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New Castle News Weekend Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 4

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New Castle News Weekend (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, New Castle, Pennsylvania New Castle news your family newspaper published every Day except sunday. 27 North Mercer Street . Box 60, new Castle a 16103 Telephone 412 654-6651 business offi uses 378-060 ice hours 8 a.m.-5 p.m., monday Friday Ellwood City office 752-8744_ Max Thomson publisher general manager Tim editor Dan Irwin. Weekend editor Mitchel Olszak,.editorial Page editor Kayleen cubbal.,.sports editor Lisa editor Andrew pleasant photo graphics editor Chris h. Do Angelo. Advertising sales director Duwayne manager copyright 19v�?T new it the . Another walking Benefit a the message is that we should become Active and remain Robert d. Abbott one of the researchers who conducted a study reported in the new England journal of Medicine concluding that a daily stroll keeps people in their 60s, 70s and 80s living longer presumably due to improved fitness Levels. Overview pleased with deadlock a i guess that a what we hoped and prayed Suzanne Mcdonnell sister of defendant Terry Nichols when the jury deadlocked and he escaped a possible death penalty wednesday for his participation in the deadly Oklahoma City bombing. Powdered Latex threat a powdered Latex gloves Are a serious unnecessary menace in hospitals and other health care facilities All Over the country. A or. Sidney Wolfe with a consumer organization called Public citizen health research group As scientists warned that such powder spreads life threatening Latex allergens. Words and picture inefficiency wastes Revenue Israel needs new elections despite the Knesset a narrow approval of his 1998 budget israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the look of a lame Duck. The resignation of foreign minister David Levy has left Netanyahu a right Wing coalition Cabinet with a paper thin majority in the israeli parliament. And while the prime minister maintains he can continue to govern new elections seem Likely before too Long. The sooner the better. Chicago Tribune a should my new years Resolution be to lose weight. Or to throw away the bathroom scale Quot focus on social Security the president is said by aides to be looking for ways to Start this year the discussion of How to keep social Security solvent through the retirement of the baby Boomers. We Hope he does it. The Issue is enormously complicated substantively As Well As politically. Future workers Are going to have to More and the beneficiaries be Content with less than under current Law. That a bad news All around and most politicians would rather their successors be the ones to deliver it. The Washington Post if everything stays As it is Lawrence county property owners May see a reduction in their county taxes in 1999. That May be Small Consolation for property owners who face a five Mill 17 percent increase in their taxes this year. Some of the tax increase approved by the county commissioners last week covers items that Are one time expenses. One Mill alone is for an additional payroll in 1998. If a Mill increase is necessary to for the extra payroll then it stands to reason that the Mill wont be necessary in the following year which has the regular number of payrolls. There Are other one time expenses such As renovation of the jail Annex and possible repairs to Hill View Manor the county nursing Home. But done to count on getting Back some of your tax Money just k. Manna focus nothing Ever remains the same. There a inflation to contend with and employees will receive increases m 1999. And there is also the possibility that the commissioners will add some new one time expenditures that Are a absolutely commissioner Brian Burick said upon adoption of the budget that until the county shows a willingness to re evaluate the Struc Ture of county government nothing is going to change. In other words no matter who the commissioners May be the Cost of running county government is not going to change much. He a right. There Are certain inefficiencies that Are inherent with the current system of county government. The Only Way Many of them can be eliminated is through Home Rule. But Home Rule Isnit going to happen simply by wishing it. Someone like Burick has to go out into the hustings and sell the Home Rule idea to the voters who eventually have to approve it. In the meantime there Are some savings the commissioners can achieve right now. One deals with personnel primarily grievances. The county gets a lot of them and does no to Ever seem to win any essentially because supervisors messed up by not Fol lowing the Law. As a result the county ends up paying Legal fees and other costs. The commissioners need to get control of the situation by having someone make sure that proper procedures Are followed when people Are hired and before they re promoted or fired. Another savings is in purchasing. Burick has called for centralized purchasing but has not been Able to convince his