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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - December 6, 1888, New Philadelphia, Ohio Fragrance of the gospel. Sermon by the Rev. T. Dewitt Talmage d. D. Why the sacraments of Christ smelled of myrrh and aloes and Cassia the sweetness of tests and the litter Ness of ills sufferings typified thereby. The subject of Rev. T. Dewitt Talmage a recent Sermon was a the fragrance of the his text was psalms 54 8, a fall thy garments smell of myrrh and aloes and Cassia out of the Ivory following the Sermon among the grand adornments of the City of Paris the Church of notre Dame with its great towers and elaborated Rose windows. And sculpturing of the last judgment with the trumpeting Aneres and rising dead its battlements of Quarter foil its Sacristy with ribbed ceiling and statues of saints. But there was nothing in All that building which More vividly appealed to my Plain Republican tastes than the costly vestments which Laid in Oken presses Robes Quot Quot which had been embroidered with Gold and been worn by Popes and archbishops on great occasions. There was a Robe that had been worn by Pius Vii. At the crowning of the first Napoleon. There was also a vestment that had been worn at the baptism of Napoleon ii. our guide opened the Oaken press and brought out these vestments of fabulous Cost and lifted them up the fragrance of the pungent aromatics in which they had been preserved filled the place with a sweetness that was almost Oppe Sivc. Nothing that had been done in Stone More vividly impressed to than these things that had been done in cloth and embroidery and perfume. But to Day i open the drawer of this text and i look upon the a jiggly Robes of Christ and i lift them flashing with eternal jewels the whole House filled with the Aroma of these garments which a smell of myrrh and aloes and Cassia out of the Ivory in my text the King step Forth. His Robes Rustle and Blaze he advances. His Pom and Power and glory Over master the Spectator. More Brilliant he than Queen Vashti. Moving amid the persian princes than Marie Antoinette on the Day when Louis Xvi. Put upon her the necklace of eight Hundred diamonds than Anne Boleyn the a when Henry Viii. Welcomed her to his Palace All Beauty and All pomp forgotten while we. Stand in the presence of this Imperial glory. King of Zion. King of heaven. King forever his garments Are not won out not dust bedraggled but Radiant am Quot jewelled and redolent. It seems if Tho Ruist have been pressed a Hundred Yean amid the Flowers of heaven. The Ward Robe from which they have been taken must have been Sweet with dusters of Carn Philo. Urn frankincense and All manner of pre Rioin Wood. Let of you not inhale the doors , a. They smell of myrrh and aloes and Cassia out of the Ivory palaces. Your first curiosity to know Why that Robes of Christ Are odorous with myrrh this was a Bright leaved abyssinian Plant. It was Trifoliate. The greeks. Egyptians. Romans and jews bought and sold it at a High Price. The first present that was Over Given to Christ was a sprig of myrrh. Thrown on his infantile bed in Bethlehem and the last gift that Christ Ever had was myrrh pressed into the cup of his crucifixion the natives take a Stone and Bruise it the tree and then it exude a gum that saturate All the ground beneath. Thi gum was used for purposes of merchandise one piece of it no larger than a Chestnut Helm a whole room with odor. I was put in closets in cheats in drawers in rooms and the perfume adhered almost interminably to anything that was anywhere near it. So when in my text i read thy Christ a garments smell of myrrh. I immediately conclude the exquisite sweetness o Jesus. I know that to Many he Only like any historical person another Jonir Howard another philanthropic Ober Lin another confucius a grand subject for a painting a heroic theim for a poem a Beautiful form for a statue but to those who have heard his voice and Felt his Pardon and received his Benediction. He music and Light and warmth and thrill and eternal fragrance. Sweet a Friend sticking to you when All else betray. Lifting you up while others try to push you Down. Not so much like morning glories that Bloom Only when the Sun coming up nor Liko a four that Bloom Only when the Sun going Down hut Little myrrh perpetually a mat Iez the same morning noon and night yesterday today forever. It seems if we can no Wear him out. We put on him All our Bur Dens and afflict him with All our Griefs and set him Foremost in our Battles and yet he ready to lift and to sympathize and to help. To have so impose upon him that one think in eternal affront to quit our soul and yet to Day lie addresses with the same tenderness dawns upon with the same smile pities with the same compassion. Thiere no name like his for . It More Imperial than Caesars More musical than Beethoven a More conquering than Charlemagne a More eloquent than Cicero a. It throbs with All life. It weeps with All pathos. It groans with All pain. It Stoops with All condescension. It breathes with ail perfume. Who like Jesus to set a broken Bone to pity a homeless orphan to nurse a sick Man to take a prodigal Back without any scolding to illumine a cemetery All slowed with Graves to make a Queen unto god out of the lost woman of the Street to catch the tears of human sorrow in a Lacer amatory that shall never be broken who has such an Eye to see our need such a lip to kiss away our sorrow such a hand to snatch out of the fire such a foot to trample our enemies such a heart to embrace All our necessities i struggle for Somo metaphor with which to express him. He not like the bursting Forth of a full orchestra that too loud. He not like the sea when lashed to rage by the tempest that too boisterous. Lie not like the Mountain its brow wreathed with the lightnings that too solitary. Hive a softer a gentler comparison. We have seemed him with our eyes and to hear him with our ears and to touch him with our hands of that you All knew his sweetness. How soon you turn from your novels. If the philosopher leaped out of his Bath in a frenzy of Joy and clapped his hands and rushed through the streets because lie had found the solution of a mathematical problem How will you feel leaping from the Fountain of a Saviours mercy and Pardon washed clean and made White Snow when the question has been solved a How can my soul be saved a naked Frost bitten storm lashed soul let Jesus this hour throw around thee the a garments that smell of myrrh and aloes and Cassia out of the Ivory palaces. Your second curiosity to know Why the Robes of Jesus Are odorous with aloes. There Somo difference of opinion about where these aloes grow what the color of the Flower what the particular appearance of the Herb. Suffice it for you and me to know that aloes mean bitterness the world Over and when Christ comes with garments bearing that particular odor they suggest to me the bitterness of a Saviours sufferings. Were there Ever such nights Jesus lived through nights