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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 24, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements Hvrald-Zeitung Tuesday, September 24,1985 P«fl« 8 Bloom County "A\0 IHt.'J I MU1 WIX) Mtceuivt wmea we KC** 50 h- Y' rn I'rZS&r *1f U-Ulkf r'< At-/-. i'hlN v&v r,*j err raw mi menus.:    v    » J v ( ) r Irbies'. • Garfield enr jw "« fti'/f / r-s/.vG '•\vi mu a vie. , mrs, M c rn r',5 OXM BYt 5 Sonu tP HChUWmV I IM !Y<55tN0 CO! CUA J /:) I-VI    \ \^m mu mum A16 KR TMM bro $mA time Fine immee awm im I / -4_ / I hate walking (THROUGH TALL WLEP5 ( I PICK OP B0G5 L, ANP STICKER- rvx ANP LITTLE FOGS WITH SHARP TEETH Cathy ru et OMER IN HALE AN HOUR, IRVING. T I THOUGHT NOU WEREN'T GOING TD START SEEING IRVING AU THE TIME AGAIN, CAW SEAH, VevEN lf SOU WERE [SEAH, VeVEN IT SOU WERE WEIL GOING TO SEE HIM, SOU WEREMT GOING TO 60 TO HIS Pl ACE. WEIL NO I CANT) GOING TO GOTO HIS PLACE, SOU WERE GOING TO ALTERNATE E^UALLV WITH HUV\ COMING TO SOUR Place r^TM” r I NEED A HUG FIRST. ^ I’Ll HAVE A REUNION WITH MS DIGNITS LATER. fit MV brother is G0IN6 TO BE 60NE AFTERNOON B.C. DO YtU THINK ITS RI CHT THAT THE CLUB OWNER FAY'S YOUR ROOKIE OJAkllfVACrv IOO TMrs OH AT HE IAy'S Your' WHY PO I HAVE \ TO STAS HOME 7 / I HAVE TD BEAGLE-SIT.* \ V Y THATS UP To we re 2- CAN M CET THE ORN ICN . . mvKiFF I OF THE    I    1 .quatfmsaocy fez / hey; fish-face eoT A MINUTO p ' * r jL t -- (OK A >J Tumbleweeds OH.iVOI\iT 1X056 (*tuM5 ever ftor; ^ihevke phu/iug me map: ’“/‘rOy&.R/ HE H/\S/A , POINT THEKe. I 50MEt//Vie$ W/^M IVE HA P|\IT    TO KICK-W^^Ff^M5Ul\WVf-PALE SANITARIUM. .Iii PY UST /ESSON FO* GENSEL YEATS WAS WITH fc MAN WHO WAS EASILY FRiSHTENEP! HE RAN OEF ANP LEFT ME--SUMOUNPEP SY ENEMIES! J ^BUT I WAS LUCAY, TAKZAn! ENEMIES WEKE /WI/ FOUR LIONS! I PIP NOT NEEP HEI. , TO K.ILL FOUR LIONSij- v Nancy_ Marmaduke f/f, *s Aar>c3u*> Qestbur&nt U k; ^ST *Vn£ov>] “You misunderstand! This is where yuppies eat...not puppies!” TV listings 77?e Quigmans TO HAVE SUCH A HAVE COM.PANI0N v-^ PLEASES MEJSHULU! WHEN THC COPTEE leaves US FOR OUR HUNt- of SAVAGES SO EVIL they CHOR OFF OTHER MEN’S HANPS-I KNOW I LL NOT HAVE TO FACE THEM... ALONE I □■St py un>i«Kl * fatjr» Syndicate mc ‘Hey, there! Jack Schmertz. I’m with the Jedi Knights of Columbus.” / SAMPY' V COME PACH V. HEME f /> • LEAPIN' LiZAfK    f/_3 HO I ft ti I KHI HW HNAT    f PROVIN <SOT INTO GANtPY/ HE    | ANNIE IU NEYER PCY *« ANV TH I HQ ! PUU OVER LIKE THAT/ r    WHILE YOU r ^r1 I - I GET HIH/ \ ^ , 'Mu * -    ’    -    * [lfitKITcjnti, V ( I ONO/60 i    mrs    it/ 4r Hinr Is, JVMW iu *•>*!