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New Castle News (Newspaper) - December 22, 1880, New Castle, Pennsylvania New Quot a Sale news. % i f / of a a a ����?1. or y weds essay. W. 0�. A As co Public aha a and proprietors. Ornes v a a a a. Corner of w Uhia Fea Street Ard or Diamond. Knt Raar a the rear of Wui it. Eur Torje to grocery store. The news. Vol. 11.--n0. 31. New Castle pa., wednesday december 22, i8�o. $1.00 a year. One tear Sis month. A a invariably in Avancy. % Fai Tore to notify a it to Coati a aft the end of the time mba Aein do Ortr Dibe take a a engaged e non a a rift in a a. Hook and Job he a a a a a a a branches do a a in the Heel a a a a at in n Artaza. J a a co Aht attorney of Tjw can Singhani Block. Titu Barglik Street a a a a brow attorney to Law. A a. Wae in on Wewt. The Best paper try it up illustrated. Ittis Burgh a Lake Erie a a. B. Otow a a a a a a a a a Home where there a one love us. It a attorney at Law a a. T North Mill Avreet. A a a on l. Haien the tvs Seis Tiric a11 andean is a Large r trat i Clase Werkav newspaper of sixteen a a a a a. Printed in i he a amt he Alful style. A a a a a a a i Iune rated Wuh pin did engraving repro a neut inn to big fat tin Mot recent to Vincea lib tue arts and Sci Nch a a it and inner toting fax a tip of and after july lib. 1w. Train will am be 1 and depart Frum new a Afelio n c. A h a a depot j a Foi Lowa f Maina a a a. 6 35 . For . Akron Cleveland Mead Ville. Salamanca. A new York. I a a a a for yet King it us in Akron cute Teubl. Toft la i. 10 48 for Pittsburgh and inter Media Talt Tiona attorney at Law office Over Mccu a Fra in jewelry a tory h Falls. Attorney at lot. A end floor a Leader in a a . New cattle. A. Grill la m. Hatch attorney at Law. New whim Tautoa. A. T Erial attend on Svea to cd Letioa. Ohn s. A a a . Kesl mutate and notary. be Block new Asile. A. Bowman a a Merman no. 6 South merger a tree. Arrival a a re. In Urti Celi a re. The a a a 12 45 . For Youngstown Ashtabula. Erie. Health. A diet pro Era. Social Selene. R a. A a natural history. Geology astronomy. The mod valuable practical papery to eminent writer in Ali department of 8 Fence win be fou id in the american term Tiu or year #. He let ear. Which include potage. Do Coli no to Piceni. Single . I. Cent. A cd toy All Nwe dealers. Kemit by Potal order to my in a co., pet diaper. J7 Park Row. New y Ork 2 55 5� 620 j is a a a a a a. ? it Al a v let in connect Ion with the a a 1 i Kei Entine am Rte he a a a a a Mit a a o. Are solid a torn of Amori Ein sni foreign put Nti a Bovi Loisil a j Cim Rice. A a a a no have the a try it Etab a i aliment in the worst Patent Are obtain a on the Best terms. A a a a Erial not ice 1� made in the or Lemur a a i it Rie a a of All Inion Iione patented Tiro Mph this Agency with the name and residence of ten Patentee. Re Ttoe a hmm no a circulation thu Given. Nubile attention in Din cod to thu Iro it or a 1. A i tool t a the 2c a. 10 45 11 15 m l b 8� d ont. Linville. Physician and surgeon no. 7 North Mercer Street. H. P. Peebles Cor. Merger sad North Street. Special to disease of the skin. Quot the new ale or j often ���015 Aff cited. Any pm re in who has made a new <11 a coir j i Erv or invention can a Eer Iain. Tree of charge whether a Patent can he obtained by writing to me a a co. We j also Send free on hand Rook about it a Patent Law Patent. Caveat. Trade j 1 Mark their co to and How procured with hint for procuring advanced on invention. Address Lor the paper or concerning Patent j Branch office Cor v and the streets Wash in Tou d. C. Farbb urls the Standard of the world. Adapted to the to. J. K. Pollock office no. U East Street. Office Days wednesdays and saturdays a am t 2pm. I v it. Harris. Homeopathic and surgeon a sol Washington Street Over b. Allen a so. J n. Emery dentist office Cor. Mill and Washin Good streets a Lew is dentist s Washington Street opposite the Postoff Lre. Quot a 1 w. Creen a d. D. S., u t4. Deniis it ire doors North of Clende Nib a store. Merger a Yyi m b. 3igley, custom tailor manufacturer of Suim for men and Ray East had of new Ham Ork Bridge Over j. Hans insurance office new cattle a. Also agent for june dyeing and Seoul Reg Allegheny City. A. Arles l reyn0ld8, practical Tinner and Job worker roofing and a specially of Market mouse. Use of All nations. The perfected scale is the Fairbanks 4# Wood Street. Pittsburgh the v Are used by the u. Government Loffio purchased Tri Riim the it at five years. They Are Macd by foreign , China a pain Holland and Japan. Ac., a. Fair inks a Rales have always been Given the highest Premium at allow the world r airs. Forty five new improvement introduced and Paten Ted within the past five Yeam. Be Carelli to buy Only the genuine Fairbanks the i hefty honors taken it Paris in ,78 two Silver medals 2 Bronze medals. 77 fifth ave., Pitt Bur Frh a. Dnn Kiri Buffalo. Albany. Boston. it re Fogt a Pittel nigh. Youngstown Akron j . Re i it Chat Eago. Meadville. Salamanca. For a itt sly urge. Sivji Bintou Balti j More. Slew Tork. For Youngstown. I Leveland. A Tab i a. Erie Dunkirk Luffa to. Al bid Boston new York. Foe Pittsburgh amp intermediate St i j t toils. Thaia aaa ivc. From Pittsburgh. Youngstown and a ratio us. From . , bal j 11 More. New York. A Frum Youa Gatewo a a Twila. Erie. Buffalo Akron i inert Imti to Leve land Toledo Chicago mood Vum. A Alamanca. Fran i tub arg and meter Mejiaa station. _ s from put Taborell. Young town Cleve Laud. Meadville a Alai Nanca. Frum vouiig4uv a a a Abula inc a j Buffalo. Vereland Tole he. Chi a Cago. Akron. Mad vile Quot Alaufau 1 a. New York. From pitted urge and intent Diate nation. From y o n no to w a c Jey Eland and intermediate stations. Unit trains. For Naog Stowe and Tenne Diate station a a 10 4 a a for Pittsburgh and Ibler Eai Aie station. 55 pm for Pittsburgh Yonng Aown. Akron. In i Naii. Clevi-1 1. Tole to. Chicago. Arrive 10 45 a a from Pittsburgh and intermediate stat on. A 11 15 a a from Young town and inter mediate station. 