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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - December 7, 1893, New Philadelphia, Ohio He new pm Ludelphia ti1es. Iaj1pkl Hio Obe proper new Philadelphia Ohio by an edict of president Barrios of Tennala slavery has been abolished in that country. The Krupp Sun works claim to have manufactured a machine which will Roll Iron so thin that it would take 1,800 sheets to make an Inch. A Young italian scientist Finzi now in Boston has invented a kind of spectacles by which he expects to make the wearers Able to see in the dark. The news of the Weeh. By Telegraph and mail. The smallest holes pierced by modern machinery Are said to be 1-1,000 of an Inch in diameter. They Are bored through sapphires rubies and diamonds. It is said that Colorado a Bachelor miners carried the state for woman suffrage. It was a sly scheme to i Veigle some of the superfluous female population of the East to the eyeless Edens of the wild and woolly West. In Montreal the people have passed through a bread rebellion not a bread riot mind you. The complaint was that the Bakers charged too much so the people held a mass meeting and protested. They also voted to Start cooperative bakeries. The refugees from Siberia recently arrested at san Fancisco will not be surrendered to the russian authorities As their offence proves to have been political. The Czar cannot use the american police to Hunt Down those who object to despotism. American women Are yearly growing More Independent. The statistics show that Over 3,000,000 women Are earning Independent incomes in this country. There Are some 2,500 practising Medicine 0,000 managing Post offices and 275 preaching the gospel. In the Sandwich islands the Apple has become wild and forests of Trees of Many acres Are found in various parts of the country. They extend from the level of the sea far up into Mountain sides. It is said that Miles of these Apple forests can occasionally be seen. Some one has discovered that or. Gladstone who was born in Liverpool of scotch parents is actually of scandinavian descent his family having migrated across the North sea at some Remote period. If this is True it May account for the premieres wonderful strength and activity which enables him at 84 years of age to perform feats of endurance with apparent ease and enjoyment of the 9,585 men who enlisted in the United army last 3rear 25 per cent were labourers. Other callings were represented As follows school teachers 02 students 20 druggists 89 photographers 13 musicians 214 lawyers 7 printers 95 bookkeepers 52 typewriters 2 engineers 75 Cooks 108 machinists 100 Farmers about 1,200, and no occupation 80. According to the report of the general superintendent the work of the life saving service during the last fiscal year resulted in the saving of vessels and cargoes valued at nearly six and a half million dollars and Over 3,500 lives in danger from Shipwreck. This was done at a Cost of $1,231,893, and it i doubtful if alike expenditure of Money Ever brought a More satisfactory return. French doctors Are manifesting much interest in the american discovery of a cure for consumption. They Are not inclined to accept innovations upon established practice but the results of tests applied in the hospitals of Paris have staggered them. It seems probable that Europe will have to look to the United for new theories in Medicine As Well As in other Fields of research and invention. John Hogg who died the other Day in his Home near Washington was the oldest chief clerk in the government service. He had been in the Navy department nearly forty years and had been chief clerk of the department for nearly half that time. Lie was 75 years old. There is said not to have been a question of naval custom or a fact of Law regarding the naval establishment that he did not have at his fingers ends. A this year surpasses any one in history for Railroad accidents a j. 1. La Yng of the West Shore Railroad is reported As having said. A from november 1892 to november 1893, 2,318 per sons have been killed on tie railroads and 2,000 persons have been maimed and crippled. These figures include those persons who have met with accidents on Street railways and there arc Over �?o200 of them in the United from Washington. Col. A s. Otis of the twentieth infantry has been appointed brigadier general of the United army to fill the vacancy caused by the retirement of Gen. Carlin. In his annual report the postmaster general estimates the Gross Revenue for the fiscal year ending june 30. 1895, at $84,427,743.44 and the estimated expenditures at $90,399,485.33, leaving an estimated deficiency of $5,971,730.89. On june 30, 1893, there were 08,403 Post offices in the United an increase of 1,284 Over the previous year. There Are 3,360 presidential Post offices a net increase of 163 offices. The director of the mint in his annual report says the value of the coinage executed at the United mints during the fiscal year was $43,-085,178. The Stock of metallic Money in the United in july 1893, was estimated to have been Gold $97,697, 685 Silver $615,561,484. The amount of Money in Active circulation exclusive of the amount held by the Treasury was stated As $1,596,701,255. Fire of incendiary origin destroyed Jackson City the Monte Carlo of the District of Columbia. In his annual report of the War department Secretary Lamont says the total strength of the army on september 30, 1893, was 2,144 officers and 25,-779 enlisted men. The organized militia in the numbered 112,597 men. The expenditures for the year were $51,966,074. The president has appointed John r. Proctor civil service commissioner in place of g. D. Johnson removed. The Secretary of the Navy in his annual report shows that the total number of serviceable War vessels in the United Navy is forty one. Fifteen of which Are armoured. In and edition there Are sixty four vessels on the list mostly wooden cruisers tugs and monitors that Are set Down As unserviceable for War purposes. The United ranks seventh in the list of naval Powers. Sex minister Stevens in answer to commissioner Blount s report on hawaiian affairs alleges a conspiracy to discredit Harrison a administration. The government expenditures for the first five months of the present fiscal year exceeded the receipts by $34,000,-000. The statement of the Public debt issued on the 1st showed that the debt increased $6,715,898 during the month of november. The Cash balance in the Treasury was $95,199,617. The total debt less the Cash balance in the Treasury amounts to $961,568,310. At the leading Clearing houses in the United the exchanges during the week ended on the 1st aggregated $790,-870,812, against $957,775,035 the previous week. The decrease compared with the corresponding week 1892, was 42.8. In the United there were 27s business failures in the seven Days ended on the 1st, against 387 the week previous and 236 in the corresponding time in 1892. In his annual report the Secretary of the Interior says the policy of removing from the pension Rolls those who Are not legally thereon will be continued and denies that the purpose has Ever existed of an extreme and unreasonable manner of suspending pensioners. He says the work of the Indian Bureau shows that they Are steadily advancing in civilization lie recommends that Arizona new Mexico and Utah be admitted As into the Union. The government receipts from All sources during november aggregated $23,979,400, or nearly $5,000,000 less than during the same time in 1892. The expenditures last november were $31,-302,026, or $1,750,000 More than in november 1892. A statement issued by comptroller Eckels shows that the National Bank note circulation outstanding november 30 was $208,850,788, a decrease during the month of november of $363,37 8. The comptroller of the currency in his annual report shows 3,796 National Banks to have been in operation at the close of the report year with a capital Stock of $695,558,120. Within the same period 15s Banks suspended with a capital Stock of $30,300,000. Of this number eighty six with a capital Stock of $18,205,000, resumed and sixty five passed into the hands of receivers with a capital Stock of $10,885,000. The interstate Commerce commission claims in its eleventh annual report that reforms have been made although Short of expectations. The appointment As ambassador to Italy has been declined by j. Van Alen. The commission firm of Turman a Hamilton at Shreveport la., failed for $111,712. With liabilities of $500,000 the Mary Lee Coal amp railway company went into receivers hands at Birmingham Ala. In a fire at Lexington mo., Twenty one horses were burned and five others were made useless by their injuries tin Interior of a Large clothing store in Chicago was burned the loss being $185,000. In Kansas City thousands of people were suffering from the grip. The sudden death of sex congressman Phillips of Salina ivan., occurred at fort Gibson i. T. Lie served three terms in the House. A lynched Newton Jones who killed o. G. Herndon at Baxley a. Six men were killed and four others were fatally injured in a Drunken Row among miners at Eckian w. A. By guessing on world s fair attendance miss Edith Erskine of pleasure Ridge Park ky., won fifteen barrels of whisky. Fire destroyed seventeen business houses at Jasper Ala. Thirteen persons were reported drowned in the Missouri opposite Blaire neb., while trying to Cross the River with cattle. The execution of George Armstrong coloured took place at Taylorsville ky., for the murder of Kate Downs John Reiter was hanged at Astoria ore., for the murder of Victor Snell Man and Charles Johnson coloured was executed at Swainsboro ga., for the murder of a negro named Shields. In Chicago Victor f. Crier a drug clerk employed by e. L. Caron and mrs. E. L. Caron the wife of Cyrier s employer committed suicide at the Virginia hotel. They left letters indicating that the pair had been too intimate. Fire damaged the 11 a Market theater building in Chicago to the extent of $100,009. In the season just closed 123 lives were lost in navigating the great lakes fifty three boats with an aggregate tonnage of 24,258 and valued at $1,040,-400, passed out of existence and partial losses by stranding collisions and fire bring the grand total of losses of boats to $2,112,588. In Colorado woman suffrage was carried by 6,347 majority and gov. Waite the constitutional dirty which requires the president from time to time to give to Congress information of the state of the nation Ana recommend to their consideration Sueh measured As he shall judge necessary and expedient is fittingly entered upon by Contin ending to the Congress a careful examination of the detailed statements and Well supported recommendations contained in the reports of the Heads of department tsp who Are chiefly charged with the executive work of the government. In an Effort to abridge this communication As much As is consistent with this purpose i shall supplement a Brief reference to the contents of these departmental reports by the mention of such executive business and incidents As Are not embrace 1 therein and by such recommendations As appear to be at this particular time appropriate. Otto foreign relations. While our foreign relations have not at All times during the past year been entirely free from perplexity no embarrassing situations remain that will not yield to the spirit of fairness and love of Justice which joined with consistent firmness characterizes a truly american foreign policy. My predecessor having accepted the office of arbitrator of the Long standing missions Bourt Dary dispute tendered to the president by the Argentine Republic and Brazil it has been my agreeable duty to receive the special envoys commissioned