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New Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - August 5, 1886, New Philadelphia, Ohio Talmage a Sermon. How men Are measured by their own Yard stick. Hard thoughts concerning others 5eing i their own retribution the question of hereditary tendency Deal kindly with others faults. Her. T. Witt Talmage while Visitin ? the summer watering place Asheville w. C., preached the following Sermon to a Large congregation hundreds going from the surrounding Region to hear him. He took for his text with what measure be meet it shall be measured to you vii., 2. Or. Talmage said in the greatest ser Mon Ever preached a Sermon about fifteen minutes Long according to the Ordinary rate of speech a Sermon on the mount of olives the preacher sitting while he spoke according to the ancient Mode of oratory the people were give to understand that the same Yard stick that they employed upon others would be employed upon themselves. Measure others by a harsh Rule and you will be measured by a harsh Rule. Measure others by a charitable Rule and you will be measured by a charitable Rule. Give no mercy to others and no mercy will be Given to you. With what measure be mete it shall be measured to you again. There is a great Deal of unfairness in the criticism of human conduct. It was to smite that unfairness that Christ uttered the words of the text and my Sermon will be a re Echo of the divine sentiment. In estimating the Misbehaviour of others by must take into consideration the pressure of circumstances. It is never right to do wrong but there Are degrees of culpability. When men misbehave or commit some atrocious wickedness we Are disposed indiscriminately to Tumble them All Over the Bank of condemnation. Suffer they ought and suffer they must but in difference of degree. In the first place in estimating the mis doings of others we must take into Calub Tion the hereditary tendency. The re is such a thing As Good blood and there is such a thing As bad blood. Tie e Are families have had a moral twist in them for a Hundred years Back. They have not been careful to keep the family 1 ecord in that regard. There have been escapades and marauding and scoundrel isms and moral deficits All the Way Back whether you Call it kleptomania or Pyro mania or Dipso an a or we Ether it be in a Milder form and amount to no mania at All the Strong probability is that the present criminal started life with nerve muscle and Bone contaminated. As some Start life with a natural tendency to nobility and generosity and kindness and truthfulness there Are others who Start life with just the opposite tendencj7, and they Are born liars or born , or born outlaws or born swindlers. There is in England a school that is called the Princess Mary school. All the children in that school Are the children of convicts. The school is supported to Gay High patronage. I had the pleasure of being present at one of their anniversaries in 1s79, presided Over by the Earl of Kintore. By a Wise Law in England after parents have committed a certain number of crimes and thereby shown themselves incompetent rightly to tiring up their children the Little ones Are taken from their pernicious influences and put in reformatory schools where All gracious and kindly influences shall be brought upon them. Of course the Experiment is Young and it has got to be demonstrated How Large a percentage of the children of convicts May be brought up to a respectability and usefulness. But we All know that it is More difficult for children of bad parentage to do right than for children or Good parentage. In this country we Are taught by the declaration of american Independence that All people Are born equal. There never was a greater misrepresentation put in one sentence than in that sentence a which implies that we Are All born equal. You May As Wail say that Flowers Are born equal or Trees Are born equal or animals Are born equal. Why does one horse Cost #500 and another horse Cost ? Why does one sheep Cost ten dollars and another sheep Cost $500? difference in blood. We Are Wise enough to recognize the difference of blood in horses in cattle in to deep but we Are not Wise enough to make allowance for the difference in the human blood. Now i demand by the Law of eternal fairness that you be More a lenient in your criticism of those who were Horn wrong in whose ancestral line there was a Hangman a knot or who came from a tree the fruit of which for centuries has been gnarled and worm eaten. Or. Harris a reformer gave some marvelous statistics in his Story of what be called a Margaret the Mother of ninety years ago she lived in a Village in upper new York state. She was not Only poor but she was vicious. She was not Well provided for. There were no alms houses there. The Public however somewhat looked after her but chiefly scoffed at her and derided her and pushed her farther Down in her crimes. That was ninety years ago. There have been Hundred and Twenty three persons in that ancestral line two Hundred of them criminals. In one Branch of that family there were Twenty Aud nine of them have been in state prison and nearly Allol the others have turned out badly. It is estimated that that family Cost the county and state one Hundred thousand dollars to say nothing of the property they destroyed. Are you not willing As sensible people to acknowledge that it is a fearful disaster to be born in such an ancestral Lino does it not make a great difference whether one descends from Margaret the Mother of criminals or from some Mother in Israel whether you Are the son of Ahab or the son of Joshua it is a very different thing to swim with the current from what it is to swim against the current As some of you have no doubt found in your summer recreation. If a Man find himself in an ancestral current where there is Good blood flowing smoothly from generation to generation it is not a very great credit to him if he turn out Good and honest and pure and Noble. He could hard y help it. But suppose he is born in an ancestral line where the influences have been bad and there Lias been a coming Down Over a moral Declivity if the Man surrender to the influences he will go Down under the Over mastering gravitation unless some supernatural Aid be afforded him. Now such a person deserves not your excoriate on but your pity. not with the lip curled in scorn and with an assumed air of angelic innocence looking Down upon such moral precipitation. You had t Etter get Down 011 your Knees and first Pray almighty god for to Weir Rescue and next thank the lord that you have not been thrown under the wheels of that juggernaut. In great Britain and in the United states in every generation there Are tens of thousands of persons who Are fully developed criminals and incarcerated. I say in every generation. Then 1 suppose there Are tens of thousands of persons not found out in their criminality. In addition to these there Ore Lens of thousands of persons who not positively becoming criminals nevertheless have a criminal tendency. Any one of All those thousands by the Grace of god May become Christian and resist the ancestral influence an 1 open a new chapter of behaviour but the vast majority of them will not and it becomes All Meu professional unprofessional ministers of religion judges of courts philanthropists and Christian workers to recognize the fact that there Are these Atlantic and Pacific surges of hereditary evil rolling on through the centuries. 