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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - December 9, 1886, New Philadelphia, Ohio Off the track a the Many obstacles in the Way return. Her. T. De Witt Talmage Tell How the shackles bad habits May be in Rev item and How the paths virtue May be regained. Cleveland o., dec. 5.�?rev. Or. Talmage preached in this City today. He took for text the thirty fifth verse the Twenty third chapter proverbs a when shall i awake i will seek it yet subject was a off the track How to get the Sermon is As follows with an insight into human nature such its no other Man Ever reached Solomon in my text sketches the mental operations one who having stepped aside from the path rectitude desires to return. With a wish for something better he said a a when shall f awake when shall i come out this horrid Nightmare iniquity a but seized upon by a eradicated habit and forced Down Hill by passions he cries out a a i will seek it yet again. I will try it once our libraries Are adorned with an ele Gant literature addressed to Young men pointing out to them All the dangers and pers life Complete maps the voyage showing All the rocks the Quicksand the Shoals. But suppose a Man has already made Shipwreck suppose he is already off the track suppose he has already gone astray How is to to get Back ? that is a Field comparatively untouched. I propose to address myself this morning to such. There Are those in this audience who with every passion their agonized a Oul Are ready to hear such a discussion. They compare themselves with what they were ten years ago and cry Cut from the bondage in which they Are incarcerated. Now if there be any in this House come with an Earnest purpose yet feeling they Are beyond the Pale Christian sympathy and that the preacher can hardly be expected to address them then at this moment 1 give them my right hand and Call them brother. Book up. There is glorious and triumphant Hope for you yet. I sound the trumpet gospel deliverance. The Church is ready to spread a banquet at your return and the hierarchs heaven to fall into line mannered procession at the news your emancipation. To far As god May help Rne 1 propose to show what Are the obstacles to your return and then How you Are to surmount these obstacles. The first difficulty in the Way your return is the Force moral gravitation. Just As there is a natural Law which brings Down to the Earth any thing you throw into the air so there is a moral gravitation. In other words it is easier to go Down than it is to go up it is easier to do wrong than it is to do right. Call to mind the comrades your boyhood Days some them Good some them bad. Which most aborted you Call to mind the anecdotes you have heard in the last five ton years some in bloc is at looks at the faded apparel j has been away there have been so Many Ardithe Marks dissipation and instead giving a warm grip the hand offers the tip end the Long fingers the left hand which is equal to striking a Man in the face. Of How few Christian people understand How much Force and gospel there is in a Good honest hand shaking sometimes when you have Felt the need encouragement and some Christian Man has taken you heartily by the hand have you not Felt thrilling q through every fiber your body mind and soul an encouragement that was just what you needed you do not know any thing at. All about this unless you know when a Man tries to return from evil courses conduct he runs against repulsions innumerable. We say so in Man to lives a Block two from the Church half a mile from the Church. There Are people in our crowded cities who live one thousand mile3 from Church. Vast deserts indifference Between them and the House god. The fact is we must keep our respectability though thousands Ana tens thousands perish. Christ sat with publicans and sinners. But if there come to the House god a Man with Marks dissipation upon people throw up their hands in horror As much As to say a is no to it shocking a How these Dainty fastidious christians in All our churches Are going to get to heaven i do not know unless they have an Especial train cars cushioned and upholstered each one a car to they can not go with the great Herd publicans and sinners. O be who curl your lip with scorn at the fallen i Tell you plainly if you had been surrounded by the same influences instead sitting to Day amid the cultured and refined and the Christian you would have been a crouching wretch in stable ditch covered with Leith and abomination 1 it is not because Yeu Are naturally any better but because the mercy god Lias protected you. Who Are you that brought up in Christian circles and watched by Christian parentage you should be so hard the fallen i think men also Are often hindered from return by the fact that churches Are too anxious about their membership and too anxious about their denomination and they Rush out when they see a Man about to give up sin and return to god and ask How to is going to be baptized whether by sprinkling by immersion and what kind Church he is going to join. Of my friends it is a poor time to talk about presbyterian catechisms and episcopal liturgies and methodist love feasts and Baptis tries to a Man that is coming out i r the darkness sin into the glorious Light the gospel Why it reminds me a Man drowning in the sea and a life boat puts j out for Aud the Man in the boat says to the Man out the boat a a now. If i get i you ashore Are you going to live in my i Street a first get ashore and then talk about the non essentials religion. Who cares what Church he joins if to Only joins Christ and Start for heaven You j ought to have my brother an illumined j face and a Hearty grip for every one that prayers offered for we can Trust then at eight clock for they retire Early in the country they Kneel Down and commend you to that god who watches in country and in town the and land the sea. Some one said to a grecian general a what was the proudest moment in your life a he thought a moment and said a the proudest moment in in life was when 1 sent Home word to my parents that i had gained the and the proudest and most Brilliant moment in your life will be the moment when you can Send word to your parents that you have conquered your evil habits by the Grace god and become eternal Victor. Of despise not parental anxiety the time will come when you will have neither father Mother Aud you will go around the place where they used to watch you Aud find them gone from the House and gone from the Field and gone from the neighbourhood. Cry As loud for forgiveness a it you May Over the Mound in the churchyard they will not answer. Dead dead and then you will take out the White lock hair that was Cut from your mothers brow just before they buried her and you will take the Cane with which your father used to walk and you will think and think and wish that you had done just As they wanted you to and would