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New Castle News (Newspaper) - March 6, 1978, New Castle, Pennsylvania Two biggest Thornburgh donor is . Heinz ii new Castle news monday March a 1978 by Sharon Sexton Harrisburg uni a he Heinz ii the millionaire Pittsburgh food processor gave Richard Thornburgh $20,000 in 1977 to kick off his Campaign for governor according to records filed with the Bureau of elections. Heinz donated $15,000 to a Thornburgh for governor Quot july 25, 1977. And $5,000 dec 29 Thornburgh a Republican declared his candidacy Jan 10. Thornburgh of Pittsburgh has not disclosed his Campaign contributors and according to state Law he is not required to until 30 Days after the May primary All the candidates in the governor s race have promised voluntary disclosures before the election but so far Only it gov. Ernest Kane and former House minority Leader Robert Butera have revealed who is financing their campaigns a the Heinz donations were disclosed however in an annual report in which the state requires that companies holding non bid flood Plain Bill fighting anticipated Harrisburg i pit a the Senate is preparing for hot floor fights this week Over flood Plain management and attempts to Reform rules of conduct in the upper chamber the House is recessed until March 13. The Senate Defeated the democratic sponsored flood Plain legislation by a 26-19 vote last week but Senate majority Leader Henry Messinger. A Lehigh. Plans to resurrect it for another vote. Senate aides were optimistic that enough Republican votes could be added to pass the legislation which would set up a state controlled program to restrict construction of new buildings in flood prone lowlands. Efforts to Pash flood Plain legislation through the general Assembly have been unsuccessful since Thev began in 1972 after Rains spawned by tropical storm Agnes caused $400 million in damages. Other floods notably tropical storm Eloise in 1975 and the Johnstown flood last year caused millions of dollars More in damage to Low living communities while the Senate has approved flood Plain Bills before they were always killed in the House where local governments that want to retain local zoning rights Are More influential the Senate will also tackle a four Point plan designed to Reform ethics rules in the upper chamber the proposals were made by a committee that grew out of the misuse of Public funds Case against former sen Henry Cia Fram l Philadelphia. One proposal would set up a permanent ethics committee to investigate allegations of wrongdoing involving members of the Senate right now Only the House has an ethics committee. Another would prohibit Senate officials from hiring their personal attorneys to work for the Senate which was often done at High fees As in the Case of Cianfrani. The third proposal would take away the Check Book expense accounts held by certain Senate officials a Cianfrani was once one of them a and require that All funds be drawn directly from the state Treasury As needed the last proposal would require that All unused funds in Senate expense accounts be sent Back to the state Treasury every two years instead of being carried Over in the expense accounts sen Thomas Nolan a Allegheny. Wants to put some More regulations in the ethics reforms before they Are adopted and some senators believe this will Start a fight one Nolan amendment would end the practice enjoyed by Many senators of using Senate expense Money to rent for Home District office space in buildings which a member of the Senate owns. Woman goes into trance state contracts list the contributions their officers made to political candidates and parties the 1977 reports show Thornburgh received the bulk of the donations which came mostly from Large corporations and prestigious Law firms. In addition to the Heinz contributions Thornburgh got $2,000 from Thomas p. Johnson a director of Rockwell International and $1,500 from Lockhart a partner in Thornburgh s Pittsburgh Law firm Thornburgh a political ally of Heinz s son. U s sen h John Heinz Iii. Is expected to enjoy the financial support of other wealthy Pittsburgh industrialists including Elsie Hillman a leading gop financier in an interview. Thornburgh said that the elder Heinz was a personal Friend he declined to give any additional details on his fund raising Quot we will be releasing a list of our contributors before the he said Quot i Don t want to comment on any individual contributors before Thornburgh received about $30,000 from the non bid contractors in 1977. All of it before he was an official candidate in the race Thornburgh resigned As assistant . Attorney in the Justice department last March he returned to Law practice in Pittsburgh and began travelling across the state gathering support for his candidacy before he went to Washington Thornburgh was . Attorney for Western Pennsylvania Butera a Montgomery county gop candidate received $6,550 in contributions most