on the mountains nights on the sea nights in the desert ? Olio Ever had such a hard reception Jesus had a hostelry the first an unjust trial in Oyer and Ter Miner another a foul mouthed Yelling mob the last. Was there a space on his Back wide your two fingers where he was not whipped was there a space on his brow an Inch Square where he was not Cut of the Briers when the Spike Struc t at the instep did it not go Clear through to the hollow of foot of Long deep bitter pilgrimage aloes aloes John leaned his head on Christ but who did Christ lean on five thousand men fed by the Saviour who fed Jesus the sympathy of a Saviours heart going a it it to the Leper and the adulteress but who soothed Christ denied both Cradle and death bed he had a i place neither to be born nor to die. A poor babe a poor lad a poor Young Man not so much a taper to cheer his dying hours. Even the Candle of the Sun snuffed out. Of was it not All aloes All our sins sorrows bereavement losses and All the agonies of Eart. And hell picked up in one Cluster and squeezed into one cup and that pressed to his lips until the acrid nauseating bitter draught was swallowed with a distorted countenance and a shudder from head to foot and a gurgling strangulation. Aloes aloes nothing but aloes. All this for himself Althis Roget the Fame in the world of being a Martyr All this in a spirit of St Borness because he did not like Caesar no no All this because he wanted to Pluck you and me from hell. Because he wanted to raise you and me to heaven. Because arc were lost and he wanted oud. Because we were Blind and he wanted to see. Because we were serfs and he wanted Man omitted. Oye in whose cup of life the Sac Cahrlene has predominated Ohye who have had Bright and sparkling beverages How do Vou feel toward him who in your Stead and to Purchase your Diseth Ballment took the aloes the unsavoury aloes the bitter aloes your third curiosity to know Why these garments of Christ Are odorous with Cassia. This was a Plant that grew in India and the adjoining islands. You do not care to hear what kind of a Flower it had or what kind of a stalk. It enough far id toll on that it was used ipod vein ally. In that land and in that age where they know but Little about pharmacy Cassia was used to arrest Many forms of Dis a e. So when in my text we find Christ coining with garments that smell of Cassia it suggests to me the Healing and curative Power of the son of god. A ooh a you say a now you have a superfluous idea. W e Are not sick. Why do we want Cassia. We Are athletic. Our respiration perfect. Our limbs Are Lithe and in these Cool Days to feel we could bound like the i beg to differ my brother from you. None of you can be better in physical health than 1 am and Yeti must say we Are All sick. I have taken the diagnosis of your Case and have examined All the Best authorities 011 the subject and i have come now to Tell you that you Are full of wounds and bruises and put relying sores which have not been bound up or mollified with ointment. The Maras of sin on the palsy the dropsy the leprosy. The Man that expiring to night on Fulton Street the allopathic and homeopathic doctors having Given him up and his friends now standing around to take his last words no More certainly dying to his body than you and i am dying unless we have taken the Medicine from gods apothecary. All the leaves of this Bible Are Only so Many prescriptions from the divine physician written not in latin Liko the prescriptions but written in Plain English so that a Man though a fool need not err therein. Thank god that the Saviours garments smell of Cassia. Suppose a Man were sick and there was a phial on his Mantle piece Medicine he knew cure him and he refused to take it what you say of him he a suicide. And what do you say of that Man who sick in sin has the Healing Medicine of gods Grace offered him and refused to Tako it if he Dies lie a suicide. People talk though god took a Man and led him out to darkness and death though he brought him up to the Cliffs and then pushed him off. Of no. When a Man lost it not because god pushes him off it because he jumps off. In Olden Timos a suicide was buried at the Cross roads and the people were accustomed to throw stones upon his grave. So it seems to to there May be in this House a Man who destroying his own soul and though the Angels of god were Here to Bury him at the Point where the roads of life and death Cross each other throwing upon the Graves the broken Law and a great pile of Minim proved privileges so that those going May 00k at the fearful Mound and learn what a suicide it when an immortal soul for which Jesus died puts itself out of the Way. When Christ Tro t this planet with foot of flesh the people rushed after him people who were sick and those who being so sick they could not walk Wero brought by their friends. Here 1 see a Mother holding a 1 p her Little child and saying a cure this croup lord Jesus. Cure t his Scarlet fever. And others saying a cure this Ophthalmia. Give ease and rest to this spinal Dis Tress. Straighten this Christ made every House where he stopped a dispensary. T do not believe that in the Nineteen centuries that have gone by once ii heart has got hard. 1 feel that we can come now with All cur wounds of h u1 and get his Benedo Eton. O Jesus Here we Are. To want Healing. We want sight. To want health. We want life. The whole need not a physician but they that Are sick blessed he god that Jesus Christ comes through this assemblage now. His a garments smelling of Means fragrance a and aloes a that Means Medicine and cure ind according to my text he comes a out of be Ivory you know or if you do not know i will fell you now that some of the palaces of times were adorned with Ivory. Alias and Solomon had their Homes furnished with it. The tusks of african and Asiatic slept ants wore t Wisted into All manners of shapes and there were stairs of Ivory and a hairs of Ivory and tables of Ivory and looks of Ivory and pillars of Ivory and windows of Ivory and fountains that dropped into basins of Ivory and rooms that iad ceilings of Ivory. Of White and Over mastering Beauty Green tree branches weeping the White curbs. Tapestry trailing the snowy floors. Brackets of Light a amp Hing on the Lustrous surroundings. Sil music rippling to the Beach of the in chs. The Mere thought of it almost stuns my brain and you say a to if i could Only have walked Over such floors if i could have heard the drip and lash of Trio a fountains a you shall have something better than that if you Only let Christ introduce you. From that place he a ame and to that place he proposes to transport you for his a garments smell of myrrh my aloes and Cassia out of the Ivory What a place heaven must be the l Uil eries of tie French the Windsor Castle a if Tho in dish the Spanish Alhambra tiie russian Kremlin dungeons compared with it n t so Many castles on either Side the Rhine 011 both sides of the River of god the Ivory Palace one for the augers insufferably Bright winged