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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - December 5, 1889, New Philadelphia, Ohio The new Philadelphia hues a v Sac Eil Moore prop re Philadelphia. Ohio Cleopatra being an account the fail and vengeance Harachis the Royal egyptian As set Forth by his own hand. By h. Rider Haggard author a a King Solomon a Minos a a a she a Allan Quaterman a Etc., Etc., Etc. Illustrated by Nicholl. After Caton Wood Volle and Gruelf Fenhagen. Chapter xxi. Of the tender care Charmion the Healing Harachis the sailing the Fleet Cleopatra for Cilicia and the speech Machis. Of Brennus to har deck his Eye fell upon the White Mark his a word had made and he swore a great oath by his Heathen gods. 44 and thou Hadst died lad a he said a methinks i could never again have held up my head 1 a that was a Coward stroke and shamed am i to think that i should have struck it and thou the ground and with thy Back to me know est thou that when thou didst lie a twist life and death every Day i came to ask tidings thee and i swore by Taranis that if thou didst die id turn my Back upon that soft Palace life and then away for the a trouble not Brennus a i answered a it was thy a Mayhap but there Are duties that a Brave Man should not do not at the bidding any Queen who Ever ruled in Egypt thy blow had dazed me i had not struck. What is it lad Art in trouble with this Queen ours Why Art thou dragged a prisoner upon this pleasure party know est thou that we Are strictly charged that if thou Dost escape our lives shall the Price a \ a May in sore trouble Friend a i an i swered a ask me no a a then being the be thou Artt there a a woman in it that swear in and perchance though i am rough and foolish i might make a guess. Look thou lad what Sayes thou Iam a weary the service Cleopatra and this hot land deserts and luxury that sap a Many a strength and Drain his pocket and so Are others whom i wot . What safest thou lets take one these unwieldy vessels and away to the North ill Lead thee to a bet my strength to speak. But car Mion came pud stood Over me and i Felt a great tear fall from her dark eyes upon my face As the first heavy drop rain Falls from a Stormy Cloud. A thou guest a she whispered a thou guest fast whither i May not follow a Rachis How gladly would i give my life for thine a then at length i opened my eyes and As Best i could i spoke a restrain thy grief dear Friend a i said a i live yet and in truth i feel As though new life did gather in my breast 1�?� she gave a Little cry Joy and Cleopatra went and for awhile i Lav silent gathering up Ter land than Egypt a land Lake and Mountain and great forests Sweet never saw i aught More Beautiful than the change that came upon her weeping face it was As when the first lights the Day run up the Ashen pallor that sad ski which vails the night from Dawn. All Rosy grew her Lovely countenance her dim eyes shone out Liko stars and a smile wonderment More Sweet than the sudden smile the sea As its Ripples Wake to brightness beneath the kiss the risen Moon broke through her rain tears. A thou Livest a Slio cried throwing herself upon her Knees beside Couch. A thou Livest and i thought thee Gonel thou Art come Back to me what say i How foolish is a woman a heart a tis this Long watching sleep and rest thee Harachis a Why Dost thou talk not one More word i command thee St rightly where is the draught left by that Long bearded fool na3r, thou Shalt have no draught there sleep Harachis sleep a and she crouched Down at my Side and Laid her cold hand upon Iny brow murmuring a sleep sleep sleep a and when i woke up there still she was but the lights Dawn were peeping through the casement. There still she Knelt one hand upon my forehead and her head in All its disarray curls resting upon her outstretched Arm. A Charmion a i whispered a have i slept a instantly she was wide awake and gazing me with tender eyes. A Yea thou Hast slept a How Long then have i slept a a nine a and thou Hast held thy place there at my Side for nine Long hours a a Yea it is naught i also have slept i feared to Waken thee if i a go rest thee a i said. A it Shames me to think this thing. Go rest thee Charmion a a vex not thyself a she answered a see i will bid a slave watch thee and to Wake me if thou needs aught i sleep there in the outer chamber. Peace i Gojo and she strove to Rise but so cramped was she fell Straightway the floor. Scarce can i Tell the sense shame that filled me when i saw her fall. Alas 1 could cot stir to help her. A it is naught a she said a move not i did but catch my foot. There a and she Rose again to fall a a pest upon my awkwardness Why i must be sleeping a a tis Well now. I 11 Send the slave a and Sho staggered thence like one overcome with wine. And after that once More i slept for was very weak. When 1 woke it was afternoon and i craved for food which Charmion brought me. I ate a then i die not a i said. A a she answered with a toss her head a thou Wilt live. In truth i did waste my pity a and thy pity did save my life a i said wearily for new i remembered. A it is naught a she answered carelessly. A after All thou Art my Cousin also i love nursing a tis a woman a Trade. Like enough i had done As much for any slave. Now too that the danger is past i leave a better Hadst thou done to let me die Charmion a i said after awhile a for life to me can now be naught but one Long shame. Tell me then when sails Cleopatra for Cilicia a a in Twenty Days she sail3, and with such pomp and glory As Egypt hath never seen. Of a truth i can not guess where she has found the Gold to gather in this store splendor As a Husbandman gathers his Rich but i knowing whence came the wealth groaned in bitterness spirit and made no answer. A a guest thou also Charmion a i asked presently. A May i and All the court. Thou too thou a i go Why is this a a because thou Art her slave and must March in gilded chains behind her Chariot because she fears to leave thee Here in Khein because it is her will and there is an a Charmion can i not escape a a escape thou poor sick Man How canst thou escape ? e in now most strictly Art thou guarded. And if thou didst escape whither wouldst thou Fly there snot an honest Man in Egypt but would spit thee in scorn a once More i groaned in spirit and being so weak i Felt the tears Roll a Down my Cheek. A sweep not a she said hastily and turning her face aside. A Beaman and Brave these troubles out. Thou Hast sown now must thou reap but after Harvest the Waters Rise and Wash away the roots and then once More comes seed time. Perchance yonder in Cilicia a Way May be found when once More thou Art Strong whereby thou Mayst Fly if in truth thou canst Bear thy life apart from Cleopatra a smile then in some far land must thou dwell till these things Are forgotten. And now my task is done so fare thee Well. At times will i come and see that thou neediest so Sho went and thenceforward was i nursed and that skilfully by the physician and two women slaves and As my wound healed so my strength came Back to me slowly at first then most swiftly. In four Days from that time i left my Couch and in three More i could walk an hour in the Palace gardens another week and i could read and think though i went no More to court. And at length one afternoon Charmion came and bade me make ready for in two Days would the Fleet sail first for the coast Syria and thence to the Gulf issus and Cilicia. Thereon with All formality and in writing i craved leave Cleopatra that i might be left urging that my health was even now so feeble that i could not travel. But in answer a message was sent to me that i must come. And soon the appointed Day i was carried a litter Down to the boat and together with that very Soldier who had Cut me Down the Captain Brennus and others Bis troop who indeed were sent to guard Mewe rowed