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New Castle News Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 4

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New Castle News (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, New Castle, Pennsylvania Mail privilege of lawmakers should have Cap put a Cap on franking privileges. This privilege is the right for members of Congress to Send All the mail they want free to their constituents. That right is being abused. Congress has appropriated $95.7 million for this fiscal year and some members want an additional $42.2 million for congressional mail. According to the . Postal service if the $42.2 million were added it would be enough for lawmakers to Send out about one trillion pieces of mail in fiscal year 1986, which ends sept. 30. Members of Congress can use this flood of mail to help get themselves re elected. For example sen. Alan Cranston d-calif., who is up for re election this year spent in july through september of last year $1.6 million on mail according to a Senate report. Sen. Arlen Specter r-pa., also up for re election this year spent $789,189. One senator spent $3.4 million on mail in 1984. Moreover most of the Money spent on mail by lawmakers is not for letters to constituents. Three senators have charged that postage for newsletters account for about three fourths of congresses mail Cost. During a time that most All government services in the nation must suffer through cuts so should the lawmakers right to free mail. The new balanced budget Law has required a 4.3 percent Cut in Many programs. It is not the time to raise the budget of the franking privilege by More than $42 million. Put out the open fires officials have asked a Small favor from residents they should curtail All open burning outside until the county gets a Good Long soaking with rain. This is the grass fire season and open burning puts property and people at risk. The Lawrence county emergency operations Center recently reported 30 grass fires in one Day and firefighters have averaged about 100 grass fires a week during the past few weeks Sharyn Critchlow county emergency management coordinator views j reckless dangerous a reckless dangerous and wrong Are the terms president Reagan used to describe How any Money reductions would affect his Long Range trillion Dollar military buildup. Well chosen words but applied incorrectly. They exactly describe How disastrous it would be to accept his request to spend $311.6 billion More for the military buildup. That would mean spending almost four times As much on the military by the end of the decade As was being spent at the height of the Vietnam War. A Congress that would accept this outrageous proposal merits a collective declaration of malfeasance in office. Reagan a request is a a reckless and a a dangerous because it defies a critical Federal deficit that can Only be attacked by deep cuts in the amount of increase for military spending. Whatever Congress appropriates it the defense department has to conform to the needs of easing the drastic effects on worthwhile Domestic programs and meeting the need to reduce the deficit. Reagan wont do it so someone has to. A the Arizona daily Star people helping people. Its always encouraging to see instances of bravery when citizens band together at personal risk and successfully Avert a crime or capture a suspected criminal without injury to themselves. The latest Case. Occurred in a Midwest City Oklahoma restaurant. A Man suspected in a string of Strong Arm robberies in businesses was attacked beaten subdued and held by several restaurant patrons until police arrived. The Melee started after the Man standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 280 pounds allegedly punched a waitress its impossible to run away from yourself. A lot of people try. Some run away to the Point of suicide. Some try to do so through alcoholic binges. Some by abusing drugs both Legal and illegal. It does no to work. Booze and drugs Are temporary but can also be deadly Relief. Some go a less dangerous route a the Good old fashioned shopping spree. That does no to succeed either. Nothing does. Some run away from themselves by becoming defensive. Some build facades. Some bully. Some Retreat. Worst of All running away from yourself is a lie. The dishonesty shows. Living a lie is threatening. Discovery is deflating. Running away from yourself does no to attract sympathy. It provokes the reverse. None one enjoys a fraud. No one cares. Gambling is another form of running away. Carried to extremes gambling has its own hazards. Bad debts Arentt appreciated in the casinos. Gambling tantalize the player with visions of instant millions won in state lotteries. Fantasy takes Over. The desperate Treadmill a matter of opinion what to do with All those millions of dollars. The fantasy can be repeated each Day. Does Money lots of it Stop anybody from running away from themselves it greases the skids. Daydreaming is the most harmless Way of running away from yourself a unless of course the daydreaming becomes an obsession. Daydreaming can be healthful a respite from the frustrations and anxieties of living. Daydreaming does no to take a million dollars nor the false euphoria of drugs or the temporary relaxation of boozing. Basking in self importance that a running away from yourself. Who is really indispensable nobody. Time goes on. Socrates is credited with saying know thyself. That a Good advice but Tough to take. Grappling with who you Are leads to a crossroad. It takes courage to make the right Choice. Making a Choice courts failure As Well As Success. Running away from yourself is a Treadmill of unhappiness. Its a Marathon race with no Reward in the end a a tragic end at times. You can to run away from yourself because there is no place to hide. Its like being naked on a ferry boat overcrowded with commuters. Running away is the by product of a Lack of self esteem and self Confidence. There is a difference Between those qualities and self importance. Its a crime not to believe in yourself and treasure the uniqueness of you. Running away into endless Bottoms of cocktail glasses does no to solve a thing. Neither do the sorties to the boutiques or the sniffing of cocaine. Not