1 say of course a Man can resist this tendency just As in th8 ancestral line mentioned in the first chapter of Matthew. You see in the same line in which there was a wicked re Hobo am and a Despa rate manasses there afterwards came a pious Joseph and a glorious Christ. But my friends you must recognise the fact that these influences go Ltd from generation to generation. I am glad to know however that a River which has produced nothing but Miasma for one Hundred Miles May after awhile turn the wheels of factories and help to support industrious and virtuous populations and there Are family lines which were poisoned that Are a Benediction now. At the last Day it will to found out that there Are men who have gone Clear Over into All forms of iniquity and plunged into other abandonment who before they yielded to the first temptation resisted More evil than Many a Man who tag been moral Aud upright All his life. A a a a again i have to remark that in our estimate of the mis doings of people who have fallen from High respectability and usefulness we must take into consideration the conjunction of circumstances. In nine cases out of ten the Man who goes astray does not intend any positive wrong. He has Trust funds. He risks a part of these funds in investment. He says a now if i should lose that investment i have my own property five times As much and if this investment should go wrong i could easily make it up i could five times make it with that wrong reasoning he goes on and makes the investment and it does not turn out quite so Well As he expected and he makes another invest rent and strange to say at the time All his other affairs get entangled and All his other resources fail and his hands Are tied. Now he wants to extricate himself. He goes a Little farther on in the wrong investment. He takes a plunge further ahead for he wants to save his wife and children he wants to save his Home he wants to save his membership in the Church. He takes one More plunge and All is lost. Some morning at ten of clock the Bank door is not opened and there is a card on the door signed by an officer of the Bank indicating there is trouble and the name of the defaulter or the defrauded Heads the newspaper column. Under these conditions hundreds of men say a Good for him a hundreds of other men say a a in a glad he a found out at last a hundreds of other men say a just As i told you a hundreds of other men say a we possibly have been tempted no conjunction of circumstances could Ever have thrown me a and there is a superabundance of indignation but no pity. The heavens full of lightning but not one drop of Dew. If god treated us As society treats that Man we would All have been in hell Long ago wait for the alleviating circumstances. Perhaps he May have been the dupe of others. Before you let All the hounds out from their ennels to Maul and tear that Man find out if he has not been brought up in a commercial establishment where there was a wrong system of ethics taught find out whether that Man has not an extravagant wife who is not satisfied with his honest earnings and in temptation to please her he has gone into that ruin into which enough men have fallen and by the same temptation to make a procession of Many Miles. Perhaps some sudden sickness May have touched his brain and his judgment May be unbalanced. He is wrong he is awfully wrong and he must be condemned but there May be mitigating circumstances. Perhaps under the same temptation you might have fallen. You defiantly Saj a i could not be tempted in that perhaps you May be tested after awhile. God has a very Good memory Aud he sometimes seems to say a this Man feels so Strong in his in Nate Power and goodness he shall be tested he is so full of bitter invective against that unfortunate it shall be shown now whether he has the Power to fifteen years go by. The wheel of Fortune turns several times and you Are in a crisis that you never could have anticipated. Now All the Powers of darkness come around and they chuckle and they chatter and they say a aha Here is the old fellow who was so proud of his integrity and who bragged he be overthrown by temptation and was so uproarious in his demonstrations of indignation at he Deal cation fifteen years ago. Let us god lets the Man go. God who has kept that Man under his protecting care lets the Man go and try for himself the majesty of his integrity. God letting the Man go the Powers of darkness pounce upon him. I see you some Day in your office in great excitement. One of two things you can do. Be honest and be pauper Zed and have your children brought Home from school your family dethroned in social influence. The other thing is you can step a Little aside from that which is right you can Only just go half an Inch out of the proper path you can Only take a Little risk and then you have All your finances fair and right. You have a larg6 property. You Cau leave a Fortune for your children and endow a College and build a Public Library in your native town. You halt and wait an i halt and wait until your lips Gat White. You decide to risk it. Only a few strokes of the pen now. But of How your hand trembles How dreadfully it trembles the die is cast. By the strangest and most awful conjunction of circumstances any one could have imagined you Are prostrated. Bankruptcy commercial annihilation exposure crime. Good men mourn and devils hold carnival and you Sec your own name at the head of the newspaper column in a whole Congress of exclamation Points Aud while you Are Reading the anathema in the reportorial and editorial paragraph it occurs to you How much this Story is like that of the Deal cation of fifteen years ago and a clap of Thunder shakes the window Sill saying a with what measure be mete it shall be measured to you again a a you look in another direction. There is nothing like an ebullition of temper to put a Man to disadvantage. You a Man with Calm pulses and a Fine digestion and perfect health can not understand How anybody should be capsized in temper by an infinitesimal annoyance. You say a i be unbalanced in that perhaps you smile at a provocation that makes another Man swear. You Pride yourself on your . You say with your manner though you have too much Good taste to say it with your words �?o1 have a great Deal More sense than that Man has i have a great Deal More equipoise of temper than that Man has 1 never could make such a puerile exhibition of myself As that Man has my brother you do not realize that that Man was born with a keen nervous organization that for forty years lie has been under a depleting process that sickness and trouble Hare been helping undo what was left of original Healthfulness that much of Liis time it has been with him lib e filing saws that his nerves have come to be merely a tangle of disorders and that he is the most pitiable object on Earth who though he is very sick does not look sick and nobody sympathizes. Let me see. Did you not say that you could not be tempted to an ebullition of temper some september you come Home from your summer watering place Aud you have inside away Back in your liver or spleen what we Call in our Day malaria but what the old folks called chills and fever. You take quinine until your ears Are first buzzing Bee hives and then roaring Niagara. You take roots Aud herbs you take every thing. You get Well. But the next Day you feel uncomfortable and you Yawn and you stretch and you shiver and you consume and you suffer. Exed More than you can Tell you can not sleep you an not eat you can not Bear to see any thing that looks Happy you go out to Kienic the car. That is asleep in the Sun. Your children a mirth was once music to you now it is deafening. You say a boys Stop that Racket you turn Back from june to March. In the family and in the neighbourhood your popularity is ninety five per cent. Off. The world says. A what is the matter with that disagreeable Man what a woe begone countenance i can to Bear the sight of you have got your at last got your . You feel just As the Man Felt that Man for whom you bad no mercy and my text comes in with marvelous apposite Ness. With vhf at measure be mete it shall be measured to you again. In the study of society i have come to this conclusion that the most of the people want to be Good but they do not exactly know How to make it out. They make enough Good resolutions to Liff them into Ange Hood. The vast majority of people who fall Are victims of circumstances they Are Cap ured by Ambuscade. If their temptations should come our. In a regiment and fight them in a fair Field they would go out in the strength and the Triumph of David and Goliath. But they do not see the giants and Liev do not see the regiment. Suppose temptation should come up to a Man and say a share is alcohol take three