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New Castle News (Newspaper) - December 29, 1880, New Castle, Pennsylvania A a i a Fhi a t w a a hew Castle news a a a a a n xxx Emma 7-w. O. 33jl3st2sr-Ajr pc of i publish a a a a pro pried. A a a a a a a re a of a a Ohio a ��?���?��?���4��, . A a a a a a a a win i. Let re i pm or Eire. The a a v a a a a a weekly news How cast Ike news. 19 off w�9cwfwe a Mtyr six Mentz a f a 1�1��1� in a Tanc. A toilet a mss of i of a be Tom Nten bal toe will pm it vol. . 33. New Castle pa., wednesday december 39, 1880. a year. J Coschi attorney at Law ����1����9 Bloke Pitten Rufli a a a Mbrown attorney at Law. Go. Atm Htwa Sweet. 1 a a a. I. Madwell t attorney at Law a. I 5crt� Street. A amok l. Hazing attorney at Law Ofiero a ser memo Ashy a jewelry Otora a a in Falls attorney at Law. A a end floor Cleo Denlin s a a . New Cesti. A. A a a Illis a a. A Aich attorney at Law. A fsr we Mingwu a. Eli amp a it Mattea of in to a a s. A a a a a Keal weetau insurance and notary. C3"b�ne�?Te Block. Now Ceet. Be. Bowman Alderman to. I Sontz merger a tree. B m ont. Lint ill physio Ian and surgeon we. T North mawr Art. 1��� a a a a or pics lir a. Is rear aa4 berth a Tanh. Loo Aoa of the ska. 1 , flee me. U flee Flay w4#b#y� end interr��71, la Tefft. Ujj r Marri. Home Opalie physician and surgeon n e to w each Loften Ekret Over e. Allea a Tea a Lewis deut let went Intee Street a Ype Eite the poet flee. A x. A a sheriffs sales. By virtue of Memdry write of Lizmi facial Levari facial end Erk Dithom exp swab in mgt de out of the Lwort of common Flea of Lawrence county. Fa., and to me directed there wiil be expend a to Public Solo at the c oort Boule a new Cootie pa., on monday. January 10. 1881. Between the boors of one and two of clock p m., the f a lowing described property to wit All the right title interest and claim of the defendant and to that certain piece or lot of ground situate in the first Ward City of new a a tie. Lawrence county. Abounded and de scribed As follows to wit on the North by Bridge Street Cah by Koch West by lot. Of j. T Baker and on tie South by an Aliyy. Being so fed front on Bridge Street and extending Back i feet to an Alley. Improvement a two Story Frame House 15x20 not containing for rooms and Kitchen attached Good cellar bake Oren Good Well a i , premises fenced and in middling repair seized and taken a executions the property of Patrick me Nicholas at the suit of Daniel Baker. T also ail the right title interest and claim of the defendant of in and to All that certain piece or lot of ground situate in Mahoning township Lawrence county pa., bounded and described As follows on be North by Railroad track of the a a a. East by the Laud of Kirkpatrick mute by land of the widow Chambers and a a the West by lands of Al Rani Roberta containing about a a acre More or less. Improvements a two Story Frame Bouse containing five room and kit Beni Houe in Good repair old barn oven Corn crib Geed Orchard All under Fence. Seized and taken m execution a the property of Luke Coovert at the suit of Tail administrator of Thomas Coovert deceased. Also All the right title interest and claim of the defendant of in and to All that a Cutaia piece or it Arcel of land situate in the fourth Ward City a few Castle Lawrence county. Fa., a a to wounded and described As follows to wit on the North by big Ron Street cast by Sarah Lloyd West by a Cerge Marks and of the South by an Alley being m feet front on big Man St get and running Baek the same Width 144 feet to an a icy i pro Era no a me mid we half Story Frame House a boat a flail feet containing to room and a Frame Kitchen attached 10x15 feet out even premises fenced and in poor repair. Seized and taken in execution a Elbe property of Daniel Larkin at the suit of c. Wellendorf a a also ail the right title interest and claim of the defendant of in and to All that certain let or parcel of ground situate in the third Ward City of new Castle Lawrence county pa., bounded and described As follows to wit on the no rib by lot be. 43 widow Rahamon the East by Laurel Alley on the South by an Alley and on the Cut Eftem tailor Mannus fury a suit for met m4 of Nesha Aneck Bridge Ever i. Hans Ina Rasse Eri new a a tie a. T agent Fer Jenest of a #4 isenring sete Mist ment ails Beny City. A. _ Lisl Kofl l Rbt Olds for Momcil Tinner and Job Werker to Cong and spouting a penalty. Thepe in rent it Market Beane. County a lot under Fence. A seized to taken in execution a the property of Edward Graham at the suit of j. F. In lie use of Bannah Moore. Also All the right title in arrest and Alai a of the defendant of in and Teall that certain piece or a Rcd of land situate in North Beaver to a snip. Wrench county amended and described Moore a a watchmaker. A Werk War tented a a a a a say Sia Etien. North and Seroor Street. Cer. G w. Grkkn1�, d. S., merger Street. Follows to Wii bounded on the North by Leri Hoffman Ter and Carriher. A a by James Ferrell South by Horry Rianey and Biddle and in the week by Levi Hoffmaster sad Crumm. Containing about is acres Mere or a a a a a a Prore ments a leg House containing two Rosiu and leg Kitchen attached Frame stable a i a feet Well of water Wagon shed and Corn end Small Young Orchard about 14 aares cleared balance in Timber All under Fence and in mid Fil Sefz land taken in execution a the property of John Eok Mau at the suit of Samuel Fader and Cornelia v pander. Also All the right title interest Aad claim of the defendant of. In and to that certain piece or a a i a a my. To Tain Katyn Aholt 1st of in 9 . Tax v. A a to eel of land situate a Union township Lawrence county. Fa., bounded and described a a. Follows. On the North by a Road East by Lota of Fulkerson and George Beiger South by Static lit i Aid associate to Homi o Fici Moneypenny Blosk cell mans Ohio. Doitt stay late tonight. The Hearth of Home is beaming with nays of Rosy Light. And Lovely eyes Are gleaming As fall the Quot shades of night. And while thy Steps Are leaving a Circle pure and Bright a tender voice half grieving says a a done to stay late the world in which thou Loveth is Busy Brave and w Ide the world of her thou Lovest is the Ingle Side. She Waits for thy warm greeting thy smile is her Delight her gentle voice entreating says a a done to stay late the world is cold inhuman. Will spurn thee in thy fall the love of one Pur woman outlasts and Shames them All. The children will cling a round the let Fate lie dark or Bright at Lime no Shaft shall wound thee then a a done to stay late a Norris torn Herald poor Bessie from the German of Julius Strum. Even on that cold Winter s night poor Bessie stood All alone on the dark Street. Her father and Mother had died and the strange people with whom she lived had driven her out of the House because she had broken a dish. The wind whistled cold and piercing through the streets and poor Bessie who bad on Only a very thin dress shivered with the Frost in every limb. Lovingly she glanced up towards the Brilliant windows and sighed sorrowfully a to if i Only knew where Good people lived who would allow me poor forsaken a Corner in their warm room i i poor child must certainly freeze in this cold Winters As she thus sighed and lamented she Beard Gay music it came out