fire eyed tempest Cha rioted one for Tho martyrs with blood red Robes from under the altar one for the King the Steps of his Palace the crowns of tie Church militant one for the singers who Lead the one Hundred and fourty four thousand one for you ransomed from sin one for me plucked from the burning. Of the Ivory palaces to Day it seems to me if the windows of those palaces were illumined for some great Victory and i look and sve climbing the stairs of Ivory and walking 011 floors of Ivory and looking from Tho windows of Ivory some whom we knew and loved on Earth. Yes i know them. There Are father and Mother not eighty two years and seventy nine years when they left Bat Blithe and Young when on their marriage Day. And there Are Brothers and Sisters merrier than when we used to Romp across the Meadows together. The cough gone. The cancer cured. The Erysipelas healed. The heart break Over. Of How fair they Are in the Ivory palaces i and your dear Little children that went out from you Christ did not let one of them drop he lifted them. He did not wrench one of them from you. No. They went from one they loved Well to one whom they loved better. If i should Lake your Little child and press its soft face against my rough Check 1 might keep it u Little while but when you the Mother came along it struggle to go with you. And so you stood holding your dying child when Jesus passed by in the room and the Little one sprang it it it to Greet him. That All. Your Christian dead did not go Down into the dust and the gravel and the mud. Though it rained All that funeral Day and the water came up to the wheels Hub you drove but to the Comet by. It made 110 difference t it them for they stepped from the Home Here to the Home there right into the Ivory palaces. All Well with them. All Well. It not a dead weight that you lift when you carry a Christian out. Jesus makes Tho bed up soft with velvet promises and lie says a but her Down Here very gently but that head which will never ache again on this Pillow of hallo Jahs. Send up word that the procession coming. Ring the boil. Rind open your Gates be Ivory palaces a and so your loved ones Are there. They Are just certainly there having died in Christ that you Are Here. There Only one thing More they want. Indeed there one Thi in in heaven they have not got. They want it. What it your company. Liuto my brother unless you change your tack you can not reach that Harbor. You might Well take the Baltimore amp Ohio Railroad expecting in that direction to reach Toronto to go 011 in the Way some of you a e going and yet expect to reach the Ivory palaces. Your loved ones Aro looking out of t he windows of heaven now and yet you seem to turn your Back upon them. You do not seem to know the sound of their voices Well you d to or to be noved by the sight of their dear faces. Call louder be departed ones. Call louder from the Ivory palaces. When i think of i that place and think of my entering it 1 feel awkward i feel sometimes when i have been exposed to the weather and my i hair dishevelled and i Stop in front of some line residence where 1 have an errand i 1 feel no fit to go in i am and sit among polished guests. So some of feel about heaven. We need to be washed we need to be rehabilitated before we go into the Ivory pal in eternal god. Let Hie surges of thy pardoning mercy Roll Over i want not Only the Wash my hands and my feet but him some skilled diver standing on the pier head who leaps into the wave 1 and comes up at a far Distant Point from where he went in. So i want to go Down and so j want to 00mo up. I Jesus Wash me in the Waves of thy salvation and Here 1 a Ltd you to solve a mystery that has been oppressing me for thirty years. I have asked it of doctors of divinity who have been Stu lying theology half a Century and i hey have Given me 110 satisfactory answer. I have turned Over All the books in my Library but got 110 solution to the question and to Day i come and ask you for an explanation. By what logic was Christ induced to Exchange the palaces of heaven for the Cruci j Ixion Agoni its of Earth 1 shall take the i first thou and million years in heaven to study out that problem. Meanwhile and now. Taking it the Derest and mightiest of All facts that Christ did come that he j came with spikes in his feet came with thorns in his brow came with Spears in his heart to save you and to save me. A god so i loved the world that he gave his Only begot i son that whosoever in him should not put ish but have everlasting o Christ Helm this audience with thy compassion. Mow them Down like summer Grain with the harvesting sickle of the Grace. Ride through to Day the conqueror thy garment smelling a of myrrh and aloes and Cassia out of the a o sinner fling every thing else away and take Christ. Take him now not to Morrow. During the night following this very Day there May be an excitement in your dwelling and a tremulous t during Oil of drops from in unsteady and affrighted h m 1, and before to your Chafino May of up Flat a air the Vork of a fiend. An incendiary App ies the Torch to the Calumet amp item a Copper mine a to tries to Cut off thu of the miners All i it eight succeed in making their a Cape. Chicago dec. 1.�?the Herald Hancock Mich special says the Calumet do Lecla mine was deliberately Sot 011 fire at 11 of clock thursday night. Of the too or .300 men on duty at the time All but eight escaped unharmed. soon the fire was discovered the men began to work their Way up and when they reached the lire itself made an attempt to turn on the water hut the pipes had been disconnected and no water was to be had. The signal wire had also been Cut end there was nothing left but to fight for life. Under the guidance of Cool headed leaders the men worked their Way around the burning Tunnel to other connections with Tho main engine Shaft and thence to the surface. While the scenes below were being enacted the cry above that the mine was on fire had reached Tho Homes of the m nes and the wives children and friends of the my below soon crowded around the shafts wild with grief and mix Ety. each Man came up out of the death trap he was seized by weeping wife and childred or anxious friends and cries of grief were changed to shouts of rejoicing. The men kept coming up until it was know that All but eight had been rescued. For these no possible Hope remains the Only Avenue of escape Cut off. They were doubtless smothered Between the sixth level where the fire originated and the surface. Their names Are Antony Largin Andrew Hansen Joe Roe. Antony Kaskie Gustav Tava John j flick Joe Mossoglia and John Vanderbilt. At the spot where the fire originated no j one was working and this fact taken in connection with the disconnecting of the water pipes and the breaking of the signal 1 wire leaves no room to doubt that the Liro was the work of an . Just one year ago the mine took fire under circumstances which pointed strongly to incendiary so. It hinted that an interested Syndicate at the Bottom of these fires and that the work that of their hire i accomplices for the purpose of checking the production of Copper and hence booming the Price. The management had a standing Reward of a ,0j0 for the Man who set lire a year ago and if human Agency can discover the perpetrator of this dead it openly declared that to will be hurled headlong Down the Burn a Shaft. No moans of approximating the probable loss to the mine company Are at hand. The other Firo burned for thirteen weeks and did millions of dollars Worth of damage. It was nothing in fierceness compared to the present one. Late Friday night Tho fire burst its Way through Tho surface and a huge pillar of flags an i Sparks shot i Ward like a Volcano but it was again smothered by coverings of Earth. Michigan swamp lands. Argument by Conns a for Tho state before the Secretary of the Interior. Washington dec. 1.