aboard the vessel where she Lay at Anchor with the rest the great Fleet. For Cleopatra was voyaging As though to War in much pomp and escorted by a mighty Fleet snips whereof her Galley built like a House and lined throughout with Cedar and Silken hangings was the most Beautiful and costly that the world has Ever seen. But this vessel i went oot and therefore it chanced that i saw not Cleopatra nor Charmion till we landed it the Mouth the River cygnus. The signal being made the Fleet set sail and the wind being fair the evening the second Day we came to Joppa. Thence we a ailed slowly with contrary winds up the East Syria making Caesarea and Pool Smaris to rus and Brytus amp and past Lebanon a White brow crowned with Bis Crest Cedars to Heraclea and across the Gulf issus to the Mouth cygnus. And Ever As we journeyed the Strong Bra thou the sea brought Back air health till at length save for a line White upon my head where the sword had fallen was i almost As i had been. And one night As we Drew near cygnus while Rennus and i sat que together the scented Pine a and find thee a girl fit to mate with mine own Niece a Strong girl and tall with wide Blue eyes and Long fair hair and arms that would crack thy ribs were she to hug thee come what Sayes thou put away the past and away for the Bonny North and be a son to for a moment i thought and then sadly Shook my head for though sorely was i tempted to be gone i knew that in Egypt Lay my Fate and my Fate i might not Fly. Brennus a i answered. A it May not be a Fain would i that it might be but i am bound by a Chain destiny which i can not break and in the land Egypt i must live and a was thou Wilt lad a said the old Warrior. A dearly should i have loved to marry thee among my people and make a son thee. At the least remember that while i am Here thou Hast Brennus for a Friend. And one thing More beware that beauteous Queen thine for by Taranis perchance an hour May come when she will hold that thou know est too much and then a and he Drew his hand across his Throat. A and now Good night a Cap wine then to sleep for to Morrow the foolery a Here several lengths the second Roll papyrus Are so broken As to be indecipherable. They seem to h Ive been descriptive Cleopatra s voyage up the cygnus to the City Tarsus. J and the writing continues to those who could take Joy in such things the sight must indeed have been a Gallant one. For the Stern our Galley was covered with sheets beaten Gold the sails were the Scarlet Tyre and the oars Silver dipped in the water to the measure music. And there in the Center the vessel beneath an awning ablaze with Gold embroidery Lay Cleopatra attired As the roman Venus and surely Venus was not More fairing a thin Robe whitest silk bound in beneath her breast with a Golden Girdle delicately Graven Over with scenes love. All about her were Little Rosy boys chosen for their Beauty and Clad in naught save downy wings strapped upon their shoulders and their backs cupid s Bow and quiver who fanned her with fans plumes. And upon the vessels decks handling the Cordage that was Silken web and softly singing to the sound harps and the beat oars stood no rough sailors but women Lovely to behold some Clad As graces and some As nereid that is scarce Clad at All save in their scented hair. And behind the Couch with drawn sword stood Brennus in splendid Armor and winged Helm Gold and by him others i among them in Robes richly worked and knew that i was indeed a slave 1 the High poop also burned Golden censers filled with the costliest incense whereof the fragrant steam Hung in Little Clouds about our Wake. Thus As in a dream luxury followed by Many ships we glided toward the wooded slopes Taurus at whose foot Lay that ancient City Tarshish. And As we came the people gathered the Banks and ran before us shouting a Venus is risen from Dure this Ignominy and torture. For from Cleopatra now i had no words save such words As a Queen Speaks to her slave and methinks it gave her dark heart pleasure to torment me. Thus it came to pass that i the pharaoh crowned Khem stood among eunuchs and waiting women behind the Couch Egypt s Queen Vahila the feast went merrily and the wine cup passed. And Ever Antony sat his eyes fixed upon the face Cleopatra who from time to time let her deep glance lose itself in his and then for a Little while their talk died away. For he told her tales War and deeds that he had done a and love jests such As Are not meet for the ears women. But at naught took she offence rather falling into his humor would she eap his stories with others a finer wit but not less shameless. At length the Rich meal being finished Antony gazed a the splendor round him. A Tell me the most Lovely Egypt a he said a Are the Santa Nile compact Gold thou canst eight by night thus squander the Ransom a King upon a single least whence comes this untold wealth a i Bethought me the Tomb the divine Menka a whose holy treasure was thus wickedly wasted and looked up so that Cleopatra a eyes caught mine but Reading my thoughts she frowned heavily. A Why Noble Antony a she said a surely it is naught in Egypt we have our secrets and know whence to conjure riches at our need. Say what is the value this Golden service and the meats and drinks that have been set before us a a maybe a thousand a thou Hast understated it by half Noble Antony but such As it is i give it thee and those with thee As a free Token my Friendship. And More will i show thee now. I myself will eat and drink ten thousand ses Tertia at a a that can not be fair Egypt a she laughed and bade a slave bring her vinegar in a Glass. When it was brought she set it before her and laughed again while Antony rising from his Couch Drew near and sat himself at her Side and All the company least Forward to see what she would do. And this she did from her ears she took one those great pearls which last ail had been drawn from the body the divine pharaoh and before any could guess her purpose let it fall into the Vine Gar. Then came silence the silence won Der and slowly the Peerless Pearl melted in the acid. When it was melted she took the Glass and Shook it then drank the vinegar to the last drop. A More vinegar slave a she cried a my meal is but half finished a and she Drew Forth the second Pearl. A by Bacchus no thou Shalt not a cried Antony snatching at her hands a i have seen and at that moment moved thereto by i know not what i called aloud a the hour Falls the hour the coming the curse Menka a a a an Ashy whiteness grew upon Cleopatra s face and furiously she turned upon me while All the company gazed wondering not knowing what the words might mean. A thou ill opened slave a she cried. A speak thus once More and thou Shalt be scourged with rods May scourged like an evil doer that i Promise thee Harachis a a what Means the Knave an astrologer a asked Antony. A speak Sirrah and make Clear thy meaning for those who Deal in curses must warrant their a i am a servant the gods Noble Antony. That which the gods put in my mind that must i say nor can i read their mean ing a i answered humbly. A ooh thou serves the gods Dost thou thou Many coloured mystery a this he said having reference to my splendid Robes a Well i Servo the goddesses which is a softer cult. And there a this Between us that though what they put in my mind i say neither can i read their meaning a and he glanced at Cleopatra As one who questions. A a let he Knave be a she said impatiently a to Morrow Well be rid him. Sirrah be gone a Noble Anthony Tijou Hast called me. The sea Venus hath come to visit Bacchus two Drew near to the City and All its people every one who could walk be carried crowded Down in thousands to the docks and with them came the whole army Antony so at length Tho Triumvir was left alone upon the judgment seat. With them came Delius the false tongued fawning and bowing and in the