give the world if you had never thrust a Pang through their dear old hearts. God pity the Young Man who has brought disgrace fathers name god pity the Young Man who has broken mothers heart better if he had never been born better if in the first hour life instead being Laid against the warm Bose i maternal tenderness he had been confined and sepulchre . There is no Balm powerful enough to heal the heart one who has brought parents to a sorrowful grave and who wanders about through the dismal cemetery rending the hair and wringing the hands and crying a Mother Mother a that to Day by All the memories the past and by All the Hopes the future you would yield your heart to god. May your fathers god and your mothers god be your god forever a tonic for the tired. Of them pure and some them in tries to turn from e Oil Way. Take hold pure. Which the More easily Sticks to your j the same Book with though Dis memory during the years your life you Sipat ions shake the Book remembering have formed certain courses conduct that he that convert eth a sinner from the some them Good some them had. To j error Way shall save a soul from which style habit did you most easily death and hide a multitude sins. Yield a my friends we have to take but a moment self inspection to find out that there is in All souls a Force moral gravitation. But that gravitation May be resisted. Just As you May pick up from the Earth something and hold it in your hand towards heaven just so by the Power gods Grace a soul fallen May be lifted towards peace toward Pardon leaven. The Force moral gravitation is in every one us but is Power in gods Grace to overcome that Force moral gravitation. The next thing in the Way your return is the Power evil habit. I know there Are those who say it is very easy for them to give up evil habits. I do not believe them. Here is a Man Given to intoxication. He knows it is degrading family de now i have shown you these obstacles because i want you to understand i know All the difficulties in the Way but i am now to Tell you How Hannibal May scale the Alps and How the shackles May be a riveted and How the paths virtue forsaken May be regained. First All my brother throw yourself god. Go to frankly and earnestly toward j and Tell those habits you have and ask if there is any help in All the resources omnipotent love to give it to you. Do not go with a Long rigmarole people Call prayer made up a a ohs Quot and a nah so and a forever and forever amens a go to god and cry for help help help and if you can not cry for help just look Aud live. I remember in the late War i was at Antie Tam and i wont into the hospitals after a a Battle and i sail to a Man a a when 1 saw Etro Ying property ruining body i you Hurt a he made no answer but Hel i mind and soul. If that Man being an intelligent Man could easily give up that habit would to not do so the fact that to does not give it up proves that it is hard to give it up. It is a very easy thing to sail Down Stream the tide carrying you with great Force but suppose you turn the boat up Stream is it so easy then to Row it As Long As we yield to the evil inclinations in our hearts and our bad habits we Are bailing Down Stream but the moment to try to turn we put our boat in the rapids just above Niagara and try to Row up Stream. Take a Man Given to the habit using tobacco As most you do and let resolve to Stop and he finds it very difficult. Twenty one years ago i quit that habit and i would As soon put my right hand into the fire As once to indulge in it. Why because it was such a terrific struggle to get Over it. Now let a Man be advised by physician to give up the use tobacco. To goes around not knowing what to do with himself. He can not add up a Lino figures he can not sleep nights it seems As if the world had turned upside Down he feels business is going to ruin where he was kind and obliging he is scolding and fretful the composure that characterized has Given Way to a fretful restlessness and he Lias become a Complete fidget. What Power is it that has rolled a wave woe Over the Earth and shaken a portent in the heavens he has tried to Stop smoking after awhile he says a i am going to do As i please. The doctor does not understand my ease. I am going Back to my old and he returns. Every thing assumes its usual composure business seems to brighten the to orld becomes an attractive place to Dve in children seeing the difference Hail the return their father s genial disposition. What wave color has dashed Blue into the. Sky and greenness into the Mountain foliage and the glow Sapphire into the Sunset what enchantment has lifted a world Beauty and Joy soul he has gone Back to smoking. Of the fact is As we All know in our own experience that habit is a taskmaster As Long As we obey it it does not chastise us but let us resist and we find we Are to be lashed with scorpion Whipman Dibound with ship Cable and thrown into the track Bone breaking juggernauts. During the War 1812 there was a ship set lire just above Niagara Falls and then Cut Loose from its moorings it came Down through the night and tossed Over the Falls. It was said to Hyvo been a scene Brilliant beyond description. Well there Are thousands men Tiro evil habit coming Down through the rapids and through the awful night temptation toward the eternal plunge. Of How hard it is to arrest them. God Only can arrest them. Suppose a Man alter live ten Twenty years evil doing resolves to do right. Why All the forces darkness Are Allied against . He can not Sloop rights he gets Down Knees in the Midnight and cries a god help me a lie bites lip he grinds Teeth he clenches Bis list in a determination to keep purpose he dare not look at the bottles in the window a wine store. It is one Long bitter exhaustive hand to hand Light with inflamed tantalizing and merciless habit. When he thinks to is entirely free the old inclinations pounce upon like a pack hounds with their muzzles tearing Uway at the flanks one poor Reindeer. In Paris there is a sculptured representation Bacchus the god revelry. He is Riding a Panther at full leap. Of How suggestive let every one who is speeding ways understand he is not Riding a docile and Well broken Steed but lie is Riding a monster wild and Bloodthirsty going at a death leap. How Many there Are who resolve a better life and say a when shall i awake a but seized by their old habits cry �?o1 wiil try it once More i will seek it yet again a years ago there were some Princeton students who were skating and the ice was very thin and some one warned the company Back from the air Hole and finally warned them entirely to leave the place. But one Young Man with bravado after All the rest had stopped cried out a one round More a he swept around and went Down and was brought out a Corpse. My friends there Are thousands and ten thousands men losing their souls in that Way. It is the one round More. I have also to say that if a Man wants