3 53 from . Young a wit and Sateri mediate stations. A. D. Smith. Gotta i a mgt. W. C. Quincy Gene a manager. Home a not merely for a Snarr w All. Tho with Pitt ire list air and gilded la tiie is w line not Vivion Calls film with wiring the heart hath Buttil Le-1 Lottie a go watch the faithful a lore a Catli the heavens above us Home is where there a a a a to love Home is where there a one to love a Horne not Lii Emiely roof and Row it a it nets 1 a something to endear it Home i where the he it can Bloom where lie re some kind lip to cheer it what is Home with none to meet none to Welcome none to Greet us Home of Sweet and Only Sweet. Where there s one we love to meet a Vemi d find it hard to get on without h r. J for a series f festivities. Morning or a a bks us were to succeed one it a wonderful How the children obey j another. A Covey of relation desert no mis Cindy a the Revere Neil Alfred May de in a Flig it to asset the Young Long i dimly in ab�iiiain4 the prov Mucial and a in it you mean sir w Uliana a in Ortu Tourish Vliem they did. Kept in a Gladease i supped her out by Auriti to Toj for the paper. Mere a Hance. But listen there a Call a j. Write upon one Side of the Leaf for a the Juil gement again Only. Why because a a is often be Eek a Oon a the Tableaux were Over 1 sary to Cut the Peg a into a a takes for had to doff my borrowed garment and a he compositor and tins cannot be done make the be get a of my was Home. 1 bad had when Boh aides Are written Apon to Gnu her or Prii Itle Juliat girls a dream of fair women in impossible i my glimpse of fairy Lam and must a a ii. Write dearly ��1 Ili Simit Gay being a a i a t _ i i a a a a a a a 1���� a a Elt sea nut toe it turn to slavery again a slavery More i careful in the matter unendurable now than Ever. I could Harlly believe it Walt real w Hen i found myself at Home waiting for the return of in a a Stepmother Ami her daughter still More unreal did it Cem when the morning Light stole through my windows and 1 had to take up my weary work in a a a engl so language. 1 10 p a 3 53 5 a a a a a 6 45 a a s 35 4 i ave i0 �0 Senando and Allig Hixy rail a had time card Takia effect aug.24, of ation9. N it. E no 4. No. 2. Great Chance to make Money. W need a person in every town to take a cheap subscriptions for the est and Best illustrated family in location in the world. Any one can become a successful agent. Six elegant works of Art Given free to subscribers. The Price is so Low that almost every body subscribes. One agent reports taking 120 names a one Day. A lady agent reports m aking Over 2�o Clear profit in ten Days. S All who engage make Money fast toil can de vote All your time to the business or Only your spare time. Yno need not be away from Home Over night. You can do it As Well As others. Full directions and terms free. Elegant and expensive outfit free. If Tou want profitable work Send your address at once it costs nothing to try the business. No one who engages a Hope in rear i a s to make great . Address apace a tin Bop id re a. No co Fortuna Maine. Greenville Are Chenango Hamburg Fredonia. Too Spring Kerby siding. Mercer n. A f. A f. Cros g Pardoe. Pinegrove. Harrisville. Centreville. New a a a a a. Annandale. Barnett. Hilliard. 6 00 pm 5 45 a 5.27 a i 11 a a 5.03 a a 5.00 a a 4 46 a a 4 41 a a 4 21 3 55 3 30 a a 3.12 3.00 12.45 2.� 12.30 2.� 12.20 2.25 12.15 3.50 pm 10.20 am 3.15 a a a a 2.55 2.32 2.3u 1 2.27 2.12 2.08 1 52 1.27 1.05 12.55 00 4 25 16 13 56 54 37 17 57 7.4� 7.30 7.1� 7.05 7.00 stations. No. 1. No. 3. No. 5. A pretty Deere de in to me a Imre with downy hair i l Ive a Hart with All my heart. But Barel v Bear a a Bear. To Plain that no one take a plane to have a pair of pure a Rake though often takes a Rake to tear away the Tare. All Ray raise thyme time razes All an through the whole Hole Wear. A writ in writing a a rights m to write it w right and still be wrong for write and rite a neither right and done to to write belong. Beer Ofren bring a la Ier to Man to ought us a coffin bring. And too much ale will make a ail As Well As other things. Tin hrs on lie w to say he lies by Lien he i but reclining. And w Hen consumptive Folk decline the All decline declining. A i done to Quail before a a torn a a Bough will Bow to fore it we cannot rein the rain at All a no earthly Powers reign Over it. The Dyer dyes awhile then die to Dve he always trying a Neil upon his dying hed he thinks no More of dying. A son of Mars Mars Many a Sun All Der must live their Day. And every Knight should Pray each night to him who weighs his ways. A tin meet that Man should mete out meat to feed misfortune a son. The fait should fare on love alone else one cannot be won a lass alas is something false of faults a maid is made. Her Waist is but a Barren waste though stayed she is not staid. The Springs Spring Forth in Spring and shoots. A Heartbreak a answer Ziy amiable Sec j Toilette accompanied by handsome i a my Mother. A All the pain my girl take guardsmen drove and Rode about the a Erin to do her no a a roads and Start led the in a Ishey a perfectly incorrigible a Cor pie Village Folk. T in arrival of them Nelia with the air of a Martyr. L Reat people put the finishing touch to a a perfect Tomboy a chime in Ade j the ill Hunyor of the spiders. Both my a team other Ami her daunt Iteva were in a a horrid Little Bear a continues Corne fever of anxiety hoping for some notice Lia i h More acrid Ion than before. She they Wen forever throwing theme let j again. H to an intuitive feeling that the Rector in the Way. A aging for admit am tit was All a thought Doe not agree in the stricture. Nome a the inner Eink at the Vilall of which. To Ibl that All those comply eur Wren thug in in expression rouses the Cal such delightful a tories wore told by Jack a a id to me. All those Temler speech a Ami j Ami oth Erch Mes. Mio was hand and Gloie with the whole Loving Oltsik. Rid Culous a but there. A done to begin at the wry top of the it. Long and loud were the it tto pit of paiute. On my table a food the Bunch j tire to Page. Why because if you Haw Between him and i in is am hitter j of Lovely roses Given to me by lord i a j written a head for Yoia the e Tirc. Their Rudig Dialion at his a club Ai to get Ender Hio Milf. It was All True then i j will probably want to change it and if them into the Tableaux of which he was j got up i Sang to myself As i dressed. He Mage manager. I it waa one of ado air a a songs Ami tie a just like i ill nature. Never were Worth were All of love. They had Al two Jashir girls sgt Little Liel Ped. They ways seemed rubbish but now they of proper name and work from foreign language. Why because you have no right to ask either editor or compositor to waste i time out the result of your Carol cd a a tip Nev. Iii. Done to write i a microscopic hand. Why because the compositor has to Lead it Aero a i a of a distance of nearly two fret. Also he cause the Tsi Tor often wishes to make addition our a which i always burning in such natures As hers. No sooner is the Dot shut upon the Rector than she out a Mamma that odious girl has been tampering with or. In i ugly a a Nous so Cornelia a in he would Kuk at such a child. Men of his age like a sensible woman for a a on have not which is the better Way lie must write one. Resides he wants room i which to write i instruction to the Printer As to the Type to be med where and when the proof is to b4-�ent, Etc v. Neer Roll your manuscript. Because it Madden and exasperated every one who touche it Edi Ivr compositor they were very hand ome. And. Lei Githon tie Beauty of Eva Beau Ami in it of Reader although More suited for �ixt4eii than Champ and declared that she was a. Six end thirty had Cost a Little Fortune. Haml4>mer than lady Sybil Lennant. Conch my fiercely a and i would have sent theft Cream a spent in trying them i �?