name Antony gave the a Queen Beauty greeting bidding her to a feast that Antony had made ready. But she made High answer and said a Forsooth a tis Antony who should wait us not we Antony. Bid the Noble Antony to our poor table this night else we Dine Delius went bowing to the ground the feast was made ready and then at last i set Estes Antony. Clad in purple Robes he came a great Man and Beautiful to see set in the Stout prime life with Bright eyes Blue and Curling hair and features Cut sharply As a grecian Gem. For great he was form and Royal Mien and with an open countenance Whereon his thoughts were writ so Clear that All might read them Only the weakness the Mouth belied the Power the brow. He came companione by his generals and when he reached the Couch Whereon Cleopatra Lay he stood astonished gazing her with wide opened eyes. She too gazed him earnestly i saw the red blood run up beneath her skin and a great Pang jealousy seized upon my heart. And Charmion who saw All beneath her downcast eyes saw this also and smiled. But Cleopatra spoke no word Only she stretched out her White hand for him to kiss and he saying no word took her hand and kissed it. A behold Soblo Antony a Sho said at last in her voice music a thou Hast called me and i am a Venus has come a he answered in his deep notes and still holding his eyes fast fixed upon her face. A i called a woman a goddess hath risen from the deep a a to find a god to Greet her the land a she laughed with read wit. A a yell a truce to compliments for being the earthen in a Venus is a hungered. Noble Antony thy the trumpets blared and through the bowing crowd Cleopatra followed by her train passed hand in hand with Antony to Tho feast. F Here there is a nother break in the papyrus. J chapter xxii. Of the feast Cleopatra the melt ing the Pearl Machis and love. Of the saying Hak Cleopatra s vows n the third night once More was the feast prepared in the Hall the great House that had been set aside to the use Cleopatra and this night its splendor was greater even than the nights before. For the twelve triclinic a couches that were set about the table were embossed with Gold and those Cleopatra and an Gold set with jewels. The Tony were dishes also were ail Gold set with jewels the Walls were Hung with purple cloths sewn with Gold and the floor were strewn fresh roses ankle deep covered with a net Gold that As Tho slaves trod them sent up their perfume. Once again was i bid to stand with Charmion and iras and Merida behind the Couch Cleopatra and like a slave from time to time Call out the hours As they flew. And there being no help wild at heart i went but this i swore it should be for the last time for i could not Bear that shame. For though i would not vet believe what Charmion told me that Cleopatra was about to become the love Antony ret could i no More in i bowed and went and As i went i heard Antony say a Well a Knave he May be for that All men Are but this for thy astrologer he hath a Royal air and the Eye a King a and wit in without the door i paused not knowing what to do for i was bewildered with misery and As 1 stood some one touched me the hand. I glanced up it was Charmion who in the confusion the rising the guests had slipped away and Fol Lowed me. For in trouble Charmion was Ever at my Side. A follow me a she whispered a thou Art in i turned and followed her. Why should i not a whither go we a i asked at length. A to my chamber a she said. A fear not we ladies Cleopatra a court have Small Good Fame to lose. It any one by Chance should see us they la think that tis a Iove tryst and such Are All the i followed and presently skirting the crowd we came unseen to a Little Side Entrance that led to a Stair up which we passed. The Stair ended in a passage we turned Down it till we found a door the left hand. Silently Charmion entered and i followed her into a dark chamber. Being in be barred the door and kindling tinder to a flame lit a hanging lamp. As the Light grew Strong i gazed around. The chamber was not Large and had but one casement closely shuttered. For the rest it was simply furnished having White Walls some chests for garments an ancient chair what i took to be a tiring table Whereon were Combs perfumes and All the Fri Pery that pertains to woman and a White bed with a Bro dered cover lid Over which was Hung a gnat Gauze. A be seated Harachis a she said pointing to the chair. I took the chair and Charmion throwing Back the gnat Gauze sat herself upon the bed before me. A know est thou what i heard Cleopatra say As thou didst leave the banqueting Hall a she asked present let. A i know a she gazed after thee and As i went Over to her to do some service she murmured to herself a by Serapis i will make an end no longer will 1 wait to Morrow he shall be strangled a a a a Soju i said a it May be though after All that has been scarce can i believe that she will murder a Why canst thou not believe it thou most foolish men Dost forget How nigh thou was to death there in the Alabaster Hall ? who saved thee then from the knives the eunuchs was it Cleopatra was it i and Brennus stay i will Tell thee. Thou canst not yet believe it because in thy Folly thou Dost not think it possible that the woman who has but lately been As a wife to thee can now in so Short a time doom thee to be basely done to death. answer not i know All and this i Tell thee a thou Hast not measured the depth Cleopatra s perfidy nor canst thou dream the blackness her wicked heart. She had surely slain thee in Alexandria had she not feared that thy Slaughter being noised abroad might bring Troubie to her. Therefore has she brought thee Here to kill thee secretly. For what More canst thou give her a she has thy hearts love and is wearied thy strength and Beauty. She has robbed thee thy Royal Birthright and brought thee a King to stand amidst her waiting women behind her at her feasts she has won from thee the great secret the holy treasure a a a nah thou knows that a a Yea i know ail and to night thou Seest How the wealth stored against the need Khem is being squandered to fill up the Wanton luxury Kli cml a macedonian Queen thou Seest How she hath kept her oath to wed thee honorable har Machise at length thine eyes Are open to the truth a a May i see too Well she swore she loved me and fool that i was i did believe her a a she swore she loved thee a answered Charmion lifting her dark eyes a now will Ishow thee How she doth love thee. Know est thou what was this House it was a priests College and As thou hottest Harachis priests have their ways. This Little chamber aforetime was the chamber the head priest and the chamber that is beyond Aud below was the gathering room the other priests. All this the old slave who keeps the place told me and also she revealed what i shall show thee. Now. Harachis be silent As the dead and follow me a she blew out Tho lamp and by the Little Light that crept through the shattered casement led me by the hand to the far Corner the room. Here she pressed upon the Wall Aud a door opened in its thickness. We entered and she closed the Spring. Now we were in a Little chamber some five cubits in length by four in breadth for a faint Light struggled into the closet and also the sound voices whence i knew not. Loosing my hand she crept to the end the place and looked steadfastly at the Wall then crept Back and whispering a silence a led me Forward with her. Then 1 saw that there were Eye holes in the Wall which pierced it and were hidden be farther Side by carved work in Stone. I looked through the Hole that was in front me and this i saw. Six cubits below was the level the floor another chamber lit with fragrant lamps and most richly furnished. It was the sleeping place Cleopatra and there within ten cubits where we stood sat Cleopatra a gilded Couch and by her Side sat Antony. A Tell me a Cleopatra murmured