be Given to hospitality As in Many of the places in the East these ancient customs Are practice to Day. But we have now hotels presided Over by Good landlords and boarding houses presided Over by excellent Host or hostess in All neighbourhoods villages and cities and it is our congratulation that those of our land surpass All other lands. They rightly become the permanent residences of Many people such As those who Are without families such As those whose business keeps them migratory such As those who ought not for various reasons of health or peculiarity of Mircu a ances take upon themselves the cares of housekeeping. Many a Man falling sick in one of these boarding houses or hotels has been kindly watched and nursed and by the memory of her own sufferings and losses the lady at the head of such a House has done All that a Mother could do for a sick child and the slumber less Eye of god sees and appreciates her sacrifices in behalf of the stranger. Among the most marvelous cases of patience and Christian Fidelity Are Many of those who keep boarding houses enduring without resentment the unreasonable demand.? a their guests fore pensive food and attentions for which they Are not willing to pay an equivalent a lot of Cranky men and women who Are not worthy to tie the shoe of their queenly caterer. The outrageous Way in which boarders sometimes act to their landlords and land ladies show that these critical guests had bad Early rearing and that in the making up of their natures All that constitute the gentleman and lady were left out. Some of the most princely men Ami some of the most elegant women that i know of to Day keep hotels and boarding houses. But one of the great evils of this Day is found in the fact that a Large population of our towns and cities Are giving up and have Given up their Homes and taken apartments that they May have More Freedom from Domestic duties and More time for social life and because they like the whirl of publicity better than the quiet and privacy of a residence they can Call their own. The lawful use of these hotels and Boardinghouse is for most people while they Are in transit but As a terminus they Are in Many eases demoralization utter and Complete. That is the Point at which families innumerable have begun to disintegrate. There never has been a time when so Many families healthy and abundantly Able to support and direct Homes of their own have struck tent and taken permanent abode in these Public establishments. It is an evil wide As Christendom and by voice an 1 through the newspaper press i utter warning and burning protest and ask almighty god to bless the word whether in the hearing or Reading. In these Public caravans Aries the Demon of gossip is Apt to get full Sway. All the boarders run daily the Gauntlet of general inspection a How they look when the come Down in the morning and when they get in at night and what they do for a living and who they receive As guests in their rooms and what they Wear and what they do not Wear and How they eat and what they eat and How much they eat and How Little they eat. If a Man proposes in such a place to be isolated and reticent and alone they will begin to Guss about him. Who is lie where did he come from How Long is he going Sto stay has he paid his Board How much does he pay perhaps he has committed some crime and does not want to be known there must be something wrong about him or he would speak. The whole House goes into the detective business. They must find out about him. They must find out about him right away. If he leave his door unlocked by Accident he will find that his rooms have been inspected his trunks explored his letters folded differently from the Way they were folded when he put them away. Who is he is the question asked with i tenser interest until the subject has be come a Mono mania. The simple fact is that he is nobody i n particular but minds his own business. The Best landlords and land ladies can not sometimes hinder their places from becoming a pandemonium of whispers and reputations Are torn to tatters and evil suspicions Are aroused an i scandals started and the parliament of the family is blown to atoms by some Guy Fawkes who was not caught in time As was his English predecessor of gun powdery reputation. The reason is that while in private Homes families have so much to keep them Busy in these promiscuous and multitudinous residences there Are so Many who have nothing to do and that always makes mischief. They gather in each others rooms and spend hours in consultation about others. If they had to walk a half mile before they got to Tho willing ear of some listener to detraction they would get out of breath before reaching there and not feel in full glow of animosity or slander or might because of the distance not go at All. But rooms 20, 21, 22, 23, 21 and 25 Are on the same corridor and when one Carrion Crow goes a Caw Caw a All the other hear it and flock together Over the same carcass. A ooh i have heard something Rich sit Down and let me Tell you All about and the first Guffaw increases the Gathing and it has to be told All Over again and As they separate each carries a spark from the altar of to some other Circle until from the Coal heaver in the cellar to the maid in the top room of the Garret All Ere aware of the defamation and that evening All who leave the House will Bear it to other houses until autumnal fires v sweeping across Illinois Prairies Are less raging and Swift than that flame of confining reputation blazing across the Village or City. The of us who were brought up in the country know that the old fashioned hatching of eggs in the Hay mow required four or five weeks of brooding but there Are new modes of hatching by machinery which take less time and do the work in wholesale. So while the private Home May Brood into life an occasional falsity and take a Long time to de it Many of the boarding houses and family hotels afford a swifter and More multitudinous style of moral incubation and one old gossip will get off Tho nest after one hour brooding fun Iokton a Al Ais of to amp ii to lies aft Ruer each one picking up its Little worm of Juicy Rega Lement. It is no advantage to hear too much about your neighbors for your time will be so much occupied in taking care of their faults that you will have no time to look after your own. And while you Are pulling the chickweed out of their Garden yours will get All overgrown with horse sorrel and mullein stalks. One of the worst damages that comes from the herding of so Many people into boarding houses and family hotels is inflicted upon children. It is Only another Way of bringing them up on the commons. While you have your own private House you can for the most part control their companionship and their whereabouts but by twelve years of age in those Public resorts they will have picked up All the bad things that can be furnished by the prurient minds of dozens of people. They will overhear blasphemies and see quarrels and get precocious in sin and what the bar tender does not Tell them the Porter or Hostler or Bell boy will. Besides that the children will go out into this world without the restraining anchoring steadying and All controlling memory of a Home. From that some of us who have been blessed of such memory have escaped. It grips a Man for eighty years if he lives so Long. It pulls him Back from doors into which he otherwise would enter. It smites him with contrition in the very midst of his dissipation. As the fish already surrounded by the Jong wide net swim out to sea thinking they can go As far As they please and with toss of Silvery scale they defy the sportsmen on the Beach and after a while the fishermen begin to draw in the net