~111��?T ride Tilous a said Jack a he its just like your ill nature j on. It was weary w Ork on Thi summer quite a Young thing and lady a Btl is a pm a a list a a a a f to pm a i Vona cot. Robert a 1 Rili lecture Here in january probably. It Jerez vie with each other in fixing up the a How win Low for the holidays. Min Anna Mckno Kiivit of Erie is the Gihm of min Annie Morris Beaver Street. Win Surv on songs Aiti Ging meet a very tie evening. It has a membership of 30. Over live Hundred Iwry on have signed the pledge in. E wit j. Me Onnell a marital his meeting in Green whle. Col. J Acob we Kyana Tai Tor of the Beaver Falls Tribune is one of tie direct it or of the state Reform school mor Gau a. Tier Pennsylvania and Lake Shore Rel Root a a file i Lute a i tiered All a a dash literature out of their depot and for Bidden their Sale Dipoffi a or train. The new cattle lid harmonic society will give in Public Fritea vhf in their marked not such a child either. 1 noticed old Pringle watching her at the school a and who did no Tyoa Tell me a re ports Gle her Home. W Adelaide. You Are a jealous As Ever Day pinning Thi. Lengthening Here you can is a tightening there hustled by one sister 1 jealous of such a Buz is As old Priti j scolded by the other. My head was Wea a of thank you. But 1 Hope i shall re and my limb were aching i Felt it Iet something better than Terv depressed Aud humiliated. I had a sour grape my dear a returns Corne for the first time asked a favor Ami been Lla laughing scornfully. A of. You Ueni not Only refused but refused with scoff not be so proud. I can Tell you Oil and jeers. Jack had proposed taking Pringle done to care twopence for you j me to be the rehearsal of the wonderful j Tableaux arranged after or. Freaked a i a you ill natured creature a cries Cor style. I had prayed to be let go Cor j Nelia dissolving into tear. J Eek had drawn me in front of the Long a hold your tongues a says their Moth Glass and she and Adelaide Hail laughed j or hurriedly a there a some one driving Over the notion of my present big myself up the at once the Spicers fell in such a garb before the people up at the j into position. Their training was per j Castle. Feet the general a widow understood a they would take von for a Kitchen j washing the family Linen in private. Maid a Adelaide had said still giggling. Just about Thi time Young lord Lav j 1 can fancy colonel de Molynas put Euder came Home to the Hall. Report ing i Eye Glass into his Eye and won 8tate in tue a association Home a face a a a Bleck cola Tou Ohio. Oliver Stager a fashionable Gentille. Dip Sti Nango Hamburg. Fredonia Cool Spring. Pc Rev a iding Mercer. N. C. Amp f. Cross no Pardee. Pine Roro Illarr Issitte a a atre Ville new a a a. Anu Antale Burnett. Hilliard 7.07 am 7.15 a a 7.35 7.52 a a .u0 a a �?�6 03 a a 8.18 a a a 8.22 a a 8.37 a a 9.0 a a 9.25 9.32 9.43 a a 10.03 10,15 a a 10.20 10.52 am it.�5 a a 11.24 a a 11.38 a a 11.46 a a �?�11.49 a a 12.02 pm 12.06 12.22 a a 12.43 1.05 a a 1.10 a a 1.22 a a 1.40 a a 1.50 a a 1.55 a a 3.36 pm 3.45 -4.05 a a 4.20 ��7 a a �?�4.l- a 4.46 a a 4.50 a 5.07 5.30 5.52 a a 5.51 a a �>.13 a a 6.3u 6.42 6.47 a shoot Forward one and All. Though summer kill the fit a a e. It leaves be meant giving a series of Fea Dering where a he came from. The leave to fall in fall. I Tivi ties balls. Lawn Tennu parties and Cindy thinks herself of Lovely i would a Story Here commence j % but you might find it stale it so Lei a up Hgt a that we have reached a Juhe Tail end of our tale. That hat not. The whole neighbourhood was everybody would Bow Down before Ber. Look at her face of child what a the new Cinderella. Incorporated mar 22, 177 Boot shoe a a a station marked thu Traina a a a not a top. Nations m take Ltd thus Are Flag station and a Tram Stop Only Oasis dial. J. T. Blair Supe intent Lent. A Lepa. I. D. Siivo in a a a a a a a Quot in _ Greco Ville. A. N est Tori. Lexwe titania Boffilo Atlantic a great Western Railroad. Time table adopted june it. Ims trains a Stward. Croton. Third Ward a knkfit5 a a a a �9��z�1���. Persons Between the apr�1 of 18 and to years a Rob have a Tirrit Way ree Ive a Eer titrate of mein wry Bip As follows 8 to 35- 5,000--Pavable at death or at exp Sra 35�?~hr do ��.�?T. A a a a a a a a in Ilmi Uit a at the expiration of tin term <5 it ont Forem n to. Zerti Flemati in fore at the time a erred Inythe Dada Rich a pfc a1ty. Amount Laimit a a the rt9urteal>-, exp ept in the null a i ill Sui a Lul a a a i ease of the �6rlifieat�, in High the amount w ill be 85 cents for each certificate in Force and not exceeding 5,#60. ,. This association propose that its member a he member the tint and plane. T lira keep their Mcfev until a death atnally a Cecers w a a a . T Roton. Thai Ward Ami then ask of them Only enough to my it the j Ion return Insch friits in addition to the above each certificate pledge the return of ail a a a Taeuu pro rata the the number of certificate in Force at Date of maturity of claim. The following letter explains itself Clef land Ohio feb. 12, Lise. Or. J. A a. A a i received a postal card from Rou in regard to the insurance of my wife Marva bad ukr. Bbl was my Urt a for three thousand dollars. We Page a sixteen dollars As a a Ess Menta which were refunded mid be the 22d of Jaa Arr n a received a Check from or. To. W catch Fienia for the above insurance which is drum last of this month february. Yours Etc. Martin . No. If Sterling ave. �1��,���, o. Per Torti Colars. Call on or address. J. Crouch Mahonin town a. Cancer cured in in. Up. A Quot. A i a a a it a a Dayton a a Springfield a a Urbana Clarion. Galion a a Mansis end a a Ashland. A a Akron a a Kent a a it Areana a a Warren a a a Meadville a a Union City a Corry a Lakewood. A a j amento n a. Salamanca Buffalo 44 Rochester. A lie r Ellric a rim Ira Bing Vamp a Albany. A a new York a Boston it. J v or