tablespoonfuls of it a Day until you get dependent it thee after that take half a Glass three times a Day until you get dependent upon that amount then go on increasing the Amoun until you Are saturated from morning until night and from night until do you suppose any Man would become a drunkard in that Way of. No temptation copies and says a take these bitters take this Nervine take this Aid. To digestion. Take this night the vast majority of men and w Ulen who Are destroyed by opium and by rum first take them As medicines in making up your dish of criticism in regard to them take of oui the Caster the cruet us get Oil and not the cruet of Cayenne Pepper. Be easy on them. you know How that physician that lawyer that journalist became the victim of dissipation Why the physician was kept up night by night on professional duty. Life Aud death hovered in the balance. His nervous system was exhausted. There came a time of epidemic and whole families were prostrated and his nervous strength was gone. He was All worn out in the service of the Public. Now he must Brace himself up. Now he stimulates. The life of this Mother the life of this child the life of this father the life of this whole family must be saved Aud he stimulates and he does it again Aud again. You May criticise his judgment but remember the process. It was not a selfish process by which he went Down. It was magnificent generosity through which he fell. That attorney at the bar for weeks has been standing in a poorly ventilated court room listening to the testimony and contesting in the dry technicalities of the Law and now the time has come for him to incl up and he must plead for the life of his client and his nervous system is All gone. If he fails in that speech his client perishes. If he have eloquence enough in that hour his client is saved. He stimulates. He must keep up. He says a i must keep having a Large practice you see How he is enthralled. You my criticise his judgment but remember the process. not be hard. That journalist has had exhausting Midnight work. He has had to report speeches and orations that keep him up till a very late hour. He has gone with much exposure working up some Case of crime in company with a detective. He sits Down at Midnight to write out his notes from a memorandum scrawled on a under unfavourable circumstances. Ii is strength is gone. Fidelity to the Public intelligence Fidelity to his own livelihood demand that he keep up. He must keep up. He stimulates. Again and agian he does that and he goes Down. You May criticise his judgment in the matter but Haye mercy. Remember the process. not be hard. My friends this text will come to fulfilment in some cases in this world. The Huntsman in fax Steen was shot by some unknown person. Twenty years after the son of the Huntsman was in the same Forast and he accidentally shot a Man and the Man in dying said a god is just i shot your father just Here Twenty years a Bishop said to Louis i. Of France a make an Iron Cage for All those who do not think As we do an Iron Cage in which the captive can neither lie Down nor stand straight it was fashioned the awful instrument of punishment. After awhile the Bishop offended Louis xi., and for fourteen years he was in that same Cage and could neither lie Down nor stand up. It is a poor Rule that will not work both ways. With what measure be mete it shall to measured to you again. Of my friends let us be resolved to scold less and Pray More. That which in the Bible is used As the Symbol of All gracious influences is the Dove not the Porcupine. We May so in skilfully manage the life boat that we shall run Down those whom we want to Rescue. The first preparation for Christian usefulness is warm hearted common Seive practical sympathy for those whom we want to save. What headway will to make in the judgment if in this world we have been hard on those who have gone astray what headway will you and i make in the last great judgment when we must have mercy or perish the Bible says. They shall have judgment without mercy that showed no mercy. 1 see the scribes of heaven looking up into the face of such a Man saying a what you plead for mercy you whom in All your life never had any mercy on your Fellows done to you remember How hard you were in your opinions of those who were astray done to you remember when you ought to have Given a helping hand you employed a hard Heel mercy Yon must miss Peak yourself when you plead for mercy Here. Mercy for others Tut no mercy for a look a say the scribes of heaven a look at that inscription Over the throne of judgment the throne of gods see it coming out be Ter by letter word by word sentence by sentence until your startled vision reads it and your remorseful spirit appropriates it with what measure be nets it shall be measured to you again. Depart be cursed it a rib removed. Religious and educational the delicate operation performed in an Atlanta Hospital. Atlanta a there is a Man at the ivys Pivot Hospital who has twelve ribs on the right Side Aud eleven on the left. The twelfth rib was Cut from his left Side the other Day. The Man who has thus become a Little one sided is named Carmack Aud he is from Alabama. Or. Carmack is a Young Man apparently Strong and healthy but is Reail r quite weak Aud ill. For months past he has been suffering from Empire Ilia brought on by a severe cold. A first he paid no attention to the trouble but As it began to grow he sought the Best physicians in the locality i i which he resided but could obtain no Relief. He then began trying every Patent Medicine that he could hear of but again obtained no Relief. A few months ago he was advised to come to Atlanta and have an operation performed. To reached the City sunday and placed himself under or. Nicholson scare. The doctor soon discovered that the Only Chance for the Many a Relief was in removing a rib and in Oerting a tube through the orifice made. His patient was advised As to the dangerous operation but agreed to its being performed. Or. Nicholson aided by other physicians at the Hospital undertook the operation. The patient was placed under the operation of Chloro form and for two hours the physicians worked Over him lie fore completing the work. When the operation was finished however and the Man had recovered from the effects of the chloroform lie appeared to be much better. His Case is deeply interesting to All the physicians who have been made acquainted with it. The operation is a difficult one and is rarely restored to. The result of the operation will be closely watched by the profession. Profitable flattery. The Way a Young rogue is said to pr9f upon the nations salons. Washington Cor. Joston traveler the la est scheme for squeezing the purse around congressman is what is Nown As the a Crayon an enterprising but impecunious Young artist is accredited with its discovery. There Are several o hers who Are working it with him and with astonishing Success. The a Crayon Racket is played something after this style. The Young artist usually finds out something about his intended victim in Advance. A vain Man is particularly susceptible. After having discovered a congressman with the necessary amount of vanity and this is by no Means a difficult matter he buys one of his photographs which Are upon Sale in the lobby then by Means of the a solar print process he draws in a life sized Crayon. Ten dollars is a fair Price for one of these pictures. After the Crayon has l 6en completed he has it framed and takes it to the Capitol. The member is invited to inspect it in his committee room. The artist tells him that his face is such a Strong one and shows so much intelligence that he Drew get from sketches made in the gallery to show what he could do. If the victim desires to Purchase it he will Seli it Frame and All for fifty dollars. In nine cases out of ten the combined in fluent of the flattery and the Crayon gets in its work and the artist makes a very handsome profit upon his Small investment. Knocked Down by a Sturgeon. N. Commercial advertiser a specimen of Marine mendacity states that Captain John Haleji of the fort pop Ham life saving