to return from evil practices society repulses . Desiring to Reform he says a now i will Shako off my old associates and i will find Christian and he appears at the Church door some Sabbath Day and the usher greets with a look As much As to say a a Why you Here you Are the last Man i Ever expected to see at Church a come take this seat right Down by the door a instead saying a a Good morning i am glad you Are Here. Come i will give you a first rate seat right by the a Well the prodigal not yet discouraged enters a Praver meeting and some Christian Man with More Zeal than common sense says a glad to see you. The dying thief was saved and i suppose there is mercy for the Young Man disgusted chilled throws himself Back dignity resolves he never will enter the House god again. Perhaps not quite fully disgusted about reformation a sides up by some highly respectable Man he used to know going Down the Street and immediately the respectable Man has an errand Down some other Street. Well the prodigal wishing to return takes Tome member a Christian association by to be find tries to the Christian Young up Arm swollen Aud splintered where he was Hurt. The simple fact is when a Man has a wounded soul All he has to do is to hold it up before a sympathetic lord Aud get it healed. Of it is no Small thins when a Man is nervous and weak and exhausted coming from evil ways to feel that god puts two omnipotent arms around about and says a Young Man i will stand by you. The mountains May depart and the Hills be removed but i will never fail and then As the soul thinks the i news is too Good to be True and can not believe it and look up in god s face god lifts right hand and takes an oath an affidavit saying a was i live Saith the lord god i have no pleasure in the death that blessed be god for such a gospel As this a Cut the slices thin a said the wife to tue husband a for there will not be eur ugh to go All Norou d for the children Cut the slices blessed be god there is a full loaf for every one that wants it bread enough and to spare. No thin slices at the lord s table. I remember when the master Street Hospital in Philadelphia was opened during the War a Telegram came saying a there will to three Hun dred wounded men to night be ready to take care them a and from my Church there went Somo Twenty thirty men and women to look after these poor wounded Fellows. As they came Somo from one part Tho Laud some from another no one asked whether this Man was from Oregon Massachusetts Minnesota from new York. There was a wounded Soldier and the Only question was How to take off the rags most gently and put the Bandage and administer the cordial. And when a soul comes to god he does not ask where you came from what your ancestry was. Healing for All your wounds. Pardon for All your guilt. Comfort for All your troubles. Then also i counsel you if you want to get Back to quit All your bad associations. One unholy intimacy will fill your soul with moral distemper. In All the Ages the Church there has not been an instance where a Man kept one evil associate and was reformed. Among the 1,400,000,000 the race not one instance. Go Home to Day j open your desk take out letter paper stamp and envelope and then write a let Ter something like this a my old companions i Start this Day for i heaven. Until i am persuaded you will join me in this then sign your name and Send the letter with the first Post. Give up your bad companions give up heaven. It is not ten bad companions that destroy n Man no five bad companions nor three bad com Anions but one. What Chance is there for i that Young Man i saw along the Street four j five Young men with halting in front a grog shop urging to go in he re j sisting violently resisting until after awhile they forced to go in it was a j summer night and the door was left open Aud i saw the process. They held fast and they put the cup to lips and they j Loreed Down Tho Strong drink. What Chance is there for such a Young Man i counsel you also seek Christian advice. Every Christian Man is bound to help you. If you find no other human ear willing to listen to your Story struggle come to me and i will by every sympathy my heart and every prayer and every toil my hand stand beside you in the struggle for reformation and As i Hope to have my own sins forgiven and Hope to be acquitted at the judgment sea Christ. I will not betray you. First All. Seek god then seek Christ a counsel. Gather up All the energies c and appealing to god it this Day everlasting War ing habits All gaming in. Of sin. Half and half Worl nothing it must be a Wiback now and you Are lost you Are saved. A spartan g the very moment Victory Finger in own blood and wrote a Rock near which he was dying a Sparta has though your struggle to get rid sin May seem almost a death struggle you can dip your linger in your own blood and write the a it x Ages a a Victory through our lord Jesus cd ,St.�?� what glorious news it would to for some these Young men to Send Home to their parents in the country these holidays which Are coming. They go to the Post office every Day two to see if there Are any letters from you. How anxious they Are to hear you might Send them for a Holiday present this season a Book from one our Best publishing houses a Complete wardrobe from the importers Palace it would not please them half As much As the news you might Send Home to Morrow that you had Given your heart to god. I know How it is m the country. The night comes . The cattle stand under the rack through which burst the trusses Hay. The horses just having frisked up from the Meadow stand knew deep in the Bright Straw that invites them to lie Down and rest. The Perch the Hovel is full fowl their feet warm under their feathers. In the farm House at night no Candle is lighted for the flames clap their hands about the great Black log and Shako the Shadow the group up and Down the Wall. Father and Mother sit there for half an hour saying nothing. I wonder what they Are thinking . After awhile father Breaks the silence and says a Well i wonder where our boy is in town tonight a and Mother answers a a in no bad place 1 warrant you we always could Trust when be was Home and since be the Filer see All the tired bodies and weary hearts and has a care for them. Watch the faces As they go by you a crowded Street Aud just notice what a tired look Many them Wear. If we could Adall the hearts around us we would find multitudes who Are weary in spirit and sometimes sigh for a Pillow in Tho grave. Some Are tired out with life a hard struggles with bearing the heat and Burden the Day. Others persist in piling up anxieties As High As an old fashioned pedal Era a pack. They carry a huge Load care As to How they shill make both ends meet and How they shall foot the Bills that accumulate Aud How they shall provide for All the hungry raouth3 and scanty wardrobes. One is tired from trying to do too much and another waiting for