fellow commissioners of the idea. Currently each department makes its own purchases. Sometimes departments May need the same equipment but buy them from different companies at different prices. The waste is in the thousands of dollars and its difficult to comprehend Why the commissioners allow this to continue. John k. Manna is the political reporter for the news Battle Over Federal judges no one has Ever accused chief Justice William Rehnquist of bleeding heart tendencies. It was thus extraordinary for him to get into a confrontation with sen. Orrin Hatch and other conservative republicans Over what the chief Justice said was an inexcusable Holdup by the Senate Over president Clinton a nominations for the Federal Bench. Hatch chairman of the Senate judiciary committee dismissed the criticism blaming Clinton for the delays and Federal judges for the problem of overworked courts. His response is disingenuous. The new York times Reader reactions harsh words Hurt housing panel editor the news having served 10 years As a Board member for the Lawrence county housing authority i was bothered by the article a housing panel appointments trigger this kind of publicity hurts the Community. I have always respected Bob session. He usually exercises Good judgment. He has served numerous terms As a Board member and has an excellent understanding of the Workings of the housing authority. I can Only attribute emotion to his remarks at the last Board meeting a me returning is your worst Nightmare and a Robert Evanick is the worst director we Ever deep Down session surely knows these remarks were out of order. It seems to me that session was Hurt by the letter submitted by the president of the Board prior to sessions reappointment asking them to consider housing tenants for Board positions a practice encouraged by Hud. When session gets Over the Hurt i am sure he will regret what he said. I served on the housing authority Board under three directors including Evanick. In my opinion he is As capable dedicated hard working and fair As any other director that i know and a credit to Lawrence county. As far As session criticizing Evanick for the authority a budget the Board has Complete control Over approving the budget and the distribution of funds and i am sure that when session said a the Board brought this authority from bankruptcy a it was during some other directors tenure before Evanick. I would Hope that session meant it when he said a a in a Here with you Evanick and would like to get along with to have a Good authority you need Harmony and respect Between the Board and director even though they do not always agree. Philip p. Conti new Castle letters to the editor the new Castle news encourages its readers to submit letters for publication. The news prints these letters on a regular basis. All letters should be typed or Handwritten so they Are legible. They May run to a maximum of 350 words no exceptions. Each letter should include the name address and Telephone number of the writer. The Telephone number will not be published but will be used by the news to verify the authenticity of the letter. No Anonymous letters Are printed by the news. Submissions can be mailed to letters to the editor new Castle news Box 60, new Castle pa., 16103.America turns from religion editor the news America was blessed by god because America was founded upon sound biblical principles and As a one nation under americans Faith in god was the key reason Why America grew to become such a great and powerful nation. It is sad to see this once great nation deteriorating rapidly into the pits of hell All because America has forsaken god and the biblical principles which made her great. Today our school children and College students Are being taught that America was founded by deists not by christians that our Constitution specifically the first amendment erects a Wall of separation Between Church and state that must not be transgressed in any Way that our government cannot support or favor religious Faith. These untruths regarding the True history of America this mistaken interpretation of our Constitution have All led to a relentless assault on americans religious institutions and traditions by none other than our education system the courts the Liberal establishment and the press. What has been the result of this tragic assault on americans Christian heritage no one can deny the shocking moral decay seen All around us. Everywhere we look in our Sec ular society traditional moral and religious values and beliefs Are under attack in the news Media on to programs and throughout our entire culture. No More school prayers the ten commandments banned from government buildings nativity scenes and other Christian displays outlawed. The boy scouts Are under siege pornography is rampant and available to our children schools distribute condoms to children without parents consent and hold graphic discussions of erotic films in the classrooms. But mention Jesus Christ and the anti Christian mob will crack Down hard. The founders of this nation were predominately Bible be Lieving christians and our political