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New Castle News (Newspaper) - October 3, 1924, New Castle, Pennsylvania Bell Telephone no. 4000 Pri rata exch aft Telephone your news items to new Castle s newsy newspaper. New Castle is weather forecast fair tonight warmer in South por. Lion saturday cloudiness. Volume Al new Castle a Friday october 3, 1924. -28 pages. Three cents a copy Sutton silent on shooting seize miniature battleship used by rum runners captured on Maiden voyage. Double plates of Armor and Bullet proof Glass used. Saturday is last Day to Register in new Castle for november election film Star and mate live apart like Fannie Hurst and husband cargo is 300 cases of scotch whiskey International news Servicev new York oct. 3.�?a police boat capture in new York Harbor today revealed that rum runners have accepted the governments Challenge to fight it out by smuggling their contraband into new a Ork in miniature battleships. The boat overhauled today would do credit to the United states Navy it is painted battleship Gray and encrusted with steel from eyes to Fantail. On the forecastle was a steel Turret for a machine gun As yet not armed. The foretold where the liquor was stored was coated with double plates of Armor. The wheelhouse was armoured too and fitted with Bullet proof class. The Craft had diesel engines of the finest Type. In the Chase during which police fired bullets that spread themselves out on the steel like wads of dough the rum runner turned twice on her heels indicating that she was in the hands of an expert wheelman. The police reported that capture of 300 cases of a old smugglers scotch whiskey in the vessel. Five men were arrested. They said it was the Maiden voyage of the boat built especially for rum running. They were arraigned before a u. S. Commissioner and held in $1,000 bail each for trial on charges of volstead Law violation. Will operate on brain of Gardner notorious Bandit preparations for major operation being made at Leavenworth Penitentiary. Dry cleaning Plant damaged by fire ticket scalpers Are arrested by Federal agents three alarms Are turned in for Blaze thursday night. Loss on building and contents estimated at Over $5,000. Alma Rubens and inset Daniel a. Goodman. International news service los Angeles Calif. Oct. 3.�? preparations Tor a major brain operation to be performed upon Roy Gardner notorious train robber serving a term in Leavenworth Penitentiary were being Complete today according to word received Here by l. Sonney the sheriff who became nationally famous when he arrested Gardner following a Long search. Notification was sent to Sonney by Dollie Gardner wife of the Bandit who has been working to bring about the operation since eminent surgeons declared Gardner could be released from his criminal tendencies by an operation. Sonney who has been a Friend of the Gardners since the time he arrested him and who shared the Reward for the capture with mrs. Gardner declared the patient wife is starving herself in an Effort to raise Money for the medical treatment Ter her husband. A i have been advised by friends Bonney said Quot that Dollie is eating Only two meals a Day in an attempt to save Money and i guess her Little six year old daughter Jane is doing the by Central i Ress. Los Angeles oct. 3�?in maintaining separate residences in Hollywood Are Alma Rubens and Daniel Carson Goodman emulating the famous marriage plan of Fannie Hurst and her husband. A a maybe is Almaus enigmatic answer. Alma film Star and Goodman movie producer both refuse to admit that there has been a break in find Leatherman guilty of being mob ringleader jury at Frederick md., returns verdict after eight hours deliberation. Sentence suspended by judge Turner their marital relations even if they Are a at Home a at different places. I Alma is at her Home in the to vie Colony Goodman is at a hotel a mile away. He moved out of his wife a House More than six weeks i ago. A the is simply living at the hotel because that is a place where his business associates like to gather and he can be near them the j Black haired Beauty explains. Two suits against auditor Genera come up in court whether fiscal officer must abide by decision of attorney general is basis of suit Arthur Rometer he never helped a single thing he never gave a dime he always pleaded Lack of funds or else a Lack of time. He worked each Day from morn till night and saved a lot of Jack but never thought that he should give a portion of it Back. And so one Day he up and died As folks will sometime do the reaper clipped him with his scythe and said old scout you re through. He left his pile of dollars Here his houses and his stocks his autos and jewelry his countless shirts and socks. And no one shed a single tear because he passed away this Bird who never helped a thing its seventy two today. Bulb xxv International news service Frederick md., oct. 3.