something to do. A grievous Burden spiritual despondency makes brother Small faiths heart Allie and puts an extra wrinkle in sister weak backs a countenance. Here is a disciple who is tired waiting for Success and there is another tired rating for answers to prayer. Do you suppose that the dear master does not see All these tired bodies Aud exhausted nerve3 and weary hearts to those who Are honestly run Down with honest toil he says a come be apart into a quiet place and rest god puts a night sleep after every Day work for this very purpose recruiting lost Force. To christians with Small purses he kindly says a your life consist eth Notin the abundance things be possess. I counsel thee to bin me Gold tried in the fire that thou Mayest be Rich. My Grace is sufficient for thee at my right hand Are treasures for there is not really Money enough in this land to give every body a Fortune but there Are promises enough in the Bible and Grace enough in Christ Jesus to make every body Rich to All eternity. Just think what a millionaire a Man is who has a clean conscience hero and a Clear Hope heaven hereafter. To poor brother Small Faith Aud sorrowful mrs. Weak Baek he gives a wonderful lift in these words a Flo i am with you Al Way. No Man shall Pluck you out my hands. It is my fathers Good pleasure to give you the . T. L. Cukur. The Cork Industry. To mind and soul Success declare inst All drink yes All houses 11 amount to . Shrink Ash and ral fell at he dipped enterprising americans propos Iti grow Cork Wood in Tim country. Some enterprising americans have recently conceived the idea growing Cork Trees in this country. They believe they can be successfully grown in the climate California and stops have been taken toward making the Experiment. The average annual importation Cork Wood into this country almost entirely at the port new York is 70,000 Bales a year. A Bale weighs 100 pounds and is Worth this Side the water making the total value the importation ?1 a 0,<>h. It comes in duty free. It is nearly All brought Over by one firm which has a Branch office in new York the main offices being in London and Lisbon. The firm owns vast forests Cork Wood in Portugal and Spain Aud May be said to control the business. With the exception an inferior kind Cork Wood grown in Algiers to a limited ext it All the Cork Wood Commerce comes from the Spanish Peninsula where the Trees abound not Only in cultivated forests but also grow wild the mountains. The tree is like an american Oak with leaves similar to the Oak. It. Takes ton years for Tho bark to become proper thickness to be manufactured into bottle stoppers life preservers and Seine corks. When stripped from the tree it is boiled for two hours cured in the Sun for a week and pressed into Flat pieces for baling and shipping. The denuded trunk like a Hen robbed her eggs does not sulk and quit the business but throws out a fresh covering for a fresh spoliation. One tree has been known to yield As much As one half ton Cork Wood. One Pound Cork can be manufactured into one Hundred and forty four Champagne corks. Tha baled Cork bark is sold to Cork manufactories in . The most extensive manufactory in America is at Pittsburgh. Besides the Ordinary demands for Cork Wood a Good Supply the buoyant material after being burned to make it still lighter than the original bark is shipped to Canada and new England where it is made into seme Colva a Ujj Situu Dud j t. The Quicho As. Spending a non fit with the ignorant native 0f Oiivia. bolivian Law no person can vote unless he Cau read and write. Zius shuts out the indians. No wonder therefore that they take but Little interest in the welfare the country. Wishing to study them closer i stopped at an Indian House one night. It was near Tortora a wild spot. The family consisted a husband wife and two children a boy eleven and a girl nine years. Of course 1 slept out doors being afraid vermin. Cleanliness is not one the Virtues these people. My Arriero built a lire the children watching every movement my alcohol lamp created a sensation. I invited the whole family to supper. We All squatted around Tho fire. The Man tried several times to enter into conversation but it was a failure my Arriero understanding but Little Quie Hoa. The woman baked me some Corn bread. As they know nothing about yeast it was rather heavy. In the morning All hands came out to help us got ready for starting. The Man helped the Arriero to Load Tho woman held the mule the Little girl my poncho and the boy my mule while i was saddling. On leaving i gave the father some tobacco and the children each a piece Money. They came up and kissed my hand. There was something so natural so simple about these people that 1 have Ever since liked the Quine Oas. The use Tho Cocoa gives these indians Beautiful Cor. San prances in chronicle. Condition the Navy. Gambling in Paris. A parisian journal has been making some inquiries regarding the number gaming houses and gambling clubs in the a a capital civilization a and the amount Money which changes hands in them. If the information be trustworthy it. Is indeed startling. There Are 24 these tripods in Paris and Between six and seven millions Sterling Are computed to have been lost there during the last five years. The minimum profits the Banks in the clubs Are put Down at �210 daily an i in the less select gambling houses at �10. Taking the average a 0 per Day the total for the five years comes out at Tho respectable figure �3.500, xxx. Nearly another�2,530,000 is set Down As the five years a a pickings Tho croupiers Aud pret eurs. Some Ali it semen make ener Mous incomes and it is certainly Well within the Mark to put Down their receipts at an average �4,000 per annul. Then there is another ,09glfor the salaries administrators and their truth. Top fact is that a certain class men love to be quiet and Are ready to sell their country to the evil one himself that they May live at ease and make no enemies. They Hae not the manliness to plead for the right for it might Cost them a customer a Friend so they plead a Superior holiness As an excuse for a Toni. A a a synopsis Secretary Whitney a report Many improvements recommended. Washington dec. 4.