of a Large House directly in front of which poor Bessie stood and in the Story of which the windows were All brilliantly illuminated. Poor Bessie thought to herself a up there live merry people should not these Grant a poor orphan girl a Corner in their j Large room a while she so thought she went into the Large House ascended the j stairs and knocked at the door. A serv i ant came out who wore a red coat trim j med with Golden lace. As soon As he saw poor Bessie he called abusively a what does the Ragamuffin want Here a �?o1 would Only ask you a said poor Bessie modestly a that you will let me cower in a Corner in the warm room i am so very a foolish child a grumbled the servant a that would be very becoming to me if i should let you enter into the room. You in your miserable rags would lit to the fashionable Well dressed then poor Bessie cried latterly for it surely was not her fault j that she had on such a miserable dress Mey a. a a a Waits or a a Weix attn. For of a Between us few of my who Bavy a am Clae health record. Mey re it i a a Eert Ifrat of membership a of news 11� St -1,000--payable at death or at a a Ira 11 �6 i 4sto it a of Cay Able at death or at sex ire the s 1,00--payable at a the a at expire a a a a certificate will pledge to the a a of a la Ai heirs at Dee ease or to the my in �~�,1��, at the a Fri Taticea at Tbs term t heat a Erti Fleaty 1a Fere at theme a exe Diug the Amer i Aarand a the re till cat a it in the Cleo of the a a certificate a High a a a a Amaua will Vas Ceata for each certificate a Fere an net a a Ltee i. Thl Amoc Matiea propose a that it member keep 4hir�oney until of Loath actually . Pad them ask of them a Aly a ouch to Tenet the 1 Retura ��,������o.--1� audit in to the Abr each Eert Fleam pled Fea the Retura of All it meat pro rata the the number of Cert tar ate a Force at Date of maturity of claim. The fellow if letter a a plaice Ihmle okie feb. 1�, Ltd. Or. J. A a. A a a a i received a Petal card Irsai Yea in Refard to the a Euraye of my with Mary beader. She was Laured Fer three Tow a Aad dollars. We paid eix Teea dollars m my meat which were refunded Aad of Tbs 13d of i Mary we receive a Heck from or. C. W. Grit old for the abort insurance which a Day the Lafof Thlu meath february. Tours Etc., Martin by Nib. A. 4sp Sterling av�., Cleveland o. Fer particular Call on or add Rem j. Crouth Mahoni Agter a. To wit a a o f guv Tiu Misa Mew a Aland of Nawaey fear it and on the Weet by a read containing about 6 Acrea More or ire pm Proto ments a two Atory Frame Honse 10xz4 feet Cou tailing about a in room and k Tchen cellar quador House Frame stable Lix Flo feet or Chard of fruit tree Well of water Premier a fenced and in Good repair awl fill it Foo at he suit of go a i Reenee As she had Only this one air a Green a the right title interest and claim of the defendant of in and to All that certain piece or t parcel of land situate in Fuleki township. Law i rence county. Abounded and described As follows to wit on the North of the i Jacob tie Ehart and John Buchanan vast by John Marquis South by the Pulaski and Wal i i Mington Public Road mad on the Weet by John Buchanan containing 141 acre More or i is i improvement a one and one half a tory Frame dwelling about 30xm feel containing 5 rooms with Wah House and goal House attached 12x24 feet cellar under part of hous Well of water Frame Bank barn 3flx40feet, smoke House Wagon shed and Corn crib Chicken House Frame Grain House i5x� Foet. Good Orchard about 10� acres cleared balance in Timber premises fenced and in middling repair i seized and taken in execution As the property of Robert Rankin at the suit of the first it a a j tonal Bank of Mercer a. Ciao. G no place for a Brood of thieves. All the right title it erect and claim of the. Or a defendants of in and to the following described haste that you get away or j property one Oil lease on about 100 of Tont Coonc had got red with anger and Govch to in hip Lgon tree county fa., threat Illy a aug a Large in of la i a Jval ? <1 Thirn poor Bomer cried a Ore bit she Theu ascended up another flight of stairs and As she was above she heard a fire crackle cheerfully. Then i it Oor Beanie was heartily glad the crackling sounded to her a thousand times More delightful than music. She took your j age and knocked at the Kitchen door. In answer to the Knock an old Stout Cook came out and asked the child what it brought. A a Ojo sighed poor Bessie a i bring nothing i am a poor orphan child and would beg leave to warm my self by your Kitchen firc. A what a j screamed the Stout Cook a in my Kitchen make the notice. The Best offer yet made. Four of Frank Leslie s Pubuca-tiov9 on Yea it for Only Fol w. The Frank Leelie fun Bliaying be. A a a a Leslie a family is Dev St., my Fork will Ond a Frank Leelier a family Friend a a 16 Page illustrated paper for Only Fumk Leeiii Teung Folk a devoted the the internet of Young to it eople Aad Een Taining Gino South by land of John Barber Aad on newer to by land of Daniel Hawil Teu improvement on a Aid leave Are an Oil Der Nix .2 feet High and 9� feet Square at the base. A boiler for , partly in a Ell and Natl a on surface near the Well in All about 600 feet one Frame engine House about 12 it Square. Seized and taken in execution a the property of j d. Clark it Al. To the snit of Peter Bower. Also. All the right title interest and claim it the defendant of. In and to All that. Am tract and a eau Agee land a innate in the war1. Of new l Arile Lei Wreno county ft., Boajum and Dee need As Folio a to wit on the North by lot of i. Reed being North half of lot Nam her to in the general plan of the eld Borough of Mew Cali a a on the eat by Jefferaon a treet on the not it u by North a treet and of the weat by an Allee inn to feet Fronton Jefferson a treat and running bark a fe.1 to said Mart i a two Story Limrick House about s0x4s feet containing Ai ont 6 rooms with cellar under hot noun a a Frame stable about of Lxi feet Well of water Pic raises fenced and in middling be cd and taken in execution As the property of Jav s. Toum rns at the suit of m r. Smith now for the use of j. B lorry. Also a the right title interest and claim of the defendants of. In and to All that certain piece or lot of ground situate in White s addition to South new Castle in the fourth Ward of City of new Castle 1-Awrence county abounded and desc relied As follows to wit beginning at a Post on Mercer Street and running thence South one and one fourth degree East by mid a Trest 111 feet to a poet thence South 8� 1-4 degree wet by a Street Flo feet to a poet thence North 26v, degree East by a Public Road in feet to a rat thence 81 it degrees East by an Alley a Frank Leslie a National agriculturist and working Farmer a a 19 Page illustrated paper or Only Al top a rear a a Frank Leece s pulpit it the Day a 18 pm Luns rated paper Juzef the paper for sunday Reading. Fri be in a a cents per year. Or Afi four of the above publications Fer �e prove rants Brick kilns for burning pottery Ware a Frame pottery 85x50feet engine House attached. 