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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 24, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Lake woman charged with murderBy LILLIAN THOMAS Staff writer A 47-year-old-woman has been charged with murder in the shooting death of a 45-year-old Canyon lAike man. The death of a George Gaylord Gray Friday night was the result of a single gunshot, according to a coroners report. Janniona Childre Rust, 47, also of Canyon lake was charged with murder, magistrated before Justice of the Peace Fred Stewart with a bond set at $5,(HH). Gray died within minutes of a gunshot that hit the femural artery in the lower abdomen, said I)i Roberto Bayardo, Travis County Medical Examiner. Sheriff’s Investigator Rudy Rubio and Texas Ranger Ray Martinez arrested Rust at the scene Friday night. Tile fatal shooting happened after an apparent fight between the couple at their residence at the corner of Mary and Cindy streets in Village West, a subdivision off of FM 2073, Ftubio said. The first law enforcement officer on the scene, Constable Fidel Tamez of Precinct 4, said when he drove up to the house a woman was in the middle of the street, waving her arms “like she was calling for help.” ‘‘When I stopped, the woman said to me “Help me, help me, I shot him He's upstairs.’ And she handed me the weapon. We had not asked her anything,” he added. Rust told Tamez her boyfriend had beat her and then she had shot him, the constable said. “I had the EMS technician, a woman, take the suspect inside the ambulance and check her over to see if she needed treatment,” the constable said. Rust had fresh bruises over her body, except the upper back, said Kay Payne, Canyon lake Voluteer Department emergency medical technician. No treatment was necessary. Gray’s body was taken to Doep-penschmidt Funeral Home. County County prisoner attempts suicide See below Comal River......... 234    cfs    (down    12) Water CanVon inflow........ 133    cfs    (down    9) Canyon outflow 157 cfs (down 67) Watch Edwards Aquifer  624 10 (down 02) Canyon I ake level ...    907    94    (down    .11) City City agrees to joint drainage study See Page 14 New Braunfels Herald New Braunfels. Texas Tuesday September 24, 1985 25 Cents 14 Pages 1 Section What's going on in the world of football, see Notebook, Page 6 Murder trial moved due to bomb threat By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer After almost a day’s worth of testimony Monday, District Attorney Bill Schroeder said he has at least 12 more witnesses to call in the capital murder trial of Rudolfo Hernandez. Testimony was interrupted by a bomb threat around 1:30 p.m. .Monday, moving the tnal to Honors Hall for the rest of the afternoon. However, jurors were Asked to return to the courthouse tociay Ann Kuhlmann. a clerk in the County Court-at-Law Office, answered the bomb threat call. She said the caller told her a bomb would go off in the courthouse in IO minutes. Everyone in the courthouse was evacuated from the budding onto Main Plaza, but allowed to return about 30 minutes later. As Hernandez was being escorted out the courtroom door leading to the old jail, he shouted that he should get to leave with everyone else. “I don’t want to get blown up.” he said. Judge Robert Pfeuffer assured him of his safety, then Hernandez turned to the officers escorting him, and said they were going to blow up with him Hernandez and another San Antonio man are charged with capital murder, in connection with the gangland-style shootings of five Mexican nationals on a hillside off FM 1863 on March 7. They allegedly offered the five men, who had crossed the U.S. border earlier in the day, a ride from San Antonio to Denton for a nominal fee. The dead man was identified as Victor Manuel Serrano Cervan, 20, of San Luis Potosi. Mexico. An autopsy showed he had been shot four times at the base of the neck with evidence of elose-range firing in three of the four wounds. Two of the four survivors, Adolpho Mata, 17, and Genera Coronado, 17. testified Monday with the help of an interpreter Both victims indicated they came to the United States to find work. Coronado, the father of an 8-month-old girl, testified their meeting with Hernandez was ‘ just on the spur of the moment.” They went to a house to get a car. and drove about an hour before the car stopped on a mountain. He said Hernandez ‘“got down and opened the trunk He asked us if we wanted to get down to, you know, urinate. Nobody did and that’s when he pointed the gun at us," Coronado said • What about the driver?,” Schroeder asked. Coronado said he got out of the car. too, and went See MURDER TR I AI.. Page 14 I ESL lf KRIEWALDT HE RAI D Zf* TUNG Crowd mills around after bomb threat evacuates courthouse MondayKrueger named to Mexican quake relief task forceBy LILLIAN THOMAS Staff writer The Relief Task Force, a hastily put together committee appointed by Gov. Mark White to help the Mexican earthquake disaster victims, met 10:30 a.rn. today for its first formal meeting. Boh Krueger was appointed by White as a member of the task force because of his diplomatic con nections in the Mexican government from when he ss is ambassador at large to Mexico. Mong with Mayo! Henry Cisneros of flan Antonio, Krueger returned ft oui two tups to Mexico City over the weekend that set up the channels the relief mn icy would go through. Krueger said his group would In* making daily armour* ements of how much money was being transferred to the American Embassy in Mexico arid on to the Mexican lelief or ganizations directly. lf we had not made the first visit Friday, we