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New Castle News (Newspaper) - October 3, 1924, New Castle, Pennsylvania Fou new Castle news Friday a a a 3, 1924. New Castle news c Ned and published by the new company a corporation the Industrial sections where the summer months annually occasion reduced production. l r,�?z, and Van. Wit or the it United states for its ?.�?~�?Tw Quot Ray i Pend a Pon general Agri the a a Ville trolley that meets a the trains Are a a Vox Jacob f. Rants. Mfr. And Anat. Treat. Jam a t. Ray Secretary 0�or> w. published every e enl except Sun it Lay. S9 North Mercer Street a a up it a. 4s Quot Provat a Changa Sunale copy in. I Salty 16c a weei., 7,60 a year. Let ally by mail 15.00 a year. Let ally 3 month by mall 1.3> Laily by mall. A eds than 3 a Movitch. 60c. On Saia at All leading news Standa cultural conditions As Well As upon Industrial activity. The Corn Belt has not be i heard from but the american wheat crop this year is 28.000,h00 bushels larger than in 192. I. Our record crop coupled with a Short crop in Canada and abroad affords the american wheat growers High prices for their bumper crops. This is a Golden year for bps Zal. No tics All checks orders drafts a . A a. Should be at sensed to to hts news coned Cratl pa., and not to any correspondence on of pub Elf the wheat Belt for bumper crops interest Feol idled from ail . J i of the county. Usually bring Low markets and Short rops generally precede High prices. Entered at i new cattle pa., second Ciao a matter it is the Large american crop and a Uli t, Ard a a a. S.r-, shortage of wheat elsewhere �1c. Of the. new. Servie. I rings about this unusual but sole fore Jan adv Rolsing be preteen Happy circumstance. Silve 8. G band not Tein. Inc. 242 mad icon ave., new you City. Pc i tical demagogues will find member audit Bureau of circulation. Member american news Papiri pub Little to encourage them in this ii Ahers association.j., general condition of Prosperity. Better served by unemployment poor harvests and lows markets for it upon these conditions that they thrive. I strange As it May seem the very _ a Oters who will support radicalism it i i pm a i so now. A Quot november Are not Blind to the talk automobile division of Hie a disappointment with which news slate Leigh was Lepa Rimi it has of he record wheat crop improved j male the App Lealion of a 2.v a a a Ltd a Striae conditions and High j automobile so easy that it Quot a a arts was welcomed in the Po-1 almost Puls a Premium on laziness. I a ��1 Camps of Davis and la Fol a the division has sent Many License Lette. The rest cure we Ould be a Fine thing for the we orld if it could begin with tongues. A Hoh hrs an application filled up to the last Blank Savo that for Signa about time for the first lure All the apply Mani to is annual prediction of a Cranberry sign ins name to the shortage Wrilon a t Heck for the amount specs lied and use the self addressed envelope and if he is not too Lazy to Post the letter awl Ait the receipt of his tacs and License card. This plan it obviates the need for going before notaries and paying Lees for . It relieves the Ai it pliant of about everything except signing Liis name and writing his Check. Puhlin service cannot go my h beyond this without coddling the Public injuriously. Like As not. However the last it Isnit what you think about Days of december will find a Long As much As what you think about tile of applicants awaiting their what you think about turn at the License window. They d psf out Tjho in fes �1��� a a a Al luge Ash wac is Aoth wit a a be Sta f a a of True c/4r Aipuu pro Balslev v Haviv. Auar Gek stove. -th�5fa<� a Yaft. the b�1i a a dictate inc i or. Frank Crane s daily editorial i the growth of the City the growth of any City a a a to be under the control of a Power not of itself. No one can Tell How it is going to grow or in which direction it be to grow. There would be much profit in real estate if one knew. It seems strange that most of the repairs in the roads of a City appear to take place at the time when they Are being used the most. In London for instance during the summer when the City should have been at its beat for its thousands of visitors and just at the time when travel Wae at its highest Peak of the year Street work seems to have been feverishly Active. Going along its main streets from Tho Marble Arch to Ludgate