�?the report Secretary the Navy Whitney Given out last night Renews former recommendation for a consolidation the bureaus so As to insure responsibility in the Purchase and care supplies and says that so far As Power extended he had consolidated in one Bureau the general purchases the department the care and custody stores and had created a system Book keeping by which the responsibility for the care and disposal property Cau be had. To show that there is at present no real responsibility for property belonging to the department the Secretary quotes from the report aboard appointed by to make an inventory at the d afferent Navy Yards and naval stations. The inventory shows an accumulation stores and supplies aggregating Over .0, 00,0xnearly �3,003,0 k which is obsolete and useless. Among other items there Are 40,506 augurs and bits which 25,274 Are at closed Yards where no work is Likely to be done. The Secretary confesses that the experience Tulve department in its first at tempt to Erea e to Era vos3els War has been disappointing lie says a one characteristic which an unan nored Cruiser must possess is great Speed. This is determined by the function which she is expected to perform in modern warfare. She is a a Commerce destroyer she must be Able to escape from ironclads and outrun so As to overhaul merchantmen. If slower than ironclads she could not keep the sea. And if slower than merchantmen she might As Well stay in port. When the Dolphin Boston Atlanta and Chicago were projected and contracts for their construction entered into it was Well known what Speed ought to be attained and what weight and character machinery per ton displacement was necessary to obtain it. Commercial vessels had at that time attained Speed ranging Between sixteen and Nineteen knots and cruisers were built in other countries attaining the same the re rotary compares the trial trips the Dolphin Aud Atlanta with those English and French boats Only recently completed to the disadvantage the former. The Dolphin was designed for 2,31 0 horsepower and developed less than 2,300, while the alacrity and Surprise English boats 3,000, Deve oped 3,173 Aud 3,079 respectively. The Atlanta was designed to attain 3,500 horse Power but her engines develop less than that. The report gives the bids Aud awards the new cruisers and says regarding Cruiser no. 1, for which no bid was received within the limit Sot by Congress that orders had been Given to reduce the size to bring within such limit $1,103,000. The report treats Armor and guns for monitors and Armor class at great length and deprecated the fact that this country should he Content to to dependent the manufacturers other nations for the fabrication Armor and h go powered guns. In this connection the Secretary recommends the appointment a commission to formulate a scheme naval construction and continues a a if Congress should at its next session make provision for the manufacture in this country Armor and High powered guns and should take Steps for securing a broader and More intelligent consideration and treatment the general subject construction proper to be undertaken no time in the end will to lost and mistakes will the avoided. Meanwhile it is my duty to Call attention to the urgent necessity for immediate the s Cretura says that if the estimate the chief constructor the Navy is Correct in six years Only Throe the serviceable cruising vessels Nowon the list will he left and unless a new Navy shall be created there will be none in existence after that lapse time. Concerning expenditures the report says a in the adjustment accounts for the fiscal year ended june 3d. Lusk after paying All the liabilities for the year it is believed there will be an unexpended balance 9600.000 to 9650.030, about one half which is for the the Navy and the Marine corps showing a total expenditure about $13,500,0 kor upwards 9500,000 less than the appropriations. These amounts do not include the expenditures for steel cruisers and the completion the double turreted the appropriations asked for next year run up to -825.118,718.02. This is a pretty Good jag to Curry but . Whitney says that 85,530.00 it is new construction account 88 3 ,00 new ordnance account and 81,400,0 0 for permanent improvements at the Navy Yards Secretary Whitney recommends that the naval academic course be shortened to four years instead six As at present and also urges that apprentices be admitted to Tho Academy. The remainder the report is devoted to detailed reports from the Heads the various departments. A Cleve swindler. How a pretended agent Patti duped music Loving citizens the mexican capital he announces the coining the songstress opens an Advance Sale tickets and departs suddenly leaving them poorer by #4o,o0o. Cite Mexico dec. 4.�?for the last two Days a Man giving the name Mayer and claiming to be the agent . Abbey has been conducting a Sale tickets at the National theater for the Patti season live nights in january. There Lias been great excitement Over Tho Sale and the crowd around the theater has fairly blocked the streets. Police were required to preserve order and it seemed As if the City had gone mad Over the expected Advent the songstress. The prices tiie boxes were fifty dolai3 a night and seats six dollars being three times the Ordinary prices. Mayor had letters to some the Best known people Here and no one suspected the fraud. The Sale tickets began thursday morning. In the course the Day the Box office had taken in 818,000, and the previous Day the private sales amounted to 80,300. Making the total Cash sales 824.9 h. It is understood that every seat was taken for the Hole live nights. governor the Federal province became suspicious Mayer and when the latter went to the hotel where he lodged he was accompanied by a policeman nominally appointed to guard but in reality to see that he deposited All the Money in the hotel Safe. Mayor eluded the vigilance the policeman however and transferred Over 80.000 to the pockets overcoat and deluded the officer into believing All had been deposited in the Safe. At All events yesterday morning mayor did not appear at the Box office the theater nor was he seen at the hotel. The Safe was opened and there was Only found there 84.300. Now the authorities Are looking for Mayer and speculators Are weeping. Of Public interest. An Ohio town flooded by the bursting a canal Bank. Dkl Pinios o., dec. 4.�?at an Early hour yesterday morning the canal overflowed and broke through the ice and its Banks Here caused by some one leaving the wickets at the lock open. Tho North part the town was badly flooded in a Short time so that dwellings had water the first floors and families had to move out upstairs. Mrs i Mulcy waking up saw water seven inches deep her bed Toni floor. Frankenburge a ice Pond was overflowed stopping a Force men from cutting ice. Much damage will ensue. A Force men were put to work at once by the canal authorities to repair the Banks. Double tragedy. Stevenson Ala. Deo. 4. A thursday night James Turner went to the House Frank Carter and called to the door and shot twice in the breast. Carter grasped a Rifle As he fell. And. Taking deliberate aim tired. The Bullet passed through Turners breast. The cause the difficulty is not known As the men Ewe warm friends until a few Days ago. The French ministry resigns. A dec. 4.�?the members the French ministry resigned last evening account the passage by the chamber deputies a Bill for the total abolition the office sub prefect by a majority thirteen votes. >�?�,1 in Cummings Quot willing to Compromise. St. Loris dec. 4.