�? Harry Leatherman former sunday school teacher was found guilty in circuit court Here today of being the ring Leader of the mob which tarred and feathered Dorothy Grandon on Myersville Road last july. After More than 18 a hours deliberation the jury filed into court this morning and Foreman j. P. Styles announced Leatherman guilty of aiding and abetting mrs. Mary Shank one of the confessed leaders of the crowd which attacked the Young girl. Leatherman was declared not j guilty however on a count charge j ing him with actually pouring tar and feathers on Dorothy a naked body. Judge Hamon Turner suspended sentence announcing the Case would be disposed of after Twenty other persons indicted with Leatherman were tried. The Case attracted unusual at dress of persons jamming the court Tention All Over Maryland Hun room for each Day of the trial. The testimony showed that on the night of july 24 a mob of about 50 men together with mrs. Shank surrounded Dorothy on the Myers-1 continued on go fat two Lieut. Kelly and companion 94, on flight to Dayton air Field North Platte neb., oct. 3.---Lieut. Oakley g. Kelly army Pilot and Ezra Meeker his ninety four year old companion hopped off at 7 53 of clock this morning for Dayton Ohio their1 ultimate destination on their flight from the Pacific Northwest. International news service Harrisburg pa., oct. 3.�? whether a fiscal officer is compelled to abide by the attorney general a decision in administrative work is the basis of a mandamus suit which opens in Dauphin county court today. The action is based on attorney general Woodruff a unsolicited opinion to auditor general Lewis that the latter must $76,606.36 to various commissions and departments under the code. The state contends such Legal advice is mandatory under the act of 1915, while or. Lewis claims the act is unconstitutional and that Legal advice on state affairs is optional. The act of 1915 designates the attorney general an appointed officer As the Legal advisor of All state officials in All state actions and his services can not be dispensed with except by his written permission. Officers elected by the people or. Lewis asserts Are thereby made subject to the will of an officer appointed by the governor. Another suit against or. Lewis that also comes up today is that brought by the Piccirilli Brothers new York sculptors of the general Meade memorial to compel payment for the work. Or. Lewis has refused payment claiming the appropriation for the memorial lapsed because the commission in charge of the work was abolished by the administrative code. Fire discovered last night shortly before 10 of clock in the shipping department of the Britton dry cleaning works 10 8-112 Elm Street Camagna the building to the extent of $1,600 and caused a loss in clothing at the Plant to be cleaned estimated at $5,000. The cause of the fire has not been determined. The loss is covered by insurance. The Plant while crippled is operating today and will be on in full by the first of the week. As far As can be determined the Blaze was first discovered by Frank t. Sanderson an employee of the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad. Try to save contents. Or. Sanderson ran to the Home of Owen Sullivan 114 Elm Street and gave the alarm and he and a Man of that Home broke into the office of the Plant while other members turned in an alarm from Box 16. They succeeded in saving a few suits but owing to the fact that the shipping department was a mass of fairies they could do Little. They report that the fire was blazing in top of a Case filled with clothing ready to be shipped out when they first discovered the Blaze. The firemen arrived at the scene in a few minutes. The smoke was pouring from every part of the two Story Brick building and the flames were bursting out of the rear of the shipping department. Two More alarms. While the firemen were getting in shape to fight the Blaze a second alarm from Box 12 was turned in by some other person seeing the Blaze. Not knowing this and fearing the spread of the flames to the cleaning department where there were quantities of gasoline the firemen sent in a second alarm from Box 16 for assistance. This made three alarms calling All departments in the City with the exception of the seventh Ward and third Ward departments the latter going into Central. The third alarm was not necessary. Five lines of Hose were Laid and two were used in fighting the fire it burned into the second floor into the pressing department. The firemen had the fire out about 10 30 of clock 30 minutes after the first ularm was turned in. C. A. Britton manager of the works stated this morning that the loss of his concern and every Patron is covered in full by insurance. Those having clothing at the Plant to be cleaned Are insured against less he