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New Castle Daily City News (Newspaper) - March 18, 1886, New Castle, Pennsylvania The daily City news Fth Lisset every after noon sundays excepted hates of one year delivered by Carrier $5 00 one year Vered in Postof Llee 4 00 one month delivered by carrier50 one week delivered by Carrier 10 correspondence m a matters of Public interest solicited from ail Paft of the county. Address All communications the company limited Rastle Renny a. Announcements the news is authorized to announce the Naums of the following candidates for the various offices to filled subject to the usages of the Republican party in Lawrence county. Primaries saturday May is i. For con Kuss Oscar l. Jackson. For Assembly Ujj. In. Morrison of Cas tit. For ase Kimbly Henry North Beaver for Assembly George l. Herr of Urti Beaver to. For Assembly John b. Brown of r�8rle. For Assembly Silas Stevenson of Bedford for Assembly Henry Parker of a v tie for Assembly. S. M Yoi n Tol m a 1 a for Register amp recorder .1 t. Gleason of Castle. For Register am it recorder w. F. Leathers. For Register amp recorder j. I. Harvey. For associate judge James 1. Bryson of second Ward. For associate judge m. I it to 11�?T, of slippers work township. Liquor Laws. The Cioku to a cams out a it i Iti in Iirth i Istl Mauds. Traded pledge for half pint of w i isl --i, or no License in Way no to a a it eur Castile liquor dealers Ite forc i lie court Wampum License t ailed i pm la at Ilie judge it ass in Icet Zartl to License. Afternoon session. When court crier James Cook opened court at 2 of clock wednesday afternoon the court loom was packed by eager expectant Nuber of people. A More respectable looking Assembly of people never in one room in ugh City. A y Large number of indies were present Anu gave encouragement to the who Are opposing the granting of License. As the hour Drew near tor the petitions to presented the liquor dealers looked and acted As it they were on the a anxious a eat a and Many expressed Greit uneasiness. When court opened John g. Mcconahy esq., presented a petition in the John i. Wilson property Case which land is situated near Chewton. This care occupied the attention of the court tor at least an hour. B. A. Winter no esq., then presented a petition tor the adoption of a child named Charles Warren Limano to Ltd a thou a Gibson and the child hereafter to known As Thom t Barker Gibson. Till court granted the a Wiiest. The child is two years old. License applications. The first on the list wan the application of Hugh Graham for a hotel License in the second Ward of the City of Castle. The judge a it there was anything against Hugh Graham and or. A Stranahan Sai l Piliere was no individual Remon trance filed against Graham but that there Vav i it a general remonstrance filed against All the applications. It a is decided by the attorneys that they must present the general Remon Virance alter All the applications had been heard. The judge said what now said w a for the Benefit of All that the Community Laboured under a misapprehension. The court thought that would explain. referred to the phrase in the remonstrance which say it that the court has the Power to Grant License. It would w Rong tor the court to arbitrary either was and such a remonstrance will have but Little weight with this court. do wrong sometimes. There Are a great Many misguided people in this county. They a to influence the court by meeting him on the streets writing letters Etc. It these parties would just Stop and think that if they had a Case in court and knew that their opponent was holding private interviews with the judge and trying to influence him. How would they feel if they would just think of the impropriety of the court being influenced by these private letters. That general remonstrance Are of the character of the above to a certain extent Hon Daniel Agnew in his decision seated that the discretion of the court would nor allow him to Grant every licence neither could it refuse All License. will not give any attention to these Genera remont tranches or private letters. The general sentiment will govern the court in making it very careful in granting licenses. It will have to shown that the House is needed and the Man a proper person to have a License. Or. Stranahan said did not take Issue with the court and would not discuss the