18x2 feet Ware room 3cx20 feet a we of water engine boiler gig Wheela turning lathe for taming crockery and All the other permanent fixtures necessary to carry on the business of manufacturing pottery Ware Mem year. Any person dosing to a our agent a tending nsfl.s#, will receive poet paid saas Nln a a pie of the a a a a publications together with a a Ompie to agents oat flt of twelve Beautiful pre aim carom a also a copy of on both of valuable information of Over n9 pages containing a a illustrated diet Ionar of a a useful word a be Ford in the English language medical and household receipts i it eat advice and forms. Article in etiquette and i it Etter writing a Vic to merchants clerks mechanics and Armor. Of Sample of All of on publications and illustrated catalogue twi Beut premiums for 15 cent a desiring steady and profitable employment should Send at a a a a a a a a a their territory a taken. Address Frank Lusile publishing co. Is Dey Street new Tork health is wealth. Or. X. C. West a nerve and brain treatment a specific Fer a Stona dizziness convulsions nervous headache mental depth Heiob. Lose it memory. Nermaiorrh<ra.4npot�ncy, a Mim Don. Premature old age. F, exertion self abuse. Rev or in Dill Gene Wlch Load Toutsi Surv. Decay and death. One Box will earn recent rises. Lach Box b s treating by one Dollar a Box or a a to a a a Tor fire dollars Sci by mail prepaid on receipt of Png a. We guarantee six exc to cure nov care a do a order received by no Tor six boxy a com ii with five dollars we a nil the Pur Chaser our w Ritten guarantee Toi Turu the Money if the treatment does not effect a care. Guarantee issued Only when Dinar from us. Address John c.w1kt a to Aele prop Eton. 181 Ai d 183 w. Madsen Street 1 hr1 John c. Rau of peril to Joe new Castle. Fahnes baht or win a Ron Wanete Mie Gento Fitts Burgh. Seized and Uken a execution As the of m try a a Hill at the suit of d. H and to be sold by Alex. Richardson sheriff. Sheriffs Effice. Dee 21 1880. A property. Wallace p a Rock notice the the sheriff of Lawrence county greeting War bras Florinda Stoke by her next Friend John Melu by did on Terly than before As she Hud always been Xuy honest Rirl and she was obliged o let herself be scolded As if she w Ere a thief. A he mounted up another flight of a airs Here it was pitch dark and she w Ould have been obliged to search a Long j while for the door if she had not noticed j Theka a Hole which beamed through the dark night like a Bright Atar. Poor bes j a in looked through the key Liole and saw before a Large lamp a wan with a White Beard industriously writing on a j table on which Lay a High Heap of books. Poor Bessie knocked and shyly entered in. Of How Nice and warm the room was she with tears in her eyes begged the Man with the White Beard o allow her to spend the night in a Corner near the stove. The old Man made a gloomy face and said a by me you would like to stay ? no that will not do you disturb me in my work. But i will give you something. Here in a half poor Bessie wont with the half Farthing and out of the warm room into the cold night and groped in the dark still higher up. She knocked again at a door and when she had knocked three times she opened the door and found that she had come to the Garret through the Small round Garret windows the Star looked kindly Down. Poor Bessie thought to herself Yon will cower Here in the Corner if it is cold Here the wind does not whistle so piercingly As Down below on the Street. So she cowered Down breathed into her benumbed hands and prayed to the dear lord a dear lord i am a poor orphan child and the people with whom i lived have driven me i How the Rwy nmn exile live. On his arrival the prisoner �8 driven straight to the police Ward Here he u inspected by the Espravnik a police officer who is lord and master of the District. This representative of the government requires him to answer the following questions his name How old married or single where from address of parents or relations or friends. Answers to All of which Are entered in the books. A solemn written Promise is then exacted of him that he will not give lessons of any kind or try to teach any one that every letter he writes will go through the is Ratnik s hands and that he will follow no occupation except shoe making car entering or Field labor. He is then told he is free in but at the same time is solemnly warned that should he attempt to pass the limits of the town he shall be a hoedown like a dog rather than be allowed to escape and should he be taken alive shall be taken off to Eastern Siberia without further formality than that of the is Pravnik a personal order. The poor fellow takes up i Little bundle and fully realizing that he has now Bidden Farewell to the culture and material Comfort of his past life he walks out into the cheerless Street. A group of exiles All Pale and emaciated Are there to Greet him take him to some of their miserable lodgings and feverishly demand news from Home. The newcomer gazes upon them As one in a dream some Are melancholy mad others nervously irritable and the remainder have evidently tried to find a Olavee in drink. They live in communities of twos Ami threes have food a scanty provision of clothes Money and books in common and consider it their sacred duty to help each other in every emergency without distinction of sex rank or age. The Noble by birth get sixteen shillings a month from the government for their maintenance and commoners Only ten although Many of them Are married and sent into exile w if Young families. Daily a gendarme visits their lodgings inspect the premises when and How he pleases and now and then makes some mysterious entry in his note Book. Should any of j their number carry a warm dinner a pair of newly mended boots or change of Linen to some exile lodged for the to i ment in the police Ward it is just As like i Lyas not marked against him As a crime. It is a crime to come and see a Friend off or accompany him a Little on the Way. In fact should the Espravnik feel out of sorts the effect of cards or drink he vents his temper on the exiles and As cards and drink Are the favorite amuse j ment in these dreary regions crimes Are marked Down against the exiles in astonishing numbers and a report of them j sent regularly to the government of the i province. Winter lasts eight months a period during which the surrounding country presents the appearance of a noiseless 1 lifeless Frozen tar she no roads no com Ziuni cation w Ith the outer world no j Means of escape. In course of time almost every individual exile a a attacked by nervous convulsions followed by prolonged apathy and prostration. They begin to quarrel and even to hate each other. Some of them contrive to forge false passports and by a Miracle As it were make their escape but the great majority of these victims of the third Section either go mad commit suicide or die of delirium Kremens. Their history when the time conies for it to be studied and published will disclose a terrible tale of human suffering and a ministerial evils and shortcomings not Likely to find a qui Valant in the contemporary history of any other european state. W Here Are the Trojan swords ? i also thought at first that i bad found in the treasure a fragment of a Bronze sword but As visitors to the South Kensington museum May see in my collection the object referred to is no sword but merely a very thin Bronze my. The i May be allowed to Prophet la i boldly assert that the general a a administration w ill give mor satisfaction to All concerned than a in of the Long Liue of representatives from the great Republic who have p let eded him. Have Ever its ceded in effecting. Of unexceptionable private fragment it a Earth d in. Long and 2 in. Cd meter he bring to the office a a Nihil Broad. If sword had been in use at All. T�1 a in it it a higher walks of Legal Ami i should probably have 1�?