said. Machinery in the pressing department was not damaged and will be in operation in full by monday. He said that the Plant was operating in part today and that work on a smaller scale was being turned Cut. Motorists going to the fire interfered to a considerable extent with the firemen in repeated requests of chief Lynn and the fact that it is an offence against the state Law. As additional apparatus arrived at the scene it could not get in for cars of spectators parked about the place. Hundreds of Washington police assist in round up of speculators in capital. See worlds series at news Ball player n. Mercer Street _ new Castle news world series baseball player has been erected in front of the news building on North Mercer Street and All is in readiness to present the worlds series games play by play with the Start of the first contest on saturday. To new cast leites who have seen the series played on this Board in previous years nothing need be said. All arrangements have been made to give even better service this year. If you want to see the game play by play As it occurs at Washington or new York get a Vantage Point in front of the news building Early in the afternoon. Special request is made on behalf of the baseball fans of the City and county that no autos be parked in North Mercer Street Between Sycamore and North streets from one of clock until after the games Are completed to give More room for fans to stand. Refuses to give any details of shooting Case hearing before Alderman Hamilton on next Friday morning. Pleads a not guilty to murder charge absence of powder Marks is big Factor in shooting theories. Thousands stand in line for tickets by h. K. Reynolds. International news service staff correspondent Washington. Oct. 3.�?hundreds of government agents and metropolitan police descended Early this afternoon on the ticket scalpers who have been reaping a Rich Harvest Here during the past forty eight hours in Selling seats for the world series at prices far in Advance of the Box office rates. Dearth of tickets at the Ball Park opened the Way for the operations of the speculators and they were a cleaning up until noon today when the Bureau of internal Revenue and City police Headquarters issued orders simultaneously for the arrest of All scalpers. The government agents moved against the speculators under the Federal Revenue Law which provides that All ticket brokers must be registered and licensed by the Treasury so that the internal Revenue Bureau May of elect taxes on their profits at the rate of 50 per cent of the amount realized above the face value of the ticket. The police received orders to arrest All scalpers and to hold them under a municipal Law which makes it an offence punishable by a Fine of $100. To sell a ticket for More than the Price marked on its face. A Roundup of All scalpers was expected before Nightfall. The announcement of the drive against the speculators caused no immediate break in prices which ranged around $30 and $40 for $16 seats but there was a noticeable let up in the sales of the scalpers. The fans it appeared were waiting for the prices to go Down feeling that there would be a break either tonight or in the morning a few hours before the first game. In the meantime thousands of reservation holders stood in line at Clark Griffith stadium waiting for a Chance to buy the pasteboard that will allow them to see the Griffs meet the giants tomorrow afternoon. Scores of women were in line and a number fainted As the ticket buyers surged around the Box office. Rabbits plentiful this year claim local men a Man with a Good dog could kill limit every Day says Bauder. Nolan and Jones report rabbits eating up gardens on North Hill. Chester h. Bauder is of an Adverse opinion that rabbits Are scarce this season. He refutes Bill Hills statement that very few rabbits can be seen claiming that in the Vicinity of Edgewood Avenue rabbits Are so numerous they have destroyed the majority of the gardens in that locality j a a Man with a Good dog could kill the limit any Day of the week says Bauder. A there Are plenty of rabbits and Quail on the North Hill and you done to have to Hunt Thein with a Searchlight f. E. Nolan of Edgewood Avenue reports that the rabbits Are eating his cabbage and vines and doing considerable damage. George Jones stated today that it was impossible for him to raise any bans As the rabbits make Quick work of them in his Garden. According to these men rabbits Are plentiful so get ready to shoulder your gun on the opening Day of the Hunting season. World series to be played baseball scandal will be further investigated after big series. Large crowd at fair thursday indications that attendance records will be broken today. Big crowd certain on saturday also smoking Chimney cause of alarm Chekian forces Retreat two Miles Kangsu forces halt Advance at Nightfall