a , one is confronted by a continuous series of hold ups where workmen indifferent to the traffic about them Are digging up the Road. One relates a Good Story which has been heard lately. A Young Man was entertaining his Mother in Law at the height of the summer season in order to impress her deeply with Tho wonders of London he hired a motor car for an afternoons drive. They went to All the interesting parts of the City and wherever they drove they were met by the usual red berries w hich held them up for several minutes. Finally on the Way Home along Regent Street they discovered that every other building was covered with i scaffolding for remodelling. When i they arrived Horn the Young Man said a Well Mother what do you think of la Ndon a after thinking i for a moment the old lady replied a Well my boy i think it will be Nice when it is Gont Lynual alterations Are being made in the great capitals of the world. Fifth Avenue in new York and the champs Elysee in Paris Are being invaded by shops and there Are those who Prophesy that soon they will cease to be residential districts. It is a curious thing that the. Underworld or the tenderloin or whatever you Call it meaning the Cooper amp Butler Cooper amp but 1er the Road leading to easy Street is littered with the trimmed remains of easy Marks. A a a disreputable portion of the City be copyright iffy Ronta urn usually to be found Between the about All the average Man knows about his wife a intellectual capacity is that he loves her. Hints and hints Iju Vxru--u0-iriirm 1 <��o�-�o-<--�?1-1�? a a and the residence districts reminded of reason for this is that they it Aru Lonj Lola Ali or Rij i r r -i�?.i. In my Silva Tia Slid w p mete the Teeson for this is that the it by almost every dealer in people of kind Are usually very i City As Well As the . Transient do not like Long leases i seems As though there was a com Jujj temporary in their Parson of prices Here and in Ohio j i of everal weeks ago in the hints Ana More and More the residence por i hints. Well have to plead guilty Jujj being thrust out Sun sets tonight 5 40 Sun rises other kinds of citizens we have a though we done to recall a into the a attention prospective buyers sucks and of Becoats this store plans to give you the greatest possible measure of value at a Price sufficient to insure High Quality. An examination of these Fine suits and topcoats will convince you that they Are the Best you can buy. And the variety Here so Complete in everything new for fall and Winter insures your getting just what you want. Both English and american single and double breasted style ideas Are plentiful in the latest colors. We earnestly request you to see these splendid clothes before buying. Suits 25 to 50 .00 overcoats .00 sca.00 to 25 .0 50 the Home of Hart Schaffner amp Marx tomorrow 6 of clock. Ful Utji a likly it Eilly fur pc to Oulu us Law a a a. Mio i Ufa suburbs. I this country registered at the we can to understand is Why 1924. By the Mcclur Emer Days to they would he sure to 1 things like the cuts in the newspaper Syndicate. It is said that there Are about get their Devilish work in. Ameri a gasoline comes to slow in Vanraan Milynn fruit nil in the inane will Haft he on Euard this come arc to Ohio. It 18 Saiu Inai Iii pie to tits incl Iii ii it Ivinno a str. »11. Price 01 Gasu Tiu seventeen million autos in the j cans will have to he on guard this As compared to o United states. On saturday night fall. A from our observation Gas is nearly a a a or i. 1 a a n.,-,1,1/1 a Vii 1 1_______ .i./1 a there than in new Castle one we Ould think there Are that Many right Here at Home alone. A always cheaper Over Mah Jong is now declared to Jere taking into account the state As harmful As the Saloon Ever was. Jug charged. Well quite Likely. A fifty Dollar set has probably robbed baby of a Good Many pairs of new shoes. Will he the disciples of procrastination. In their Mist y they will be blistering the automobile officials j condemning that a a red tape and a Banting the old in Rayer for Branch frequently it happens that Home unrequited love does t cause wo-1 Man half As much suffering As unsatisfied curiosity. Since a Frenchman came to this country and started the fashion of eating five eggs for breakfast and eight for supper the american Hen is suffering from a egg aerated is a place we Here some woman works for her Board and