by these to Lay before me evidence and arguments on behalf of their respective governments. The outbreak of Domestic hostilities in the Republic of Brazil found the United . Alert to watch the interests of our citizens in that country with which we carry on important Commerce several vessels of our new Navy i Are now and for some time have been stationed j at Rio de Janeiro. The struggle being Between the established government which controls the machinery of administration and with which we maintain Friendly relations and certain Ott leers of the Navy employing the vessels of their command in an attack upon the National capital and chief seaport and lacking As it does the elements of divided administration i have failed to see that the insurgents can reasonably claim recognition As belligerents. Thus far the position of our government has been that of an attentive but impartial observer of the unfortunate conflict. Emphasizing our fixed policy of impartial neutrality in such a condition of affairs As now exists i deemed it Nee Essav to disavow in a manner net to be misunderstood the unauthorized action of our late naval commander in those Waters in saluting the revolted brazilian i Admiral being indisposed to countenance an i act calculated to give gratuitous Sanction to the local insurrection. The convention Between our government and Chile having for its object the settlement and adjustment of Iho demands of the two countries against each other has been made effective by the organization of the claims commission provided for. The two governments failing to agree upon the third member of the comm Sion. The Good offices of the president of the Swiss Republic were invoked As provided in the treaty and the selection of the Swiss representative in this country to Complete the organization was Gratifying alike to the United and Chile. The vexatious question of so called legation Asylum for offenders again the state Ami its Laws was presented anew in Chile by the unauthorized action of the late United minister in receiving into his official residence two persons who had just failed in an attempt at revolution and against whom Crimi Nal charges were pending growing has issued a proclamation giving 1 on t of a former abortive disturbance. The flood in Japan and the storm that swept the coast of England have added greatly to the aggregate loss of life and property destroyed during the current year which will Long be remembered alone of the most disastrous since the flood. As the scientific weather predictors make advancement the danger from these causes will decrease for there Are few dangers against which Man cannot fortify provided he is Given timely warning. Harvard University has just established the highest meteorological station in the world. It is located on the top of Al Misc a nearly extinct Volcano of the Cordilleras in Peru 19,-200 feet in Altitude or almost 3,500 feet higher than the station of the French Academy of mount Blanc. The Volcano will hereafter be climbed once a month and the station visited. Al miste is a Sharp detached Peak covered with volcanic ashes and crowned with snows. On the top of the Mountain is an Iron Cross placed there a Hundred years ago by priests to Mark their place of worship. Health officers throughout the country Are very properly cautioning mothers and All others having the care of children against allowing their sympathies to induce them to pay Long or frequent visits to their sick neighbors. They often carry from an invalid s bedside the germs of disease which Are readily disseminated among the children under their charge thus leading to epidemics of a serious if not fatal character. The subject is of greatest importance and the warning should be carefully heeded not Only by those in charge of children but by every one. The East. A Schooner hailing from Bangor me., Sank off egg Rock near a Vamp Scott mass., and the entire Crew of eight men were drowned. Flames destroyed Shields restaurant in Oil City 1 a., the loss being $100,600, and mrs. Shields Aud three children perished in the flames. The knights of labor closed their work at Philadelphia and adjourned to meet next year at now Orleans. Rhode Island voted in favor of plurality elections in place of majority elections As at present. In new York Helen Dauvray the actress was granted a divorce from John m. Ward the Hall player. Flames destroyed the Newell Block at Utica n. Y., the loss being $140,000. In the worsted Mill of j. F. Cochran a pro. In Philadelphia fire caused a loss of $225,000. The death of Gen. William Lilly congressman at Large from Pennsylvania occurred at his Home at Mauch chunk of congestion of the lungs. Edwards amp Barrett Boston leather dealers failed for $500,000. Tiie firm of Abe Stein amp co., in orters of Goatskin hides etc., in new York failed for $1,000,000. The Board of education of new York will try to put an end to cigarette smoking among scholars. While descending the Shaft of a slate Quarry at Well town i a., three men were killed by the breaking of the Cable. Failure of members to meet their obligations caused the collapse of Many building associations in Western Pennsylvania. Women the right to vote at All elections in the state. In the recent blizzard Nicholas Bergstrom and two daughters were killed by Snow slides at Glendale mont., three miners met a like Fate at Hecla mont., and near Pine City minn., mrs. Russell and her daughter were Frozen to death. A special committee sent to the upper Michigan Peninsula by gov. Rich reports the miners in urgent need of Relief. Six men received a one Jmar sentence at Cheju Enne wyo., the lowest penalty for stealing cattle to feed starving families. Two houses of the Union Dock a warehouse company at Duluth were burned causing a loss of $105,009. The noted female scout of the rebellion Pauline Cushman died at san Francisco from an overdose of morphine. Flames swept through the commercial Center of Baltimore entailing a loss of $700,000 and throwing out of employment Over 500 persons. A lynched Lucius Holt a negro arrested at Concord ga., on suspicion of the murder of Wilbur Reynolds. A Ottawa Tsomik Indian living near Hartford Mich., was sey is to Vears old. Flames at Corsicana tex., cremated thirty five horses and burned other property the loss being $100,000. Fire destroyed three Large manufacturing buildings in Baltimore and the University of Maryland causing a loss of $400,000. Chicago republicans nominated George b. Swift for mayor and the democrats named John p. Hopkins. It was decided by judge Stover of Kansas City mo., Itiat shaving was unnecessary labor and that Barber shops should be closed on sunday. At Indianapolis judge Winters ordered the receiver of the order of the Iron Hall to wind up its affairs. At the age of 81 years Nathaniel b. Eulridge died at Adrian Mich. He served through the War in the thirteenth Michigan As lieutenant colonel and in 1884 lie was elected to Congress and reelected in 18s6. Foreign intelligence. The emperor of Germany received an infernal machine from Orleans similar to the one which was sent to Chancellor von Caprivi. The Steamer sir John Hawkins from Gibraltar to Liverpool was lost with her Crew of Twenty five persons. A memorial Tablet erected to the memory of the late James Russell Low Ell in the old chapter House of Westminster Abbey in London was unveiled. In a fight to prevent troops closing a Catholic Church at Krosche Russia Twenty one persons were killed. Passenger and freight trains collided in Italy and Twenty persons were killed and Many injured. Mexican revolutionists were making it unsafe for travellers to Cross the Border. The new Tariff measure in Canada will discriminate against the United and in favor of great Britain. Apoplexy caused the death of John bo3rd, governor of new Brunswick. Was and an englishman who has kept Tab on the football game in that country says that there were Twenty six deaths resulting from the game As played in England last year Twenty two deaths the year before and Twenty three deaths the year before that this is a much worse record than our football players present but we Hope the american teams will not think they Are lacking in the proper enthusiasm. Broken noses and limbs Are enough evidence to acquit them of any failure in their Euthul Issam for the great game. Some people would prefer less enthusiasm and no is unimpaired. A declaration of marriage in Siam is simpler even than it used to be in Scotland. You ask a lady to marry you by simply offering her a Flower and your family and the Bride s family have to put at least one thousand dollars apiece for a dowry. Unlike Japan the siamese women Are treated As equals but they can Seldom read or write. The principal impediment in the Way of marriage is that Yaeli year is named after an animal and Only certain animals Are allowed to intermarry. For instance a person born in the year of the rat cannot marry with a person born in the year of the dog and so on. West and South. In Colorado a new Gold Camp opened near Colorado Springs scores were going to the place. Elder Dinsey disturbed while preaching at Ashboro ind., stopped Long enough to soundly thrash one of the offenders fire wiped out Wakefield a Virginia Village of 500 inhabitants. Owing to Domestic trouble Myron a. King instantly killed his wife at grand rapids Mich., and then committed suicide by shooting. He was 55 years old and she 27. A fatally beat g. W. Morrison a piano tuner charged with assaulting a Young girl at Winchester 111. In National convention at Cincinnati the coloured men denounced the numerous lynchings of their race and called for a Law compelling counties in which lynchings occurred to pay the heirs oooo. The Gold output of Colorado for 1893 will show an increase of Over 100 per cent Over 1892. At Bertrand neb. George Keller agent of the Burlington amp Missouri Railroad was sandbagged and robbed of an express package containing $1,000. The steamers australian and Annie Johnson which recently cleared from a san Francisco for Honolulu carried i.at1ch, a dispatch from Duluth minn., Sonya the villages of Hurley Bessemer Iron Wood Wakefield and other towns on the Michigan Side of the state line contain a population of about 10.000, and fully one half of this number Are without fuel or food this bitter weather and with no Hope of work until Spring at least. Advices from Havana report that sugar speculators in Havana and other cuban cities have been banking on the Chance of sugar duties being lowered by the new Tariff. There is now stored in Havana 400,000 bags of last years sugar which is held for the expected profits of a Sale with decreased duties. At sing sing n. Y., on the 4th John pelting was killed by electricity in sing sing prison. Melfino shot and killed mrs. Catherine Gessell an italian woman a 3rear ago in a tenement House in Brooklyn. The eminent scientist prof. John Tyndall la. I died at his Home in Haslemere county of Surrey England on the 4th, aged 73 years. Rev. Or. Thomas j. Power roman Catholic Bishop of St. Johns n. J., died on the 4th, aged 63 years. At St. Joseph mo., la Grippe is prevailing to an alarming extent and there have been Over 400 cases reported. Some of the factories Are Bally crippled in their working forces. John l. Davis wife and child who were living in a tent on the Cherokee strip awoke to find the flames All about them. Davis attempted to carry his wife to a place of safety but she rushed Back into the flames for her child and both perished while Davis was fatally burned. The official estimates sent to Congress on the 4th by Secretary Carlisle asks for $411,879,041 for the fiscal year 1895, As against $421,612,215 for 1894 and against $432,456,526 appropriated for 1894. The first regular session