after heavy fighting at Kangsu Johnson wants games called off an alarm from Box 64 a 10 40 of clock this morning called the firemen to the Home of m. L. Porter 478 West Washington Street where a bad Chimney caused smoke to go through the roof and other parts of the House in such a manner As to indicate a possible fire. There was no loss. Kiwanis scouts to meet tonight Mccandless to be assistant to Day Porter Mccandless will again act in the capacity of assistant physical director of the Young menus Christian association this fall and Winter. Mccandless had charge of the classes last year and enjoyed a successful season with the boys. He is an expert gymnast. Car 18 damaged. According to a report made to the police yesterday by John wooly of 1701 Jackson Avenue he had his Ford Coupe parked on North Street at Ingham s service station when a Frye taxicab driven by Frank Maxwell ran into his car knocking it 20 feet and doing Soma damage. Kiwanis boy scout troop 4 will meet tonight at the Lincoln Garfield school at 7 30 of clock Sharp. Scoutmaster Rev. C. O. Franks requests every member to be present. Business of importance will be discussed. News at noon on saturday on account of the races and new Castle fair the news will be issued at noon on saturday so that employees of the news company will be Given an Opportunity to attend. The International news service Shanghai oct. 3.�?chekiang forces retreated two Miles today following hot Javy fighting at Sung Kiang the Kangsu forces halting their Advance at night fall. All other fronts were comparatively quiet today. It is now believed that the Kangsu general attack will be renewed saturday. Chekian Headquarters claim a discovery of a widespread plot of inc Pendaries to fire Shanghai and have warned representatives of foreign governments. Of five suspects arrested in this connection two confessed and were executed. A strict guard has been placed around important sections of the City. Flost Page Light contract being discussed councilmen and h. Whitford Jones the City a consulting electrical Engineer with Louis b. Round superintendent of the new Castle electric company will discuss the proposed electric Light current contract this afternoon. Mrs. Elizabeth masters 57, 22 Smithfield Street. A. T. Humbert 00, Akron o. By George Barry Tatami Tennal no we service staff correspondent Washington. D. �?T., oct. 3.-�? the tempest kicked up by baseball a newest scandal allayed somewhat today but it was the opinion of baseball men gathered Here for the opening of the world series tomorrow that it is Only a temporary Lull. Few doubt that once the series is out of the Way a Man sized storm is going to Rock the National game and on every hand today the question was being asked a what will it Lead to a for the time being. Judge k. M. Landis is going to devote his time to conducting the worlds series. He is Content to leave things stand As they Are for the present. Has confessed Jimmy of Connell the giants Young outfielder has confessed that he sought to bribe Heine Sand the Phillies shortstop in the closing Days of the National league season of Connell and cozy Dolan the giant coach have been shunted out of baseball for All time and on this judge Landis willing to rest. With a deprecatory wave of his hand he has decided that there is nothing to of Connelly St Story that Frankie Frisch. Pep Young and Georgo Kelly the Backbone of the giant team were a in on the whole a an abortive attempt was made to bribe a Ball player to throw a game a said the judge. A the attempt failed. That is All there is to it. Why Call off the series a declare series off this last was the judges answer to ban Johnson president of the american league and Barney Dreyfus owner of the Pittsburgh pirates both of whom declared the continued Oft two approximately fifteen thousand people were in Atte Clince at the new Castle fair on thursday. The attendance was a Gratifying evidence of the appreciation of the people of this Section of the country at the efforts of the fair association to give a fair which is one of the Best in the state. This is taken As an indication that the attendance today and saturday will break All previous attendance records of the big fair. While thousands attended the race events there were even More scattered about the grounds All afternoon taking in the wonderful exhibits of farm products horses cattle sheep and Swine the displays of merchants the Granges and merchants of new Castle the Midway with its Many games of skill lunch counters Etc. Also held the attention of thousands All afternoon in spite of the unusual number of other big attractions. While the parking places were still Damp and soggy the fair association had provided plenty of teams and men to help the motorists out whenever and wherever necessary and without charge. It is anticipated that the parking facilities