�?the Secretary of Tho Interior on Friday sitting with assistant attorney general Montgomery heard argument in the matter of swamp lands Cla med by the state of Michigan. These lands. Embracing about 1,200 acres were originally certified to the state in 1853and 18 4 a swamp and overfly wed lands. Resurvey were afterwards made in which the Wero not classified Tho general land commissioner thereupon denied the right of Tho state and in Lssl-2-3, admitted a Large number of private entries. Britton amp Gray of this City counsel for the state contended at the hearing that the action of the Secretary of the inter or in certifying Tho lands swamp ident fled them coming within the Grant and that to subsequent Survey could change or affected the vested rights of the state therein. They also maintain that the states title was confirmed by the act of March 3, 1857. It said that the a Cisi 11 in Tho pending Case will affect the titles to about 1,700,000 acres of land in the Northern part of the state. Several prominent Michigan attorneys were present in the interests of m Chiyau railroads whose interests Are involved. Robbed t h a Safe. A Young Bank cashier of Columbus ind., goes to Canada taking with him about in Cash. Indianapolis ind., Dee. 1. A will Schrieber Teller of the first National Bank of Columbus this state has gone to Canada carrying w the him �3.501 of the b ukr a Money. Wednesday evening Schrieber had an excuse for going to the Bank Safe which had been closed and the time lock set. Friday morning it was discovered that the Money therein was Short a then packages of �5 0 each which Schrieber had taken unobserved wednesday evening. The Bank was close i thursday and hence the loss was nut discovered until Friday. After procuring the Money Schrieber went to the train saying that to Send thanksgiving in this City. Friday afternoon lie sent a Telegram to the cashier stating that to soon be in Toronto. He about 22 years old and had been in the Bank six years lie has been extravagant in h attentions to a woman named Jennie James of Chicago who it thought has gone to Canada with him. He also speculated largely. Perished in the flames. Our water defences. A old lady and a Little child burned to death near Rockford. Rockford 111., dec. 1.�?two deaths occurred near Here thursday night from fire. Mr3. Baxter 70 years old. Was burned to death in her cottage. She was living alone and it was not known How the Accident occurred. At Elida John a. Heckley a House was burned and in it a2 months old babe which was lying in a Cradle in the Kitchen. The p i rants were in the Field to the t me and the Kitchen was enveloped in flames before they reached it. The Mother was with difficulty restrained from leaping into the fire for her Little one. Tho father endeavoured to reach the Cradle through a window by Means of a Rake but it was too hot and he had to abandon it. Not a particle of the infant could be found and they tenderly took up the ashes where the Cradle had stood and buried them. The fifth Appeal to the supreme court of a celebrated Case. Waterloo la., dec. 1.�?the defendants in the Case of Robert Johnson . E. V. Miller better known the a Jones county calf ease a have perfected an Appeal to the supreme court from the decision of the september term of the District court in this City. This will be the fifth time that this Case has been to the supreme court and if a new trial granted it will be the seventh trial of the Case since 1877. Wuen the Case was begun. The calves were orig Nally Worth 45, but they have already j Cost the parties to the litigation about �20,-003, and no Ono knows when the end will be reached. M lies shut Down. Pittsburgh a. Dee. 1.�?All of the Coal mines along the Monot Isahela River closed Down yesterday indefinitely. The operators claim that they have been losing Money on account of Over Supply and Are unable to keep their men at work. Over 5,0k miners Are thrown out of employment. They Are Illy prepared for a shut Down at this season and much suffering will no doubt result. The cios no of the mines also throws a Large number of boat build ers Cau kers an i River men Idle. It estimated that Over 50,00. ,000 bushels of Coal Are now tied up at Points 011 the Ohio River for which t Here no Market except at prices which Are a loss to the operators. A a a a a a White cups whip two women. Sardinia o., Doc. 1.�?thursday night a White Caps broke into the Home of mrs. Anna her grown daughter two Miles from Here two women who have not borne a very Good reputation and whipped them on their Bare backs with switches. Before leaving the White Caps admonished the women that if they did not alter their course of Lile they be tarred and feathered and their houses destroyed. Great indignation prevails among the peo pie Here. Close of Lake nov inn. Holland Mich., Dee. 1.�?navigation closed and the life saving Crew at this port went out of commission Friday. Crushed by a caving rank. Philadelphia dec. 1.�?while a gang of italian labourers were digging a Trench for a sewer Friday afternoon the Bank caved in and six of the men wer. Ned. John Plumbon was dead when to \ out and Dominie Dieble was so badly c. Bed that he not expected to recover v others escaped with broken arms and legs. The injured were taken to the Hospital for treatment. The Tariff annual report of Secretary Whitney slut we in the of Uncle same a Navy. Washington dec. 1.