�?the Globe Democrat says that it has received a letter from a Jim Cummings a the Adams express Rob her which states that he is tired being chased around the country by detectives and promises to return 825,000 the stolen Money if they will let go in peace. Fotch Ringham a bail has been fixed at 820,-000, in default we Ich be rests in jail. Vanderbilt s body removed. New Youk. Dec. 4.�?the body tiie late William h. Vanderbilt was removed from the receiving vault in the moravian cemetery at new Dor \ s. I., Aud placed in the Granite mausoleum the family. An experimental signal station. Tehuke haute ind., dec. 4.�?terre haute has been selected As an experimental Sig Nal station the first to be established West the Allegheny mountains. There Are but four others in the United states at Yale Harvard Cornell and Washington. Sergeant Mcrae has been sent hero and has taken quarters at the Institute where he will prosecute investigations atmospheric electricity and Earth temperatures. In memory the Queen. London dec. 4.�?an Iron Tower 440 feet High will be erected at the top Ilford Street to commemorate the Queens a Filee. The contracts have been concluded and the work will be begun in january. Annual reports Secretary Lamar the department Secretary Endi Cott the War department and United states treasurer Jordan. Washington dec. annual report the Secretary the commences with a resume operations in the Indian Bureau. Out an estimated Indian population 263,000, less than 100 have been in revolt during the year the average school attendance is about 1,600 greater than Ever before Aud there has been a general improvement in their moral and Industrial condition. The Cheyenne and Arapahoe reservation in the Indian territory furnishes a striking illustration this improvement. Of these indians Secretary Lamar says a there has been an increase Over 1,503 acres in cultivation farms have been fenced by indians who have built for this purpose 100 Miles fencing. They have Cut and put up for Winter use More than Loo tons Hay have hauled Over 1.000.000 pounds freight from the Railroad to the Agency and have Over 150 More their children in the schools. Nearly All the a Squaw men the reservation have become legally married to their Indian wives in conformity to the requirements this the report says that while the work elevating the race is hearing fruit there must be Radical changes in our Indian policy before they can be incorporated into our political and social systems us citizens. In this connection the Secretary recommends passage the Bill for the appointment u commission to inspect and report Indian affairs which is now before Congress. During the year about 800 indians have received title to land allotments and a number have taken uti homesteads. Congress is asked to pass a general Law regulating the allotment in severally lauds to indians. The a it Vve tary also recommends that the army a to privation act be modified so that army officers May Purchase Grain Hay and other produce from indians near the posts. Tho Secretary considers it desirable that a Law be enacted authorizing indians to pasture cattle their reservations at a reasonable compensation for the Benefit the tribe. Of the Indian territory the Secretary says a it is certainly the greatest importance and no less for the interest the indians themselves than for the people the adjoining states that this vast area country should have extended Over it As Early As May be practicable the Universal Laws the land and its Large population and immense property interests be brought under the influence and operation those Laws As administered by the judicial establishment our country so that lawlessness May be punished Aud peace and Good order preserved through Aud by the courts Justice find not by the Agency the executive departments aided by the military Force the Secretary Lamar recommends that the salary the commissioner Indian affairs be increased from 81,030 to 85,003 per year. The expenses the Indian Bureau for the fiscal year were 86,193,751. The total area Public lands disposed during the year was 24,614,419 acres for which >9,031,084 was received. The Secretary Renews recommendation that the minimum Price for sales land at private Cash entry be Inere ised in order to prevent the increase Large tracts in the hands a few individuals. He also recommends the establishment a Date after which claims founded alleged mexican land Grants be barred from presentation. The recommendations contained in the last report that the desert land Laws to modified and the Timber culture act be repealed Are renewed. Legislation for Hus banding the Timber resources the country is urged. Considerable space is Given to the unlawful in closure Public lands by cattlemen. The Secretary says in this connection a whatever appliances however the Law has placed in the hands the executive will Here after be invoked if necessary to put a final end to this enormous plundering the Public in the matter pensions the report says there Are now 3,710 oases upon the docket the Board appeals and he recommends the continuance the extra appropriation for this Board until the arrears Are brought up. During the year there were 38.594 applications for patents and reissues received Ami 24,134 were granted. The reports to the Bureau labor show that the reports Industrial depressions Are largely exaggerated. The report says a a among the various causes alleged by manufacturers and others for the existence Industrial depressions Are to be found the irregularities existing in the rates duty under present Tarity legislation. These glaring inequalities Are a potent cause apprehension in the minds producers disturbance in values and therefore corresponding depression continuing the report says a the adjustment rates duty manufactured goods should be in accordance with the labor Cost production Etc. The labor Cost in production and All the other elements production must be considered before an equitable schedule can be arranged. Until some such basis is adopted the inequalities shown will exit although they May be shifted so far As products Are the operations the geological Survey arc considered and its work approved. From it is Learned that the value metallic products the United states during 1885 was 8181.589,365, which 864.712,400 were pig Iron 851,600,003 Silver Aud 831,801,000 Gold. The development the territories during the year has been impeded by the Apache raids in Arizona and new Mexico by chinese labor troubles in the Northwest and by Mon troubles in Utah and Idaho. In presenting the report the Utah commission the Secretary endorses their recommendation. The Bili now pending in the House As it was amended by the Senate and by the judiciary committee the House furnishes a comprehensive plan for the treatment Public affairs in Utah and they urge its passage at the approaching session. They also recommend legislation forbidding the immigration into the United states aliens who Are polygamists. And they favor the adoption the constitutional amendment proposed by the judiciary committees the two houses Congress. The Secretary concludes report by recommending Liberal appropriations for the Yellowstone Park and that every measure calculated to preserve Ami improve the Park prevent spoliation Timber game any other encroachments be adopted and enforced. The to Keasky. Washington Dee. 6.