~oumi some of a judicial lore while in Public life in them in this treasure among so Many which for years he has been a prominent other weapons or at least i should have j actor a. Matured his views and Laug it fuaa.1 them elsewhere in this third City him so to As to conserve the Well be Wlinich was destroyed so suddenly and ing of the masses not to he merely unexpectedly by a fearful catastrophe 1 the convenient tool of Petty pm. That Hie inhabitants had not the. Time 1� asserting the treaty nights stipulated even to save their treasures or which ten t Quot mgt Mit attempt a a bully am Over were left for me to discover. Been with a a a Quot Etc feeble nation near whose c our the skeletons of men Apps gently War a he resides and Corneous and snare to riots i found Only lances never even so he and tour without becoming an m Uch As the Trace of a sword. Neither eject Parade thus a voiding the scylla did 1 Dud the Trace of a sword even to and Charybdis to which consuls of Sev the ruins of the two upper pre historic cities. Moreover Lute swords been in be i a hound probably Hare found the Moulds in which they were cart but among the ninety Moulds or thereabouts which i collected and which have forms for All the weapons 1 discovered As Well As for others which i did not find there is not one for a sword. Liis absence of sword is the More astonishing to me As i found hundreds of Bronze swords in the Royal tombs of my Kenai. Their non existence at i Sparlik even in the latest of it pre Lii Storic cities is the clearest proof of the very High Antiquity of these ruins and of the great distance of time High separates them from Homer with whom swords Are in common use. But if from the absence of this weapon seemingly so we might be forced to infer a Low a Tate of barbarism at Troy our iinds Are bewildered when we look at the Trojan Gold ornaments which in artistic execution Mel nationalities have been engulfed his record if it remains As it has been commenced will be indeed a fair one and he an officer of whom his countrymen need not be ashamed. It has hitherto been the custom of All consuls of every nationality to claim in Siam the Honor of an ambassador Aud to request a Public reception by the King and court on their arrival at their Post. With the exception of the British and French consuls who Are specially clothed with diplomatic Powers the one at political agent the other As commission Ireno consular officers Are entitled tothe a honors by International Law or usual custom. But it has been the general custom in Siam to acquiesce in these demands and bestow these honors. But general Halderman positively refused to make any demand of Siam which he was net entitled to do though he stated that he would regard a invitation to a Public audience a a Mark of respect and a i of Lurhl Quot Iii la a. Come full v up to thus contains in the compliment to his country and though Maceman Truta euros and Wcarl Mill he would be pleased to accept it he would More bewildered when we consider the j not ask for it. The Sam cd a were very troian inscription since Char much touched by Bis delicacy Little a actors were a a together unknown at my i Etu Tomed to Uch consideration a they Ceme 1 May Here add that no swords Are and not Only voluntarily tendered have Ever been found to the ancient him a Public reception but spared no British Tumuli of the Bronze period from Chr. Soho Mann new books Zilio the imprisoned Rector. The imprisonment of the ritualistic j it us accompanied Rector and the threatened punishment of both in full uniform moved up the Hall to make it As grand an affair As possible. The entire court was assembled in the grand audience Hall the usual j salutes were fired and As the con by his vice Consul three other clergymen continue to excite the English Public. The Bishop of Manchester in the course of a Reee tit Sermon remarked that the National conscience and understanding were pined and shocked at the sight of clergymen who Quot it might be were in ear nest being gent to prison. He would not say a word against the earnestness and Devotion to his duties of the Rector of St. Johns the Rev. F. Green hut he thought he had a mistaken sense of duty and moreover that he had behaved foolishly and unwisely and not in the interests of the followed by the exp Consul the Rev. Or. Dean the consular chaplain and the Rev. Or. Mcdonald who had been invited to join the party the Royal band struck up a Hail Columbia a the household brigade presented arms and All the a pomp and circumstance of glorious War was i i Laved. The general read an address. Hie majesty did the same from the throne. In reply copies were exchanged and after the usual courtesies had been Given and received the pageant a dissolved. On monday his majesty the King invited Church and religion. It was impossible j the Consul to an affair of a similar kind the Bishop said that any society ecclesiastical or secular could be maintained unless the supremacy of the Law was a seen and unseen. �1 it next Mena Jonn Mot u. Ayma of r s the 2i�t a Taj of july i8#o, prefer her out into this cold Winter night because in Djreo of of or court rtt Ommon plea for i have broken a dish. In my need i Siai petition Theroun Tyhof Lav Renee. Praying for the a urea thought dear lord of the Beautiful therein set Forth that he might be divorce it i no uni or i iv.v., from the Bonds of Matrimony entered into with i word a a a Abram l Stoke. We do therefore com Manly a a before we commanded you the said Abram l. Stoke that netting aside All other business and excuse whatever you be and appear in vent proper a on before our judge at new a court of Lemmon fleas there to be held for the Lawrence of the m Mon Der of january next to answer the petition of libel of the said Fiorinda Stotlz and to show Eane if Aav Tou hate Why the a Aid Florinda Stoke tour Quot i should not to Diter ced from the Bonds of Matrimony agreeable to the of general Assembly in such Case made and provided and Hereof fail not. Witness the honorable i. Me junk. President judge of a or said court at new Castie. The Isotta Dar of october a. D., 180. Alex. R1lj0ard&on, 8h#nff. Torce notice to the sheriff of Lair my county. G re tip i i we fleas Elizabeth j. Wagner it her next Friend Edward a a oho ���., of the the Day of a. 180, prefer her petition to Hon. A t. Mcc a a a. One of our associate judge of our court of common plea for the county of Lawrence praying for the causes therein get for tic that he Imaghi be divorced from the Bonds of mammary entered into with too j a a a do. Therefore command a a a. To before we commanded a a a. The said theophlis Wagner that getting aside All Burin eat Aud excuse whatever you by and appear in Jour proper person before our judge at it a court of common plea there to be held for toe con att of Lawrence on the m mood Arof Jan Varv next to answer the petition of libel of the Muf Eliza Heffli j. Wagner by her next Friend. Edward Yoho. And to show cans if any Yon have who the a Aid Elizabeth Wagner your wife should not be Dir feed fro a the Bonde Matrimony agreeable to the at a a of assemble in such ease made and provided and Hereof fail a times the honorable i. Meja Nkia. Resident judge of our eau court at Newt not 1 the 2d Day of october a. A 1�. A Alex. Richardson. Shori. A month guaranteed. 