of which came from Law firms in Philadelphia and its suburbs and Kline received about $5,000 from Law firms and insurance and engineering contractors the other candidates in the race former auditor general Robert p. Casey former Pittsburgh mayor Peter Flaherty. Senate minority Leader Henry Hager and former Philadelphia District attorney Arlen Specter received less than $2,500 a a a s to a Iti a a 1 f photo winners a the new Castle camera club announced winners in its fourth annual print show which open yesterday at the Hoyt Institute. Winners Are from left Mike Caggiano second place Black and White John Fassinger honorable mention Black and White and second place color Sally Yost third place Black and White . Patterson third place color and William Craig Mcburney honorable mention color. Other winners Are Richard Bancroft first place color and Black and White Chester Buquo honorable mention color Donna Defillippo two honorable mentions Black and White and Eugene Gill honorable mention color. The show runs through March 25. A news photo soviet endurance record providing . With data Washington up a every Day the soviet Union s two salyut 6 space lab cosmonauts remain in orbit not Only adds to their endurance record but provides new data on How the human body functions in weightlessness for Long periods. Or Rufus Hessberg. Director of space Medicine for the National aeronautics and space administration said he would not be surprised if Yuri Romanenko and Georgy Grechko stayed up another month a that would be consistent with what we did. Hessberg said referring to the skylab project that first kept men in orbit for 28 Days then sent up another Crew for 59 Days and finally extended the experience to 84 Days with the third Crew. When the last three skylab astronauts returned to Earth after 12 weeks in orbit in 1974 they said there was no medical reason they could t have stayed up much longer the soviet Union s two salyut 6 space lab cosmonauts took up saturday where the americans left off in Moscow saturday flight director Alexei Elise yes said the two might stay aloft another two weeks Hessberg said he believes the . Efforts gave the russians Confidence and. In turn the United states will learn from the cosmonauts because . And soviet space medical specialists have a a very Good close working relationship Quot and Exchange scientific findings. Scientist astronaut Edward Gibson one of the three record setting skylab crewmen said the salyut soyuz missions have moved the soviet Union Quot several Steps closer toward continuously manned space stations Quot and said he Hopes a we in the United states also recognize the benefits of continuous presence in space a and pursue it Quot Christopher Kraft director of the Johnson space Center in Houston which directs american manned flights said soviet accomplishments of late Are a quite impressive space milestones. The United states has no current plans to stay in orbit longer than 30 Days although Nasa engineers Are studying ways to construct a permanent minimal Cost space platform possibly using the now abandoned skylab As a nucleus murder victim s voice leads to confession by Jeffry Unger Chicago up ii a woman in a trance spoke in the Quot voice Quot of another woman murdered months before and named the killer on that basis a Hospital technician was charged with murder and eventually confessed police said Ren Bias Chua went into the a trance Quot sometime last summer and. In the voice of murder victim Teresita Basa declared a i am Teresita Basa the voice speaking in tagalog. The victims philippine language said she had been stabbed to death by Allan showery a technician at Chicago s Edgewater Hospital. When mrs Chua awoke from the a trance Quot 30 minutes later she recalled nothing of what she said but her husband. Or Juan Chua remembered the nude body of miss Basa. 48. Who also worked at the Hospital was found under a pile of soldering mattresses in her apartment building feb 21. 1977 she had been stabbed to death with a Butcher knife and her apartment ransacked. Chicago detectives had hit a virtual dead end until last month when they spoke to the chums about the they had been told about the chums by the Evanston police or Chua said he and his wife were reluctant at first to Contact police for fear of looking foolish Teresita Basa \ but the voice returned a second then a third time pleading for help and the chums finally opened up. After determining that Chicago police were open minded. Chua told of his wife s trance in which she spoke tagalog with a a strange Quot Spanish accent miss Basa s accent the detectives were not immediately convinced because mrs Chua a a philippine native herself a also worked briefly at the same Hospital and knew miss Basa slightly. Investigators questioned showery about the killing and he at first denied involvement but police confronted the suspect with a detail provided by the voice a detail mrs. Chua probably