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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 27, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 410 MOSS IO/ microplex inc. MITCH WOMBLE P- 0. £<0X 4543/, DALLAS, tx 75245 2/8? 260 Sattler incorporation I Local effort may be delayed See below | Comal River . .      234    cfs (same) 1/1//*tor Canyon inflow......125    cfs (up 2) Canyon outflow . .    150 cfs (down 7) Watch Edwards Aquifer    624    12 (up .02) Canyon Lake level 907 83 (down .06) Comal County Fair County results and action See Sunday's Herald Watch for the Herald1 s bond series starting Sunday. New Braunfels Friday Herald New Braunfels. Texas September 27,1985 25 Cents 36 Pages 3 Sections 0€RYi Clark weracO ZfiTUNG Grooming Eight year old Kristi Prade of the Hill Country 4- at the Comal County Fair. The Fair will continue H Club, washes her lamb, getting ready for the through Sunday, sheep judging, which will take place Saturday Bond Committee will take issue to the people By DANA OVERSTREET Staff writer The race is on. Sixteen members of a City Council appointed steering committee met Thursday night for a briefing on the city's proposed Oct. 19 bond issue election They will be heading to neighborly ids armed with blue and yellow brochures detailing the bond program and urging voters’ support. Saying there is not much time to "reach the people.” Mayor Barbara Tieken greeted the committee Thursday and said she is pleased the members have agreed to serve as liaisons between the city government and the people. After listening to a brief ex planation of the projects included in the $11 45 million bond issue proposal, the committee was treated to a slide show illustrating city problems and solutions. City Manager Joe Michie, who narrated part of the slide show, said the presentation is available for any groups that might want to see it ‘ Have show, will travel,” he said. He expects to meet again with the steering committee and is scheduling a town meeting and some neighborhood meetings. The bond issue proposal includes $2.66 million for public building improvements — remodeling and adding to the central fire station and constructing a new substation on County Lane Road i proposition one); adding a meeting room, storage and kitchen facilities to the Civic Center proposition two*, and remodeling and adding to City iiau «proposition threei. Proposition four calls for $3 96 million for street improvements, including about 60 street overlay projects, widening and extending County lane Road. South Walnut Avenue and Pahmeyer lame and widening the railroad underpasses on luanda Street and South Seguin Avenue. Proposition five calls for $2.51 million for drainage system improvements to the Green Valley and South Guadalupe drainage basins, the Iainda and Fredericksburg Road area, North Santa Clara and West San Antonio Street area, and the Main Plaza Proposition six calls for $1 86 million for revitalization and development of five city parks — Cypress Bend, Camp Comal, Ernest Eikel, HEB soccer fields, and Haymarket. Proposition seven calls for $140,000 for improvements at luanda Park golf course, including the overlay of cart paths and the completion of the irrigation system. Proposition eight calls for $300,001) for a bubble over the Olympic Pool to allow year-round use Steering committee members will be distributing yellow brochures detailing the election’s propositions, which will be voted on separately. If all propositions pass, the property tax rate would rise 12 cents That would mean an owner of a house valueu til *Mi,u00 would pay an additional $4 93 per month in city taxes. Beginning Monday, absentee voters, can vote between 8 a m and 5 p.m. at City Hall Absentee voting ends Oct 15 Inside Today's weather Mostly sunny today and tonight with a high near 86 and a low in the ujtper 60s Partly cloudy and mild Saturday with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s to lower 70s Sunset today will be 7 22 p in Sunrise Saturday will be 7:22 a rn CLASSIFIED 3 11B COMICS 2B CROSSWORD 1B DEAR ABBY 12B DEATHS 2A ENTERTAINMENT 1B HOROSCOPE 12B OPINIONS___ 4A RELIGIOUS FOCUS 5 6A SPORTS 8 10A STOCKS _2A WEATHER    2A Hernandez given death sentence By DEBBIE DaLOACH Staff writer Rodolfo Baiza Hernandez, 35, was sentenced to die Thursday for his part in what could have been “the worse massacre Comal County ever faced.” That phrase was coined by District Attorney Bill Schroeder in closing arguments Thursday to