matter but would concur in All the court had said. Or. Stranahan said that the Only thing the court had to do with was the matter of the Public Good. D. B. Kurtz esq., then read a Long decision from one of the supreme courts. The question is not whether the License is necessary but whether a hotel is necessary. David s. Connery a application for hotel License in Chewton was read and an individual remonstrance was handed in with 141 signers. D. S. Conner was then called within the bar exceptions were made charging Conner with Selling liquor to of intemperate habits and in minors and a hat the hotel in near the and is much annoyance to the respectable people a a t Thor Piave. John Sloan in the f of Niiori ease was s Orn and said that Lin never bought any liquor at Oiin Orv Hui had taken a nine once when Connor was out. Lie said i hat had tended bar for Connors tor a if hrs a a time that was about to eur a to of age aril had worked for on no it at. Tin divert stable for a ear or Moe win Ewing sworn and said a know Connie have been in his House and saw dry using done there have seen getting liquor there when i thought Thev wire very full. Henry Edgar and Joseph Wolt were there very full on several occasions and got something to drink have seen of intemperate habits liquor there Josepn Wolf was one of them and Henry Edgar was another have seen or. Wolf there in that condition and liquor two or three times list july. Cross examined live two Miles Ami a half from Chewton am a Miner have ii t been in the hotel More than the or six tii in the last year it has been two or three months since 1 was there Wolf was so drunk that lie could not talk intelligently and was partly lying on the counter. Done to know whether or. Connor was in the bar or not have quit drinking myself and have not been full for two or three months. John Beighly sworn a a reside in Chewton there is about 300 inhabitants there i no particular Trale and More than the country people they ship some Ore from it Hewton have been in Connor s place have seen drinking there have seen persons drink and some thing to Dri in there h Ive seen i Homas Guthrie r Ehard in Rigg. David had and Joseph w Oli liquor there when 1 knew they were drunk John is Given entirely too much to drink old Man Trigg drinks too much. Cross examined have lived there i have quit going there because 1 have quit drinking have seen Dav Hall and Guthrie so drunk that they could scarce in walk i do not know where the got fhe liquor saw John Sloan there and have seen him drink. Henry Parker sworn and said i know Connors and have been in his House do it know whether and minors drink there have seen Tillia drunk there do not know How old is 1�?Tillia is a Farmer and is a married Man and a one child w As married Over a year ago and weighs Over 220 pounds i would think was 25 years of age to associates with represents himself to Over 21 years i heard him Tell Connor so when Connor asked him before got the drink said was Over 21 years old. John Marshall called and said 1 live in Wayne township know Connor and his House do not think a Public House is necessary in Chewton think very parties Stop there. Cross examined a two stores in a Hewton and the business consists principally of shipping Ore which is brought to Chewton on an Ore Railroad never investigated anything about people stopping at the hotel mrs. Thompson has started a House there and i have heard that it was started just before License court it Onnor has a livery stable which u patronized. J. B. Emery when sworn said know Connors House very Little Public travel to Chewton have been in Connors House saw people there boarding when parties were building a Bridge at Chewton do no consider a hotel necessary there. Cross examined live upon the Hill above Chewton. Frank Ford sworn and said live m Chewton have been in Connors Houe have seen strangers about there occasionally was never in the House know tint some strangers Stop there there i some travel but do no know where they Stop. Peter Guy sworn and said live in in Chewton have Nom strangers there cannot say As to travel do not think a licensed hotel necessary in Hewton or and id a else for that matter. Mrs. Emma Marshall sworn reside Abuit a Square i Roin t hotel have seen drunk around Fher once. Root a examined i have lived thereabout four Vears saw the Drunken Hoiu d there one Dav was going to the