hand Over hand and hand Over hand and it is a Long while before the captured fins begin to feel the net and then they Dart this Way and that hoping to get out but find themselves approaching the Shore and Are brought up to the very feet of the captors so the memory of an Early Home sometimes seems to relax and let men out further and further from god and further and further from Shore five years ten years Twenty years thirty years but some Day they find an irresistible mesh drawing them Back and they Are compelled to Retreat from their prodigality and wandering and though they make desperate Effort to escape the impression and try to dive deeper Down in sin after awhile Are brought Clear Back and held upon the Rock of Ages. If it be possible o father and Mother let your sons and daughters go out into the world under the Semi omnipotent memory of a Good pure Home. About your two or three rooms in a Boardinghouse or a family hotel you can cast no such glorious Sanctity. They will think of these Public caravans Aries As an Early stopping place malodorous with old victuals coffees perpetually steaming and meats in everlasting Stew or Broil the air surcharged with carbonic acid and corridors along which Drunken boarders come staggering at one of clock in the morning rapping at the door till the affrighted wife lets them in. Do not be guilty of the sacrilege or blasphemy of calling such a place a Home. A Home is four Walls enclosing one family with identity of interest and a privacy from outside inspection so Complete that it is a world in itself no one entering except by permission bolted and barred and chained against All outside inquisitiveness. The phrase so often used in Law books and Legal circles is mightily suggestive every Many a House is his castles As much so As though it had drawbridge portcullis redoubt bastion and armed Turret. Even the officer of the Law May not enter to serve a writ except the door to voluntarily opened unto him burglary or the invasion of it a crime so offensive that the Law clashes its Iron jaws on any one who attempts it. Unless it be necessary to stay for longer or Shorter time in family hotel or boarding House and there Are thousands of instances in which it is necessary As i showed you at the beginning unless in this exceptional Case let neither husband nor wife consent to such permanent residence. The probability is that the wife will have to Divide her husbands time with Public smoking or Reading room or with some coquettish spider in search of unwary flies and if you do not entirely lose your husband it will be because be is divinely protected from the disasters that have whelmed thousands of husbands with As Good intentions As yours. Neither should the husband without imperative reason consent to such a life unless he is sure his wife can withstand the temptation of social dissipation which sweeps across such places with the Force of the Atlantic Ocean when driven by a september Equinox. Many wives give up their Homes for these Public residences so that they May give their entire time to operas Heaters balls receptions and levees and they Are in a perpetual whirl like a whip top spinning round and round and round very prettily until it loses its equipoise and shoots off into a Tangent. But the difference is in one Case it is a top and in the other a soul. Besides this there is an assiduous accumulation of Little things around the private Home which in the aggregate make a great attraction while the Denizen of one of these Public residences is Apt to say a what is the use i have no place to keep them if i should take mementos Bric a by a curiosities quaint chair or cozy lounge upholster ies pictures and a thousand things that accrete in a Home Are discarded or neglected because there is no Homestead in which to arrange them. And yet they Are the Case in which the Pearl of Domestic happiness is set. You can never become As attached to the appointments of a boarding House or family hotel As to those things that you can Call your own and Are associated with the different members of your household or with scenes of thrilling import in your Domestic history. Blessed is that Home in which for a whole lifetime they have been gathering until every figure in the carpet and every casement of the window Lias a Chir graph of its own speaking out something about father or Mother or son or daughter or Friend that was with us awhile. What a sacred place it becomes when one can say a in that room such a 0119 was born in that bed such a one died in that chair i sat 011 the night i heard such a one had received a great Public Honor by that Stool my child Kmit for her last evening prayer Here t sat to Greet my son As he came Back from a sea voyage that was fathers Cane that was mothers rocking chair. What a Joyful and pathetic Congress of reminiscences the Public residence of hotel and boarding Home abolishes the Grace of hospitality. Your guest does not want to come to such a table. No one wants to run such a Gauntlet of acute and merciless hyper Riti cism. Unless you have a Home of your cw11 you will not be Able to exercise the Best rewarded of All the graces. For exercise of this Grace what Blessing came to the Shuna mite in the restoration of her son to life because she entertained Elisha and to the widow of Zare Plath in the perpetual Oil Well of the miraculous Cruse because she fed a hungry Prophet and to Rabat in the preservation of her life at the demolition of Jericho because she entertain 1 the spies an i to Laban in the formation of an interesting family relation because of his entertainment of Jacob and to lot in his Rescue from the destroyed City because of his entertainment of the Angels and to Mary and Martha and zaccheus in spiritual Blessing because they entertained Christ and to publius in the Island of Melita in the Healing of his father because of the entertainment of Paul drenched from the Shipwreck and of innumerable houses throughout Christendom upon which have come blessings from generation to generation because their doors swung easily open in the enlarging ennobling irradiating and divine Grace of hospitality. 1 do not know what your experience has been but i have had men and women visiting at my House who left a Benediction 011 every room in the Blessing they asked at the table in the prayer they offered at the family altar in the Good advice they gave the children in the gospel Iza Tion that looked out from every Lineament of their countenances and their departure was the sword of bereavement. The Queen of Norway Sweden and Denmark had a Royal cup of Fen curves or lips each one having on it the name of the distinguished person who had drank from it. And that cup which we offer to others in Christian hospitality though it be of the plainest earthenware is a Royal cup and g of can read on All its s. Be. The names of those who have taken i i Iii it Yeti Stu sat but All this is impossible unless yen have a Home of your own. It is the delusion As to what is necessary for a Home that hinders so Many from establishing one. Thirty rooms Are not Nec it Essary nor Twenty nor fifteen nor ten nor five nor three. In the right was Plant a table and Couch and knife and Fork and a cup and a chair and you can raise a Young Paradise. Just Start a Home on however Small a scale and it will grow. When King Cyrus w As invited to Dine with an Humble Friend the King made the one condition of his coming that the Only dish be one loaf of bread and the most Imperial satisfactions have some times Banquete on the plainest fare. Do not be caught in the delusion of Many thousands in postponing a Home until they can have an expensive one. That idea is the devils trap that catches men and women innumerable