institutions were constructed entirely upon Christian principles. In 1892, the supreme court clearly stated a your Laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon the teachings of the redeemer of Mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise and in this sense and to the extent our civilization and our institutions Are emphatically Margaret h. Ingham new Castle safety sought in conformity editor the news will the late �?T90s be remembered As a time of the regimented crowd of conformity driven by a sense that wed better get our act together first it was the million Man March then came the Promise keepers and after that the million women All atoning in Masse on Cue and in Public for sins individual and collective. A a spirituality shot scepticism a a not a says Katha Pollitt. A Why beat my head against a Wall a Pollitt is a Middle class working Mother who a been made to feel guilty. A a in a unfaithful a she confesses a to my daughter with my she does no to work just for Money. She actually likes to write to sit All alone in her study with the door closed. A i know i could be doing something useful and child entered like helping out in the principals office but i just done to want sometime she even pretends to be working when she a just goofing off. Fathers can get away with this but mothers can to. Sceptics take an evil pleasure in mocking the beliefs of others. Pollitt says she did it a out of sheer elitist contempt for the popular will in full knowledge of the fact that not Only do 96 percent of americans believe in god but according to a 1996 Gallup poll 72 percent believe in Angels 56 percent in the Devil 42 percent in demonic Possession 45 percent in earthly visits from ufos 33 percent in haunted houses and 25 percent in astrology. Pollitt has More than one Black Friend. This she says makes her a racist. Whites who have but one Black Friend would have you believe that racial prejudice is a thing of the past. A those who think otherwise leftists liberals president Clinton most Black people a says Pollitt a Are the real racists since we persist in making distinctions on the basis of race by for example supporting affirmative action instead of calling on Black people to eschew rap music study harder get married and go Del Fletcher it. Jackson Andrew played useful disciple role do you have a favorite disciple is there one of the 12 you especially Admire perhaps John the bold Fisherman. Or Peter the Rock. I bet i know one disciple who is not on your list of favourites. Its Andrew. We miss the significance of Andrew in the new testament. After All his name is mentioned there Only a dozen times. Had he lived today they probably would have put on his Tombstone a there also came his claim to Fame is that he was Peters brother. That show he is mentioned mostly in the Bible. If you wanted to find Andrew in his Hometown you would go to the House of Jonas his father. His Mother answers the door. No Andrew is not Home. You might try Down the Street at the House of Zebedee. He is usually there. At the House of Zebedee we find four Young men and Zebedee in conversation. There is Zebedee Robert e. Lind saturday Sermon his two sons James and John and Andrew and Peter. Today they Are talking about a daring Young preacher. He is a strange Man with piercing glowing eyes. He dresses in skins and has a wild Way about him. They Call him John the Baptist. Zebedee says a John if you want to go take Andrew with you. For sure done to take Simon if Simon went along he would do All the talking. He would even do your thinking for they All laughed. So John and Andrew went to see the preacher. His eloquent Tongue stirred them. John the Baptist won the hearts of the two Young men. Then the Young preacher introduced them to another Young Man. His name was Jesus. The Baptist announced him As a the Lamb of god which Tabeth away the sin of the now watch Andrew at work. The first thing Andrew did after he found Jesus was to search out his brother Peter. He introduced him to Christ. Andrew spent some time with Jesus. He was with him when Jesus performed his first Miracle at the wedding at Canna. Then Andrew went Home for a while. But his thoughts kept going Back to Jesus. One Day Andrew and Simon were bending Over their nets. A Shadow fell on them. They looked up. Andrewes heart beat faster. It was Jesus. He talked about the kingdom of god. Andrew was not the Leader Peter was. He was not As aggressive As Peter. He usually played second fiddle to his brother. Honestly Andrew was not the great preacher Peter was. He was not the great missionary his brother was. But done to forget it was Andrew who first introduced Peter to Jesus. There would have been no eloquent Peter had there been no Humble Andrew to bring him to Jesus. Andrew is not one of the greatest disciples. But he had a great interest in people. He was one of those who works behind the scenes to see that every great movement is successful. Only a two Talent Man probably. But he used the two talents he had for Christ. Andrew we too would meet the master

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