Post office and saw a crowd of halt do i people stoop Down and pick something up do not know where the came from or where they went to. Mrs. Devall live in Chewton near the hotel have seen drunk almost every Day passing my House do nor know where they come from or where they go to do not know that they arc patrons of Connors House there is a great Many people go to and from it Hewton and i have seen rows there when they wore put our. George Morgan said that the Chewton hotel was not necessary did no to think a License House is necessary anywhere have never been in the House. Mcmillin sworn and said know John Gillespie is a Man who drinks a Good Deal done to know whether a pub lit House is Nece Sarv in Chewton or not Gillespie has had the same Hab is for several years and takes care of his family Abraham Kurtz sworn know John Gillespie is in the habit of drinking too much do Nof think the House is necessary. Thomas d. Wilson sworn and said i know Henry Edgar and Joseph Wolf and they both Are of intemperate habits heard that Engar got drunk spent All his Money abused his family and that Thev had to leave Home. Gillespie is an honest upright Man Only drinks hard the Temperance people Here rested and the attorneys for Petitioner called the defense. John Lamb sworn and said reside in Chewton am in Chewton often and know Onnor and his House people there frequently think a House up necessary there Connor conducts the House quietly and orderly. Cross examined a saw several parties stopping there the last six or eight months. .1 c. Cunningham sworn and said a done business in Chewton tor seven year am next door to him think a hotel is necessary there people Stop there every Day know never saw anything wrong with the House never saw any fight or Row there. Cross exp mined know Richard Trigg drinks Beer every Day never saw him drunk in my life done to think touches whisky at All know Dave Hall never saw him very drunk do not know whether g Lespie is a Man of intemperate habits or not. A. N. Robinson said i am about Chewton a great Deal it has been an accommodation to Nae the House is con ducted Well have been going there the past year there Are nine rooms in the House. John Stewart sworn said have been about his hotel since sept. To amp to think a hotel is necessary live in Castle know Richard Trigg drinks Beer some but never saw him drunk. Ford said i know or. Connor think a hotel is necessary in Hewton never heard of any disturbance there know John Gillespie they say rakes a drink of Beer Bur i never saw him drunk or even take a drink. They say Joe Wolf drinks but 1 have Neter seen him drunk never saw Thos. Guthrie. Edward Cable said celebrated the a. Nyers birthday with a of Beer and a quart of whisky 1 would think Nye to 23 years old. Joseph Grundy sworn said think Connors i it a quiet place never heard of any Rpu a remind although i was Only there 5 or 10 minutes. Robert Gutherie said live in Chewton have known Connor for Many years know David Hall neither nor 1 got drunk their but got our whisky elsewhere drunk come there but do not quor there told after i signed the pledge not to Coile there any More am a Sou of Thos. Gutherie has been full at least two times in two years have seen him refuse Edgar time after time. John Mclafferty sworn it was John Kain that was drunk that Day and got his liquor elsewhere Connor would not give him anything to drink Carpenter had some Brandy which got somewhere else. Samuel Galbraith said will 24 years old in july Connor is a careful Man to a Ell whisky his House in orderly think a hotel in necessary the barkeeper of that House traded a halt pint of whisky tor a Temperance pledge Dave h ill Elmer Wolf and myself All trailed our pledges f it a whisky Connor a Aid that i was foolish to do a thing of that kind. Smith Connor said am a brother of Searles Conner known John Gillespie for 25 years never heard that was a drunkard until this time Gutherie is not a Man of intemperate habits Wolf is not a Man of intemperate habits have seen him into acted but does not make a business of it my brother will not sell to Henry Edgar Trigg is a Man who never gets drunk. Searles Connor the applicant for License sworn said have hid a hotel year before without License and this year License i never sold to any Man whom i suspected to a minor i never allowed my barkeeper to sell to minors or of intemperate habits