for so was this place built that every word spoken in the room below came to the ears the listener above a Tell me Noble Antony wast pleased with my poor festival a a May a he answered in his deep soldiers voice a May Egypt i have made feasts and been Bidden to feasts but never saw i aught like thine and this i Tell thee though i am rough Tongue and unskilled in pretty Sayin is such As women love thou wast Tho richest sight All that splendid Board. The red wine was not so red As thy beauteous Cheek the roses smelt not so Sweet As the odor thy hair and no Sapphire there with its changing Light was so Lovely As thy eyes Ocean a what Praise from Antony Sweet words from the lips him whose writings Are so harsh Why a tis Praise indeed a a May a he went a a a twas a Royal feast though i grieved that thou didst waste that great Pearl and what meant that hour calling astrologer thine with his ill opened talk the curse Menka a a a Shadow fled across her glowing face. A i know not he was lately wounded in a Brawl and methinks the blow has crazed he seemed not crazed and there was that about his voice which doth ring in my ears like some Oracle Fate. So wildly too he looked upon thee Egypt with those piercing eyes his like Cne who loved and yet hated through the a a a tis a strange Man i Tell thee Noble Antony and a Learned. Myself at times i almost fear him for deeply is be versed in the ancient arts Egypt. Know est thou that the Man is Royal blood and once he plotted to slay me but i won him Over and slew him not for he had the key to secrets that i Faiu would learn and indeed i love his Wisdom and to listen to his deep talk All hidden a by Bacchus but i grow jealous the Knave and now Egypt a a Maud now i have sucked his knowledge dry and have no More cause to fear him. Didst thou not see that these three nights i have made him stand a slave amid my slaves and Call aloud the hours As they fled in festival no captive King marching in thy roman triumphs can have suffered Keener pangs than that proud egyptian Prince As he stood and shamed behind my Here Charmion Laid her hand mine and pressed it As though in tenderness. A Well he shall trouble us no More with his words evil Omen a Cleopatra went slowly a to Morrow morn he Dies Dies swiftly and in secret leaving no Trace what his Fate hath been. On this is my mind fixed a truth Noble Antony it is fixed. Even As i speak the fear this Man grows and gathers in my breast. Half am i minded to give the word even now for till he be dead i breathe not freely a and she made As though to Rise. A let it be till morning a he said catching her by the hand a the soldiers drink and the deed will be ill done. A tis pity too i love not to think men slaughtered in their in the morning perchance May the Hawk have flown a she answered pondering. A the hath keen ears this Harachis and can summon things that Are not the Earth to Aid him. Perchance even now he hears me in the spirit for a truth j seem to feel his presence breathing round me. I could Tell thee but no let him be Noble Antony be my tiring woman and Loose to this Crown Gold it chafes my brow. Be gentle Hurt me he lifted the uranus Crown from her brows and she Shook Loose her heavy weight hair that fell about her like a garment. A take thy Crown Royal Egypt a he said speaking Low a take it from my hand i will not Rob thee it but rather set it More firmly that beauteous a what Means my lord a she asked smiling and looking into his eyes. A what mean i Why then this hither thou Earnest at my bidding to make answer to the charges Laid against thee As to matters politic. And know est thou Egypt that Hadst thou been other than thou Art thou Hadst not gone Back to Queen it the Nile for this i am sure the charges against thee Are True in fact. But being what thou arts and look thou never did nature serve a woman better a i forgive thee All. Even for the Sake thy Grace and Beauty i forgive Theo that which hath not been forgiven to virtue to patriotism to the dignity age see now How Good a thing is woman a wit and loveliness that can make Kings forget their duty and Cozene in blindfolded Justice to Peep Ere she lifts her sword take Back thy Crown Egypt my care now it is that though it be heavy it shall not chafe a Royal words Are those most Noble Antony a she made answer a gracious and generous words such As befit the conqueror the world. Ana touching my misdeeds in the past if misdeeds there have been this i say and this alone then knew not Antony. For knowing Antony who could sin against him ? what woman could lift a sword against one who must be to ail women As a god one who seen and known draws after him the whole allegiance the heart As the Sun draws Flowers ? and what More can i say and not Cross the Bounds woman a modesty Why Only this set that Crown upon my brow great Antony and i will take it As a gift from thee by the giving made doubly dear and to thy uses will i guard it. There now am i thy Vassal Queen and through me All old Egypt that i Rule doth homage unto Antony the Triumvir who shall be Antony the emperor and Khemo a Imperial and he having set the Crown upon her locks stood gazing her grown passionate in the warm breath her living Beauty till at length he caught her by both hands and drawing her to him kissed her thrice saying a Cleopatra i love thee Sweet a i love thee As never 1 loved before a she Drew Back from his embrace smiling softly and As Sho did so the Golden circlet the sacred snakes fell being but loosely set upon her brow and rolled away into the darkness beyond the ring Light. Even in the bitter anguish my heart i saw the Omen and knew its evil import. But these Twain took no note. A thou love Cost me a she said most sweetly a How know i that thou Lovest me per Chance a tis Fulvia whom thou Lovesta Ful via thy wedded wife a a a tis not Fulvia a tis thee Cleopatra and thee alone. Many women have looked favourably upon me from my boyhood up but to never a one have i known such de sire As to thee thou wonder the world like unto whom no woman Ever was canst thou love me Cleopatra and to Ine be True not for my place and Power not for that which i can give can with hold not for the Stern music my legions tramp for the Light that flows from my Bright Star Fortune but for myself Lor the Sake Antony the rough Captain grown old in Camps a for the Sake Antony the reveler the frail the unfixed purpose but who never yet did desert a Friend Rob a poor Man take an enemy unawares say canst thou love me Egypt for if thou canst Why i am More Happy than though to night i sat crowned in the Capitol at Rome absolute Monarch the world a and Ever As he spoke she gazed him with wonderful eyes and in them shone a Light truth and honesty such As was strange to me. A thou speak est plainly a she said a and Sweet Are thy words unto mine ears Sweet would they be even were things otherwise than they Are for what woman would not love to see the worlds master at her feet but things being As they Are Why Antony what can be so Sweet As thy Sweet words the smooth Harbor his rest to Tho storm tossed mariners surely that is Sweet the dream heavens Bliss that cheers the poor ascetic priest his path sacrifice surely that is Sweet the sight Dawn the Rosy fingered coming in his Promise to glad the watching Earth surely that is Sweet but a not one these nor All dear delightful things that Are can match the Honey sweetness thy words to me Antony for thou know est not never canst thou know How drear hath been my life and empty since thus it is ordained that in love Only can woman lose her Solitude and i have never loved never might i love till this Happy night a take me in thy arms and let us swear a great oath love an oath that May not be broken while life is in us behold Antony now and for Ever do i vow most strict Fidelity unto thee now and forever Ami thine and thine alone a then Charmion took me by the hand and Drew me thence. A Hast seen enough a she asked when once More we were within the chamber and the lamp was lit. A Yea a i answered a my Eye Are to be continued. J escape. A divine intuition. The Minneapolis a a Tribune a building m veritable fire trap destroyed a editors printers reporters and others hemmed in by the flames a ten those caught in the flaming prison lose their lives a among them was prof. Olsen a Well known educator awful scenes fixing the blame. Minneapolis minn., dec. 2.