will be in much better shape today and tomorrow. Added attraction. As an added attraction on saturday. The Lawrence county Coon Hunters association with the Sanction of the directors of the fair association will stage a first class Coon Hunt in front of the grandstand following the race events. It is anticipated that this will attract hundreds of people As Many people of this Section have never continued on Page two Brophy says six men got beating in private fight declared Story told of brutal third degree methods told to 4�?TOver up quarrel stubbornly refusing to throw any More Light upon the tragic death of wife Isabel Sutton her husband Charles Sutton charged with her murder was returned to the county jail this morning after police had exhausted their efforts to secure a statement. While in the City jail Sutton was repeatedly brought to the private office of the chief of police where he was questioned on Tom various aspects of the crime. One marked peculiarity in connection with the Case is that Sutton who told the sheriff that his wife had shot herself. When he gave himself up immediately after the shooting now refuses to describe the alleged suicide. To questions As to whether or not his wife was standing or sitting when the fatal shots were fired Sutton maintained a dogged silence. He would give absolutely no detail even As to his version of the affair. This is taken by police to indicate that Sutton is not sure of his ground. If As he says mrs. Sutton shot herself there would appear to be no reason whatever Why Sutton should hold Back the details. It would to to his advantage the officers claim to Des it Ribe the alleged act of self destruction exactly As it took place. He could Tell where mrs. Sutton was standing where she it got the weapon How she fired it and All the details. It it powder Marks. One of the mysteries which it is sought to unravel is Why. If mrs. Sutton shot herself As he claims there were no powder Marks on her at All. When the Coroner and or. T. M. Shaffer held the postmortem examination they made a careful inspection for powder Marks. There were no Burns or Marks on her Throat which was exposed neither were there any in her dres it through which one of the bullets passed. This dress was of a Light Gauzy Black material. The Collar was doubled Over and there was a clean Cut Bullet Hole through both plies of the Collar. Those accustomed to the use of firearms say that it would be practically impossible for a woman to shoot herself holding the gun even at arms length and not leave powder Marks. Unnatural position. Furthermore it is hard to conceive. Even if mrs. Sutton did shoot herself of her holding the gun at arms length. The logical position and one which any person would Likely hold the gun. Would be against the body. To hold a re continued in two t International news service Pittsburgh. A oct. 3. The i six men who accused policemen in the North Side police station of beating them to extort confessions told false stories to cover up the beatings they received in a private quarrel superintendent of police Edward j. Brophy declared this afternoon following a full investigation of the charges. The sextet engaged in a Brawl following a drinking party and received cuts and injuries in the fight which they later charged were inflicted by policemen in a a third degree grilling. Only one policeman has been directly charged with the beating Brophy said and these charges have been preferred by Edward 1 la Mil ton assistant county Law librarian. Brophy asserted Hamilton was not certain the Man named was the one who beat him. Snapshots at news a a George Tomik 40 Joseph , and Michael put 56, wow killed on a Grade crossing at Brad Dock last night when George Gor Nik lost control of his Auto and dashed into a b. And o. Train. While standing at a counter in a Youngstown department store mrs. Eva Melvin wife of c Harles Melvin dropped to the floor and died in a few minutes. Ambrose b. And o. Railroad Engineer found a mail Taok along the line let it Viveen Rawlings and re it scr. The sack was turned Over to government authorities. It contain red #87,000. The old Mcgregor hotel known to Oil men throughout Pennsylvania was burned to the ground at Parker a 1 a Anding yesterday. Fire is let believed to have been of incendiary origin. Rev. Hyman Shoihet 40 years old Rabid of Ashe 1 Booth tempi at Youngstown died yesterday after a week s illness with pneumonia. 11� formerly lived in Sharon. Miss Nancy Koklys 18 years old. Student at Muski Ngum College new Concord Ohio Vas killed when struck by an automobile on the n. Tonal Road. She was expecting to he a missionary. Charging alienation of in wife a affections d. Ii. I of East liver Pool Ohio pot Ter worker has sued police to Hief John h. Fultz of Wells Ville Ohio for $35,000 damages

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