who will never have any Home at All. Capitalists of America build Plain Homes for the people. Let this tenement House system in which hundreds of thousands of the people of our cities Are wallowing in the mire be broken up by Small Homes where people can have their own firesides and their own altar. In this great continent there is room enough for every Man and woman to have a Home. Morals and civilization and religion demand it. We want done All Over this land what George Peabody and lady Burdett Coutts did in England and some of the Large manufacturers of this country have done for the villages and cities in building Small houses at cheap rents so that the Middle classes can have separate Homes. They Are the Only class not provided for. The Rich have their palaces and the poor have their poor houses and criminals have their jails but what about the honest Middle classes who Are Able and willing to work and yet have Small incomes let the capitalists inspired of god and pure patriotism Rise and build whole streets of Small residences. The labourer May have at the close of the Day to walk or ride further than is desirable to reach it but when he gets to his destination in the eventide he will find something worthy of being called by that glorious and impassioned and heaven descended word Young married Man As soon As you can buy a place even if you have to put on it a mortgage reaching from base to capstone. The much abused mortgage w hich is ruin to a reckless Man to one prudent and provident is the beginning of a competency and a Fortune for the reason he will not be satisfied until he has paid it off and All the household Are put on stringent economies until then. Deny yourselves All superfluity is and All luxuries until you can say a everything in this House is mine thank god every Timber every Brick every foot of plumbing every door do not have your children born in a boarding House and do not yourself be buried from one. Have a place where your children can shout and sing and Romp without being overhauled for the Racket. Have a Kitchen where you can do something toward Tho reformation of evil cookery and the lessening of this nation of dyspeptic. As Napoleon lost one of his great Battles by an attack of indigestion so Many men have such a daily wrestle with the food swallowed that they have 110 strength left for the Battle of life and though your wife May know How to on All musical instruments and rival a Prima Donna she is not Well educated unless she can boil an Irish potato Aryl Broil a Mutton chop since the diet sometimes decides the Fate of families and nations. Have a sitting room with at Lea tone easy chair even though you have to take the turns at sitting in it and books out of the Public Library of your own Purchase for the making of your family intelligent and checker boards and guessing matches with an occasional Blind Many a Buff which is of All games my favorite. Rouse up your Home with All styles of innocent mirth and gather up to your children a nature a Reservoir of exuberance that will pour Down refreshing streams when life gets parched and the dark Days come and the lights go out and the laughter is smothering into a sob. First last and All the time have Chrlot in your Home. Julius Caesar calmed the fears of an affrighted Boatman who was rowing him in a Stream by stating a so Long As c Esar is with you in the same boat no harm can and whatever storm of adversity or bereavement or poverty May strike your Home All is Well As Long As you have Christ the King on Board. Make your Home so far reaching in its influence that Down to the last moment of your children a life you May hold them with a heavenly Charm. At seventy six year s of age Tho Demosthenes of the american Senate Lay dying at Washington i mean Henry Clay of Kentucky. His pastor sat at his bedside and a the old Man eloquent a after a Long and exciting Public life Transl Antic and Cis Atlantic was Back again in the scenes of his boy Hood and he kept saying in his dream Over and Over again a my Mother Mother Mother a May the parental influence we exert be not Only potential but holy and so the Home on Earth be the Vestibule of our Home in heaven in which place May we All meet a father Mother son daughter brother sister Grandfather and grandmother and grandchild Ami the entire group of precious ones of whom to must say in the words of transporting Charles Wesley one family we dwell in him one Church above beneath though now divided by the Stream the Narro w Stream of death one army of the living god to his Comman 1 we Bow. Part of the Host have crossed the flood and part Are crossing now. Isaac Taylor. The sad end of a romantic and interest ing character. Washington Cor. Chicago glancing through a Philadelphia newspaper a few Days ago my attention was arrested by a Brief paragraph dated at an Interior town in that state which read As follows a Isaac Taylor a former citizen of this place committed suicide last night by hanging. Or. Taylor had been employed until recently As a clerk in the Treasury department at Washington d. Taylor was one of the characters of Washington. Thirty years of his life he was sixty at the time of his death were spent in travel and adventure. He had visited every habitable country on the Globe. He spoke half a dozen languages fluently and was one of the most delightful conversationalist i have Ever known. He made the Overland trip to California in his Early youth. I11 8au Francisco he joined a party of americans bound for the Sandwich islands. While in route Taylor discovered that the Objet of the expedition was the overthrow of the existing monarchy in those islands and the formation of a new government. There was a rebellious spirit afloat in the kingdom and the adventurous foreigners calculated to take advantage of it for their own ends. Taylor said nothing but upon their arrival in Honolulu he sought an audience with the King and unfolded to him the details of the plot. The conspirators were banished from the Island. Taylor remained and was speedily installed As the Kings favorite. To Crown All the Kings sister a Beautiful hawaiian Princess fell in love with the dashing american and at the Kings suggestion offered him her hand and Fortune. Taylor received the most positive Assurance that his marriage to the Princess would make him heir to the Crown. He declined the Honor however with thanks. In talking with his Washington friends Taylor used to suy that although he never regretted the refusal he Felt positive had he espoused the Dusky Princess the Kings pledge would have been faithfully kept. Years afterwards Taylor returned to the United states and served As a Soldier in a Pennsylvania regiment. In the course of time he drifted to Washington where he secured a minor clerkship in the Treasury department. About six months ago he was dismissed from government service on account of his irregular habits. Broken in health and in Fortune he at last returned to the obscure Pennsylvania Village which he quilted a Light hearted adventurous boy forty years ago. Within a fortnight after his arrival he ended his life in the manner above described. Full of fun. A the Experiment of sending bloodhounds in Pursuit of hostile indians in new Mexico is a failure if looked at from this end. The indians regard it As a benevolent Effort for they shoot Tjio dogs and eat them a Houston Post. A a Calico party was recently Given in Cincinnati. There were few fashionable women present owing to their Well known prejudice against appearing in the rambler. A the Turkey is on the whole a Lucky creature. He in t stuffed with chestnuts until after his demise. A fellow must be a Goose who would t like to be a transcript. A Boarder a Why is that Spring