Braden who lire on Bridge r a get. In the first Ward. New it a the. Pa., has a Otcel his attention t it the a tudy of Mere due for he at i it three years and has Ren suede so j treating 1 Anecks for High mar. 4r past. H Siiro to anger treatment he Kiseil Fri no an a i i Indian doctor with whom a was As of Ian Elt i from 14� to it 1850. The next method of treatment for the cure of cancer be Learned from a note doctor who lived in Stu chef Ter it Tiana. He. Was afterwards a of Iati cd with a Eancer tvs Tor 1 from Scotland and Emiil later with one from South America. All to been doctors used plaster i 1 of one kind or another and their treatment was i More or in a so v Ere but or. Bradenham aneth1 or and a till better meth i of treatment. Last autumn lieu George Ferrard. Better known As then Gold Mountaineer doctor Quot visited Toung j town. Of. Or. B. Went there also and not Only a a a 1 succeeded a purchasing Frost the old doctor the 1 Nee ret of Bis our Ltee a ii treatment but a com St Rcd tapped vat m if i paused him to Akrom. Assisting in the meantime the or i Jek 1 a i the do. Tor s treatment into practice while at Young tonn they removed Twenty six cancers. By tins treatment the cancer is re Rao cd m irom ten to fifteen Days without knife or plaster Ami with less pain than any it it ther treatment. The cancer is wholly removed and and Radical. Or. Braden Alto All chronic diseases and old nothing be no 1 12 la a 9 50pm ii Erifili 1 54pin j 4 a a 4 50pm 1 mum 1 slain 6 45pm 3 Isam 7 40pm 4 55a m 8 25pm 4 Sam 9 Okum 5 23 ill of 7 04aai 11 55pm 6 15.01 12 a a a 8 7am a a a a Ioam 2 37nm 10 2>a ii 4 nun i i in a a a a t 5 05am 1 32pm 5 32 Tia 1 57 pin 6 a am 2 42 a to fat 30a m 1 50pm j a 05am 1 55pin 0 00am 8 h poll 9 loom 11 39am #30pm i 1 21pm 8 47p i 2 55pm of 5.pni j 8 a a 6 of Taai 9 25�?� 6 50am 4 Toni Vins w Ksn Xiv a 1 no 1 no 5 no 8 ns6 1 Oda in 15pm 2 55aml s 2upm 3 35�>m t bpm a 6 17pin 5 45am1 7 3>>pni 8 28pm 6 54xia. 8 s2pm j 9 40pm 7 88am 9 5bpm 8 35am ii 00pm when the widow of general Spicer married nay father she a wore hut i i Only child should be her first Estre. Unfortunately Promise before marriage Are proverbially unsound Pei sludge a pie. Crust. Those made by tie widow Spicer t were singularly Light pastry la fire the honeymoon Over a he forgot she list made j any and thenceforth iter maternal care i of me was a dead letter. My father a an embarrassed Man. Or. Spicer brought 1 in nothing Tut a ready made family one son. Jack Ftp her already in the army and two daughter. When they first to net on Domestic Circle Cornelia and Adelaide Spicer looked to my juvenile Eye full groan a Omen and vet it a a curious fact that live in amp flutter. A you must Call at once a my Stepmother a Aid to my father a there a no time to be lost. We must get up a dinner. Old lady told me today he is musical Adelaide you have not practice a i wonder if he will take any interest in the schools a remarked Cornelia Musingly. Jack Spicer winked at me he a Al temper you have a done to attempt to a How me any of your air. Miss a says my Stepmother turning on me suddenly. A we know Why you want to go to the rehearsal a a on to we girls it is a shame of you to turn a son a amp Tius his own Mother and sister. You Are a designing ungrateful nature Aud outside these d4x>rs you Shane to stir a 1 give them the satisfaction Way teasing his Sisters and there a no love Long Between them. 1 liked Jack of seeing me cry but later on w Hen i when he a at Home my life w a a Shade More endurable and the few treats that enlivened my evil Dhoil were due to him. To him also 1 owed the first revelation so pleasing to every woman. Returning after an Abs ence of three or four year he blurted out a Why Mother Cindy has grown a regular Beauty bring her up to town next season and Shell make you All the fashion a a done to fill the child a head with non it Vars late when i Hail Hange a i a Tep Molher . Not let Chi to a �?o�1�� of la of. They a Ere a of Uhlna a have her for my head i quot�?z111 in their �11.1 a a. he la Hel will anything by the oily to have the a by of i a my making o. Her Al Ole. A making them younger. The Spicer girl were got away from them 1 Well bitterly. I was so disappointed i did to wish to see the Tableaux those Beautiful women a a Effie Deans Aud a Rebecca a a my of n near a Mary Stuart 1 know them All so Well. 1 at Down in he sleep window seat of the Hall and cried and cried again. Suddenly the door open Tel and Jack came in quickly. A Cindy a but 1 did no Tsitir uuti1 he came and stood tie Ide me. A it a no use. Jack 1 said a they let me go to the reheat Sal. I done to think i can stand it much longer. Jack they Are so very very unkind a it me. Bev look after their Mother they were done to cry. Cindy you la have the the ordering and arrangement �>1 tie Din j whip hand of them yet n ver tear no beauties tiers for which Cornelia and Adelaide a la do you think in be settled i got the credit for being Nich famous Jim von Are coining with me How t70tici3. Stations i Nel nos j no a lip. 1 �ptni0 55am 5 i5atn Jamestown 12 in 55nm 640un u kenwood12 36ain� 12 o5�>m a 52am a a Corr a a Union cite a Gea Tritle. Grey Trilla a a w Arrea a a Karenina. A a Kent. A a Akron Ashland a a Man i lit i . women like j housekeeper and the Hothi decorations 0h. Wmk 1 cried nonsense Lio he they a mud their lives dressing and which attracted even lord Lavender told i ? they a never let me. pos Ible marriage but each fastidious Eye Atid Drew Iron him the a know nothing about it yet h a a a. 8 _ a a. So a a Fth. % to a it ii log w Spicers lie seemed to lose i identity Ami of in fur the prize. He was a to be ire get in them. It was quite. Young for ii a. But. After All a few enough for or. 6picer to say i a he. Year More or less done to matter in the a to appear a spoilt. It was in a it a Sihle to fill her place so 1 promised that you would Ilo Jack went on. Ltd i Adelaide i our musician. A a nothing Only just to stand for a min 6 a a a a a 6 37pm 2o pniitio5tn �?z�18��?z in Tow n. William a ind a a school 48am 8 2pm 4 01 pm 9 30�ill. 9 20pui 4 45pm four of Frank Leslie a publications one year for Only �2 50. The Frank leu is Pavlishina co ,15 Der St., the Carr rapid Ai for York w it Send a rank i Ilie i final Trovati a. Chicago up. Galion a a Clarion a Urbana. A a Springfield a Dayton. A. Cincinnati new y Ork will Ena Irana Iasic a treats us Cen a Rully ail a ironic wow Friend Quot a 16 illustrated paper for on Lar 0f every dec Ripton. Lie charges 11.00 per yes. A a a. It nothing for consultation. A a Frank Leslie s y Oung folks devoted to the kj�fkae8cx.