�?the United states treasurer Lias submitted to the Secretary the Treasury annual report from which it appears that the net receipts i a government during the year ended june 30 were >336.439,727, and the net expenditures 242,483.138. The excess Revenue Over expenditure was 803,956.589. The net receipts for the last fiscal year Over those 185 Are 83 .-492.817. The receipts account the poet office department not included in the above statement amounted to 852,997.135, an increase 85,687,399 Over those the preceding year the expenditures increased from -850.326,311 m 1885 to 850,682,585 in 1886, 8356.271. Bonds the United states amounting to 841.531,350 were redeemed and ant to the sinking fund. Of Bonds held in Trust for National Banks $01,042,400 were withdrawn which amount $56,925,300 was held to secure circulation and 84.117,103 was held As Security for deposits Public moneys. The Bonds deposited to replace those withdrawn account circulation amounted to 820,754,-900. And account deposits to 86,170,000, a total decrease 834.117,500. The total move me. A Bonds held for National Banks was >87.967,309. Worn and mutilated United Stales notes amounting to 863,003,00 were redeemed during the year. The Issue Silver certificates was $4,830,000 and 828.523,971 were redeemed. Gold certificates amounting to $10,188,895 were redeemed. The unavailable funds the Treasury june 30, Lasso were 829,521.397. A decrease $3,946 from last year. The balance in the to Masury at the close the year ended september 39, 1886, was $190,055,175, an increase Over that is by $16,"15,-636. The available balance Vas 872.913,141. Against $58,922,191 last year an increase $13,990,1 49. The treasurer suggests that the Large sums held by mints and assay offices be place i in the actual custody the Treasury and the duties the mint officers be confined to the assaying and coinage the Bullion placed in their charge. On the subject altering the present sub Treasury system As rendered necessary by the financial changes in the country the treasurer says a with the extinction 3 per cent Bonds which must take place during the ensuing fiscal year the Only Bonds available Lor the purposes the sinking fund will be 4 i and 4 per cent Bonds. These Are now Selling at a Price which averages very Little More than 2 per cent per anti Al to the purchaser upon the Cost and it May fairly be assumed that this rate 2 per cent is the maximum rate to be earned during the life these bends. At the present Cost the collection the Revenue the country say $1.70per 9100, the a Oss the existing sinking fund say 945,000,090 per annul will be 9765.000 annually assuming j per cent As the Best rate which the Bonds can earn. A without discussing the consequent possible arrangement our existing financial system if the purchases for the sinking fund Are to be maintained at their present figures it will be found to be impracticable to make these purchases at such times and in such manner As to relieve the Money Market in times financial distress. As these derangement happen almost invariable at the time the moving the crops the country this statement is equivalent to saying that every productive interest in the country must toll to foreign buyers through the lower Range prices which obtain at such times because the fact that our arrangements for collecting and disbursing our revenues Are so defective As to need an artificial and violent remedy in order to place in Active circulation the moneys withdrawn from the business the country a the total amount United states notes outstanding is $346,681,016. The amount Silver certificates nominally outstanding at the close the fiscal year was $115,977,675, which amount the Treasury held $27,801,-450, leaving $88,116,225 in actual circulation a decrease $13,414,721 during Tho year. This amount has since been added to by the demands business so that the amount in circulation november 30 was $105,519,817. There is now in circulation $61,761,443 in Silver dollars. Discussing the question Silver coinage the treasurer says he thinks that $65,000,000 is the extreme limit circulation which May be obtained. It certainly can not be maintained at that sum when the new Silver $1 and 82 certificates Are in full Supply and a return to the Treasury one half the amount Standard dollars now in circulation must be looked Fox the Walt department. Washington dec.6.�?the annual report the Secretary War furnished for publication to Day shot is that the expenditures the department for the fiscal year ended june 33, 1886, were $3g,993,9.13, divided As follows salaries and contingent expenses $1,992,469 military establishment including transportation $24,279.-509 Public works,$6,294,305 miscellaneous 84.4063327. A surplus $1,208,016 remained unexpended. The appropriations for the year ending june 30, 1887, Are $46,027, 559, and the estimates for the year ending june 30, 1888, Ara $48,263,835. The army at the Date the last consolidated return consisted 2,103 officers and 23,946 enlisted men. There Are ten regiments cavalry five artillery and Twenty five infantry. Of Indian scouts there Are 595, and 2,003 listed men Are detached service with recruiting parties Etc. The report gives in detail the changes and operations the different divisions. The indians Are generally quiet although the presence troops is necessary to preserve peace and to prevent especially in the Oklahoma country the seizure the land by settlers and its invasion Aud occupancy by herders cattle. The Secretary says a Large portion the report is Given up to a graphic account the operations against Geronimo Aud band and their final incarceration in Florida the leading features which have been published heretofore. The Secretary recommends that the retired list be increased so As to include All officers permanently incapacitated for Active service. He also concurs in the Odilion the lieutenant general that the army be increased 5,000 men. In discussing the report the Engineer Bureau Secretary Endicott again Calls attention to the utterly defenceless condition our sea coast and Lake Frontier. To urges that appropriations should be made and work begun at once to fortify the principal Seaboard cities against attacks by water. During the year the Springfield armory manufactured 39,527 rifles carbines and shot guns besides repairing arms and manufacturing swords and miscellaneous articles. The Secretary expresses a Hope that Congress during its present session will place the army an equal footing with Tho Navy in Tho matter the manufacture gnus and urges that the Bill which has already passed Tho Senate to establish a gun foundry at the Frankfort Arsenal be taken up and passed by the House. In conclusion the report recommends the appointment an assistant Secretary War and that the salaries the principal officers in the Secretary a office be increased. Small change. Growing Scarcity Nickels Ami pennies a Corner in the latter at new York a a Premium five per cent. Paid. New York dec. 6.