■ D/c/f Tracy DIET, IT’S GRATIFYING THAT YOU STILL WANT ME TO CUT THE RIBBON ON YOUR FUSION PLANT-y k* lim RS DO TELL I WONDERED WHAT THAT SHARP PAINI BETWEEN MY SHOULDER! v BLADES WAS... Fi A, tx Wizard of Id HOU GOT/ME Opp f [\. JO/f? cow&cAnm 5^NTpN/5f?gr now HOLP THE Gasoline Alley The old witch will just kl ch J care, us UU Network 7 ll Primo Time Wrestling I Wanted Deed or Alive Gong Show News Make Me Laugh Moonlight City TNT (3! KSAT CH.12 Sen Antonio Megeime Who s the Bou7 (CC) Growing Rems (CC) Moonlighting (SEASON PREMIERE) Our Firmly Honor Threes Compony Laverne end Shirley ABC Newt Nightlife Eye on Hollywood New Newlywed Gome A Teem (CC) (SEASON PREMIERE) Remington Steele (SEASON PREMIERE) News Tonight Show WARP in Cincmneti Leto Night with David Lettermen (5) KENS CH.5 San Antonio Wheel of Fortune Hometown Movie 'The Other Lover' (CC) Sen Antonio Cable News Net News Jotter sons Nightly Bust ness Report Perspective MacNeil/- Lehrer Newshour Novi (CC) Lifeline (CC) Evening News Nightly Bud ness Report Or Who Monoylme Sports Tonight Lott in Time [Newsmght Sign Off Moneyline Crossfire Prime News Larry King Live Crossfire Newsmght Update KBVO CH 42 Divorce Court Hawaii FiveO Movie: Barefoot in the Perk' Quincy fantasy Island Thats Incredible Courtship/Ed die s Father Pleeu Don't Eat Daisies Oak ten 700 Club Celebrity Chefs Man From UNCLE Best of Groucho Best of Groucho Bill Cosby Show Bill Dana Love That Bob (131 KWEX CH.41 Sen Antonio Topic to Bianco Vidal Chespirito Dancing Days 24 Horas Reporter 41 Le Trenton PehcuLA El Payo' CABLE pm [17] SHOW (19) NICK (20] WTBS (211 LIFE TIME (221 WGN (231 ESPN (24] GALA (25) HBO (28) NASH Showtime Nickelodeon/ tie Atlanta Lifetime Chicago Sports Network Gelevision Home Box Office Nashville Net /*°° 650 Prog Corn'd You Can't Do That On TV Danger mouu Mary Tyler Moore Major League Baseball Mother Mother's Day Barney Miller Benson Sportscenter NFL Arm Wrest ling Novele'la Noc he del Cobarde Prog Conf d Darwin' USA Videocountry ■ OO J 30 Movie Now end Forever' Invisible Man Atlanta at Cincinnati Hot Properties with Richard Belier Movie Romantic Comedy' AWA Championship Wrestling Pollute: 'La Nocha da Varano' Move: The Terminator' (CC) You Cen Ie a Star Fandango o00 030 lf s Showtime Mornings at Seven - Regis Philbrn's Lifestyles Championship Roller Derby - Nashville Now QOO J 30 Movie: Tightrope (CC) • Movie: 'Hud' Good Seal News News 1985 Hot Rod: Ptltcula. Mexicanos al Grito da Guerra' Move Conin The Destroyer1 (CC) New Country IO" « « Movie: ‘The Killing of Randy Webeter' Comedy Breek Love Boat Motorcycle Racing Sportscenter El Ettudio de Lola Beltran Move: You Can lea Star Vidaocountry IIH Ref (CC) Men Movie: Geisha Boy - Movie. 'Hush. Hush Unlimited Hydroplane Racing: Sane: 'El Toque Sutir Teachers' (CC) fclae kuiliw New 12" Movie: Seven * Family Guide Preeents Sweet Charlotte PICA Full Contect Karate: Potfuls: Experience Premetromoni- •r On locater: 9wv8n wngm New Country ap ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the New Braunfels Herald Zeitung