station was quietly pulling Home from Bath the other evening in the dark when a was struck violently on the head and knocked to the Bottom of i boat. The Captain who thought Tia he was alone on the Waters was not Only surprised but he confesses terribly seared. He wa3 greatly relieved when he found that a fifteen Pound Sturgeon in Bis evening Gam Bolings had leaped from the water and in his flight through the air. J what ked the Captain As aforesaid Aud Ian a a pig in the a us boat. A the 186th anniversary of the dedication of Gloria Dei Church commonly known As old swedes was celebrated a few Days ago in Philadelphia. A after live years of deadlock with England Over the appointment of Tho protestant Bishop of Jerusalem Prussia has decided to found an Independent Bishopric there. A Rev. Or. Pullman of Baltimore announced to his congregation recently that he would marry people for one Dollar per couple and would unite Job lots at fifty cents a Sun. A in Germany there Are now eight schools of forestry where a training of five years is necessary for students seeking government positions. France supports a single school at Nancy. A there Are seven Hundred religious denominational newspapers published in the United states and nearly one third of them Are printed in new York Philadelphia Boston and . Tribune. A three Hundred Happy school arms from everywhere members of the Cincinnati teachers excursion association sailed recently on the Servia to see All Liev can of Europe in one summer. In. Mail. A a the German universities have Ono Hundred and fifty professors Between the Ages of seventy and ninety and one Hundred and Twenty two of them Are still at work two of them still lecturing at the age of ninety years. A the school Board of Paris looks after the health of the girls and in order that they perform their tasks under the Best sanitary conditions possible a lady physician has been appointed As medical inspector of girls in parisian schools. A the Christian Union says a it is a mistake to go to Church Only or Chick by for a Sermon. Worship is the expression of reverence and love toward god. Public worship is by a number uniting for the a the Chicago Interior says that a Lifty event Bible judiciously distributed will beat half a dozen policemen in preventing crime and that an evangelical Sabbath school or Church in a destitute portion of a City will prevent More crime than half its police. A i know a Clergyman who shortened his prayer to eight minutes instead of fifteen. Ilis sermons were commenced by eleven never later than ten minutes after and always concluded by 11 4o. Within three months after he had mad this change there was a revival in the he to u r n a i. A very few graduates of Harvard know that the gilded Cross Over one of the doors of Gore Hall at the College is a trophy of the capture of Louisburg by new England troops in 1744. It was taken from a French Church and its present location is the More appropriate since the motto of the colonist troop was a nil Despe Randum Christa Duee a and that of the College is a Christo it courant. A Alfred the great said that when he began to reign there were very few clergymen South of the Humber who could even understand the prayer Book that was still in latin As the roman missionaries had brought stand South of the thames he could not remember one. Ilis first care was to get better educated clergy and then he established schools for the laity and procured the Best teachers. He founded new monasteries and restored the old ones which had been razed. Heroic bravery. Wit and Wisdom. A Sam Jones says children May put their a live feet so in your your tracks and be that is Don t walk All Over the Road on the Way Home at Bugle. A Knock Down and respectability will have a Chance to walk abroad. Let every Man Reform himself and any part of the world will be a Safe and Sweet place to live in.�?-a�?T. 0. Picayune. A waking the echoes. A a Paul a said his Mamma a will you go softly into the parlor and see if grandpa is asleep a a yes Mamma a whispered Paul on his return a the is All asleep but his car. Sun. A teachers can any boy Tell me at what time the Sun rises now Small boy shrill and prompt a just the minute father Calls Down at our Texas sittings. A a i Hycz bin moving a round on to Dis Airth Moas eighty years now and it am my solemn belief Dat de Pusso who pays tie least Atte shun to de weather enjoys life 33 per cent de free press. A Mission teachers the object of this lesson is to inculcate obedience. you know what obey Means Apt pupils yes Narm i obey my . A yes that a right. Now Tell me Why you obey your father a a a he a bigger a Blade. A a Are you feeling better or. Feath Erly a asked Bobby at the dinner table. A feeling better i Haven to been sick a i did t know a said Bobby indifferently. A Ama and a were talking about your genealogy last night and a said it be supposed you were times. A a what a pity it is that such a pretty girl As Flawrence Faw Staw should have such beastly bad taste is it it old fellow a a what is the Mattawa with her taste deah boy a a Why she received me when i called Yesta Day in a wed gown with a blew terrian in her lip. Paw Stively old fellow the con twist shocked me so that i could a my gracious no in. Y town topics. A a i Heerd to Day a bang Haeker a a that Sampson who has Only a year writ Home thet he is wedded to his Alma mater. Dye know who she is a a no an Quot 1 done to want to know a said mrs. Whack anger a carte the Way he carried on with them Nipper gals last summer and All the time a Robt engaged to thet alms what a her name. Its enough to make a body Chicago Tribune. A a another bitter disappointment,11 groaned Burlap As he staggered into the office and sunk into a chair a one after another one after another. What is life anyhow when ones Dearest Hopes Are dashed to Earth just at the moment of fruition a a what is the matter a asked his partner. A has that catch amp in Oldie scheme gone wrong a a no a muttered Burlap feebly that beastly Young Groggins stopped me just As i was going to Eagle. A to Frontier Law. Much worse. I . Remarked mrs. Young George Ben to College Tiow judge Muggins decided a very puzzling mule Case. A Legal adjustment of differences was sometimes very difficult for a Man to obtain in the Early Days of californian As it is elsewhere at times owing to local peculiarities. Two mexicans who had been Lucky in digging disputed the Possession of an aged mule not Worth her keeping. The Case was brought before a Learned magistrate named Muggins who before listening to the trial demanded that each claimant should Throe ounces of Gold dust for a Cost of each party was then allowed to state his Side of the Case in his native language of which judge Muggins did not understand a word. 1 his done his Honor informed Treni through an interpreter that the Case must be decided by a jury. Two ounces More having been paid to meet this a extra expense a twelve Good men and True were summoned. These persons decided that the evidence was so conflicting that neither Man owned the mule but that in strict Justice the plaintiff and defendant should draw lots for the Bony beast. The Foreman furnished the straws without extra Cost and mid a breathless silence the mexicans Drew lots. The die was cast and the Case decided but when the Winner went proudly Forth to claim his quadruped it was discovered that a More Subtile a a Greaser a stolen the Muhx-�?Tqrttmi1 companion. Useful and suggestive. The Noble Steeil which an ague sufferer Quot was about to Brave. I had never been on a horse in my life and when the doctor proposed to change his Mode of treatment from quinine to horse Back exercise 1 was a Little dubious As to the outcome. My bump of caution is very Large resulting in a rare development of my running qualities. I like so Many other self made men do not know what fear is but i always have a precipitate inclination to show a dangerous foe How my coat fits in the Back and am always very generous in lending enchantment to the View distance being no object just so there a enough of it Between us. Contrary to report i am not reckless hut when close