of the fifty third Congress convened at High noon on the 4th pursuant to the constitutional provisions. In the Senate the usual formalities were succeeded by the Entrance of the presidents Secretary bearing the message which was read by the clerk of the Senate. At the conclusion of the Reading the Senate adjourned in t a House the proceedings were much the sane As in the Senate. After the message had been read represent Arras and dynamite. In St. Louis county mo., Forest fires Tive Bingham announced the death of his col we redoing great damage. Three farms-1 la ,.v�n it har ies am Hon. William had been Laid waste and Over 300 acres of Timber destroyed. During a family fight Lenry Wesley was fatally hacked with an a at Mason City ind., by his stepdaughter. Lilly of Pennsylvania and appropriate resolutions were read and adapted. A committee of representatives were appointed to attend the funeral of the late representative Lilly at Mauch chunk a. As a further Mark of respect to the memory of the decease the House adjourned. The doctrine of Asylum As applied to this Case is not sanctioned by the Best precedents and Ashen allowed tends to encourage Sod Tion and strife under no circumstances can the representatives of this government be permitted under the ill defined fiction of extra territoriality to interrupt the administration of criminal Justice in the countries to which they Are accredited. A temperate demand having been made by the Chi Ian government for the correction of this conduct in the instance mentioned the minister was instructed no longer to Harbor the offenders. The legislation of last year known As the Geary Law requiring the registration of All chinese labourers entitled to residence in the United and the deportation of All not complying with the provisions of the act within the time prescribed met with much opposition from chinamen in this country upon the advice of eminent counsel that the Law was unconstitutional the great m iss of chinese labourers pending Jud dial inquiry As to its Validity in Cood Faith declined to apply for the certificates required by its provisions. A test Case upon proceeding by Hareas Corpus was brought before the supreme court and on May 15, 184.4, a decision was made by that tribunal sustaining the Law. It is believed that under the recent amendment of the act cd tending the time for registration the chinese labourers thereto entitled who desire to reside in this country now Avail themselves of the renewed privilege thus afforded of establishing by lawful procedure their right to remain and that thereby the necessity of enforced deportation May to a great degree be avoided. Uit on receiving authentic information of the firing upon an american mail Steamer touching at the part of Mapala because her Captain refused to deliver up a passenger in transit from Nicaragua to Guatemala upon demand of the military authorities of Honduras our minister to that country under instructions protested against the Wanton act and demanded satisfaction. The government of Honduras actuated by a sense of Justice and in a spirit of the utmost Friendship promptly disavowed the illegal conduct of its officers and expressed sincere regret for the occurrence. It is confidently anticipated that a satisfactory adjustment will soon he reached of the questions arising out of the seizure and use of american vessels by insurgents in Honduras and the subsequent denial by the successful government of commercial privileges to those vessels on that account a notable part of the southeasterly coast of Liberia Between the Cavally and Sanpedro Rivers which for nearly half a Century has been generally recognized As b longing to that Republic by cession and Purchase has been claimed to be under the protectorate of France in virtue of agreements entered into by the native tribes Over whom liberians control has not been Well maintained. More recently negotiations Between the liberian representative and the French government resulted in the signature at Paris of a treaty whereby As an adjustment certain liberian territory is ceded to France. This convention at last advices had not been ratified by the liberian legislature and executive. Feeling a sympathetic interest in the fortunes of the Little Commonwealth tie establishment and development of which were largely aided by the Benevolence of our count ramen. And which constitutes the Only independently Sovereign state on the West coast of Africa this government has suggested to the French government its Earnest concern lest territorial impairment in Liberia should take place without her unconstrained consent. Our relations with Mexico continue to be of that close and Friendly nature which should always characterize the Intercourse of to o neighbouring republics. The work of relocating the monuments marking the Boundary Between the countries from paso Del Norte to the Pacific is now nearly completed. The commission recently organized under the conventions of 1881 and 1839 it is expected will speedily Settle Dis fates growing out of the shifting currents of he Rio Grande River East of Elpaso. Nicaragua has recently passed through two revolutions the party at first successful having in turn been displaced by another. Our newly appointed minister by his timely Good offices aided in a peaceful adjustment of the controversy involved in the first conflict. The 1 re american interests established in that country in connection with the Nicaragua casual were not mole Tecl. The canal company has unfortunately become financially seriously embarrassed but a generous treatment has been extended to it by the government of Nicaragua the United slates Are especially interested in the successful achievement of the vast undertaking this company has in charge. That it should be accomplished under distinctively american auspices arid its enjoyment assured not Only to the vessels of this country As a Channel of commercial communication Between our Atlantic and Pacific Seaboard but to the ships of the world in the interests of civilization is a proposition which in my judgment does not admit of question. Guatemala has also been visited by the political Viss itunes which have afflicted her Central american neighbors but the dissolution of its legislature and the proclamation of a dictatorship have been unattended with civil War. An extradition treaty with Norway has recently been exchanged and proclaimed. The extradition treaty with Russia signed in March 1887, and amended and confirmed by the Senate in february last was duly proclaimed last june. Important matters have demanded attention in our relations with tie ottoman Porto. The firing and partial destruction by an unrestrained of one of the school buildings of Anatolia College established by citizens of the United at Marsovan and tie apparent indifference of the turkish government to the outrage notwithstanding the complicity of some of its officials called for Earnest remonstrance which was followed by promises leg reparation and punishment of the offenders. Indemnity for injury to the buildings has already been paid permission to rebuild Given registration of the school property in the name of the american owners secured and efficient Protection guaranteed. Information received of maltreatment suffered by an inoffensive american woman engaged in missionary work in turkish Koor Distan was followed by such representations to the pole As resulted in the issuance of orders for the punishment of her assailants the removal of a delinquent official and the adoption of measures for the Protection of our citizens engaged in Mission and other lawful work in that Quarter. Turkey complains that her armenian subjects obtain citizenship in this country nut to identify themselves in Good Faith with our people but with the intention of re turning to the land of their birth and there engaging in sedition this complaint is not wholly without foundation. A journal published in this country in the armenian language openly counsels its readers to Arm organize and participate in movements for the subversion of turkish authority in the Asiatic provinces. The ottoman government has announced its intention to expel from its dominions armenians who have obtained naturalization in the United Stutes since 1868. The right to exclude any or All classes of aliens is an attribute of sovereignty. It is a right asserted and to a limited extent enforced he the United lates with the Sanction or our highest court there being no naturalization treaty Between the United and Turkey our minister at constantinople has been instructed that while recognizing the right of that government to enforce its declared policy against naturalized armenians he is expected to protect them wrote unnecessary harshness of treatment in View of the impaired financial resources of Venezuela consequent upon the recent revolution there a modified arrangement for the satisfaction of the awards of the late Revisore claims commission in progressive instalments has been assented to and payments Are being regularly made thereunder. The Boundary Dis Pute Between Venezuela and British Guiana is yet unadjusted. A restoration of diplomatic Intercourse Between that Republic and great Britain and reference of the question to impartial arbitration would be a most Gratifying consummation. The ratification by Venezuela of the convention for the arbitration of the Long deferred claim of the venezuelan transportation company is awaited. It is hardly necessary for me to state that the questions arising from our relations with Hawaii have caused serious embarrassment. Just prior to the installation of the present administration the existing government of Hawaii had been suddenly overthrown and a treaty of annexation had been negotiated Between the provisional government of the islands and the United , and submitted to the Senate for ratification. This treaty i withdrew for examination and dispatched Hon. James h. Blount of Georgia to Honolulu As a special commissioner to make an impartial investigation of the circumstances attending the change of government and of All the conditions bearing upon the subject of the treaty. After a thorough and exhaustive exam nation or. Blount submitted to me his report showing beyond All question that the constitutional government of Hawaii had been subverted with the Active Aid of our representative to that government and through the intimidation caused by the presence of an armed n Ival Force of the United which was landed for that purpose at the Lasta Uye Ltd our minister upon Fie facts developed it seemed no me the Only honorable course for our govern Rilent to p Rustie was to undo the wrong that had been done by those rep resenting us and to restore As far As practicable the existing at the time of our forcible intervention w 1th a View of accomplishing this result within the constitutional Lin its of executive Power an 1 recognizing All our Obliga. Tons and responsibilities growing Dut of any changed conditions brought about by our unjustifiable interference our present minister at Honolulu has received appropriate instructions to that end thus far no information of the accomplishment of any definite results has been received from him additional advices Are soon expected. When received they will be promptly sent to the Congress together with All other information at hand accompanied by a special executive message fully detailing All the facts necessary to a Complete understanding of the Case and presenting a history of All the material events leading up to the present situation by a concurrent Resolution adopted by the Senate february it 189�, and by the House of representatives on the 3d of apr.1 following the president was requested a to invite irom time to time