Chicken like a favorite Brand of Brandy a Landlady a a i am sure i Don t know or. Boarder a because its old Hen i see. Quot a Boston budget. A mine. Greville in a recent lecture said a once there was a Young Man who fell in love with a Young this is True. We were intimately acquainted with the Young Tribune. A thoughtful Young lady to College graduate a a who in your opinion or. Muscle was the noblest roman of them All a College graduate a i used to a n think Hanlan was but i bet a cent 011 any of Mem . Sun. A a philanthropist asked the daughter of a Rich manufacturer who employs hundreds of men if she Ever did any thing for her father s hands a no a was the reply a but i rub mine with Glycerine and Oatmeal every Burlington free press. A a no a said the Misal cd youth a i Don t intend keeping a regular diary. I Only want a Book in which to set Down my daily a nah i understand a replied the intelligent shopkeeper a then of course you want a much smaller Book than transcript. A a Grandmamma a said a Murray Hill Young lady indignantly a Clare Van Suyten Bays that you and grandpa kept a Corner grocery store when you were a she is mistaken a said Grandmamma. �?�1 knew she was the o 7 mean spiteful thing the idea a a yes she is mistaken a wont on the old lady retrospectively a we kept a grocery store but it was t on a Cor p s Bazar. A it was a Chicago lawyer who in his capacity As Justice of the peace was called upon to marry a couple in haste. Absentmindedly he began with the Groom a you do solemnly swear that you will faithfully perform All the duties devolving upon you As husband of this woman during your term of office and until your successor shall be chosen and qualified in your then lie remembered himself and began again after the manner appropriate to the citizen. Items of interest. Facts for Farmers. A piste squaws do foundry work at Truckee Al. A the transposition of quotation Marks in a recent musical catalogue caused the following astounding announcement a she heaved a sigh in e hat for thirty five a Chicago Herald. A buffaloes Are now bred in Kansas for Sale and calves bring thirty dollars each where Twenty years ago herds of thousands of these cattle ranged Over the Prairie without Chicago mail. A Hon. Jacob Leech recently argued a Case in tie supreme court of Tennessee holding a Rabbit foot in his left hand. Or. Leech says that he has never failed to win a Case when i had his Rabbit foot with Constitution. A a most useful accomplishment has our Friend sport who is an elegant Shepherd dog. He carries every morning to each member of the family his or her shoes and stockings lays them on the bed at the owner s Side then marches off Quot for the morning paper which lie will give to his master Only. A a Quot. 0. Picayune. A in slavery times a Jolly slave in South Carolina bought a new hat and when it commenced raining lit put it under his coat. When asked Why he Ditl not keep his hat 011 his head lie replied a de hat s mine bought it wid my own Money. Head belong to 111 1s-Sa let he take Keer of his own x. Mail. A a malice a the disconsolate widow of the departed a jumbo Quot is to leave the scene of her husband s triumphs in Regent s Park for she Liki her lamented lord has fallen into the hands of the omnivorous barn uni and is about to be shipped to America. The famous showman is gradually depriving us of All our life. A in Mexico the morning newspapers Are sold in the streets tin evening 1 lore for they go to press about five of clock in the afternoon. The sunday morning papers Are sold saturday night and there Are none ready for monday so that in Mexico there is no sunday newspaper work done and 110 sunday newspaper. A the Atlanta Constitution describing a wedding at Toccoa la., says that a in front of the altar was a Beautiful Floral umbrella suspended by an wire. Under this umbrella so beautifully emblematic the Happy Young couple pledged their marriage How Long have umbrellas been a beautifully emblematic 1 of weddings in Georgia a Chicago la raid. A a the Story of the meanest Man in the world comes from the West. It seems a manufacturer in Iron Hung himself one Day in the work room. Several of the hands left their work and spent several hours in resuscitating him. What was their Surprise next Day to find that their miserly employer had docked them for tin time used in saving his life a rambler. The production of Bessemer steel ingots in the United states in 1.885 was 1,701.757 net tons or 1,519,12 5 Gross Tous an of 101,162 net tons Over the production of 1884. This is Tho 1 argot production that the country Ever made in one year. The production of Bessemer steel rails in 1885 was 1,071,607 net tons or 959,470 Gross tons a decrease of 42,011 net tons 011 the production of 1884.�?x. Post Home made Candy. For making Candy the Best of granulated sugar should be used if confectioner s sugar is not though it is Blit a Trille More expensive. Home in i Candy not Only affords amusement in the making but is sure to be pure and wholesome. A now receipt is Given for making nut Candy that has be 01 tested. To two cups of granulated sugar and one of boiling water add one Large tablespoonful of butter. Boil till it readily candies when drop Qvod in cold water. Then remove from tie tire and stir in nearly two cups of Brazil nuts Cut up mall and one Tiv ble spoonful of Lemon Flavouring. Pour out upon three buttered plates to Cool. Always u a Silver spoon in stirring Candy line Mado Candy is a very desirable adjunct to the dessert and consoles the children when deprived of the Pastri or puddings that prove so attractive to them. A Christian urn a Farmers in some closely Farmed districts arc questioning the Economy of Chance . E. Farmer. A it is said and Well proved that the More quiet sheep Are kept the More quickly they will times. A the breeders Gazette says that Many a Man who is wide awake to the necessity of a reaper in the Harvest Field is fast asleep to the importance of improved Stock in the stable yet one is no More important than the other. A hogs give returns so quickly that even if a Small profit is made 011 each lot these profits c in be made so often and so quickly that the rearing and feeding of hogs is one of the most paying occupations 011 the farm. A Toledo Blade. A a Little newly threshed Straw will be eaten by Stock almost As readily As Hay. This is one of the advantages of the old practice of threshing by hand. If the Straw has been threshed by machine >0111c at least should lie put in the barn for Winter . V. Herald. Centra Teymour forces. It is bet Ter and at the same time More profitable to. Grow one Hundred and fifty bushels of ears 011 one acre of Corn than to work Over two acres for tin same amount and the same in proportion with other farm journal. A if von have a Long Day s journey before you spare your horse at the Start let him frequently walk to recover his wind. Continue thus until he has sweated and dried three times and you May ask of him whatever you pie use he will not leave you in Maxim. A the Man who drugs his horse to make his hair sleek and a shiny Quot shows Little sense. The Best Means to keep the coat Glossy i. Careful and daily grooming. This with plenty of Oats and water and an occasional bran Mash is All the horse needs when in health. The arsenic Groom should be Chicago Tribune. A wet boots and shoes May be kept from shrinking out of shape in the drying if As soon As they Are taken from the feet they Are tightly stuffed w Ith newspapers. These should not be removed until the shoes Are perfectly dry As they compose a sort of last to prevent unequal shrinkage and consequent loss of clan land Lead it A the Wisconsin experimental Sta Tion Jias been conducting a series of 0 