pressed by a too inquisitive dog i have been known to scale a ten rail Fence with an abandon that would reflect glory on a survivor of the Noble Hundred. Now the time had come to show my nerve. The change from two Grain pills to a full grown horse would have dismayed most people but my great Grandfather landed on Plymouth Rock just a trifle ahead of the May Flower did no to like the soil and came West and i resolved not to disgrace him. Our neighbor owned a horse whose daily business consisted in running a Wood sawing machine and i resolved despite my wife a entreaties to borrow Tuci animal on the following sunday. The contract was made without trouble. I took every precaution to have things go right and under pretence of watching them saw Wood 1 narrowly scanned the actions of the horse in the Box. He was a picturesque looking animal a Beautiful Range of Hills running along his Back while the landscape on either Side was much broken and diversified. He had a Good steady gait and making my calculations from the number of revolutions the wheel at the saw made i judged he could make the mile Post in 2 29. That seemed like pretty Quick time and when 1 told my wife about it she begged me not to go. But i remembered Plymouth Rock and went next Day to gain More pointers. The horse was a a Diamond in the i think you could have scratched a plate Glass window with most any Corner of him. 1 always noticed a Peculiar gleam in the Eye of the soap grease Man when he looked at him and he was a connoisseur. The horse had a pathetic Droop to Liis upper lip and must have had a history. On his right flank was a Brand of an Ark with a Rainbow in the background indicating great Antiquity. I took him an ear of Corn one Day and when i held it up to his Good Eye he did not recognize it. They were plainly strangers and the horse jumped Back As though he thought it was loaded. As 1 watched the possibilities in that horse grew As likewise did my admiration. Travelling As he always did Uphill the sections of his Baek Bone had kind of settled towards his Tail and seemed to have Little life in them. But just let the saw strike a knot in the log and the Way head couple that train of Bones and Start up Grade would ring a cheer from a Driver locomotive. I think he dissipated on a anti fat a and when head gather up his forces for a finals Purther make Laverly s a a Bones Green with envy. My wife meanwhile sos Busy preparing for my sunday excursion. She had a life preserver rolled up to put under the Tail Board of the Saddle some bandages and splints a canteen of cold Tea and a bottle of Patent liniment. I suggested scarcest really that a foghorn would add to the general effect of the collection but she said the almanac said sunday would be a Clear Day so i subsided. A these preparations for War looked so much like reality that i began to inquire into the habits of the horse More closely. They said he got Loose one night and ate up a tub of soft soap ate All the bristles off of the hog s Back and the Brush end of the Broom. All this from pure viciousness for they had Given him a pin cup level full of Oats two Days before. He snapped a Straw hat off of the preachers boys head and swallowed it buckles and All. It was considered utter recklessness to leave kindling Wood or shavings within his reach. From this time on i had no peace. Could i As the head of a family even in an attempt to regain my health risk my life on such a Steed saturday night i slept but Little but sunday morning brought Relief. Some bad boys had broken into the horse s stable the previous night and poured a peek of Oats into his feed Box. They found him dead and the Oats untouched. The verdict of the soap grease Man at the postmortem examination was that he came to his death from palpitation of the heart super induced by fright. In All his Long life he had never seen so Many Oats . Peck s Sun. A japanese paper handkerchiefs arc found satisfactory for drying wounds. A More and More attention is being paid to drainage by Farmers and the profits thereof Are appreciated Western Rural. A to cure warts rub with a Strong solution of Potash till they disappear or wet gum ammoniac and rub it on the exc essences at Tribune. A never feed a horse with Hay from a rack located above his head As a draught beats Down which is injurious and the dust is liable to injure the eyes. A Montreal witness. A a Blockhead armed with a saw and pruning shears is As destructive in an Orchard As a Bull in a China store. Get a careful experienced hand for a Day or two and take lessons of Troy times. A soak the feet Well in hot water before going to bed then pare Down the soft Corn and after having just moistened it rub a Little lunar caustic on the Corn and just around the Edge till it turns Light Herald. A cabbage salad one half cup of sour Cream one half cup of vinegar a Little Salt and sugar mixed with the cabbage after it is chopped and Mustard to suit the taste. Heat the vinegar and Cream then pour Over the cabbage. A the household. A paint costs Little but agricultural implements Are expensive. By coating the one with the other every season a great saving is made for agricultural implements May be used Many years longer than is usual by the judicious and timely application of journal. A hot water is the Best thing that can be used to heal a sprain or Bruise. The w funded part should be placed in water As hot As can be borne for fifteen or Twenty minutes and in All Ordinary cases the pain will gradually disappear. Hot water applied by Means of clothes is a Sovereign remedy for neuralgia and pleurisy pains. For Burns or scalds apply cloths Well saturated with Cool Alum water keeping the injured parts covered from the budget. A charcoal is appreciated by fowls of All kinds. The very Best is found in charred Grain. Corn roasted like Coffee and fed once a Day would no doubt for the trouble in the increased product of Egors. In fattening the process is much hastened by the use and we think the meat much More palatable. There Are Many epicurus who would willingly a larger Price for poultry fattened by the use of charred times. A labor can be saved in the farm House by the adoption of Plain habits of living. In the matter of food for example the most wholesome food is easiest prepared. It is the ambition of Many of the Farmers wives and daughters always to have plenty of pies and cakes on hand and never to be caught by company without abundant supplies of the various Knick Knack eries on tin table. This is one reason Why you find so Many dyspeptic in the Exchange. A milk and water half and half is better than either water alone or milk alone As it is cooler and More refreshing than water and not liable to sour on the stomach and sicken As in some eases Clear milk will do. The simple first Law of health to allow the stomach to use the blood for digesting food Dur ing and after meals without hard toil is not understood by the Farmer any More than by the student. Rest before and after eating should be his daily Law a Prairie Fanner. Horses of the world. Midsummer fashions. Birds and wings. What a a Oman a journal has to say about a cruel fashion. The wrongs that infest society Are mainly permitted for want of a arrest of this is True about women wearing Birds and wings for hat and Bonnet decoration. We Are astonished at the figures�?10,000,000 Birds sacrificed yearly to feed our vanity and we the humane the tender hearted the Loving natured called the a dead Bird wearing we deserve it but who of us thought of the harm we would not kill a Bird for the w orld we exclaim Over it when dead we write about the cruelty of the boys who Rob nests and then deliberately Wear the Birds even up to fifteen at once without thought. A commendable Effort is being made to induce women to Stop the demand and to urge Laws against the business of providing them for Sale. Women have it in their of n hands and they ought speedily to wipe out so barbarous a fashion. Ostrich feathers do not come under the restriction As the Birds Are plucked and not woman s Magazine. A promising speculation. A countryman strayed into the Petroleum Exchange yesterday and