As tit occasions May arise negotiations with any government with which tie United has or May have diplomatic relations to the end that any differences or disputes arising Between the two governments which cannot be adjusted by diplomatic Agency May be referred to arbitration and be peaceably adjusted by such Means a a april 18, 1899, the International j american conference of Washington by Resolution expressed the wish that All controversies Between the republics of America and the naj tons of Europe might be settled by arbitration j arid recommended that the government of Erich j nation represented in that conference should communicate this wish to All Friendly Powers i a favourable response has been received from great Britain in the shape of a Resolution i adopted by p Vrlin aleut july Ltd last cordially j sympathizing with the purpose in View and sex i pressing the Hope that her majesty s govern tent will lend ready co operation to the government of the United upon the basis of the concurrent Resolution above quoted it affords me signal pleasure to Lay this parliamentary Resolution before the Congress an l to express my sincere gratification Itiat the sentiment of the great and Kindred nations is thus authentically manifested in favor of Tho rational Aud peaceable settlement of International quarrels by honorable resort to arbitration. Since the passage of the act of March 3, 1893, authorizing the president to raise the Grade of our envoys to correspond with the rank in which foreign countries accredit their agent Here great Britain Franco Italy and Germany have conferred upon thir rep sent natives at this capital the title of ambassador and i have responded by accrediting the agents of the United in those with the same titles a like Elevation of Mission is announced by Russia and when made will be similarly met. This step fittingly comports with the position the United hold in the family of Nat on. During my former administration 1 took occasion to recommend a recast of the Laws relating to the consular service in order that they might become a More efficient Agency in the promotion of the interests it was intended to Subserve. The duties and Powers of consuls have been expanded with the growing requirements of our foreign Trade. Discharging important duties affecting our Commerce and american citizens abroad and in certain countries exercising judicial functions these officers should be men of character intelligence and ability. Upon proof that Trio legislation of Denmark secures copyright to american citizens on equal footing with its own the privileges of our copyright Laws have been extended by proclamation to subjects of that country. Government finance 1. The Secretary of the Treasury reports that the receipts of the government from All sources during the fiscal year Endo i june 3. 1893, amounted to $401,716,561.91 an i its expenditures to $459,374,614 29. There was collected from customs 8205,355,016.73 and from internal Revenue St-161,027,623.93. Our dutiable imports amounted to $421,854,711, an increase of 52 453,997 Over the preceding year and importations free of duty amounted to -.414,544.211, a decrease from the preceding year of $13,455,117. Internal Revenue receipts exceeded those of the preceding year by t7,147,445 32 the total tax collected on distilled spirits was 191,720,260.56, on manufactured tobacco 31,8->9,-711.74, and on fermented liquors 32,548,931.07. We exported merchandise during the year amounting to 5817,,9,191, a decrease of $182,612,-t<54 from the preceding year. The amount of Gold exported was larger than any previous year in the history of the government amont ing to 5-105,080,344, and exceeding the amount Export id during the preceding year by $08 48 517. The sum paid Roythe Treasury for sugar Boun-tywas.i9,h7 �?T,130.83, an increase Over the preceding year of 2,613,055.09. It is estimated upon the basis of present Revenue Laws that the receipts of the government for the year ending june 39, 1394, will be $130,121,365.33, and its expenditures 6453,121,365 38. Resulting in a deficiency of 523, 009,Oca on of november 1893, the amount of y of All kinds in circulation or net included in Treasury holdings was 51,718,514,682, an increase for the year of 112,404,947. Estimating our population at 67,426.09 at the time mentioned the per capita circulation was52x49. On the same Date there was in the Treasury Gold Bullion amounting to 596,657,273, and Silver Bullion which was purchased at a Cost of $126,261, 553. It is estimated that on the first Day of july 1893, the metallic Stock of Money in tie United consisting of Coin and Bullion amounted to $1,213,559,169, of which 5597,697,635 was Gold and $615,861,484 was Silver. One Hundred and Nineteen National Banks were organized during the year ending october 31, 1893, with a capital of $11,230,000. Forty six went into voluntary liquidation and i08 suspended sixty live of the suspended Banks were insolvent eighty six resumed business and seven remained in the hands of Bank examiners with prospects of speedy resumption. Of the new Banks organized 44 were located in the Eastern 41 West of the Mississippi River and 34 in the Central and Southern . The total number of National Banks in existence on the 31st Day of october 1893, was 3,79 5, having an aggregate capital of $695,558,12 it. The net increase in the circulation of these Banks during the year was 33,836,972 Quot 1 the recent repeal of the provision of the Law requiring the Purchase of Silver Bullion by the government As a feature of our monetary scheme hits made an entire change in the com 1 flexion of our currency affairs 1 do not doubt that the ultimate result of. This action will be most satisfactory and far reaching in the nature of things however it is impossible to know at this times precisely what conditions will be brought about by the change or what if any supplementary legislation May in the Light of such conditions appear to be essential or expedient of course after the recent financial perturbation time is necessary for the establishment of business Confidence. When however through this restored Confidence the Money which has been frightened into hoarding places is returned to Trade and Enterprise a Survey of the situation will probably disclose a Safe path leading to a permanently sound currency abundantly sufficient to meet every requirement of our increasing population Aud business. In the Pursuit of this object we should resolutely turn away from and temporary expedients determined to be Content with nothing less than a lasting and comprehensive financial plan. In these circumstances i am convinced that a reasonable delay in dealing with their subject instead of being injurious will increase the probability of Wise action. The monetary conference which assembled at Brussels upon our invitation was adjourned to the 30th Day of november in the present year. The Purchase of Silver under the Law of july 14, 189i. During the last fiscal year aggregated 54,008.162.59 Fine ounces which Cost 45,531,374,5$. The total amount of Silver purchased from the time that Law became operative until the repeal of the purchasing clause on the first Day of november. 189 5, was 163,674,590 45 Fine ounces which Cost 155,930,94 .84. Between the first Day of March 1873, and the first Day of november 1893, the government punch ised under All Laws 503,003,717 Fine ounces of Silver at a Cost of .510,-622,948. The Silver dollars that have been coined under the act of july 14, 1890, number 36,088,265. The seigniorage arising from such coinage was $6,977,098.39, leaving on hand in the mints 14u,699,76j Fine ounces of Silver which Cost .126,758,218 our total coinage of All metals during the fiscal year consisted of 97,280.875 pieces valued at $43,68�, 178.80, of which there was 83 ,038,14 in Gold Coin 5,313,715 in Silver dollars 7,217,221.90 in subsidiary Silver Coin and h."8�?T�?T>. 101 9 1 in minor coins during the Calendar year 1892 the production a precious metals in Tho United was estimated to be 1,596,375 Fine ounces of Gold of the commercial and coinage value of i33,0 9,0and 58,090,000 Fine ounces of Silver of the Bullion or Market value of a50,750,009 and of the coinage value of $74,939,900. The considerations just stated and the fact that a definite proposition from us seemed to be expected upon the reassembling of the conference led me to express a willingness to have the meeting still further postponed. 11 seems to me that it would to Wise to give general authority to the president to invite other nations to such a conference at any time when there shall be a fair Prospect of accomplishing an International agreement of the subject of coinage. I desire also to earnestly suggest the Wisdom of amending the existing statutes in regard to issuance of government Bonds. The authority now vested in the Secretary of the Treasury to Issue Bonds is not As Clear As it should be and the Bonds authorized Are disadvantageous to the strengthening of the artillery Force inc abandonment of smaller and unnecessary posts and the massing of the troops at important and accessible stations. Ail Promise to promote the usefulness of the army. In the judgment of army officers with but few sex Cepi Idris. Tiie operation of the Law forbidding the red list men t of men after three years service has no. Proved its Wisdom and while the arg. Ments that led to its adoption were not without Merit the experience of years constrains me to join in the recommendation for its repeal. It is Gratifying to note that we have begun to attain completed results in the comprehensive scheme of seacoast defense and fortification entered upon eight years ago. A Large sum has been a read expended b it the Cost of maintenance will be inconsiderable As compared with the expense of construction and ordinance. At the end of the current Calendar year the War department will have nine 12-Inch guns Twenty 10-Inch, and thirty four 8-Inch guns ready to be mounted on gun lifts and Carriage s and seventy five 12-Inch mortars. In addition to the product of the army gun factory now completed at water vile t the government has contracted with private parties fur the Purchase of one Hundred guns of the , the first of which should be delivered to the department for test before july 1, 1891. The manufacture of heavy ordinance keeps Pace with current needs but to Render the guns available for the purposes they Are de sighed to meet emplacements must be pre reared for them Progress has been made in h s direction and it is desirable that Congress by adequate appropriations should provide for the uninterrupted prosecution of this necessary work. After much preliminary Woyk and exhaustive examination in accordance with the requirements of the Law the Board appointed to select a Magazine Rifle of modern Type i h which to replace the obsolete Springfield Rifle of the infantry service completed its labors during the last year and the work of manufacture is now in Progress at the National armory at Springfield it is confidently expected that by the end of the current year our infantry will be Sui it plied a weapon equal to that of the most progressive armies of the world. The work on the projected us cd Muuga and Chattanooga National military Park has been pressed with Zeal and judgment and its opening will be celebrated during Tho coming year. Over nine Square Miles of the Chickamauga Battlefield have been acquired Twenty five Miles of Roadway have been constructed and permanent tablets have been placed at Many historical Points while the invitation to the to Mark the potions of Thor troops participating in the Battle has been very generally accepted. The work of locating and preserving the lines of Battle at the Gettysburg Battlefield is making satisfactory