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New Castle News Weekend Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 3

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New Castle News Weekend (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, New Castle, Pennsylvania In Brief peace talks Back on track Belfast Northern Ireland map a protestant paramilitary groups agreed yesterday to stay in peace talks for Northern Ireland after a top British envoy went inside top Security Maze prison to Appeal directly to jailed protestant militants. A we will be in the talks process on monday morning a promised John White of the Ulster defense association the largest pro British paramilitary group which had threatened to withdraw. The move was a Victory for Northern Ireland Secretary to Mowlam who had met with protestants imprisoned for murderous attacks on catholics in Hopes of winning their Pivotal support for the peace talks. Yesterdays developments mean that the peace talks will reopen As scheduled on monday with representatives present from both the pro British protestant paramilitaries and sinn fein political ally of the Catholic based Irish Republican . Casino reneges on Jackpot payoff Phoenix apr the reels locked on three cherries Bells and whistles sounded and Casino workers rushed to congratulate Herminia Rodriquez on having won a $330,000 Slot machine Jackpot. But it was easy come easy go for Rodriquez. Harrah Sak Chin Casino just South of Phoenix said the Slot machine was defective and voided her prize. If she a Lucky Shell get Back the $100 in quarters she said she pumped into the broken machine on oct. 11. Beyond that she May have Little Legal recourse since the Casino is on an Indian reservation which is Sovereign territory with its own system for handling complaints from Casino customers. A i want Justice to be done a Rodriquez said yesterday. A i won the Jackpot and expect them to Honor the Jackpot. I put my Money in there in Good a player beware a said Gary Husk head of the Arizona gaming department which oversees tribal Casino operations. Fra approves lung cancer laser Washington apr patients with a Type of Early stage lung cancer gained a new treatment yesterday a drug that makes the tumor cells die from a Mere blast of laser Light. The food and drug administration approved Alt photo therapeutics photo Rin calling it a Good option for a Small number of lung cancer patients. A it seemed to be quite effective in eliminating the cancer and the cancer stayed away for Many months in most of the patients a said Fra oncology chief or. Robert Delap. Alt studied 102 patients with very Early or Micro inva Sive non Small cell lung cancer who were not candidates for surgery or radiation the Only other options. One photo Rin treatment wiped out the cancer in 79 percent of patients. Median disease free survival was 5.7 years. Blood alcohol test shows fatal level Indiana a. Apr an Indiana University of Pennsylvania freshman who died of an alcohol overdose after a new years eve party had a blood alcohol level of More than four times the Legal limit a Coroner said yesterday. Eighteen year old Lorraine Hannah a blood alcohol level was 0.429, said Indiana county Coroner torn streams. Drivers Are illegally drunk in Pennsylvania if they have a blood alcohol level of 0.10 or higher. Hannah a level was the second highest streams had seen in 25 years he said. Police expect to charge four people with furnishing alcohol to minors and Selling it without a License. Indiana police detective Anthony Clement said three of the hosts served Beer from a 15.5-gallon Keg and a fourth person May have brought Vodka. They charged admission to All who attended the off Campus party. Clement declined to reveal the suspects identities. He said he was waiting for test results before filing charges. Asian Market woes shake Wall Street new York apr the Dow Jones Industrial average tumbled 222 Points yesterday As a third straight Day of Steep declines in Asia made it Clear that the economic crisis threatening the world Economy since october is festering rather than Healing. The Dow which has fallen More than 4 percent in the first six sessions of 1998 after logging an impressive 23.6 percent gain in 1997, fell As much As 275 Points during the heavily traded session before closing