�?vn. ,neshanw�.� , interest of Young people and ennui Sliff nine Ltd to learn. Union to l be a Shoaff. To Intel my i Hose a a this a a paper font Anil a padres of Tollum rational and rat Tabt Reading matter. Just the paper Tor Young children. Frn e. Per year 50 cents. A Hiya us Leslie National agric Farist and working Farmer Quot a it it a ill a it it Page ill Strau a paper a a i .k.n.v.k.p.�. 1 Paar just the paper Price Only 75 rent per year Loui Trilbi 111 40pm, 35.011 a a St. In Ilia. I 7 05am 7 5opm a Cleveland i 6 50am 6 50f> 1 55pm a Toledo. 1# 45am ii 40pm 5 30j>m. A a Chicago j 7 40pmj soon Una. Trains a it. 3, 8 and 12 run daily. Neshannock to. I Pilare bleeping coaches on trains no. 3 Anil. A Peter Toho Aff. N Between Cincinnati and new York. Near Harbor Bridge Joseph Anderson in Cotov j jot<1oach of Tri uus \0. 3 a d the two a to Alexander Jordan n Ash ton to Dana j Chicago and new York daily via m in Neld. P. A Caldwell. North s Milu men or county i a. A alb \0. 3 connects at Mansfield with i itts mrs. Shook new Castle and Many others to j Burgh. Fort Wayne a Chicago a Lioa i it or i a whom reference can be Maile. Cago Milwaukee Omaha and a p units la the Isahela Connolly Washington to. Pa., aged Piort honest connect Ems at Lead i be and Corr it m Vears cancer fro Eye to top of head Tath for Oil it Egions at Jamestown of. Buffalo an. Erine Hamilton of Baltimore m-d., aged Niagara frills at a Al Pianca for Roche Der Ami War Semeit to make the struggle More re Ark that they must he the work of a just Ilo a i Tell Ami then he sat it elea. Between a them Thev let a my be feet Arti to. Blown Ami told me All about it. One of Khz father a miserable life. He had Al a my girl Are he beaut Tui Wui Ien had got a a i tooth was been a Meek Little Man. But from says my Stepmother. She Hadnot quite ache her fat a All swollen and i the Quot moment he fell umber the Yohe othe made up her mind w High it of them a Hadd Ilg Refl and the tableau in which a he 1 20am l2 55pni 8 10am,to. In a a a i Lam in for the lit us. He was a Little Tot 1 43 on 1 2ipmi 8 2an�i 2 45am 2 p per 9 40ano 6 00 m 3 42am. 3 43 it in 10 53am of Tam 4 54am 4 44pm i Ioanni 8 2aui ill am it my i 52ffli2ss i stentorian voice my girs8 mud Bate a j Long a a a a wonderful voice three octave Ute. Site has Iier or so ready Lor you i lug must stand Over for another year a i and the Register smooth a velvet. She to put on and you will see ill the fun and so it mood Over altogether. How 1 has every advantage matter every j afterwards am no one Wal know you. Nicked up a desultory education heaven j where. You like music a j it waa really very tempting and 1 Only knows. The Only Branch that re a does no to care a rap for the finest voice resist Thi glimpse of the great Eli fwd an v attention was Milia very the. In creation Crie Jack who is a great or a but i think i deserved All thei Spicer conceived that 1 had a Nice ally of the Young lord. A Lavender a folding 1 got during the Toilette of the taste for trimming and kept one pretty j Don t Humbug my Mother. I Busy and by and by Clementine the j French maid transferred her work to me. Mie could not stand the temper of where Cindy a a gone to bed 1 should Hope a returns Ziy Stepmother in Ley tone. A confounded shame a mutters Jack under i moustache but this a no 8 00.m 10 15am i0 05>ui 5 30pm 11 00am <1 92pmj 1 00pm 1 Siam 1 30pm 2 18�m j 2 55pmj 4 2iiam 5 30pm Eroam head rather Reuters. In Astatou paper just the paper for sunday far can or on her fore in and from us Eyebrow 9 icing Hampton for Albany. a a a or a. Or or girly to the top of head. 1 and 3 connect at lev land for Toledo or a of a few or of the above publications for 12-50 and a a Ersoz a to siring to act As our agent Rei a ending a ii.�. A ill reveire Post a �4���� copies it of the above Licati it is. Togut a of a Mcm bar he Quot a a a a a a on badge ret cd a vol a tons Cincinnatu with trains the 4 first Ward near 4 Rayfard s i Lang w a Ces Etc Llcy she Sain and alter a he left it in not found Soiu Eniet to till tier place. The constant Drain made by tiie Spicer generally on my father purse were beginning to empty that Long enduring . The Etu it on in to a were becoming matter of Grffit difficulty Ami each took a slice out of the poor re my head a run have a Jolly Waltz with a pretty girl than eng on what waa to come examine Patti a Register. By the by Coine and i could not remember where a ii Gle thing a. �?~1 do believe the girl is feverish look at the color of her Cheeks. I heard c or Nelia whisper to Adelaide. I it it this idea did not make them a bit More con very Fine girls such a figure lady Eva a a Beautiful creature and every one in the room a Aid in Ord Lavender was quite Peru. I air a it glad lady Sybil and the due be will be disappointed Nasty tue tip creatures lady Eva is As like Cindy at to o pea a said Jack mischievously so in a glad Vou admired her so a tin a Cindy How absurd lady Eva i the most elegant figure every one a Aid Shell be the Beauty next reason. A she it like Cynthia a a Aid my father suddenly a and that reminds me that lord Lavender talked about coming Here this afternoon. I think he said he wanted to see Cynthia. A Cynrhia what nonsense How can you be so ridiculous. Sir William it Adelaide he admires her singing. Go to to the Onusic room Adelaide. A not at All. Cornelia you had better go Down to the rectory and Cindy there a poor mrs. Brown want some soup. My heart Sank. It was evident i should have no Chance of seeing Long lax Ender. 1 was to be sent to the other eni of the Park but just As we were a peaking a Carriage drove tip with Fogt re l Vendery aunt and lady Sybil Len Nard. You May imagine my Stepmother excitement. Cornelia got her inning and made her Way into the Muic room. 1 have come a said her Grace a to beg sir Liliian that you will spare us your daughter for a few Day. The Young a to please going to get up a a me More tableau. And a he was invaluable last night i done to wish to flatter but. Really any t Ling so Lovely As he looked in a sure in a much please answered my Stepmother. A their dresses were \ very pretty hut indeed your Grace. Rotor daughter was splendid Aud Eva Tiv a most Lovely a the due he a Otene i her Eves. A lady Eva in no a la Siuty a she Aid cold \ by. A and As you know did no to . But can your daughter come to tip ? Ender it most an Loti. A in a sure he a too Good my girls w ill i a delighted he her of them. There a no j a itch thing As jealous bet wet u that be two it. Adelaide my hive i think w can