i never heard these were intemperate until i a tarred to License or. Robot Beighly at one time had a Little trouble with a Man named Mccaslin and another time or. Beighly and a Man named Cunningham in my House an information was lodged against for Selling liquor to a Man named Foy but got it settled before the Justice of the peace or. Beighly did the a Ettling business. The Chewton Case was Here finished and the court then took up Barbara Genkinger tor wholesale License Delos Pierce a restaurant License was then heard. Jacob c. Hyle for a hotel License at Wampum with exceptions and individual petitions was taken up. At this Point court adjourned. Thursday morning session. The Wampum Case where j. C. Hyle applied for a hotel License was the first Case called on thursday morning. A Young Man named Nicholson was called and said that was not of age but that had got liquor by false pretences in representing that in was of age to the bar keeper Edward Day when was not of age. An attachment was issued for i. S. Ault of Newport who had been sub denied in the above Case Bur who failed to make his appearance in court. John Beighly of Chewton was called and sworn saw Joseph Woll Kie Hird Trigg John Gillespie there buy their liquor at Hyles place in Wampum think these took too much liquor and they have been in theh Bitof taking too much think the most of Hyles custom consists principally of commercial drummers two other houses la con Iodate the travelling Public the name of one is Bowman the principal drinking is done by who live around Wampum Hyle has Only accommodations to keep his own horse and cow Hyles Case of prosecution was settled the game Way As Connors Hyle wanted it sett and Connor paid Beighley for going to Castle to Settle the Case mrs. Foy said it they would turn my boy out of jail and All costs in to it it Case 1 will agree to withdraw All charges. Here was related the Foy Case which was reported in the news some months ago a Squire Bowman said in was satisfied with anything that would him his costs out of the Case and tin Money was paid in a Squire Bowmans office. Cross examination or. Beigley said that Hyle had accommodations for horses i went there to drink and for no other purpose the other House which will accommodate the travelling Public is situated at the other Side of town outside of the big iness part of town if was Dindinger who prosecuted the boy Foy the woman a Aid that All she wanted was the boy to released from jail detective Marshall of Castle was there serving summonses to witnesses All the following Are of intemperate habits Jas. And Tom Mccandles its old Man Hennon. Joe Wolf Gillespie. Guthrie and others. I. S. Ault sworn and said live in Newport and have been in Llyle a tavern. But not very often have not drank since last july there have been strangers As Well As people of Wampum have not seen and one in Hyles place under the influence of liquor do not remember of taking More than one drink at a time never saw any Man fake a drink there who w As not capable of attending to their business. Andrew Herron said know Richard in Rigg think drinks too much think Joe Wolf drinks Foo much John Gillespie also drinks too much. Cross-examined�?1there have been special efforts made in the last four months on the Temperance question. Charles Thom an a Aid have been around the Wampum House bar generally saw people about town As Well As travelling Public have seen Drunken around have never seen Drunken liquor there never saw three drinks at a time there. R. Ii Aley sworn know Hole and know that Farmers drummers and almost any one who comes to town goes to Hyles the hotel was run in such bad shape that a Man could not a meal there before Hyle came there Hyle keeps an order y House. J. J. Finding r said that t patrons of the Wampum House bar Weie people around town travellers and country people have never seen intoxicated a a bout 111e House know about the Foy Case. Cross examined Havel ecu Constable and police of Wampum Lor five years think i s be. Place is run order is and in a Good manner and hut teed and lodges it great Uin it people think Hyles is the Best House of the kind i Ever a we. Cox said ii i up been at. Lisle s and drank Beer there Tuv brother Lear a watch their As bad borrowed a Dollar Ivaun Edward 1 it a a a i redeemed Hewrich myself. Mrs. Busier said live in Wampum there Are two hoarding houses m