with a loss of 222.20 at 7,580.42. It was the worst one Day Point drop for Dow since oct. 27�?Ts record plunge of 554 Points and fourth biggest in history for the famed barometer of 30 big companies. However the damage was heaviest among technology shares the sector deemed most vulnerable to the trouble overseas. The technology heavy Nash a Stock Market suffered its second worst Point drop Ever. It was the fourth busiest Day Ever on the new York Stock Exchange with 746.42 million shares changing hands. The Panicky sell off came after investors woke up again to Steep Market declines in Southeast Asia this time in the Philippines where stocks plunged 8.3 percent and Singapore where the main Market Index Sank 7.4 percent. A what a so aggravating is that it does no to seem that the financial crisis in Asia has bottomed a said Hugh Johnson chief investment officer at first Albany corp. A last week for one fleeting moment it started to seem As though we were turning the Corner. We had meaningful rallies in just about every country in the Pacific rim. The heavy Selling around the world helped the . Bond mar Ket which is seen As a Safe Haven and momentarily pushed Long term yields toward another recon Low. Treasury yields help determine the interest charged on mortgages and Many other types of Loans and the recent lows have Many homeowners looking to refinance. The renewed Market turmoil has been fuelled by fears that several asian nations wont enact the sweeping economic reforms being demanded by the International lenders to secure billions of dollars in badly needed Loans. The risks to the global Economy Are severe. Without a speedy turnaround asians fiscal woes might Spur a worldwide recession. The Selling intensified in the afternoon As traders grew uneasy about going into the weekend heavily invested amid so much uncertainty particularly ahead of a key meeting this weekend in Indonesia. High ranking Clinton administration and officials from the International monetary Rind were heading to Indonesia yesterday to get the ailing 76-year-old president Suharto to Speed up Belt tightening requirements. If he agrees then the lending organization and the United states May accelerate payments in a $40 billion Rescue package As they did two weeks ago with South Korea. Notably with most investors fixating on the latest developments overseas there was Little consideration Given to a monthly employment report that ordinarily might have caused . Markets to shudder with inflation jitters. In fact with Stock investors fleeing to the relative safety of . Treasury Bonds the inflation sensitive fixed income Market rallied. The yield on the Treasury a 30-year Bond which startled Many earlier in area stocks Alphanet Alph .13% Bell Atlantic Bel .86% Cal on Carbon acc. 10% Carnegie clix 3% Columbia Gas cd 71% lbs lbs .28% Cox Cox .51% Seq table re secs est. 31% first comm Kcf 27% firs Energy be 28% feb Mercer fan .33% first Shenigo Shen. 34% first Western Febi .26 Heinz Hnz 52% inst re scent Isco. 20% Kmart pm 11 Ltd steel Ltd 9% Matthews Matt 41% May dept. Str. May. 51% Medusa Mesa .39% Mcdonald a Mcd 45% Mellon Bank Mel .57% Mylan labs myl 20 Natl City Bank acc 59% is group ass .14% pig pig .54% Penn first a wac .18% Percing Ogda Ogda 27% Pra air pm .43 resp ironic resp 22% Rockwell Rok 48% Steris str 46% toll Grade to Ltd 20 Tuscarora Tusk .16 Rubics unix .13% us x .28% Wal Mart wet .38% the above figures Are from 4 40 . Today. Over the counter stocks list the bid Price quotas provided by Tho now Castle office of Parker Hunter inc. Stolen Mercury contaminating Arkansas City the week by falling to a record Low of 5.73 percent dropped As Low As 5.69 percent during the afternoon yesterday. Declining issues outnumbered gainers by More than a 4-to-l margin on the new York Stock Exchange. The Standard amp poor a 500-Stock Index fell 28.36 to 927.69, and the nose composite Index fell 14.17 Points to 487.47. The Nash a composite dropped 52.32 to 1,503.22, and the american Stock Exchange composite Index fell 17.32 to 650.24. Texarkana Ark. Apr a couple of teen agers made the coolest of finds after breaking into an abandoned Neon Plant last month a a shiny Silver liquid that looked neat when it beaded up on their . They just had to share it with their friends. Now weeks later the county is