to Stop drinking is a Victory for the alcoholic Ward or rehabilitation Center a if you re Lucky. The shopping sprees become As unrewarding As an addiction to drugs. More Only leads to More a the thrill becomes habit. And habits Are deadening. it have been so for Ismelda Marcos what fun is another unworn pair of shoes what was she running away from the pleasures which Power brings to some the riches the Marcos family reportedly has amassed tragically though Deservin Gly they Are still running a not Only from themselves a but from those they ruled. Running away from yourself a is there some of that in the Workaholic is there some of that in unnecessary cosmetic surgery prompted by vanity is that the motivation for the daredevil who risks life to entertain the crowds running away from yourself a is there a Choice in the matter to run or not to run or is there no Choice Are the genes in place which prevent a Choice is it destiny Fate predisposition is it circumstance a Chance and an Accident that someone Steps onto that Treadmill no matter a most victims done to know. Or no longer care. A Len Kolasinski new Castle news much of what people Burn be sent up in smoke. Items such As paper can be put to Good use by needy individuals and organizations. The City Rescue Mission for example will take old newspapers. So Why Burn newspapers when an organization like the Rescue Mission can sell them to firms that Recycle the paper there Are two Good reasons not to Burn outside. One is that it is dangerous. The second is that you might be burning something valuable. Knocking her out. Customers went into action. A woman Patron grabbed a Coffee pot and doused the attacker with scalding Coffee. A police officer later said. Three other customers jumped on him and sort of a us a restrained him until we got a daily oklahoman now you know by United press International although toads routinely eat houseflies scientists now say houseflies also eat toads. Horsefly larvae hidden in the mud will come up beneath the Toad sting it and then suck the blood out. The pen is mightier. Coulty news people take Good things for granted a ulv Ltd Stu 1iiuv Slivo Al i a Why of Why did this have to happen to me a How Many times have you heard that when trouble strikes its when things Are not going Well that we turn to god and ask a god Why did you do this to me what have i done to deserve this a How less frequently we hear the same kind of complaint when things Are going Well. Have you Ever head a person when blessings Are flowing his Way ask god a Why Are you doing this to me what have i done to deserve All of these blessings a i guess its human nature to blame god for the bad things that happen in our lives and to take the Good things for granted. Of course we All know the Best Way to handle the bad things is to be prepared for them. What we done to think about is that its equally important to be prepared for the Good. Unfortunately some people devote so much of their lives preparing for and expecting the worst they done to t even recognize the Best when it comes along. They pass it by believing it just happen to them. Be prepared for the Good things. Opportunities. Happiness. Friends change. Be prepared to walk through a door that has opened. Be prepared to open a door of Opportunity for someone else. Be prepared to find a better Way of doing something and be prepared to discard an old bad idea for a new Good one. Be prepared to accept the love that surrounds us All. Great religious leaders of All faiths Are continually faced by people who Are not prepared to accept the Good things that can happen to them. These Are the men and women whose Faith is no longer pliable and growing. Their Faith has grown hard and is stagnant. These Are the people who have made a habit out of worship and who no longer raise questions. Why for example do some people insist on clinging to forms of worship that Are no longer effective Why do some refuse to Bury habits and Sotu Roy Sermon i methods in religion that done to serve their purposes Why do we refuse to change antiquated and ineffectual methods of teaching youth and adults perhaps this is Why Many sunday schools fail to be effective. This is an exciting time in religion. But there is not a Church in existence today that is not Hamstrung in some area because its members refuse to open their hearts and minds to new opportunities and possibilities. There is not a Church going today that is doing As much and being As effective As it should a a result of its members not being prepared for the Good things that can happen. When you go where the action is a to people whose lives Are alive and vibrant and exciting a you find they Are the ones who expect and Are prepared for the Best and who receive it. There you find people who do not hide the Light of their religion and attitudes under a Basket of suffocating and outdated tradition but who Are willing to expose them to the illuminating Light of a greater being. Religion is Here to serve god and Man. You can to do the first without doing the second. Religious people of All faiths serve Man Best through an honest Effort to meet his needs. Any True expression of Faith must be an Effort toward this end. This often re quires More than we have to give unless we Are prepared to accept the Best that can possibly happen to us through a source whose Power is much greater than ours. Its easy to get into a rut in our thinking and attitudes religious and otherwise. But climbing out of that rut Means being ready for All the Good things god can and does do for us. A Robert e. Lind Somerset american new Castle news Tuci Quot a Hitaj Majur uses 378 060 owned and published by the news company o corporation published every evening except sunday and holidays 27-35 North Mercer Street p o. Box 60 Newcastle a 16103 Richard e j Fred Rentz president and publisher Jessie Treadwell Anderson vice president treasurer Richard e Rentz or Secretary general manager the new Castle news publishes a variety of syndicated and local columns to provide readers with different Points of View readers Are encouraged to com ment on material published on the editorial Page with letters to the people write Leonard t Kolasinski. 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