Wampum and i think no hotel i Nece Sai v in Wampum Bow Man Lias six and Bowman came there on purpose to keep boarders. Mrs. Mccullough of a opium said to birth people can accommodation at Wampum at Temperance House without going to the hotel there Are two to St class boarding houses it Wampum James Davidson said do not know much abour the Wam Puiu House to it a about tie t Ravel there James a Art a poor director of Wampum said l o not know much about the travel to Wampum to there ire three places where travellers can accommodated at Wai Puin do no. Think there is any necessity Lor a licenced hotel drummers Are a temperate to of tellows and some of them do not want to Stop at a licensed hotel. Alvia Butler said live in Wampum keep a store know Hyle s hotel i link a hotel is Noi necessary Here. I lie opposer of License Here rested s b Mai Hall was called and a Ai l a i am county detective have visited Wai Puin three or f or times a Mouth a number of people at meals there think 11 v less is a quiet orderly Well kept House looked inn the Foy ease on i petition presented a citizens of Wampum to tin District attorney and found that there was Little or no foundation Lor the petition and All a Aid the Wampum House was run right but no one could furnish any evidence against Hyles hotel. Cross examined had a talk with mrs. Foy. And could find no on who would swear that Foy was a Man of intemperate habits his Mother did not know whether was minor or not John g. Mcconahy said i am acquainted in Wampum think a hotel is in Wampum have seen nearly a dozen at one time eat there think the hotel is an advantage. W. Ii. Braby a hardware Man of Wampum. Was called and alter lie was sworn said a lived in Wampum nearly years House is kept in first class order and a number of people eat there think the hotel is necessary Hyle keep horses at Mccullough a livery stable think Wolt gilled pie and or. Frigg Are not of intemperate habits but have heard that they were since the Temperance agitation w As commenced. Braby was Cross examined at length by the Law vers. W. W. Warnock sworn and said thought a hotel was necessary in Wampum. We. Shurlock said live in Wampum and know Trigg Wolt and Gillespie and hav never heard that they were of intemperate habits. Edward Yoho sworn and said live in Wampum know Trigg and Gillespie and do not know that these Are drunkards. J. M. Howe said live opposite Wampum House 10 or 12 Sard know Joe Wolfe Richard Trigg and John Gillespie but think they Are not of known item paiute habits j. C. Hyle a worn and said have pro visions made to accommodate horses at Silvery stable do not think Henry Edgar has Gor a drink in my House for a year and a half and will riot allow any one to sell it to him Oyer my bar. Cross examined travelling take a drink of liquor now and then win. Mcanlis a Aid was in business in Wampum and did not consider Woll and Gillespie of intemperate habits. On the Weitz Wampum whole ale liquor ease postmaster s. P. I Kels was the first witness called. Lie said saw people in rear of Home in crowd drinking this business occurred every Day there was indecent conduct so that the ladies would not go to the Back of fhe lot the town does nor require a wholesale liquor License nor any o town for that matter 1 do not believe in aii5r License. Mrs. Mccullough said that Weitzer a place was a nuisance and she did not think a wholesale House was . Mrs. John e. Kay said she in d Siam Drunken in the Alley and sin did not believe any wholesale License was necessary in Wampum they have Oiler my Little boy eight years old some thing to drink. Robert Mcanlis sworn said know where Weitz keeps and one of the w Eitz buys have Butcher shop in Wampum have seen Beer drank in the Butcher shop have drank Beer in Weitzs Butcher shop but Thev did no know it. Or. Butler said do not think tii there is any sir for a wholesale License in Wampum do not think a wholesale License is a necessity in Wampum but it May in some o place. Court then adjourned Milia half past one of clock. Court notes. James Wallace,esq., of Bradford pa., attended court wednesday afternoon. . Mealy of Wilmington gave countenance to the Temperance workers in the afternoon. Charley Fisher who kept hotel at Enon Valley so Many years was in the court room on wednesday. Forty two attorneys were sitting within the bar when court crier Cook opened the court wednesday