clothes. License depots throughout the state. These will get Little sympathy. They Are getting direct and through the newspapers four months notice of w Hal is ahead. Such As they offer will be feeble. The automobile division is doing its part in unprecedented fashion. It is offering to with the girls All working Young do everything but attach the tags Fellows May get the notion that a to the car. Even if that were clone j Hel meet is one who will help meet the tardy applicant w Ould still Bob j expenses advantage the Bachelor has is that he can use his own judgment about changing to heavier Union suits. Carte Blanche is the look on the face of the Man in the Back seat w Hen the reckless Driver is hitting it up for 50 Miles an hour. A go West Young Man a said Horace Greeley but. We might remind some of the Mill and Washington Street Young men he did to saw to become a drug store cow-1 boy. Martin ass by a a i in Ca just folks by Edgail a. Guest the Way to get the most experience for the least Money is to keep the neighbors children for a Day. The hints and hints Man just heard that a patient in the Hospital buys this paper every evening just to read this column. The Stop look and listen sign at Railroad Crossings does not apply to the locomotive Drivers it is for the Auto Drivers. The greatest need of the age is for a motor car that each member id just we i of the family can at on it and know she Hopes we get better and the same time without interfering we sincerely Hope that she does with the others. Too. All worlds a Diamond. All the world s a Diamond and All the men and w Omen merely fans now that the titanic struggle for the worlds baseball championship is near. It is Ever thus we Hen j a autumn stints Are on the leaves and i a a a a becomes burdensome during 4 the latter half of the afternoon. To baseball followers in every part of the United state s the playing of the world series typifies All the super-1 natives of perfection in the Groat 1 a National pastime and their inter j est in the series never wanes until i the final decision is rendered. A it matters not whether the fans i live in the cities who a teams Are clashing for baseball Dom s Stellar honors or whether they have their habitat in even the most isolated it of villages the same keen. Enthus Mastic interest is All pervading j i baseball truly can be termed the great american sport and the num of participants who engage in the playing of it at some time or other during the season is far i Bible thought for today but now is Christ risen from the dead and become the first fruits of them that slept. -�?1 corinthians 15 20. A Man was sent to jail for offering a judge a quart of whiskey in open court. In these Days one has to be careful and when one offers any one a quart it should be done 1 a Ktal a a a a a a / a a of a d mo&6l a Well meaning local Man pro poses to give medal to the citizens who vote. It soon will be quite a Mark of distinction to claim to have voted for a president. Sentence sermons aug Yaj a a a i a lot of people lost interest in very secretly a most any place a a question of human beings on Hootch Hunter can be found when they found out that if the last person to offer a a a a a to a a a a Lnu cd a a Luders would get Fos Siblo to Sel them anything. Advertises his new House mad to have one offered that Way mayor Kendriek of Philadelphia j Fer Quot a a a a a a a a a a rag a a a and hed also. The jail House would be a 1 Jas changed his mind about keep a rooms Kitchen garage sure resort for the Liberal one. 1 eng general Smedley d. Butler As safety director and the fighting a information an Amateur is a Man who l8rine is still on the Job. We done to it is know that the Good at the thing he undertakes now Liat. Aused the mayor to i to a Good ,3 i Quot just for the fun of it. While a pro-,.hauge his mind hut As for us. If next income fess Lonal is a Man who plays the we were interested in Tho welfare ten Days before Christmas. Game Rotten and gets paid for it. I a a to and keeping it la clean a get tone noticeably As possible and found that the in the Days Are Gett Der world chuckled with glee when Shorter but a a a certain Man was to get the from one payday to another Bounce we do any Houn Day. Cing that was the Case in Phila Delphia. The bootleggers the i family picnic in every family there Are types. Each Circle has its swell. Its Goody Goody member