experiments to determine the relative value of bran resulting from the roller process of flour making compared w Ith that by the old process with a rather unexpected result the advantage being quite �1< cidely ill favor of that by the roller to uni Quot 1. Useful insects. Beetles and flies which Are entitled to the cultivators Protection. In an excellent article on insects by William Saunders of London ont., published in the proceedings of the fruit growers association of Ontario he says that insectivorous Birds Are useful helpers to it it the cultivator although not so important As insect friends. The Birds devour alike the useful and the injurious the one As readily As the other not being at All discriminating in this very essential particular. Prof. Saunders remarks a a Birds appear to do comparatively Little to keep Down injurious insects the even balance Between the useful and the noxious species when disturbed by the overdue accumulation of the latter is set right mainly through the Agency of Friendly prof. Saunders names the following useful insects the Sand beetles Cin Indeli de of which there Are a number of species which Are very Active in their work. The a Rabidau of which there Are in America North of Mexico Over a thousand named species. They arc nearly All insect eaters some in the Day time others in the night. They often climb Trees in search of canker Worms tent caterpillars and other injurious species and consume them with great gusto. A third useful family Are the lady bugs Cocci Nellic nearly All of which feed on insects and Are especially fond of Plant lice. Some of them Are know 11 to devour the eggs of the Colorado potato Beetle. Among the four winged flies we have Many Active and useful friends and Many of them Lay up a store of insects As food for their Young. A very important and useful family of insect killers Are the Ichneumon flies belonging to the same order a Tho wasps which Are 011 the Wing All Day searching in every Nook and Corner for caterpillars into whose bodies they Deposit their eggs and w Here the future insects obtain their living. Myriad of caterpillars says or. Saunders Are in this manner yearly destroyed. Immense numbers of caterpillars Are also destroyed by the Tehina flies. The Syrelius flies devour great numbers of Plant lice and the Well known dragon flies Are great insect eaters catching their prey it it nth Wing. The Birds whose usefulness is so often commended make no distinction Between the above mentioned insects and those which Are enemies to the cultivator. But devour All alike. A country gentleman. Feeding Oil meal. A Good food for Stork in connection with chopped materials. Oil meal is valuable for several purposes. Some prefer it for its Oil and therefore object to the new process Oil meal As not so Rich in nutrition. This is a mistake. For the purposes of the farm a the less Oil in the meal the greater its value in proportion to its Cost. The Farmer does not wish to pay a High Price for an article if it can lie procured at less Cost in another form lie Nee he should not pay for the fat in Oil meal when he can raise it at Homo or Purchase it cheaply in the shape of Corn. The object in purchasing Oil meal is to secure tiie protein or flesh forming element contained in its composition and the greater the Quantity of Oil the More costly the protein in the use of Oil meal the Farmer not Only provides nitrogenous matter in a concentrated form but it serves to regulate the system and promote health. The linseed meal is used differently from that made from Cotton sold. It should not be fed lavishly at first but the animals should gradually iconic accustomed to it. Cotton seed meal i it not so laxative and May be fed in larger quantities than tie linseed but a mix ure of one part linseed and two parts Cotton seed is a cheaper and better food than either alone. The proper Way to feed then is to mix them with Cut food and not by placing ii directly before the animals. If fed with coarse chopped or Cut material a larger portion will a digested and no danger of derangement of the bowels will result. They should 110 be fed to Young calve until they Are at least six months old except sparingly or sickness or indigestion May occur. A farm Field 94kd Stockmaik a Happy people. The social conditions of Tho Boers in the Transvaal Republic. A about As Happy and Independent a people As i Ever came across a says a recent sojourner among them a Are the Boers of South Africa. I spent several months at Natal on the coast and up in the Transvaal in the Interior. Transvaal is a very productive country and is cleared up into Broad farms As Large As entire estates in England. Those old dutch Farmers raise big horses big cattle and big Grain and live almost Independent of the outside world. Each Farmer will have a Small army of servants who live on terms of almost Equality with their employer and these after they have saved their w Ages a few years buy an of team some farming implements and seeds and some household goods push on to the front and develop a new farm. Thus it is that the country is increasing in population and wealth All the time. They Are so far away from the world in general that they retain All their primitive ways. They Are great riders Are these Boers and it is nothing to see the old fat dutch Farmers weighing from two Hundred to two Hundred and fifty pounds galloping about their farms and into the Market towns on big Lazy horses As fat and Clumsy in proportion As they Are themselves. Natal. 011 the coast of Southern Africa is a right pretty City with a Large English population All engaged in Trade. We carried several ear Load of horses from there to Madagascar. There Are a Good Many English and French people in Madagascar mostly engaged in Trade. It is very unhealthy but a Beautiful Island. I Don t like thu natives however nearly As Well As i do the malays. When tie latter have become partly civilized they arc the most intelligent and honest coloured race i have Ever come across. I saw a great Many of them on sandalwood Island where we were a number of times after horses to carry to Mauritius Island. A very Fine Breed of horses Are produced 0111 he sandalwood Island which lies just two Hundred Miles Southeast of the Island of Java and i guess it is the Only Island Between Australia and the Mainland where they Are raised. The islands belong to Holland and there Are a Large number of dutch people in business dispatch. Pea growing. A i will appear in print to Morrow a said the Young lady As she put Tho last stitch in her Calico frock. A frailty by name is woman. A Lla Mlet. That she la frail o ten in body. A a tis True a tit True tis a pity. And pity a tis a tis or. Pierces a favorite prescription is the Best restorative tonic for physical frailty in women or female weaknesses or derangement. By druggists. Price reduced to one Dollar. Advertising is a Good Deal like making love to a widow. It can to be Chicago Ledger. Victims of Youthful indiscretions suffering from nervous debility Lack of self Confidence impaired memory and Kindred symptoms should Send 10 cents in Stamps for Large illustrated treatise giving Means of certain cure . Address world s dispensary medical association 003 main Street Buffalo n. The Telephone girl thinks that this is a hollow Tribune. Business men. The business Man practical in nil thing does not care to Loso sleep at night that would unfit him for business the following Day so keeps Tavlores Cherokee remedy of Weot gum and mullein which will prevent croup and cure coughs colds and consumption. Ask your druggist for it. A a where there a a will there a a Way a to break Ledger. A i have used Only one bottle of your Medicine Athol photos which gave to great