Progress on the plans directed by the last Congress. The reports of the military Academe at West Point and the several schools for special instruction of officers show marked Advance in education of the army and a commendable ambition among its officers to Excel in the military profession and to fit themselves for the highest service to the country. Under the supervision of adjutant general Robert William lately retired the Bureau of military information has become Well established and is performing a service Thi Twili put in Possession of the government in Tim of War Mast Vallab e inform Ilion and at All times serve a purpose of great Utility in keeping the army advised of the worlds Progress in All matters pertaining to the Art of War. Overcome and Armor 18 being Aen Verea with port was nut confined. However to inspected satisfactory promptness. Asa result of the sex j pork the total Quantity exported in 1892 being the department of Justice. The report of the attorney general contains the usual summary of the affairs and proceed bugs of the department of Justice for the past year together with certain recommendations As to needed legislation on various subjects. I cannot too heartily endorse the proposition that the fee system As applicable to the compensation of United attorneys marshals clerks of Federal courts and United St ites commissioners should be abolished with As Little delay As possible. It is clearly in the interest of the Community that the business of the courts both civil and criminal shall be As Small and As inexpensively transacted As the ends of Justice will allow. The system is therefore thoroughly vicious which makes the compensation of court officials depend upon the volume of such business and thus creates a conflict Between a proper execution of the Law and private gain which cannot fail to be dangerous to the rights and Freedom of the citizen an an irresistible temptation to the unjustifiable expenditure of Public funds. If in addition to this Reform another was inaugurated which would give to United commissioners the final disposition of Petty offences within the Grade of misdemeanours especially those coming under Tho internal Revenue Laws a great at Vance would be made toward a More decent administration of the criminal Law. In Iny first message to Congress dated december 8, 1835, i strongly recommended these changes and referred somewhat at length to the evils of the present system. Since that time the criminal business of the Federal courts and the expense attending it have enormously increased. The number of Crim Nal prosecutions pending in the circuit and District courts of the United on the 1st of july 188 it was 3,808, of which 1,834 were for violations of the International Revenue Laws while the number of such prosecutions pending on the 1st of july 1893, was 9,500, of which 4,200 were for violation of the internal Revenue Laws the expense of the United Coarts exclusive of judges salaries for the year ending july 1, 1835, was 12,874,733.11 and for the year ending july 1, 1893, 84,528,676.67. It is therefor e apparent that the reasons Given in 1885 for a change in the manner of enforcing the Federal criminal Laws have gained cogency and strength by lapse of time. I also heartily join the a Torney general in recommending legislation fixing degrees of the crime of murder within Federal jurisdiction As has been done in Many of the authorizing writs of error on behalf of the government in cases where final judgment is rendered against the sufficiency of an indictment or against the government upon any other question arising before actual trial limiting the Quot right of review in cases of felony punishable Only by Fine and imprisonment to the circuit court of appeals and making speedy provision for the construction of such prisons and reformatories As May be necessary for the confinement of United convicts. The Post office department. The report of the postmaster general contains a detailed statement of the operations of the Post office department during the last fiscal year and much interesting information touching this important Branch of the Public service the business of the mails indicates with also Lute certainty the condition of the business of j the country and depression in financial affairs inevitably and quickly reduces the postal revenues. Therefore a larger disc remnet than usual Between the Post office receipts Ana expenditures is the expected and unavoidable re right of the distressing Stringency which Las prevailed throughout the country during much of the time covered by the postmaster general s report. At a Date when better times were anticipated it was estimated by his predecessor that the 1 i deficiency 011 the 30th Day of june 1893, would a j be but a Little Over a million and a half dollars. I it amounted however to More than live millions. At the same time and under tie influence of like anticipations estimates were made for the current fiscal year ending june 30, i 94, which exhibited a surplus of Revenue Over expenditures of 5872,245.71 but now in View of the actual receipts and expenditures during that part of the current fiscal year already expired the present postmaster general estimates that at its close instead of a surplus there will 1 be a deficiency of neatly eight million dollars. The Post office receipts for the last fiscal year amounted to $75,896,933.16 and iss expenditures j to $81,074,104.90. This Post office deficiency wo3ld disappear or be immensely decreased if less matter was carried free through the mails an item of which is upward of three Hundred tons of seeds and Grain irom the agricultural i p0rieiibe acquit in de by ship builders and design Ersi and material men it is believed that the dates when vessels will be completed can now by estimated with reasonable accuracy. Great a Unis rapid tire guns torpedoes and powder Are Beiring promptly supplied. Tiie following vessels of the new Navy Ham been completed and Dre now ready for service the double turreted coast defense Monitor Miami Tortomas coast defense Monitor Mori Tery the armoured Cruiser new York the protected cruisers Baltimore. Chicago Philadelphia Newark san Francisco Charleston Atlanta and Boston the Cruiser Detroit the gunboats Yorktown Concord Deil rain Tori act Las Castine and Patriot the dispatch vessel Dolphin the practice vessel Bancroft and the dynamite gunboat Vesuvius. Of these the Bancroft Machias Detroit and Castille have been placed in commission during the current Calendar year. The following vessels Are in Progress of construction the second class Battle snips Maine and Texas the cruisers Montgomery and Marblehead and the coast defense monitors terror Puritan amphitrite and Monadnock. Ail of which will be completed within one year the Harbor defense ram Kathadin and the protected cruisers Columbia Minneapolis Olympia Cincinnati and Raleigh All of which will be completed prior to july 1, 1895 the first class Battle ships Iowa Indiana. Massachusetts and Oregon which will be completed february 1, 1896, and the armoured Cruiser Brooklyn which will be completed by August of that year. It is also expected that three gunboats authorized by the list Congress will be completed in less thai two years. Since 1880 Congress has at each session authorized the building of one or More vessels and the Secretary of the Navy presents an Earnest plea for the continuance of this plan. He recommends the authorization of at least one battleship and six torpedo boats. While i am distinctly in favor of consistently pursuing the policy we have inaugurated of building up a thorough and efficient Navy i cannot refrain from the suggestion that the Congress should carefully take into account Tho number of unfinished vessels on our hands and the depleted condition of our Treasury in considering the propriety of an appropriation at this time to begin work. Department of the Interior. The Secretary of the Interior has the supervision of so Many important subjects that his report is of Especial value and interest. On the 30th Day of june 1893,there were on the pension rolls966,012 names an increase of 89,941 Over the number on the Rolls june 0, 1892. Of these there were seventeen widows and daughters of revolutionary soldiers eighty six survivors of the War of 1812, 5,425 widows of soldiers of that War 2,154 survivors and widows of the mexican War 3,832 survivors of Indian wars,-84 army nurses and 475,645 survivors and widows and children of deceased soldiers and sailors of the wat of the Rebell on. The latter number represents those pensioned on account of disabilities or death resulting from army and Navy service. The number of persons remaining on the Rolls Juno 30, 1891, who were pensioned under the act of june 27, 189which allows pen Sions on account of death and disability not chargeable to army service was 459,155. The number added to the Rolls during the year was 123,634 and the number dropped was 83,c9. The first payments on pensions allowed during the year amounted to 31,755,543.9i this includes arrears or the accumulation Between the time from which the allowance of pension dates and the time of actually granting the certificate. Although the Law of 1890 permits pensions for disabilities not related to military services yet As a requisite to its benefits a disability must exist incapacitating applicants a from the performance of manual labor to such a degree As to Render them unable to earn a support a the execution of this Law in its Early stages does not seem to have been in Accord with its True intention but toward Tho close of the lust administration an authoritative construction was Given to the statute and since that time this construction has been followed. This has had the effect of limiting the operation of the Law to its intended purpose. The discovery having been made that Many names had been put upon the pension Roll by Means of wholesale and Gigantic frauds the commissioner suspended payment upon a number of pensions which seemed to be fraudulent or unauthorized pending a Complete examination giving notice to the pensioners in order that they might have an Opportunity to establish if possible rhe Justice of their claims notwithstanding apparent invalidation. This i understand is the practice which has for a Long time prevailed in the pension Bureau but after entering upon these recent investigations the commissioner modified this i Ute an uni 10 Auw Uniti after commisse examination department. The total number of Post offices in the United 1 on the 3nh Day of june 1893, was 68,4 3, an increase of 1,284 Over the preceding year. Of these 3,3a were presidential an increase in that class of 2j4 Over the Prece Ting year. Forty two free delivery offices were added during Tho year to those already existing making a total of six Hundred and ten cities and towns provided with free delivery on june 39, 1893 ninety three other cities and towns Are now entitled to this service under the Law but it has not been accorded them on account of Isuf Lucient funds to meet the expense of its establishment. I am decidedly of the opinion that the provisions of the present Law permit As general an introduction of this feature of mail service As is necessary or justifiable and that it ought not to be extended to smaller Ciummu i cities than Are now designated. The expense of free delivery for the fiscal year ending june 30, 1894, will be More .rn f11,009,000, and under legislation now existing there must be a constant incr Caso in this item j of expenditure. J there were 6,401 additions to the Domestic Money order offices during the last fiscal Yeai being the largest increase in any year since Tho inauguration of the system. The total number of these offices at the close of the year