�?ten human lives and $300,000 Worth property was sacrificed saturday night by a fire that originated in the rooms the Union league the third floor the Minneapolis Tribune building. The fire was discovered shortly after 10 clock by a District messenger and almost before an alarm could be turned in every door and window the immense eight Story building was belching fire and smoke. There were upward eighty men including the editorial staff and a Force compositors at work the seventh floor and these were penned in like sheep by the sheets flame that separated them from the elevator and stairway. So eager were the men to get out their scorching prison that they would have fallen headlong out the window and been dashed to pieces the sidewalk seven stories below had not they been restrained by their More Cool headed Fellows. As it was however two Tho terror stricken men broke away from their would be preservers and dropped from a window to the sidewalk. They were both instantly killed. While the work Rescue was going from the window where the crowd printers and others had assembled prof. Olsen president the Vermillion s. A University met a terrible Fate. Olsen got out the window All right and had proceeded Down a Short distance the fire escape when from some unknown reason he let go his hold and fell to the sidewalk. A couple firemen rushed in and carried him to the nearest drug store where it was found that he was dead his body having been terribly crushed by the fall. Seven bodies were found around the building last night All which have been identified. They were Milton Pickett assistant City editor the Pioneer press James f. Igoe associated press night operator Walter e. Miles night agent and Day operator the associated press Edward Olsen president the University South Dakota at Vermilion w. H. Millman Cun Mercial editor the Tribune Jerry Jenk Inson Printer Robert Mccutcheon Printer. While the fire was at its height j. Mccutcheon appeared in one the windows the composing room and jumped into a net held by the firemen below. The weight his body carried the net to the Stone pavement and he died a few minutes after being picked up. Other bodies Are known to he in the building hut just How Many is Uncertain. Two men who could not he identified shot themselves rather than be burned to death and the body a Man caught in the ruins is in Plain sight the crowd fourth Street. It is believed that the number victims will reach Twenty and perhaps Twenty five hut until the debris cools off positive information As to the loss can not he obtained. The building which stood at the Corner first Avenue South and fourth streets was an eight Story Brick and is completely gutted. In it were one weekly and three daily papers. The total loss is estimated at $300,000. The Tribune loss is placed at $50,000, with $20,000 insurance the journal loss is $40,000 and it is half insured and the Tribune Job office lost $00,000, which there was about $25,000 insurance. Other minor losses make the aggregate Given and the insurance foots up $150,000. Chief Stetson the fire department lays the blame for the great loss life to the Lack fire escapes and says the department did what it could to save lives and if there was any delay it was because life was considered More value than property. Minneapolis typographical Union no. 42 met sunday afternoon and adopted a series resolutions concerning the calamity saturday night. After setting Forth the fact that a. B. Nettleton who had charge the building and others connected with the management the paper had been repeatedly urged to provide suitable fire escapes the resolutions condemn those whose duty it was to provide fire escapes for their neglect in so doing and declaring it to he a proper subject for investigation by the Coroner. General Nettleton has written an open letter in which he denies any connection with the burned Tribune building for Over two years past and says that while he was in charge the building no person persons occupants thereof had Ever requested him bet Tes facilities for escape in Case fire. Vermilion $. D., dec. 2.�?news the death . Olsen in the Minneapolis fire caused a feeling sorrow in this City. Or. Olsen was about 40 years old a graduate the Chicago University and for several years a professor greek in that institution. He was a Man Large culture spoke several languages fluently and travelled extensively in Europe and was among the Best known the younger educators the country. About two and a half years ago he was called to the presidency the University Dakota founded by the territorial government. Under his efficient management the institution grew rapidly and at the time his death there were Over 300 students in the institution and president Olsen s faculty numbered about Twenty professors and teachers lie took a Large interest in the educational work at Chautauqua spent several Summers at Chautauqua Lake and was known All Over the land among the students in the Chautauqua assemblies. Why every one should cultivate the sense personal responsibility. The sense personal responsibility Well educated makes a Man woman a More than ordinarily useful member society. An individual with the sense Well developed fills his various relations in Home Church and state to the extent for which he is responsible for their welfare. It saves him from assuming Moro duties than he can execute it compels him to understand and fulfil every duty which he assumes. The greatest friction we endure in life comes from unfulfilled obligations and appointments. We stay at Home a Bright sunny Day to receive a promised Call that is not made. We wait to Complete our plans for a certain work for some persons to compote their part Only to find that Tho matter has been forgotten neglected and weeks Are lost in reorganizing picking up broken links. No Man woman should undertake an office for which he she has not the fitness the interest to fill to its widest circumference if Lac Talent time prevents filling the office Good judgment and Grace demand that it should he surrendered. It is a social crime to waste the time Busy people through indifference neglect. It is hut a Shade less criminal for intelligent people to submit to the neglect indifference those who pretend to work with them. If the work for which an organization is formed is important enough to demand organization it is important enough to demand the Best its workers can give to command for it. Less than that is an insult. Every one who has Ever been connected w Ith boards committees knows Tho annoying waste time and nerve Force to which one must rather does submit because the negligence tardiness indifference some members. Is it not the part righteousness and Wisdom to save this waste by organizing with working members cutting off Drift and Deadwood the mails Are already delivering the postal cards giving the notices meetings. We pick one up read the name the organization and taking out note Book write Day and time adding fifteen minutes to half an hour to the stated time knowing full Well that we will have a margin to spare then before the meeting really begins. Another comes. This Means half the officers ready to report intelligently and completely and about a third the members Active in interest while All Are ready to criticise. So we go through the list each differing slightly in