make a goes that it i Adelaide you want. A Pardon me a Sai l the Duche a a Adelaide �6 m tto in a then it must be Cornelia really Cornelia dear a the Duche Hook her head. A excuse me the name i still w Rong the Young lady i want to carry off is Cynthia. I draw a veil Over what followed fhe scene with my Stepmother and a Ter when the whole truth a revealed. But j Jack roused my father and the two i combining i went to Lavender Vilall. I j returned the affianced a life of it owner j and in that exalted position i Trust that like my prototype i have returned Good for evil and not revenged the slight and insult shown upon Whitehall Reri Etc. I. Be Brief. Because people done to read Long stories. The number of Reader which any tvo in tale have is to ver Vly proportioned to the Square of their respective lengths that 1�. A half column is read by four times As Many people As one of double that length. Vii. Havethe fear of the waste Basket constantly and steadily before your eve. Because it will save you a vast amount of useless labor to say nothing of paper and postage. Viii. Always write your full name and Spires plainly at the end of your letter. Because it will often happen that the editor will want to communicate with you and because he needs to know the writers name As a guarantee of Good Faith. If you use a pseudonym or initials write your own name and address below it. It xviii never be divulged. In. A these precepts in thy memory and for fear you might f get them Cut them out and paste them we Ere Yon can readily run through them when tempted to spill innocent Ink. Our word for it those w to heed these rules will be beloved and favored in every editorial Sanctum. Meeting of presbytery. The presbytery of Shenango met in the first presbyterian c Hurch this City yesterday. The evening session was devoted to sub hath school work. A Lien the time fair business Hud arrived the 5s9h hymn was song. Rev. Dunlap and daughter comprised tie choir an i lid nobly. After singing eng me Willard was License i to preach the gospel Rev. being Moderator. Rev. Allen chairman Calls on mud in. A fall Hail the Power a Ere. Prayer by Rev Davis. First topic a the importance it i a More general study of the script to a by Young and by Rev meal was disposed of in an Able manner i it time was not a efficient for i q to get through. Music it a Fth hymn. Second topic a the Imp stance of missionary and Temperance lesson in Sabbath school ius met Ion a by Rev. Newell was baud led in an Able manner but the time was tip ii fore he ��.1 much of Temperance. I remark on min it i it Mury a work a or very Good and to the Point. Music Ostli hymn 1st verse. Third topic Gnu what Ati Ouhl a Sabbath shool teacher de it end to secure the Ragular of his scholars with prepared k a a on by Rev. Taylor an 1 he being the i it on the list Wahy no Means the least. We need not Comine it for any one who has heard him talk know he a enough enthusiasm about him to to Ike his teaching interesting. Music a Kwh hymn. -�1 i Vrr. Chairman cub a on t Iree my jute speeches. Rev. Davis Wnm called or and responded in an Able manner. Re Dunlap was called but declined. Tie chairman then Dinatle a few remark in regard to ministers being in the Sabbath school which were very appropriate. I Rev. Morton pronounced the beige do i Afify very 11th. M ver de Lin Hutton a old a a or Rotun two weak from next monday night Tut a relent in Shoal Quot ill new leave an extra file Dollar Bill or log but a a the House a that his a Tiff Tan buy him a Nice Christ a a present w Ith tit it costing him a cent. We Are informed that the Early Hiorth bound morning train no. 7, on the i a l. E. Row leaving Pittsburgh at 5 1j a. M., i to be taken off at the time the new i schedule goes into effect. A i suffered terrible with nerve our debility caused by deranged kidneys and was permanently cure i by prof. Guin meites French k Olney , after All other remedies had to o Trumps pen idles and Hunting t work slept in the lockup last night. They hailed from Youngstown and were directed to it Coult Oxx to where r Short piece of Railroad is building. A min Sieu xxx to moved Axxal from a i charge in this Vicinity a Short time ago has left his accounts stipend account with one of our aide Stan for cock Cotton. A very business like Way to get his due sure. O n Airi sement Gitig people w ill be glad to learn that Warner comedy h rendered a speculation in this City a few night ago have branded. We thought the company xxx Ith col. J j. It Atillo Warner As Lezekiah would 1 Oon meet w Ith some disaster. At the teachers a Institute recently held in xxv cattle the following persons were ele Teal mender of the a a on invitee on permanent t. Ii Stew Art emm Valley up miss Lizzie Armstrong North Liberty a. Miss n. J. H e. A. Bryant Mia Etta Fiffe Newcastle a. The masonic fraternity of new Castle 1 Proks a giving a grand masonic be cup Tion on St. Johns Day evening dec. 27, 1ssi, at their magnificent room Corner Washington a id Mil Street for which grand of i a Ion Over six Hundred invitations have been in such to Moo of and their friends it i said that i Agnes Leonard who play a a woman Faith in the opt Era Fott a s a Turlay evening is a Davigo tote i ate i. Singer of sex log a Fame her real Mam being a e. Or. Mnger left an estate of $4,-i Glt it his it ugh Tor is by no mean Lent on the stage Tor a living to three acres a Clover Grassi tuft North by Mertow in help this coi.t-. Daxi i height Baric fitted Xiurong m Assn eight ton of Hay Worth tet Dollar a Fen. And fifteen and it a two Fer Bush Clit of see 1, five dollars it Bushel. Can an v Farmer Aflfe Laxx Reock county make a hotter a hoax Long for Thice acres mrs Finnegan a Middle aged woman who lives in the third Ward Anil to Effim his a and is in jail for Misdemeanour slipped and i fell on the a i exx do near the Market Honse a fret Day since injuring her left Elbow so badly that her will in All Proba Btl a be stiff cued lend ring h r a cripple for the re 1er of Mach a Singer. de Ibri from Ted it to. M the a a in Arieba of a r 1 a a pc a. H a in lift Casti shakespearean club. Titusville Young people a re organi i ing a Nhak Eue club which pro a i it of a Lotrn a make up. He first Ruble 1 his face perfectly dry to a Levy the one evening of each week to i diligent study of the great poet. We a it. G Wilsoa of fila ii it a i uni ids to a Book hands took a us a on she 7 2� tra r. In rms a own giving their name a Robert , from i quarrel on North Day evening. Kill d robbing him. Elliott a a a a a. And the two i drink and s Art a Noti the of