dealing with widespread Mercury contamination that has sent two people to the Hospital closed a grocery store and forced seven families from their Homes. A a it a very enticing. It looks neat and people think its harmless and want to play with it but it can be very Nasty a said Donna Garland a spokeswoman for the Agency for toxic substances and disease registry in Atlanta. Since dec. 30, when one of the teen agers who took part in the break in was treated for possible Mercury poisoning at a Hospital emergency officials have been trying to Trace the 2lh pints of the heavy Metal that were taken from the City sold Neon sign Plant. Every few Days More alarmed parents Call to say they have a problem. More than 50 people May have been exposed to dangerous Levels of the Mercury which damages the Central nervous system and can cause irreversible learning and speech disabilities. Last week a vial of Mercury carried by a teen Ager broke inside a combination grocery store and Sandwich shop. Emergency workers found out thursday and closed the store. A this incident makes us think there is More out there. Every Day we turn up More a said Dave Hall emergency services coordinator in this City of 22,600 people along the Texas line about 130 Miles Southwest of Little Rock. Emergency officials fear that children who once possessed some of the 23 pounds of Mercury taken have thrown it out and wont say where. Mercury or quicksilver has Long fascinated people because of its wondrous properties. Some Mercury compounds Are deadly in minuscule amounts other forms such As the regular elemental variety stolen in Texarkana a Are less toxic. Mercury can cause tremors insomnia memory loss headaches vision problems irritability and nervousness. Poisoning is treated by adding other chemicals to the bloodstream that Bond with the Mercury and remove it from the body As waste. The owner of the old Neon Plant which shut Down in the 1970s, told police the break in occurred before dec. 16. Garland said the delay in symptoms is typical of gradual Mercury exposure the heavy Metal accumulates in the body every time its handled. The Mercury was in four or five half pint jars when it was stolen. From there the kids apparently divided it up among their friends who put it in All sorts of household jars and other containers. One person interviewed by police said some of the teen agers would dip their in the Metal and watch it drip Down their . Richard persons said his sop Raymond and another boy found about two thirds of a test tube of the Mercury. A was a child i played with Mercury myself a he said. A we played with it at school or wed bust a thermometer just to play with the Mercury inside. But i took it away from him and had him scrub balloonist forced to abandon global Mission Yeso . Apr two balloonist parachuted into a Cactus studded pasture yesterday after a tear doomed their round the world quest just an hour after launch. The pilotless balloon Laden with explosive fuel floated East for about eight hours before Landing in Texas. Dick Rutan and Dave Melton hoping to become the first to Fly nonstop round the world in a balloon parachuted in 45 Mph winds yesterday morning. They landed a Quarter mile apart about 13 Miles Southeast of the town of Vaughn. Rutan 59, hit Cactus and suffered bloody puncture wounds All Over his nose and Cheeks. He was still pulling Cactus Needles from his face hours later. Melton 39, hit the Only wire Fence in the wide open area and later was hospitalized in serious condition with a dislocated hip and ankle. A the was curled up on the ground. He was in pain a said Vaughn police chief . Romo who saw the pair Parachute. A the cussed us out saying it the flight was going Fine until a fall of a sudden there was this Boom a Rutan said at a news conference. A Dave looked at me and said a we re in Rutan said they considered trying to land but surface winds were too Quick print printing co. Personalized full color 12-month photo calendars $24�� Strong. A we were airborne in something that was highly suspect heavily Laden with fuel and Dave and i came to the realization we have to abandon this thing a he said. The Federal aviation administration had ordered All aircraft to stay Clear of the 170-foot unmanned balloon which ended up draped Over some Trees near Gainesville about 45 