watched the proceedings with great interest. A what arc they Doin a lie inquired of Frank tack. A buying and Selling Oil a replied or. Tack indulgently. A what s Oil we uth a a sixty live cents a a what a whispered the countryman with suppressed excitement a Only sixty five cents you buy me All you can git mister the barrels alone 11 fetch More a . Not a new discovery. A Gieva this is an age of invention Clara. Have you heard of or. Belles discovery mrs. did he discover a the discovered that the human voice affected lord so water for instance. I Don t exactly see the Drift of the discovery but ii is very a it is indeed and 1 have discovered just the opposite that fluids affect the voice whisky for instance. Have you Ever noticed that William a curtain Falls in dead silence a Philadelphia Call. Eccentricities of Marly summer styles slightly modified. As the season advances w e see few7 changes in the prevailing modes save that some of the More startling eccentricities Are a Little modified. We arc told that hat and Bonnet crowns Are to be lower and altogether More modest in their dimensions a fact which appears to be flatly contradicted at every concert or promenade. At present one meets everywhere multitudes of hats whereof the Model appears to have been a Gainsborough for the brim and Mother Loose s sugar loaf Chapeau for Tho Crown a startling headgear Only bearable above a pretty face. But As the French novelist says All Young women arc pretty. Styles in gowns Are but Little altered the fancy is still for simplicity in trimmings with heavy artistic folds for drapery. Not that this seeming simplicity implies inexpensive chess by any Means. Examine or canvass cloth Plain striped and embroidered is still in favor but 1 fancy it is on the Wane As Many new York houses Are Selling it off at greatly reduced rates. It is very handsome particularly when embroidered or Woven in lace stripes and it drapes beautifully but it is very difficult to make up As it frays dreadfully and is As hard on thread and lingers As wire netting. Albatross cloth something like a finely finished nuns veiling is very Nice for Woolen summer gowns. The crinkled seersucker seem to grow prettier As the season advances they Are very effective with dark velvet trimmings. A pretty gown of this material was Pale Blue and White stripes the Basque had Collar cuffs and revers of Black velvet with Vest and skirt trimmings of White embroidery. Cream and Brown stripes trimmed with Brown velvet would be very effective. Among White frocks a very pretty one for Seaside or Mountain Wear is of Cream White Albatross cloth with plaited drapery of White Wool lace. In thin White fabrics the Choice is of infinite variety. A White frock is always pretty be it Ever so simple and now it is equally inexpensive. Pique or Victoria Lawn should not be chosen however for it can not be depended on in washing. India Lawn is reasonable in Price and washes As Well As mull or organdy it is always line and smooth in texture. Nain Sook embroidery is the Best trimming for general Wear but except for very line occasions a White frock should always be simple in make that is one of its special new yorker. United states leading All civilized coun tries except Russia. According to . Prussia possesses altogether 2,313,887 horses or 97 horses for 1,060 inhabitants 91 per 1,000. Omitting the detailed census of the number in each division of the Empire Given by prof. Leonhard the census of 1873, the German Empire contained altogether 3,352,231 horses about 14 per cent younger than three years of the horses older than this in round numbers 70 per cent were employed in agriculture. 10 per cent in Commerce and industries 3-2 per cent in army use 0-4 per cent As stud horses and 3 per cent As Saddle and Carriage horses. This gave 82 horses per 1,000 inhabitants. Austria Hungary possesses three and one-1 Alt millions or 99 per 1,000 inhabitants. Hungary alone has 2,000,-000. France has altogether 2,882,850 horses and 300,000 mules or 78 horses per 1,000 inhabitants and 54 per Square Kilometre. Denmark census of 1881 possesses 316,570 horses Belgium. 283,163 horses or 60 per 1,000 inhabitants Holland 250.000. Or 73 per 1,000 inhabitants Italy census of 1868 657,544, but in 1879 she had Only 615,457 horses beside 293,868 mules Switz Seland in 1886, about 105,000, or 40 per 1,000 inhabitants Spain in 1865680,373, beside 2,319,846 mules and asses every year there Are killed in the Bull fights <3,000 to 4,000 horses Portugal 88,900 horses 50,390 mules and 127,950 asses Russia in 188221,570,000 horses Sweden and Norway 655,456, or 115 horses per 1,000 inhabitants Greece about 100,000 United states of America 9,501,000 Canada 2,624,-000 Argentine Republic 4,000,000 Uruguay 1,000,000 Australia in 1871 304.000.&Quot prof. Leonhard gives for different cities the figures cited below Berlin 32,527 Breslau 4,581 Bremen 2,199 Buda Perth 11,611 Cologne 1,850 ban Zig 2,585 Dresden 5,611 Frankfort on the main 3,000 Hamburg 4,171 Hamburg with suburbs 7,600 Hanover 4,158 Konigsberg i. P., 4,477 Copenhagen 5,302 Leipzig 2,13 Monaco 5,883 Rome 11,733 Stockholm 3,500 Stuttgart 2,591 Vienna 14,317 Paris 04.217 the omnibus company has most horses of any corporation 12,000 London 200,000, of which about 60,000 arc used in Public carriages 10,000 for Street ears and 60,000 for omnibuses. The number in St. Petersburg is not Given but it is supposed to be the same As in London. The horses of the City of new York Are estimated As being Between 60,000 and 75.000.�?scientific american. Hill or level potato culture. A Christopher Casey and John Hob born military convicts at fort sneling minn., were working outside of the lift under the care of Sentinel Brown. Seizing a favourable Opportunity they knocked the Sentinel Down and got his gun Brown it rot up knocked Hebborn Down made alter Casey who was running off with the Musket overtook him got the piece and when Casey refused to surrender shot him through the heart. Then he tired live shots at Hebborn but did not hit him and the convict escaped. Casey was a deserter and was serving a two years Chicago mail. A a a judge Widney of California has Ven $100,000 to the endowment fund i the University of Southern California Honey on the farm. Why decs should 1>e kept by every economical agriculturist. Good pure Honey can be used for All the purposes to which sugar or syrup May be applied. A few hives of bees will gather that which otherwise would be wasted and store it for the family. A Hundred pounds of Honey has been secured from a Strong Colony in a single season and this amount represents a very important item in the family account. It May be claimed however that with Honey at Twenty cents a Pound and sugar at ten cents the use of Honey is not economical. Such is a fact but it should be Only a stronger inducement to keep bees As each Pound of Honey will Purchase two pounds of sugar. There Are locations however at which Honey is not readily scalable and some families do not care to go to the trouble of shipping Small quantities while sugar May be dearer from the same cause and in such cases the production of Honey should be an object. Even if used in the place of sugar with its value greater the sweetening property of Honey is much greater. Lei s should be made serviceable by All who Are located at a distance from Market especially where the conditions Are favourable. The knowledge required for successful Bee keeping is easily derived if one is determined to become familiar with the details of management and it is surprising that the majority of Farmers do not Endeavor to produced the Saccharine matter at Home As Weli As the bread meat and vegetables. It is claimed that a single individual can attend to one Hundred colonies in Bic Busy Honey season while a dozen hives can be managed without any loss of valuable time whatever. We do not intimate that anybody can do the work but any careful person can do so with c xxx , Field Ami Stockman. The old custom of planting potatoes in Hills is destined to give Way to the level system. But As time honoured usage is not easily overcome it will require actual