was 13,-431. There were 13,309,735 Money orders issued from these offices being an increase Over the preceding year of 1,240,29.1, and Tho value of these orders amounted to $127,576,433.65, an increase of $7,509,032.58. There were also issued during the year postal notes amounting to $12,9.3, i76 73. During the year 195 International Money order offices were added to those already provided malting a total of 2,407 in operation on june 30, 1893. The number of International Money orders issued during the year was 1,055,999, an increase Over the preceding year of 72,525, and their value was 116,341,837.86, an increase of >h,221,501.31 the number of orders paid was 3 0,917, an increase a amp is a ouzo a Uiligi 17a.u Alu Ulo auf Autv Gluud id it the government both As to the time of their year of 13,505, and their v maturity and rate of interest the superintendent of immigration through Tho Secretary of the Treasury reports that during the last fiscal year there arrived at our ports 44 ,793 immigrants. Of these 1,053 were not permitted to land under the limitations of the Law and 577 were returned to the countries from whence they came by reason of their hav become Public charges. The total arrivals were 141,034 less than for the previous year. Marine Hospital service. The Secretary in his report gives an account of the Marine Hospital service and of the Good work done under its supervision in preventing the Entrance and spread of contagious diseases. The admonitions of the last two years touching our Public health and the demonstrated danger of the introduction of contagious diseases from foreign ports has invested the subject of National quarantine with increased interest. A More general and harmonious system than no exists acting promptly and directly everywhere and constantly operating by preventive Means to shield our country from the invasion of disease and at the same time having due regard to the rights and duties of local agencies would i believe add greatly to the safety of our people. The army. The Secretary of War reports that the strength of the army on the 39th Day of september last was 2>,778 enlisted men and 2,144 officers. The total expenditures of the department for the year ending june30. 1893,amounted to 51,960,074.89 of this sum 1,992,581 9 it was for salaries and contingent expenses,423,377,838.-35 for the support of the military establish ment $6,077,033.18 for Miscellaneo is objects and 20,518,631.41 for Public works. This latter sum includes 15,296 876. It for River an l Harbor improvements and 3,263 141.20 for fortifications and other works of defense. The total enrolment of the militia of the several was on the 31st of october of the current year 112,o97 officers and enlisted men. The officers of the army detailed for the inspection and instruction of this Reserve of our military Force report that increased interest and marked Progress Are apparent in the discipline and efficiency of the organization neither Indian outbreaks nor Domestic violence have called the army into service during the year and the Only Active military duty required of it has been in the department of Texas where violations of the neutrality Laws of the United and Mexico were promptly and efficiently dealt with by the troops eliciting the warm approval of the civil and military authorities of both countries. The operation of Wise Laws and the influences of civilization constantly tending to relieve the country from the dangers of Indian hostilities together with the increasing ability of the through the efficiency of the National guard organizations to protect their citizens from Domestic violence Lead to the suggestion that the time is fast approaching when there should be a reorganization of our army on the lines of the present necessities of the country. This change contemplates neither increase in number nor added expense but a redistribution of the Force and an encouragement of measures tend no to greater efficiency among the men and improvement of the service. The Tonuu Troas Jor infantry an increase of 94,094.83 statements it appears that the total Issue of Money orders and postal notes for the year amounted to 1156,8il,3i8.24. The number of letters and packages mailed during the year for special delivery was 3,375,-693, an increase Over the preceding year of nearly 22 per cent. The special delivery Stamps used upon these letters and packages amounted to $337,569.39 and the messengers fees paid for their delivery amounted to 350,592 71 leaving a profit to the government of 8 ,976.59. The railway mail service not Only adds to the promptness of mall delivery at All offices but it is the Especial instrumentality which puts the smaller and Way places in the service on an Equality in that regard with the larger and terminal offices. This Branch of the postal service has therefore received much attention from the postmaster general and though it is Gratifying to know that it is in a condition of High efficiency and great usefulness. 1 am led to agree with the postmaster general that there is room for its further improvement. There Are now connected to the Post office establishment 28,324 employees who Are in the classified service. The head of this great department gives conclusive evidence of the value of civil service Reform when after an experience that renders his judgment on the subject absolutely reliable he expresses the opinion that without the Benefit or this system it would be impossible to conduct the vast business entrusted to him. I desire and commend As especially worthy of prompt attention the suggestions of the postmaster general relating to a More sensible and business like organization and a better distribution of responsibility in his department. Naval affairs. The report of the Secretary of the Navy contains a history of the operations of his department during the past year and exhibits a most Gratifying condition of the personnel of our Navy. He presents a satisfactory account of the Progress which has been made in the construction of vessels and makes a number of recommendations to which attention is especially invited during the past six months the demands for cruising vessels have been Many and urged to there have been revolutions calling for vessels to protect american interests in Nicaragua Guatemala Costa Rica Honduras Argentine and Brazil while the condition of affairs in Honolulu required the constant presence of one or More ships. With All these Calls upon our Navy it became necessary in order to make up a sufficient Fleet to patrol the Bering sea under the modes Visendi agreed upon with great Britain to detail to that service one vessel from the fish commission and three from the Revenue Marine. Progress in tli3 construction of new vessels has not been As rapid As was anticipated. There have been delays in the completion of Una Mored vessels but for the most part they have been such As Are constantly occurring even in countries having the largest experience in naval shipbuilding. The most serious delays now Ever have been in the work upon armoured ships. The trouble has been the failure of con trac ors to deliver Armor As agreed. The difficulties seem no however. To Mje veer Alj interference with the payment of a pension apparently not altogether void but which merely and been fixed at a rate higher than that authorized by Law. I am unable to understand Why fraud in the pension Rolls should not be exposed and corrected with thoroughness and vigor. Every name fraudulently put upon these Rolls is a wicked imposition upon the kindly sentiment in which pensions have their origin every fraudulent become a bad citizens every false oath in support of a pension has made perjury More common and false and undeserving pensioners Rob the people not Only of their Money but of the patriotic sentiment which the survivors of the War w to fought for the preservation of the Union ought to inspire. Thousands of neighbourhoods have their Well known fraudulent pensioners and recent developments by the Bureau establish appalling conspiracies to accomplish pension frauds. By no Means the least wrong Dono is to Brave and deserving pensioners who certainly ought not to be condemned to such association. Those who attempt in the line of duty to rectify these wrongs should not be accused of enmity or indifference to the claims of honest veterans. The sum expended on account of pensions for the year ending june 39, 1893, we As $156,740,-407.14. The commissioner estimates that 165,-000,90 will be required to pay pensions during the year ending june 30, 1891. The condition of the indians and their ultimate Fate Are subjects which Are related to a sacred duty of the government and which strongly Appeal to the sense of Justice and to the sympathy of our people. Our indians number about 248,009. Most of them Are located on 161 reservations containing 86 116,u81 acres of land. About 110,0.0 of these indians have to a Large degree adopted civilized customs. Lands in severally have been allotted to Many a of them. Such allotments have been made to j 10,00j individuals during the last fiscal year embracing about 1,0 0,000 acres. The number i of Indian government schools open during the j year was 195, a increase of twelve Over the preceding year. Of this total 170 were on reservations of which seventy three were boarding schools and ninety seven were Day schools. Twenty boarding schools and five Day schools supported by the government were not located on reservations. The total number of Indian children enrolled during,.the year As attendance of All schools was 21,138, an increase of 1,231 Over the enrolment Lor the previous year. 1 am sure that secular education and moral i and religious teaching must be important Fae a tors in any Effort to save the Indian and Lead him to civilization. I believe too that the relinquishment of tribal relations and the holding of land in severally May in favourable conditions Aid this consummation. It seems to me however that allotments of land 111 severally ought to be made with great care and circumspection. If hastily done before the Indian knows its meaning while yet he has Little or no idea of tilling a farm and no Conception of theft there is great danger that a reservation life in tribal relations May be exchanged for the pauperism of civilization instead of its Iri dependence and Elevation. The solution of the Indian problem depends very largely upon Good administration the personal fitness of agents and their adaptability to the Peculiar duty of caring for their wards is of the utmost importance. J the Law providing that except in Especial cases army officers shall be detailed As Indian agents it is hoped w ill prove a successful Experiment. There is danger of great abuses creeping into the prosecution of claims for Indian depredations and i recommend that every possible safeguard provided against the enforcement of unjust and fictitious claims of this description. The appropriations on account of the Indian Bureau Lor tie year ending june 30, 1891, amount to 7,954,962.99, a decrease As compared with the year preceding it of $387,131.95. The vast area of land which but a Short time ago constituted the Public Domain is rapidly falling into private hands. It is certain that in the Transfer the Beneficent intention of the government to Supply from its Domain Homes to the industrious and worthy Homes ekers is often frustrated. Though the Speculator who stands with extortionate purpose Between the stand office and those who with their families i Are invited by the government to Settle on the j Public lands is a despicable character who ought not to be tolerated yet it is difficult to thwart his schemes. The recent opening i to settlement of the lands in the 1 cherokees outlet