Al. E. May therefore expect soon to see let a with a Towel to remove All Trace of per lady of that Burg wearing Eye time for making a a Laud. Be returned Kjer it of it a demand. Spiral pm. Aud then applied a Liberal coat Al a or t Wjk. No an to hear to the charge next morning. J at last they flashed and the sound of ing of Mutton tallow. After this was Jeard Itin 1 say. Mother Cindy a coining to a treating wheels of their Carriage patiently and liberally ribbed in on re order for has a a mrava she m. Rilie amp to i. Of the Iti Tuffini n a Hilt to w a like music to my ears. I i exp to my Mill. New a Astle. A. Complete agent a a of twelve by Atli us pre Alto a a a a of a Book a a a a health is wealth. Us ble i format onto of a ver m Page contain info or. C. W Eit i nerve and brain try Aimont a film rated Kirthi Aarav of every a a Pettic for Hyo Terin. A a a on it to be found in the a Guindi language. Medical nenrou9 he dalt he. My Flat do premious. A and household be Ceiilia lot advice and memory. farm. letter w Ntina Ehsin a a a prom lure Nln Tafte. By or advice to merchants clerk mechanics and a certion. M1f-atou�e. Or Oyvr-indu1ace.whith armers. Lead let no Ery. Decay and death. One Bow to of a a Nelv of All of on publication and ill ultrapure recent Cane. Lac h Box mint a in s a _ Ted cat at it fue of Walont Premium fre 15 cents treatment one Dollar a Bojor a in Boxe ror Fli e All desiring at adv and profitable employment dollars sent by mail prepaid of receipt. I Price. So a old Quot or a try a a srs7sj Funk publish no co. , a a Are a a a a a a a a a go a a n -.treet. New York eve if the treatment Dos a not effect a cure. Guai As tee in aued Only when a. 1 in a or. Ftf�0.�&Quot. A a Rei or a a a at Oaler in am a toe later paria Vaa Fashona a Llata. Mie Tento i itty Borgh. stamping in the Mon approved to 34 a Hin Tva . W. B. Shattuc. Goa l a Aad to Iffet a us Rei and o. Gun l supt 4 lev Elaml o. Lavender shall of 4ourae?�?T glue. My Stepmother was killing the a then its a Good time to begin Good j own ,�?z1 an j made myself ready. Good a with a vengence and the Golden j Ness knows she sold enough. Let Ine were spent Lor no Good. Each sea see she was Between six and seven Sou Silv Ery portion of his countenance so As to prevent the paint and other mixtures i bring hither i done i in the Leist remember How we from injuring the skin he applied a dispatch it All seemed like a Prezia ratio of Chalk and Bismuth which my a a so Rah. Xxx h t to comminuted meat got to the Hall. Jerk lightning heels so gift into my Leaden the return of the Mia Spicer j when you married sir evil Liaina that a Bill presently i found myself id gave him an exceedingly ghastly appear j r by he word of my eternal crosser older thinner Souter. Some a dozen years ago Why Mother. Cindy j Urfe 4iroom, gating on somebody ame i Bead being completely covered the be my i born a Al Flaflin a a a a a a ass aft a my a Maly Dpi. Crook�?T3 time Thev would bring with them some must be a j dress with a tall quiet woman helping with White cloth. H Hen this prox evs Man who was a ii Josed to i ave taken a what business i it of yours what age j met. Shr to it it in Bere and let Down a a accomplish exl and eve Tamy to Eitler Cornelia or Adelaide and she is1 interrupt his Mother quickly. To. Ier in a he Gossamer fabric fitted Ery spot covered he took a Little cup con laflbli1 Al t l n it won Imp Neil that count Home Lite 1 Shane to take three Gill 4>ut its time if it been made for me. Then she tailing tallow and lamp wat k and a of Lilc Len i All v might fan the languid flame into a healthy 1 enough to think of Ber a Hen your is asked me to at myself Ami w Hen i plied it in up is with a delicate Camel ave Lluli we b tire but the old Savior a of Importunity Ter arc married. Poor tire but the old saying a Opportunity cure yearly. G jul a in it it misty a seemed to have the Jack gave a lox Long whistle. Mill Safiy. Us. A. B. Gibson 1880. Christmas 1881. New year outfit for China. Oil and a to a color fainting. Christmas of Lief. Decora i a onh. Nothing e i >1 in the City. Old Pena and Percita. Pocket Book. The mod artistic and largest assortment of Christmas ah0 How year Caros is the Cut. At Geo. s. Sol to Cairn Rialti Grairt. . Pitt Burgh. Faiq Oice. A monti1 Guarani erd. 112 a �4ay a hot it my made by the a a lust non. Api Tat not required we Grill a Art von ?5, a Vromen. 6>y and girls make Money to tar artwork for us them at a nothing ele. T i a u right an it i nil a ant. And Urh a anyone ran go right at. The Otto Ntxo Are Vriale toe her thnh Notier Grill a on it i to their a a or rest at a nor and her flt or Faret Anivea. Otly re to re term Riff. No it via Chr tire. Ttoe a at Ratov at to Kart up Lai of Ranry. Air in Tel l 1x it it. a sir. He car Street it Tel. Oppor it the a House. K r s�7�v Ca i Rua Ter Are married. Jack i t ������.��13, Tel Alio Tufi a a n of t in c08es Dyff Estt Leisi �o3 App Tii. I aids , tire amp to Bose the i n Tea eat torn to Wak amp Al . I avg rate Tea in acl at Abraao stasis Iii tvs ibid d a a l3 tort Orinc to Rex a Tiralli y Adit adj a air rugs of a a a j contrary effect 4n the min Spicer and we a Mirer. They made great inroad on the j Cornelia and Adelaide their Urc , but no pm Rene Tow Ard Martimo i usher their nostrils sniffing spoke Tony. J either. During Toliese visits i Hall strict order a Jack i always re e to us he i to remain in my own room. My step t Cindy Becane she flatter him. A Vood Lief re the Large Mirror 1 started j Hairbrush previously having held it Oxer could Thi la the same girl xxx to a few a a tub of a Candle until it was melted to a hours ago had uen Mon ked at by Cor proper consistency. Having artistically Nelia and a Laule Sparer a this Lovely spotted and Streak Chi faxe with that. The Shahbo tearful child the he placed a cup of tallow and chinese a Isth a had a Strong dislike to it any cd their so called admirer a a a dog me. Men have unfortunately a preference Tor fresh Xoung fair Aud in a pile of in the m a i rums that the it a a a a a a a pent a Little Foi tune , each Day increased the Dit i Quiry of kec4uff up the fiction of Virili of. To do then. Jul Tice they work Al Bald. It they had Bren a Little Kinder to me 1 could have Tould it in my heart to the weak Arelt Tleater to in n l3 it a Nitt a hem. Tor surely no Laue in put Ina a a a a�?z.1, a a a Pickto a xa. a ii of i a a a j i it j Lex a it i like her because she Young and pretty Anil 1 take it that a the reason Vou hate her. But you women Are All alike jealous of the Devil a a jealous jealous of poor Little Cindy