�?Secretary Whitney in his am Ual Leport after Preseau. G a one. Review of the condition of the Navy it will sex St on the 4 h of March in comparison with the same on the 4th of March of 1h5, says that so far a Mored ships Are concerned the subject yet to be treated in a Broad Way by the department in Congress. a result of the poly adopted and carried out during the past three years the conditions at the present time the Secretary says a e such the it every thing Noc Essary to a first class fighting ship can be produced and furnished to the department in this country soon in the course of construction any element or feature required but this has Nev r heretofore unt i the present time been tru and therefore the consideration of the subject has been necessarily postponed by Tho department until the present t to. The efforts of the department in ship construct on have necessary since March 188>, been devoted to Una Mored vessels arid to these the department to report the it when the ships in course of construction and those no Thor Zed shill have been completed the United states will rank second among the a j tons in the Possession of Una Mored Cru Sers or a Commerce destroyers inv no the highest characteristics of size 3,000 tons and a it Ward and possessing Speed of Nineteen knots and upward. The importance the Secretary says. Which has Bomi placed upon the Branch of naval a in Ament will be appreciated from the statement that England and France possesses sixty five vessels a the class known Asun i armoured cruisers. The attention of the world was attracted to the destruct be effect which was produced upon the Commerce of the United states by the cruisers fitted out under the auspices of the confederacy in the War of the rebellion. The total tonnage of the registered vessels of the United states had risen year by year unt 1, in 1801, it amounted to 2,042,628 tons an 1 Between 1801 an i 1861 it was reduced to 1,492.026 tons or in other words to the Point which we had reached in 1849, from which decline we have never recovered. The insurance War risk upon american vessels during the War Rose in exceptional cases to High 25 per cent. The Secretary quotes English authority for the Asserson that a if there o e Point clearer than another in the history of Commerce it this that when a state can not effectually protect its carry no Trade in the of War that Trade passes from it and does not return a and save w e can not at present protect our coast but we can return blow for blow for we shall soon be in condition to launch a feet of Large and fast cruisers against the Commerce of an enemy Able to inflict the most and lasting injury thereon. Discuss no the product on of Power by machinery Secretary Whitney says that an examination of the cond t on of the department in 1ss5 in this respect led to the conclusion that the machinery of naval vessels ought to be so designed to produce horse Power for each of machinery and it was determined to make that the stand ird and to enter into contracts that were based sub Stant ally ther on. Plans of machinery were purchased abroad which unon trial had approximated that result. 15 doers were author Zed to bid upon the plans thus submitted to Competition or were permitted to submit the r own plans but were obliged to guarantee the rcsult3 determined upon by the department under severe penalties for failure and compensating premiums in Case of attaining better results. All the contracts for Tho construction of ships which have been entered into since March 188% Call for the production of Power by machinery equal to the highest standards. The efforts of the department in this matter have been cordially seconded by the Bureau chiefs and it believed that at Tho present time the department has reached the Point where entire Rel Anco can be placed tip m it for the production of War vessels equal in character to those of any other country. Referring to the reduction of expenses Dur j ing the past three years it claimed that Ilio j savings of the department Are paying for the 1 new Navy and on this topic the Secretary a says a it Gratifying to be Able to report that notwithstanding the Large expenditures i for the new Navy in the last three j years the reductions in Oiler directions has made the Tot in expenditures Les for Tho three years than for the three years ending june �0, 18s4, the Ordinary exp ses j of the department having been reduced Over 2 1 per a table included in the report which shows that the expenditures for the years ending june 3 \ 188.�?T. 1&s3 and 1884 were $47,979,397, and for the years ending june 30, 18 6, 1887 and 1888 46,880,630. The Lineal year ending june 30, 1885, omitted from the table not having been w Holly a Aither administration. Discussing coast and Harbor defences Rte Cre tary Whitney says in the last annual report of the department the considerations were Given leading to the conclusion that it be unwise for Tho department to follow the course of the european Powers in build Ngun 1 protected torpedo boats and in the present uncertainty regard no the practical 11 to of submarine boats and while a t no the Pra tical trial of the dynamite gun boat it has been deemed Wise for to e department to build one l get draught heavily armoured Harbor defense floating Battery or ram for which designs have been prepared. Considerable space devoted to a discus Sion of the business methods of the department. And to the efforts being made to simplify systematize and improve them. Upon this subject the Secretary says during the years of 1884 and 18s5 Over 59 per cent in value of the supplies of the department were obtained by open purchases without compete Tion. During the last year the proportion of such purchases was less than 11 per cent., and in the course of the next fiscal year it believed that the open purchases can be reduced to about 5 or cent. The naval brokers have for the most part disappeared. And regular responsible dealers Are becoming More and More contractors for these supplies. For a time it seemed possible to j dislodge them. They under bid regular i dealers notably for the Supply of Coal. It was quite evident they had some advantage which did not appear. Careful investigation showed the Quality of the Coal delivered to be contracted for. The receiver of the Coal was changed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard a id the weights taken by another Civ 1 employee and nothing suspicious was developed. Finally a naval officer was detailed without previous notice to weigh personally a Barge Load and j it was found sixteen tons Short. The gentleman disappeared a bidder for the department at that time. There was no evidence of fraud on his part but inference can readily be drawn. The system of property accounts for the Navy referred to in the last annual report has been in successful operation since july 1. Tho experience of the first Quarter i shows that it simple and that there no difficulty in keeping Pace with current work at the largest stations. The report says that by careful watching of the disbursement on foreign stations and j calling the Uttend on of pay officers to the sub jets of their drafts by which greatly improved rates have been procured the department 1 Able to report that on the items of commission inter St and Exchange whereas a net loss of $103,49.3 was made in the two years and 1 months ending apr 1 2, 1885, for the three j years ending june 33, 1888, a net gain of �7o3 was made. Alluding to naval Progress at Home and abroad during the past year the Secretary says the necessity for increased numbers of fast protected Cru Sers whether for purposes j of protecting or destroying Commerce or for service with a Fleet scouts has been emphasized during the naval Maneu vers of the year and fully