112 a Day a Home made by the industrious. Capi tax not required we will Start von sen Bors and girl make Money faster at wort for a than at Anvil inf else. A a a a a i Light and pleasant Ana such a a a a a a ran go right at. 1 Hoe who Are Wise who see till notice Wii a end us their at a a re and a for themselves. Rotoly outfit cd free new is the time. These already at wort Are living up Large sums of Money. Ader a a thl a j a of Angosta �1��. Those a on readers desiring a Load Aad profit Ablo Empio ment or valuable Reading Mattor a Heap for Eiffel should Send 5 cents the the a Frank Loa a pub aha by log 15 Doy Street. New a a Ork. For a a Empio it of their publication and a Lens to rated eat Alogui. Containing lit of premix me in or #14# for a Complete agent a outfit of 12 Beautiful e Bromo and our Premium Book of valuable information containing Over 500 Page with Tampio Copie of All on pub mums a. Tea advert a be Orient in another column. An Active Agen wanted in every town tron to to the Rev dry Lara can of made weekly. Their Iii narrated publications with to intr new premi fall at a a a pm a a a a a. _. Am take at Aigbe do not delay if Yon Wmk to. Am exp Union their attack of a a j Goon Start a a a per m Youngstown to be �?ou�r41u Ftak like re a King on v m a of Jet and my few of rom. Pho the Mem a a a i mow a a a a Knock and it shall be opened unto you a and i have already knocked at three door but no person will keep to poor forsaken child. Of thou dear dear lord a How me thyself the right door i Pray no that x. Poor child need not perish with hunger and cold i have on this wide wide world Only thee so prayed poor Bessie and fell asleep and when she again awoke a he stood before a Large magnificent door and did i not know How it happened for he froze i no More and a he did not have on her old Anise Ruble Dresa any my re but a Long garment that was As White As newly Tallen Snow. Poor Beasie did not have the courage to Knock at the Golden spark Ling door but a Friendly voice called a Knock and it shall be opened unto so poor Bessie took courage and knocked softly at the Beautiful door. I hardly had she done so when the door j 1 a Prang wide open and two heavenly j forms came near the child and As these called a Welcome poor Beasie Wel come a the voice sounded to Bessie j wonderfully familiar and she recognized j in the heavenly forms Ber deceased loved Parent again and knew now where she waa. The dear lord had shown the poor forsaken child the right door. The following arc extracts from Bishop Clarks lecture at Tremont Temple on december 6, As reported by the travel Ler a the seen is the Tyr get and Symbol of the unseen and that which is seen is temporal w Hile the things w hich Are unseen Are eternal. Nothing can be seen but forms and these arc in their very nature transient and changeable. The substance of these forms is indestructible. We live in two worlds one temporal and the other eternal the world of forms and the world of realities. With the one we come into communication with our senses w Ith the other we come into communication by the soul. Material things Are the symbols of spiritual tilings and we Are Able to expire its the latter Only through the a medium of the former. The next stage of existence w ill lie simply the unfolding or development of this primary stage of being. There is no arbitrary line separating the temporal from the eternal the one passes Over into the other by natural orderly Laws. The change produced by death cannot in any w a affect our personal identity. We must retain a memory of the past and the consciousness of possessing the same moral and mental qualities by which we Are individualized Here in Earth. And. If we Are to retain our personal identity without which immortality would not be a gift w Orth taking those whom we have know n and loved Here we must know and love hereafter j it would be a dreary thing if w e thought we were going to a land of Strang is. Is it to by supposed that the emotional part. Of on nature will be extinguished or so j modified that we Cea let forever to love that w High Here on Earth was the Cen a tre of our Earnest and mod tender affect j Tion Shab we be so overwhelmed with the Delight of consorting with Angels j that we cease any longer to care for the poor fellow creatures with whom we w ept and toiled when a were pilgrims together on Earth will Raphael and Gabriel and Michael be nearer and dearer to us than the child we once lost or the lather and Mother who taught us How to Pray ? those who have gone before Orget those whom they have left behind and i. It to be supposed that their cup of happiness can be full if they never expect to Welcome their friends in a the Bright and blessed country the Home of god a elect a know Ledger. It almost caused him to shed tears to see Good and Earnest men wasting their energies upon those Trilles which were now occupying them j a what mattered it whether he administered the holy sacrament in a Cope or i Chasuble or in a simple decent surplice if the Church had ordered him to Wear this thing or that thing lie ought to do so because lie was a Churchman and a member of the Church society but if lie was i asked what it meant intrinsically he should say it mattered simply the Bishop said he did not want it Eop a to be rejoicing or clapping their hands because or. Pelham Dale was in prison but he w shed those who could not really minister loyally and Tait Fulty in the pulpit and at the communion tables of the Church of England would see whether they could find some other place which would be More congenial to them. The result of these differences would he feared Lead to the disestablishment and Dis endowment of the Church of England and As he believed that the cause of religion would be retarded rather than advanced by the destruction of the National Church ii lamented the Folly and obstinacy of that Man who. Rather than comply with the requirements of the Law which were Nottjr Anielly would wreck a great Church for the Sake of maintaining an ornament6 Rubric As though it were essential. The european ape. As the Chamois is the Only Antel Ojie found in Europe the Baboon of Barbary is the Only represent Tirc of the Quad Rumana on that continent it is found on the Rock of Gibraltar. The commandants of the four have orders to protect these apes Aud to record All curious facts regarding them. It appears from this Register that at present the tribe of Baboons consists of Twenty five individuals w hich character. Character is the great Birthright of every Freeman. A Man who is not free has no character and is not expected Mohave any. Character is the Touchstone of Success under the institution of our country. It of ens up avenues never before dreamed of. It lays open All the possibilities of the future. Poverty crime and woe