experiments to convince Farmers that a change to the newer method is the Best. To explain the advantages of the level culture we will state that the potatoes have the advantage of greater feeding room and also More moisture after the plants Are Well under Way the Earth May then be drawn to them when it will serve As a mulch and assist in retaining the moisture As Well As protecting against the heat of the Sun. If the potatoes Are planted in Hills in the first place there is a great exposure of surface which allows of More evaporation than under the level system but if the roots Are below the level and the Earth drawn to the plants afterwards the Mound serves As a , Field and Stockman. A feminine trait. A there is nobody in the world who takes so much pleasure in finding out How much she weighs As a pretty girl a according to a Man employed in a St. Fan museum. A now there s a girl on the Scales who comes Here about four times a week and she gets on the Scales at least three times each Day. She always gets some one to weigh her. Anil when she Steps Down she always remarks that this hot weather is taking the Ciesli off her terribly. She weighs one Hundred and fifteen pounds and every Man around the building knows it. You would think to look at her she would tip the beam at one Hundred and forty live but she can t do it. The minute a woman mounts these Scales every pair of eyes in a male head is turned on her and she becomes the Center of attraction. From the platform of these Scales that Little woman has made Many a . Paul Globe. A William Keenan of Korah can., writes to the Toronto Globe that he is the owner of one of the greatest wonders of the age. The wonder is a calf with a head of each end four eyes legs and two tails All Well formed. Or. Keenan drops into poetry in describing the wonder which by the Way is dead and stuffed. This is the poem mail Elors. What a marvelous s get for nature to Send this wonderful test with a head on each end never before was a the info of the kind seen with legs and two tails behind. A a pickpocket s hand Bookwa lately found in the pocket of one of the Light lingered fraternity pounced upon at a parisian fair. The pages were filled with dates of such events As seemed Likely to afford Good opportunities for pickpockets the sales at the chief shops grand weddings and funerals aristocratic charitable bazaars with the place and most favourable hour minutely recorded. A a novel Speed indicator has been patented which is worked by the centrifugal action of weights receiving motion from the machinery whose Speed is to be indicated and shows on a dial the number of revolutions made per budget. A when boyhood has merged into youth and youth into Young manhood it is timely to inquire about the value of moderation. Tobacco leaves the Cigar stumps Are thrown Post. That it actually improves to have it broken. The bicycle a card the markets. New Yorik August 2. Flour extra Ohio. W h eat red w n t e r. No. 1 White. Corny no. 2 Western. Pokky mess. Lard Frame steam. Rutters a it Stern. Cheese oho. Eggs Western. Cattle. Sheep. Logs. A Cleveland. Flour country xxx White 4 it 0>,s 4 75 90 us 90 i 49 v it h 36 of 40 10 624� h 7vi 0 87 it it amp 5 90 12 amp 7 a 14 @ 19 3 50 3 00 5 00 15 4 25 3 75 14 4 35 4 05 5 to Minnesota Patent Amber. Wheat no. 2. 771 Corn. 45 Oats no 1. Cheese Choice factory oho Dairy. 7 v butter Choice. 12 eggs. H potato seeds Timothy. 2 20 Clover. A 30 Hay baled. 12 50 bulk on Market 14 la Cincinnati. Flour family a it 40 wheat. 75 Corn. 44 Rye. 54 Oats. 3s butter. 13 hogs common to Light .4 00 packing. 4 65 Toledo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter corny no. 2. Oats no. 2. Buffalo. Beeves Best. Medium. Sheep common. Choice. Hogs common to fair. Heavy. Pittsburgh. Beeves Best. Medium. Sheep rest. Medium. Hogs yorkers. Philadelphia. Philadelphia Wool unwashed. Pulled. Western. Or 4 40 of 5 in 0, t 4 25 for the ladies. Laughter is the poor Many a plaster making every Burden Light turning sadness into gladness darkest hour to May Dawn Bright. Tis the deepest and the cheapest cure for ills of this description. But for those that woman s heir to. Use a favorite cures All weaknesses and irregularities a bearing Down sensations a internal fever a bloating displacements inflammation morning sickness and tendency to cancerous disease. Price reduced to one Dollar. By druggists. Tub Groat trouble with a Buzz saw is that it never wears false Cit Izen. I had a dreadful cough and raised a considerable amount of blood and matter besides i was very thin and so weak i could scarcely go about the House. This was the Case of a Man with consumption arising from liver complaint. He recovered his health completely by the use of or. Pierces a a Golden medical thousands of others Bear similar testimony. Path a be Jabors what Herrud Tolm esl if i had me Loiza insured i d take Chicago so 47 39 9 i 8 20 12 h Gre 55 0i, 2 25 or 6 59 or. 15 00 <3ri 17 00 Halls hair renewed always gives satisfaction and is endorsed by our Best physicians. As a stimulant to the stomach liver and bowels the safest remedy is Ayers pills. People going on an excursion Are so Happy to get Home that they Aro glad they went. A a a delicate diseases affecting male or female however induced speedily and permanently cured. Illustrated Book for 10 cents in Stamps. Worlds dispensary medical association 063 main Street Buffalo n. The Moth exhibits much taste in Boston transcript. Wii at a toe Best disinfectant and remedy for skin irritations Aud defects Sulphur soap. Hills hair and whisker Dyk Black or Brown 50c. There is but one a school of journalism a and that is journalism Buffalo express. Best easiest to use and cheapest. Piso a remedy for Catarrh. By druggists. 50c. A bang is something to a door especially when it is on a pretty girl. Frazer Axle grease lasts three times As Long As others Aud saves horses and wagons. Why is a doctor never sea sick used to see sickness. 0> of la of 44 28v f 4 90 4 00 3 00 3 25 4 25 4 70 4 75 4 50 4 do 3 m 4 80 5 10 29 24 35 0, of m of. Of. W a food of of of of of of of och not 45 54? 29 22 4 h 5 10 78 45 29 00 4 50 3 25 3 75 4 50 5 00 5 00 4 fat 4 25 3 75 5 00 5 20 31 27 he is tired out at this season nearly every one needs to use some sort of tonic. Ikon enters into almost every pby-aician�?T3 prescription for those who need building up. Quot a the Best tonic for weakness lassitude i Ark of Energy etc., it has no equal and is Tho Only Iron Medicine that is not injurious. It Only enriches the Ilioyd invigorates the a a system restores appetite aids digestion it does not Blacken or injure the Teeth cause head ache or produce constipation other Iron Ines icings do Jay Van Vechten m. D., new London Ohio say a a a 1 have prescribed Browne a Iron filters with most satisfactory results in cases of debility where a tonic is needed and 1 know of no preparation of Iron that does my . F. , Marietta Ohio says a i was always tired. One bottle of Browne a Iron bitters has Irre atly Bee Ite a to and i feed like a new mrs. Eva j. Hyde Dawson pa., says a i have used Browne a Iron bitters for general weakness and have been greatly benefited. It gave me a Good appetite and removed that tired feeling that has been so common with me. 1 cheerfully recommend genuine has above Trade Mark and crossed red lines on wrapper. Tytke 110 other. Made Only by chemical co., Baltimore to. Well making. does it free catalogue tells what customers is this is the great a a Ohio Well Trilling and prospecting machine drills All kinds Earth and Rock Atid pump cuttings to surface at each stroke a tests the water without taking out tools. Drives tubing or enlarges Hole below it. Runs with wonderful ease and drops tools 70 or to times a minute horse or steam Power used. A we also make machines and tools for Boring Large Wells. Loomis do Nyman Tiffin. Ohio i cure fits when i say cure i ult it not mean merely to Stop them lot a time Aud then Havo Thorn return again i mean a Radical cure. I have made Tho disease of fits epilepsy or falling sickness life Lou study. War Rantry remedy to cure the worst cases because others have failed is no reason for riot now receiving a cure. Bend it once for a treatise and a free Bortle of my infallible Somody. Give express and Post office. It costs you nothing for a trial and i will cure you. 4udrce9 Ltd. U. G. Root. 18a Pearl St. New York. Too too acres of Choice of \ Iii Ellis Trego Rouks amp Graham lands maps Ai in q for Saloon easy terms. Us a Best soil Well watered. Ion to to. My pamphlet furnished rce w. T. , 155 Washington St. Chic 0piu19i habit Fyk Jfe left time. New infallible remedy. Not a particle pain or self denial. Pay when cured. Handsome Book free. Ali. J. J. Weati1eruy, Kansas City to. S $250 i riebqnhwlav7s officer a from pfc desert frs relieved pension and increase experience 2o Vears Success or no fee. Write for circulars and Laws. A. W. To Cormack amp Bon Cincinnati. Ohio. A month. Agents wanted. To Best so i he world. 