Relief from rheumatism and i can recommend it As being an excellent Medicine for rheumatism a is the testimony of f. B. Giove 24 main St., Mansfield Tiie Best thing to take before singing Call. Another life saved. About two years ago a prominent citizen of Chicago was told by his physicians that he must die. They said his system was so debilitated that Thero was nothing left to build on. He made up his mind to try a a new to got some of or. Pierces a Golden medical discover a and took it according to directions. To began to improve at once. To kept up tiie treatment for some months Ami is to Day a Well Man. He save the a a discovery saved his life. A million dollars in Gold weighs the same As a ton of coals about eighteen handled . Graphic. A Field crop which is not sufficiently appreciated. W e Are asked to give directions for growing peas As a Field crop. The land should be Rich but they will grow on almost any soil. No Green manure should be used. Plow the land to a moderate depth and thoroughly pulverize the surface. If sown broadcast sow at the rate of from two to three bushels per acre and cover with a cultivator. After that Roll the land. If wanted for Green feeding sow in april or May at the North and then along at intervals of three weeks. The marrow fat is usually sown at the North. I11 Canada they use the Small yellow peas. The marrow fat requires Strong land while the yellow pea does Well on Light j land. Peas Are an excellent food for Stock and the time will come when they will be grown More extensively than they now Are. They May be fed from tin time when they Are half grown until they Are fully Ripe. When Cut and cured while Green they make Good Hay Tor cattle and sheep. For hog feeding it is estimated that seven bushels of peas Are equal to ten bushels of Corn. In feeding peas they May be soaked in milk 01 water until soft and j fed by themselves or they May be ground and fed with other foods. The crop is not considered very exhausting to the soil. A lies can Rural. A a Mamma a said a Little fifth Ward boy lugubrious by the other Day As he Laid Down a volume of biographical sketches of tin presidents �?o1 Don t believe i la Ever be a president. 1 Ain t got the Chance. I was t lining up a Why. Child you have the same Chance that other Little boys a no i Ain I was t born in a log Cabin nor 1 Ain t drove a team on the cana1, nor had to read the Spellin Book by tin Light of a Pine knot nor had to split rails nor nothing like the rest of the boys who got there. I toll you Mother i m handicapped on this presidential a Elmira Gazette. Pike too Tiachi drops ,25f Glenn s Sulphur soap heals and beautifies. 25c German Corn remover kills corns amp bunions As there is Little pleasure without paying it is that makes life so Herald. Piso a remedy for Catarrh is agreeable to use. It is not a liquid or a snuff. 00c. A buffaloes Are bred in Kansas a it is said. They Are meat j Ost. 0---- if afflicted with bore eyes use or. Isaac thumps on Seyo water. Druggists sell ii. 25c. A Square Maverick. Trade pro Mark. Absolutely free from. Opiates Jan Utica and 1 Oison. Safe. Sure. Frosv1pt. At l Rou its anti , the Nickles a. to. . No. March april May arc the months in which to purify your mood and for this purpose care is no Medicine equal to Hood s >arsapari�?T.a. It purifies vitalize and enriches the blood removing All Trace of scr Fula or other i Caset creates an appetite and imparts new strength and vigor to the whole body. It is the Ideal Spring medi Ine. Try it this season. �?T1 take hoods Sarsaparilla for a Spring Medicine d i find it just the tiling. It tones up my system Tad makes me Feci like a different Man. My wife takes it for dyspepsia and she derives great Benefit from it. She says it is the Best Medicine site Ever 00k.�?� Frank c. Texer Ilock amp ladder no. 1. Friend Street Boston mass. A when i began faking hoods Sarsaparilla i was Lizzy in. The morning had a headache end Nappe it but now i can hardly get enough cooked to Emma. But in aiti1 Coral Street Worcester mass. A i have used hoods Sarsaparilla in my family and consider it a splendid blood j. Wild snit i North 7th Street Brooklyn n. Hoods Sarsaparilla sold by All druggists it six for $5. Prepared by c. I. Hood tic co., apothecaries , mass. Too doses one Dollar Catarrh wonderful. The Bride or division of my nose was about half gone. I have i cd four bottles of Ely scream Balm applying it to the affected parts which has about cured up the nostrils. I had tried ail other remedies on Tho market.�?,. A. Wood 96 v. Bligh Street Columbus I was afflicted with Catarrh and cold in head a i used Ely scream Balm which cured . Ii. Iii. Dxx.t1�?T a ii a a fever a part Tele h applied it each nostril is agreeable to Aprice 5�e-Nih by mail or at druggists. Send for circular. Ely Buo l Hus druggists 1 Ltd co no. V. croup and consumption use i5� a family medium that Bias in Kiledj millions diking 35 tears a Balm for every Wood of Max Aai it beast the oldest amp Best liniment Ever made in America. Sales larger than Ever. Tho mexican Mustang Linin not Lias i been known for More than thirty five i years is the Best of All liniments for Man and beast. Its sales to Day Are larger than Cvar. It Eurg to hrs All lot hers fail and penetrates skin Tendon land , to Lite \ cry Lone bold everywhere. Live Stock cuts. We will furnish duplicates of Xii Jid Stock. Cuts or any other Cut shown in any specimen Book it or below quoted prices for Emo. A. H. Kellogg newspaper co electro types and stereo types 141 St. Cir Street Clevelan in of Sweet m Ullem. The Street gum from a tree of the same Namo growing in the South combined with a Tea made from the mullein Plant of the old Fields f or Enlo by nil druggists at 25 cents and $1.00 per bottle. Waetjl1x. A. Tailor Atlanta. On believed at last a a we know a gentleman in this county who six months Ngo was almost a hopeless cripple from an attack of Rhu Matitz. Lie could scarcely hobble across the room used crutches and said himself that to had Little if any Hope of Ever recovering. We saw him in our town tast week walking about As Lively As any other Man and in the finest health and spirits. Upon our inquiry As to what had worked such a wonderful change in ids condition lie replied that s. S. S. Had cured him. After using a dozen and a half hot ties he has been transformed from a miserable cripple to a . Healthy Man. A e 110110 other than or. L. La. to t phone. Treatise on blood and skin diseases mailed free. Tzik Swift up Kotuc co., drawer 3, Atlanta ga., or 157 w. Vokt St act n y. Mends everything j Wood leather. Faer. . China l or Diiuro. Let i a a Lyrin amp a. Strong r,3 Iron soil l a3 a lock. Jul he total Quantity sold during Tho past it a a year i to Ltd a 32 Meu Jcj. Mrss Silm titles. Everybody wants it. Fall dealers can n i. "r�-1two Gold medals. I Eon. Let 3. Kew Ort i1ss5. A Ron our a a strop a a. pm a. A Send dealer s card end 1 contains to 11 is Mei eem l it i. I v mail. Russia Cumi ,mass. A Bonanza for Good agents. Write at once for territory. P., martafo., publishers Murray act ret new a Oak City. No rope to Cut of horses Kanes u celebrated 11 it Lily fiks Iiah fir so Elf and Biz Bee combined cannot be slipped by any horse. Sample Slaiter to any part of the . It. Free on receipt <1 i a. Sold by All saddlery hardware and harness to dealer. Special discount to tiny Asif i Trade. Send for Price t a. J a. Lioi Miot be. Rochester. N a the new departure Drums Are made with Patent doable acting rods and a amp Iii t or it a it re a Light Ntow substantial and handsome. A a i a i Amis and . for a v in tone Surpas my other in n til Toni i and appearance. If Quot a nearest music dealer does not keep them write to us a Sass for hit trued catalogue. Lyon amp. Healy Chicago 111. Ino irn u on the easy payment fx.ai7. Styles adapted to All uses at prices ranging from .