recon z cd by All naval Powers. But with the increase of the number of Cru Sers it has been recognized in View of the recent introduction of High explosive projectiles and the increase of Power and rapidity of lire of rapid fire and other guns that renewed attention must be Given to the Armour Flet and the prevailing opinion in England France Italy Germany and Russia strongly in favor of additional armoured ships to be built at an Early Date. In these new vessels the Armor will be much m a widely distributed and will Certa no protect the Battery and Crew Well the water line and machinery. The destructiveness of h Gli explosive Shell fire against unprotected sides Cyphas Zes the Peculiar advantages of the Monitor Typo for coast defense service. The Secretary cons Ders the subject of improving powder projectiles and torpedo to Oats saying in regard to the latter that the recent naval Maneu vers abroad have shown that they must still be regarded most useful for coast and Harbor def lenses. The est m ate for the Navy and Marine corps for the next fiscal year $26,707,077, and includes ?9.7i7,o0j for increase of Ilie Navy construct on and armament 82,214,248for improvements at Navy Yards and $240, .00 for a new naval Observatory. The appropriations for the current fiscal year aggregate $19,942,481. Bills. House and the vote in the i Kriiger state. Milwaukee dec. 1.�?? official returns from the election in this state give these results total vote for president 354.664 Harrison a plurality 21,271 Horly a plurality 20,265. The prohibition vote for president was 14.277 and the labor vote for president 8.552. Ii tuned. Placerville Cal. Dec. 1.�?John Henry Meyer who robbed and killed ranch Man John Lowell last March was hanged Friday to was so weak that two deputies Kelil him upright until the drop it foil the Public debt. Washington. Dee. 1. On account of the Large payment made by the Treasury department during november eluding 822,000000 on account of pensions it estimated that the Public debt statement will show an apparent increase 01 $11,500,-000 in the debt during the month. The difference Between the Senate measures. The Treasury department has just issued a Complete set of comparative tables showing Tho Timo unt of Revenue collected during the past fiscal year and the amount which have been collected upon the same importations if either the Mills Bill or Senate tribute Bill had been Tho Law. The summary by schedules follows Tariff existing Stio e Mill schedule. I a a Bdl. By l chemicals. £6,033,000 4,658,000 $3,667,000 Glass and earthenware. 7,598.909 7.308,000 6.607,000 metals. 22,524, 0 22,422,090 14,991,000 Wood and Wood ensure. 1,503,000 1,566,090 389,000 by Rar and molasses. 57,145,000 27,841,000 6,384,009 cigars tobacco Etc. 9,127,0 0 7,107,000 9,127.001 Provis . 11,383,000 11,026,000 9,400,090 wines liquors Etc. 7,681,000 8,054,000 7,681,009 manufactures of Cotton. 12,081,000 12,314,000, 11,803,090 flax hemp and jute. 9,499,000 8,856,000 4 431,009 Wool and Wool ens. 35,629,000 40,328,000 16.951,000 silk and silk goods. 15,540,009 15,910,000 15,540,00 it books papers Etc. 1,145,000 1,220.0 0 1,142.000 sundries. 14.258,990 13,167,00 12.502,000 All previous comparisons have been for the fiscal year 1887 the above for the fiscal year 1888. Tho total Revenue from imports last year was $211,113,000. The importations being the same it have been $182, 393.000 under the Senate tribute Bill and $160,682,000 under the House Reform Bill. The internal Revenue collected was $124,823,000. Under Tho Senate Bill it have been $94, 247.000 and under the House Bili $107, 443.000. Tho additions of Tho Senate Bill to the list have caused a reduction of $5,705,000 those of the House Bill $19,880,000. It will be seen upon examining the table that the House Bill makes reductions in every schedule except cigars and tobacco wines and liquors and Silks. The Senate Bill reduces the totals Only in the chemical Glass Metal sugar cigars flax and sundries schedules and increases Tho totals under each of Tho other seven schedules. The most marked and characteristic differences Are in the metals sugar and Wool schedules. In the metals schedule the Senate Bill makes a reduction of Only $103,000 in the total while Tho Mills Bill makes a reduction of Over $7,500,000. In Tho Wool schedule the Senate Bill makes an increase of $4,700,000 in the total while the House Bill makes a reduction of nearly $18,700,000. On the other hand in the sugar schedule the Senate Bill makes a reduction of $29, 300.000, while Tho House Bill makes a reduction of Only about $9,800,000. These Points illustrate Tho w difference Between the two Bills. Tho duties on metals and woolens Are highly protective. To speak More correctly they Are mainly for tribute. They take about $58,000,000 a year from Tho people for the use of the government. They take at least four times much or $232,u00,u00, from the people to enrich manufacturers and to sink in unprofitable enterprises. Under the Senate Bill they fake about $63,-000,030 from Tho people for Tho use of the government and a Good Deal More than four times much or probably not less than $260,000,000, for tribute. On the other hand the duties 011 sugar Are mostly for Revenue. They take for the use of the government about $57,-000,000, or nearly the same the duties on metals and Wool and woolens and not More than one tenth of that sum or $5,700,000, for tribute. The Senate Bill proposes to relieve the people of a Revenue Burden of $29, 300.000, and a tribute Burden of $2, 930.000. Tho House Bill proposes to reduce the Revenue burdens on metals and woolens to $32,000,000, and the tribute Burden to $128,000,000. In sugars it proposes to reduce Tho Revenue Burden to $-16,409,000, and the tribute Burden to $4,640,000. The difference May be plainly exhibited in the form of a table showing what the two Bills propose to take from the people under these schedules for Revenue and tribute follows opinions. Fifty eight agreed with and Twenty four differed. No amount of persuasion could convince them that Harrison was the Man to win. Here was a Snag of Large size. New York wanted the Honor of naming the president still it could not be the deciding Factor in Tho convention unless after my withdrawal it go solidly for some other candidate. A what did i do Weh i thought the matter Over for an hour and thei invited the delegation to dinner. I did not try to convince the recalcitrant. 1 simply gave them Good things to eat and Good drink to enlighten their understanding. And behold the result. By the time the dinner was ended every mothers son was shouting for Harrison. This was largely due to speeches by senator Hiscock Warner Miller sex senator Piatt and senator Fassett who after the first conference heart Harrison. The rest new York voted for he was nominated by the dinner solidified now Yorkus Voto. What a the matter with a Good dinner a political Factor a asked , . Y. Cor. Chicago . Ily supported ancient history. Harrison and acclamation. An Able address. Metals and woolens. Striate Hill. R g 5,009,0 �0 to Bute. I60,u0j, i sugars. Revenue. 