afternoon. The judge said when the spectators laughed that if the disturbance occurred again would order the court room cleared. The court said that a witness who would say that a licensed House is not needed anywhere would not have any weight with the court. Judge Mcmichael said that evidence of that kind did not amount to anything. In the Conner Case b. A. Winternitz i. B. Amp e. T. Kurtz and John Mcconahy appeared tor the Petitioner and Hon. James a. Stranahan of Mercer and j. A. Gardner and George e. Treadwell worked for the Temperance people and the tight against Conner is intense. The same attorneys who appeared for Spring and summer goods Braun the merchant tailor has us Rived ins Stock of fashionable cloths for Tonto so and a Imit. Which to will make up at lower prices thais Ever and guarantee satisfaction in Evory particular. Braun Haboon in the tailoring Itu Ninpha for Many years Hui Hau an Ltd retains a Lurge Trade. Call at once and leave your order before the Rauh next us. Weinem r the place. George Braun Castle a. Searles Connors also looked after flu interests of in the Wampum hotel ease and tin Temperance people Are represented by the kit attorneys i the a a mime Case. My a a sri. Butler and Beugli in occupy the Tab with the attorneys on Rie Jeulee a id it it a the question Chi a v a d v Rrt Ising. I h iii it. A Taitl l it % i lib 1 Lolai i lessees i i t Lili time table. Central Standard time. 4, 1886. Mai n line vast in him. In. R. Usu i a 0�?~�?Th a a a i shh w Ili it of wanted a out week. A a i it whte. 11 in ill. W 7 to it to general Homework enquire at Ltd North Street. Vanl Khz Evir Vbk in to know that Dun laps 1. A it it uth Mir it i meet is the place to your it Attikai Gay fitting it one. Hmj2t>t anted to Reut the larger part of our to on on Washington a to . Near the out Olliee. Enquire at to United Linen Telegraph office. Lit fit a a nte1 a a lads of exp Rienche would Tike a t a it motion Book keeper. Address b of keep ii a o. Box 10se, a the Penna. 144x61 Rankl it a \ local Man to sell the Niagara rape mindset Koe i Urple leaved i cum Shrub Earlie amp to lied Raspberry Marlboro Fay a prolific currant and the earliest and Best Blackberry bag Ltd a. It ii it ii no. Nurseryman h0tl�?~2t Rochester York. R Oil Sai i. I Oli Sale. Building Stone for Sale at the Stone House in it Orion. Still Gold at a Low Price to them out of the Road. Enquire of mrs emm \ Hoover. 152 it i or Sale 5 room House two and a half squares from Ity Hall. Price thirteen Houdre dollars. Oue third Down and the rest in three or four equal annual payments. Enquire at the n Kwh office. Il4i12t stations. No 4no. 2 no. 14 a no. I do Allegheny to it 00am Quot Quot ii 5 no 1 15pm 3 30pm a Callery j in 7 30am 8 10am 2 50pm 4 88pm i a a Harmony 8 20am 8 10pm 4 53pma Newcastle 9 18am 4 55pm 5 3"ptn no. 12 a a Lowellville a 5�am i 1 pm a a Voung Stop a i 25am 10 14 a in a 30pm a a Niles. 7 Roain 10 35am i 54pm a Warren 7 16am 10 40am 7 04pm a a Leavitts by a 7 27am 10 53am 7 30pm a a Ravenna 8 35a in 11 40am n 20pm a a Kent 8 57am 11 58am 8 a pm a a Cuya hoga f i it 18am 12 15pm 9 0pm Akron. A a 85am 12 28 pm 9 13 pm Arlt a or Villa 1 15pm 10 00pm a a Cleveland 1 50pm a a Columbus 3 25pm 9 in pm 2 88am a Cincinnati. 7 55pm i 7 10a m Toledo. 5 55pm a a Chicago 5 40am 8 55am a daily. Eastbound. Stations. A no 1 no. 11 no o. 5 Dpi Orrville. 8 55am 12 35pm a a Akron 6 06am 3 53pm 1 25 pm a a it Utah Olaf 5 10am 4 38pm i 35 pm a Kent h 25am 5 o m to 1 50 pm a a Ravenna 5 40am 5 i pm 2 of Lipton a a Leavitts by a. 6 40am o 25pm 3 00pm a Warren i 48am h 33pm 3 07�m a \ l . 7 00am 6 54pm 3 18pm a a Youngston n. 7 20am 7 25pm 3 42pm no. 13 a a Lowellville. 7 38a m 4 04jnn i a a Castle. 7 50am 10 00am 4 17 pm a a Harmony. 9 00a in 11 17am 6 47p n a Callery Tun i 20am 11 34 am 2 40pm i 10pm a Allegheny. 10 30am 12 40pin 3 58pm 7 20pm a a Washington 7 20am a a Baltimore 8 30am 17011 Sale a two very Fine for the dwelling houses containing s oms with All the modern improvements Situa on the South Side of South Mill Street. it Astle a. Will sell either or both inquire of to. W. M i Lier amp son. No Washington Street Castle. A. 1 Pipit one lot on Oak Street of about one half acre with Good House on it. It it water in House. One lot on same Street of about three quarters of an Are with a Good House and fruit Trees on it. One lot on Emery Street w Ith barn on it one lot on pitch Burgh Street. All the above will sold cheap and on Long time if desired. Enquire at the news office. Of of connections at gallery Junction with Northern division i Rains no. 1 for Butler. 