would not have been able to hung the 37.0IW) pounds of relief supplies Sunday,” Krueger said. It took negotiations because telephone communications don’t exist tight now.” Krueger also said that part of the reason the Reagan administration’s offer was turned down was because of Ute chai acier of Hie Mexican people and their attitude toward foreign aid. The Mexican people are very pi oud, and they take pride in the fact that they have not been dependent on the United States for aid. The last time they accepted any help was in 1964,” Krueger said He and Cisneros had already decided before they went there that they would approach the Mexican government as representatives of the people of Texas, that what they were offering was a citizen-to-citizen. neighbor-to-neighbor gift ' When we got there we went straight to the presidential palate and we were told to go to foreign office. When we got there, the dean of the foreign office, a man I had known for many years, greeted me with abrazos i hugs I. So I knew our offer was welcomed His face was happy to see a friend, but I could see he was under tremendous strain ” According to Krueger, food and clothing is not needed at this time, ■ but money is " He requested that checks to The Texas Response Citizens for Mexic an Relief. P O Box 29*21, Austin 78769. They need sophisticated medical equipment and construction See KHI EGER Page 14 County prisoner attempts suicide A 20-y ear-old man arrested Sept 12 for wreckless behavior attempted suicide at the jail about nudmght Monday, law enforcement offuais reported Juanito Correa. 20, of River fiend had been arrested while carrying a gun in public, previous reports said. He has been threatening suicide since his arrest, a jail spokeperson added * We )iad been dealing with it by keeping an ey e on him and talking to him," the spokesperson said, “ hut last night around 11:40 p m. when officers went back to chec k on him. he had braided a rope and fashioned a hangman’s noose out of strips of his oratress cover He had it hanging in the shower." Correa was then moved to the violent cell, a padded isolation cell especially equipped for psychiatric problems. In moving Correa, two city police officers had to be called in to aid in the transfer after one jailer was bitten. Jailer Ed Whitson went to McKenna Memorial Hospital with the bite that broke the skin loiter Correa was put under the care of Dr John Walker, a psychiatrist who ordered a sedative given This morning four extra officers were called to help with the injection in case they were needed II. John Woinmack and Officer Bud Herring with the New Braunfels Police Department and Troopers Gary Wong and Scott Haag with the Ifepartment of Public Safety. "It s hard to believe how strong someone is in his state,” the jail spokesperson said Correa, who also is facing charges of burglary of a non-habitation and burglary of a motor vehicle, had a history of psychiatric disorders while at the Texas Department of Corrections serving time on previous convictions, she added Inside Today's weather It will be sunny and fair today and cool tonight. The high will be in the mid-80s with the low near 60 degrees Sunset will be at 7:25 pm. and sunrise will be at 7:21 a rn. CLASSIFIED COMICS CROSSWORD DEAR ABBY DEATHS HOROSCOPE OPINIONS SPORTS STOCKS WEATHER IO 12 89 J 13 2 13 4 >-7 12 2 Old oak will be city's Sesquicentennial project By DANA OVERSTREET Staff writer There is an old, old tree in landa Park and as part of the city's Sesquicentennial Celebration, the parks department is trying to figure out exactly how old the oak tree at Paddleboat I Aine really is. There are estimates that the tree, with lls heavy, .sideways trunk supported by two concrete piers and two more iron posts, is at least 200 years old. Monday, a forestry agent from Texas AAM University said the tree could be 700 or 800 years old. He’ll know more later this week The old oak tree, which has been damaged by thrill-seeking children and grownup climbing its massive branches, is now protected by a wrought iron fence. Parks Director David Whatley Monday marveled at the sprouts already shooting from the packed dirt under the tree Mike Walterscheid, program leader in extension forestry at A&M, took three core samples from the tree trunk. His first sample was disappointing, but not unusual, he said. It was black "It’s hollow,” the man said first. ‘“Well, it’s not really hollow, it’s just not very good wood in there,” Walterscheid said. "I wouldn’t worry about it. A lot of them this old are that way.” Using a corkscrew-Uke coring tool lubricated with beeswax, Walterscheid took another sample. “There’s a lot of decayed wood in there,” he repeated. "But it doesn't surprise me,” And the wood, which resembles charcoal, doesn’t hurt the tree, Walterscheid said. “There is at least six inches of solid wood around there,” he said. ‘ There is a lot of solid wood there and the inside of the tree has no function anyway.” When asked how old he believes the tree to be, Walterscheid said there would be no doubt the tree is better than 200 years old “All we’re going to be able to get is a good guestimate,” he said “I'll probably have to go back and put it under the scope and figure out the number of rings per inch and diameter,” Walterscheid said. He and Comal County Extension Agent Bill Schumann measured the tree’s diameter at 70 inches — or six feet. He said his estimate would be within a couple of years of the actual life of the tree He will have the results by the end of this week like Walterscheid bores hole in old oak to ^ermine age ;

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