and its roustabout As Well. And one is this and one is that one sings and one recites one travels and one stays at Home one paints another writes but not of these i choose to sing the one who draws my rhyme is that fond relative who plans the picnics every time. I think she a part of every tribe at least she a part of ours she loves to sit and eat her food beneath the Leafy bowl ers a shoe Box filled with hard boiled eggs a Jar of pickles and i a chocolate cake that a crumbled Down sandwiches mostly Sand. And there you have her notion of comestible Delight for this she plans those outings Gay for Many a summer night. Pitching Hay on a farm after Raak i in your Roll in town done to count j i would not Hurt her feelings to a possess the world and so Cloe a slides Sam h. Mcgough _ Sam h. Mcgoun. A a Oreca Sigrit Why have enjoyed the i cd p r Tver shoe Why you Avill enjoy it. By Rev. Roy d. Smith d. D. Ii one thing in particular that we noticed at the new a Astle fair and that was the display of the different Granges. Everything displayed was of a High order and nothing we have Ever seen was so neatly arranged. Leave it to the girls who make up the they thought Butler would get the of America to do the nicest things did to work. In the whole world. Our hat is off we change our minds about people when we come to know them better. About jobs when we Sec How the other Man works. About policies when our party gets into Power. About children when we have some of our own. About education we Hen w e get into trouble and have god. About business when we have invested in some Stock. Delphia. Me to a i gamblers and the other denizens of i lighting Kroner the undo a work were Happy when by the lessons on this subject now be ing published in the news. Watch a Ferguson has been held Eli for them they w ill appear every Gible to run for office in Texas few Days. 1. Land she will be in the race for Guinea hens have governor. But in it will be feathers until they get on the walk away for her. Menu card and they they have fan-1 a a a cd prices. I the Community Chest budget has and Alwy ays has been to the women of the farms. A newspaper in a serious Ai -.1 been set Here and the time for the her evening out a ooh Bess w hat Dari Jing Tea ii apkins Iii add Iii Enid a it i died Arentt they and did you work this i Tiai yourself of your lunch when she has fixed the time and place with All the rest i go tis not my notion i confess of pleasure. Oft i be said at dinner time i like to have a roof above Ray head nor am i fond of hard boiled eggs and water in a cup. But if i failed to join the throng they a say that in a stuck up. In every family 1 suppose there is a picnic fan. She plans these Little summer trips As often As she can. For us her service is performed she thinks of everything she even Calls the others up and tells them w hat to bring and i suppose in every group theres also one like me who a much prefer to stay at Home and drink his cup of Tea. Copyright 1924 Edgar a. Guest if at 16 he thinks he Looka Dis ill excess of Tho Numor indulging ten Kishori his glands Are functioning normally in any other form of athletic diver a. Sion. It is a Chiun wholesome sport and better finale could be Given to the seasons Windup than the playing of the world series contests. W. To. Work has been established j doth makes the statement mat me Campaign director. I Haven two had a Good time of profanity indicates a a the people who contribute to j a it feel of if id like to vocal usury. Luton. W a suspect . I a a that the Man who we Rote that has i. I. Has Vor had Tho Hon fit of higher education to lie gained from listen so knowing that they will not he honed for Money during the year for any of the Legi press comment j to mate charities that need Public ing to the skipper of a canal Coati to a pc Iii Sirof rvs Ftp is Issue terse instructions to a Lazy mule out on the Tow path. Safety Sam says risl.