13, for Butler Fox Hunt and Clarion a a 5, for Butley and Fox tire a a 2. Gets connection from Foxburg and Butler. A a 14, from Clarion Kox Bunc and Butler. Through sleeping car Between Allegheny and Chicago on nos. 1 and 6, daily. Through Day coach Between Allegheny and 1 Toledo on nos. 2 and 5 i Ita. A. Night express leaves Orrville Union depot at 10 �2, p. In., daily with through Day coaches and sleeping car for Columbus and Cincinnati. For through tickets to All Points apply to p. Colligan agent Castle. Special Low rates to Western colonists. Thos. M. Al s i general manager c. W. Bassett Gene a passenger age to a. It a 1>knnsyi.vania company operating e. A p. It. R. And a. A p. Ray. Schedule in t Fleet nov. 29th, 1 <h5 trains depart from and arrive at Castle station As follows i on ii knt. <>11 rent furnished rooms. Enquire of my. Emma Gordon 52 Pittsburgh St. 1221 it m r rent a very Rab a eight room House on Home Street fifth Ward. Enquire of . B. . 128.�?Ttf i a r rent the store room now occupied by Thompson amp Hartman also the rooms Over the store in the second and third stories enquire of go. W. Miller amp son. Us Ltd r Ost. I Ost a a of amp a Bill on the streets on saturday j or sunday. The tinder will rewarded by leaving it at the news office. 150t2t i of to a Gold Ball earring Between Mill . \ a and Union depot. The finder will please leave it at this it Effiee. Also a Gold it harm with Cameo on one Side and the Monogram a. 11. On the thu r. A Reward will Given. 1 of , i y .1 ii Tivart. Do not fail to come soon and something for House draperies mantel Lambre quins table and piano spreads lire screens amp a lessons Given in a variety of paintings embroidery and repousse work. Materials kept. Mrs. J. C Cook 148 tit no. H Mercer Street. F. E. Cubbison -1> in cigars and tobacco next door to lie Ystone stink also a full line of confectionery stationery pipes and smokers articles. A Generel lunch counter and hot Coffee served at All hours. 121 Lii Ita 11 r a i s Usi. Depart for Pitts Betti time. Time. Jamestown accommodation 7 0am 10am Day 1 x pres.1 1&Quot 58a iii 11 38am fast line. 3 50pm t 30pm night express. 8 05pm 8 45pm for North. Day express. It 47am it 30am Jamestown accommodation. I 38pm 7 38pm Erie express. 2 17pm 2 57pin local freight. 7 45am 8 25am for Youngtown Warren Ashtabula and Chicago. 9 55am Ashtabula express. 15am Niles Alliance and West Ashtabula night express 1 5 5 pm 2 30 pm i 05pm to 45pui \ drive from Pittsburg Day express. It 47am 10 v7am Jamestown accommodation. I 38pm a 18 pm Erie express. 2 17pm 2 57pm from North. Jamestown accommodation 7 30a ii 8 10am Day express. L i 58am 11 38irn night express. 8 05pm s 4- pm local freight. 4 20pm 5 00pm from Youngstown Warren and Chicago. Warren accommodation. 8 00am 8 40 am Ashtabula express. 11 80am 12 10pm fast line. 3 45pm 1 25pui Ashtabula night express 8 45pm 0 25pm connections arc m�<1e in Union station Pittsburg with the fast express trains of the Pennsylvania Railroad with Pullman drawing room sleeping cars and Pullman parlor it ars attached. Running through to Baltimore. Washington Philadelphia and York without change. Sleeping berths engaged without charges upon application at the ticket office. C. C. Sankey agent Pennsylvania com puny. More Money than at any lung else by a Fuby taking an Agency for the Best Selling a a a a a Hook out. Beginners succeed grandly. None fall. Terms free. Hallett Book co., Portland. Maine. 98t8m l ii. J. rail Simian and surgeon. It 0ice. No. 14 East Street. A a Tine lava. in Moln it Sud . H a in \ k. C h. Homeopath is All kinds of bicycles and bicycle supplies at lil ears experience. Office no. 13 Virth .e.,>r sit Cunt a. A Terry Bros. N Castle a. 15210m i. W. L. No kit veterinary surgeon. Office in c. P. Norris livery stable. Prompt attention in All cases. 127jly a a. W. Ltd Keek dentist it jurmlenin11 Block Morth cuff Street. Philip h. Muder manufacturer of and dealer in harness saddles. Bridles cd to collars whips Robes blankets Aud horse equipments. A a repairing a specs pity. The celebrated vacuum harness Oil on Sale. 12813m Market Alley. cattle a
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