its defects. We blame the society organization when the fault is the preponderance one certain temperament in the individual members. If All possessed the sense personal responsibility in Tho same degree meetings would Bogin and close time every committee and officer would have attended to their several duties and no one would have assumed duties for which he had neither Talent fitness nor time. A Christian Union. From a lady Clarence la. Hibbard a rheumatic syrup and plasters Are remedies great Merit. I believe they have no equal in the cure rheumatism and All blood diseases. Rheumatic syrup co., Jackson Mich gents for three years i have been greatly afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism and indigestion. My hands arms and limbs were badly swollen Aud at times i could not Wear my shoes. Upon advice i began using Hibbard s rheumatic syrup. Two bottles cured me. It is a wonderful Medicine acting upon the stomach and digestive organs As it does eradicates the Poison from the blood and purifies the whole system. It affords me pleasure to recommend this remedy. Mrs. M. K. H. Reid. Mrs. Reid is Well known and her statement can be relied upon. Hibbard a rheumatic syrup is a Medicine great Merit. G. E. Smith druggist Clarence Iowa. Quiet languid m have you noticed that Dolce far Niente feeling that has All a sudden settled the country As if life is no longer Worth living it is easily explained. The base Ball season has Herald. Egypt and Jerusalem via Gibraltar Naples and Koine. Geo. May Powell Philadelphia is acting As special manager Lor organizing a t in for ladies and gentlemen wishing to visit the East. The Ocean Steamer circassian 4.274 tons has been chartered to Start with the party from new York february 19th. Return through France England and Scotland about june 7th. The main trip will Cost less than 3500. Radiator excursions to Ephesus constantinople Vienna Etc can be added to the route for Small increase expense. Rolla Floyd the most famous syrian Dragoman will have charge the Oriental Section and messes. Gaze amp son London have been engaged to manage the european Section. Rev. Or. F. Thomas an experienced director such excursions will have general charge. This will be by far the most for the Money Ever before uttered in this line. A number Young ladies Are already booked As mrs. Thomas will have care a department for them. For further particulars address a circassian a p. O. Box 700, Philadelphia a. A want fellow that comes along can get the Lull you a said the Doorstep to the Bell Landle. A not till he has walked Over you a was the Bell handles retort. A do do you you cause for divorce. A Antony a said Cleopatra know any the old songs know a old dog tray a a a yes dear a replied Antony will sing it for you. Him. Old dog tray Ever a a that a just what bothers me a interrupted Cleopatra. A that line about old dog tray Ever faithful. I think it is very a How do you make that out a asked the astonished Antony. A easily enough a she replied a and cast a shy glance at her lord a for How could he be faithful and yet betray a then Antony swore he would go Down to Chicago the next train and have Tho City clerk pull the Hyphen out from Between the Ameri can. Infection through ear rings. A Case is related in Tho Wiener Mediz Nische Presse a Young girl fourteen Yoars age a perfectly healthy family who wore ear rings left to her by a Friend who had died Pul monary tuberculosis. Soon ulcers appeared the lobes both ears the cervical Lymph nodules became swollen and percussion revealed dullness at the Apex the left lung. Tubercle Bacilli were found in the ulcers and in the Sputa. It was presumed that the ear rings were the agents infection. The people Are not slow to understand that in order to warrant their manufacturers in guarantee ing them to Benefit cure medicines must possess More than Ordinary Merit and Cura Tive properties. Or. Pierces Golden medical discovery is the Only blood Medicine sold through druggists under a positive Guaran tee that it will Benefit cure Money paid for it will be returned. In All blood skin and Scalp diseases and for All so Romulous affections it is specific. F500 Reward offered by the proprietors . Sages Catarrh remedy for an Incura ble Case. A it would be perfectly Safe to Lay a heavy Wager that generosity is not the motive which prompts a woman to give her husband a piece her mind. Hibbard a rheumatic and liver pills. These pills Are scientifically compounded uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use pills. They Are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure sick headache constipation dyspepsia bilious Ness and. Asau appetizer they Excel any other preparation probably no Man so fully realizes the empty hollowness All sub Lunary and Ter rest Al things a i the one who ladles a Tea spoonful freshly grated horseradish into his Mouth under the impression that it is Vanilla recorder. Deserving is no article which so richly deserves the entire Confidence the Community As Browne a bronchial troches. Those suffering from asthmatic and bronchial diseases. Coughs and colds should try them. Price 25 cents. Nothing is More wearing a sensitive nature than to be made a sort Safe Deposit where people can leave their journal. Oregon the Paradise Farmers. Mild equable climate certain and abundant crops. Best fruit Grain grass Stock country in the world. Full information free. Address Oregon immigration Board Portland Oregon a society lady East Liverpool o., puts her pet poodle dog s hair up in curl papers every night. Millions women use Dobbins electric soap daily and say it is the Best and cheapest. If they Are right you ought to use it. If wrong one trial Only will show you. Buy a bar your grocer and try it next monday. A woman May think a Man is a Genius before marriage nut she Calls it by some other name Post express. The smokers Delight a Tan silly a rheumatism consumption surely cured. To the editor a please inform your readers that i have a positive remedy for according to recent investigations is caused by Cess lactic acid in the blood. This acid attack the fibrous tissues particularly in the joints and causes the local manifestations the disease pains and aches in the Back and shoulders and in the above named disease. By its timely use thousands hopeless cases have been permanently cured. I shall be glad to Send two bottles my remedy free to any your readers who have consumption if they a will Send me their express and Post Olieo 1 the j0int9 at the Knees Ank est hlp9�?T and leu address. Respectfully t. A. Slocum m. C., i thousands people have found in hoods Sarsa 181 Pearl Street. New York. A modest person Seldom fails to gain the Good will those he converses with because nobody envies a Man who does not appear to be pleased with himself. Pleasant. Wholesome speedy for coughs is Hales Honey horehound and tar. Pikes Toothache drops cure in one in Ute. When Money gets tight it ought u make a Many a pocket Book Enterprise Don t wait until you Are sick before trying Carter s Little liver pills but go t a vial at once. You can t take them without a positive and permanent cure for Rhouma Oisin. This Medicine by its purifying and vitalizing j action neutralizes the acid Ltd the blood and strengthens the whole body. Hoods Sarsaparilla sold by All druggists Al six for 83. Prepared Only by c. I. Hood amp co., Lowell mass. Too doses one Dollar Webster in an Oyster Campaign course the enemy is american. Ommy Anderm entry rheumatism. For 20 years. Pilot Knob mo., september 3,1s88. I suffered with chronic rheumatism in my Knees and Ankles for Twenty years and had to use crutches. I was treated at times by several doctors but was finally cured by St. Jacobs Oil. Have had no return pain in three ? sri. Henry p. Travers. At druggists ant the Charles a. V0geler co. Waltimo a my. Best Holiday gift for pastor Parent teacher Clutild Friend. 