Miles North of Dallas. A rip in the helium filled inner balloon was reported at 7 28 . Yesterday about an hour after the Craft lifted off from Albuquerque. The men parachuted out of the Silver vessels Ball shaped capsule around 9 ., just 100 Miles into their journey. Rutan said they opened a Gas valve before parachuting so that helium would seep out and the balloon would descend. The balloon briefly touched Down in new Mexico but then bounced Back up to 30,000 feet after some of its 20 propane tanks fell off. Team project manager Steve Shope said there was Little risk that the 48-Gal Lon tanks would explode. The global Hilton which was making its Maiden flight is a combination hot air balloon and helium balloon with propane tanks to fuel the flames that warm the Gas. The plan had been to Rise 32,000 feet into the Jet Stream and ride 200 Mph air currents around the Globe in about 14 Days in the first nonstop round the world balloon flight. Rutan a former air Force Pilot helped Fly the experimental plane voyager around the world nonstop 11 years ago. Melton a technician at los Alamos National Laboratory has flown balloons for 15 years. Their $1 million assault on one of aviation a last frontiers was the third such attempt by a balloon team since dec. 31. Chicago millionaire Steve Fossetti a fourth round the world bid ended monday on the Edge of the Black sea. Every second sunday Maize january 11th at first presbyterian Church 125 n. Jefferson Street it. Sinew cattle a come join us at 7 pm for. An alternative worship of quietness simple peaceful songs candlelight communion and a spirit of gentleness and acceptance. A 30 minute peaceful break from your Busy week. Gop refreshments amp mini seminar on spirituality follow the service. Thank you to All the friends and relatives for food Flowers and cards during our bereavement and passing of our beloved Mother Florence Freda also thanks to the nurses and aides of Jameson skill care unit Rev. Bupp Rev. Mounts or. Sung Lori Lombardo or. Abu Ella or. Simmons Noga ambulance and de amp Don Decarbo 7de cry of Potence Only with this and pictures copied 89 652-6802 701 Wilmington ave. New Castle first Assembly of god 2021 Pulaski Road phone 658-5611 Kenneth Meyer pastor John s. Whitman associate pastor Bruce m. Cox youth pastor Larry a. Scalfari music minister a sunday a 9 15 amp 10 45 . Sunday school 9 15 amp 10 45 . Morning worship a yielding graciously a pastor Kenneth Meyer National menus Day 6 30 . Evening Praise a standing courageously pastor Kenneth Meyer testimonies by our men a wednesday a 7 00 . Family night and school of the Bible we wish to thank friends relatives and neighbors for All the expressions of sympathy Flowers donations and food extended to us during the tragic fire and death of our husband and father John r. O Neill special thanks to Joe Jackman president and owner of Ermacor fellow Union employees and office employees of Ermacor it. Jackson presbyterian Church Mohawk Church association Bessemer North Beaver and Mahoning twp. Fire departments for your valued efforts and to the Mohawk Community. Kamee cd so famed o Feitt Lei i Host Don Reed on local Cable to 5 new Castle 29 new Wilmington uhf 50 Sun. 9 . Fri. -11 . Also now on cd. 33 wed. N1�� 1 0s . Quot new Quot lira Coli in on Kadio 1470 am sunday 9 00 . A 10 00 . Quests in Blok a Man i Don Rood sr., Rov. Oono Blakeman pastor Joo Thomas Virginia Bowkor Union Goodwill Community Church Sundor Tho too Quot sunday at 9 00 . Friday at 11 00 . To. Box 1181 a Hermitage a information 981-7777 Pellet stoves a bums clean convenient Allwood pellets a bums up to 2 Days without refuelling a thermostatic control a one of americans first and leading Pellet stoves Rice Pool a spa sales amp service it 62 next to Dunkin donuts Hermitage Mph 346-230? hours m amp the .9-7. To we a f. 9-5 a. 9-4 closed us. Our Flowers last longer with the use of our seven step preservation process we can a a guarantee the freshest Flowers for All occasions 120 e. Washington St. New Castle a phone 412-652-7727 complimentary customer parking behind store �01�� Fly Fri make your party a memorable one Karaoke machines and cd a for rent with on screen lyrics Reserve Early for your party Oakhurst Center it. 158 North of new Castle 946-8081

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