1 Sample free. Address Jay 11kon.son. Detroit. Mich. $5 to sch a Day samples wort i #1.50 free. not under i he horses feet. Write blew Bokr safety ke1.n Solher come oily a Lickli. Iii St of diseases always Cureau by using mexican Mustang liniment. Of Htmat flesh. Rheumatism Darns and scalds stings and bites cuts and bruises sprains a stitches contracted Luft Clos stiff joints backache eruptions Frost bites of Alf smals scratches sores and Gatis Spavin cracks screw worm Grok foot rot Hoof ail lameness Swinny founder sprains strains sore feet stiff less and All external diseases and every Hurt or Accident. F or general use in family stable and Stock Yard it is tiie Best of All liniments Ess Gussi ks3em Radway a ready 1 Relief instantly relieves and soon cures colds Soro Throat bronchitis la Louisy. Stiff neck All congas t of thai . Inroad Iron Cinitis i Aurisy eur it a tons and inflammations whether of Tho lungs kidneys or bowels. Rheumatism neuralgia headache Toothache weakness or Fain in Tho Back Chest or limbs by one application. Cures the worst Fains in from one to Twenty minutes. Not one hour after Rooming tuts advertisement need any one suffer with1 Aln. Internally. A a f Ach net a v a a a a a a. It area. Dysentery Colic flatulence and All internal pains. There is not a remedial agent in the world that will cure fever and ague and All other Valarious. Bilious and other fevers aided by Radway a fills so Quick As a Adway a ready Lidice. Fifty cents per bottle. Sold by druggists. Twenty years in use. Or. Rap was a co a i Havensek your ready Relief for Many years in my family with great effect. For the last Twenty years 1 would have nothing Elso to expel pain inwardly or from any part of Tho body outwardly. I have used it for rheumatic pains and always found great Relief when applied to the painful part of the body. Your fills Aro indeed excellent As you represent them in the yours truly Robert o Luln null. 07 East Lake si., Chicago 111., sept. 7,18s5. Or. Rad Wax a a co., n. Y., proprietors of Radway a Sarsaparilla an resolvent and or. Kad Wuyu a fills. Ask Fob the w. L. Douglas Best material perfect fit equals any f it or $0 shoe every pair warranted take none unless stamped a a it. L. Douglas $3.00 shoe Congress. Button and lace. Boys ask for the w. L. Douglas. N a. 82.00 shoe. Same styles As a the $3 of shoe. If Yon cannot get these shoes from Deal run Ltd address on postal card to a. L. Douglas Brockton mass. Joftes h Jet pays the freight 5 Toa a it agon Culea Boa levers Suel hearing i Tare beam Ami Ream Box fur s60. Every Sloe scale for free Price Lla mention Thi paper end arts ret Jones of Binghamton Binghamton. N. A the new departure Drums t arc made with Patent double acting rods and folding knee rest. Light substantial and handsome. \ drum used in the Best bands and orchestras. Unequalled for if tone surpass All other in ill finish and appearance. I j nearest music dealer does foot keep them write to us for illustrated catalogue. Lyon amp. Healy Chicago ilk Ertelt a Victor Hay press educational. Tin of co i ufos k of Law. Chicago. Fall term be a gins bcpt.22. For circular add. 11. Boot Chicago. Siet Foj u0> a >1 school Canfield o. Groat at ii Cui i traction. Board and tultlon$25 or. Term. Homeopathic Hospital College Cleveland. Session 1886-7 begins sept. 29. For information address g. J. . D., registrar,91 Public Square. To flip 13 a y learn Here and earn Bbown Ken a p la . Slut Altona furnished. Write valentis e bhos., Janesville was is shipped anywhere to operate on trial against All other presses pure baser to keep the one doing most a pm a work for the least Money. Glo. Us Tel a co., Quincy in. No rope to Cut Oft horses wanes celebrated a a it and ii it 1 d la Corchine cannot he slipped by any horse. Sam pie Halter to any part of the . Free on receipt of 8 i. Sold by All saddlery hardware and harness dealers. Special discount to tin Trade. Send for Price list Piso a remedy for Catarrh is Tho Best easiest to use and cheapest. Also Good for cold in the head headache Hay fever a acc. 50 cents. Send to Fredek knew a co. 181 Washington St., Chicago 111., for m aps and g 1 ides of to Pirrall Road and state lands in of Minnesota and Kansas t�?3 to $10 per acre. Easy terms. Ladies health Beauty arid How to preserve them. I Hia elegant work is full of important information to every woman. Sent free on race it of address and 5 Stamps by Tho extract Medicine co., Detroit Mich. Dollars each Forny a and sewing machines. Warranted live yen. Sent on trial if desired. Roy direct and save to s3>. Organs Given a premiums. Write for free circular with from every state. George Payne amp co. 42 w. Monroe St Chicago. Morphine i bit cured in to to to Days. To till eared. I to Lebanon Ohio of m a. N . 1091. It tax tent tfx to , Para or a you Mettr Tler at Vertido Ifal in Liim of tier. At re timer like to Knuth a when and a iroc the if it of try Ftp def a. A a a a 13 who 98 unacquainted with the ceo Crappy of Thio country will see by examining this map that the Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific Ray by reason of its Central position close relation to principal lines East of Chicago my continuous lines at terminal point3 West Northwest and Southwest i it Tho. A a a a in.vite3 and Lacil Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota Watertown in Dakota of intermediate cities towns and villages. The great Rock isl fld route guarantees Speed Comfort and safety to these who travel Over it. It3 roadbed is thoroughly ballasted. Its track is of heavy steel. I s Aro solid structures of Stone and Iron. Its rolling Stock i3 perfect As human shill can make it. It Baa All Tho safety appliances that mechanical Poniti has invented and Sype Ienco proved valuable. Its practical operation conserve nude and methodical its discipline strict and exacting. Tho luxury of its passe Feer accommodations is unequalled in the West unsurpassed in the world. All sex Erkess trains Between Chicago and the to Tucori River consist it comfortable a coaches magnificent Pullman Palace parlor and sleeping Caius elegant dining cars providing excellent meals and a Between Chicago St. Joaeph Atchison and Kansas City restful Tel clip ving chair cars. The map sous Albert Lea route is Tho direct favorite Lino Between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Paul. Over thi3 route solid fast express trains run daily to Tho summer resorts incur Esquo localities and Hunting and firkin grounds of Iowa and Minnesota. Tao men wheat Fields and grazing lands of Interior Dakota Are reached via Watertown. A Short desirable route via Seneca and Kankakee offers Superior inducements to travellers Between Cincinnati Indianapolis Lafayetta and Council Bluffs so Joseph Atchison Leavenworth Kansas City Minneapolis St. Paul and intermediate Points. _ a11 classes of patrons especially families ladies and children receive from officials and employees of Rock Island trains Protection respectful Courtesy Aud kindly attention. _ _. For tickets maps folders a obtainable at All principal ticket offices m the United states and Canada a or any desired information address. R. R. Cable press Dent and general manager Chicago e. St. John general till it t it did passenger agent Chicago

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