3000 More words and nearly 2000 More engravings than any other american dictionary. It is a invaluable companion in every school and at every fireside. Get the Best. Sold by All booksellers. Illustrated pamphlet with specimen pages Etc., sent free. G. Amp c. Mlrr1am amp co., 1�?~nb�?Trs,Springfield, mag. Christmas presents Fields female fail lard a regulator menstruation monthly sickness ja5monthly sickness if Tiv Vaen our no chem amp to Ufa great u misery sviffyr1h6vjllihe Avo Fita j5ook to woman asm Fra brads eld Regula Tor co. Atlanta a. Sold at All Esu Caiata. Tufts pills the Medicine must be More than a purgative. To be permanent it must contain tonic alterative and cathartic properties. Tutt s pills possess these in a eminent degree and speedily restore to the bowels their Natieal peristaltic motion so essential to regularity. Sold every Wiere. Are the be St Send stamp Fob Price list to 2c. Co. 682 Broa Dwa t new y Ork music boxes mame tu1s Pafel. A Brj Tima you writ. Grateful a Cocoa breakfast. V a Jbv a thorough knowledge the natural Laws which gov. In the operations digestion and nutrition and by a careful application the Tine properties Well selected Cocoa . Apps he a a with a Delici provided our breakfast Tades has delicately the Man who has a pass always finds most fault with the railroads. A drinking the whole milk makes Fine fat calves but calves raised skim milk and Oatmeal and bran if not so sleek at eight months old had a better Start Bone and muscle and beat the More pampered calf at two years age. It is waste Cash product to feed a calf whole milk after its rennet stomach changes so As to Call for solid food and it is a mistake to so feed it after it is ten Day sold. Warmed skim milk and a Little Oatmeal Are much Farmer. Catarrh. Armour testifies. The importance individuality. No one can have a right appreciation duty who does not appreciate his own individuality. For himself and by himself a Man must work his own work. But neither can a Man rightly appreciate his individuality and his own work if he does not recognize his relativity. For others and with others a Man must work the worlds work. The past lives in us the future must live through us. Truly did Webster say a those who do not look upon themselves As a link connecting the past with the future do not perform their duty to the we can ignore neither our ancestors nor our posterity without Nguoi ing . S. Times. Tive millionaire in Ork Yaeker obeys senator vests summons. Washington dec. 2. A . P. 1. Armour Chicago was a witness before senator vests dressed beef committee. Lie gave an account his connection with the dressed beef business and in a written statement which was read by one his employees denied that the firm Armour amp co. Had Ever engaged in any combination to fix the Price to he paid for cattle the Price for which the product should be sold catarrhal deafness Hay fever a new Home treatment. Sufferers Are not generally aware that these diseases Are contagious that they Are due to the presence living parasites in the lining membrane the nose and eustachian tubes. Microscopic research however has proved this to be a fact and the result this discovery is that a simple remedy has been formulated whereby Catarrh Hay fever and catarrhal deafness Are permanently cured in from one to three simple applications made at Home by the patient once in two weeks. N. treatment is not a snuff an ointment both have been discarded by reputable physicians As injurious. A pamphlet explaining this new treatment is sent receipt three cents in Stamps to postage by a. H. Dixon amp son Cor. Of John and King Street Toronto advocate. Sufferers from catarrhal troubles should carefully read the above a woman is never so badly in love that she does not try to find out Tho Cost her engagement ring. All cases weak Orlam Eback backache rheumatism will find Relief by wearing one Carters smart Weed and Belladonna backache plasters. Price 25cents. Try them. Igilio id it chive and yet when in Battle he shows that he is statesman. All should be free. Action recommended for the suppression slavery in Africa. Brussels dec. 2.�?Tho anti slavery conference has adopted resolutions in favor the establishment by state possessing african territory stations with local military forces for the suppression slavery the Inland stations to be connected we Ith the coast by railways and by steamers the great lakes also for the prohibition Trade in fire arms in the slave districts the suppression cannibalism and human sacrifices and the Protection Commerce and missions. Bronchitis is cured by frequent Small doses Piso a cure for consumption. As a Rule it is not Wise to Tell All one knows though it is always highly expedient to know All one times. When a lawyer tells a client he has a Good Case he Means one that will win. When he tells another lawyer he has a Good Case he thinks one that will yield handsome fees. The markets. Flour Dom Pedro lands. London. Dec. 2. A the brazilian Steamer Alagoas having sex emperor Pedro Board has reached St. Vincent Cape de Verd islands and will proceed at once for Lisbon. The dethroned potentate in reply to inquiries said he had been treated w Ith great kindness the voyage. Wheat no. 2 red Winter no. 1 Northern. Corny no. 2 Oats mixed Western. Pork. Lard prime Western. Butter Western. Cheese Western. Eggs Western. Cattle. Sheep. Hogs. Cleveland. Flour country xxx White. .8 Minnesota Patent. Amber. Wheat no. 2 Corn. Oats no. 1 cheese Choice factory. Ohio Dairy. Butter Choice. Eggs. Potatoes. Seeds Timothy. New York dec. 2. 3 15 it for 5 40 83v<& 85 91 42 it amp 43 27 a 30 11 25 11 50 6 324<? g 35 9 74� 23 it amp m a a one enjoys both the method and results when syrup figs is taken it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste and acts gently yet promptly the kidneys liver and bowels cleanses the system effectually dispels colds headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup figs is the Only remedy its kind Ever produced pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects prepared Only from the most healthy and agreeable substances its Many excellent qualities commend it to All and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup figs is for Sale in 50c and $1 bottles by All leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who May not have it hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. not accept any substitute. California Fig syrup co. San Francisco Cal. Louisville by. New York . .suit�?Ts cough syrup a a a we pm a a i cure fits when i say cure i do not moan merely to Stop them for a time and then have them return a Ain. I mean a Radical cure. 1 have Marie this disease fits epilepsy falling sickness a life Long study. I warrant my remedy to cure the worst cases. Because others have failed is no reason for not now receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise and a free bottle my infallible remedy. Give express and Post office. Ill i. Root .11. ©., 1h2 curl Street new York. Saname this paper very this you write. Flavoured beverage which May save us Many heavy doctors Bills. It s by Tho judicious use such articles diet that a Constitution May be gradually built up until Strong enough t a resist every tendency to disease. Hundreds Subtle maladies Are floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a weak Point. We n a escape Many a fatal Shaft by keeping ourself s Well Torii red with pure blood and a. Properly nourished service made simply with boiling water milk. Sold Only in half Pound tins by grocers labelled thus James Epps amp co., homoeopathic chemists London England. Established for 50 years. Mackenzie a compound liver pills i have used Mackenzie Sliver pills for a trouble that Lias caused me much suffering for years have taken various medicines pills Etc., recommended me