27.841,0 9 tribute. 2,7809 totals.�353,625,1 0 8211,040,00. Here a difference of Over $142,-500, 300 in Revenue and tribute together and a difference of Over $130,000,000 in the tribute exaction. This difference Between the two Bills characteristic. It illustrates Tho difference Between the Tariff for Revenue party and the Tariff for tribute party. The summary above Given from the tables of the Treasury department comes very far Short of exhibiting the abominations of the Senate Bill which Aro to be seen in the details far Mooe than in Tho totals. When these details Are received the hobe will Sere up some More striking illustrations of differences Between the party of reasonable taxation for Public purposes and Tho warty of a robbery under Tho forms of Globe. Some secret history. How Larrison came to to the Republican nominee for president. Chauncey m. Depew authority for the statement that Gereral Harrison owes his Elevation to the presidency of the United states primarily to the effects of a dinner party in Chicago. made the assertion by an inference in an interesting narrative of the inside Workings of the new York delegation at the Chicago convention. Many persons have heard of the dinner by or. Depew to the new York delegation after his withdrawal from the presidential contest on the second Day of the convention. But the effects of that dinner had not been made Public until or. Depew told it. A after the first Days balloting a said or. Depew a it was apparent that the West was so much opposed to the candidacy of a Railroad president that the e was no show for me so i determined to withdraw. Then the important question was whom should the new York delegation support their preferences were numerous. 8ome insisted on voting for Blaine to the end while others wanted to break for Sherman Gresham and the other candidates. chairman of the delegation i called a conference of the four delegates at Large who of course controlled in a measure the course of the delegation. We met senator Hiscock Thomas c. Piatt Warner Miller and myself. I spoke governor Gordon make a Strong and patriotic inauguration speech. Governor John b. Gordon was inaugurated for his second term of office at Atlanta ga., the other Day. After referring to th3 continued growth of Georgia and the South under democratic Rulo and the Harmony Between the races he said the responsibility of the states for the character of the Federal administration than the average voter prone to admit and of each div idul state 1 be that of the tit zen in pro to its prom Nence and approach to it a worship. Georg a could not therefore f she . Rid herself of the grave responsibility which attaches to the position which she has achieved and which so Fredy accorded her one of Tho conspicuous stat of the american Union. I will not u a crake to pred it the pol by that will be pursued toward the South Wuen Tho triumphant party shall have gathered into its hands All Tho of the legislative and execute to departments of the government. None of the reciprocal of her people Cun justly be abridged by any changes in the Federal administration. In the connection my sense of to this confiding and pair Otic pop o compels me to d dare my profound conv it on that no overwhelming or crushing calamity will or can befall in in. I can not be eve that alienation and strife to to the last no heritage from our unhappy War no the melancholy fact that some of Tho leaders of the party with great abilities. And in High places sock year by year to estrange the sections and embroil the races. I do not that the return of the Republican party to 1 Ower in the Era of 1 Ros Penty and peace Means or can mean the get act ment of Bills and the enslavement of the states. In american Republic and the reigning party proposes but Tho Sovereign people disposes. Passions May cry aloud for Federal general intervention in the affairs of suites but Tho omnipotent Fiat of a Lotty patriotism which sways the heart of the Amer can people will surely condemn it. If there be 0.10 1 rec pie of government dearer than All others to american Freedom to the a dependence Equality and Freedom of the states. The the Central thought of our political Faith it the Keystone 111 the Arch of the Constitution and when that destroyed the doom of the Constitution and Freedom sealed. When the Independence and Equality of the states Aro struck Down the Republic Falls. Of no the strangulation of the states by Federal a fervent on will never be tolerated by the american 1 eople. What Poss ble exit use could beg Vendor interference by the general Goven ment in the affairs of Georg a that not also justify interference with any state in the Union what evil exists Here that does not elsewhere a id which so full of d Inger that to Correct it the fundamental Laws must to ignored and statehood imperilled i can not doubt that there Are men in High places whose m judgments of the Southern people or whose sectional b Lead them to to threshold of revolutionary and leg station. In the Light of Public sentiment illustrated by the cordial reunion of both armies at Gettysburg and elsewhere with the cause of sectional strife dead and the lingering discard rapidly dying with peae a and Prosperity brightening and cheering alike both Southern and Northern Homes with the ties of soc Al Intercourse must plying and strengthening with Northern products in Tho hands of Southern Consumers and Northern Money in Southern Bonds railroads m 11s and mines w the both material interests and political Liberty at stake How can we doubt that condemnation by the great conservative masses of our Northern Countrymon cause even to most icon considerate of leaders to turn from the Brink of such a precipice Tate courage then in Tho thought that our interest their interest our Prosperity their Prosperity our state Freedom their state Freedom and that whatever be the demands of partisan leaders the Day has Long no passed when the american people can calmly contemplate Tho destruction or this in on by destroying the Equality of the states Eliut compose it. We owe t to ourselves and to our children we owe it to both races Whoso interests Are linked by immutable decrees to a common destiny we owe to to each and All of our sister slates we owe it to the vital principles of our free , to renew our vows of Fidelity and of unfaltering support of a Union of equal and Independent states. Ancient Carthage. Artistic relics of the once famous town sold at auction. Not Long ago some highly artistic relics of ancient Carthage Wero disposed of at auction in London. Two of the finest of these Are mosaics in splendid preservation each about three feet Square. Tho one represents a woman Robed and wearing a Crown of Flowers with a naked youth sitting beside her and the other youth carrying on his shoulders an Eagle. Thes8 have been called a pea co and a War a but there seems no authority for this. Both works Are evidently