tree before the i of nature let him re to in peace of when it is desirable to put any one to the test there is nothing like doing so without warning. An actor fond of playing practical jokes at the expenses of a a Utility men heard that one of them his particular aversion had 1 Oahu Al that if any trick was played upon him he would turn the tables in a Way that would astonish the sector. The latter of course resolved to test the to Aster a readiness on the first Opportunity. He did not have to wait Long for the Chance. One night when the House was crowded the carpenters failed to get a set scene ready in time and a a dead stick ensued. Knowing his Man. The stage manager entreated the joke Loving actor to go on Aad a a Gage Flora few minutes. A a certainly replied he and seeing the Utility Man at the Wing he seized him by the wrist and in spite of resistance dragged him to the a eater of the stage and said a a your sister then has been betrayed. Tell me the Story t the frightened fellow had no Story to Tell to the Crafty jokers Delight. Whether the audience a front and the manager behind were squally pleased the record Faith not in Golden Days the Burgea of Grimsby were wont to decide which among them should be mayor by a very Odd process. Having chosen three of their number As eligible for the position they blindfolded them tied Bunches of Hay at their backs and conducted them the the common Pound where a calf awaited their coming. He whose inns psf Hay was first eaten by the calf waa pronounced most worthy of the mayoralty and installed into office accordingly. William Thompson the once famous Maori chief adopted a shrewd method of deciding which of his two sons should succeed him. As they stood before him As be Lay sick unto death he suddenly addressed him self to the elder saying a a shortly and. Take Dowa that gun Aad shoot the White Man standing outside the hut the youth was about to obey the order readily enough when his brother intervened with a Why should you kill the my what harm has he done to us a Theu said the old chief a yes that is right. You have what is wanted a sense and discretion. Yon will take my place when i am and so the Suco Essien was settled. A Humboldt a said a Middlesex militia captains a Humboldt is a overrated a amp a there is very Little in him. And he knows no More of geography than my terrier there. I met him once at the russian ambassadors at Paris and put him to the proof. As Long As he was talking of the Andes and the Cordilleras and places which none but himself had Ever heard of he carried it All Kis own Way but the a goad Tima. The Friend of or. Aud . Mixer of Neshannock township wore pleasantly surprised by an invitation from Thorn to be present at their House j our an. Determined to cleanse monday evening 13th inst to celebrate j of nun pm. The fourth anniversary of their marriage. I a a a eur Cripta. Job frit no in so ,�?~4#e to to beat a Tyl a Prie police a 1c Kis of doings and drunks disorder lies. A a a. At f of clock p. M., All were there As requested each one bringing a memento to express their gratitude toward the Bride and Groom of four year a upper being ready at a Ixer Cleck we were take to the dining room and a Yura Yum too Good the think after a upper the present were examined and found to be of the very Best Quality. The comp and m m Maryf m a to a n soil w 1 ? it fit 1 Limo Hanifl we w Tufi i Kuril i v Fri a Tatj and violin ipe eche song ac., until time came round reminding us that the Heit of friends must after wishing the Bride and Groom Many Happy anniversaries we separated w Ishing for Many Nib meeting to occur. Hare relics. A Hatch of Indian paraphernalia unearthed at Moravia. Or. Odeige v. Morrow North bearer township Farmer was taking out Stone from s Quarry of his Promie this week when be can Etc so Roe what he afterwards up posed a an Indian grave. On the to Rhee of the Rock about three feet under ground he found a lot of round pebbles each about the size of a Man a head Laid in an Oblong form As if enclosing remain that were either valuable or a acred. Within the Circle was a Geed Deal of Earth of a different color from the Clay around it and beneath this was found s lot of Flint darts a tone arts s Ball of lend weighing eight pounds and a let of curiously shaped in Trunie Nta or figures made from hard Rock. In All the relics discovered filled a Bushel Basket and Are exhibited by or. Morrow with a cons Doug realization of rarity. Net a Bone was found which would aug get the idea that the grave we Many years old. Caught one of the Union township shoe thieves. About a even of clock wednesday evening a tramp went into the Bouse of Jiuji most of the vagrants that have been arrested Are Young men and boy. Souie Are not Over it or 17 years of age. Kirk a Dickson offer $100 Reward for the con victims of the Thieve and the to turn of the Toleu from their a Tore wednesday night. Our detectives will hereafter employ officer Dobson of Rochester to to miss a he in Felon. In Quot Ler to keep Foj Luv i a aant. Pic v a Hub a Racket out of the Pittsburgh papers. Monday of this week a Man who had been sued fora Bill of $3, employed an attorney to defend Bis Case. The attic Nev area Watt. Tow. Waa of my of mixed. Thomas Kelly a on of the or mar. A drank and disorderly of the Public Street and the police took him in. Next morning the mayor let him off by paying it it a Dollar and costs. Samuel Law a Stone Mason who works somewhere Down the Railroad was found in an intoxicated condition in the Street. He deposited $4.50 with the mayor next morning. James Crum and George Markle Dotu of this City have each bad the other arrested on a charge of carrying concealed weapons and discharging firearms on Tho a treets of new Castle. At a hearing before Alderman Piatt the suits were settled by paying costs. Philip vol Del of Erie Philip bums of Pittsburgh John Lightnr of Johnstown has. King of Newark n. And Robert Day of Allegheny were arrested As tramps under the vagrant and sentenced Ivy a Squire Haus to Tho workhouse for 60 Days. Howard Irvin of Middlesex was drunk and disorderly tearing around the streets in his Bare Bead. He bold. Into Junky Marshall a a Tore and purchased something for which he refused to whereupon he was kicked into the Street officer John Marshall arrested him and the mayor fixed him $1 and costs. It is a Good thing to pitch into the Constable. Nothing like a Little experience to Wake them up to their duties. Constable h. R. Sankey had Liis shoe 1h� ask Uip a a j i Ous Lault sex. I my Evans in Union township and from into Aud Nonie Good stolen under his coat pulled Forth an excellent t _ pair of boots bran new which he offered Fer a ale. He asked $4 any school Hoy might have answered he was looked. Face of character Success happiness and blessings attend it. Moment i put z straightforward ques let the Young people of our land be 1, a a thoughtful then upon this matter. Lett run Iraq w character stand behind the counter let it. Sir behind the let it work in the a now Baron a said i can you Tell me Mill and a hop let it till the farms and w Thurman Green is a upon Market their products. In hour he knew no More about it further character can not countenance j j know of Trout the anything Ilia it Quot us Ltd it. So