with but Little Benefit until i begun the use your pills and must say they have always been effectual producing Relief at it it Nee without any weakening unpleasant effect. They surpass All others that i Hare used and 1 confidently recommend them to All who Are troubled with derangement the liver. Olev Kland . Oct. 25, i�89. Iuno a r. Tilde. Or. Tilden was for thirty years probate judge Cuya hoga county Ohio a. H. Mackenzie Wjk co. I Ohio proprietor a Cley Elami Ohio. A Hartshorn s Onslo beware imitations. Notice autograph Label and get the genuine asst Shorf caveats trademarks i i.a18els a a designs. I if Send rough sketch cheap Model invention immediately to j. B. Cralle amp co., Washl Suton 1. �3-n ame tuis paper a by time Jou writ ii Al Drys fat comparable to a Goon Hook he rile Iofin i a it a a subscription to a Glrst class Magazine like wide Send postal to 1>. Lot Kop co., Boston for illustrated list books and prospectus the Lothrop magazines. Wyname this paper a Ery time you writ Lillif Ejim wanted to learn telegraphy. Yuzuru i Flor situations furnished. Circulars free. Address Valentine bros., Janesville wis. Urea tells paper Verj iou writ dipl it Mills Drin saws Circle raws a Byi Bac i House pow. Its for farm Ormil Luse a. Machinery co. Hattie Creek Michigan a it name this paper Peterj time Jou writ. A Day horse owners buy 1 to i. Sam. 5c. Cat. Free. Rein Holder co., Holly. Mich. Name till3 Parer Trero time you write. A. N. . 126$ when writing to advertisers please state that you saw the advertisement in this Batter. �?T4 Best Congh Medicine. Recommended by physicians. Cures where Allesso fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists. Rpm amp air a a amp unacquainted with the geography the country will obtain much valuable information from a study this map the Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific railway Ely scream Balm will curb Catarrh apply Balm into each nostril. Ely Eros. 5g Warren St. . Northern 11 Low Price Raik including main lines branches and extensions East and West the Missouri River. Tho direct route to and from Chicago Joliet Ottawa Peoria la Salle Moline Rock Island in Illinois Davenport Muscatine. Ottumwa Oskaloosa Des Moines Winterset Audubon Harlan and Council Bluffs in Iowa Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota Watertown and Sioux Falls in Dakota Cameron St. Joseph and Kansas City in Missouri Omaha Fairbury and Nelson in Nebraska Horton. Topeka Hutchinson Wichita Belleville Abilene Caldwell in Kansas Pond Crek Kingfisher fort Reno in the Indian territory and Colorado Springs Denver Pueblo in Colorado. Free reclining chair cars to and from Chicago Caldwell Hutchinson and Dodge City and Palace sleeping Cara Between Chicago Wichita and Hutchinson. Traverses new and vast areas Rich farming and grazing lands affording the Best facilities intercommunication to All towns and cities East and West Northwest and Southwest Chicago and Pacific and transoceanic seaports. Magnificent Vestibule express trains leading All competitors in splendor equipment Cool Well ventilated and free from dust. Through coaches Pullman sleepers free reclining chair cars and East Missouri River dining cars daily Between Chicago Dea Moines Council Bluffs and Omaha with free reclining chair car to North Platte neb., end Between Chicago and Colorado Springs Denver 4 30 4 00 3 80 28 10 27 4 75 5 70 4 20 a a a 83� 39 a 28 11 10 18 24 40 40 three men killed. Oil City pa., dec. 2.�?five tons Nitro Glycerine exploded a boat Here saturday killing three men and demolishing several Small houses. 37 q >>1/ twelve robbers caught. Gainesville tex., dec. 2.�?City marshal Honeycutt has returned to this City from Indian territory and reports the capture three More the Santa be train robbers in Oklahoma City i. T. This makes twelve members the gang now in custody. Marshal Honeycutt is confident that they have captured the right men and claims there is sufficient evidence in Possession the officers to convict the whole gang. Captain Joseph Moffet a Well known Lake Man was killed by falling into the hold his vessel at Cleveland Satur Dav. Clover. 4 49 Hay baled. 11 00 bulk Market. 8 00 cattle. 2 80 hogs. 3 70 Cincinnati. Flour family. 3 00 wheat. 77 Corn. Oats. Ryf. Hogs common to ought. Fucking. Toledo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter. Corny no. 2 Oats. Buffalo. Beeves Best. 4 40 medium. 3 15 sheep common. 2 50 Chipp 4 no hogs select a 4 05 medium weights 3 80 Pittsburgh. Beeves Best. 4 25 medium. 3 75 sheep Bett. 4 80 medium. 4 25 hogs Philadelphia. 5 75 yorkers. 3 75 Philadelphia. Wool Western. 29 unwashed. 20 4 40 5 75 4 25 St 40 27 13 11 28 25 45 1 50 4 75 a a a a a a @ a a 11 50 a 13 00 Page sic. Low Price Railroad lands 0 free government lands. Imillion8 acres it a Minnesota North Dakota Montana if Lugo Tou and Ore Iron. Clun publications with maps describing t1ik Wini run Best agricultural Ternzin and Timber now open to settlers. Sent free. Address Chas. B. Lam30rn, it Minn a Gonna my this paper every tune you write. Ago Ana coi Arago Dpi and Pueblo via Joseph Kansas City and Topeka. Splendid Ding hotels furnishing meals at seasonable hours West Missouri River. California excursions daily with Choice routes to and from Salt v 1--n--,----j t Fra Leiden the direct Ogden Portland los Angeles and san Francisco. The direct a a. Manitou Garden the gods the sanitary Lako. Line to and from pikes Peak urns and Scenic grandeur Colorado. Via the Albert Lea route solid express trains daily Between Chica with through reclining chair cars for Pennon b so Dow address p h procured quickly. 12-Pape pamphlet pension and Bounty Laws sent Frek. Address p. H. Fitzgerld. U. S. Claim Agency for Western soldiers Indianapolis ind. Sjma my this paper a a Ery Tibia you write. O and Minneapolis and St. Paul e to and from those Points and Kansas City. Through chair car and Sleeper Between Peoria spirit Lake and Sioux Falls via Rock Island. Tho favorite Lino to Pipestone Watertown Sioux fall and Tho summer resort3 and Hunting and fishing grounds the Northwest. The Short line via Seneca and Kankakee offers facilities to travel Between Cincinnati Indianapolis Lafayette and Council Bluffs St. Josenh Atchison Leavenworth Kansas City Minneapolis and St. Paul. For tickets maps folders desired information apply to any ticket office in the United states Canada address patents e. St. John general manager. John Sebastian Chicago. Ill. Then l ticket amp few Agena for inventors. 40-r.ez Book free. Adds w. T. Fit Geram. Actor Raj at Law Washington d. 0. A so name this paper a very tire you rite. Put a it study. Book keeping penmanship aril. Nutik met a shorthand Etc. Thoroughly Tau Jet by mail. Circular free. Bryants Cullet Buffalo a. Y. Cinder and tumor cured no knife Book free. Lire. Ural any a hash 163 Elm Street Cincinnati Ohio. 0k Oto whenever you visit the shops in town looking for braid to bind your gown it secure the clasp wherever found that holds the Roll which is wound Tho braid that is known the world around. A a in 45� 3 Job 3 50 a 81 a 31 a 214� a a a a a a a a 3 30 3 70 3 25 78 38 23 47 3 85 3 75 81 344 22 4 80 3 50 3 50 5 00 4 80 3 90 i 4 35 4 00 5 10 4 50 3 r5 3 85 38 29 comes every week read in 430.000 Homes stories bythe Ibert authors 1000 f travel 1 stipend be charming childrens Page see the Large advertisement in a previous Issue this paper. Send for coloured announcement and specimen copies free. Free to Jan. I 1890. To any new 8ub�criber who will Cut out and Bend Ruthl Blip with name and Post office address and #1.75, we will Send the to nth a companion free to Jan. 1, 1800, and for a full year from that Date. Thin offer includes the four double Holiday numbers and All the illustrated weekly supplements. 43 address the youths cow Panion Boston mas3. With $1=75

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