describe the gangland-style shootings of five Mexican nationals on a hillside off FM 1863 on March 7. Four of the victims survived, but Hernandez was indicted for capital murder in the robbery and death of Victor Serrano Cervan, 20, of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. “A massacre, the wanton slaughter of human beings, is a total disregard for what is decent. We don’t slaughter people," Schroeder argued. “We slaughter animals.” Thursday’s death sentence was the first Schroeder could remember in at least 50 years, and perhaps the only one to be handed down by a Comal County jury in this century. The jury found Hernandez guilty Wednesday after six hours of deliberation, and took another six hours Thursday to decide the answers to two special issues that would mean the difference for Hernandez between life in prison or death by lethal injection. The jury needed to decide if Hernandez acted deliberately in the killing, and if his actions constituted a continuing threat to society. Answers to both issues had to be “yes” before Judge Robert Pfeuffer could assess the death penalty. In testimony Thursday, Dr. John Sparks said Hernandez displayed “anti-social behavior” in a court-ordered examination on Aug. 26, and fit the old definitions of psychopath and sociopath. “Do you think this person could kill without any problems whatsoever?” Schroeder asked. Sparks said yes. But Defense Attorney John Churm submitted evidence that his client was diagnosed as a “chronic paranoid schizophrenic” when discharged from the psychiatric See DEATH. Page 12A 'It's a miracle to be alive' By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer On March 6, Adolpho Mata, Juan Jose Ramirez and Genara Coronado crossed the United States border to look for work. A clay later, they found themselves staring at the ends of two gun barrels, begging tor their lives. The guns were fired anyway on a hillside off EM 1863, and a 20-year-old man named Victor Serrano Cervan died with four bullet holes in his neck. But Mata. Ramirez, Coronado arid Rafael Negrete Perez lived to tell the story. Only Mata and Coronado testified in the capital murder trial of Rodolfo Baiza Hernandez, who was sentenced to die Thursday. Their testimony indicated Hernandez offered the five men offered a ride from San Antonio to Denton for a nominal fee But the ride ended tm F M 1663 when all f»ve were ordered from the car, marched into the brush, told to lay down face-up on the ground, and shot with guns held only two inches away from their skin. See MIRACLE, Page 12A Sattler incorporation effort hits stumbling block By SARAH DUKE Staff writer The move to incorporate Sattler Village has stumbled over another obstacle. After having the boundaries remeasured, David Thompson, a leading figure in the incorporation move, found that the proposed village is less than two square miles. There is confusion as to what to do about the scheduled Nov. 5 incorporation election. County Judge Fred Clark said Thursday during the county commissioner’s meeting that he does not have the authority to call an incorporation election in an area of less than two square miles. Commissioner Bill George, whose precinct includes See INCORPORATION. Page 12A By LILLIAN THOMAS Staff writer Duane and Brian Lyons and pilot, load rescue equipment Of an CLARK HERALDS! I UNO Desmond Hare, Two local men are helping get rescue equipment to crews that are digging out victims of last week s earthquake in Mexico. Brian Lyons and his brother, Duane, will accompany some sophisticated rescue equipment they are loaning to the Mexican rescue effort. They own Texas Fire Rescue Systems, the only franchise in Texas that sells the “Jaws of life,” a hydraulic tool that can remove crushed car doors so that injured people can be extracted safely. “We also teach firefighters how to use the equipment.” Brian Lyons said. Before flying to Mexico, the men wil! fly to San Angelo to pick up a third member of their team, Dwight Clark, a batallion chief in the San Angelo Fire Department, and another salesman-trainer in the rescue equipment company. They are taking some airbag lifts that can raise a 70-ton load and other rescue equipment that they use in training. “We are also ordering a “Jaws of Life” from the factory and it will be shipped to Houston. Then Brown & Root has arranged to use their plane to get it to Mexico,” Lyons said. See RESCUE, Page 12A Local firm sends rescue equipment « ;

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