could not know the voice said showery stole a ring from miss Basa a ring Matching one worn by the woman showery was living with confronted with this police said. Showery signed a statement last week in which he admitted killing miss Basa during a robbery attempt showery is now awaiting trial on murder charges. Homicide investigator Josepth Stachula an 11-year police Veteran who spoke with the chums was asked if he believed mrs. Chua s Story. A i d just like to say i did no to either accept or condemn Stachula said. A i did t go into any deep investigation of it. But it turned out the information they gave me was accurate. It was the jewelry really that broke the Case Quot Quot you he added a the chums Are not members of any occult group. Neither am i. Quot russian flu changes could affect adults Atlanta up although the russian flu apparently has struck Only Young people under 25 since it hit the United states Federal health experts think it May eventually attack adults Over that age. That theory stems from past behaviour of the russian Strain which caused worldwide epidemics Between 1947-57. And the pattern followed by other flu epidemics officials said saturday. Meanwhile the National Center for disease control in Atlanta has said research indicates that persons whom lived Swine flu shots in the 1976 National immunization program May have some added Protection against the a-.s r. Strain the cd studies have demonstrated the Swine flu vaccine gives a a Booster Quot effect to an individuals antibody defense against russian flu. A Distant a a Cousin Antigen tidal by to the Swine flu virus. The russian flu was first detected in the United states during the second week of january. The cd has had no reports of anyone Over 25 being infected with the a-.s.r. Virus. The virus was first reported surfacing last year in the soviet Union where an epidemic peaked in about five or six weeks. People under 23 were the primary targets the cd researchers speculate the russian Strain May be following a pattern similar to two other epidemics in the last 20 years those flu strains were the asian Type and the Hong Kong influenza asian flu. Which swept the world in 1957-58. First attacked Young people then spread into older age groups according to the cd records. The same pattern was followed in the 1968-69 Hong Kong influenza pandemic. Before they ran their course those two epidemics took the lives of More than 145,000 persons in this country. The influenza virus is noted for its tendency to confound medical scientists by its unexpected behaviour and it does not always follow a pattern but cd researchers Basing their theories on past behaviour believe the a-.s.r will replace current flu strains and remain the principal influenza culprit for the next 8-10 years. And in that time it will single out older americans As victims. Counties seek increase in Bridge repair Money Pittsburgh up ii Allegheny county commissioner James Flaherty representing the National association of counties believes Federal Aid for Bridges should be increased to $2 billion a year. Flaherty was scheduled to appear today before a . Senate transportation subcommittee in Washington to testify on the Bridge program. In a plan now before the Senate the Carter administration has recommended increasing the current $180 million for annual Bridge work to $450 million extending Federal funding a now limited to Bridge replacement a to repairs and raising the Matching fund formula from 75 percent to 80 percent. A if the rate of $450 million per year at the proposed Federal fund Matching formula is maintained it will take 41 years to repair and replace just the known deficient Bridges Quot Flaherty said. A it does not take into account those presently defective but not known because of inadequate inspection funds at local Levels or those which will become defective during the next 41 years a he said. Flaherty said a Naco Survey shows 105,500 Bridges throughout the nation Are in need of repair or replacement according to Naco the eight states with the greatest percentage of deficient Bridges in the nation Are Iowa new York new Mexico. Kentucky. Louisiana Wisconsin Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Flaherty said 39,000 Bridges in the Federal Aid system Are in need of repair or replacement with another 66,500 Bridges not in the system also inadequate. Total estimated Cost to repair or replace these Bridges is $23 billion. Flaherty said. Neither state nor local governments have the Revenue raising capability to Deal with the Bridge problem Flaherty said Flaherty said other Naco recommendations include a raising the Federal Matching share to 90 percent. A providing that Federal spending be determined jointly by state and local governments. A accelerating research and development programs. A improving enforcement policies and actions to prevent overloading of Bridges. Fugitive in her element Irvine. Calif up bubbles the fugitive