embracing an area of 6,500,009 acres notwithstanding the utmost i care in framing the regulations governing the selection of locations and notwithstanding the presence of United troops furnished an exhibition though perhaps in a modified degree of the mad scramble the violence and the fraudulent occupation which have accompanied previous openings of Public land. I concur with the Secretary in the belief that these outrageous incidents can not be entirely prevented without a change in the Laws on the subject and i Hope his recommendations in that direction will be favourably considered i especially commend to the attention of the Congress the statements contained in the Sec forestry. The time t measures should Ilion of our forests from indiscriminate and Remedi less destruction. Department of agriculture. The report of the Secretary of agriculture will be found exceedingly interesting especially to that Large part of our citizens intimately concerned in agricultural occupations. On the 7tb Day of March 1893, there were upon its pay a Rolls 2 43 employees. This number has been re i diced to 1,850 persons. In View of a depleted Public Treasury and that imperative demand of the people for Economy in the administration of i their government the Secretary has entered upon the task of rationally reducing expend i Tures by the elimination from the pay Rolls of j All persons not needed for an efficient conduct of the affairs of the department during the first Quarter of the present year the expenses of the department aggregated 1345,876.76, As against 1492,012.72 Lor the corresponding period of the fiscal year ending june 3 it 1893. The Secretary makes apparent his in Tention to continue this rate of reduction by submitting estimates for Tho next fiscal year less by .994,�?~8� than those for the present Vear. Among the Heads of divisions in this department the changes have been exceedingly few. Three vacancies occurring from death and resignations have been filled by the promotion of assistants in the same these j to motions of experienced and faithful assistants have not Only been in the interest of efficient work but have suggested to those in the depart ment who look for retention and promotion that Merit and Devotion to duty Are to their Best Reliance. The amount appropriated for the Bureau of animal Industry for the current fiscal year is $8 >0 Ojo the estimate for the ensuing year is $700.09. The regulations of 1892 concerning Texas fever have been enforced during the last fiscal year and the Large Stock Yards of the country have been kept from infection. Occasional local outbreaks have been largely such As could have been effectually guarded against by the owners of the affected cattle while contagious Pleura Neumon in cattle has been eradicated animal to Bercuhi is. A disease w widespread and More dangerous to human life than Pleura pneumonia is still prevalent investigations have been made during the past year As to the Means of its common ideation and the method of its Correct diagnosis much Progress has been made in this direction by the studies of the divisions of animal path clogs but work ought to be extended in co operation with local authorities until the danger to human life arising from this cause is reduced to a minimum. The number of animals arriving from Canada during the year and inspected by Bureau officers was 46.�?T.092, and the number from trans Atlantic countries was 1,297. No contagious diseases were found among the imported animals. The total number of inspections of cattle for Export during the past fiscal year was 611,542. The exports show a falling off of about 25 per cent from the preceding year the decrease occurring entirely in the last half of the year this suggests that the falling off May have been largely due to an increase in the Price of american Export cattle. During the year ending june 30, 189, exports of inspected pork aggregated ase Over the preceding 1 rotary a a report concerning value was 18,283,273.70, h8 come when efficient from the foregoing i a or the preserve 665,499,916 pounds while in 1893 it was Only 527,-306,695 pounds. I join the Secretary in recommending that hereafter each applicant for the position of inspector or assistant inspector in the Bureau of animal Industry to required As a condition precedent to his appointment to exhibit to the United civil service commission his diploma from an established regular and reputable veterinary College and that this be supplemented by such an examination in veterinary science As the commission May prescribe. The Export of agricultural products from the United for the fiscal year ending june 30. 1893, attained the enormous figure of $890,000, in round numbers being 78 7 per cent of our total exports. In the last fiscal year this aggregate was greatly reduced but nevertheless reached 615 millions being 7>.l per cent of All american commodities exported. A review of our agricultural exports with special reference to their destination will show that in almost every line the United kingdom of Grafi it Britain and Ireland absorbs by far the largest proportion of cattle the total exports aggregated in value for the fiscal year ending june 30. 1893, $20,0 0,090, of which Groat Britain took considerable Over 25,000,910. Of beef products of All kinds our total exports were $2s.009,909, of which great Britain took 524,-ooj.ooa. Of pork products the total exports were �84.-00 ,000, of which great Britain took 53,000,090. In bread stuffs Cotton and mine products like proportions sent to the same destination Are shown. Tho work of the statistical division of the department of agriculture deals with All that relates to the economics of farming. The main pure it self its monthly reports is to keep the Lawers informed As fully us possible of All matters having any influence up n the worlds markets in which their products find Sale. Is p Iblis cations relate especially to the commercial Side of farming. It is therefore of profound importance and vital concern to the Farmers of the United who represent nearly one half of our population and also of direct interest to the whole country that the work of this division be efficiently performed and the information it has gathered be promptly diffused. It is a matter for congratulation to know that the Secretary will not spare any Effort to make this part of his work in Orough Fly useful. In the year 18 9 the Congress appropriate d i 1, 00 to be taken from the Patent office funds for the purpose of collecting and distributing rare and improved varieties of seeds Aud for prosecuting Agri Eul Mui in a cd Ugai ions Ana procuring agricultural by Atis tics. From this so ill beginning the seed division of the department of agriculture has grown to i s present unwieldy and unjustifiable extravagant proportions. During the last fiscal year the Cost of seeds purchased was .03.548.61 the remainder of an appropriation of <155,009 was expended in putting them up and distributing them under the Sanction of existing legislation there was sent out from the agricultural department during the last fiscal year enough of cabbage seed to Plant 19,2,0 acres of land a sufficient Quantity of Beans to Plant 4,000 acres beet Sinei enough to Plant 2,500 acres Sweet Corn enough to Plant 7,8>o acres sufficient Cucumber seed to cover 2,025 acres with vines Aud enough Muskmelon and Watermelon seeds to Plant 2,1 7 it acres. The total Quantity of Flower and vegetable seeds thus distributed was contained in More than nine million packages and they were sufficient if planted to cover 89,596 acres of land. In View of these facts this enormous expenditure without returns of Benefit ought to be abolished. Anticipating a consummation so 111 info stay in the interests of Good administration More than 1>> ,090 has been stricken from the estimate made to cover this object for the year ending june 30, 189> and the Secretary recommends that the Rema Ning 3 Obj of the estimate be confined strictly to the Purchase of new Aud improved varieties of seed and that these be distributed through Experiment stations. Thus the seed will be tested and after the test has been completed by the Experiment station the propagation of the useful and the rejection of the value Ess May safely be left to the common serse of the people. The civil service. The continued intelligent execution of Tho civil service Law and the increasing approval by the people of its operation Are most Gratifying the recent Extension of its limitations and regulations to the employees at free delivery Post offices which has been honestly and promptly accomplished by the commissioner with Tho Hearty co operation of Tho pjs mister general is an immensely important Advance in the usefulness of the system. 1 am if possible More than Ever convinced of the incalculable benefits conferred by the civil service Law not Only in its effect upon the Public service but also what is even More important in its effect in elevating the tone of political life generally. The course of civil service Reform in this country instruct ively and interestingly illustrates to a Strong a hold a movement gains upon our people Whit h has underling it a sentiment of Justice and right which at the sate time promises letter administration of their govern ment. The Law embodying this Reform found its Way to our statute Book More from fear of the popu Lar sentiment existing in its favor than from and love for the Reform itself on the part of legislators and it has led and grown and flourish d in spite of the Covert As Well As open hostility of spoils men and notwithstanding Tho querulous impracticability of Many self constr Tutell guardians. Beneath All the vagaries and sublimated theories w hich Are attracted to it there underlies this Reform a sturdy common sense principle not Only suited to this mundane sphere but whose App Licati m our people Are More and More recognizing to be absolutely essential to the most successful operation of their government if not to its perpetuity. It seems to me to be entirely inconsistent with the character of this Reform As Well As with its Best enforcement to oblige the commission to rely for clerical assistance upon clerks detailed from other departments. There ought not to be such a condition in any department that clerks hired to do work there can be spared to habitually work at another place and it does not Accord with a sensible View of civil s. Rvs e Reform that put sons should be employed 011 the theory that their labor is necessary in one department when in Point of fact their services Are devoted to entirely different work in another department. 