�?T>00,000 acres of Choice inn Hood farming Nanda for Bale on easy tkitm3 to actual settlers. Extraordinary inducements offered. To drop outs o cyclones full parties rm2 , with Goon Man. Free. And Resa c. A col3y, land commissioner Vav. C Milwaukee wig. Odiea cures rheumatism. Neuralgia tic. Ilea Mariie. Toothache sprains i Quot in a a. Etc. La. Skin. Fifty cunts it i it am it pm airs. The ciiari.k3 a. co. Haiti Kobe in. A a Labouring Man out of work and huns wont one morning in the surgery of a neighbouring Parish doctor sat Down and asked to have one of his Teeth taken out. The doctor opened the Many so it nth and looked at Liis Teeth but Sei ing nothing amiss said a which is the tooth Friend a a to any one you like said the Man. A live got nothing for them to do so i thought i might As Well get rid of the Good doctor gave him a shilling and told him to go and get his Teeth a c u Job for one Day at All . Telegram. A there seems every probability that St. \ Alentine s Day with its Many customs. Came Down to us from the Homans but was fathered upon St. Valentine in the Early Days of the Church in order to christianize it. I11 France St. Valentine s Day was a movable feast which was called hours it s Brand on because the boys carried about lighted torches 011 that Globe. A a new York tailor says the number of people who will not Wear imported Woolen suiting is increasing. In line grades american manufacturers can make goods fully up to the Best foreign Standard but at a Little greater . Herald. Sex gov. Of in but Wir of Maryland says that St. Jacobs Milisa Marvelo Spain cure. In Rof. Grotto Brooklyn Board of health says item Star cough cure is free from pintos and highly efficacious. Twenty five cents. A a a Tiff Cockney is Blind. Lie can not see att h even if it is before his it Burgh chronicle. A a a a a we can not renew youth but we can ure tent Gray hair by using Hall s Blair lie newer. Ayers pills Are never failing remedy for headaches caused by a disordered stomach. I e31 vol thong i our juices defy and seeds Are , pm egg reliable. Kex see Anjail Srur Ingali Iafe la at of a a la a no 30 Ivd Ndia plants fruits Emu Piree list Willt 840 in us to i tons. A Jet us hear from you. amp ?l$9�m Ains Villa valve co., Oili a. I Bave a Poai Tiva Tor Tea a Yovo by its use thousands of it by. Of t .0 to a. I in i of a e l Ltd Kurpil. . In Atmos it it my Faith in s e v Lucy of it i i la to i two 1 Fri -�?T., Tor a Ber with a y to Kaisk of <1 s any fun taper. Give i tree and f Address. Do. T. A. Slocum lit Fea i St., . Lej a Blok Worth �11. On Al amp courtship. Sint t i 1�?~ g6 by Tho u a >11 but it o., ibb . Set my .-tamp.-, for i of the. Shiv. Ecu re n business Ufi Arnmon by Nulf. Mail 1 rum lit sol log. In Ian ass g. A , to Lhomme writes a for four years i null ered from her complaint Ami attacks of bilious fever Le-.-, us appetite nausea constipation sometimes diarrhoea Pam in the Imek of the head u lit site fled under the shoulder Blades fullness to it a eating general debility restless nil rats. Tongue coated Etc. Alter taking Lour bottles of or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery and a pellets a i find i am As Well us i Ever was. Samantha Gaines. . X. Y., writes a a for six or eight years previous to 1 Isi my been troubled with a sever pain in the Small of my Back also plur 1 Aero ski my shoulder Blades with considerable bloating a Tull. A 01 the stomach from wind was so nervous at times 1 could hardly sleep also troubled with dizziness and hard breathing spells. I was induced by my step daughter mrs. Warner of Olean n. Y., to try the a Golden medical the effects were marvelous. Alter taking three by tiles i was entirely s. I. Fister Sidney Vitins x. Y., writes a Cdr. 3 k. V. La Tirui Buffalo. V. 1. Or sir my if stif 1 >1 for several years Groin general debility. Lie had become a continued invalid. The physicians who attended her failed to help her. And it seemed As if sin must die. On Reading one of your memorandum books it occurred to me that your Golden medical discovery might help her. I procured a bottle and alter its us u change for the better was noticeable and after using live bottles pie was a Well woman i have recommended it to set \ Elul and m every ease it Lias produced Good results. I can never feel too grateful to you for the saving of my wife a per Large ulu tinted catalogue with prices and fail Puri Cui amp is in ugh d free. The Mason amp Hamlin organs ale the most rigid exan inn in a and comparisons have always proved the very Best made a taking the a Only Oslo it awarded to erd organs. American or european at Trie International invent n kit nth ton. London England Ami the Uloa 1c.>/�?T i it tors lit Ull Tho great worlds exhibitions Lur the part Nineteen years. To Send your name and address for catalogue and Price lists. Mason amp Hamlin Organ and piano co., Eota Bli hed 171. Boston 154 Tranent so Chicago 140 Wabash a. New York 4g East 14th St. Onion Square. It asthma pm Rabi German asthma 4 a Are never ail Stogle i a a later club tiie Ji�&Lttredec-Mtoil Able sleep effects cure we Freud others Tail a j a trial convinces thenot. Sceptical. Irico5qe. And i $41a it of Ruggi b Forb a Maillot of re it a run. Or it. B _ s the Tea by a remarkably Clear and Koncir Dement of the experiences and of rations in i it it one of Tho i most prominent and Atner j Lea will he or free Tali who no that r address to Poat Ottice lock Box Cue it it. . Silok Tiram ski Tiow. Bet paving lion hit by. L by mail a perfect Success great demand for Voung men Ami women a j shorthand clerks Etc. Sitt c at1u.%s Prtt Cun d for a to Dent w Hen a a a o I t it Usu Lar. A a. W. Roi Sekin.�?Ta, Aew y in f a it a will Rinkov a a n to a 3�?o a Alv a a a. K get f of a lot a in a per per mrs Florida town. Send 5 a for postage on map plat and de. Lipil u. The w. I. Howard Lan co., Chicago ill. A a pfc taiga. Bang ways sent <2 0 d. Any. Ilc. Stroll amp h-uv.,Chicago. Chickens it can be hatched i l a and better by using the Exee six a or ii Tchi i than Avion hens a Raj it it a cd to do the work. 1 113s r., dress s. St a l a son Man i Fine blot Oil 1. Imp a f. T Luigi it Ings free. Foj. 1. Boyer \ c Adl. 1 120 a. Ganger treated and cured wit Book on treatment Vod it the Knaffl e. Addre ii 1 f. L. Pond. M .1aurora, Finne to ,11. A8ssts wasted 5. End Ltd int stamp i re a a to r a 4l. a co. V. Iii am f ree. Nev. Ori. A. N. c. 10 he 7 him a a Flt the t., to it Nir a 1.1 Jyz a in i i at 11 Rhett the hit t Ite by a lit met. I that bid in Var disease. sri i Gist of Himl sj.naia., or it i , of this Pla Itin it Nurk i a year with a severe alb a tit m it she was at the lowest she bought of a Golden medical discovery a imm although before using the Meili Eine she was Given i till tin attending phys Ziaus her lather assures us has now fully mrs. Caroline timmonds Medina x. F., v. Re u 1 have been troubled with sym get Nis of malaria i with fever for three years but Alt r three bottles of your a Golden medical discovery Ami pleasant purgative pellets a i am Happy i it say hat i am entirely cured Ami to Day i amp a factly Well and Able to do my own work. By Pel Rcv a. Woon Taylor &torr,y<t., writes a after Many years of Gru it suit t ing from the evils of dyspepsia 1 wats induced to try a a Golden medical discovery a Ami i cannot the gratitude i be Lor the in at Good it a. Done me. 1 do not suffer any pain from eating Ami 1 enjoy life As Well As anybody can mrs. Cir urls Bogle if. A , it writes a two bottles of your a Gold u medical discovery a cured my cough Ami Iiron it liar Rhea. It has worked like a Chaim in i / Case. It is truly wonderful. I walk d ova r u Juilo last week to recommend your or l. A diarrhoea m dough. A a tti12 by Boob is this Lood which is the Fountain of health i a using or. I revs Gold n medical discovery and goo a t spirits vital strength and soundness of Constitution will be Stan Nonea. _ cures All Humours from the commo Poison. Especially has it proven its Efficacy in cd dwellings enlarged glands and eating l in is. Thoroughly cleanse to digestion a fair skin but Golden medical Dis bait i in us m pimple Blotch or eruption to the worst pm Rofu a or Tetter Tver sores hip joint disease Bero furious mood Olid the markets. New a disk March flour extra Ohio. Of a 5 40 wheat red Winter. 