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New Castle News Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 1

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New Castle News (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, New Castle, Pennsylvania V the a a inside stories plan to mine near Park Sparks hearing request a see Page 2 Faith groups wrestle with terrorism problem a see Page 6 count to three when disciplining children a see Page 9 new Castle news one Hundred and sixth year no. 205 new Castle a saturday May 10, 1986 -18 pages $1.40 per week by Carrier single copy 25�?~Craig strengths can Aid downtown by Dale Shidemantle new Castle news it new castles downtown has strengths that can be used in rebuilding it but it must guard against a Quick fix to solve problems according to Lawrence county planning director Stephen j. Craig. With the decision to close the Strouss Kaufmannn a store irreversible the Central commercial District faces the addition of 66,000 Square feet of vacant space to its inventory of Idle commercial properties. Retail space is being emptied faster than it can be filled and the few stores that have opened in recent years May have trouble resisting the lure of suburban plazas if nothing is done to restore the downtown. A a downtown have had to reevaluate what they Are to the people they serve a Craig said. There is More retail space now in Lawrence county than Ever before but it has moved to the suburbs he said. Craig is experienced in downtown restoration. He co authored a Book two years ago on the revitalization of a historic town in the West indies. He recently discussed a development process that could be followed locally and some Pitfalls to avoid. Written with funding from the National endowment of the humanities the Book by Craig and his colleagues is about their experiences in Frederiksted a town with a population of 4,000 on the Island of St. Croix in the . Virgin islands where Craig worked in the planning office before accepting a Job Here. Craig said Frederiksted which has begun to implement some measures suggested in his study had the same problems As new Castle. Investment in the downtown fell and businesses relocated leaving the area and its Many elderly residents surrounded by vacant buildings and Little commercial activity. Craig said downtown new Castle is a Good place for new businesses to Start because it is a High traffic area with inexpensive retail space. Development efforts should stress the areas strengths rather than its failures he said. Craig said the strengths include a variety of restaurants women a clothing stores and recreational activities such As the Community y and the waterfronts of the Neshannock Creek and Shenango River. In addition the downtown a is a Magnet for office although he could find Many to disagree with him Craig says a false perception has formed Over parking. A i have never had a problem finding a parking Craig warns against fads such As pedestrian malls formed by blocking off downtown streets so the area is accessible Only on foot Street scape programs and festival marketplaces which he Calls the fad of the 1980s. A festival marketplace in which a tourist Ca Mival like atmosphere is created will not work Over the Long term and is effective Only in a few locations Craig said. A there Are very very conservative development practices in new Castle a which needs More developers with foresight he said. The City should be diverse both in its land use practices and mix of retail establishments. A if you keep that mix you will keep tenants a he said. A full time downtown manager with marketing and economic development experience should be hired instead of relying on a committee of volunteers with their own businesses to run Craig said. Such a person should know about promotions and displays and be a coalition builder to unite property owners and the operators of businesses in improving the downtown he said. The state department of Community affairs would provide up to $25,000 to fund a managers position in the first year with the balance from local sources according to mayor Dale Yoho. By the fifth year the position would be supported entirely by local Money. Yoho said the private sector should provide the local funds and select the manager to avoid creating a politically partisan position. Hiring a downtown manager is one of the proposals that will be examined by a downtown study group. Richard Rentz jr., who is leading the Effort to form such a group said there can be no Long Range plan without objectives and priorities. Rentz said downtown retailers must ask themselves what they want the District to be form objectives within a set time Frame and determine if they Are realistic. New businesses locating in vacant commercial buildings will not succeed unless they can be supported by the areas income level he said. Yoho said he wants the group to Start work by the end of this month and it will be charged with developing a strategy within a year. Cleanup efforts by Public Crews Are commended the citywide cleanup was concluded yesterday morning. City Public works director Joseph Cook commended the Public for tossing out trash and tidying up neighbourhoods. He also commended his Crews on their efforts. A the cleanup went Well. The people were satisfied with How it went and we were pleased too. There was a lot of trash out there a Cook said. He is also pleased with the Way the cleanup was organized. His Crews were Able to handle the collection program this year without hiring outside help and equipment. Last year the City spent $20,000 to hire Crews and equipment from local contractors to dig out the City from the trash collections. Cook also commended his Crews for keeping overtime costs to a minimum. The cleanup was done with 16 hours of overtime. A a that a not bad for a months work a Cook said. Cook plans to keep one Crew to continue to do cleanups in Industrial neighbourhoods and in areas where there Are no residents to gather trash and haul it to curbs for pickup. The Crew will continue through the end of the month. Other Public works employees will begin next week on a Street Street sweeper schedule a mondays a North Hill streets a tuesdays a South Side and sheep Hill a wednesdays a West Side and Mahonin town a thursdays a East Side a fridays a lower East Side and Croton Avenue area sweeper schedule designed to remove dirt which now blows through the streets. The schedule beginning on monday and continuing through the summer includes a monday a North Hill streets a tuesday a South Side and sheep Hill a wednesday a West Side and Mahonin town a thursday a East Side a Friday a lower East Side and Croton Avenue area. Each morning the sweeper will run in the downtown for one hour. The sweeper Crew will work from 4 . To noon and will do both sides of the Street. Cook said he does not anticipate sweeping All of any one area on its designated Day. The schedule will serve As an outline for residents in the various sections of town. The sweeper will take up one week where it left off the past week. In this Way All streets will be cleaned at least once