Early carthaginian and must have belonged to a period when Carthage held a High position a Nursery of Art especially in the Beautiful Art of mosaic work of which ancient Groeso has left no Trace while the mosaics of Rome Are of a much later Date. It will be remembered that Carthage was celebrated for her Beautiful coloured marbles and for the wonderful skill of her artists an workmen which were known throughout the civilized world for Carthage was a Large City 140 years before the foundations of Rome were Laid. It possible therefore that the Peculiar Art of working in mosaic May have been originated in Lart Hago and May have found its Way to Rome where it might have been Practised by to Etc or even carthaginian artists. But a Rule Tho Romai work very inferior to the car Liagin journal. Ii Gnu it to Bill. 8 32,000,0 a 128,009,000 46,400,000 4,6, ,001 spirit of the press. With hosts of political friends and Fol first and proposed that Benjamin har Lowers above All he was not a poli Rison should be supported he was 1 Titian framing his administration so official returns from Oregon. Portland ore., Doc. 1.�?the official returns of the vote of Oregon give these re suits Harrison 33,293 Cleveland 26,523 Fisk 1,677 Streeter �63 scattering 61 j total vote 61,918 Harrison a plurality i 6,769. Blaines plurality in 1ss4 was 2,256 on a total vote of 51,554. Cleveland a plurality in Kent by. Louisville ky., dec. 1.�?the official vote of Kentucky Cleveland 183,800 Harrison 154,144 Fisk 5,225 labor. 623 Belva Lockwood 2 Cleveland a plurality 28,666. _ the Dominion parliament announced to meet thursday january 31, die most available Man on account of tis record a Soldier his record in the United states Senate and i con less i urged his adoption by on the sentimental ground that he was the grandson of old Tippecanoe. A a or. Piatt favored another Man senator Hiscock had a different Choice and Warner Miller wanted a third Man. Still we were All willing to surrender our preferences in favor of the 9thers for the Good of the party. No i won t Tell you the preferences of the other delegates. I Only say that i alone favored Harrison. A Long discussion ensued. I did my share of the talking you May be sure and the result of the discussion was that the four agreed on Harrison. A a then i called a meeting of the whole new York delegation. All were present. I told them of the action of the delegates at Large find asked their. to Advance either his own personal interests or those of the party but he was a firm determined courageous and patriotic chief . O. Times Democrat. Keep your Eye on senator Blair of new Hampshire. His Opportunity has come. He has a Genius for reducing the surplus and nothing now stands in the Way of his successful introduction of spendthrift methods into the management of our National finances. His attention should to called to the fact that the Sioux indians stand greatly in need of Siik pocket handkerchiefs and that there Aro negroes in the South who do not own Gold watches. Perhaps he should to shown also that some of our most eminent chinese laundry men have no libraries connected with their establishments arid Are actually destitute of Warto the election of Tho representatives of the High tax party does not by any Means Settle the Tariff question. A Milwaukee labor review. Benjamin Harrison of Indiana should at once recall Tho fact that his distinguished Grandfather was worried to death by office seekers within Ono month after his Cincinnati enquirer. President Cleveland a thoroughly honest Man but a poor politician. He could have elected himself 1 had he resorted to the ruses and stratagems adopted by his Cleveland Plain dealer. Of course to will now have a grand exposition of civil service Reform. Touching which to have heard so much from Republican party organs. to understand Tho Republican idea of civil service Reform it lies in kicking out democrats and putting in republicans with All possible Kansas Cluj times. If every working Man who cast his vote for Harrison make a memorandum of the wages he now getting it might be an interesting matter to refer to four years hence when Republican promises and Republican performances will again to under consideration. Make the memorandum and hand it to your wife or Mother to keep for record. Success always attended by a swarm of flatterers. One of the newspaper Adula tors of Harrison says to a a broader than Arthur a less emotional than Garfield an Abler Leader than haves and a greater statesman than Grant and promises with All his wonderful qualities to leave a record behind him second Only to that of Lincoln. The author of this tribute must badly want a foreign Mission or a record. Now that the bitterness of defeat wearing off the democratic party and the Union also can truly estimate or. Cleveland a merits and ability. He was not a Man to awaken great enthusiasm he was not a Man Efti Habip Oil paintings y j a a anxious Mother a a Why my daughter in tears what has happened a married daughter a a in Igot mad at Arthur this morning and said a lot of of mean things and then he said a lot of meaner ones and boo Hoo i think of any thing mean enough to say Back boo Hoo Philadelphia record. 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Flour country xxx we 5 15 Minnesota Patent. 7 00 a Ember. 5 00 wheat no. 2. 1 031 que 25>s<a Cut to 5 in 5 tit 5 05 amp 3. 25 0014 05 49 33 75 70 40 do 24 50 00 70 40 25 50 04 Corn. 45 the 47 oat a no. 1. 82 33 Cheesb Choie factory. 11�?~aca 124 Ohio daily. 10 ,0% 114 butter Choice. S3 so eggs. 21 r 24 potatoes. So 40 seeds Timothy. 1 85 @ 1 90 Clover. 5 66 0 5 15 Hay baled. 14 v 0 14 50 bulk on Raar it. 14 09 u of cattle. 3 09 to 4 45 hogs. 5 49 6 50 Cincinnati. Flotz re family. 4 35 @ 4 50 wheat. 1 3 m 1 03 Corn. 44 Iua 454 Oats. 49 0 294 Rye. 54 55 hogs common to Light. 4 5> at 5 30 packing. 5 20 a 5 40 Tot. Edo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter. 1 of 1 0-44 corny no. 2. 41 4 Oats. 26 ill 27 Buffalo. Beeves a St. 4 40 0 5 30 medium. 3 75 0. 4 35 sheep common. 2 75 0. 3 59 Choice. 3 85 0 4 15 nog so selected yorkers. 6 3 i 01 5 35 medium we get. 5 30 0 5 55 Pittsburgh Beeves Best. 5 no 0 5 25 medium. 4 00 0 4 73 sheep Best. 4 00 0 4 25 medium. 3 50 0 4 00 hogs Pihut Delphias. 5 34 0, 5 35 yorkers. 5 20 0 5 40 pm it. Adel Phi . Wool Western. 32 0 37 unwashed. 20 0 u7 Jacobs Oil in or Jieu mutism. Fresh proofs just received. 85 years. Fara Myrul Chato. Jar a in. . W1.3 with Rheum Lam la hc1 i a to a lick and crate his a St. Jacob o i a arc me about 2 Yak re ago. More uni. ______620. L. Golf. A yearn. 0u�t-n�, Ohio Jans cd 131. Taken with rheumatism 12 year to a?�r�4 till one year age. Cured by St. Jacob 011. Xuy return since. E. X cry an. Crippled feat. Wayburne. In. May 29. �?T9. Fir year ago had Rheum aus in Ray feet suffered years used Ca amp a. St Jaob cd ended me jg3epk Fobia at tvttg<3i to the Charles a. V0geler co., Bil Timoor. My Diamond Vera Cura for dyspepsia. 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