4 a vex no. 1 White. Vav a of corny no. 2. 4�?~. A a 50 it a i so mixed Western 3j pork mess. 10 0 1 a 11 75 lard prime steam. <3 30 Ltd 3 a a 2 better Western. 12 to. Cheese Ohio. 7 or l>4 eggs Western. 13 a 10 2 cattle. 4 40 % 20 sheep. Hogs. Lev Eland. Flour country xxx White ? Minnesota Patent. Am her. Wheat no. 2 Corn. Oats no. 1. Cheese Choice factory a it it Hio Dairy. Butter Choice. Eggs. Put to Tate is. Clover. Cincinnati. Flour family wheat. Corn. Rye. Ats. Butter. Eggs. He Esko Hio factory. Hogs common to Light a packing. Toledo. Wheat no. 2 bed Winter corny no. 2. Oats no. 2. Buffalo. medium. Sheep common. It Hoice. Hogs common to fair. Heavy. Pittsburgh. Beeves beet. Medium. Sheep Best. Medium. Hogs yorkers. Philadelphia. Philadelphia Wool unwashed. Pulled. Wet is a in. Is 2<j 50 4 75 0 5 00 5 00 <.r. A it 75 4 00 7t, 4 50 r h .4 >2 Oil 41 35 of 5 >7 11 of id i i b 11 is 54 10 it 15 o 5 i 1 15 3 30 it j 75 4 10 is 4 30 94 a a in 95 37 lot 37 3. I a a it 32�?T a feb 22 12 of it 12 cd 12�?T 0 tit of 3 5 i or. 4 20 4 to amp 4 40 02 93 fie1 59 34? i4 4 75 at. It 00 4 co A t 50 3 50 of 4 75 5 35 of 5 to 4 2 1 of 4 50 4 45 Osl 4 50 50 07. ? 6 00 4 25 of 5 on 5 k5 of i Iff 4 75 of. 5 50 4 10 it. 4 to 4 50 @ 4 25 a. 25 la Oeva of 31 i h2 Tkalac Gibson in Brood. ., write a my wife is getting Wii fast. When she began to use your a Golden a Diral discovery a our Best doctors in Indiana county said she would in they said your Medicine would do her no of Ltd she had an ulcer on her liver As Large As half a loaf of bread. \ 11. Sir. To our Surprise when she began using your a Golden medical discovery a she comment i spitting up it Heg n for to t o two a it. A a i then commenced a tin. Up corruption am Blond it looked i what comes out a a blood toil for some to Days. She now Las been Well for j. A dams esq., Toledo Ohio Sof your Golden medical iday free from boils and Cui Bun i5oils anti carbuncles. Writes a i have used Nin Botti Covey a and Trie result is i am Tuc a for the first time it Many Coji i Pat Ion flyers. Or. A. T. Johnson Georgr. Tovson Kyd a writes a a the Golden discover a relieved me at once f had a very bad sore on to. Back of my left hand for five months and d cur that As Well As Core tiption and indigestion Iroku which 1 was suffering very mrs. A. L. Cory. Hadley comr Ford go., Kansas writes a my son aged i Luceti years was taken Down last january with swellings on his right shoulder left hip and knee. He Jay hot in less for five months when great abscesses formed four of which continued to it i Var a Ltd at the time be commenced using your Golden leu. Al d very under our advice. Now at lit having us 1 Lour Btl to discovery a he is almost Well and walks the fourths < a Mil to school a every Day. A so Romulous sore on his Arm Whit ii ran constantly for i to years has healed completely und r the affluence of the remedy 4 be % or Sori no a mrs. A. If. Crawford fir it or. I of in., barn writes a i am the person who Wrob to you it years ago for advice respecting fever sores on Tny a. I a. C bottles of your Golden medical discovery a and v As t n it it. A so Romulous tumor and sore ilyus. Or i. I it in. Of Nir nod s. I 2, writes a my daughter a i i t it rely it ured of so Romulous sore eyes and a Large Turner on Ler m �., by the. Use of your Golden medical i he gnat Leith m ail our lung by its wonderful mood purifying s of breath bronchitis seven toughs the severest coughs it strengthens the Golden medical discovery cures consumption which is scr Fula of the in a nutritive properties. L or weak lungs spitting of blood Kindred affections it is n Sovereign remedy. While it promptly cures purifies the blood. The nutritive properties of cod liver Oil Are trifling when compared with those possessed by it Oiden Al it to rapidly builds up inc system and increases the flesh and weight of those reduced blow the usual Standard a wasting asthma Ami system and of discovery health by lung disease. A wonderful fare. Fletcher esq., Gloucester mom., writes a nearly five years ago i was taken sick with a disease regarding which the three physicians who attended me were unable to agree. One of the Foremost physicians in Boston cuffed it a tumor of i lie stomach Ami treated me Ter that nearly killing me with the it -.? another a Homo opa his physician thought 1 had consumption. When taken sick. I weigh d 157 pounds. I suffered from a heavy cough night sweats kidney troubles Etc., Ami was re died so rapidly that my physicians gave ire up. They we. Unable to help be in the least. At that time i weighed Bat ninety pounds and had not been Able to lie Down but had to sit up in order to breathe. I had been Eon fined to my room for six months expecting to die. Was so bad at times that i could not allow any one to come into my room As i could not talk nor was f Able to walk. I picked up one of your memorandum books on the floor of that hotel where i was boarding and after Reading it i began taking your a Gold la medical discovery a and the first bottle brought be around so that 1 could walk i around the room ail Day. I soon began to build up and gained so rapidly that it astonished me. I a taken no other Medicine since then and have used perhaps Twenty bottles in All of this Medicine. I stopped taking it in Augu a one year ago. I feel that it has saved my life. I now Wrigh about 1,30 pounds and 1 think and my friends with in that this Medicine saved my life. It certainly is Worth its weight in Gold and i consider it a wonderful remedy from its effect in consumption cured. W. J. , Vera Graz Ala writes Quot i met with an old Friend of mine not Long since Ami lie told me i of the very Low state of health in had be it n in mud he applied to our it doct a but gradually grew worse under his treatment was reduced to i Skeleton bad a tearful cough and was thought to have consumption. While in this Low state lie made a visit to Sci it relations und while in a Distant town he Purchi <1 a bottle of Medicine called a or. Pierce s Golden medal i it it it in a and took it and by the time it was used he As it i a it it ver had been. When 1 saw him. He looked to be in the Bloom or hot Nith. His statement emus a to a great Deal of inquiry As he is a mail of High saves his life bleeding from Longs. Lia curing All my ailments. To Idun medical discovery is sold by do its. To Seyfi f. Mcfarland Athens writes a my wife had frequent bleeding from to lungs before she commenced using your j a Golden medical she has not i had any since its use. For some go i ponies Rah has been feeling so Atli she has discontinued consumption cured. It. Anthony Twink. Dongftl/iaus., writer a a for five years i suffered very my h from a terrible cough and debility. More than a year since i commenced to take your a Golden medical discovery a and it Lias completely cured inc. I thank you for the splendid health i have since $>.00. Price $1.00 per l Ollie or six bottles for world s Weigal. Ass gel amp Tion proprietors t8e>, 3jt itt Street Iff f Tate in t

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