�?Bonds, stocks and Gold have frequently been cornered Wall Street but a Corner in pennies has been heretofore unheard . They sold Friday at a Premium five per cent and As they Are getting scarcer Day by Day their rate is More Likely to Advance instead decline five cent Nickel pieces Are also becoming scarce although As yet they do not command any Premium. It was at first reported that assistant United states treasurer cauda was sending Large quantities Bronze pennies to the Philadelphia mint to have them burnished up. At Tho sub Treasury however this was denied and it was stated that it had been some years since any pennies were sent there for that purpose. The Scarcity pennies was ascribed to the hoarding Small change by people who heretofore have been accustomed to Exchange them at the sub Treasury for larger Coin and to the fact that the joiners at the Penl Adelphia iut have been busily engaged coins other denominations for some time past. That this Scarcity Small coins was anticipated by the Treasury department at Washington is shown by the fact that a circular was issued september 10 stating that a it the cent Nickel pieces and one cent Bronze pieces will be forwarded in the order application from the mint the United states at Philadelphia to Points reached by the Adams express company free Cost for transportation charges in sums Twenty dollars multiples thereof upon the receipt and collection by Tho superintendent that mint a draft new York Philadelphia payable to great Stock blockade. About 2,000 car Load beef t attle detained for shipment in Texas because a Lack cars. Fort Worth tex., dec. 6.�?the cattle blockade in Texas grows worse and worse. The Are 1,000 car loads beef cat. Between fort Worth and toy a away aug shipment with no cars to move them. At Colorado City there Are 600 car loads at Midland 100 and at Ranger Abilene Sweetwater and other Points fully 300 car loads. The Texas amp Pacific cars Are tied up to a great extent in the North where roads about St. Louis and Chicago Are using them daily. The fort Worth amp Denver and Missouri Pacific Are also Short cars and a number cat tie Are in the Stock pens being held near Tho lines waiting for shipment. This blockade is a serious blow to stockmen who have their Beeves in flue order for shipment but they Are losing their weight daily by this tie up. The Texas amp Pacific has made strenuous efforts to move the cattle but it has been Able to furnish very Little assist Ance so far. Rioting at Cork. The police refuse to obey the mayor orders Many persons Hurt. Cork dec. 6 a at a meeting addressed by William Brien in one the Public streets this City yesterday a number policemen present were stoned. The latter retaliated by drawing their swords and charging upon the crowd but finding themselves outnumbered they ran to the Barracks for assistance. The mayor appeared the scene and said he was responsible for the peace the City lie said he would not allow the police to charge upon the people. Police inspectors Colter and Shannon then arrived with reinforcements. The latter told the mayor that he would not obey orders nor would he see men made targets . Afterwards there was serious rioting and a number policemen and citizens were injured the latter by Bayonet thrusts. The City is now quiet. Twenty three persons have been treated at the Hospital for Scalp wounds. One policeman had Skull fractured. Three Hundred Patent suits pending. Cincinnati dec. 6.�?in the United states court judge Sage decided in the Case Bennett and others new York against t. A. Beadle Gray o., for infringement a Patent in putting Down Wells by the driving process that tiie defendant must the owners the Patent a Royalty ten dollars for each Well. This is a very important Case As at least 300 similar suits Are pending and thousands More will follow in Case this decision is Flint by the supreme court the United states where it will at once be taken by the defendant. Earth settling Over a mine. Wilkes Barre. La a. Dec. 6.�?a Cave in took place at the Fairmount Colliery at Cork Lane near Pittston saturday which caused great excitement. Three dwelling houses went Down with the crash and were completely demolished the inmates barely escaping with their lives. The Cave in covers an area one and a half acres the surface having settled some fifteen fee the cause the Accident is attributed to the a a robbing pillars in the mine underneath. Fourteen live lost in a Shipwreck. Halifax n. S., dec trying to weather Flint Island c. B., during a Gale saturday afternoon the bark Mary Agnes de Costa from Boston for Glace Bay c. B., to Load Coal for Ponce p. R., ran a reef. Her Foremost Mast broke off the Topmast was carried away and the vessel began to dash to pieces. The Mary Agnes was 314 tons is owned by Michael crisps Arie Het c. B., and is insured in Boston and Halifax offices for $8,900. Her Captain and % Crew about fourteen men were Icv a a Street car Driver in Pittsburgh. Pa., has travelled Over 200,000 Miles during the past fifteen years and taken care 1,500,000 passengers. A Brick Pomeroy is in England raising funds to Tunnel the Rocky . Y. Sun. A stopped up Geyser is an sex spurt in its advertiser. M familiar music that which is . Y. W orld. How to keep apples in Winter a done to eat sifting. Or. Movie phys Cian at Marine Hospital Baltimore md., found red Star cough cure a harmless and most effective remedy in Tho cure coughs. Twenty live cents a bottle. For rheumatism and neuralgia St. Jacobs Oil is a sure cure. _ a rolling Eye never yet gave a piercing Wjk a Ance. A circular saw Sij Tuigg. Is it not singular that consumptive should be the least apprehensive their own condition while All their friends Are urging and beseeching them to be More careful about exposure and overdoing. It May Well to considered one the most alarming symptoms the disease where Tho patient is reckless and will not believe that he is in danger. Reader if you Are in this condition do not neglect the Only Means recovery. Avoid exposure and fatigue lie regular in your habits and Uso faithfully . Pierces a a go Den medical it has saved thousands who were steadily failing. Love matches Are very easy to strike but some them go but dreadfully Boston pod. Most women Are Washington critic. Clothe the markets. York december <5. New flour extra Ohio. Wheat red w liter. No. 1 White corny no 2. Oats mixed Western. Pork mess. La it do in me steam. Bitty it Western. 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