1 Eurnest Lefurge that the clerks be Essary to carry on the wors of the commission be regularly put upon its roster and that Tho system of obliging the Comini sinners 10 rely upon the of clerks belonging to other departments be discontinued. This of Trot not to increase the expense of the government while it would certainly be More consistent and add greatly to the efficiency of the commission t Riff Reform Economy in Public expenditure is a duty that can not innocently be neglected by those entrusted with the control of Money drawn from the people for Public uses it must be confessed that our apparently endless r sources the familiarity of our people with immense accumulations of wealth the growing sentiment among them that the expenditure of Public Money should in some manner be to their immediate and p Ronal advantage the indirect and almost Stealthy manner in which a Large part of our taxes Are exacted and a degenerate sense of official accountability have led to growing extravagance in governmental appropriations. At this time when a depleted Public Treasury confronts us. When Many of our people Are engaged in a hard struggle for the necessities of life and when enforced Economy is pressing Poa the great mass of our countrymen i desire to urge with All the earnestness at my command that congressional legislation be so limited by strict Economy As to exhibit an appreciation of the condition of the Treasury and a sympathy with the is Raghu Ned circumstances of our fellow citizens. The duty of Public Economy is also of immense importance in the intimate and necessary relation to the task now in hand of providing Rev Enue to meet government expenditures and yet reducing the Peoples Burden of Federal taxation. If there is anything in the theory of a representation in Public places 1 f he people and their desires if Public officers Are really the servants of the people and if political promises and professions have any binding Force our Fai Uro to the Relief so Long awaited will be Heer re Reancy. Nothing should inter Venco to distract our attention or disturb our Effort until this Reform is accomplished by Wise and careful legislation. While we should staunchly adhere to the Nain Ciple that Only the necessity of Revenue justifies the imposition of Tariff duties and other Federal taxation Anil that they should be limited by strict Economy we cannot close our Eves to the fact that conditions have grown up among us which in Justice and for discriminating care in the distribution of such duties Aud taxation As the emergencies of our governing it actually demand. After a hard struggle Tariff Reform is directly before us. Nothing so important claims our attention and nothing so clearly presents itself As both an Opportunity and a duty an Opportunity to deserve tie gratitude of fellow citizens and a duty imposed Ilion us by our of to repeated profess uis and by the emphatic mandate of the people. After full discussion our countrymen have spoken in favor of this Reform and they have confided the work of its accomplishment to the hands of those who Are solemnly pledged tit. Manifestly if we Are to Aid the people directly through Tariff Reform one of its most obvious features should be a reduction in present Tariff charges upon the necessaries of life. The benefits of such a reduction would be palpable and substantial seen and Felt by thousands who would be fed and letter clothed and better sheltered. These should be the willing benefactions of a government whose highest function is the promotion of the welfare of tie people not less closely related to our Peoples Prosperity and Well bin g is the r Moval of restrictions upon the importation of the raw materials necessary to our manufactures. The world should be open to our National ingenuity and Enterprise. This cannot be while Federal legislation through the imposition of a High Tariff forbids to american manufacturers As cheap materials As those used by their competitors. It is quite obvious that the enhancement of the Price of our manufactured product resulting from this policy not Only confines the Market for these products w within our own Borders to the direct disadvantage of our manufacturers but also increases their Cost to our citizens. The interests of labor Are car mainly though indirectly involved in the s feature of our Tariff system. The ship come petition and Active struggle among our manufacturers to Supply the limited demand for their goods soon fills the narrow Market to which they Are confined. Then follows a suspension of work in Mills and factories a discharge of employees and distress in the Homes of our workingmen even if the often disproved assertion could be May Good that a lower rate of wages would result from free raw materials and Low Tariff duties the intelligence of our workingmen leads them quickly to discover that their steady employment permitted by free run materials is the most important Factor in their relation to Tariff legislation. A measure has been prepared by the appropriate congressional Chi Smittee embodying Tariff Reform on the lines herein suggested which will is promptly submitted for legislative action it is the result of much patriotic and unselfish work an i i believe it deals with its subject As consistently and thoroughly As existing conditions permit. I am satisfy d Itiat the reduced Tariff a provided for in the proposed legislation added to existing internal Revenue taxation wifi in the near future though perhaps not immediately produce sufficient Revenue to meet the needs of the government the committee after full consideration and to provide against a temporary deficiency which May exist before the business of the country adjusts itself to the new Tariff schedules have wisely embraced in their plan a few additional internal Revenue taxes including a Small tax on incomes derived from certain corporation investments. These new assessments Are not Only absolutely j St and easily porn but they a it it the further Merit of being such As can be remitted without unfavourable b siness disturbance whenever the necessity of their imposition no a Ziri con Lidston. My intense feeling of response deity impels m 5 to invoke for the manifold interests of a generous and confiding Popic the nost scrupulous care and to pledge my willing support to every legislative Effort for the advancement of the greatness and Prosperity of it or beloved country. Grover land. The highest award. Royal baking powder has All the honors a in strength and value 20 per cent. Above its nearest competitor. The Royal baking1 powder has Tho enviable record of having received the highest award for articles of its class a greatest strength purest ingredients most perfectly combined wherever exhibited in Competition with others. In the exhibitions of former years at the Centennial at Paris Vienna and at the various state and Industrial fairs where it has been exhibited judges have invariably awarded the Royal baking powder the highest honors. At the recent world s fair the examinations for the baking powder awards were made by the experts of the chemical division of the agricultural department at Washington. The official report of the tests of the baking powders which was made by this department for the specific purpose of ascertaining which was the Best and which has been made Public shows the Leavening strength of the Royal to be 160 cubic inches of carbonic per ounce of powder. Of the Cream of tartar baking powders exhibited the next highest in strength thus tested contained but 133 cubic inches of Leavening . The other powders gave an average of 111. The Royal therefore was found of 20 per cent greater Leavening strength than its nearest competitor and 44 per cent above the average of All the other tests. Its superiority in other respects however in the Quality of the food it makes As to fineness delicacy and wholesomeness could not be measured by figures. It is these High qualities known and appreciated by the women of the country for so Many years that have caused the sales of the Royal baking powder As shown by statistics to exceed the Sale of All other baking powders combined. _ steaming through locusts. The african steamship company a Steamer win Nebah which recently arrived from West Africa at Liverpool had a most unusual experience when steaming Between the latitudes of Cape verde and St. Louis Senegal. For sixty Miles the vessel steamed through locusts which were so thickly packed together on the top of the water that they completely covered the surface for Miles around indeed they appeared to be lying on the sea As far As the Eye could reach. The locusts had no doubt been blown from the Morocco coast into the sea. They resembled Gigantic Grasshoppers and one which Xmas secured was five inches in length. Of course All of the locusts had been Gazette. She knew How they re my a in. The Young housewife you have some potatoes Nora Nora the Cook a yes mum. The Young housewife and there a plenty of sugar in the House Nora yes mum. The Young housewife Well then let us have a dish of Sweet potatoes at record. It is astonishing to the girl who has just got a position As clerk in a confectionery store to see How Many girl friends she has who feel like dropping in to lean Over the counter and gossip with her an hour or two three or four times a week. You feel ready to go to War with All Mankind when your liver is out of order. Drastic cathartic pills will neither regulate your liver nor sweeten your temper. Hostetter s stomach bitters though will bring Comfort and Calm relieve your bowels pleasantly and disperse All the symptoms of bilious Ness. Incomparable is it too for malarial kidney and rheumatic ailments dyspepsia and nervous debility. The family wife has an absolute Genius for making Money go a Long Way especially in the Mattero a indeed a a yes. She buys All her gowns in Paris . Tribune. A child enjoys the pleasant flavor gentle action and soothing effect of syrup of figs when in need of a laxative and if the father or Mother be Ostive or bilious the most Gratifying results follow its use so that it is the Best family remedy known and every family should have a bottle. Win Crsp a nobody ought to object to being called que Ericus a a he not a wit Ticus a because lie must stand higher than the Man that does tie calling n. Press. By 20,677,410 pounds As again 38,152,874 rounds for the preceding year. The fading off in tips sex be Cutie Manoliou via i Uptou pc Deo Eov Tim to Western Trail is published Quarter-1 by the Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific railway. It tells Bow to get a farm in the West and it will be sent to you Gratis for one year. Send name and address to a editor Western Trail Chicago a and receive it oneyear free. John Sebastian g. P. A. A hypocrite is in himself both the Archer and the Mark in All actions shooting at his own Praise or . High five or euchre parties should Send at once to John Sebastian o. T. A., c. R. I. Life p. It. Chicago ten / ends in Stamps per pack for Tho Slickest card you Ever shuffled. For $1.00 you will receive free by express ten packs. If the animals Only played football what a full Back the dromedary would make a Yonkers statesman. A fortify feeble lungs against Winter with Hales Honey of horehound and tar. Pikes Toothache Quot drops cure in one minute. Father a is that Young girl you re going to marry economical a son enthusiastically �?�?o1 should say so Why last year she spent $2,500 in bargains a a Chicago record. Browne a bronchial troches relieve All Throat irritations caused by cold or use of the voice. Sold Only in boxes. It is All la ight for a Man to take arest just so it is not some other Many a rest he takes. Galveston news. 8. Parker Fredonia n. 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I lost All appetite and my strength failed me i was on the Point of giving up. I had read much about Hood s Sarsaparilla and concluded to give it a trial. Before i had taken half a bottle my appetite became so voracious that i would be compelled Hood it cures to eat Between meals. Hoods Sarsaparilla has now fully restored my strength and general health. That terrible nervousness is gone. I feel As Hearty and vigorous As Edward Scollin 1532 Ogden Street. Philadelphia a. Ilond a Pill cure All liver ills bilious Ness jaundice indigestion sick headache. A Catarrh w in children for Over two years my Little girls life was made miserable by a Case of Catarrh. The discharge from the nose was Large constant and very offensive. Her eyes became inflamed the lids swollen and very painful. After trying various remedies i gave Herrera augg the first Bot-11 e seemed to aggravate the disease but the symptoms soon abated and in a Short time one was cured. Or. L. B. Ritchey Mackey ind. Oar Hook on blood and skin diseases mailed tre Swift Sepo juju co., Atlanta a

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