Hippopotamus is in her element a a rain soaked mud logged Pond in the Hills watched Over by babysitters costing about $1.200 a Day. A the rails have delayed plans to catch said to Shetter. Spokeswoman for lion country safari a wild animal Reserve where the two ton Hippo lived until her third escape feb 19. She said it is costing the Park about $1.200 a Day to keep rangers posted by the Pond around the clock but not for Long once the ram stops Park rangers will hit bubbles with a tranquil Izer Dart and catch her in Large airline cargo nets until then Shetter said Quot we have a full complement of rangers there in the event she decides she might want to take a pothole Bill in trouble Pittsburgh up sen h John Heinz. A a. Says the pothole repair Bill that recently passed the House has met heavy opposition in the Senate and probably cannot pass in its present form Heinz said he is working with Senate Public works committee chairman Jennings Randolph. Do a. And other senators to construct new pothole repair legislation under which Pennsylvania could receive up to $19 million for pothole repairs that is More than twice what it would have received under the House version of the Bill he said a potholes pose a very serious threat to Public safety and convenience and to our state s Economy Quot Heinz said a we need the same kind of emergency help to repair potholes that the Western states received last year for drought Relief Quot Grove City hiking tuition Grove City a cup a Grove City College says tuition room and Board charges will increase $85 per semester or $170 a year effective next fall tuition will go up $65 to $935 per semester room and Board will increase $20 to $610 per semester. Total annual Basic charges for a Tull time student will be $3.090 for those seeking a Bachelor of arts degree and $3.190 for those seeking Bachelor of science and Bachelor of music degrees rapist in jail again Philadelphia up a North Philadelphia Man. Whose release on probation sparked protests by women a and Community groups has been arrested again on charges of attempted rape police said Luis Hernandez 21. Was taken into custody sunday and charged with attempted rape aggravated assault and simple assault police said he held a knife to the Throat of a 43-year-old woman saturday night and tried to rape her in her apartment municipal court judge Louis Hill set bail at $40.000 for Hernandez Hernandez was convicted last december of rape and aggravated assault by common pleas judge Beryl Caesar in connection with an attack on a 16-year-old girl in August 1977 but on feb 22, Caesar noting that the defendant had no prior arrest record sentenced Hernandez to seven years probation unemployment payments Washington cup More than half the total unemployment benefits paid during the 40-year history of the program have been paid during the 1970s. Says assistant labor Secretary Ernest Green Green said in a statement sunday almost $126 billion in benefits has gone to jobless workers since the program began in 1938 Over $74 billion of that a or about 59 percent a was paid from 1970 to 1977. He said with More than one third of the total almost $47 billion paid in the past three years he said the Dollar volume of benefits paid in the 1970s reflects jobless rates that in May 1975. Reached a Peak of 8 9 percent the highest level since the depression years according to the labor department stolen plane crashes Woodrow up Douglas Klein. 20, of Myerstown Cumberland county pa., died sunday when the stolen plane he was flying crashed into a wooded area in Lee county. Klein s body was identified by Coroner Murdic d Hancock who ordered the body sent to the medical University of South Carolina Charleston for an autopsy. The single engine Piper Cherokee crashed around 12 30 p m. Two witnesses said the plane flew Low for some distance and then crashed into the Woods. Wreckage of the plane was scattered about 75 Yards. Authorities said the plane registered to Erwin Mahaffey of Myerstown. Was stolen from a hangar saturday at Lebanon Valley air Park Stalin anniversary ignored Moscow i up i a in a country enamoured of official ceremonies there was none to Mark Josef Stalin a death. The 25th anniversary of Stalin a death passed sunday with no mention in the press radio or television. Those who remembered Josef Stalin did it privately. Secret admirers heaped red carnations and yellow tulips beneath the modest Blue Granite bust that Marks his grave along the Kremlin Wall late in the afternoon one Small group of adults and two children approached the grave Long after Public Access was blocked. The two children carried a Wreath to the graveside. Then the unidentified group snapped pictures of each other in front of the bust and moved quietly on. But for Many the Day was a grim reminder of a reign of terror not soon forgotten. They displayed photographs of their dead in the privacy of their Homes

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