Well really you might fitted us Beiter it indy is As pretty As of the Fadi iou Ahie beauties a return my Chan Pic i stoutly a and if you Only e her fair play would Lieut to firn All. I bet you file to one Lavender won ill. Asp a on o i a it a a a Ltd t a a in. A to Stop Hartil Dpi a Toj or. A noisy or. A Rolf in it. R it a the j a dts a a i ? a a a. F a my if a c Mimi i a a a ���73 a co a a a a a a a a co j Oay on Orilo. It Avle Cert Iea i Are Cli satay 2� Cut prep Avatasi of cd Csc t. J. Hall proprietor Tot of the r in by Caw no Aad in a a lil of pro Anim. Sto Maethe he a at it Moth a la the Rev Fri blah a Artive i via Kartt in every town Tiara he a affix w�rekl>2��ll mod. With Al in Delica eito Etc he a we. Far t w k it a i v e 1kxts. A a Uwi a Tift of the Murket Iford Laau a a a a a Yew a a equated hew toc re a it Rii Welacha. A a re a s a but Tot Taim severer to Lay Steil. Morning noon Ami ni2ht Thev a Here digging in ungrateful her if he a her. She just his a Tyle. Soil Ami tie Muir West a refined never Ripe. Adelaide being the youngest was the Floe of gushing she 4adx�red dancing picnics. Law a Tenni and billiards. Corse Aon the Cunt rare was As her Mother this Inaudi Ciatu spech a Ealey a a a face a regard Lex the Lavender gaiety est to it is if Ever i had a Chama. Thenceforth i was kept More steadily at my Needle than Ever before. Indeed it was Eon of j. Ka1� s a a a l a it s ave a a a to i to a Are t a hrs akan dist a Terre a a a a a. Jive 4r total mtg a i air Rea a rom i a a a a a a a a vie a a equal eur a liw rated a Arlar of Witto Fate of a. T44iw in a _ Taxa Lake a of fifth Ito a a Fortay if to Wato % a emf a Rreta a a a Yea get. ref fiery. Nitoiu pm Ltd eve frito a it far Ike Stoat a a a a a a it my a Tiff mme Ai 0 of a Alt it Ere Ruatos to cure any Case it Eure Eyre a l in a it Tody fax Ian set Al la Ibi if Frt of Trice a futo a Box. Khoo 1 in sess amp use Sass at a a a a. A a a. 8�o1��~ a ��., prep., xkajrt03, x Retna Rexi s e Dot As a a hurry. She Stant Requin edtion Tor the demands of my haunted the rectory where the Rev. Ai Amble a doers were in read ing. Never Fred in Ringle dwell a solitary a Knower. Had i known them to be to exam Piug. She made his life a Burden to him Aud j everything seemed to be going wrong a Marriar with her almost a Neeta Wity it with Foren. From All their Gaie Liea Ulrev returned out of sorts Aud their were an i a a a a d c Kiln of the House. Re a fitly Jaek came Tor me. And his Delight a bowed that my vanity Hail not a be. E cd me. A Brav Little he said i knew void Tilv wanted fair play. All the we lieu w in b m i sir Jedi of i Don t thin to Iii pro to gave me my h pleasure a he expected but it w As certainly Deligh Fitl experience tried Myee f a ugh m Ltd it Jet t of general attention. My part in the to 1 Mux Rikh. Once i a to a Tor a few no n-11 it i a Saffire with two i of Flor a a Ulm Ile i. Or a Lake r a 1�?~aris.� of Fere i the applet it the a Rentie Tiri re. A be. V Loxey girl. S a was lady Sybil Leonard a a a Lukco a laughter and a great Jack who Teiei to me. A we must have another get of Tableaux next week and in Rel in ave Der a Oming up to us. If your sister Wlllie leu. Spider we could have a Faut and Marva a i h 11 s t Beder his a dog and stuffed piece Al in Sauff Traci links. Than ans. Or my w Rath a Nerease in Oil . A statement made by tin United i i line dec. 10, showing Gros Stock a edit but Ami stir Pili on hand in a follow grew Stork 14.to06.891 Bana la sediment Ami supplies �0.2>2 Bam 1� in that town. Arms a a a a a in a lipid qty a i a Haj Ift of Hill Chou a Rulu thai great a a a p la not a try in 1 her belief. Mrs. Anuvir a Young a v y Muta xxx found dead in Lay Monti Jig. Two a with her hut they were a hit week am 1 a 1� thou to in by i gift. Her h Young Ilici 12 Yea a a w ill a Fehl it till xxx it is the t pc it on be fold mar by a a it a e will f a a xxx Ori j xxx Hoik a a brr in 1 i xxx imly aged Eam. It be part a dived to it it no Home i is died of. And Miller she win a of tins i ipe Ceuta it and waft i i tie Leaver cemetery Sui a it Vermillion Over the Light Anddrew a Codea. A it a. # m a re. Net Stock 14.j13.92s barrel. 1 his inf shape figure on each id of his Mouth. n,,rlih."� to a him to pro la. The my a Evetie by nine a mile who his of effective in the ring. He tried it in the Mirror and being satisfied with the effect he donned his quaint garment of Many colors. Took a hitch at his pocket eel his hat jauntily on i head am went to the Canvas. Ready at the proper signal to Tumble into the ring w Ith a bound Weer cult am me Welcome cheery ringing a Hou of Here i cd a me again finding accept a a a for 10,fk>d.82l barrel. Tie to a Al deliveries for that time were bar Rel. The great a to k of Oil on hand april 1, 1 >77. Was 1,sus,153 barrel will thu. Is a Cen that during the thre years and eight Mouth the or a trek Baa acc Tim i ated to the Enorth n eats new Ltd the resides an if try xxx to has four son Alt of them being i a til ill Cir Oil it. A a Ami yet the comp 1 her to it live in a k it i. hit with no one to her tit any met nor 1 s a in Coulm Ltd to it build her 44 Wiff pm 1 Wmk i w. 3 fed Ami i. Iti i Billj i event �9tb ked a a in amount of i. .76 Bav set turn death. From wow Johney la or of a est Minster College new Vilin Ingemi this county a Loisl at three of clo k Thi morning aged ,y2 year. Two week ago last sat uni by he a tire eel a child w to Fiad dlr 1 fron the effects of a aru4 fever. Thai Nigist tie above Tat Al 011 Fellowship. Or. J. B. Nicholson grand re rotary of the i. O. O. F. Of Pennsylvania who is on a tour through this state giving instructions in the secret work of the order Whdeh go into effect january 1, 1881, j took a a and at the h w As in this City Yeste Nlay. In the after a lied of the a am a did the. He waa it a Cert Nhi and evening he gave instruction rive of new Burg n. Y., Hwy has been in the new work. A Large number of prune Igor of latin in this Coli be for sex one rite and the bleeping Beauty and a a a a eei0w�, representing some Twenty Era year. He was highly Ete Iuey in a pygmalion and pm def a. Were in town. Tie society is the faculty Ami All Olio kit a him. The hit Bright Young face w As a Little j growing in size and importance remain will be interred at new Wil flushed with excitement and i dark a Jet air and throughout the Cumry. Mington tomorrow afternoon to two and of clock. No w a hit d a it p a net Road a ear could Bete re a Lav. Or in to and. A f eur Rimes the in ere4, k a a of her from a Tully a at we. 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