iut a a a a a a editable a. can endure a taint in i household. W let him not. Then countenance a taint drawn by the English Carpenter outside of his own household for As a ure working at the vient a exhibition As it is countenanced outside it will who complained to a new Soper Cor eventually creep inside and Tho Man to ent a Only fancy sir Here a will have his indiscretions and unwise friday__tw0 a Tab after the race acts reflected in his family. This is a do a to know what was second Law of nature and the More it is Pon ,. A and died on the truer and More real it will and third for the Derbe yet and j a Peak they Call this Here country pm Hood f countenance the infidel and the hater j or. Sola Days that a Blind Man i of moral Law and you tray expect info j flight Tell the different Denom or a a a a your own family. Tioq8 Russia otes by using i for the Boot but Evans did not want to buy. He then a Aid he would sell them for $2, and All at once it a truck or. Evans that h. R. Sankey a a Hoe Stiop had been burglarized monday night. He purchased the calf skins and a Oon a the tramp left mrs. Evan ran Down to to or. San j key a Houe and told him of the occur j rence. Stakey is a Constable in Union \ township and forthwith he arrested or. Trunp Aud lodged him in the lookup. Thursday morning at a hearing before j Alderman hand the tramp who gave his name a John Karole of Youngstown stated that he had found the Boot under a piece of Iron in an unused a or j Tion of the rolling Mill. He was committed to jail for trial at court. Two other tramp John Ford of Pittsburgh and Jam a Gordon of Warren 1 a., arrested by Marshall and Frew w Ere Givena hearing on the burglary Case but there j a no evidence to bold them. Subee j Quentlyn they were sentenced to 60 Day in the workhouse under the vagrant j . Forthwith he goes on the War path to Hunt up the ogre Ora. The fruit of his real i ten men in the lockup. After Date Union township will be a he aimed by tramp and Thieve for some time to come we predict. A some two months since or. James p. Scott a merchant of Pulaski a waylaid and a Caen by a couple of lieu at about ten o clock at night w Ith the supposed purpose of robbery. Fortunately the villain were frightened away before accomplishing their purpose. Of fact it. B. Marshall a arrested we. Barney and win. Mccombs both of whom have lately been in this City and who Are charged with the crime. They will have a hearing Besore Alderman Haus Friday afternoon. Robbery. Kirk Ltd Dickson a lard car store Bug Taried to the ext Eitt of Soo. Anniversary w Ooden welding of or. And mrs. Stewart Thompson. Dels and haters in countenance the Courtesan or the harlot and you May expect courtesans and harlots in your own family. And to it goes through All the ramifications Otth social and business world. Further a Man s work i Good and enduring in proportion to his character. Especially is this True in regard to work of Art and w ratings of men. The pro i duct Kris of base minds Are in some Way tainted with their Basener a. The world i instinctively rejects the base and Low. They May flourish for a Little but they soon pass away. Curiosity May induce men to buy books of a Low Standard but nose to determine their value the j Rule being the lower the value the j a a louder the smell. A Hundred Roo j ble note will be redolent of Patchouli a jockey club or some Seq Nelly fashions ble perfume while the single rouble note usually reeks of tallow or coarse tobacco. The Moit Kob. The mormon Ore a Huttl and Ion a in regard to their future in a plate of their cons a of in cml Ute Iurii iut a a j men in out a a a a a a. Bravado. Thy Are beginning i find it always occupy that Side of the Rook j they Are soon put on the High shelf out of that Uffia Dent Hayes in not alone in the. V a a e to the a a a a a of everybody. Curiosity May in gents Menta expressed in i Ute message. Due men to go in crowd to hear the the country vory generally backs up defamer of religion and morals or to the president. Mormon Ltd it extending listen to the voice of a prostituted Inte Idaho and coloured. Wherever h woman but in the end the instinct of it becomes a a Landing menace teen True manhood put them to one Side. Taring Laws. In has simply Home to this Aud thus it louies to to a that e a Roe j mormon ism most be suppressed in Terie the Only thing that can a or Viva this country the Only thing that can endure the Only. Thing that can pa.-6 the limit of Thi life and enter the portals of a higher and a nobler life. W hich is sheltered from the wind. It i supposed that the wind from whatever direction is hurtful totem. They avoid a it with the greatest care and they can detect a change Twenty four hours in Advance so that when the officer see the j apes shifting from one aide of the Rock to the other Uliey look out for a change of weather. These ape eat Graas with avidity roots bulbs especially those of oxalic ild olives and the fruit of a mall Date which j grow naturally on the Rock. They will j not touch fruit which the soldiers put in their was except Grenes of which they Are Verv fond. They a me times descend to the gardens of the town of Gibraltar in search of figs. The apes drink at a Spring in a Cavern near the level of the Mediterranean at the steepest part of the Rock which i 400 metres i height and the a ides of which Are perpendicular. In their gambol their favorite amusement f in to disappear behind the Borders of the a precipice and let them a elves Down from one projection to another till they Are a few feet from the line of Breakers then t to climb the Guldy height again with j equal agility. Call to Thomy a Miller a printing o. P. A natron and his Ford will Wii agricultural scraps. Verv former should keep a Book in wbk h to Parte agricultural Send it. Every one in Reading a paper will be a number of thing6 w High he will w ish to remember. He will perhaps see us Gert Ioris the value of which be will desire to test or hints w he h he will want to be governed by in future operation. And vet after Reading the paper he will probably the a it Down and never be it again. In such a ease All the valuable j articles w ill be lost. To prevent a Uch a loss every Reader should clip from the paper suck article a lie desire to pre sri and remember and paste them m i a scrap Book. Such a Book at the end of a j year or two will be very interesting sad valuable. Odd tests. Some people Are never satisfied. However fortunate they May be. A nursemaid in the service of an English family in Russia left her place to get married but had not been Long wedded Ere she complained to the j Nate Hanaish of the District in which she was domiciled that her husband did not love her As he should do Andon the official inquiring How she knew it replied a because he never whips doubtless the disappointed one meant what she said but she might have changed her note had 1 her desire been gratified like the Young wife suddenly bereaved of a Rich old husband who refused to be-1 Lieve her dear partner could be so Eruelas to leave her crying out a the alive doctor Irnis sure he a alive Tell me Dorny to you think of a this piteous Appeal the physician met by suggesting the application of a Gai Antic Shock and offering to apply Tho apparatus. A wok to no1�?