through the summer Cook said. Several Council members also commended City Crews on the cleanup program. Councilman John Russo called the cleanup a a huge he commended the Public works Crews and City residents for their participation. A i Hope the Community continues to Cut grass trim Hedges and pick up litter to keep the City looking Good a he said. Russo said the City Learned a lot from last year about How to improve the cleanup. He recommended combining some of the special events next year to make the program even More efficient. At thursdays Council meeting councilman Richard Christofer asked when the Street sweeper would begin making rounds of City streets. Some streets have never had the sweeper he said. Councilman Richard costello asked that the schedule be publicized so people can remove their cars from the Street on mornings that the sweeper comes through. Mayor Dale w. Yoho said the sweeper schedule was publicized last summer but without much Success. Scientists link overcooked beef to health Hazard los Angeles up three newly discovered toxic chemicals found in overcooked meats Are linked to cancer and chromosome damage in lab animals and scientists say they May make fast food hamburgers a health Hazard. The discoveries by scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory bring to eight the number of known toxic substances found in overcooked meats and linked to cancer in Laboratory animals. Or. James Felton senior investigator on the five year project in which a thousands of pounds of hamburger were cooked and tested suggested that High temperatures and Long cooking time increase the possibility of producing the substances known As mutagens. A a it a perfectly Clear that each of the mutagens that we have been Able to identify were produced at High temperatures a Felton said yesterday at the annual meeting of the american association for cancer research. He said frying and broiling meat at temperatures of 400 degrees and above produces the harmful chemicals a primarily made of nitrogen and containing the known Carcinogen benzene a which Are link workers Encomb chernobyl reactor Moscow up workers at the chernobyl nuclear disaster site began to a men Tomb the soldering reactor in Concrete to contain leaking radioactivity As millions across the nation celebrated the world War ii a Victory Over the situation at the nuclear Energy Plant 600 Miles Southwest of Moscow appeared to be a stabilizing a said Morris Rosen a member of the International atomic Energy Agency observation team allowed to visit the reactor Complex. Firefighters have smothered the Blaze at the atomic Plant but Small amounts of radiation continued to leak from the damaged and still smoking reactor he told a news conference in Moscow yesterday. A few blocks away hundreds of thousands of soviets a like millions across the nation a celebrated the end of world War ii in Europe remembered by the soviets As the a Victory Over a the War years and now Are so different but these Young people battling the fire at chernobyl do not flinch. The 1940s and 1980s, different but the people Are the same a soviet a Tass news Agency quoted a War Veteran As saying. At the news conference called to discuss the findings of a three Man Iaea team that arrived monday Rosen said the soviets were a pouring Concrete under the destroyed reactor a this will eventually form a foundation to Encomb the Structure a said Rosen the american director of the Iaea a nuclear safety division. A statement released by the Agency said the teams findings were based on conversations with soviet officials and experts and on observations from a helicopter flight around the Plant. The soviet government issued a statement saying work continued to Stem the consequences of the Accident. The Banks of the Prip Yat River which flows by the Power station had been shored up to prevent contamination from Rainwater running off the area it said. A an intensive Cooling of the reactor has been under Way in order to lower the temperature of the Active zone and has helped to sharply reduce the emission of radioactive substances a said the statement carried by the Tass news Agency. The explosion and fire two weeks ago spread radioactive fallout across Europe and Trace amounts to the United states. Rosen said the fire in the reactor cores Graphite a form of Carbon used to moderate the nuclear reaction was smothered with Sand dropped from helicopters. Graphite Burns at searing temperatures too High to be extinguished with water. A these fires have been extinguished but temperatures remain High a the expert said. He said the temperature in the reactor stood at 572 degrees fahrenheit. De to cancers in Laboratory hamsters mice and rats. A sometimes you go to these fast food places and bite into a hamburger and its shoe leather a he said adding that if the meat is Tough then it pro Bably contains the harmful chemicals. The mutagens also have been found in Chicken Fried or broiled for a Long time Felton said. The scientist suggests that the Best Way to avoid the harmful chemicals produced by High heat is to a heat your meat rare to medium a these compounds Are very potent a Felton said a but we done to have the information on what this Means in terms of cancer or. Arthur Miller a . Department of agriculture scientist in Philadelphia said the links Between chemical toxins and human cancers have not yet been confirmed because investigations probing the possibilities of overcooked meats and cancer Are based Only on mouse and rat studies. Felton said two of the known eight mutagens discovered in overcooked meats were identified several years ago by japanese scientists who found the carcinogens in overcooked fish. Iodine in air rain tied to chernobyl by United press International Pennsylvania state University and the department of environmental resources said yesterday they detected harmless traces of radioactive iodine in air and rain water samples in University Park and Harrisburg. The iodine is a result of the nuclear reactor Accident at the chernobyl Plant in the soviet Union. The Levels of radioactivity were so Low they a May be described As Laboratory curiosities a said Warren Witzig director of Penn states department of nuclear engineering. News digest news Index churches. Page .6-7 classified. .14-15-16-17 comics. .18 county report. .3 editorial. Entertainment .5 female focus. .8-9 Public notice. .15 sports. .11-12-13-14 weather map. .2 Pennsylvania daily number.001 lotto.3-4-10-12-28-35 alternate.22 Ohio daily pick-4. Today a thought weather there is a time for Many words and there is also a time for sleep. A Homer Western Pennsylvania up fair tonight with Light winds and a Low in the mid-40s. Sunday will be mostly sunny with a High in the upper 60s to lower 70s. Extended forecast partly Cloudy monday through wednesday. Highs in the 60s to lower 70s each Day and lows mainly in the 40s. Death record 1 May 10,1986 . Scheidemantle 79, Ellwood City Vera Mildred Edgar 92, Haven convalescent Home Florence Castor Vogan 74, Slippery Rock mrs. Orlando Rubeis 65, 911 Dewey ave

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