� us asperity. Anxiety Over unemployment and Liard usually prevalent in tin country on the in Pouch of cold weather should by almost wholly lacking this fall. Authorities on Nati Omil labor conditions report Little unemployment and an Early improvement in it s a Ems like some people a Rath a r get Way up in the air to pull dark a a Devil stunts while others dote on rail Crossings As Ideal places to make fools o Lei Selvea support. Tho budget system is the Only w a to handle things of this kind and the peopl�3 will Fuji when the proc of i in Iii �1.0.0 a three cents a gallon in one Day it he Quot a sounds like a pleasant thud. It we fee sure. To v Ery Seldom it Falls so far in j one Day hut it has been known to during the 57 hours of Congimi Uii. Ous rainfall we never once heard go up quicker than that Many a a Ong a it ainu to going to rain time. _ to w Ell anyhow it is now possible through the radio to get applauding hands across the sea. We Hen a woman get Davenport la. Washington. D. C., Denver Gol Houston Tex. San Francisco cal., on the radio she is More tickled than if she gets a new,1 Drees list its cheaper to buy her if to. Wish to know that dress . feel whet Frozen in the Iee Tell woman she looks Fine in spite of now boys and girls tomorrow is her age. The last Day to Register so you can vote in november. All americans the Price of should Register tomorrow. The i Ped three cents a gallon in Fenn say and talk with you girls All night but it s nearly 11 of clock and Dick will soon be a a yes does to it seem Good to see each oth a once in a Adiole and talk about people to All know and everything and its fun to have a game or two of cards Isnit it a a bes Lse what Lovely China cups and saucers. Of dear i love Clirina done to you girls Bess has Huoh pretty things Hasni to she a a where did you get the Silver Tea pot dear its new Isnit it a of an anniversary gift you done to say How wonderful a Newcastle ind courier the Coolidge Dawes campaigners do not care whether the Issue be common sense or common honestly the Republican candidates Are unsurpassed in both respects. I a a Omaha been the Only Way to make certain that the government of the United states will move orderly along its appointed Way after much. 4, 19 25 is to vote for Calvin Coolidge. The alternative is chaos. We Ellston Ohio Sentinel in w k Ider the Republican budget system a did you hear a car Stop out in a Tjie government has used Leas Money provided for it we Holch in turn was Leas than was sought from Congress. Onnal natural support due to 1 concealed built in Bridge keeps foot healthy. _ Flat inner sole Prev cols pinching 2 of new ii Bones and blood vessels. Its always easy. It support the foot yet bends 3 where the foot bends. Leaves foot m fitted from Heel to a a balls a instr 4 ing Correct fit of foot Arch in shoe. It comb inc perfect foot health 5 with perfect shoe style. No oth it shoe can give same advantage a. Exclusive few Turt its avre patented. Tab shoe new strap styles and oxfords exclusive Agency foot it or a a was a time when Money was so run Dent and 80 cheap in the Umed states As it is today. Now will you cheer up today a anniversaries front of it went on past i thought it might be a what Paul Erich Are these spoons and salad Forks Bess i got Tho colonial design mixed with the Spencer w. A times record a when the democratic speakers a my dears what 1 heard cry out a a corruption they must cer it esterday mrs. A i mainly Hearken Hack to the Wilson then Bess serves the Tea and the shrimp wiggle. If she is ail equal Why is Alimony administration and Tho Cost plus contracts and the air plane scandals. Atlanta Constitution Tho new York evening Post says a there Nev 1 775benjamln Church surgeon general of the american army in the Revo Pitlon. Was Ctm acted of treason the first conviction of its kind in the colonies. The United states concluded a treaty of Amity Commerce and navigation with Colombia. Eleanora Duse Tho famous italian actress Horn. D1�hi in Pittsburgh april 21, 1924. Tho mormons wore excluded from jury service in Utah. Prince Maurice of Batten Berg grandson of que on Victoria born at Balmoral killed a a some Liere in f ranch a ill october. 1914. 1s9 4 the Farmers Congress of the United states opened its fourteenth annual session at Parkersburg. W. A. 190 4�?the thirteenth Ittu Atiim Al peace Congress opened in Boston. 19 20�?president Wilson issued an Appeal to the american people in behalf of the peace it treaty and the league of nations. 182 1859 i 1884 1891�?T one year ago a a a a 4 after killing u guard thru a a Uris Una convicts Barric Ailt d Vliem selves in the dining Hall of the Kentucky Penitentiary and held a it it four Days when theyva re killed. At any rate Tho russians Tau i Tho world that it in t always Progress just because if new

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