� judge Wood. We. B. Wood has Boot anally confirmed As judge of to supreme court. It will be remo Akered that much opposition a mod to judge Wood because he waa by birth an ohioan. His District lies in the 8outb, and judg Wood Baa been a resident of the sooth for Many a re but a was a a a Carpetbagger in the Aati mate of Tho southerners. The country has Cut a to Onder stand that the term a carpet Bagger is applied to All Republican of the South. We Are very glad to a that the democratic senators had Renee enough to Rise above a Uch Noreen be. An Easttum Krug s Dekome to an americas Consul. General ii Alder Man. The newly appointed Consul for the United states has arrived and assumed the duties of his office to the great Relief of his fellow Citi Send a your american he in indeed a Man a to be looked up to a it an it s he does 6 feet 3 inches in his stockings and admirably proportioned. The impression made by his modest and unassuming Demeanour on the foreign Community As Well of the i a _. W a Monarch to whom he is accredited has exclaim need the grief stricken widow j angular Oil the dependencies of been most ble like Queen Eua it in my Fate i will j Ragland Are in a chronic state of Insani Beth his modesty likes to look upon a i Hobo Nam pm a met Psi Hir a it Man. And Doss we brains Flo to Yow it. If have no. Ert Mefi a Ai Tbs Law pm a dust her my. The electoral count. During the debate in the Senate on the manner of counting to electoral vote on the 32<1 n�t., senator Edmund made the statement that w Hen the time came to count the vote it would be counted whether the House of representative participated in the exercise or not. Thlu hat the right ring. Factional strife ought not to be permitted to jeopardize any of the interests of the country at Large. The patriotism of senator and representatives alike ought to a above the level of 1 Mere party strife. I to Quot Boers of South Africa a new on the urn mpg a against the a tons of England. It that was a joyous assemblage that tact St the residence of or. And mrs. Stewart Thompson on a aver Street thursday a a vening. Taesu come filing in loaded Down with fire Seutz nned Over sixty Pereona were present congratulating the Happy Host and Hote. The occasion was the fifth Anniversar it o the marriage of or. Stewart Thompson and miss Lizzie Hazen and the Friend bad prevailed on them to have a a wooden wedding.,�?T free Ente Een in Ting of article Neefel and pretty were showered upon the a Bride a until the a reception room was full to overflowing. Every j body who came brought something and those who were unable to be present sent remembrance of theirer team. Every Leonci enable thing made of Wod won among the collect Len clothes baskets brackets picture Frame sewing Sumret. A Hoe blacking spa rata vases Tahle nats. Plat Trey bucket waste to a hate. A Jerk oakets Glove Box a and Many Ether things Ell of Wood comprise a por Itotia of to a Seffl and omame Atal to say that they were highly appreciate by the recipient Weald be stating the simple truth. The amiable wife and genial husband were at a los for word to of press the full amount of their gratitude. After s few hour of social pleasure dinner was announced and they All Gawn to a repast that would make i Delmonico turn Green with envy. The Flable fairly groaned with Lus it ious i and prepared under the a Aper vision of the lady of the House. As the feast Drew door in end some Tom attempted to bite a piece of what How Upp Osee was a Rich Gold cake. Imagine Hia consternation j and Tho visibility of the lookers on when j he Fuad to to be Wood. All joke Ore j free St a wedding and this a s Good memo. M r. And Are. C. C. Hazen had pre j a anted a wooden cake partly a Hood Sod nicely frosted and ornamented. It we a the meat perfect in fact the most real j la tic fraud Ever gazed upon. The color and Grain of the Wood waa a True foe simile of Coke and the Omar Iona completed the illusion. Not half a dozen persons of Road the table aug peered the True nature of the article. It waa in fact a a wooden wedding at a late hour to guest departed having spent an evening of rare enjoyment and ple Duhig wednesday night thieves entered the hardware a tort a if Kirk a Dickson on Wii Hington a a a treet. And carried off $500 Worth of Fine cutlery revolver eur. The burglars effected an Entrance by bursting open a a it window at the rear of the a Tore. They evidently took their time in rummaging Over the comls a Only the finest Good were taken. One How ease of Fine cutlery a cleaned out a a a a a Petely. There u no clue thus a to w Hgt were the perpetrators Thon Jyh our detectives Are working up the a a a in a vigorous manner. A few knife acre found thursday morning lying in an Alley near Waddington a a table. These were either dropped by the Thieve in their flight or were placed there to throw the officers off the a cent. Kirk a Dickson offer a Reward of $100 for the am it and conviction of the Thieve and Retura of the goods. Among the article stolen wore Smith a Wesson revolver. American Shear co. Pocket cutlery kor Tuffield knife Caw Wostenholm Ixl Lander Frary a Clarks Carver. Razor and spoons. Board of Hoath report. At a meeting of the Board of health held on thursday dec. 16, the following resolutions were whereas Scarlet fever to mod a appearance in Thi City and in order to prevent the spread therefore Rry opted that when a Afaq i to reported Rick it a Hall not be admitted to the Public schools until to has been fully ascertained As what Aid a Terrie a was. Reed Ved that where Scarlet fever of any other Contag Eim d i a e exists in the family no child belonging to a Aid family a Hall be admitted to the Public in Hoot until fifteen Day after the member of the family who to been Rick Ball been Hilly recovered and then upon the certificate of the attending physician. A Davtd that where fever or other i contagious disease exist All citizens Sre requested to use such disinfectant to prevent the spread of the disc a a Tho attending physician May recommend. Elu Morrison clerk. It to proposed to introduce a Bill into Congre to removing the tax on Cheeks matches Etc. The requirement As under the present Law to put a two cent stamp on every Beek drawn on a Bonk an unmitigated nuisance. A Man pats Bis Money in Bonk for safety and convenience and must two cent the the government Tor the right to draw to our to plea Mode in defense of the present Law that to tax Cen i off to Rich Man pc quite a Aristah and anyone who will urn lingering Lofton remaining in the Pont Emce new Castle dec. 23, 1880 ladies mkt. Mrs. Add alien Are. Thad Bingham mls a ency Brown to Birdie Cox. Or. Nancy a. It Ooper or. Elizabeth Carr Mie Ella Day mos Jeip Bales mrs. Dillieck. Frt Obee mrs. Chas. R. Johnson mrs Hannah Moore. Ml6# Lizzie Mckinley mias Jennie Mckin Nii Mios Millie Mcconnell miss Nolle l. Rose my Clen Funta kit Apey Miao Julia Ann Smith min a Mary Smith 2mrs. Catharine Van Kirk or. Josephine Woodle Mia Friz White Mary e. Walters. slip to. John Alton John Bay Tho. Collins w. G. Gordon James hated Solomon Luta. Smith Leonard we. Moore it f. Moore c. G. Rut Oyer we. Row j p. Luton boat. Sten Ling c. A phone. J. R. Sampou c. I. W James Walls. % _ d. Tir��a11, a it
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